(Question chosen by PLW poll) 1 I read Q’uo’s response in PlanetLightWorker magazine to the question about densities and vibrations. The Q’uo group spoke about seven densities in an octave. Others in the esoteric world speak of twelve dimensions. Can you explain the difference?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We come in the Creator’s service to respond to the call of the circle of seeking this day. May we thank each of you for setting aside the time to create a circle of seeking and for calling for us to share information with you. It is our pleasure and our privilege so to do.

As always, we would ask of you that you are very careful in your discrimination. Set aside any thought of ours that does not immediately appeal to you. If you will take care to guard the gateway to your own thoughts then we shall feel free to share our opinions without being concerned that we might infringe upon your free will. It is crucial to us that we share information without such infringement, so we thank each of you for this consideration.

The query this day concerns the system of chakras that is used to structure the way that you think about your energy body. The question itself actually used the terms density and dimension. However, we believe we grasp that the actual intent of the query is more in terms of the internal workings of the body system rather than the macrocosmic point of view in which densities of the creation are considered. We apologize if we misunderstand or mis-speak because of this misunderstanding. However, we believe that the point of interest of the query has to do with looking at the system of the physical vehicle and its connections with the metaphysical universe in the form of the energy body that interpenetrates your physical body, and so we shall answer according to our understanding of this question as somewhat revised from the original statement.

We would take note of the way the question was phrased in simply saying that there is no true difference in the way that density and dimension are used, so that whether you are talking about the third dimension or the third density it is, in general, understood by students of metaphysical work that one is speaking of a quantum or certain kind of energy. The more appropriate of the two words for working with the concept of the octave of densities in creation is the word density rather than dimension. However, these two words are used interchangeably for the most part, not only by this instrument but also by many others whose works this instrument has read.

The densities, macrocosmically speaking, are reproduced faithfully within the energy of each and every entity that is in incarnation on planet Earth at this time. Each of you has an energy body which contains elements that are as true in pitch as the notes of a scale.

The difference between conventional octaves within your Western modalities of physical notation creates a choice of various scales among the twelve notes that make up the diatonic scale, so-called, within one octave of one your [musical] instruments. In music this twelve-tone scale is a creation whereby in twelve half-tones the tones are created from octave to octave so that the twelfth tone is the same as the first.

That diatonic scale sounds like this.

[Carla sings the twelve-tone scale of one octave.]

In contrast, the major scale chooses eight of those twelve notes and sounds like this.

[Carla sings the octave with an eight-tone scale.]

There is a minor scale and there are modal scales within the Western system of musical notation, all of which have eight notes. It is to be noted in this regard, still speaking of music, that in the Eastern or Oriental ways of producing tone, there is no precise way of grading notes. Not only are quarter-tones appreciated and differentiated but also those who are gifted musically can produce by their voice or upon an instrument that is unfretted 2 an infinite number of gradations which have values less than a quarter-tone.

This is why Eastern music is fundamentally different in its effect upon the listener than Western music. Western music lives in modular boxes of differentiation that have neat and regular borders, whereas the Oriental approach offers an infinite landscape in which to create tone.

If one gazes into the thinking and the culture of the West and the East, we would suggest that many inferences could be drawn by this difference. The tendency of the Western or Occidental orientation of mind is to choose the major scale or one of the eight-tone scales to listen to in music. It is not by chance that this choice is natural to the Occidental culture.

The reason for the use of an eight-chakra system, which is the seven chakras and the octave chakra, or the eighth, being the same as the first, only an octave higher, is that the Occidental culture is like a younger version of the older Oriental twelve-tone system. There are fewer gradations, fewer differentiations, and a clearer, simpler, plainer structure for looking at the self and structuring ways to interact with one’s own energy system.

On the other hand, the twelve-chakra system is indicative of the further articulation of energies and the use of energy which is more typical of Asian, Eastern or Oriental thought.

The eight-chakra system has been discussed previously, and so we will very briefly review that system. The red-ray chakra is concerned mostly with survival and sexuality. The orange-ray chakra, located in the lower belly, is associated with issues of personal relationship. The yellow-ray chakra, or the solar plexus energy center, is associated with the energies of interacting with groups. The green-ray or heart chakra is associated with opening the heart and discovering one’s own sacred nature. The throat chakra or blue-ray energy center is connected with communication. The indigo-ray center at the brow is associated with the disciplines of the personality and work in consciousness, and the violet-ray chakra, which is the crown chakra, is associated with that readout of momentary reality that is expressing at any given moment and is a system readout for the entire energy body that is what we would call the Occidental or Western chakra structure.

The subtleties of the twelve-chakra system can be very helpful to students of metaphysics. It begins the same way as does the Western system, the first chakra being connected with issues of sexuality and survival.

The second chakra, however, is divided in the Eastern system into two energy centers, one of which deals strictly with the self relating to the self. The second of these so-called orange-ray energy centers deals with the self in relation to other selves.

The solar plexus chakra remains unified in the Eastern system. However, after the solar plexus is left, and before one reaches what in the Western system is the heart chakra, there is a chakra which this instrument has often spoken of as the outer court of the heart.

