The question today has to do with what I call a dedication to an outcome. When we expend our energy; when we do things, we hope that it will produce a certain result. By dedicating ourselves to this result, we focus our energy. We make it more likely that we will accomplish the result. However, if we happen to fall short, it gives us a reason to doubt ourselves, to be angry at ourselves, to feel unworthy, and so forth. I’m wondering if this dedication to an outcome has anything to do with the creation of the emotions or how the emotions that we feel play into our dedicating ourselves to certain outcomes. Could Q’uo speak to us about that?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. What a blessing and a privilege it is to share this time with you! Thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. We are delighted to speak with you this day concerning your query about the issue of how dedication to an outcome affects you and how this dynamic works within your process.

As always, we would ask of you one simple thing that is most important in terms of our ability to speak freely to you without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will. We would ask each of you to take responsibility for listening to what we have to say with a jaundiced and a careful ear. Do not be too quick to think that we are right. Do not take our authority as if we had authority over you simply because we speak with a voice that has the authority of our own experiences. Truth is a very personal thing. Realize that and realize that you are in charge of what you will work with and how your process will go. So listen for those thoughts of ours that seem really to resonate to you, to inspire you, and to make you want to take them further. If they do not have that effect upon you immediately, then they are probably not for you at this time and we would suggest that you leave them behind. If you will do this then we will greatly appreciate your care.

We thank the one known as Jim for this query concerning the dynamics of dedication to a result or an outcome. You speak of the dynamics of will and power in asking this question. It is a delicate matter to direct focus and create a pathway for the will. The amount of power that you have within you as a being is immense.

There are some personality shells whose ability to direct power, to direct their will, is limited. There are other entities, such as the one known as Jim, and to a certain extent, both the one known as C, the one known as Carla, and the one known as T, who have an innate capacity to focus their will on a continuing basis. And so they are familiar with what it feels like to be powerful. However, the question of the polarity of that power is troubling, shall we say, to each of you, and probably to every person who has ever been able to direct the force of their will and therefore who has become aware of the power that they do inherently possess.

One needs to be alert and sensitive to the feelings involved as one gathers one’s will to direct it, sensing into the polarity of that will and the feelings having to do with the appropriateness of the gathering of that will and the use of the will. Dedication to a result is a basic human decision. Third density is full of such choices. They are the stuff of which your density is made. We would not want to interrupt the use of that power or to suggest in any way that it was inadvisable to use the power of the will.

If we look at the use of the will within those who are sitting in this circle of seeking, we may say that for each entity, the use of will and the dedication to a result has created solid worth in each of your lives.

For the one known as Jim, the lawns have gotten mowed; the business of Jim’s Lawn Service has thrived. The various concerns that this entity has towards home, family and relationship has similarly blossomed under the careful tending and the persistent care given because of dedication to these outcomes. A good deal of sacrifice has gone into applying the will and disciplining the self in order to use time and energy to the most effective and creative ends.

For the one known as Carla, the use of the will in dedication to the outcomes has resulted in much useful work being done that has moved on from her desk to the desk of those who place the material on the internet and, therefore, entities from all over your world have found use in the thoughts that have been shared by this entity’s editing and preparing this material for internet usage.

For the one known as C, dedication to the outcomes that she feels are important has resulted in her being an effective and loving manager of her family and her business.

And for the one known as T, dedication to the outcome of those things which he feels are valuable in his life have resulted in a well tended, loving relationship with his mate and creative and effective work at accomplishing a long-term and substantial goal and in writing the thesis that this entity is now finishing up.

Without being dedicated to these outcomes, and without engaging the will, none of you who sits in this circle would be sitting in the circle with the present feelings of comfort and peace that doing your best creates. We commend each of you for the excellence of your dedication to your outcomes and of your care in pursuing that dedication and backing it up with the force of your will and the persistence of your grit and determination.

What we want to explore with you is somewhat difficult and therefore we ask your patience as we look for ways to share our thoughts.

There are challenges involved in being a magical person, in being dedicated, being committed, and being powerful as people. If you create a world in your mind and you see it whole and perfect, there is the tendency to focus that fire hose of the will on maintaining that structure. We have just said that each of you, to some extent, does this and is successful at doing so.

If you are too successful at doing so you tend to create for yourself a stumbling block that is difficult to see. That stumbling block is that you have created a crystallized and static environment which you are working to maintain. In that visualization there is no room for the free rein of spirit.

