We have two questions today for you, Q’uo. Here is the first one: Could you comment on the effective ways of bringing people in their teens and in their twenties physically together to grow into the fourth-density consciousness?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is in the Creator’s service that we come to you this day to share with you our thoughts on the subject of effective ways to invite people to gather together to explore ways of growing in a fourth-density manner. We thank the one known as P for this query and are happy to address it.

Before we begin, as always, we would ask each of you to take full responsibility for listening to our thoughts with careful discrimination. If a thought appeals to you and seems to have use, by all means, work with it. If it does not immediately appeal to you than we ask you to put it aside. Truth is always a personal and even an intimate matter. We would prefer greatly that you were able to do this simple thing for it will enable us to speak freely without being concerned that we might infringe upon your free will. We are not those of authority over you but rather those who share conversation with you at this time as fellow seekers of truth. We thank you for this consideration.

The elements of this query are such that we shall need to discuss some of the words before we can discuss the concept and the question. The first word that we would take up is the word “growth.” What is it to grow? As the one known as P himself said, it is inevitable that entities grow. That growth develops according to the nature of the entity. Each entity comes to life from a seed. That entity has, written in its seed, the nature of its growth and indeed the path of its life through budding and blooming, yielding up its fruit, and dying.

Growth, then, is not simply then becoming ever larger and ever more developed. There is a roundness to growth which involves not simply the growing portion of a cycle but also the ripening, the harvesting, the dwindling, and the dying of the organism that has done the growing.

Growth, then, in the physical sense, is bound carefully and specifically by the type of seed which you are and the environment in which you are planted. From the physical standpoint, then, your query involves partially a discussion of the seed and the nature of that type of seed that you are and that entities such as humans are. And partially it involves a discussion of the best environment for growth within incarnation.

Metaphysically, growth may be seen in a far more spacious context. You as an individual have been growing, not simply through one incarnation but through many, not simply in one density but in all of them within your octave. Speaking metaphysically and in a non-local manner, you are growing in all densities simultaneously and creating a non-local harvest which is being developed over a period of billions of your years, speaking from the standpoint of physical terms.

It is very difficult to speak of metaphysical-scale growth within your numbering system. However, let us say it is a very large-scale project to grow metaphysically. We would, however, point out that within the context of this infinite environment, growth, again, consists of the seed, the environment, and those cyclical experiences of learning, assimilating the learning, and responding to that which you have assimilated.

In the first case, that of physical growth of a human being through incarnation, the seed is that which is produced by sperm and ovum from the dust, metaphorically speaking, out of which your Earth has created a local habitation of flesh in which you as a metaphysical being have chosen to place your consciousness for that cycle known as an incarnation in order that you may have being within the environment of third-density Earth.

We will allow you to name the nature of the seed of flesh, saying only that it is steeped in illusion and rounded in mystery. Each life is a gift, a miracle, an incredible circumstance, which happens only once. The being that you are is unique. This incarnation you experience shall not be experienced again. The song that you sing in flesh shall never be heard again. The colors of your emotions as they flash and change and transform are an experiment in beauty and dynamic that shall not recur. You are precious beyond description within the folds of your dailiness.

As infinite and eternal beings, the seed from which you sprang is the infinite Creator. And in this metaphysical creation, although growth indeed does take place, it is rounded just as a [physical] incarnation is: in the birth and the death of one beat of the Creator’s heart, one unit or creation of the creative principle.

That which this instrument calls an “octave” [includes] the seven densities moving into the eighth density and therefore back to the first. 1 It is the measure of your measureless life as a metaphysical being. It begins with birth which is a being cast out of the womb of the mother that is the Creator. Not to be abandoned; a mother does not birth a child to abandon it. It does allow the child to grow and in this case the entire purpose that your parent had in mind for you is for you to teach your parent about the nature of itself.

“What seed do I cast forth into beingness?” You are spending your energy and your time exploring at your leisure and at your pleasure the ramifications of this question.