It is helpful to realize that moving into the heart is not an unalloyed and simple joy. It is a process that in its inception can create a great deal of difficulty for the student and the seeker. The difficulty of moving into the heart is that one must bring all of the self into the heart in order for that space to become truly sacred. Most seekers are quite astonished when they first enter their own hearts to discover that there is a real perceived problem with meeting one’s shadow side.

After all the work of realizing that we are spiritual beings has been done, after clearing issues of personalities, sexuality, survival, personal relationships and all of the work that each entity is doing with groups, an entity that is seeking feels balanced and eager to enter that spacious holiness of the open heart.

However, the first thing that most entities find upon entering this space is that, just as in the story within your New Testament of the entity known as Jesus the Christ walking into the temple and seeing all the sellers of doves and so forth which entities could buy for sacrifice, entities walking into their own hearts find that there are sellers of doves there hawking busily away with their own agendas.

Little do most seekers know just how much of their personalities have been subverted and taken over by cultural expectations, parental teaching, and other sources of information which create assumptions and theories of how things are that simply do not meet the standards of purity that the particular space of the open heart requires in order for the seeker to penetrate from the outer courtyard to the inner sanctum.

This is related to that concept or idea of that which is called psychic greeting or psychic attack. The outer courtyard of the heart is that place where those portions of your personality shell that have been allowed to express themselves without your being aware of their presence make their presence known.

In many cases, entities will experience these energies as attacks. Perhaps they will feel that there is an entity that is attacking them from the outside, with some sort of overshadowing or attacking going on. Others have more sensitivity in discerning the source of such seeming attack and can pinpoint the energy as being within the system of the self. Whether these attacking energies are seen as part of the self or as coming from outside the self, fundamentally speaking, we may say that in our opinion they are part of the self in that all things are one and you as individual selves are actually tuning into the space and time that is articulated by the parameters of one particular kind of energy.

Therefore, that which seems very personal and very threatening in many cases is in actuality not a threat but simply that portion of self which has gone unnoticed and, therefore, undeveloped.

There is great virtue in being willing to spend time in that outer courtyard of the open heart and to see that as a separate chakra or energy center; to spend time with those sellers of doves for sacrifice to discover why your culture felt that sacrifice was necessary, and why certain elements or essences within your personality have been chosen to be sacrificed.

We speak in extremely non-literal terms here, and are basically speaking of all of those energies of self that have escaped your attention up until now. Perhaps they did not so much escape your attention as that you felt that they were unworthy of attention. There are energies such as shame, guilt, jealousy and anger that are systematically and ritually downplayed and discouraged in terms of outer expression within your culture. Nevertheless, these too need to be taken up, brought up into the light of attention, and given respect. These, too, are ways that you feel. These, too, are worthy to be examined, inspected, analyzed and accompanied in whatever amount of time it takes for you to begin to be able to see their virtue and their value.

Many seemingly rough and negative aspects of character and personality are precisely those energies that create a true depth to understanding any genuine stability and steadiness of attention.

The quality of anger, for instance, once translated into unquenchable stubbornness in dedication to service, can become the powerhouse that it was intended to be, but this cannot occur until the virtue of anger is seen straight on, for its own self and its own essence.

The outer sanctum of the heart chakra is therefore a really powerful and very hurly-burly sort of energy. And to move from the outer courtyard to the inner sanctum of the heart becomes a much more clear and focused movement when that outer heart is given its own private place.

Another difference between what we would call the Western and Eastern chakra system is that immediately after the heart chakra and before the [throat or blue-ray] chakra of open communication there is an added energy center in the Eastern system. To explicate why this becomes very helpful, it is well to point out that the green-ray or heart chakra is the first energy center in which the possibility of a true energy exchange exists.

The lower chakras, having to do with the self, its survival issues, its sexuality, its relationships with self and other selves personally, and its relationship with groups, are all energies that may seem to be in need of balancing and clearing so that they are neither under-activated nor over-activated. But one cannot share energy between red ray and red ray, or orange ray, or yellow ray.

One may impress those energies upon another self, and because of the strength of your energy system, it is possible for energy to be impressed from you to another person, or for another person to impress you with their energy. It is, however, an overlay. It is time-bound in its effect and will wear off naturally. Many of your faith healers, so called, are those who are healing either from the orange or the yellow-ray chakra and they are impressing their understanding and their environment upon another. Those who are able to accept those impressions are able to experience quite a bit of release from various ailments for a certain time period. However, in every case where it is at the level below the heart, those energies will not persevere and will fade away naturally.

Only when one moves into the open heart can one begin to share energy; to exchange energy with another; to give love and to receive love. The great blessing of opening the heart and keeping it open is that, working from the open heart, all of the functions of the lower energy centers are recreated as sacred.

The chakras above the level of the heart are also energy centers from which energy exchanges can be made. The reason that this information is helpful in discussing the chakras that come after the heart chakra in the Eastern system is that there is this [additional] energy center [which] captures a structure that is missing completely from the Western system. There is a subtlety here that can only be appreciated by those who {have] done quite a bit of work in consciousness. It involves what this instrument has termed a 90-degree phase shift.

