We’ve been gathering here this weekend to get information and inspiration to help the harvest on this planet. Specifically we would like to know how this group can be most helpful to direct the harvest and to increase the harvest as much as possible. Could you get some information to us on that topic?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day. May we say what a pleasure and a privilege it is to be called to this group. We thank you. The beauty of your vibrations, individually and also commingled, is a source of emotion for us. We are stunned by your courage and your desire to serve.

We consider the experience that you go through in third density at this time as a harsh one and we want to thank each of you for the incredible amount of work that it has taken you to get to this point. Each of you has a different story. Each story is honorable, valuable and worthy. Thank you for this opportunity to share our humble thoughts with you.

As always, my friends, we would ask for you to take full responsibility for discriminating between the thoughts that you will work with and the thoughts that you will leave behind, in terms of what we have to say. We are error-prone just as are you. Some of the things that we share may really help you to work and if so we are thrilled. Many times, however, we may miss the mark for you and it may not be your truth. If you do not feel resonance with our thoughts, please cast them aside without a second thought, for we would not be a stumbling block before any. If you will take responsibility for guarding your own temple, then we will feel free to share our opinions. We thank you for this consideration.

Your free will is paramount. It is far more important to us that you maintain the freedom of your own thoughts than that we be here or that we say anything in particular. We are here to support you and we know that each of you has guidance not only from entities such as we but from your own guidance system. Please lean into that and depend upon it and do not take the authority of anyone else as being something to which you must bend your will. Retain your orneriness, my friends. Retain your maverick nature.

Be independent of any outside authority, for you are the person who creates your universe. For each of you it is truly your world. That which you forgive is forgiven. That which you do not forgive is not forgiven. This power of which you are becoming more and more aware in your daily lives is that power which is part of the makeup of all of those upon planet Earth at this time. We encourage you to become more and more aware of the truth and power of your being and to look for ways to use that power well.

You asked this day what you as a group could do to help to anchor and further the harvest that is now taking place upon planet Earth. We realize that each of you has more of a tendency to think about what to do than to focus in on being. And yet we would say to each of you that the heart and the seed of each of your service at this time as part of this group is the work that you do in seeking the truth of your own nature and becoming more and more deeply aware of who you are, why you are here, and what you are doing.

There are many, many layers to this question. The conversation earlier ran into the discussion of an onion at one point, and we use this humble and yet wonderful little vegetable that this instrument is so fond of using in her cooking as an example. Take a look, my friends, at the nature that each of you exhibits, for you have many layers to yourself and each layer is distinct. There is that little onion-skin layer in between each bit of onion as it moves into the center. You are trying to move through the resistance, shall we say, or the meniscus that that onion skin represents in our image.

And each time you break through into a more interior portion of your onion-ness, you discover a lot of new information about yourself. You meet those synchronicities that you have called forth by creating a realization, a moment of epiphany. And then you work again to move through to another layer and do the work again, to break through into a more inner awareness.

The analogy falls apart when we come to the center of the onion, because the center of each of you is nothing that has ever taken flesh. It is your very spirit, your very soul. That is your heart, my friends, that experience of feeling the presence of the Creator within is often difficult to come to at first. For you desire to know yourself and at the same time the desire to know the truth always creates a climate that encourages change and, as you know, change can be very uncomfortable.

So we ask you simply to look at, as J has said, each thought and each impulse, and begin to see into the patterns of your being. Who you are is not obvious. The package, as this instrument would say, that you are as a soul contained within is made up of a suitcase full of gifts and limitations, things you are good at, and things that you are bad at. It is what this instrument would call a personality shell.

It seems, perhaps, at times to be overwhelmingly real, integrated and whole. And this is, of course, the goal of psychology and psychiatry: to reintegrate and bring together the scattered portions of self. But we would go further than that. We would ask you to realize that your personality shell is indeed a collection of things that you have packed in your suitcase to go on this trip, this incarnational trip on Earth. As you spin around the sun and as the galaxy spins around, there is this precious time of opportunity for you, cut off from all possible means of proof, moving towards the situation of embracing the faith that all is well, that all is one, that you are in perfect harmony and accord with your guidance.

