[The first half of this meeting was an introductory speech by Carla.]

If you are interested in seeing information on the internet from our group, we have two websites. Our group is called L and L [L/L] Research so [our web address] is www.llresearch.org. The other one is more of a café of ideas, shall we say, and lots of different ideas are on that site, not just our own. The first one is the archive of all my channeling and speeches and so forth and it’s all for free. There’s no subscription to it. There’s no subscription to either one. The other one is www.bring4th.org. You’re welcome to check us out. [There is] information that I brought with me [about] the first book of five books of the channeling of the Law of One, by Ra, and I brought lots of brochures so if you wanted to get the rest [of the series] you could send the brochure back to us and order it yourself later.

I wrote an owner’s manual for people, actually. I finally decided we need one! We have spark plugs; we need to know how to change them! So that’s called A Wanderer’s Handbook. There are a few copies back there. And there are some tapes of my beloved companion and research partner, Don Elkins, called The Spiritual Significance of UFOs. I wasn’t too careful about recording him in his many, many times of speaking about his research, but this one time that I did record him we got a good speech from him and if you’d like to listen to what he had to say, there are tapes back there.

There’s also a tape I made in the 80’s. I just wrote lots of people around the world that speak English and said, “Would you like to send a sample of your channeling?” And I made a tape of different channels who have different things to say but interestingly enough, if you’re a positive channel, the information all harmonizes, so that no matter whether it’s Buddhist or Christian or whatever, if you’re keying into the spiritual rather than the strictly religious, you’ll find that the information harmonizes nicely. And some of them are UFO entities; some of them aren’t. But there’s that tape.

There are coloring books. If you have children and you’re looking for something that’s spiritual, there’s a coloring book called, What is Love? that your kid can color.

And I wrote a book for people that already have a psychic aspect that they are trying to develop. It doesn’t teach you how to channel! It’s called A Channeling Handbook and perhaps some of the principles I talk about in that book might help. I think that’s what we brought with us.

And, of course, we brought lots of brochures so that you can just take our brochure home and maybe order something later.

So, you have all been talking with each other. What’s your thought? Would you like just to ask questions in the group, here, just me and you? Or would you rather experience a channeling?

[General agreement on choosing to have a channeling.]

Okay, well, could you come up with a group question? The gentlemen in the red shirt was asking a very interesting question about desire. He said that he had been finding more and more that the key to his process at this time was desire but that perhaps he hadn’t gone deep enough in his desire; that he’d been thinking about what he desired rather than asking his heart what his heart’s desire was and could he know a little bit more about how that worked. If we wanted to, we could take one question after another or we could, as a group, create a question. It doesn’t matter to me.

Is it possible to take one question after another?

It is. Now we’ll need to have Vara next to me because I tend to go out of my body and I don’t want to do that, I want to stay conscious. It’s healthier for me as a person. So, if you want to do that then…

[Vara moves to sit beside Carla and the microphone is adjusted.]

The next thing is we need to find a way to tune the group. We’re a little bit scattered. Is there a song that you all love to sing that we could sing together or would you like to do the Lord’s Prayer? I’d like to find some way of bringing our voices together because the breath is the spirit and we are wind instruments, so as we speak those words… would the Lord’s Prayer be all right?

[General agreement.]

Then as we speak that prayer then I would ask you to think about what you’re saying. They are very simple thoughts in the prayer but it’s an interesting prayer, especially, you know, some of those phrases like, “Let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven.” When you finally become able to accept the fact that you do contain heaven within and that you can know the thoughts of heaven then you begin to internalize that prayer. So as we say the prayer together, let’s do that. And if you would, ask the question of P. [Carla indicates P, sitting beside Vara.] And then P will ask me because I have a hearing problem and I won’t get it sometimes but P will speak directly to me and re-ask the question so that I can [hear better.]

And if it’s all right, then, since we’re going to take a series of questions, we’ll try to keep the answers short, I will mentally request that we not go on too long about any one but we’ll try to get some answers here that would be resources for all of you.

Are you comfortable? Can I get you another cushion?

I’m just fine. And let me put my hand on yours here. Okay. All right, let us pray together.

“Our Father who are in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.”