In the fullness of this moment within the Creator’s beating heart, you shall return to the infinite Creator with your harvest and your burden of awareness and beingness and in offering up the essence of all that you are, you shall once again be lost up in the Creator Itself, and the Creator shall be full of all that which it has learned from Its child. And in that diastolic moment, when the Creator’s heart rests between beats, all shall be measureless, unified and without any kinetic [component].

And then the Creator’s heart shall once again beat and you and all of the tribe of those who share consciousness shall once again start their immeasurable journeys.

When you asked your query, my brother, you asked what effective ways there may be to bring entities of your age group—you yourself, we find in this instrument’s mind, being 19 years of age—together, physically, in order to seek new ways of relating to each other and to the creation.

You spoke specifically of learning to live according to fourth-density ways. And so we would look secondly at those words, “fourth density.” As we have said, entities grow according to their nature. That which an entity is does not change because of a desire to change. The change that is desired needs to be physically and metaphysically possible for the entity doing the growing. A frog cannot sprout a rose from its head. Your scientist may find a way to clone a frog that grows a rose from is head, but in the natural environment of Earth, this shall not happen.

Therefore, we would say to the one known as P that there is no other way for a third-density entity to grow than to begin to explore elements of the self that will continue to be developed in fourth density. Therefore, we would redirect your query in two ways.

Firstly we would suggest to you the great centrality of grasping polarity. For growth is a matter, within third density, of choosing the manner of its beingness. Shall it be of service to itself, primarily? Or shall it be of service to others? Graduation is possible using either path. Entry into fourth density is possible only through graduation using one of these two paths.

Therefore, grasping the importance of polarity and determining to pursue with persistence and devotion the path that you have chosen is very important in accelerating the process of growth. Until this central point is taken and internalized, it will not be at all apparent to you as to what disciplines you need to persist in learning in order to accelerate the pace of your growth.

We understand that there is no equivocation on the part either of yourself speaking personally or of yourself speaking as a representative of the group of which you are a part. As to the polarity you have chosen, you and your group have chosen service to others as your polarity.

However, my brother, the progress of a life that is polarized in service to others is measured not by that which you may see, although certainly the results of your efforts to serve are indicative of much and can be assumed to infer progress along the lines of polarization.

Habits of thought and ways of relating to yourself and to other entities are infinitely subtle in the lessons that they hide and partially reveal as you experience interaction with yourself and with others.

Pure service-to-others polarity is very difficult to achieve within your density. The biases of our culture and those internalized biases that are part of your net of assumptions and things that you feel that you know are incredibly invasive and prevalent within the habitual mindset that you experience as being yourself. Consequently, there is an ever deeper element of honesty with yourself that is very helpful for you to pursue.

It is well to do this within your internalized self. The more that you work with your own thoughts, the less that you shall need to use what this instrument has often called the hall of mirrors, which is what occurs when you do not do the internalized work of exploring the nature of your thoughts and your being and are instead given projections or images of your being and your thoughts in the face of those about you.

When you receive those images from those about you, you may assume that these images are to some extent distorted, just as a bad mirror will make you thinner or taller or curvy and wavy in the way that the image looks back at you.

You can do the same endless imaging within yourself or you may choose at any time to pull away masks, attitudes and assumptions and enter into the present moment and the freshness of now.

We realize that this is not exact language but there is a membrane separating you from what this instrument would call the fast track. It is an invisible membrane, a kind of meniscus, which is made up of your self-awareness and whatever energies you have that are holding you to your present way of being.

What hidden resistances do you have to releasing yourself to the possibilities of the present moment?

This instrument as a part of a group has found that it is very useful to work with the mirroring effect of being a part of a community. And we are aware that there are others within this group who have also found the mirroring effect very useful, if challenging. And we would suggest to all of you that in order to use this mirroring effect better, you use the internal mirrors of self first. If you can, do this internal analysis each day. We would suggest doing it in a private environment, working with pen and paper or on the computer or in the privacy of your own mind.

We have spoken of the nature of growth and the nature of the entity that attempts to grow into fourth density, attempting to draw a three-dimensional picture of the environment which is helpful for growth. You cannot, within third density, be a fourth-density being. You can, however, be a third-density being who has become mature and who is no longer holding onto that which has been assumed to be the limitations of the possibilities of growth within third density.

