[J attended this session by telephone. Jim placed J’s questions on the tape for her, reading from the text that J had prepared beforehand.]

Q’uo, I thank you from the depth of my being for the gift of your shared thoughts, which have helped me open my heart, free my mind, and find my truth. I most humbly thank you. I seek whatever thoughts, observations, comments, words of encouragement, etc., which from your view would be most helpful to me at this point in my journey, that journey being on the path of service to others, service to the one infinite Creator. Under this umbrella I’m particularly interested in the following. However, I defer to you to address whatever you choose.

The first question. Have I missed the point of service to others? My focus is service to all or service to the whole, which includes self. I am uncomfortable with the idea of sacrificing myself for another self but I am willing to sacrifice myself for the whole. Is this keeping me from progressing on the path of service to others? I believe that I have made the grade, that I’ve achieved 51% or higher polarity. Can you confirm? Please comment in any way you feel might be helpful.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are in the Creator’s service as a source of information for those requesting it and we greatly appreciate the privilege and the pleasure of your forming a circle of seeking at this time to ask us to share our thoughts.

We would request, as always, that as you hear our opinions you remember that we are not authorities but fellow travelers who may have had a bit more experience than you in some ways and therefore may have some suggestions that might be helpful. If our thoughts seem helpful to you, then please do use them. If they do not, please leave them aside without a second thought. If you can do this we would greatly appreciate it, for this will enable us to speak freely without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will.

Firstly, my sister, we can confirm that you have achieved a harvestable grade. The achievement is not permanent in that the energy which you express at the moment of your transition through the gate into larger life is that momentary tuning or expression of your self that will be considered and it cannot be known ahead of time what that tuning shall be, as it is not something that one earns at a certain point and then has no more concern.

Indeed, when one is attempting to polarize in terms of service to others, it is easy for the tuning to vary somewhat and so we would simply encourage all entities still within the illusion of third density to look to the day and the hour and the moment. For it is in this moment that your true self and your true presence lie.

That which you have achieved is excellent and we do not warn you in the sense of feeling that there is some great danger that you may fall below harvestable grade. We simply wish to make the point that the lifetime continues on, moment by moment, until that point at which the pattern is finished at last. And it is that tuning, at the point where the pattern is finished, which shall be the tuning with which you enter the process of graduation.

We find that we have difficulty in gauging the entire mind of this instrument at this time for the simple reason, my sister, that her lessons and yours march hand in hand at this time. She also is dealing with how much service to others is about service to the whole and how much it is about seemingly sacrificial offerings made to one other person. We shall move forward with our response but we do wish you to know that there are conditions having to do with this instrument’s progress and process which make it more difficult for us to be entirely candid because of the fact that not only you but she are dealing actively with these questions. When a question of this kind is active in the process, then we must look at the spiritual principles involved and this is what we will do in this case.

The principle of service to others is to love the neighbor as the self, as this instrument would put it from her Christian background. To pull back and look at it from a wider point of view, service to others is always service to the Creator and in that sense we believe that both you and she have a firm grasp upon the highest and the best service to others that is possible within your third density.

Indeed, we would say unequivocally that service to the whole is that ideal which, in its very nature, is greater than service to any one entity. However, the unfathomable challenge of incarnated life is that often it is difficult to see how service to one person becomes a symbol or a story that, in its telling, inspires the whole, or creates an awareness in some way for the whole of the human tribe.

Therefore, we must ask both of you to move into a path where you ask for guidance daily and even hourly, attempting to keep the lines of communication to your guidance open. For there are opportunities hidden in this question for realization and a greater understanding of service to others. What is it to be an individual? What is it to be part of the whole? These are very legitimate questions and we leave them with you to ask yourself and to ask your guidance.

The one known as Carla, who acts as instrument at this time, said recently to the one known as Jim that perhaps in order to be of service to another entity, she could make a large change in her personal situation, the one known as Jim responding by saying that this was an overreaction and tended to bring out her martyr tendencies. It is easy to move into a mental zone where the desire to be of service is so marked that an entity will move into the position of a martyr, or as this instrument would call it, a doormat.