Spirit has a predictable and useful tendency to want to change the visualization of that creation to which you are dedicating your will. There is the predictable and cyclical desire of spirit to take down the structure of that visualization. Spirit wishes to undo and rebuild your universe day by day; even moment by moment sometimes. And over-dedication of the self to specific outcomes can hinder those energies of spirit that would like to help you grow, change and become more loving, more wise, more powerful, and more self-aware.

This creates a dynamic of two polar opposites, for you see clearly the desirable shape of your universe and wish to bend every effort and offer every excellence of your being to continuing to create that visualization of the ideal process of your life at this time.

At the same time, paradoxically, there is an energy that moves through you that would very much like for you to maximize your opportunities for growth. This energy of growth can sometimes seem like an energy that is deconstructing your reality and making chaos out of order. Therefore, one’s first reaction to such growth energy is distaste and irritation. “Why does something that works have to change?” you may ask yourself. “Why does such a useful structure have to be taken down and rebuilt? Why does the function of this energy seem to be working at cross-purposes to living an orderly and understandable life?”

And yet the energy of growth is an energy that is driven by the deepest quest of your heart. For you are part of the Creator. And as part of the creative principle you desire to know yourself. In that quest lies your nature, and to an extent, your purpose. It is an irresistible force in your life and whether change and growth come slowly or quickly, that such a process shall occur is inevitable.

Your choice is whether you wish to exist in that lane of traffic that is moving slowly towards the octave and eventual return to the Creator or whether you wish to be in one of the faster-moving lanes. Each of you within this group tends to want to be in the fast lane. You want to grow. You want to refine the ore of your being and to find the jewels and the gold within your nature.

And you want to share that gift back with yourself, with the world around you, with the people around you, and ultimately with the Creator. Consequently, you have a continuing desire both to maintaining the visualization of the ideal which you have now and to creating new ideals and new creations and universes which are even better than the universe that you have created at this moment and the ideals to which you have sworn allegiance at this time.

We would never say to you, in any way, shape or form, that [it] is unwise of you to feel passionately concerning the performance of the duties that you see before you. Your dedication to fulfilling each and every duty, each and every chore that is perceived by you to be yours, is commendable and ethically appropriate, in our opinion.

We would say to you that it is most helpful for powerful entities such as you are to realize where your power comes from. Your power does not come from you except insofar as you choose the manner of your being. Your basic source of power comes through you and is a function of your awareness of the Creator within.

If you are attempting to fulfill your obligations and pursue your ideals from a concept of self which involves the self by itself as a powerful thing, then your power will not last long. You shall run out of available power, exhaust yourself, burn yourself out as this instrument would say it, and find yourself empty and hollow, weary and exhausted, sitting by the side of the spiritual road gasping for breath.

It is the entity that realizes that the source of the magic within is that energy which is coming from the infinite Creator that will have the staying power to persist through these cyclical times of deconstruction and re-imagining your universe.

Perhaps we would say that one could imagine oneself to be one who was collecting items and putting them in their hands as they went along doing their work. They would see this to do and that to do and each item on that to-do list would become, say, an object which was held in the hand. Periodically, then, we would suggest that it is well to empty the hands completely and to rest and ask very consciously for spirit to prune you back and take away all of those concepts that are no longer useful.

Spirit might take away one or two of those objects from your hands, or they might take most of them away, for the spiritual guidance system is unpredictable but unerring in its instincts for that which you truly need and that which you do not need.

You need to make room for things to fall away. Because you have done something for a substantial length of time does not necessarily mean that you must go on doing it for the rest of your life. There is a time and a season for every passion that you feel.

Be sensitive, therefore, to your feelings about the things that you have dedicated yourself to doing. Is your passion concerning this effort fresh as if it were bubbling forth from an unending source or spring? If a fountain seems vital and powerful, then you may trust that what lies beneath that passion and that energy is fresh and vital within your process.

You might pick up other items that represent issues about which you have felt passionately in the past. And as you pick that one up you discover that it feels tired to you. Do not brush away that feeling but examine it, note it, and follow it.

Reexamine this issue several times, on different days, at different times of the day, at different points in your own energy expenditure, so that you are not always weary when you think about the issues involved. See if you truly have begun to be weary of carrying this particular chore or duty.

It may be worthy. Indeed, it must be worthy for you to have chosen it. The question always is is it still part of that which makes you vitally alive? Is it still fresh and bubbling forth from within you in that way which suggests that it is powerful within your heart? If the answer, over a period of time, continues to be somewhat negative, then you may safely begin to explore ways that you may disentangle yourself from that particular dedication to a result. That, then, becomes something that you are ready to put down and let go of, it is no longer working for you.

