(Question chosen by PLW poll) 1 Can you talk about the concept of densities and/or vibrations levels? We hear a lot about these terms. What do they really mean? How do we apply them in our daily lives here?

(Carla channeling)

We are the those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. It a pleasure and a privilege to be called to your circle of seeking and we thank you. We are most pleased to be asked to share our thoughts with you on the subject of densities and rates of vibration.

We would ask of you, as we always do, that each of you who considers our words be very careful to employ the full power of your own discrimination as you listen to or read these words. Be aware that you are the sole arbiter of what comes into your mind and what is released from being considered by you. Each entity’s universe is unique. Each person is a being that creates their own universe. Consequently, what is true for you at one time may not be adequate for you at another time. And what is true for you may not be true for someone else.

Therefore, as you listen to those things that we say, we would greatly appreciate your being very careful to listen with an ear for the resonance of any particular thought. If a thought seems resonant to you, then please feel free to explore it. If it does not seem right to you, for whatever reason, we would ask you to lay it aside. In that way we will feel much more able to speak our thoughts freely, knowing that we are not infringing upon your process. We would not wish to become a stumbling block in the evolutionary process of any. We thank you for this consideration.

In speaking about the terms “vibration” and “density” we are to a certain extent limited by the concepts of your culture. In terms of the standard cultural concepts of these terms, they represent terms speaking of one system only. It is our understanding that we are speaking of not one but two types of systems when we use these terms.

One system is the classic system that your Newtonian physics represents or discusses. It is consensus reality, or as we might put it, it is the world of space/time. It is the physical universe. The other system to which these terms applies is the metaphysical universe, the universe of time/space.

The universe of space/time is the universe in which your intellect functions. Your brain is a tool that is limited to the space/time considerations of analysis, the solving of problems and other abstract functions of reasoning and rationalization.

The world of time/space is the world of the unseen realms or the inner planes. It is the realm of your consciousness and your heart. If you sometimes feel that you have a divided mind, you are perceptive and literally correct. For you have two kinds of mind. You have the mind of the brain and you have the mind of your heart. The brain is an excellent tool for solving problems of your consensus reality. The mind of your heart is the province of intuition and insight. It receives promptings, visions, dreams and inspiration from the spiritual realm.

This instrument has often said that the longest distance in spiritual work is the fourteen inches from head to heart. Neither kind of thinking is to be rejected or disrespected, and the goal that we would suggest to each of you is to combine the two ways of using the faculties that have been given to you as a person or a soul.

The terms vibration and densities are equally applicable to both universes, the universe of space/time and the universe of time/space. However, it is necessary to remember that there are two reciprocal creations that interpenetrate each other and create your inner and your outer worlds.

In order for you to be able to use these concepts most efficiently, let us look first at the concept of vibration. Everything that exists within your universe, both in space/time and in time/space, has a rate of vibration. Your body, for instance, is composed of various energy fields. Each of your cells is an energy field, and the atoms that make up those cells are small but are very powerful energy fields. Each atom and cell has a rate of vibration. The cells come together to create the systems of your body which in turn have an overarching unitary field of energy which has a rate of vibration. Your body as a whole, sitting or standing or riding in your car, has, similarly, a composite field and rate of vibration.

In the space/time world you have instrumentation that is capable of measuring many of these rates of vibration. The way that vibrations are expressed in your system of physics is that which is called a sine wave. That is [in] a shape of an unending “S.” The vibration moves above and below a center line which is the center point of that vibratory expression. When you think a thought, the process of thinking creates a weak electrical vibration.

The planet upon which you live has a composite rate of vibration as well as a composite energy field. Every object in the space/time universe has an inherent field and rate of vibration. This is important to remember when you consider that your universe is made up of mostly empty space. It is these fields that create the illusion of solidarity in your field of view.

When you look at your chair, it seems as though you are looking at something very solid. However your scientists will explain to you that you are actually looking at an illusion that is mostly empty space. The system of one atom looks a good deal like a very small sun and its planets, with the electrons functioning as the planets.