We simply suggest a continuing relationship with your guidance that is very close and that is renewed at least each day. Something trembles close to triggering a step within awareness that is a powerful one for both of you. That step will come when it comes. Yet your work at this time on this subject is extremely helpful. The fact that you are asking the question and continuing to ask the question so that it stays in the forefront of your mind is a good idea and we would encourage your attention and your devotion as you have showed in the past.

Is there another query at this time?

I feel a deep and abiding love for the animal kingdom, especially the felines. And I wonder if you can share anything about the meaning or significance of that and particularly about the beautiful and most instructed relationship I had with my beloved cat, MaxCat?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The relationship of what is called within your culture “owners” and “pets,” has several layers, all of which are very helpful to you as an entity as well as to the pet involved.

The first layer is simply that of a person whose life is such that there are many times when the unjudging, unguarded affection of a living being is a very healing and comforting thing. It is as healing for the pet as it is for the so-called owner. This instrument is also a lover and a keeper of cats and we find from gazing within her mind that it is her opinion that the cat owns her rather than the other way around.

Certainly, it is a partnership of a very special kind and it begins with the simple creature comfort of two second-density animals that have agreed to make each other part of their family. There is a tremendous comfort in coming into the presence of one for whom you feel affection and one who feels affection for you. It is the gift of several species, cats among them, which are normally treated as pets among your culture, that there is the gift of affection which is part of the natural mentality and emotional makeup of that second-density animal that is the cat. Such animals are extremely well suited to creating a healing and comforting partnership with their humans.

The second level of helpfulness between pets and their owners has to do with the energetic balances and rebalances of your system as an evolving human being and the sensitivity and accuracy of the pet in its ability to pick up and to deal with the ongoing energy situation as it fluctuates within your process. The pet is able to act as a kind of guard, becoming alert when there are difficult vibrations around an entity, becoming aware that there is physical or mental or emotional illness, and wishing to move into that energy and help balance that energy; so that there is a natural tendency of the pet to create an atmosphere or to help to create an atmosphere of healing for the human involved.

Certainly this instrument has told many tales in her time of her cats and the ways that they have been aware of her emotional situation and sometimes her physical illnesses and have been faithful and devoted to an amazing degree in responding to the needs that are felt.

This energy balancing factor is extremely helpful when one is going through the rapid changes that are occurring as a matter of global nature at this time among your people. The waves of energy that are moving through the planet at this time are many and intense, as befits that time in which you are now living, where fourth density has completely interpenetrated third density and there is a strong energy of unconditional love that is flowing through the inner planes and effecting sharp shadows when energies within the third-density existence are experienced that are not in harmony with fourth-density values.

Entities living in third density cannot help but be buffeted by the more or less developed light within third-density people that they meet, whether on errands, on the road, or wherever you might go. Consequently, that stability that the second-density creature offers with its affection and its awareness of what you are going through energetically is tremendously helpful.

The third level of aid that your pets are to you or can be to you is that they can function as guides and totems 1, if you will, in the shamanic or Native American sense of those words. In that sense, they become messengers and may show up in your visions or your dreams.

We encourage you, therefore, to open your senses when you have the opportunity to share time with a pet and to have that awareness that the possibilities do not begin and end in simple affection and shared love but they penetrate that level of the subconscious where thoughts become things and where an object that is seemingly physical like a cat can become a spiritually wise and very aware messenger that brings to you information from deep within your own subconscious process, thereby acting as an archetypal force within your process.

Is there another query at this time?

I found love by seeking the truth and it’s been my perception that truth and love are different experiences of the same energy—like two sides of an energy coin. Is this at all accurate?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We would say that this concept is quite accurate, my sister, and would add to it the suggestion that there are other words as well that fit within this basic unity of meaning that goes beyond words. This instrument was speaking yesterday about the relative uselessness of a word such as love. It has been robbed of its meaning by being overused and used for trivial emotions and those ephemeral feelings that run along the surface of life so that one is perfectly able to say that she loves a certain type of food or a certain type of activity using the same verb that you use to say that you love the Creator or that you love service to others or that you love a friend or a mate that has shared history with you throughout your lifetime.

