I wanted to sit down and make myself entirely comfortable and thank you so much for having me. I’m so glad to see each and every one of you, I honor you.

I wanted to tell you that I learned that Irene is carrying on. I was so sorry not to meet her tonight, but she says that angels are with her and that she is slowly getting better and she just wants you to know that she appreciates all your good thoughts and prayers. She is still having to spend a little time in bed, resting and so forth, but then sometimes the only way we can get stopped is when spirit says, “No, no, no!” And if you won’t listen then something happens to the body!

So I did want to relieve your minds there. She is not in serious trouble or anything; she’s fine, but she is in some pain here. So, if we could, what I would like to do is to get us into a circle since I believe we don’t have too many people to do that. So, Paul and others will help take the extra chairs to the back and perhaps we could just form a circle with the chairs.

[Circle is formed. This takes several minutes.]

Now be sure and leave some room for extra people that come late. Don’t take too many chairs away! You’ve got to sit down as well! The concept is a little strange but I think it helps the energy to flow, if it’s not too big a group, it’ll be a little cooler this way also. 1


Oh yeah, start with me and just go right around in a circle. Paul, come on up here and Anne, you come here and let’s leave a few empty seats [available] just to make sure that anybody that comes in late will have a place to sit. Now, the reason I wanted to get everybody into a circle is because, if you could just imagine the energy flowing in a counter-clockwise manner, then we’ll all feel much more like part of a group and we’ll feel the breeze of spirit. I thought since it’s a small group, why in the world sit in rows and have me at the head like I was conducting an orchestra, which I’m not at all. I want you to feel completely comfortable so… the lady in the pink, and the lady in the white, and the lady in the black, if you would just be conscious, if there are people that come in, if you could just make sure that they’re comfortable too and make sure they have a chair because we’ve got a pretty tight little circle going here. Just make sure there’s a little extra room for hospitality for those who didn’t quite make it on time.

Before I begin let’s just take thirty seconds and send some energy to Irene.

I call on all angels and spirits, I call on the four directions and I ask for healing, for light, for the lifting up and for the release of all physical pain and ailment of the one known as Irene. Lord, we send our thoughts winging upwards to You and we know that You have heard us. Thank you. In the Creator’s name we pray, Amen.

So! Hi everybody! It’s so good to see you! As you can tell from my twang, I’m here from America and I live in Kentucky. Can everybody hear me just fine? Okay.

I, as a teenager, began to investigate meditation and I found out about the adventurous research done by a gentlemen named Don Elkins who was a professor of physics and mechanical engineering at the local university. His interest was investigating the paranormal. He started out with investigating life before birth. He investigated quite a few hypnotisms where he took people back before birth and asked them what they saw and so forth and he became convinced that we indeed are souls that are here temporarily and that we go through many incarnations.

That piqued his interest and he had to know more, so he started investigating the next thing that was happening in the fifties, when he began his investigations into UFOs. And he became very interested in the question of extra-terrestrial intelligence. He began to read information on that and to go back into what people that had had contact with UFOs had to say and he became convinced that there was something there. The point at which I joined his research was in 1962 when he started a meditation group that was designed to create a channeling group. He was successful in creating one, allegedly from extraterrestrial sources.

I think someone’s scratching at the door!

[Another person comes in. A chair is found and the circle reformed anew.]

In 1974 I joined the experiment as a channel and I have been channeling ever since. We have some information in the back [of the church] that is for sale at the tea break or after, and it contains various parts of the research that I’m reporting on to you tonight.

My channeling took a severe turn for the more lucid and clear in 1981 when I went into trance spontaneously and began to receive information from an entity called Ra. It’s a group entity that’s made up of a whole society, just like if all of us in the circle decided that we wanted to do one thing together and with one voice and we could share our thoughts, then we might pick you or you or you and say, “Okay, you speak for us, but share the thoughts that we have in common.”

They became aware that we as a planet, as the people of this planet, were in a great deal of suffering and sorrow because our planet had reached a moment in its regular, normal history. As we all know, the Age of Aquarius is upon us in 2012. It’s the New Age and the planet is cycling, actually, physically speaking, into a new area of space. So the vibrations are speeding up. If you’ve wondered why you are feeling rushed, well, the very planet has been hit by wave after wave of transformational energy and either we cooperate with it or we’ll be left behind. Those of us who are left behind will continue incarnating, according to this information, in a regular, what they call, third-density planet. Not this one—this planet is moving into fourth density, positive. This will be the age of love and understanding and it will bloom here on planet Earth.