By the very nature of the being that you uncover by doing spiritual work, you are aware of the direction in which you are going. You know that as you learn the ways of unconditional love, you shall prepare yourself for graduation into an environment in which unconditional love is manifest, obvious, overt and apparent.

Can you live in a private universe: the universe inside your own being and inside your own heart where unconditional love has become the order of the day? Can you love without expectation of return? Without blinking at those who detract or scorn or ridicule you?

This instrument was speaking earlier of attempting to create a home upon the website which she calls bring4th 2 for entities who specifically wish to criticize and scorn either this instrument or concepts in which this instrument has had a part in putting forth. This instrument did see the paradox of wanting to give a home to those who would wish to tear her apart and tear her ideas down.

However, in this instrument’s humble opinion, the ideals for which the organization stands and which it holds dear are sturdy and are in no danger of being torn down by criticism.

Nor is she overly concerned that ridicule or scorn of her would make any difference in her ability to love the entity who is scorning her. She has earned the right to her opinion. She dares much in attempting to express, awkwardly and in this shadow world, an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and love.

How shall you dare this beau geste, my brother? For it begins with you. It begins with this instrument. It begins within each of you as individuals.

The manner of your being becomes a seed. At any given moment of Now, you have become a seed to be planted that others may watch you grow, may see you bloom, and as you perish and offer your harvest to the autumn winds and the reapers, others shall be able to use the light that you have gathered within yourself as if it were food, fueling their own growth by the inspiration of your being.

You have said that you wished this group to gather physically but we find that effective ways to create physical gatherings are non-physical in nature. It begins with your dedication to being a seed that buries itself in the ground of the group that you wish to create.

This is very resonant for this particular instrument and certainly for the one known as Jim as well, for many years ago they, in moments of deep, personal humility and focus, offered themselves and their entire life, first apart and then together, in an attempt to serve the one infinite Creator by creating, if possible, a spiritually-oriented group. This group is that now known as L/L Research and it is a group with which we have had, in one form or another, a continuing contact to our mutual benefit, we believe, for some of your time.

You are not starting from scratch, then. You can build on the work that has bloomed and been given to the environment of L/L Research.

But that which moves your vision into manifestation is not directly under your control. What is under your control is your own integrity and honesty and your persistent effort in seeking to uncover the nature of your true self. As you dig deeper into this supposedly homogenized and coordinated self, you will find that many things fall away and that you as a person begin to fall apart. This falling apart is a necessary portion of that which prepares you for meeting the essence and core of self.

This essence is not trapped in third density or within incarnation. Where is it?

[Side one of tape ends.]

We suggest that you seek it in the sacredness of silence. Within that silence, when you have come to the end of your time with the Creator, round out that time of meditation or contemplation with a visualization of that which you wish to make manifest in your future with regards to this gathering of entities.

Do not visualize as one who is attempting or trying or making an effort. Rather, spend time knowing and praising and celebrating and giving thanks for that which is naturally gathering because of the energies of yourself and the infinite One. Spirit has brought you to this moment. It is well to trust both in yourself and in spirit.

There are many within your age group who are ready to awaken to this common and shared vision of living the ways of love. This is why we said to you that it is well to realize that much of the work of bringing entities together physically is contacting them in ways that are not immediately physical. The technology which your people have created which this instrument calls the internet offers ways to communicate globally.

Therefore, we encourage you to use the simple, ordinary and everyday aspects of your life to create ways of communicating via the internet with those entities which you are faithfully and peacefully sure exist, sharing in the ever imperfect ways of words the love that is held in your vision.

This instrument is informing us that we must move on and therefore we would ask at this time if there is another query?

[Reading P’s question.]

Could you discuss ways to decrease distortion within the learning environment based on your experience?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, to decrease a distortion is a thing greatly to be wished for us all.

It is to be noted, however, that without distortion there would be no expression. Without distortion, in an absolute sense, there would be no creation. You are necessarily and permanently, as far as we know, dealing with distortion.

You yourself are a distortion of the one infinite Creator in that you have been given a locality. Yet within you lies absolute clarity on an unconscious basis or level. Can you accept the paradox of distortion and clarity indwelling, interpenetrating each other and blessing each other with the gifts that each has to offer the other?