In such a trivialized landscape as that which your language offers, it is difficult to get a grip on words like love and truth. We would add several other words to this short list of concepts that represent powerful essences that have a life of their own within fourth density and higher densities in general. Those words are beauty, wisdom and peace. We might add the word faith to that as well with the understanding that faith is not belief nor is there any content to faith.

What these words have in common is that they represent a pure vibration. The vibration of love, in the sense of unconditional love or Logos, is a particular vibration that has created all that there is. Consequently, we cannot say that love and truth are absolutely equal. For in the sense of the Logos, that is a way of describing the Creator Itself.

However, if one steps down from considering love as the Creator to considering expressions of love that are pure, then we find true evenness of equivalency of meaning. Then, such words as truth, love, beauty and faith become separate, shall we say, or recognizably different but equal in the purity of their vibration.

When you come upon a moment within your process in which you sense the presence of absolute love or absolute beauty, absolute truth, or absolute faith, you know that you have found the guiding star by which you can set your rudder and steer the ship of the progress of your process.

We pulled in those other words so that you might see how different personalities and people at different points in their process will find one star to be more helpful than another, truth at one point, beauty at another, and so forth. There is a tremendous amount behind this question and we would appreciate your following up with questions if you wish to when we have exhausted those queries that the one known as Jim has on his piece of paper.

We would at this time ask if there is another query.

A few years ago, I began seeing beautiful colors in my mind’s eye while having what I would call a spiritual experience and connection, as in meditation or in spiritual healing work. I would appreciate anything that you would care to share about this phenomenon. Is it chakra related? Is it a visual greeting of some sort? The colors feel so beautiful that I’m often moved to tears.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The experience of seeing certain colors is an experience which moves an entity beyond the limitations of language. It is not that the colors within themselves have a reality as colors, although certainly the study of colors is very interesting and each entity has relationships with various colors in terms of the way they make you feel.

However, we believe that it is quite possible that what you are experiencing is the overshadowing of the comradeship, shall we say, of essences which are drawn to you because of your healing work and which wish to accompany you as you set out to create a healing atmosphere for others.

The color itself is, say, the name or the nickname or the shadow of this powerful entity that the color represents. So you are being accompanied, greeted and embraced by those unseen energies and essences that appreciate you and are drawn to the work that you do in service. It is their service to lend their energy to entities such as you who stand within third density in incarnation and are therefore able directly to offer help. For they would, in and of themselves, be unable to, and not even have the right to, offer help.

Therefore, it may seem to you that you are very blessed in receiving these energies. And, indeed, this is so. But we would say to you also that you are a tremendous blessing to these entities represented by these colors. We feel that the relationship is entirely helpful in strengthening and encourage you to embrace these sensations and to use them with confidence and thankfulness in your work.

Is there another query at this time?

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts, observations, comments, etc, about what I perceive to be my unmet and deep desire for human community. I have had the feeling all my life of not belonging anywhere. I continually sought for that feeling of being part of a community and a real home. Is this because I am a wanderer?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. My sister, in part it certainly is an experience you have had because you are a wanderer and we say this because it is peculiar to wanderers that they bring forward from their deep memory a memory of times within clans or families or tribes which are not related necessarily by what you would call blood but are related because of common beliefs, concerns and desires to be of service.

In higher densities and especially within the fifth density and the sixth density, the refinement of the personality shell and its discipline has moved through so many cycles of refinement that it is no longer the tremendous challenge that it is within third density to pull away from the details and the minutiae of a relationship with another entity to see into the deeper threads of commonality in love, in devotion, and in service to others that truly bring two people together.