I’m very excited about being a part of that, I want to be a fourth-density pioneer. And so my question became, “How can you live that truth? How can you be part of Heaven on Earth?” And that’s what I would like to talk with you about.

The Confederation says that many of us here are not actually natives to this planet; that they also heard of the sorrow of Earth and heard of the cry of its people, people that want to awaken and are not quite sure how to do so. And so many of us who may have felt quite alone in this world, quite a stranger in a strange land here, may actually not be from around here. We may be from elsewhere. And the group of Ra calls these people wanderers. So you may well be a wanderer. And if you are, it doesn’t mean you’re not an Earth native, because when you came here you took on the responsibility of expressing, in the flesh, and of learning the lessons of this planet. The lesson of this planet is singular, according to those of Ra. It is that we are all One and that one thing is love.

Now, how does this work?

[Carla waves her notes.]

This is my template so that I don’t get too far off, because there are so many details to this I can get off on anything, so I’ll try to keep on track! My plan is to give you an overview of what I have to offer, what I came to say, and then we’ll take a tea break and when we come back you can decide whether you’d like to ask me questions and [I can] answer as me, or whether you’d like to do a short channeling. If you’d like to do a short channeling, then I can either take questions from around the circle, and I would ask Paul to be the master of ceremonies for choosing which question to ask, or if you like we could create a group question and ask them one question, as a group, and I would enjoy either the question and answer after tea or a short channeling, it’s just up to you. Some of you have said well, you’d sorta like to hear some channeling. I’m into that, I tuned for this speech and I don’t have to tune any more for the channeling, I’m ready. So let me go on.

Now, when I talk about the entities of Ra, I’m talking about one of the many of the planetary or societal entities that have created a Confederation of planets in the service of the one Creator. This Confederation holds things in common. And what they believe, basically, I’m going to read a little bit here because it’s so clear in some of the quotes from the Law of One itself. What does the Confederation have to say?

You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity, you are infinity, you are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One. 2

“You are.” Can you hear that? You really exist, beyond the details of this transitory life. You are a citizen of eternity and as such you have this wonderful, God-given responsibility that you worked very hard to achieve, to make a difference here on planet Earth. And as someone who has been walking this walk and talking this talk since 1962, and has been channeling since ‘74, I can honestly say to you just one person can make a difference, but a small group of people can change the world. Now how do we do that? Well, that’s what I’m getting into.

The thing of it is, that all things are One. That’s what we can depend on. We have so much more in common than it would appear from looking around the circle. Our gender differences, our age, the way our personality works, these are details.

Far below the level of the conscious mind and its various details, we are all One, and we are One right from here, right from the heart. So [when] we can get into our open hearts, and live from there, we’re living in Heaven. And this is what we came to do, not to force ourselves into heaven but to wake up from the planetary dream, to remember that we’re not here just to meet our loved one, to get married, to have children, to have a job, to retire, to enjoy our retirement and then to die and push up the daisies, but to be: to be the way flowers are in the field, the way stars are in the heavens, to be, substantially, spirit. We are here because the Creator doesn’t have the right to make changes in the little parts of His universe that He created, like planets. We have that right. So we’re the hands of the Creator. We’re the voice of the Creator. And we have great guidance to help us hear the one infinite Creator. The question is, can we remember to get back to that point within ourselves, beyond what to fix for dinner and whether we washed the toilet this week and so forth and to remember who we are and why we’re here.

The creation of the Father has a nature in which love is the essence of all things. So let’s look a little bit more into the creation of the Father because I don’t want to go off on some marshmallow cloud and just make us feel good, I’d like to get some actual substance talked about tonight.

How does the universe of the one infinite Creator work? Well, it begins in absolute and utter unity and mystery. The beginning of everything is the one infinite Creator and really I can’t talk about that entity because I don’t have any direct ability to. It is beyond all things. But, that which first came into our awareness or the awareness of the creation, before the suns were formed, was something called a Thought. The Thought of the one infinite Creator was unconditional love. That was what you may have heard, from Christian teachings as called the Logos. The Gospel of John begins, “The Word was with God and the Word was God.” When he uses the word, “Word,” in English, that translates into the original Greek, in which that Gospel was written, as “Logos.”