This may be something that is small, such as a hobby, a volunteer possibility that you have done in the past or a relationship, a friendship perhaps, that is no longer functioning for you. Or, indeed, it can be quite large and substantial such as those times when a major relationship such as the mated relationship has fallen into disrepair for reasons that are beyond your control and you find that even with prayer and supplication to spirit, Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again. It is very easy to feel, when such a relationship fails to persist in its integrity, that you have failed. And many are the souls that have battered themselves into insensibility in their attempts to preserve that which cannot be preserved.

We do not say that it is wise or appropriate to release such major relationships lightly. Along with more conventional sources of advice such as marriage counselors and authorities within your cultural systems, we also feel that it is very important to go to the very furthest possible effort in the attempt to repair, renew, refresh and revitalize relationships that have fallen into disarray, especially when they are the mated relationship. The value of a strongly functioning mated companionship is infinite for those who wish to do spiritual work.

For in many ways you dwell in an environment which is closed to you in terms of direct sources of information concerning who you are and what your nature truly is. The closer your companions are and the more spiritually oriented your relationships with these companions, the better the system of mirrors will be in which that entity reflects back to you who you are and how you are coming across. Having honest, compassionate mirrors around is perhaps the single greatest asset that a spiritual seeker can have. Someone to talk to about the puzzlements of life is endlessly valuable. Someone to share energy with creates the best environment possible for your growth as a servant of the light.

Yet there are times when such substantial relationships come to an end. The one known as Carla has experienced it and we would say to this instrument that when she made the decision, nearly forty of her years ago, to allow that relationship with the one known as D to die a natural death, she made a wise and loving decision for herself and the one known as D.

It went against her cultural conditioning and she was dedicated enough to keeping her promise that she held onto what was a dysfunctional relationship for several years strictly because she felt that she needed to keep her promise. We cannot say that that decision was a mistake, for it taught her many valuable lessons and it showed her that she was capable of maintaining a difficult situation simply because she felt it was right.

We will say that she created for herself an extensive period of suffering which was not strictly necessary. Had she been willing to let go of this promise earlier, she would have shortened her period of Lenten fast and created an earlier Easter feast in terms of the energies of that relationship, and, indeed, the energies that were released when the relationship was released.

Sometimes it is necessary to empty one’s hands and to hold them out and share in simple supplication to spirit, asking to be pruned. This instrument was recently told that, in the fall, a grapevine is pruned back 90% in order that new growth may occur the next year.

As personalities or egos, that process of pruning sounds bad. Therefore, we encourage you to transcend that level of thinking; to reject the fear involved in shrinking from the pruning shears and to invite the bite of those health-giving shears in your life. If things are taken away from you, we would suggest that you might consider the possibility that spirit’s pruning shears went to work because it was necessary for your own growth that the pruning take place.

Certainly, a pruning does not feel like growth, it feels like exactly the opposite. It feels as though you are losing valuable parts of yourself. We assure that each step in your life, whether it seems like loss or gain, is useful and necessary; not in terms of a human or a linear point of view; not in terms that make sense to the intellect.

However, we are suggesting that there is a great deal more at work here than the forces of this world that you call consensus reality and the powers of the intellect. You dwell also in the realm of infinity and eternity and the power of the spirit is that power that wishes to renew, refresh and revitalize you day by day and moment by moment.

Let your awareness of this dynamic make you fearless. And when you perceive that your hands are too full, empty them. Put it all down and ask for the pruning of spirit.

Your question suggested that the one known as Jim has become aware of the interplay of emotion and will. My brother, may we say that your perception is acute and it takes us to a place where what we would say to you is almost beyond the capacity of words to express.

You are so much more than your words. Conceptually, you are so much more than what you can think or imagine. Yet you are entirely accurate in sensing that there are desirable and useful aspects to the present moment that you are not picking up because too much of your beingness is invested in that which you already understand. Again the entering into silence and the fearless embrace of emptiness are your best allies.

Allow yourself not to know what is true, what is right and what is adequate. Allow periods of times where you aggressively pursue not knowing.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Become empty and know that this, too, is an entirely fruitful and helpful energy and environment in which to dwell.

Emotion begins to express truth as the seeker has the courage to pursue feelings and emotions beyond the surface. We cannot say that surface emotions are wrong. But we would suggest that the easier an emotion is to feel, the less likely it is to contain any purity of emotion.

Indeed, surface emotions are energies that we might wish for another word to use to describe! Because emotion itself is enormously valuable. As you are able to purify the emotions of anger, love, discouragement, despair, grief, jealousy and so forth, you begin to enter archetypal rivers that flow deep within your mind, taking you to truer and truer places within your being and to places where power is gathered as water is gathered into a cistern.