Within third density there are heavy cultural overlays which make it difficult for any two entities to unite as one. As soon as there begins to be the building up of trust, there is nearly always an energy which is offered by the shadow side of self which encourages individuals to increase their individuality and to pull back from true intimacy. There is the feeling of the need to defend and protect the self from the pain that it is possible for another entity to inflict.

To move beyond these cultural and instinctual guards into a state of true vulnerability to another person is very difficult. Entities attempt it in many ways. There are the natural bonds of friendship. There are specialized communities of all kinds throughout the entire spectrum of religiosity and spirituality where roots indeed have formed which are based upon ideas and ideals that are supposedly larger than the self so that the community is brought together by a need to worship or to serve.

For any person incarnate upon Earth, there is the natural instinct for community. Consequently, it is not entirely because you are a wanderer that you crave community. It is, however, because you are a wanderer that you have high hopes and expectations for community within third density. We can only say to you, my sister, that such hopes are not in vain. It is a matter of being willing to be very patient and to wait for those entities which seem to you to be trustworthy and of the proper vibration for you to find commonality with them.

When you do find such people, humbly and gently keep them in your heart and await those opportunities to come closer, to share ideas and hopes and to create together what service you can from the dynamics of your relationship.

The power of groups as opposed to individuals is that there is a tremendous creative potential in the dynamics between people and how, together, they are much more than any of them is apart.

So the challenge, my sister, is to keep hope, faith and affection constant while being aware that there are energies endemic to your culture that will constantly offer challenges whenever you attempt to become closer to another human being.

Those energies will simply use the dynamic of your relationship to show you, not the commonality between you, but the dynamic between you which shows to both of you your shadow side, so that in seeing another for whom you feel affection, you may also see shadow characteristics such as selfishness, self-indulgence, greediness or other unfortunate aspects of the self which have not perhaps been entirely balanced within your own energy system at this time.

Since they have not been balanced, they represent that which can be a stumbling block that will discourage you from pursuing relationship. We do not ask you to ignore such stumbling blocks but to work with them and to see them not as that which stops you from community but that which enables you to be able to become more able to offer yourself in community. That energy with which you work to heal the shadow self, as you perceive it within yourself, becomes then that compassion which enables you to love that same energy as you see it in another, not condemning it in any way but holding it in honest affection and trust and waiting for that development which will enable you to move forward in commonality.

Is there a further question at this time?

I find myself uncomfortable praying for a specific outcome. Even if someone has asked me to pray that their cancer be healed or something of that nature. I’m more comfortable praying for divine order or divine will, like, “Thy will be done,” or that the individual see the truth about who they are in terms of the love and light they are. My mind gets all muddled trying to sort it out. I guess it’s that I don’t trust that anything that I could pray for could be better than praying for divine order or divine will. I believe that we have a lot of power in our prayers and I get lost with how to apply that.

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my sister. It is an interesting point which you bring…

[Side one of tape ends.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are again with this instrument. We quite agree with the one known as J that it is a far more pure and undistorted request of spirit to ask, “Thy will be done,” or, “May divine order prevail,” than to ask, “May a certain condition be healed.”

So let us look at that a bit to see why that would be a more satisfactory prayer. As the one known as J states, prayer is a very powerful tool. Spirit is ever ready to hear prayer and it will respond to prayer instantly, as best it can. If the prayers are enough distorted, however, there become more and more limits upon what spirit can do in response to this specific prayer.

In actuality, working backwards from a symptom or an illness, it is impossible to know, from the standpoint of being in third density and incarnate, what the precise structure of that illness or situation might be. It cannot be seen except by insight, intuition or guidance whether the illness is actually an asset or a negative in the book of debits and credits, [speaking] in a metaphysical sense. Very often there are structures placed in peoples’ lives which have the simple logic of “IF the situation of my life departs sufficiently from these parameters, [THEN] I will set in place an illness that is limiting in nature in a certain way that will encourage me to rethink and reimagine my life and my process so that I am more actually in balance with myself.”