So what they’re saying, basically, is that the very first emanation of the infinite Creator was the Thought of unconditional love. And that Thought impressed light. And as it impressed light, every particle of creation was formed in just such and such a way, so that the galaxies were created and planetary entities, then, [were further created] as sub-Creators, as sub-Logoi, which then created their little spaces. So our planet is alive. It has created the life that exists here, not just in the outer realms but in the inner realms; not just mind or body but spirit, so that all of the inner guides, the higher bodies of our own energy being and so forth, all of the inner planes were created at that time.

And it was all created—we were all created—before any manifestation began. When the love/light created this planet, it created what they call densities of existence. Now, we see some of the densities around us. The first density is the density of the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. It’s kind of hard to picture this in some cases because, you know, we understand Earth, we understand Air, and so forth, [but] actually these energies or essences are alive and all that seemingly is dead, this floor, the stone that is the foundation of the building and so forth, are living entities. They can be communicated with.

The second density, then, we see around us because that’s plants and animals. They also are very intelligent, they’re in total contact with the infinite Creator and they know a lot more than we do. Which is why it’s very sensible to talk to the animals and to talk to the trees and so forth. They’ve never separated in any way from the infinite Creator.

Then you come to the third density. Well, that’s us. And in order for us to have complete free will, we had to drop a veil over our memory so that we didn’t any longer know for sure whether the Creator was real; whether we were real, as spirit. We had to waken within incarnation all by ourselves and choose to seek the light. This is our great choice and our great chance. None of us does it well. None of us does it all the time. But every day you can wake up and say, “Today I am going to do my best to see the Creator in everybody and just keep my heart open no matter what happens to me.”

And these are choices that will polarize you more and more towards a way of living that is the essence of what you came here to do. You came here to bloom. You came here to give the gift of yourself, and you know that the gift of your deepest self is the love in your heart. So, when people say to me, “What is my purpose? What should I do to bring about the transformation of myself or the planet?” I have to start with, “You need to learn to be yourself, you need to throw off the yoke of what everybody else thinks about you and get to the heart of yourself, your own way, not having anybody else as an authority but just working with yourself.”

Okay. We are co-Creators. We have one energy and that is love. And that’s a wonderful thing. And it sounds like the simplest thing in the world to just remember to stay in the open heart. But you know it’s really not. It’s a difficult thing and the reason is that, whatever we look like, we have in common the body that gives us life, the Creator-body within, sometimes called the electrical body, or the form-maker body, or the Buddha body, the Vesica Pisces, there are lots of different names for this inner, electrical, energetic, magnetic, crystalline body that we have. The way the Ra people describe it is that there are seven centers or chakras and of course one over the head which is simple white light. But the seven centers contain three basic centers, then the heart center, and then three centers above that.

So let me take them in three groups: first, the three basic centers. The three basic centers are the red-ray, the orange-ray, and the yellow-ray centers. The red-ray center has to do with survival. A lot of people think that as the root chakra, it has to do with sexuality but sexuality is often misunderstood. Sexuality is not simply sexuality. It is the first way we can give energy, let’s put it that way. And that root chakra is the very lowest chakra, at the base of the spine.

If you’ve ever felt kicked in the gut by the termination of a personal relationship, you are experiencing the pain of the orange-ray energy center. That is the center of personal relationships. The first person with whom you must come into relationship, of course, is yourself. So that makes it tough because we sort of want to relate through other people. We don’t think about coming into right relationship with ourselves. But let me ask you this? When was the last time you forgave someone else? Pretty recently, right? You can forgive somebody else pretty easily. When was the last time you forgave yourself? It might have been a while. So, what you’re doing, actually, with others is [that] you’re working with other people to get up the courage to work with yourself.

We’re all the same, we’re all One. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a hermit in the woods, you still have somebody to work with: yourself! But it’s just easier to look in the mirror from yourself to me, and to say, “Oh, is that how I look!” It’s hard to look in your own mirror. You can look but are you seeing yourself or are you just seeing some image that’s in your mind?