It is always helpful in attempting to decrease distortion to rest in silence in the environment of your own private time, when you gaze inwardly at the depths of your being and outwardly at the depths of the day or the night sky. There seem to be greatly enhanced opportunities for that seeking self to become able to contact the gateway to intelligent infinity, to come into the present moment, and to rest at last in the peace of no time and no space.

Each moment that you are able to live there fills with you the love and the light of ten thousand years spent in the hurly burly of normal living. And yet it is very difficult, perhaps nearly impossible, to live day to day and moment to moment resting in the present moment. Distortion will call you forward. You will be pulled one way or another and you will be lost to that clarity that you had when you were undisturbed.

My brother, we would encourage you to embrace the colorations of distortion as they pass before you. Love them all. Look at them carefully and let them go. Do not be overly impressed with any of your distortions, be they seemingly negative or seemingly positive. They too are masks and that which you discover when you take that mask off is also a mask. There is no end to the roles that you are playing while upon the stage of what this instrument would call earthly life or third-density existence.

But you have an incredible amount of power over the situation if you are able to let go of every vestige of control. You have forgotten that you wrote this play. Yet you did and you can rewrite it as you go. There is nothing holding you or anyone else from rewriting the play that you unfold day by day.

You are also the audience and we encourage you to watch with appreciation.

And since you are a critic, as well, we ask that you sharpen your wits and review the passion play that unfolds within and around you. Play with your play. Let it become play.

The one known as V spoke to this instrument recently of the story of the Dalai Lama, an entity who is much revered in certain quarters among your peoples as a highly advanced spiritual being. This entity sat down on a tussock that had been prepared for him to sit on and discovered that it was springy and soft. So this entity, in front of all these people who were waiting for the next pearl to drop from his lips, celebrated the bounciness of this soft tussock and spent a considerable number of seconds enjoying bouncing on his seat. He remembered to take life lightly and to introduce a comedic aspect, something to laugh at, something to enjoy “just because.”

Introduce whimsy and lightness and all of the aspects of the fairyland and the kingdom of the devas that you inhabit, as well as the overarching seriousness and driven dedication of your hopes and your intents. It is a matter of staying in balance while moving as fast as you can along the upward spiraling light that is spiritual evolution.

We find that the energy begins to wane within this group and so we would ask for one more query at this time. Is there a final query before we leave this instrument?

I have one. You referred to “non-local harvest.” I was under the impression that harvest was located in space/time and resulted in physical and environmental change. Could you clarify that?

We are those known as Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We thank you for that question. The non-local harvest is the harvest of the one infinite Creator. The harvest that is non-local is that which is drawn into the Creator Itself through the processes of increasing spiritual gravity and it is a portion of the life cycle of you as a metaphysical entity within this octave of the creation.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I understand. I just had not thought of that before. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother, and may we say what a blessing it is to share energy with you at this time. It is a blessing to share energy with all of you.

We are aware through this instrument’s mind that you gather together to give thanks at this time and to feast together. 3 May you feast not only on food of the physical [kind] but on the food of your laughter, your love, and your shared energy, for you are blessings to each other, dear brothers and sisters, and together you truly are beautiful to us.

We thank you for your presence, for calling us to you at this time, for enabling us to serve and for the beauty of your being. It humbles us and it blesses us greatly.

We leave you as we found you, in the love and in the light, in the power and in the peace of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. In music, an octave consists of 12 half-tone notes in sequence or a scale of eight notes in a major, minor or modal configuration. We know the major scale as “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” from the musical of the 1950s, The Sound of Music. Whether we are speaking of the 12-tone scale or the 8-note scale, the last note, “Do,” is the same tone as the first note, but an octave higher. In the same way, first density starts in timelessness and as the densities proceed, at the end of perceivable time in seventh density, timelessness sets in again. When time emerges again, it is the mid-first density of the next octave. 

  2. www.bring4th.org 

  3. The group celebrated Thanksgiving together at Camelot the Sunday before the actual holiday, immediately following this meditation.