In so-called matter, scientists have never been able to see any matter. They are able either to locate the path of energy that is going on in the electrons of an atom or they are able to identify a position that the atom is holding in the space/time continuum. In terms of being able to nail down something called matter that has mass, they have not been able to do so. In fact, your space/time universe as well as your time/space [universe] is a universe of energy.

Consequently, when we speak of densities we are not speaking of something that is dense in terms of matter. Rather, we’re speaking of various levels of the density of that which we would call light. If you can accept that everything, including your thoughts, has a vibratory level then you are conversant enough with this concept in order for us to speak of density levels.

As you think of yourself, you think of your physical body with your eyes, your nose, your mouth, the way that your body is, how much it weighs, what color the hair is, what kind of texture your skin has, and so forth. These are the considerations which come to your mind when you think of who you are.

In fact, there is a part of your body which exists in time/space. It is the metaphysical or the time/space portion of your physical body. In some systems of philosophy it is called the chakra system. In others it might be called the electrical body. There are many names, in fact, if one examines the terms used in religions and systems of spiritual seeking for this unseen but causal body. It is, shall we say, the repository of the default settings for the body which was born into incarnation at your birth. The chakra-[body] or the electrical-body contains the ideal or perfect system settings for your entire body system. These settings exist in the memory in each of your chakras.

Within the system of chakras known best by this instrument, there are seven chakras and each of them is a part of the energies of the body.

The red-ray or root chakra deals with issues of survival and sexuality.

The orange-ray chakra found in the [area of the] lower intestines deals with the relationship of self to self and the relationship of self to people around you on a personal level.

The yellow-ray or solar plexus chakra deals with issues of groups and the self. If you have married your mate, for instance, that energy has moved from an orange to a yellow-ray vibration. Family, work environment, your relationship with groups such as churches and other communities, all have the characteristics of yellow-ray work.

The heart chakra or the green-ray chakra is the first chakra at which there is the possibility of energy transfer and it contains that energy which this instrument calls Christed or that energy of unconditional love. The green-ray energy system is the springboard for the remaining chakras of your body.

The throat chakra or the blue-ray chakra deals with open communication and inclusivity.

The indigo-ray or brow chakra deals with issues with work in consciousness. If you are a person that enjoys meditation, for instance, you are doing indigo work. If you enjoy walks in nature, the reading of inspirational materials, or work in visualization, these are also indigo-ray works.

The remaining chakra, found on the crown of the head, is the violet-ray chakra and is a simple readout of your system-wide rate of vibration at a particular time.

Altogether, this chakra system is not only yourself in the unseen realms, that self that came to incarnation and that self that will leave incarnation with you. It is also your identity as far as energies and essences such as we ourselves are concerned. When we look at those who are sitting in this particular circle of seeking, we see not your physical bodies but the rainbow of your chakra system. Each of you is completely and utterly unique in your coloration and your energies, and that readout, shall we say, of the rainbow being that you are in time/space identifies you much more accurately and completely than your name or the way you look in space/time or consensus reality.

This system of space/time and time/space, outer and inner self, is who you are at this moment in your incarnation on planet Earth. It carries with the chakra system all that you are as a citizen of eternity and infinity. At the same time it carries the very ephemeral and transitory energies of your physical body. Your physical body was born and it shall pass through the gates of death and be no more. Your metaphysical body or the chakra system will travel through the gates of death into larger life with you; and in terms of your own experience or consciousness, your consciousness will not know any stoppage nor will it cease in its being for an instant at any moment during the death process. When you leave this incarnation, you shall be leaving what we would term a third-density incarnation. And that brings us to the discussion of the densities.

The densities repeat at a macrocosmic level the chakra system of your body.

The first density is equivalent to the red-ray chakra. It is the elemental density of earth, air, wind and fire. It is out of this elemental red ray or first density that your planet was formed and that your body was formed. The elements within your body vibrate at first density.

First density is interpenetrated by second density, and the denizens or inhabitants of second density are governed by that energy which seeks growth, movement and light. Second density includes the plants and the animals that are not self-aware. The world of nature is the world of second density. Neither first nor second density is at all or in any way separate from the love that created it and so all aspects and each iota of first and second-density entities and essences have a full awareness of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

Third density, however, is a density in which the inhabitants are veiled from that primal, instantaneous and instinctual awareness of this love and light. It is not obvious to the inhabitants of third density that there is a Creator or that they are one with the Creator. The third density is inhabited by those animals of second density that have become aware of themselves. If you gaze upon your pet you will notice that the entity that is your pet is not self-aware. Without self-consciousness it goes about its life.