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator in Whose service we come to you. May we thank you for giving us the opportunity of viewing the beauty of your souls. We [also] thank you for setting aside time and space to create a sacred circle of seeking and for inviting us to share our thoughts with you.

We would ask of you one thing before we begin and that is that you listen to us with a very careful sense of discrimination, listening for those thoughts that resonate to you as if we had reminded you of a truth that you already know. Please do not accept us as authority figures. If any thought that we share with you does not ring true, we would ask you to leave it behind without a second thought. For truth is a deeply subjective thing. Your personal truth is living and evolving within you and what is true for you yesterday may not be true for you tomorrow. Therefore, in order for us to know that we are not infringing on your free will, we would ask you to be careful discriminators, using only those thoughts of ours which seem to you to be helpful as a resource for your own growth. If you can do that for us then we will feel free to share our thoughts with you without being concerned that we would constitute a stumbling block before you. We thank you for this kind consideration and would now ask if there is a question at this time? We would ask the one known as P to offer us a question after he has heard it and refined it so that he may ask it of us. We will pause while the first question is received. We are those of Q’uo.

The question is: “Should desire come from the heart or should it come from the mind? Why is desire such an important thing in life and where does it come from?”

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. This instrument has been speaking about the self as a crystal. Everything that you have experienced throughout all of your incarnations up until this point and within this incarnation, everything that has gone into your process has created of you a unique crystalline nature. This crystalline nature has the kind of power that a radio station, shall we say, has. You have the ability to receive energy, you have the ability to transmit or send forth energy, and you have the ability to change energy that you receive and send it out in a different way. This is called transducing energy.

As a crystal, one of your desires, shall we say, is to regularize and harmonize the aspects of this crystal and thusly to be able to become single-pointed and focused. The key to this is something this instrument would call the will. Working to sharpen and hone the will is the work of many lifetimes and, my brother, at the point in your process during this incarnation where you are at this time, you have matured your understanding of your own power. This has freed your energy to conceive of the possibility of gathering that power and of focusing it.

In order to focus the will, the various and several desires that you may have experienced as aspects or portions of your desire to serve the one infinite Creator have begun to seem to you to be less than focused, less than satisfactory, and you realize that to express your truth, you have the need to integrate, harmonize and unify these several virtuous desires into a one-pointed focus. The focus for you at this moment is what you now seek. It is as if, having accepted your own power, your own magical nature as a crystalline being and as an aspect of the divine principle, you now wish to become one thing and to allow that unified desire of the will to shine forth. There are many aspects of this desire that we cannot speak to for it is the very active part of your process and we can not learn for you.

What we would suggest to you as you work [inaudible] extremely positive and accurate perception [inaudible] is that you focus upon your being rather than upon that which you are doing. This is a very difficult concept to understand amongst the people of your culture, for the people of your culture are bent upon doing and accomplishing in the outer world. What is not understood is that it is the being that informs the doing. It is the essence within you that creates, shall we say, a magnet, a kind of magnetizing effect, that brings to you those things that you need in order to continue to develop and bloom as a crystalline being and to continue to be able to breath deeper, to radiate more simply and more purely, and to allow the refining process to harmonize all things so that in your very being you draw to you those thing which you would wish to do to be of service.

We realize that your query and each query that we speak to has a tremendous amount more that we could explore but we hope that these few words give you some seed thoughts which you may develop at your leisure.

May we ask the one known as P if there is a second query at this time?

[Reading] “Could you please tell us how we may connect more with spirit and our guardians?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. This instrument has said earlier that that which you seek lies within you. Your guidance lies within the deepest part of your being. We would say to you that it is as if your highest and best self, that has already gone through the lessons of love and the lessons of wisdom and the lessons of the balance between love and wisdom, was available to you from the future. This instrument calls her guidance the Holy Spirit. Others call guidance many different names. Some relate to guidance through a guru, others move into the world of nature and find their guidance in the stillness of the pond and the whispering of the leaves in the wind. However you like to conceive of your guidance system, what we would encourage you to consider is that you may trust that you have it. It is as much a part of you as your breathing and indeed is closer to you than that process.