In essence, this is the truth of each of you. However, within the veil of forgetting it is not at all simple, usually, to see the pattern except by hindsight. And that developing pattern is, with the yeast of spirit, beginning to create its own thought, its own energies, and its own patterns.

So we would say that the first work that each of you has to do, as part of this group and at this moment of focusing on things to do, is to be yourself and to work daily on the ongoing construction project that this instrument likes to visualize herself as being. Each entity is indeed the Creator. This instrument responded to someone saying that she was part of the Creator earlier today by saying that she acknowledged her godliness but noted that she was a very young god.

We would say that this is a good way to balance your realization. Know who you are but also realize that when you are moving from creatorship, as part of the creative principle, you truly do have the power of a god. See what you can do, my friends, to use that power well, lovingly, compassionately and wisely. Be persistent in your search for who you are beneath the personality shell, beneath the layers, at the interior of the heart which is the precinct of the Creator.

There is a hymn that this instrument often sings. it starts out, “Oh Jesus, thou art standing outside the fast-closed door.” 1 It is a hymn about our reluctance to open the door to the deepest truth of ourselves. We would turn this figure around, my friends, and suggest to you that the Christ is within your heart, at the very center of the holy of holies and waiting for you to knock.

Enter your own inner sanctum daily, if possible. Work with that muscular strength of silence. Allow all of those things at which you have not wanted to look, that rise up when you are silent, to arise. Gaze at them with affection and yet detachment, seeing them, noting them, sitting with them and allowing them to fall away.

This process may seem to be very unlike the ideal of that entity who goes into a deep meditative state and truly transcends thought. When that happens to you, my friends, it is a wonderful gift. But do not sneer or look down upon your efforts when they seem to have failed, when you seem to be full of junk thoughts that keep going and going like a broken record. When you are silent, your subconscious brings you gifts much like the kitty cats that bring unwanted rodents that they have killed to your feet and say, “Didn’t I do well? Pet me now for I have killed this for you.”

Such is the experience of many who enter the silence and they wonder why they are not experiencing that wonderful peace that work in silence supposedly brings one. For some entities, that is the experience. If it is not yet your experience, than please be patient with yourself and simply enter that silence daily without judging how well you are doing. We find that this instrument considers herself a terribly poor meditator and yet she also considers the work done in meditation to be the linchpin of her process.

How is it possible that the silence can work with such imperfect entities? My friends, it was intended that you be imperfect. You and your guidance system, before incarnation, selected not only your gifts and talents but your limitations and perceived faults. You wanted this opportunity to come and serve and yet also you wanted to do work in consciousness in the fiery furnace of planet Earth and consensus reality. You risked so much to come to planet Earth as an incarnated being because all that you knew before incarnation had a gentle but firm cover laid over it.

The one known as W was saying earlier that perhaps it is not always a good idea to look too deeply or too far past the incarnation at hand, and we would agree with this entity. Information about other places and other times, other lives and other work, is very interesting but as your knowledge base about what you have physically been through in other incarnations grows, we ask that you continue to identify yourself not with the stream of experiences that lead you here but with the present moment and all that that moment offers.

Secondly, we look through this instrument’s mind to find the concept that will help you see what you are as a group entity. Firstly, the power of your own awareness of yourself as a spiritual entity and a spark of the godhead principle makes it possible for you to begin to be a powerful person, metaphysically speaking. Our encouragement to you to begin any process with work on yourself goes back to the simple truth, that you have heard in so many different ways and from so many different sources, that you are all one being. You as a group are a hall of mirrors. You will see within this group, as within any group that attempts to move below the surface of polite conversation, projections coming to you, telling you about yourself. For each entity in the group, that mirroring effect will be very personal and intimate and we would not wish to interfere with your process. We would simply say that it is well to be aware, when you have so many kind, compassionate, honest and loving mirrors about you, of the gifts that you are given by those about you in this group as you interact.

