(Question chosen by PLW poll) 1 The Mayan calendar system indicated 2012 as the end of their calendar and therefore the end of time. Please comment in any way you feel helpful concerning this concept of the end of time and why 2012 was chosen by the Mayans as the end of the calendar.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. May we say what a privilege and a pleasure it is for us to blend our vibrations with you at this time! We are extremely thankful, in this season of thanksgiving among your people, for the opportunity to share energy with you and to be asked to share our humble opinions as well.

We would ask each of you to use your powers of discrimination carefully in listening to our opinions. They are not intended in any way to represent authoritative statements which you must follow or which contain dogma of any kind. They are our opinions and observations. In order for us to share them without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will we would ask you to take responsibility for guarding the precincts of your own thoughts. If any thought that we share with you does not seem resonant to you, please drop it and move on. If any of our thoughts do seem to ring a bell, that distant bell of a memory that was half-forgotten, then by all means take it up, it is yours to work with. We thank you for this consideration as it will enable us to speak freely.

It has long been seen among many of your cultures that there is a periodicity to the energies which create the environment for your incarnational experiences.

Various cultures and civilizations have categorized and organized these periods, eras or times within the energetic progression of what this instrument would call the time/space or space/time continuum. The particular age of which you speak is a space/time era primarily, although it certainly has corresponding shadows and equivalencies in time/space.

Indeed, in time/space you are already solidly and completely within fourth density. 2 You dwell in a third-density energy that is now completely interpenetrated with unconditional love and complete understanding of your true nature.

You dwell within powerful times in which you, as a third-density entity, dwell in a body that is capable of living and thriving within such fourth-density energy as you can meet with a sense of cooperation, faith and trust.

You cannot, however, join fourth density. Dwelling within your house of flesh and bone, you cannot know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is one. You cannot know that that one thing is love.

Indeed, you have volunteered for an incarnation at this time because you wished to experience and be a part of the tremendous times that are at hand. [These are] times when a few people who discipline their minds and their thoughts can make a tremendous difference upon your planet not only in terms of the people of your planet but in terms of the comfort in the planet itself as it moves through the last of this birthing process.

The Mayans are among those civilizations which became aware of a cycle that stretched across long eras of your time. They saw that the planet itself would move through a very decisive change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces is at its end. The Age of Aquarius is in its dawn. Energies are shifting and the time of energy being as it has been for thousands of your years is rapidly coming to a close.

That time will end during what this instrument calls the winter solstice of the year 2012.

We would ask each who reads or hears our statements to pause at this time with us and release all fear.


It is easy to fear a concept as powerful as the end of time. We would say several things concerning this concept. Firstly, it is a metaphysical rather than a physical ending of time. Your planet as you know it shall move serenely on. Time will not seem to end to the physical eye.

The quality of time shall be different. In third density the differences will be only statistically perceptible. In metaphysical terms, in time/space terms, shall we say, that difference will be far more powerful.

For entities who are sensitive to energy, it is already thoroughly apparent that wave after wave of energy is crashing upon the shores of Earth. The planet is changing and the changes will continue. There is a necessity, having to do with the difference between third-density energy and fourth-density energy, for the planet to realign its magnetic pole. This shift is occurring.

Thanks to the many loving efforts of lightworkers such as this group all over your globe, working in relatively unconscious unity, but nevertheless being very effective in increasing the light on planet Earth by their loving affection for it, it is as though this change in magnetic polarity is being accomplished step, by step, by step, rather than all at once.

As you see your planet experiencing many weather-related phenomena, you can see your mother, Gaia, at work, doing what is necessary to shift vibrationally and magnetically in order to align with fourth-density energies. The mother suffers in order that the child may thrive. Such is the labor of Gaia.

As these inconveniences continue, we would ask that each of you refrain completely from fear.

It will seem to be an increasingly logical response to the news of the day to experience fear. When these natural feelings of fear arise, we would ask you to remember that you are the light of the world.

Each of you, by your very nature, is a crystal that receives, transmits and transmutes energy. That energy is the infinite love and light of the one Creator, which streams in infinite supply from the heart of the planet itself into the energy bodies of each of you and out through the crowns of your head, where you function just as does a pyramid.