So all these people that you come in contact with all the time are the Creator’s voice speaking to you about some aspect of yourself. Maybe you want to look at [this aspect]. Maybe it’s fun, maybe it’s positive, or maybe it hurts. Maybe it’s part of that undeveloped part of yourself that you really haven’t wanted to look at but in the course of a lifetime, you need to look at every single bit of yourself. And we are everything, every emotion, every aspect, so that means the prisoner who has murdered or thieved or pushed other people around in some way, things that we would not want to think of ourselves as doing, these are also aspects of ourselves. And we have, at some point, to come into right relationship, understanding and acceptance of them. Not because they are right! We have the choice of what parts of ourselves we want to develop and show to the world and express. But the thing of it is, these darker bits are the bits that, if you accept them and forgive them for what they are, can become your strongest allies in creating for yourself not just a sweetness but a real determination and a persistence and grit so that you can back up the things that you believe with what seems to be dark energy and yet you’ve gone to that dark energy and said, “I understand that you’re a part of me and I would like to ask for your help. I would like to ask that you stand behind me and help me be strong.” That strength that might murder, then, becomes the knight that you have dubbed, Sir Strength, and that can stand behind you and be a part of your will that makes you unable to be stopped in this world, no matter what happens to you. So there’s a tremendous amount of strength that you gain from finally coming into relationship with every bit of yourself.

And once you’ve begun to accept and forgive yourself, you see that we all are error-prone, we’re faulty, we’re heavily flawed and that’s fine. We get up and we try again. If you can forgive yourself for making mistakes, then you begin to be able to forgive other people. Really, from the heart. And not just because you’re supposed to, or whatever, but because you understand, you have compassion, and you’ve earned the right. You have compassion because you’ve seen the shadow in yourself and you’ve been able to accept it and lift it and to realize that we’re here in a dance; we’ll make missteps but we’re going to dance just like the flowers dance in the field, blown by the wind. What is the wind but the wind of spirit?

Moving to the yellow-ray energy center, still you’re in the position of not of sharing but of giving energy. We’re talking about energy here. The yellow ray is right in [the solar plexus]. And a lot of energy here has to do with family; has to do with your work; has to do with any group of which you’re a part. If you’re an Army man, part of your yellow-ray experience is your Army. If you’re an office man, one of your environments in which you’re going to be working with this energy is the office. If you’re a family man or woman, the world of children and relatives and celebrations and so forth, that is all working with this energy. And what you’re basically trying to do here is to come into an acceptance of the fact that this also is part of the experience of living on planet Earth, so deal with it.

And when, at the end of the day, you can look at the issues that you have with survival within yourself and you say, “I have no fear”; when you can look at your personal relationships and say, “I have compassion”; when you can look at your groups, your family, your relatives, your office and so forth, and say, “I have compassion,” then you are ready to enter the open heart.

Now, the open heart has been waiting for you all this time. The open heart is called the green-ray energy center or the heart chakra and it is a very sacred space. The Creator is waiting for you there. You know how often you pray to the Creator. And you think It’s out there. You’re actually praying in here. Because the Creator is sitting there in your heart waiting for you to realize that you have but to knock on the door and He’ll say, “Come right in!” How often do we do that? How often do we really remember to move into that space? It’s a sacred space so you don’t want to do it too quickly so I really encourage you, at the end of the day, to make sure that those first three energy centers are clear. And then move into the heart.

Now, I try to stay in the open heart all the time. But I do check to make sure that the lower chakras are clear because, you see, if you try to stay in the open heart without clearing those chakras, well it’s like asking a car to run on very thin petrol so that you’re not getting enough air in your gas mixture and the car sputters and sputters because it’s not getting a good mix. You’ve got to keep the spirit moving into that open heart. And the open heart is your first opportunity to share energy. And that is why I said that the energies of sexuality are greatly misunderstood. Because, if you leave them, if you leave sexuality in red ray, you might have a good sex life, but it doesn’t last, you know, it’s like you have to do it again immediately. It’s gone away. You have an unceasing hunger for that energy.

Or if you’re looking for personal relationships but you haven’t lifted it up into the open heart, the first thing that happens that separates the two people in that relationship, they’ll say, “Well, that’s no good, I’m going to have to try again.” If you lift if it up into the open heart you begin to see, “Oh, this is a person with whom I have the privilege of working. This is the person that will be able to help me to see myself. This is a good mirror for me and I’m going to be a good mirror for that person.” And then you begin to see how you lift up beyond the incidental, daily difficulties and instead of saying, “Well, I totally disagree with you and I’m just walking off”, you say, “You know, we need to talk! We need to share energy here and see if we can come to some truth between us.”