To use this instrument as an example, this instrument has a variable degree of wellness from year to year and from decade to decade but has been in fragile health her entire incarnation. And as she is already aware, which is why we may use her as an example, she has set in place the structure of illness that limits but does not end the incarnation, so that if she is drawn too heavily into physical activity, she will be brought up short and forced to move inward in order to persist in her inner work.

This instrument is extremely fond of the outer work with its details and its easiness. It is easy for this instrument to weed the garden, to cook the meal, to do the outer service that stares one in the face. It is less easy for this instrument to spend the time needed to do inner work, especially work strictly within silence and within what this instrument would call worship or prayer. There are so many wonderful things to do and so little time to do them that it is this instrument’s tendency to stay very busy and not to take thought. Structures within this instrument’s life, therefore, were set up in order to encourage her to take thought.

When these illnesses occur to this instrument, she is not pleased. Nevertheless, because she is unable to do the things that she normally does to distract herself, she involuntary and quite naturally moves towards doing the spiritual work which she and her higher self before incarnation felt was very important as a part of the structure of her process within incarnation.

Therefore, when someone asks you if you will pray to heal a cancer, they may well be asking you to pray to remove a structure that the higher self of that entity put in place before incarnation for the very purpose of advancing awareness within that entity and decreasing distortion.

Consequently, it is very wise and very loving of the one known as J to be aware that divine order is not necessarily that which looks like order to the physical eye.

May we answer you further, my sister?

I recently started using a process known as voice dialogue, a technique originated by Hal Stone. It appears to me that the better I am at embracing my various inner selves, the better I am at embracing all of humanity. And I find this a very valuable technique. I’m wondering if you can confirm my perception or add any comments.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. We can indeed confirm that this is extremely helpful technique for you to use at this time. And certainly in general it is a helpful technique for anyone whose process has brought them to a degree of sensitivity at which they are actually able to be aware of this. It is helpful in general to any as a resource for advancing their spiritual evolution as they wish.

The elements of your own personality may seem to be a seamless whole or a unity. To the psychologist’s or philosopher’s eye, it may seem that each person is, as this instrument would call it, a monad, a complete, atomic being, whole within himself. And to a certain extent this is so.

However, the personality shell of entities is created almost the way that you would create the packing of a suitcase to take on a trip. You have packed for this incarnation the elements of personality that you feel would be helpful or that you felt at the time, before incarnation at which you packed the suitcase, would be helpful.

You packed some items that are for your upkeep and your health. You packed some items that would enable you to serve and share your gifts better. And you packed some few seemingly less attractive items in your personality, realizing that you would need a certain amount of these shadow energies as a point of departure and a point of reentry so that you could go beyond your comfort zone in various ways, looking for ways to balance dynamics within you.

Some entities have dynamics which have to do with truth and justice, as opposed to love. Some entities have issues about the dynamic between wisdom and love. Some entities have dynamics with even more complicated structures such as truth, power and love.

However, all of these characteristics that you packed are what this instrument would call integrated rather than unitary. They have formed a personality shell for you but they are actually made up of components, each of which is shared by all beings whatsoever who are moving through spiritual evolution. It is not that you are just like everyone else, for you are not. You are quite unique. Rather it is that your component parts are each shared throughout the system of the human tribe.

Therefore, as you become aware of the various aspects of your personality shell, you are able to see how they have amalgamated in structures that surround each of your energy centers so that your personal or orange-ray energy center, for instance, has a certain individuality that is unique to it and yet which works in harmony with and in concert with those energies which surround other chakras and other portions of your energy system in which various chakras and their dynamics are considered.

May we answer you further in this query, my sister?

Yes, actually. I’d like to pursue several queries before with the words of truth and wisdom and beauty. You mentioned the phrase of the vibration of purity, I think is what you said, and I am more and more becoming aware of the importance of purity in all things. I guess I’m wondering if there is a difference of importance in pursuing purity at the spiritual level, the emotional, and physical and mental. Most recently I’ve been really concerned about the purity of my food and it seems that purity has a special vibration or resonance for me right now.