You, on the other hand, are endlessly self aware. You are always looking into yourself, asking yourself what you think, how you feel and who you are. You are aware that other entities are looking at you and you can become self-conscious and create all manner of concerns having to do with how you are coming across to other people. Second-density inhabitants are never troubled by concern as to how they are coming across. You, on the other hand, are self-concerned.

The third density is a density which is veiled from direct knowledge of the one infinite Creator in order that you may choose the manner of your being in perfect freedom. The Creator, in creating the universe which you enjoy at this time, wished to know Itself. And you are the sparks of that Creator which are going about the business of getting to know who you are. The harvest of this observation, with its processes of learning and realization, are the gift that your life will offer up to the one infinite Creator at the end of your incarnation.

That harvest is your crowning achievement. All that you have thought and felt, chosen and decided become a system of thinking that has a coherence and exists as a vibratory essence. It is this that remains, not your personality, not anything to do with your physicality, but this very bouquet of thoughts and feelings that you develop into the self that you are. This is your highest achievement. So it is very valuable to yourself in terms of the process of evolution of mind, body and spirit that you are engaged in as a seeker; that constitutes your basic vibration within third density at this time.

It is interesting to note, before we move on to fourth density in our discussion, that your third-density world at this time is giving birth to its fourth-density self. The Earth or Gaia is exhausting its third-density identity at this time. And in unseen realms interpenetrating with the third density planet, or Gaia, is a baby Gaia. It is being born full-grown and is swimming into coherence with the inevitability of the striking of the clock upon the hour. It is time for fourth-density Earth to be born.

We are happy to say that the birth is going well, and the baby is alive. The challenges that you experience in your third-density planet at this time, having have to do with wind and weather, are the birth pains of third-density Gaia as she adjusts her rate of vibration in order to bring forth the fourth-density Earth in both its space/time and its time/space aspects. At this time, however, it is a time/space phenomenon and it will not become a fourth-density space/time entity until the third-density inhabitants have been thoroughly cleared safely from the planet.

It is worth noting at this time that the planetary evolution is separate from your personal evolution from third density into fourth density. And one of the reasons that you were so happy to come into incarnation at this particular time is that it is a challenging time for your planet. Your heart went out to the planet as it entered this period of transition and you hoped to be a steward and a lover of the planet itself in that you may help it to achieve a soft landing, shall we say, into fourth-density beingness. When a planet changes densities it is then time for the entities that have had incarnations on the planet also to choose the manner of their beingness. So you are, as a third-density being at this time, in an incarnation at the end of which you shall be given the opportunity to graduate from third-density experiences into fourth-density experiences.

The person that will decide whether or not it is time for you to move on into fourth density with your planet is yourself. Upon your death you shall walk what this instrument is being shown as steps of light, each step being of a slightly fuller vibration of light than the one before it. There is a quantum break between the top level of third density and the lowest level of fourth density. At that point the light changes in its nature. If you are comfortable with fourth-density light, then you shall continue walking up those steps of light into fourth density. Wherever you stop is where you shall find the manner of your beingness when next you take flesh and incarnate.

If you remained within the third-density range of levels of vibration, then you shall need to move to a third-density planet elsewhere in order to continue your learn/teaching, your teach/learning, and your process of seeking. If when you stopped walking in the steps of light, you were standing in fourth-density light, then your next incarnation shall be on planet Earth as a fourth-density being. There are exceptions to this statement into which we shall not go into at this time. In general, this is correct information.

Fourth density is a density which has been called the density of love or the density of understanding. In fourth density the lessons of love will be explored. All of the thoughts of all of the entities within a fourth-density planet are known to each other and work is done in groups rather than being done singly.

The fifth density is a density which has often been called the density of wisdom.

The sixth density has been often called the density of unity. It is a density which explores the balance between love and wisdom.