You can blunt your emotions by holding onto patterns and creations in your life into which you have poured energy, time, talent and will previously. Therefore, emotion itself is something to be examined, just as you intellectually examine your abstract thoughts.

Allow your heart to examine the quality and the shape of your emotions. See what you can do to get past the cyclical ups and downs of your personality so that that which drives you emotionally is as stable and as true to yourself as your ideals.

We would at this time allow this conversation to change in its nature for this instrument is informing us that we have used up our available time and the available energy of this group on this question. We have barely scratched the surface of a whole constellation of concerns which are raised by this very provocative and interesting question and we thank the one known as Jim for his thoughts.

Is there a follow-up question or another question that you would like to ask at this time?

Q’uo, I have a question from the one known as F, who is experiencing a kundalini awakening. Can you advise on how best she can cope with these intense energies she experiences in the head and crown chakra and the pain from intense headaches? Is there any change, is there any danger to the physical vehicle?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We would say to the one known as F that there are, indeed, times in the development of the reconnection of self with self that is represented by the rising of the kundalini where there is the potential and the capacity for a good deal of physical discomfort. Naturally, there are limits to those things which we may offer at this time. We would offer three suggestions.

Firstly, we would suggest, for the satisfaction of those concerns that are natural, especially in those around the one known as F who care about her, that there be a continuing medical presence, being absolutely sure that there are no systemic problems that are a portion strictly of the physical body that need to be looked after in order to be sure that there is no physical breakdown of the system.

There are times when, as weak as your medical systems indeed are in terms of dealing with the whole human being, shall we say, there is help that is available that is helpful. As this instrument was saying earlier, in talking about her own physical difficulties at this time, she has gratitude for the medicine that has alleviated the physical pain that was making it difficult for her to breath. She finds it unfortunate that this medicine has side-effects that she must cope with in turn. Yet at the same time it is physically easier for her to think and to move about without having to fight for every breath.

In the same wise, it is good simply to touch into the best advice that you can get from the medical persons whom the one known as F trusts the most and simply be sure that there are no purely physical problems that cannot be addressed.

Secondly, we would suggest to the one known as F that the rising of the kundalini, as powerful a process as it is, needs to be seen not in terms of personal development alone but also in terms of a system that is larger than one person or even one energy system, such as the chakra or electrical body. The rising of the kundalini is an expression of the Creator to the Creator. It is a movement within a tiny portion of the Creator of the location of where the Creator in space and time is meeting the Creator which is outside of space and time.

If it can be seen that these energies begin before the chakra system begins and end after the chakra system ends, it can perhaps be seen that there is no need to visualize the energy within a closed system. It is indeed an open-ended system.

There are no limits as to where this energy can reside. For as the entity in time and space which is the human being meets the self that is without limitation, it has literally no limit to how the tuning of that system can be affected by the appropriate placement of the will and the faith of the entity and its openness and hunger for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

It may even be helpful to visualize the chakra system opening up so that the crown of the head is not the limitation that it may seem. Allow that energy to shoot above the crown of the head if it so desires, for the stars are not even the limit! There is no limitation to where that energy can be taken.

We are not suggesting that you push the energy or prod it in any way. We are simply suggesting that you take any thought of limitation away from your visualization of how this process is working. It is not only working within the one known as F. It is working within the Creator and the one known as F is a location in space and time which is allowing this process to take place. Therefore, it is not simply her process and she is in safe hands in allowing the energies to flow as they will.

In terms of safety, there is a natural energy field within which, metaphysically speaking, this process is taking place. And certainly, in that wise, it cannot move out of that energy field and we would refer to this energy field as what this instrument would call the visica piscis 1. But that is not the end of the story.

So what we are suggesting here is that, beyond all thought of limitation or even trying to understand this process, it is helpful in a way simply to let go so that you may allow the energy to move in a way that is not limited by your concerns.

Thirdly, we would encourage the one known as F to treat this time of growth in the same way that you would treat a time of physical growth. In a time of physical growth, you would feed yourself more vitamins. You would be sure that you got enough exercise. You would watch the quality of the food that you ate. In all ways, you would encourage this process of physical growth by giving yourself every advantage that you could in terms of nutrition and good, healthy exercise.

In just the same way, when you have entered upon an intensive period within your process of seeking and evolution, it is well to pay particular attention to the regularity of your arrangements for nutrition and exercise in the spiritual sense. If there is a preference in you for a way to enter the silence that you have not followed up as you might wish to do, this would be the time to regularize the practice of this way of entering the silence, for this is your food.