And the same thing with the family and the groups and so forth. Families are very dicey things, because we carefully pick them, pre-incarnationally, to challenge us. And why? Because we wanted to get better than we were before. We wanted to learn how to balance our love and our wisdom and our power. We wanted to learn how to be more who we are. And we pick these people not just to love us; not just to love but also to challenge us and to challenge. And the joy of that is that at the end of it—and you know this happens so often in families—you have this crystalline moment and you go, “This is perfect. For all the trouble that this family is, I just feel this enormous love for this crazy group of people.” And you’re beginning to get the fact that we are all one and that we all teach each other.

Okay, the upper energy centers are wonderful things, but, as I said before, you need always, before you want to do work in the upper energies, to clear those lower energies, get into the open heart, get a good sturdy stance, take the Creator by the hand and say, “Okay, now we’re going to try to do blue ray and indigo ray.”

The blue ray is communication: real, open communication. You know how dangerous that is? Have you ever tried to tell your heart to someone [Carla slaps her hands together] and just gotten smashed? And it happens all the time, but that energy of open communication is very healing and sometimes all you have to do is listen and they’ll get it. They’ll get the fact that you’re actually ready to communicate. And listening is at least as much a part of communicating as talking.

What you’re doing for me, right now, and I thank you, is a wonderful privilege: you’re listening to me. You’re trying to make sense of what I’m trying to share with you and I feel that energy coming back to me in great waves of love. I really appreciate that and I’ll try my best to be clear. The open communication you often get, I think, has more to do with art than from trying to speak directly. I mean, here we are, we’re living in a very prosaic world and we’re trying to use these clumsy words but, you know, if it’s poetry or if it’s music or if it’s a beautiful story that someone tells us, it takes us beyond “up here,” and it moves that important fourteen inches down [from our head] to our heart. And we’re actually communicating.

A lot of the most important communications of our life are beyond words. The blue-ray center is right here—the throat, talking—that would make sense! The indigo-ray or the pineal chakra is the ray of work in consciousness, where you’re actually taking that consciousness that you have awakened and called forth, and that is the real you, and you’re asking it do some work. Now, things like meditation, contemplation, the reading of inspirational material, the listening to inspirational teachers and using that material, and most of all just entering the silence of your own being, this is work in consciousness. It is very important that you don’t get so in love with doing this upper chakra work that you forget, continually, at least daily, to sweep those lower energies to make sure that they’re letting the love and the light of the infinite Creator through, because, see, if you overactivate them or if you block them by fear, then you stop that flow.

Now, if you picture the energy that the Creator is giving you, it comes in two ways. It comes in from the Earth itself and it comes in infinitely, so you’re constantly receiving into your root chakra infinite energy, all you need. It may not feel like it but the power is there coming into your body. As much as you can absorb, as much as you can use, is there for you. So, you know, sometimes when I really get really tired I just think, “Earth, let the Earth feed me,” and I can feel the Earth energy coming up into my body and refreshing me and making me feel much relieved and more comfortable and less anxious and so forth.

It comes in also from inspiration. Inspiration is pulled down into the body through the violet ray about which I’m not talking much because there’s not much we can do about it at that particular time. It’s like a thermometer, you put it in there and it says, “Ninety-eight—or whatever it is in centigrade—for a normal temperature.” That’s what you are. Well, if you’ve ever seen a spectrograph of a [paint] sample, you see that it has this element, this element, this element is arranged like this, this is the chemical composition of this paint. Well, the violet ray is like that, it’s a read-out and actually the Ra group sees those read-outs. It doesn’t see us as personalities as we do. It doesn’t see us as names, it sees us as integrated paint samples, integrated souls or spirits. We can’t do much about the violet ray. It’s just a read-out of who we are at a particular time. But, of course, we can spike and change that spectrograph very quickly if we are inspired by an idea or if we become possessed of the desire or the passion to serve in a certain way. That can change the colors of our being, if you will; change the way we bloom.

So it’s very important to become aware of your desire. What do you desire? What do your thoughts keep going to? And if your thoughts keep going to a desire that doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t throw that thought away! It’s trying to tell you something. Examine it and see, “How can I bring that desire into my life? How can I get on the road of my desire? How can I help cooperate with my desire?” Because you can trust that you wouldn’t have a desire that wasn’t a part of the truth of you. So when people tell you, “That’s a crazy idea,” don’t let that stop you, just settle down and make sure it’s your true desire and let life flower for you from the pursuit of that singular desire. We all wish to serve the infinite Creator and there are as many ways to serve the Creator as there are people.

Our tea break is coming up. I would like to share with you some few exercises that the Ra group gave which are very helpful and I will go through them quickly first.