The seventh density has been called the density of foreverness. In this density the energies of spiritual gravity begin to take hold of you as a spark of the Creator. The Creator shot you forth into first density with the understanding and the knowledge that within an infinite reach of time/space and space/time you would once again be drawn up into the Creator completely. The seventh density is the density where you prepare for and then go through the final stages of return to the one infinite Creator.

At the end of this density, it is as if you have entered a black hole, and, indeed, the physical black holes that your scientists have seen are physical aspects of this metaphysical process of spiritual gravity and the return of all that there is into the heart of the one infinite Creator. The end of this density system has been called by this instrument the “octave” because she is a musician and sees that when the seven tones, or colors, of creation have been completed there is a return to the original creation of the Father, as this instrument would put it. As the Creator’s heart beats, shall we say, the entire process begins again. It is an infinite cycle.

The Creator is endlessly curious.

Now, each of these densities take a considerable length of what this instrument would call time. Your density, the third density, is the shortest of all densities, being a bit over 75,000 of your years in length, 2 and if you are familiar with the study of astrology, it is equal to the age of three of the signs of the zodiac. You are now ending one age and beginning another. The age of Pisces is giving way to the age of Aquarius. This 75,000-year cycle is called a density of choice.

You asked, “How can I use the concept of densities?” The most important way that we know of to use this concept is to realize the purpose of the density which you now inhabit. The purpose of the density you now inhabit is to create an environment within which, with complete free will and no compulsions because of knowledge that you have but only through those realizations that come from within, or as this instrument would say, by faith alone, you make a certain choice upon which hinges your path through fourth density, fifth density, and part of sixth density.

The choice is the one of your polarity.

There are two choices of ways to go or paths that you may choose within third density. One path is the path of service to others. The other path is the path of service to self. Either path, followed persistently and with dedication will lead you to graduation from third to fourth density.

In order to graduate from third density in the path of service to others it is necessary for you so to make choices that you end up being the kind of person that will choose service to others over service to self over half the time; that is, 51% of the time or more. A grade or level of choice of 51% percent or higher is that level of polarity which will qualify you for graduation to fourth density on the path to service to others.

If you choose, on the other hand, to follow service to self in order to graduate in the negative polarity it will be necessary for you to make choices that create a person who ends up choosing to be of service to the self 95% of the time or higher; that is, to have a level of service to others that is 5% or less.

We realize that it may seem to be off-balance that such a low positive grade would guarantee graduation, since 51% is not usually considered a passing grade, whereas in order to graduate service to self, an entity must have an almost perfect score of 95% or more of service-to-self [orientation.] However, we assure you that it is as difficult to achieve unselfish choices over half the time as it is to achieve selfish choices 95% of the time.

The reason is that the culture in which you are embedded is basically a service-to-self culture, thereby creating an outstanding and substantial bias which must be overcome by those who wish to vibrate in unconditional love, or service-to-others polarity. Choosing to be of service to others at the expense of the self is difficult to speak about and, within the confines of this question and this session of working, we would only point in the direction of speaking about it by saying that there are many examples of those who have chosen service to others at the sacrificial level.

Every parent is an example of those who have chosen to love unconditionally at the expense of their own comfort, time and convenience. Certainly exemplars such as the Buddha, the one known as Jesus, and other gurus and masters of the spiritual path exist as obvious examples of those whose lives exemplify the choices of unconditional love.

It is equally obvious, when one thinks about it, that there are exemplars of service to self. This instrument thinks immediately of the one known as Hitler, and there are many other examples whereby the principles of service to self were invoked. Principles of service to self suggest simply that the self is worthy and that others exist to serve the self. By serving the self those other entities will learn that purity of thought and singleness of mind that will enable them to become service to self in their polarity.

Whether one chooses service to others or service to self as the path, it is a choice in how to love. If you are offering service to others you are expressing the love that is at the heart of your being by offering that unconditional love as your vibratory gift. You are allowing light to shine through you in just the way that a light house would.

If you are expressing service to self you are attracting the light to you rather than allowing it to radiate from you. So you might say indeed that the service-to-others polarity is the path to radiation whereas the service-to-self polarity is the path of magnetism or attraction.

