[Reading C’s question.]

“I believe I’m a sixth-density wanderer. Q’uo, can you confirm this and would you please offer any comments on being a wanderer that you feel might be helpful for me to consider?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. We thank this instrument, the one known as C, and all who join this group for setting aside the time, the effort, and the presence in order to create a circle of seeking. We find it a great privilege to join you and to respond to your request for conversation on the question you have vibrated and we are glad to answer this and all questions from the one known as C.

However, before we begin, we would, as always, like to request very carefully that the one known as C and any who might see these words please use the utmost care and discrimination in listening to them. We are not authorities and in sharing our observations and opinions we are not expecting you to believe us. Indeed, it would be alarming to us were you to swallow everything that we said as if it were true. We ask you to realize that you, yourself, are the only person capable of grasping whether or not thoughts and opinions are useful to you at this time in your process of seeking. Thoughts that are helpful to you have a resonance and when you hear them it is almost as if you were not hearing them for the first time but were being gently reminded of something that you already knew and had temporarily forgotten. If our thoughts do not have this kind of resonance for you we would ask that you set them aside without a second thought, for we would not be a stumbling block before you. If you will take care to listen carefully and to discriminate between our thoughts, choosing only those that are good for you, then we will feel comfortable in sharing our thoughts freely. Above all things, we wish not to infringe upon your free will or interfere with the process of your spiritual evolution.

My sister, we can confirm that you are a wanderer and that you come from the so-called sixth density, or the density of unity. We would offer a few observations and comments upon the condition of being a wanderer and are pleased that you have requested our opinions on this matter.

The wanderer is as one who has sacrificed a great deal in order to risk the forgetting process and enter into incarnation for service to others. It is a courageous decision to make and we congratulate the one known as C on having plunged into incarnation in third density for such a loving and service-to-others reason.

The nature of service to others is often greatly misunderstood among your peoples because the emphasis, as we said recently to the one known as T, is so often construed to be that of doing in outer service to others that mounts up or amounts to something in the eyes of the world. Certainly, you have already in this incarnation offered service to others of a substantial kind that has indeed come to the notice of the world. However, we ask you to think of yourself as a crystalline being whose nature is basically to share your beauty with the world, with yourself, and with the infinite Creator. If you can think of yourself as a gem or a crystal, then you shall be able perhaps to come close to understanding what we are talking about when we say that the heart of service to others is in the essence of your being rather than in the details of your outer service.

When you observe a crystal or a gem, you are content simply to gaze upon its beauty. You can see the way the facets of the gem catch the light and you can see the beauty radiating from those points of light and from the true colors evident in the gem or the crystal. You do not demand of the crystal that it do something but rather you behold its beauty and it, in its own way, changes you for having beheld it. This is the nature of your own being as well. You have come among the people of Earth to be, to breath the air, to open your heart, and to gaze with love and compassion upon the world that you see before you in this moment. All that you are is gathered together in your heart and is radiating from you as the light within the lighthouse radiates out into the air, into the atmosphere, to greet all who come near it and enjoy the beauty of its radiance. The one known as Jesus the Christ said that it was a good thing for entities to allow their light to shine before humankind and not to hide it under a shade. Above all, my sister, we would encourage you to do just that: to let your light and your truth shine before all of those with whom you come in contact.

We are not encouraging you to share ideas or other items of belief, for we would not be encouraging you then to be but to do. We simply encourage you to find your way into your open heart and to do the work that is necessary in order to keep that heart open. Your essence is locked up in this very sacred space. When you awaken in the morning, before you even rise from your bed, we would encourage you to center into that heart, that sacred space within you where the Creator Itself dwells; to touch into the very center of your being and, at each point during the day when you feel yourself being pulled away from that center, when you can and when it is convenient, take a moment, gently and firmly, to move your consciousness back to its center, and let it shine.

All that you are is in that radiant energy and we assure you, my sister, that those things that you and the Creator have prepared together for you to do as outer service will be magnetized to you and will come to you as you are ready to pick them up and do them. Awaken each day, my sister, knowing that this will be a productive day. This day shall be your gift to the one infinite Creator.

My brother, would you please vibrate the second question?

[Reading C’s question.]

“I’ve received memories of past lives that relate directly to people currently in my life. This leads me to believe that I am trapped in karma. Can you confirm? And if the answer is “Yes,” can you advise me as to what ways I can balance these karmic debts? If you are unable to confirm that I am karmically trapped, can you comment on this concept in any way helpful to me at this time?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. My sister, we cannot confirm that you are trapped in what you and this instrument both call “karma.” There are entities who are trapped in adhering karma and who have come to this incarnation in order to find balance and forgiveness of a pattern into which not only you but another entity are caught together. However, my sister, this is not your situation. In fact, you entered into your present incarnation free of any adhering karma and, with regard to the one known as T, in a situation of balanced karma wherein you both have worked before as a team. This teamwork extends beyond you and the one known as T into unseen realms, for there are those of your social memory complex within unseen realms both inner and outer, that is, both native to this planet and beyond this planetary orb, that are also involved in helping you and the one known as T move forward in those goals to which you both have dedicated yourself towards accomplishing within this incarnational experience. In this way, you are set up very solidly in terms of being surrounded by many unseen friends and with a very strong system of guidance that is available to you.