When you ask for guidance, it is already answering you. So your challenge is to remember to ask and then, when you have asked, to realize that you are being answered. It may not be obvious to you immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for those expectations that you have for how guidance really works to lift up and lift away because guidance may come without words. Guidance may come because you feel peace. You don’t know why but you suddenly realize, without being able to prove it, that all is well. And sometimes, in fact quite often, that is the central message of guidance. For you are on an even keel when you do not know it and when you cannot feel it. You may feel difficulties and chaos about you and feel that you are most confused and yet if you can but ask for help, that help is near.

Do you know the image from the tarot deck of the Fool that is stepping off the precipice into thin air? This is a helpful image to carry with you when you doubt your guidance. Doubt and fear take you away from your guidance. Take the image of this fool and, like the fool, step off into the thin air of faith. When you ask, invoke faith, and then wait for the universe to speak to you. To this instrument, with her long history of working with spirit, she actually converses with the Holy Spirit within. She will say, “Holly, help!” and immediately Holly helps. This instrument and the one known as Vara were driving here this day and they got lost, not once, but several times and Vara would look over and say, “You’re praying again, aren’t you?” And this instrument would admit it, so Vara would say, “And who is it this time?” And it might be Saint Patrick, whom this instrument invoked because Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, so why couldn’t he drive the confusion out of our roadmap? Or it might be St Alban. Why not ask St Alban to draw us to himself, to his seat within this beautiful land of Britain. And once, when [Vara] asked, this instrument was simply breathing. She was breathing in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator because she had forgotten to be herself and she was beginning to enter into fear. And may we say, from examining this instrument’s mind, the possibility of having fear in the middle of the M25?

May we ask if there is another query at this time, my brother?

[Reading] “We were talking about the Earth being bombarded with vibrations and if there will be changes that will affect the Earth and its inhabitants. Is this likely going to be a gradual process or it will be much quicker? And how will it be felt by its inhabitants?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We realize that this particular question concerning the energy waves that are bombarding your planet at this time is connected to the question of “ascension.” And as this instrument was saying earlier to one of those within this circle of seeking, there is the opportunity when viewing this question to enter into fear. And therefore the first thing that we would say to you is that we would encourage [you to] not to enter into fear. This instrument often quotes to herself from the Bible which she holds dear, “If I live, I am in Christ, and if I die I am in Christ, so whether I am dead or alive, I am in Christ and Christ is in me.” [Thusly, she ceases to fear.]

However, we would also say that it is our opinion, and we could be wrong, that we believe that this process of “ascension,” of coming into a sense of cooperation with these energies of the New Age, has already been gradually affecting your peoples for some time. In fact, the one known as Jesus the Christ was speaking about these energies two thousand of your years ago. The process of ascension [has] already begun, for in our ways of viewing the cycles upon your planet, the cycle that you are experiencing as what this instrument calls third density began over seventy-five thousand of your years ago in your measure. Therefore, the last two thousand years, spiritually speaking, are the very end times and you have been living in them since you were born. Much has changed quickly upon your planetary sphere. You have seen your civilization in two hundred years move from candles to the computer, from a donkey and a cart or a horse and a carriage, to the jet plane and the space ship. But has the heart of your people changed?

We encourage you to see this process of bombardment as a very positive and as a necessary thing. It is inevitable that the planet itself be born and we are happy to say that the baby is doing well, the baby is alive, the baby is coming through its labor just fine. Many of your peoples have caught on to the fact that things are changing and many among your people have talked about these bombardments of cosmic energy that are hitting the planet. How can one cooperate with something that often seems so uncomfortable? The challenge, my brothers and sisters, is to release control. It is not a process that is happening to you, it is a process that is happening to the planet and all of humankind. In and of yourself, you can do nothing to change it. It is what is appropriate for this planetary sphere at this time. Consequently, the goal that we may encourage you to follow here is to open yourself to the change that it calls forth from within you.

These energy waves are bringing up to you every bit of your shadow self that you do not want to look at. Look at them. Do not be afraid to gaze deeply into the mirror that they show you. Whatever your television tube shows you, look at it and say, “What have you to teach me?” And then let it go, release control. You have thought about it. You have responded to it. Move on. Allow these energies to work on you. They are transformational in nature and therefore they are challenging. Allow the challenging process to occur. Be naked and honest and vulnerable and if you must cry, weep; and if you laugh and feel joyful, dance and be like the leaves in the fall, and fall. Let things change, for change is occurring and the more you embrace it, the more you feel that you truly are a part of it, the more you will benefit from the transformation that is occurring among your peoples and upon your planet.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

[Reading] “Firstly, are there other channels channeling this particular group and secondly, is that information going to be colored by the different culture that it comes into?”