The energy that you create, bless and give to the Creator by keeping your heart open and your love and faith strong winds itself into a golden net that surrounds the planet with love.

Angels guard this work and join you in weaving this net of love. This works by blending third-density energies with the fourth density that is birthing at this time.

We thank each of you for creating within yourself the capacity for increased faith. We ask you to attempt, in each moment where fear might be a logical reaction, to move into your heart and find that place of faith in which you know that whether you are in life or in death, the Creator is living through you and you are the Creator or part of the creative principle within flesh. You are not an entity that shall be stopped by death in any way.

Nor do we suggest for a moment that all of you shall die in one dramatic planetary cataclysm. Indeed, once 2012 has come and gone, we are hoping that third density will have a considerable number of years, perhaps even centuries, in which those who choose to dwell in third-density [physical] vehicles may see to the continuing restitution or healing of your planet.

Many are the entities on your planet who have destroyed other planetary vehicles for existence such as Maldek, Mars and other [planetary] entities outside of your solar system. We ask that you become more and more aware that you have the opportunity, at this time, within this incarnation, to turn that energy within yourself around and to become stewards, loving and wise, of whatever little acre or square foot that you may have of planet Earth.

What does your space need? If you are one who has property, we would ask you to commune with your land. And not simply with your land, but with your local situation. What local situations having to do with planet Earth have gone awry on your watch, in your neighborhood? And what can one person do to bring them gently into more harmony with those things which the planet itself needs?

Are you waters foul? What can you do? Is there a lack of sustainable practice amongst your businesses? What can you do?

We could go on and on, listing the kinds of simple, down-to-earth, human, local problems to which you may address yourself. Whether you do have land or whether you live on the thirty-seventh floor of a high-rise, yet still you are part of planet Earth.

What can you do? What are your gifts, and what kind of problems do you see?

You are potentially one of those who is able, as one simple, single being, full of flaws, and yet full of good intentions, to join in groups that have a hope of coping with and creating solutions to those imbalances that have resulted in pollution and illness within the planet itself.

The healing begins within your own heart whether you live on a large parcel of land, a small parcel of land, or in that high-rise of which we spoke earlier. Heal the pollution within yourself. Love yourself. Be a steward to your own body, your own mind, your own nature and your own advancement.

As you see your own advancement, do not take someone else’s word for what constitutes healing and advancement. Move within your own being where sources of guidance are thick on the ground and begin asking for that guidance to speak to you.

Let that guidance spring to life from the world around you. Observe synchronicities and listen to words, phrases and thoughts that take you and make you imagine, hope and dream. For your imagination is the key to forming a new paradigm for living in a new time, on a new Earth, and in a new dawning of possibilities.

We would ask at this time if there is a follow-up that either the known as S1 or the one known as S2 would like to make in order to further direct our response to this query. We are those known as Q’uo.

There are several variations of the Mayan calendar and the different native tribes that have kept information to be brought forth at this time. They are different perspectives, some seemingly different, some very similar. Could you comment on the similarities and the differences of these different messages?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We do not find it useful to comment upon the various differences of stories among your people which attempt to speak of events that beggar the imagination not only of those upon third density but those who have the full potentiality of the one infinite Creator.

There is a mystery involved in the way densities change. That way of changing is as the movement betwixt one quantum and another. There is not a direct movement across a quantum boundary. We show this instrument, who knows nothing of science or quantum physics, the image of the meniscus that is liquid in nature. This entity has directly experienced this liquid environment betwixt densities.

She has called it the gateway to intelligent infinity, for it is, in the terms of the Law of One material which this instrument has studied, that which she understands as being the point at which one may move from the quantum of third density to the quantum of fourth density.

And she has rested there at times in those moments when she has by unconscious processes been placed in a mystical state of awareness which contains unity. In this environment this instrument becomes aware that all is well and that all will be well. She sees a perfection of the outworking of the pattern of time and space.

She cannot bring any quantity of this awareness back from this state. It is simply a gift. It has been noted by the one known as Saint Paul, in his writings in your Holy Bible, that such gifts as this and so-called speaking in tongues have very little human use. They are gifts only.