These are not words that have an objective referent for this instrument, but they represent a phrase she has heard many, many times in speaking with one known as Don Elkins, who was largely working from concepts created by the one known as George Williamson. The key concept of this added chakra is that in this turning after the heart chakra, the turn includes the whole of the unseen realms of the metaphysical of the time/space universe.

It is an energy center that is focused upon right relationship with the extended family that one has in the unseen realms. The greatest part of this family for seekers is that portion that is connected with guidance. Each entity has a guidance system and access to this guidance system is extremely helpful. If one focuses upon this particular energy center, one can do very precise work in opening oneself to the guidance that lies within.

The other differences between Eastern and Western chakra systems has to do with subtleties within work in consciousness in communication, which is the blue-ray energy center. There is a division in the Eastern system between the communication of self with self and the communication of self with other selves.

Further, there is a third division which deals with the communication of the self with the extended family of guides, presences, essences and entities that are connected with the self.

We say this realizing that the subtleties are such that we cannot say to you in general what those various essences are. Each individual creates a web of family throughout not only the incarnation which you are enjoying at this time, but also those entities with whom you have worked between incarnations, those entities that you have worked with in past incarnations, and the known planetary, non-local energies which have been drawn to you as a local entity within incarnation because of your work within incarnation and work you have done between incarnations.

Each of you within this circle and each to whom we speak in the extended family of internet and listener and reader-ship that is constantly growing contains a large, loving, extended family that awaits your focus and your request for help in order to become more active within your life. It is important to remember, therefore, to request help from your guidance system.

The other added chakra in this Eastern system is very difficult for us to express to you. Once the readout of violet ray has been cleared, there is an additional chakra in the Eastern system which is dedicated to that point where the energy of self spirals from the now into the possibilities of the future. It is the point which this instrument would call the gateway to intelligent infinity.

We are aware that this information, by itself, is sterile and barren. We speak here of structures. It is you who draws the infinite love and light of the one Creator up into that structure, up into that energy body. It is you, by prayer, meditation and other forms of requesting guidance, insight and vision, who draw from the energies of the one infinite Creator teaching entities such as we and many, many other types of entities that do not speak at all but who stream from the point of entry at the gateway of intelligent infinity down into the energy system that determines what kind of life your energy system has.

Picture with us, if you will, the creature that you are. You receive this information along your spine, in the physical lines of a system of energy, reception and usage. It is fed infinitely, in an unending supply, by the love and the light of the one Creator.

That light is literally sent down into the heart of the Earth, your mother, who then pours it from the center of the Earth—or you might even say the womb of the Earth—up through the Earth into the soles of your feet, into your body system, so that it is constantly streaming into your energy system at the red-ray level and rising as it will up and out through the top of your head to the gateway to intelligent infinity.

Meanwhile, according to your desire and will and your requests, guidance and teaching is being pulled into your energy system from the top through the violet ray, then the indigo ray, and so forth, until it reaches the blue ray or the green ray, depending upon whether you are using those energies in communication or whether you are using them in healing, basically.

Realize that the point at which those two energies meet is the point at which your kundalini is now focused. If you wish to raise your kundalini you have two things to work on. Firstly, you have the clearing of the lower energies so that you get full creative energy up through the soles of your feet and into your energy body.

Secondly, you are attempting to focus your will, discipline your personality, and call forth the most helpful energies that you can to teach and guide you as you seek the truth.

We thank the ones known as S1 and S2 for this query and would at this time open this meeting to other questions. Is there another query at this time?

Earlier you mentioned the rise of kundalini. Could you clarify that?

We are those of Q’uo, my brother, and are aware of your query. That which is rising, or not, is the point of contact between the natural energies available to all within creation and the energy of the creative principle called to the self by individual work.

That point of contact begins, roughly speaking, within that point where the outer courtyard of the heart yields to the inner sanctum. The kundalini cannot be pulled lower than that as information of the creative principle cannot be understood by any energies lower than that of the heart.

However, the point of the kundalini rising, in terms of entities’ desire to progress spiritually, is that as one begins to be able to pull the full energy of that open heart up into work in consciousness, each place to which it is raised opens up vistas of opportunity for various types of work in consciousness, not simply moving upwards as one aiming directly for the Creator, but, in terms of [working] at any level—for instance, in open communication—there is the opportunity to spread out one’s discoveries and one’s services by creating more and more layers of understanding or awareness of subtle energies involved in the sub-density, shall we say , of open communication. Once the kundalini has been pulled from the heart up into the throat, then more articulated work can be done in communication. And this is also true as the kundalini continues to be pulled upwards by seeking and the careful development and discipline of the personality.

May we answer you further, my brother?

What aspect of the self is doing the pulling?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The aspect that pulls the energy forward is desire, or as it is sometimes called, will.

May we answer you further, my brother?

That covers it. Thank you.

  1. Planet Lightworker Magazine (www.planetlightworker.com). 

  2. An unfretted instrument is one, like a violin or a sitar, which does not have frets, the tiny bars that go across the neck of an instrument and against which the fingers may be pressed to depress the strings to create a note or chord.