We are, however, aware that your query involves the reason for your awareness of other entities’ patterns and we would at this time offer a few comments on the kind of service for which you provided yourself with this information as a part of, shall we say, your personality shell. Before incarnation, you and your guidance system together spoke in many different ways concerning the hopes that you personally had for your service to the people of planet Earth. You responded greatly to the concept of helping all of humankind and yet there is a portion of your soul stream that wished to bring service down to the small details and to the individual entities that you would meet within this incarnation. It was your hope that, by giving yourself these awarenesses of the subconscious material involved in the entities with whom you came in contact, you would be able to see into these patterns in a way that was filled with compassion and unconditional love.

You have, in past incarnations and between incarnations, done a good deal of work in loving entities and whole cultures and societies. This is an activity which involves a great deal of concentration and focus for in doing this work you are not accomplishing anything but the radiation of absolute love as a coherent stream, rather like what this instrument would call the stream of a laser, so that the entity or civilization upon which you bent your loving gaze would feel there was absolutely no doubt that they were loved. This stream of love, through time, regardless of all obstacles, is an activity at which you have in the past been extremely good. It was your hope that during this incarnation as well and in spite of every obstacle thrown up by the many distractions offered by the physical body and the stray emotions of the personality shell of that body, you would, when prompted by being around entities which were in need of this kind of reassurance, be able to love, not simply in general but very specifically, according to the subtleties and nuances of the patterns of personality and the dynamics of that personality’s interaction with what you could call the forces of polarity; [that you would] be able to envelop and embrace them in the light of your living and consciously sent love. Many are the entities which are not vulnerable to love offered in open communication because of damage that is done to them in their past within [this] incarnation. The gift that you are able to give to these entities, without any obstacle or resistance on their part, is this unspoken, unannounced, silent radiation of unconditional love.

We are not suggesting that you have nothing to offer such entities. We are simply suggesting that the service which you created for yourself before incarnation having to do with this ability to perceive patterns within other entities was simply to be there for them as a loving presence. It would not be surprising to us if entities which had found their icy hearts thawing in the presence of your loving heart began to find it possible to enter into communication with you. And certainly, my sister, you are free to offer any information and inspiration that comes to you if such communication is undertaken by the other self whom you are loving. Nevertheless, we ask you to realize that this is as, what this instrument would call, the icing on the cake. It is wonderful if you are able to share helpful thoughts and opinions with such entities but your true service is accomplished when that entity is loved by you.

We would at this time ask the one known as Jim if there is another query.

[Reading C’s question.]

The third question is: “In observing a recurrent pattern in my life, I believe that one of my incarnational lessons is overcoming the illusion of abandonment. I believe I’ve mastered this illusion after encountering it on all sides. Can you confirm? Can you speak in any way helpful to me on this concept?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. To the one known as C we would say that, indeed, she has done a great deal of useful and helpful work in perceiving that incarnational lesson of loving through perceived negative responses such as abandonment, rejection and betrayal. We would not say that the one known as C has mastered this catalyst. Indeed, when one chooses an incarnational lesson, one is working not to master the lesson or to pass some perceived outer test. One is choosing a theme or a motif that will last for the duration of the incarnation. When such a lesson is chosen, it is chosen, at least by those wanderers who are from sixth density, almost surely with the intention of striking a finer or more refined balance between the energies of love and wisdom. The energies of love, by themselves, do not have the balance, nor do the energies of wisdom by themselves have the balance. They are as the dynamics of your soul stream after it has chosen its polarity and while it yet retains the shape of an individuated soul. In other words, my sister, you chose this theme of the apparent perception of being abandoned or betrayed in order to give yourself experience in responding to this perceived catalyst not simply with love and not simply with wisdom but with an ever increasing awareness of the balance between those two energies.

If you are abandoned and you respond completely with love, you have very successfully balanced the negative emotion that was handed to you with a responsive, positive answer. And yet, you yourself are responding from the position of being flattened by the emotional impact of the experience as it has worked its way through your chakra system or, as this instrument would call it, your energy body. If you respond to the experience of being abandoned with wisdom that is unalloyed or pure, you do not have that experience of being emotionally flattened or crushed by the experience. You simply move on, choosing not to react at all. However, this action does not embrace, envelop and accept in fullness the worthiness of the entity who has abandoned you. Consequently, you have designed for yourself this theme or motif, this incarnational lesson, as it were, so that you may work on striking the balance in your response that is, in this instrument’s terms, the most musical, the most crystalline.