Nevertheless, because this instrument has been given gifts of this nature in times of vision and awareness that are heightened, she is able to understand what we show her, and that is that there is a very discernible, real place of no-time in which, just as in your dusk and in your dawning, or as in energy shifts as you have just experienced in your All Souls Day, one kind of light is leaving and another kind of light is arriving.

The spirits of day and the spirits of night are quite different. In the dusk and the dawning there is a very perceptible shift and it is a time of waiting and hush. [It is] an excellent time for doing work in consciousness.

The differences between the stories of various cultures are differences related to those cultures’ relationship with the quantum edge that this instrument calls “the gateway to intelligent infinity.” Were we to begin to focus in on specific details of this shift, we would, we believe, be detracting from the intention of the question to discover the heart of what the so-called end of time is about.

What that time is about is spiritual evolution. It is amazing to consider what occurs in any lifetime. From the beginning of your lifetime to this present moment, how many things have changed in your world? What progression has there been? And as you approach this present moment have you not seen how these energies of progression have intensified and speeded up? As this time approaches, these energies will continue to intensify.

What we would wish to do, then, rather than focusing on any detail, is to focus on the general nature of this cosmic moment. You dwell in a time that is coming to an end and yet in your body, in your mind, and in your heart you carry the seeds of the future within you.

As live your life, breathe in and breathe out, you are planting seeds that shall be reaped by those that come after you. We ask you to plant the seeds of love and faith with a happy heart and a peaceful mind.

As you see suffering from the energies of war and from the energies of a planet that is adjusting itself as it must to new energies and new life, we ask you to become ever calmer, reaching deeply down into your store of faith and hope.

We do not see at this time the probability of planetary destruction from nature. We do see the possibility of planetary destruction from the toxic nature of the human tribe. If those who have chosen to fear are allowed full sway they may well bring about planetary destruction, as has happened with many of those entities now in power upon your planet on other planets and even on your own planet, to a certain extent, for those who are among your leaders at this time are often those who brought about the destruction of one of your continents, the continent of Atlantis.

If these words resonate to you, my children, pay attention. This is the hour in which you can choose another way.

In the face of fear, remember love.

In the face of anger, remember compassion.

In the face of disunity, remember union, for are you not part of everyone and everything that you meet?

In the face of seeming dearth, lack and limitation of resources, we ask you to dwell in thanksgiving and joy upon the unlimited possibilities that dwell within your imagination.

We say to you this: for every problem that faces you this day, there is a solution.

We have no way of knowing what you face and what you shall face, but we do know that your peoples have been given not only great challenges but also great gifts and unlimited resources.

The challenge that lies before you is not to husband dwindling resources but to begin to see the resources that are available to you that are not now properly valued and to realize that the greatest resource of all is the compassion that lies within your heart.

It is hard sometimes to see how in times of distress the answers lie within you rather than outside of you, for all of the distress seems to be coming from outside of you. However, we say to you at this time that in our opinion that which shall heal you and your planet and bring you through the end of time to greet the dawning of a new day is that which lies within you waiting to be acknowledged.

What is in your heart? What lies waiting within that mighty resource? Go into your own heart in humility, on bowed knees and with empty hands, and ask for help. It is waiting for that asking and the help that comes will be instantaneous. As you ask, so shall help be present.

Listen, then, when you have asked, for that still, small voice, as this instrument would call the voice of spirit, to speak in the power of silence within you.

And when you come from that room of prayer in silence and contemplation, may you sing with joy and may you illuminate your world with thanksgiving, peace and power.

We would at this time thank each of you and leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. If there is a desire to pursue such queries as you have put to us on these details, comparisons and ways to contrast stories of the end of time, we invite them at another session. But we would ask that you rephrase the query in such a way that we may be speaking of known quantities within your query in order that our response may be clearer.

Meanwhile, we thank each of you for setting aside this time in order to seek the truth. We thank you for the beauty of your beings and for the light that you as a group have created within this circle of seeking. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.

  1. Planet Lightworker Magazine (www.planetlightworker.com). 

  2. Fourth density is a term that the Q’uo use to indicate the next density of life after our present environment of consensus reality, which they call third density. Second density refers to the world of nature with its plants and animals and first density is the density of earth, air, wind, fire and the elements.