Exercise one, the moment contains love. Where is the love in the moment?

Secondly, look into the eyes of another person. See the Creator.

Thirdly, look into the mirror. You can do this in the medicine chest at home. Look into the mirror, literally, look into your eyes, not at your eyes but into your eyes, into the black part, and see the Creator.

Exercise number four, look at the world about you, the bees that hum, the wind that blows, the trees breathing out oxygen, us breathing out carbon dioxide, the trees breathing in the carbon dioxide, us breathing in the oxygen. See the interrelatedness and the unity of all that there is and see how the Creator really works.

These four exercises are very helpful.

I talked about meditation and I really don’t have any advice to give you on meditating but the consciousness is opened with a key. It’s like you have to go through a door to get into the larger world of infinity, unity, eternity: who you really are. The key to that door is silence. So if you can manage it in your life, it is really, really helpful in some way or another, at least [for] five minutes, better twenty minutes; not much more than that. You don’t need more than this—it’s powerful stuff, silence. Get into the silence and just let it be. Stop thinking, stop talking, that’s all. I mean, there are many, many ways to meditate better. I could talk hours about different ways to do it. But if you just see yourself as this crystalline being that you are, if you can just start letting that being be, and just give it time while you are conscious, not while you’re sleeping but while you’re conscious, give it a little time to breathe and listen for that still, small voice. It is so helpful because it really pulls you back into who you are and I really recommend meditation.

Naturally, you have many thoughts. It’s very helpful, at the end of the day, perhaps, or at any time where you have a few minutes to contemplate, to sit and think about the thoughts that you’ve been thinking. You know we don’t tend to take our own thoughts very seriously. But it’s very helpful to do so.

It’s easy to think thoughts and let them go, think thoughts and let them go, but I tell you, you think in patterns. At the end of the day especially, sit down and think, “What were my thoughts today? What did I think about?” And see if you can find the patterns, see if you can find, “Well, I was distracted in this way. Now what triggered that? What pulled me away from loving everybody? How did that work? Let’s look into that.” Because you’re trying to figure out how you work. It’s like you don’t have an owner’s manual. Your car has an owner’s manual. If something goes wrong with the spark plugs you get the manual out and say, “OK. Let’s see. I do this, I do this, OK, now I’m sparking.” But if you stop sparking [as a human being], if your spark plugs stop working, you don’t have a human being owner’s manual that says, “Okay, first you turn this and then you lift that and then you put in a new that.” You’ve got to do it on the run. You’ve gotta do it from faith.

The clues that you have are things like the patterns of your thoughts, the patterns of your dreams, so it’s always very helpful to work with your dreams. And [it is also helpful to work with] the guidance that you get. Sometimes you get sudden impulses or a sudden intuition. Pay attention. Spirit is talking to you. Everything, in fact, is talking to you. It is an interactive universe here.

I’m starting to run out of time because I really want to break and then find out where we want to go next with the rest of the evening. I try always, when I talk about the Law of One, which is the body of this material’s name, according to those of Ra, to talk a little bit about, how do you share this with others? You get my book and you really like it and you want to share it with others. Don’t. Do not! Unless someone asks you about this material, share yourself. Share from the heart. Listen to what they have to say. And when you do get asked, tell them anything that you might know. But, until that point, the material’s not important, it’s you and the way you are part of the creative principle that’s important.

When people come into your presence, you can be like a lighthouse to them and it has nothing to do with what you’re saying. It has to do with how people perceive you. And people perceive you according to the way that you’re radiating. So if you can just get yourself out of the way, then you’re already running this light through you all the time. It’s just infinite! It’s just pouring through and out into the world. You know how in the Communion Service it says, “I take this body, I break it, I bless it, I give it…”? Well, this is you, everyday. Take your experience, allow yourself to be broken, open yourself to experience. It’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to suffer. It’s part of growing. Bless it and let it shine. You are the light upon the hill. And people will feel that blessing. I swear to you, they will feel it. They won’t know why, they won’t know how, but they’re going to be so glad to see you! I’m sure that you’re already people radiating like that. Trust yourself with that. This is the gift you came to give. The Creator is pouring through you. You are the light of the world.