Whatever your experiences in interacting, ponder them in your heart. See what they have to say to you and do that rebalancing that you came here to do bit by bit. Perhaps at the end of the day you might even sit down and take thought for the day. What were you thinking? What were the themes and the patterns of your process this day? What totem spoke to you? What messenger came your way? Use the guidance that your seeking for the truth has brought to you and know that the instant that you ask for help, help is being given.

It is not our part to make suggestions as to how you shall create projects or environments that will help to awaken the planet of which you are a part. It is only known that this is your time, your moment, and your opportunity. Be aware, in the times to come, when you are attempting to manifest what you have begun in these two days, that each entity within this group wishes to be part of your physical support system. Communicate with each other as you find it possible to do so, moving always deeper, as the one known as J would say, coming to more simplicity and clarity.

This instrument was speaking earlier of unseen help and we would encourage you to lean into that unseen help, for each of you has attracted to yourself not only the entities that each soul has, not only the entity of the higher self or the holy spirit, as this instrument calls it, but also the wanderers among this group have an extended family from their home planet that also have, if they can lean into it and believe it, the support and the encouragement even of those wanderers who are still asleep. For you are connected in other densities.

Can you wake them up? It is your not your place. Can you offer seeds? It is your place. Offering seeds does not infringe upon free will. You may scatter the seeds of thought freely without being concerned that you are infringing upon free will. The essence of sowing the seed is to cast it to the wind, not being concerned at all about where it lands or how it grows.

Realize that, as you lean into this unseen help and as each within this circle does the same thing, there will be activated a tremendous amount of consciousness in the unseen realms. This help is powerful to [have.] Indeed, as this instrument was saying earlier, you are already living on borrowed time and doing so very effectively. Each of you has done much to anchor light. Each of you is a light worker. And that energy that each of you has put out in simple and unconditional love and support for the planet and its people has enabled the energies of fourth density to interpenetrate third density without kicking off the polar shift that at some point is inevitable.

Instead, the shift has been occurring little by little by little, because of your love, because of your work.

Please realize that it is rather like matching funds, if you will, when you donate and your company also donates and so forth. When you work, when you give, when you stop the analyzing and the worrying and rest in knowing that all is well and that you are alive and present at this moment, you are helping not only yourself but the global community. Unknown [to each other,] groups such as yours are forming all over the globe at this time. So lean into that as well, identifying yourself not as the saviors of Earth but as those who have been touched with the flame of the spirit.

Each of you has had a different tongue of fire touch their heads and bring them alive and awake to spirit. Each of you has a different story to tell and each of your stories is valuable and will open up the consciousness of those to whom you tell your story. Know that about yourself and if entities ask you, bear witness, not to a dogma or an “ism” or even your favorite philosophical Law of One, as this instrument calls it. But simply wait for entities to ask you. And when they ask you, share that which it comes to you to share, knowing that the right words will come to you in that moment.

We would at this time ask if there are follow-up questions. We are those of Q’uo. Is there a query at this time?

[You seem] reluctant to give us any specific guidance as to the various possibilities that we’ve been looking at. The one that comes most prominently to mind are the rights to the writings that are currently mired with the Schiffer Publishing Company. Can you speak to that at all, as to the steps that might be taken if necessary for that to be reacquired by L/L Research?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We cannot speak directly to that query as it is a portion of the active process of several within this room at this time. There are ethical considerations here which far outweigh our desire to share information. We very much feel that part of this group’s story is the opportunity to craft a creation that speaks to each of you or to craft creations that together make a pattern that satisfies the larger needs of the group. We would not interfere with your free will choices in this. We have the ability to look at probability/possibility vortices. We can predict, to some extent, what may happen in the future. But it does not interest us to do so on this point. We wish greatly to preserve entirely the range of your free will as individuals and also as a group working within third density.