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query. We thank you for the opportunity to speak to this question for it is often a concern of entities who are listening to channeling as to whether or not the source of such channeling is valid and whether or not they should consider it seriously.

The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator speaks through many channels and, indeed, there are many within your inner planes who also speak through many channels. There are very many different ways to hear the message of love. Those of the principle of Q’uo who speak through this particular instrument speak only through this instrument. The reason is that this instrument tunes for channeling by asking for the highest and best contact of the Christ energy or consciousness that she can receive in a stable and conscious manner. She’s very precise about that for which she asks, for she wishes to make the best use of her energy and her time in terms of offering clear and transparent information that may constitute a resource for those who are seeking.

Therefore, we as a principle have created ourselves specifically to speak through this instrument. Many other entities are less careful in their tuning and in their challenging of spirits and so you may find time and time again that you are reading a channeled source and you must put it down because it does not ring true. And this is not the fault of the instrument itself, which is service to others, but rather it is the fault of an unclear tuning. Perhaps the channel does not know precisely who she is and perhaps she has not challenged the spirit which is attempting to communicate through her in [the name of] that for which she lives and that for which she would die. When this occurs, [the unclearly tuned instrument] receives seemingly positive information which somehow turns into a fear-oriented channeling, so that you begin to hear ideas that have to do with exclusitivity so that some are included and some are not, or so that some will reach the kingdom of heaven and some will not, or you may hear channeled sources that say you must believe this and this and then you will be enlightened.

If you can discriminate, carefully, you may read any source and find the good within it. So we would encourage you not to hew to this particular channel or to our source as a particular source but rather, as you read all material that is seemingly inspired, to listen for that resonance within of which we spoke when we began our channeling session through this instrument. Trust not the channel, nor the authority, nor the source. Trust yourself, for you know the truth that is yours when you hear it.

We find that this instrument’s energy begins to wane and therefore we would ask if there is a final query at this time?

[Reading] “Do you think there will be a return of Jesus Christ or a Messiah? Or will it be a return of a particular energy?”

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and, my sister, we believe that you have begun to answer our question for us. It is our sincere belief that you are the Christ. It is our belief that each of you was sent forth from the Father, as this instrument calls the one infinite Creator, to be His daughter and to be His son. The tongues of flame have touched your lips, the spirit has descended upon your head and you have been created! And you shall change the face of the Earth.

We realize that you are young spirits. You are young co-Creators. And yet the power to create is yours. That which you forgive is forgiven. That which you lift is lifted. That which you reach forth to heal is healed. It is difficult to take ultimate responsibility for Christhood. And yet we say to each of you, that individuality that you see as yourself, that which you say is “I,” is an illusion. The personality shell that you experience is very helpful for working within the field of Earth, for doing what you came to do, living and breathing and being and blooming. Yet it is not all of you. It is not the earth of you. And as you ask again and again, “In each day, create me to see who I am, help me to realize my true nature,” you are opening the way, little by little, to begin to feel that essence, that “I” that is the consciousness of love.

The one known as Jesus did not wish to be worshipped. The one known as Jesus wished to be seen as one who was doing the will of the Father. We ask each of you, “What is your will? Who is your Creator? And how shall you follow the will of the Father for you this day?” This instrument prays every morning that she may hear the Word, that she may, in her flesh and in her mistakes and in her every movement, be used. If you but open yourself to the possibility of Christ within, you will understand that the “I Am” that is truly you is the way, the truth, and the life.

My brothers, my sisters, we are humble before you. The beauty of your seeking astounds us. Through so many difficulties and through so many trials, your courage and your determination to seek has carried you to this moment. May we send you forth rejoicing in the power of your spirit. May we encourage you to know that you are that which you seek and that you can do this that you came to do. And not by doing but simply by being who you are. We are there with you, as are so many angels and guides, to help you deepen your meditation and to help. In those little moments where you ask for inspiration, may you feel our presence when you ask. May you know that you are not alone. May you know how deeply you are loved.

We leave you, as we found you, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.