The question would be: is purity more important in some areas of life than others?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The concept of purity in and of itself is extremely helpful and we would agree with you that there are many different ways to express this purity. The underlying purity, of course, is that purity of self where the self has met the self, knows the self, and stands naked in its truth as it knows it at that moment.

In terms of estimating the value of purity at different levels of the personality or the life, we would say that the teaching of the one known as Jesus is helpful in this regard. This entity said that that which comes out of the mouth is that which is of interest in terms of purity rather than that which enters in the mouth. 2 The one known as Jesus was basically saying that those outer considerations, as important as they may be, pale before the value of the awareness of your own thoughts.

When you are able to express a purity and single-mindedness in that which comes out of your mouth or comes out of your thoughts, that is perhaps the highest degree of purity in terms of value to your process that we could offer. It is, however, to be noted that no matter where you look to create a higher degree of purity, the attempt to create that purity has a powerful and positive effect on the process of evolution.

For instance, you were talking concerning your desire to purify your diet. As you focus on the purification of what goes into your physical vehicle, you are offering yourself your own affection, respect and honor. You are considering yourself as a sacred temple rather than a convenient physical vehicle that you have hung your consciousness on or in for the duration of the incarnation.

And therefore you have come into a far more balanced and correct relationship with yourself simply by attempting to consider what is best for you. It is extremely helpful to consider such things and certainly this instrument has spent a good deal of time in the last five years or so gradually attempting to acquaint herself more and more with how she can most effectively nurture and love herself. The slang phrase that she uses to express this is “the protection of the package.”

And it seems, in a way, a very glib way to consider such things as how to exercise and how to eat and so forth. And yet you are a package of consciousness which has been all wrapped up at the factory at birth and sent forward into the world. So protecting that precious package of selfhood is protecting that which truly is sacred and that which came here for high and lovely reasons.

So we encourage you by all means to follow that inclination which has taken your mind recently wherever it may lead you and to realize certainly that what you are looking for always is not to be perfect but to be as pure as you can be. There is a natural limitation within humanity that eliminates the possibility of any self-perceived perfection. So, consequently, realize that what you are attempting to do is not to perfect yourself but to work at loving yourself, accepting yourself, and respecting yourself.

We find that this energy of this contact is waning and therefore we would ask if there is a final query at this time.

Yes, there is. I loved the cat that I mentioned earlier, Max. I believe throughout our relationship, the message I kept getting back from him was to love myself equally. And I very much want to give the four cats who now share my home the best experience I can. But I’m not sure what that is. It is my conscious intent to give them the experience of being cherished, enjoyed and loved but I’m wondering if there is a better way that I could serve them than that?

We are those of Q’uo, and we believe we understand your query, my sister. The sharing of love, when it is felt from an honest and open heart, is that which does not need to be planned or guided or angled in any way. We suggest that you simply let the love that you have for these precious beings radiate naturally from you to these entities, [knowing of] their ability to grasp emotions and unseen energy. That energy in and of itself will be the gift that is yours best to give.

Naturally, it is always helpful to attempt to come into individual relationship with each pet, for each pet may require a different amount of affection or a different way of expressing affection. Yet the underlying knowledge that they are loved and welcomed is that which they crave.

They are basically entities which look for the feeling of the nest or the tribe and you are their chief nester, the leader of their tribe. They therefore, no matter how they express it, have the desire simply to belong in your environment. When you share a word with them or simply mentally speak to them, acknowledging them and including them in your affection, that is the essence of the best service we feel that you could offer to such entities as these pets.

We thank you, my sister. It has been an unalloyed joy to speak with you this day and to share energy with you. The beauty of your being is great and it has been a real pleasure. We leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. totem: an animal, plant or natural object serving among certain tribal or traditional peoples as the emblem of a clan or family and sometimes revered as its founder, ancestor or guardian or a representation of such an object. 

  2. Holy Bible, St. Mark’s Gospel 7:15-16: “There is nothing outside of a man, if it should enter into him, which can defile him; but what goes out of him, that defiles the man. Who has ears to hear, let him hear.”