We ask [you] to realize what you are basically attempting to do. As a spiritually-oriented group, and one whose dedication to the polarity of service to others is absolute, as a group you are a crystal. And when a crystal is composite and made up of more than one element, it becomes a very interesting structure. See yourself individually as a lighthouse or that which radiates light, but as well see the group of which you are a part this day as a composite crystal that accumulates power and allows it [to] shine forth as it will.

It is very difficult to walk that razor’s edge between using your will from the yellow-ray position and making things happen, and allowing the energy to move up into the heart and from that heart into the blue-ray chakra and so forth. For you are attempting to work with blue, green and indigo in your chakra system in bringing forth and manifesting spiritually oriented information without significant distortion.

We would simply suggest that you have confidence in yourselves. Know that everything that has gone into bringing you here today is going to be useful. It is not clear yet, obviously, how entities shall combine for the larger good and yet we feel that your attempt to do this creates for you a vortex of fourth-density energy that is substantial. You are attempting to live and to move by higher principles. This, as this instrument said earlier, is protected work.

Resting in that protection, then, fearless as far as what you shall do next, you have only to relax into the conversation and the ideas, always working for a focus that simplifies and simplifies again that which the one known as B called a mission statement. Be aware that it is very powerful to create an intention.

Also, we would suggest to you a concept that is somewhat difficult to grasp but is perhaps helpful to consider. There is, globally speaking, among your people at this time, the rising of a concept that is a new paradigm. It cannot be developed by one group. It must be developed by groups of groups such as this one. Do not push it or pull it! But know that it is growing and see what you can do to tune into the melody not yet heard, the poem not yet written.

May we answer you further, my brother?

I would ask that you be with each of us, to assist us in the process of self-discovery. Redouble your presence in our lives so that each of us can increase the level of perception from which we view.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your request, my brother. May we say what a privilege it is to be asked to do so! We are most happy to be with any of you if you will ask for us mentally as you go into meditation. We have found ourselves to be fairly good at being an undertone that helps to stabilize your own meditative state. We do not attempt to communicate with you individually, usually, for we do not want to break into that personality shell of yours with our somewhat powerful energy. But undergirding your own efforts is something that we can do without any fear of infringement upon free will and it is our delight and our privilege to be with each of you if you call upon us.

Indeed, if you call upon guidance in general, you will be surprised what a number of witnesses form around you to support you, lift you up, and bring you to clarity. We thank you, my brother, for that request and would be happy to do so.

Is there another query at this time?

Is it appropriate to use the traditional media of television and radio and internet to achieve our goals of broadcasting the information, of planting the seeds, as you said earlier?

We are those of Q’uo, my brother, and believe we understand your query. It seems to us a fair and lovely thing for each of you to use the tools which you know to craft that which is your very best effort at sharing the light and the awareness that lie within you. We find all that this group has discussed this day to be appropriate. We do not have any desire to limit you in how you wish to present the information. We would only say to you that to balance the intensive dedication of each of you to manifesting, it is a good idea to spend a significant amount of your time becoming aware of the present moment, relaxing all tension or worry, and simply spending time knowing that all is well and that all will be well. Lighten up and find the light touch, the laughter, the bliss, and the joy that are only available when you are focusing on the present moment. Have fun with this, my friends, just as we are having the time of our lives working with you.

May we answer you further, my brother?

Is there any way that we can help you?

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother, for that query. You are already helping us tremendously. We offer our service at this time, speaking through instruments such as this, or simply being with those who are awakening if they ask for our presence, if their asking for guidance is coming in on an energy which is compatible with our own. Consequently, moments such as this when we are able to share our thoughts with you are precisely what we hope to be able to do. So you are giving us our hearts’ desire in helping us to serve the Creator. And for this we deeply thank you and honor you.

Is there a final query at this time?

Is there anything else that we can do to increase our awareness and focus?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. There is an endless supply of things that you can do to purify and refine your consciousness.