Ask yourself what exercise, spiritually speaking, is that exercise that most appeals to you. For some entities that exercise would be, as the one known as T has stated recently, to do more work with the dreaming.

Other entities might prefer to regularize a conversation with the guidance system within. This is done by taking a pad of paper and a pen or sitting down at a computer and deliberately and consciously entering into a conversation with your guidance system by writing or typing out a question and then, when an impression comes to you, writing or typing what you receive as answer. Then respond as yourself, by writing your next question and then listening for your next impression and then typing that out, reserving the evaluation of this conversation for a later time.

If this appeals to you, then we would suggest that you remember that after this conversation is over, the energy has not been appropriately addressed until you have followed whatever instructions you have received during this session with your guidance system. Follow through on whatever suggestions you received. Pay attention to the wisdom and the love that your guidance offers you and take it seriously.

Remember, my sister, most of all that the energies of spirit are light, glad, joyful and free. Attempt insofar as you can not to become mired and bogged down in the importance of your work. Rather, maintain a sense of proportion and the light touch. Remember that you dwell in the density of unknowing. It is very helpful reminder that not only do you not know any ultimate answers but in this density you cannot know any ultimate answers.

You can come to realizations and glimpses that are quite profound and authentic, but like the glimpse of the mountain that is seen by the seeker in all of its glory and beauty, that glimpse does not endure. It is momentary. First there is a mountain; then, there is no mountain; then, there is. That is the cliché known to this instrument and it is very true when it comes to realization and the process of becoming in which you are now involved.

Remember to factor in that light touch that allows you to laugh at the whole process and to take it lightly at the same time that, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and all your strength, you dedicate yourself to becoming who you really are. There is that paradox again of dedication and the release of all dedication to the overarching dedication to the Creator Itself. Trust in this process. Relax and let go.

May we ask if there is any further way we may respond to this query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo. That’s a comprehensive answer and I will relay it to F and see if she has any other questions.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, and that is very satisfactory with us.

I have one [from] the instrument. What’s happening when the instrument asks spirit to balance her chakra system to meet the energy of the weakest chakra? Is there anything that can be done to better bolster that weakest chakra?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We would say that we feel that you are correct in your reading of the adequacy of this adjustment to your chakra system during the tuning process when you request that the energy be rebalanced to balance with the weakest chakra. We find this to be a wise adjustment to your tuning process, my sister, and are glad that you have undertaken to take care of your entire system rather than leaning on your strengths and dragging your weaknesses behind you like chains. It is far better for the entire system to maintain less system strength and yet to be far better balanced internally.

As to ways to bolster the weakest chakra: this is active work upon which we cannot comment except to say that there is no shame in having a weakest chakra. It would be remarkable in any of those among your tribe to discover a system in which there were no variations in strength from chakra to chakra within a chakra system. Each entity will have strengths and weaknesses that are endemic to that system.

Certainly it is well to pursue the work in consciousness necessary to allow fear to drop away and allow the energies of growth to be strengthened.

It is also very helpful to accept oneself just as one is, with one’s strengths and weaknesses intact. Work with the system that is yours. Allow the weaker chakra to be weaker, and then accommodate that situation by requesting that spirit rebalance the chakras in order to protect the system and make it safe for that system to do work in consciousness. That is what you are asking of your system when you tune in order to do a channeling session. Would you not wish to work with the system that you have without judging yourself for having that system?

Therefore, we encourage you to continue to work to bolster that weaker energy which we are well aware is known to you; those energies of low self-worth or low self-esteem which the one known as Carla has carried since very early childhood. Do not waste time attempting to brush up that chakra or get rid of low self-esteem or low self-worth.

There is value in every distortion in a system. It should not be excised as if it were a growth that needed to be removed. If there is use in low self-esteem, find it. If there is value and information in low self-worth, dig for it, not with an idea that you will find it to get rid of it, but with the idea that you will find it to treasure it, appreciate it, and love it.

Is there a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

We are those of Q’uo, and find that we have exhausted the questions in this group for the present moment. This is well, for energy begins to wane within this instrument and this group. May we thank each of you for the pleasure of your company. May we express our appreciation of the beauty of each of you. It moves us more than we can say to share energy with you and to appreciate every petal and fold of your amazing and courageous beings. Thank you for this time together. It has truly been a privilege.

We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. visica piscis: a pointed oval shape used in medieval Christian art as an aureole to surround a sacred figure. It is used by Drunvalo Melchizidek to mean the sacred geometrical shape of a soul’s spiritual body, thought body or “flying saucer.”