It is your choice. How do you wish to express the love that created you? What do you feel is the truth and the heart of your being? Do you wish to follow entities such as Jesus the Christ, Gautama Buddha, or that guru that speaks to you of unconditional love? Or do you wish to follow those exemplars of the negative path which will teach you how to purify your ego and create a universe in which all things lead to you, and all other entities exist to serve you?

The point is to make a choice. If you do not make a choice, then you shall, along with your culture, take one step forward and then one step back. [You will] do a service-to-others act and then be selfish. You will never gain power until you begin to make, not only that first choice, but then to hold to the determination to live in such a way that your subsequent choices build on that first choice. With every choice that you make which is consistent, you are building polarity. You are strengthening your ability to do work in consciousness, and you are becoming a magical, powerful being; the being that you were meant to be; the being that you hoped to be when you took the bold and unimaginably brave step of casting away the memory of who you are in order to enter into the world of illusion that is third density so that you could, by faith alone, choose the manner of your expression.

We would ask the ones known as S1 and S2 if they have any questions to follow up our initial statement. We are those of Q’uo.

Actually, we do. In the last few days, we have this, what S2 called miasma, a fog or a depression that doesn’t seem to be focused on anything in particular. We have had various expressions and ideas of it. Q’uo, please give us your take on this recently energetic feelings that we have.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The one known as Willie Nelson once said in an interview this instrument heard that he did not understand why people were so complimentary about melodies. He said, “The melodies are in the air. When I need one, I just start listening and I pick one up.”

In just that way, as planetary influence in all of its inner and outer expressions goes through the tremendous alteration necessary to create fourth density Gaia, it is singing many melodies.

Some of the melodies are coming from the planet itself.

Some of those melodies are coming from those who are here to assist those who are attempting to graduate along the lines of service to others.

Some of the melodies are being created from the unseen world who are here to assist those calling for help on the path of service to self.

Therefore, some of the melodies are unimaginatively light and beautiful, while others are difficult and dark. These melodies all have the right to sing their song within the influence of Earth at this time. Each of them has a beauty. And there is a certain seduction or persuasion involved in both the light and dark melodies.

It is, as always, the choice of each of you as to what melodies you shall pick up and hold to your hearts, and which of those melodies you will choose not to focus upon. Now, each of you is familiar with the process of choosing what melodies, in a purely physical sense, to listen to, and what melodies to ignore. Every elevator that has Muzak is offering you a melody that you hope you will forget, most probably. Each store that you enter, particularly in the time of year which is coming up for you at this point, is going to offer you melodies that you may hum, or you may decide to forget. And so it is with these incredible waves of energy that are hitting your planet at this time, whether they come from the planet of whether they come from the unseen realms surrounding your planetary influence.

We suggest firstly that you respect and honor all of these melodies.

Secondly, we suggest you make a point of choosing which waves of energy you shall cooperate with and which waves of energy you shall not resist but simply not take seriously. The dark energy of which you speak is one which, as each of you has expressed, has been felt by not only you but also by many, many others with whom you have spoken in the last few days.

If you follow these waves of energies and ask entities with whom you come in contact about them, you will discover these waves of energy are system-wide. They are global. Entities are feeling them all over the planet. And so we ask you, “What shall you choose?”

We would suggest to you that there is no need to have any fear simply because dark melodies are being played. Choose instead to sing, “Alleluia, alleluia,” and you shall tune into the more positive melodies. Even if you do not feel you can sing a note, let your heart sing for you. The unheard songs are the sweetest.

May we answer you further my brother?

The last one will be a very whimsical question, for a dear friend of ours. Does Q’uo like chocolate? E would like to know.


We are those of Q’uo, and if the instrument will stop giggling we shall attempt to answer your whimsical query, my brother. Let us say that the metaphysical aspects of chocolate are a delight to us.


We leave you as we found you, in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Planet Lightworker Magazine (www.planetlightworker.com). 

  2. This figure is closer to 78,000 years than 75,000 years, being the equivalent of three astrological cycles. The Confederation sources seem to “round down” to 25,000 years rather than up to 26,000 years for a minor cycle. There are three minor cycles in a major cycle which ends in a Graduation. So in fact the Ages of Taurus/Aries/Pisces are giving way to the Ages of Aquarius/Capricorn/Sagittarius.