Think of yourself as a wind instrument, say, a wind chime that responds to the wind. As the elements of the wind chime are blown and tossed about by the wind, they strike each other and create sound. Your hope in this practice is not simply to love, embrace and accept the entity who has seemingly offered you negative catalyst and not simply to remain uncrushed and unflattened by the experience, but so to combine these elements that you are lifted up and free of the flattening effect and at the same time your continued and abiding love of the one who has seemingly wronged you has lifted up that person also. In this way, your hope, then, is to have balanced the forces of love and wisdom within you while remaining highly positively polarized in service to others. In this way, the suffering that is inevitable when catalyst strikes the seeker is honored and then the experience is raised up as an offering to the one infinite Creator. And there is the experience, in a very small way, as the one known as Jesus the Christ [had], of the suffering having been redeemed by great and unconditional love, so that you have the experience of the cross and the experience of resurrection as well.

In general, we may say that within the incarnational lessons that each wanderer chooses for herself, the goal is not simply to learn a lesson. The goal is to practice a kind of lesson in such a way that the soul stream that is practicing this lesson is, little by little, purified and refined in the fire of planet Earth and the incarnation that you are now experiencing, so that that soul’s essence becomes ever more beautiful and is ever more completely dedicated to serving the one infinite Creator. Thusly, it is not so much that you are learning lessons but that you are learning how to give yourself as a gift in every thought and in every action to the Creator whom you love so unconditionally and who loves you so unconditionally.

My brother, is there another query that is on the paper at this time?

[Reading C’s question.]

There is one more: “In the dream state, for over twelve years, I’ve been nurturing babies during sleep. I offer them physical care, they offer me telepathic teaching and seem more conscious than I. I’ve cared for these babies in normal Earth-type nurseries and also in underwater nurseries. Some are not of Earth and possess a center of gravity that makes them unstable on our surface. I deliver these children to ships where I assume that their proper star families will continue their caregiving. Can you confirm that I’m giving an actual service in these actions?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. My sister, you are not the first entity to ask us concerning service to these infants and we may assure you that you are being a very real and genuine service to them by the love with which you nurse and embrace them and the care which you take of them. May we say that indeed these entities are not of your race, yet they have intimate ties with your planetary sphere and with humankind and are, in their own way, wanderers in your so-called inner planes where they have come to serve. Your service to them is very real and we thank you for the fastidiousness with which you approach this highly unorthodox service.

They are indeed cared for by others as well as yourself and by realms other than that which you experience in the dreaming state. The theme of your service within incarnation at this time, as you can see, is little understood among the people of Earth, for you have come here to love. And we thank you, my sister, for the great care that you have taken in every way that you may find to dedicate yourself to this service and to this incarnation with a whole heart and an untroubled mind.

May we say that at any time that you would wish to call on us to deepen your meditation or to be with you in the dream time you have only to ask mentally for us to be with you and we are glad to lend our vibrations to yours.

At this time, we would ask the one known as C if there are any questions that she has, either as a follow-up to what we have said so far or in addition to what we have said?

Are children that are of the negative polarity and have tried to [inaudible] and I’ve been able to sway at least one of them into discarding the other… Am I participating in bringing light into a darker element of this group of children?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We believe that you have stated the situation fairly. You are as the lighthouse and you shine over stormy waters, giving your love and your light that is as a beacon. Your fidelity to unconditional love, by its very nature, is able to create [awareness] within entities which may be being tempted to join what you would call the darker side of the left-hand path of service to self in such a way that such entities cannot deny the truth of that light which they see before them. Naturally, their will is free and they may choose that darker path…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…but they choose it in [a] full awareness that only your loving presence can give them of what their situation actually is. Please be aware that many things within this particular construct of your dreaming time are archetypal in nature rather than literal so that the infants are not truly infants, the spaceships that seemingly are going to other planets are actually within the inner planes of this planet, and so forth. Yet the situation itself and the entities that are moving within this particular pattern and hope in their own way to be of service at this time are extremely grateful for that energy which you bring to their situation. It is yet one more example of the incredible oneness of the infinite Creator so that each becomes a teacher to each and this stretches across bands of race and star location and all of the infinite sub-planes of your inner realms.

May we answer you further, my sister?


We are those of Q’uo, and we would ask before we close the session if there is a final query.

I would appreciate information about a blue star that I see all the time. I see it with my outer eyes and my inner eye.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We find that we are not able to share with you on this point because this is a feature of a pattern which you are currently working on within your own process. We may comment to you that the color of this star and the crystalline nature of the star are both keys that you may use in working with the energies of this shape and color. These shape and color details have their echoes within the archetypal system of your own thoughts and also, in a literal sense, within the constellation of your energy body. That is, the blue-ray chakra is suggested by the blue color and the crystalline nature of the star or its fusion nature, shall we say, is also an element that is likely to be helpful in pursuing this image. As you work with it, realize that you do not have to interpret it or decipher it all at once, for it may be seen not simply as information but also as companionship.

We would at this time leave this group as we found it, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank each of those present for their beauty and for their service to us in asking us to share our opinion. It has been a true privilege to be able to do so. We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.