For each of you there is unique path. There are some key things you have in common. Silence is one of them. The structure of the human organism is such that you are basically dealing with a hybrid, in terms of mental activity. There is a portion of your mental makeup that is the great-ape biocomputer which comes with your body. It came from the factory that way, shall we say. You have a perfectly good decision-making brain and it follows instinctual pathways that are as clear as the pathways of deer or other large mammals as they walk to water and have their routines for finding food.

See what you can do to become more and more aware of your own patterns, your own territories, and your own geography within. It really boils down to becoming more and more aware of who you are. The truth lies within you already, undistorted, whole and perfect. This instrument, because of her mystical nature, has spent a good bit of time in states in which she is completely aware of the perfection of the pattern. She has often expressed that it is almost irritating to have those time of absolute clarity because, like all mountaintop experiences, they cannot be brought back as a gift to those who live in the valley. Just like speaking in tongues, the experience of alternate states is, while a wonderful gift, not that which you can manifest for others’ use.

But when those times come for you, when you have moments of clarity, find the discipline and remember to dwell in thankfulness for the gifts that you have received. As you dwell in gratitude and thankfulness, you create an atmosphere or an environment within your electrical body, within your chakra system, as this instrument would say, that encourages further awareness. And just like your Earth, you are an ever-expanding organism. However, you are expanding into the metaphysical realm, rather than into the physical realm.

As your life moves towards its appropriate and condign end, [as] you continue working and creating more awareness within yourself, you are tending your garden. You are nurturing your own seeds so that you can pick an apple out of your own tree of shared experience and storytelling. Eat it with relish and drop the seeds as you go.

[Side one of tape ends.]

If I may ask one more question: it would seem to me that in addition to the information that you share with us, there is an unspoken invitation, almost as if it was an induction, inviting us to rise to the vibration, to the point, from which you view so that we may feel and see what you feel and see. Could you speak to that?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. You offer an interesting question, my brother, because, in order to balance our response, we must say two things that are self-contradictory. We ourselves are not afraid of paradox, for we find that paradox is the natural environment of spiritual growth.

It is very well for you to enter into our state of mind and we share it with you freely, wholly and entirely, although not by words as much as simply by our presence, and we believe that was what you had in mind. That which you feel, as this group pulls in the energy of our social memory complexes, is that which can be taken away, examined, and contemplated. You are most welcome to do so.

At the same time, as this instrument was saying earlier, especially for wanderers, it is very important that each entity come down into the planetary miasma and plant the feet firmly on the soil and the earth of Earth.

Take the outer looks of the political, economic and social systems of your culture lightly when doing this grounding work. For you did not come necessarily to change the outer picture. You came to assist with the harvest of planet Earth. That harvest is moving merrily along on its own and, as you do whatever you do to serve with a clarity of intention and a passionate engagement, you are moving ahead with your own program and your own process.

Thusly, be, as this instrument remembers from her Bible studies, innocent and wise. 2 We believe that the combination is not foreign to your nature, my brother. Nor is it foreign to the nature of any here. Be the dove and at the same time use your wisdom.

We are going to leave this instrument at this time for we perceive that there may well be more queries later and we would preserve her somewhat fragile balance of health, which is at this time excellent. Therefore, with many thanks and humblest gratitude to each of you, we would leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Carla: This song was written by W. W. Howe in 1867. The message of the song can be taken better by people who do not enjoy working with the concept of a person named Jesus if they substitute “unconditional love” for “Jesus” and “lightworkers” for “Christians.” I also apologize for the 19th-century, politically incorrect use of “brothers,” where clearly the plea goes out to brethren and sisteren both! This is the first verse:

    O Jesus, thou art standing outside the fast-closed door, In lowly patience waiting to pass the threshold o’er. Shame on us, Christian brothers, his name and sign who bear, O shame, thrice shame, upon us who keep him standing there.

  2. Holy Bible, Gospel of Matthew 10:16: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”