Know that you’re a teacher. But also know that you have no agenda. You have no desire to create homework in others. You have no assignments to give. You are an agent, like a secret agent. You can do random acts of kindness, you know. And, as you listen to people, as you accept them for who they are, you are kind of infecting them with this kind of attitude which means that they will go out and instead of judging someone else, they also will listen and try to see the Creator that maybe in that person is very twisted. You know, some people are very distorted. They’ve had a lot of damage and they don’t meet cultural norms and so forth. But if you can sit with them and just see the Creator part of them coming through and let that be your reality with them, it’s a tremendously healing thing and it gives them the chance to change. They don’t know it and they don’t have to know it. They can feel it. They can feel, “Well, maybe I’m not just this bad person, maybe I like the way this makes me feel.” So they begin to open up, they begin to trust themselves, and they begin to allow the Creator to undo the damage.

You see, you can’t really change anybody but yourself. But you can change yourself. So as you kind of allow things to fall away from yourself that don’t work any more, as you simplify your own existence so that you become more and more transparent to the spirit, then what happens is that people stop seeing you—and who wants to see a personality in the first place—people start seeing the Creator. When they see you, they just see right through you: you’re transparent and the light shines through. That’s really what we’re going for here. Because, when you can get to that part when you’ve dropped away the personality the details and the Creator is beaming through your eyes, then you have come into your deepest self.

It’s a matter not of becoming learned and becoming wise and that sort of thing, it’s a matter of becoming transparent and becoming a person the Creator can use. So what you’re trying to do is clear away, clear out the rubbish, clear out the details. And not just become irresponsible, I’m not saying that, but become a person that has these energies balanced to the point where the Creator is beginning to come through.

Okay, I would like to end by simply saying that it is my personal belief and it is the belief of those who channeled the Law of One through our group that the Harvest of third-density Earth is here. We have about seven years to go in this density and then we will be beginning the energies of the new Earth; we will be beginning fourth density, according to their way of speaking about it. There’s nothing we can do about that. What we can do is choose whether or not we wish to cooperate with the energy that is beginning to become the reality of our planet. Our planet is being born at this time. And we can choose by our perceptions of love to move with the planet into fourth density.

Now, as I said before, we won’t do it perfectly, because we’re still in third-density bodies. We still have to deal with our apparent separation, one from the other. But we have the opportunity to make a conscious choice in these next seven years to do everything we can to start living by fourth-density values: unconditional love, compassion, acceptance. I think that there are many ways that we can lean into physically helping our planet evolve, physically helping our political systems and our ecological systems and so forth to become more balanced. We can work at coming into more harmony with the land. We can work at becoming more aware of justice issues and peace issues and doing the best we can, to witness, to love, in the way we vote, in the causes we support, and so forth.

You have to realize that when you look at people, when you look at political institutions, certainly as an American I can honestly say, when I look at my president and the government of my country, I am appalled, saddened and horrified, I feel as if I’m living, as an American, in a kind of military dictatorship. Something has gone terribly wrong with our political system. Okay, do not be dismayed. What we need to do is remember that that’s part of the details of this planet. It’s not part of the real reality of us. The truth of it is that all over the globe people are waking up and they’re wanting to be one people, one humankind, they’re wanting to be kind to each other, they’re wanting to move into right relationship with the planet, they’re wanting to find ways to become more honest witness of justice and fairness and peace.

So, sure, enter into the illusion of our political systems and so forth in the very best ways we can. But beyond that, know that the truth is that, from the inside out, people all over the planet can connect. Now, one thing that our group has done is to create the Gaia meditation every night [at 9 PM local time.] So, whenever you think about it, connect up with our group, L/L Research, and pray for the peace of the world. Pray for the planet that is being born. Pray that we may come into right relationship. It’s a way of bearing witness. It’s a way of training and disciplining our own personalities to take responsibility for what we believe. But realize, this is not political, not religious, it’s just who we are. Move from the heart, move from who you are, and follow your passion.

We may leave some people behind us. We may see a lot of people and we think to ourselves, “Perhaps at the funeral. That person probably didn’t make fourth density graduation.” That’s okay. We can’t bring everybody with us. We can just open ourselves to the possibility of bringing ourselves into the new Heaven and the new Earth that we can see so clearly when we offer ourselves in love.

I’d like to break now…


[The second half of this meeting was a channeled session with those of Q’uo.]

  1. Irene is the President of this Church and was going to meet Vara and Carla, but at the event, Paul, a member of the board of the Church, came with Ian Bond, who had arranged for Carla to speak here, to greet them. Paul and Ian set the chairs for the approximately two dozen people at the meeting in a large circle and they all sat down together. 

  2. From Session 1 of Book I of The Law of One.