Question from K: I would like to thank you for your presence and assistance. I would appreciate it if you would comment on the intentions my soul chose in coming into this incarnation. At this point in my life I wonder what I’m doing here. I feel I may be a sixth-density wanderer, but whether I am or not, I would appreciate any comments you might have, looking at my situation and offering me any information that might be right or helpful to me.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day.


We are again with this instrument, having paused while this instrument pushed the buttons that create more volume in her speaker-phone. We hope that this change has enabled the one known as K to hear better.

We are with this instrument. We are those known to you as Q’uo. My sister, it is a great privilege and pleasure to be asked to join your circle of seeking at this time, and as well, we thank the ones known as Jim and Carla for being part of this beautiful, blended, sacred space of intention and energy. It is very good to share energy with you at this time and to join with you as we attempt to weave some thoughts that may respond in a helpful way to your query.

Parenthetically, we would like to thank the one known as Carla for attempting to word questions in such a way that we are most effectively able to respond in a way that is perceived by the questioner to be helpful and to create a good resource for further exploration and study. 1 We are indeed very sensitive, as this instrument has said, to the wording of questions as well as to the energy behind that wording. Because of our sincere and deeply rooted interest in preserving the integrity of your own process, my sister, we are careful not to respond to active questions in such a way as to remove their activity within your process.

The one known as Carla had received a statement from the one known as K that she felt that she may be a sixth-density wanderer. The one known as Carla had written back to the one known as K that it might be better to state, “I am a sixth density wanderer. Can you confirm this?”

We would like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation of these differences in the wording. The one known as Carla is indeed correct, that we would have been unable to confirm a question about being a wanderer in which there was any lack of certainty of that status expressed or inferred. However, we find that the solution that the one known as Carla and the one known as K reached is far better than either of the first two statements. For the one known as K has taken the opportunity to release that question from the stricture of depending upon her wanderer status. Therefore, we are free to respond in the fullest way possible, given the contents of the particular area of concern for the one known as K.

We hope that this excursion into parenthetical information such as this is helpful not only to the one known as K but to others who are attempting to form questions for the discernment of a channeling source such as ours. Little things are indeed important and every word needs to be considered before you place a question into the consciousness of one such as we who is not overly familiar with words and therefore must be very literal and [use] every caution when it comes to interpreting questions.

In gazing at the agenda, shall we say, of your higher self and your soul, as you, together, prepared for your insertion into incarnation upon planet Earth, we find that you and your guidance system created an exquisitely balanced and effectual plan for your incarnation.

It is often the case, when an entity asks us concerning the progress of an incarnational plan, that there is a certain amount of expectation, on the part of the soul asking the question, that there will be a fairly steady rhythm of activity throughout the incarnation, which has a fairly single, simple, unitary direction.

When a period of significant length occurs within an incarnation where there is no perceived activity or forward motion, we find that it is quite normal and quite understandable, in fact, for the entity to question whether the incarnational plan is still on track.

We can confirm to the one known as K that her energies, her agenda, and the structure that she has prepared for herself for what she and those present would call your future are on task, on target, and resting in the loving and compassionate hands that hold you, together with your guidance system, in an embrace of creative love, light and thought.

The challenges of the first portion of the lifetime have been addressed. There is ongoing to this entity a series of excursions exploring avenues of learning as well as avenues of further service to the one infinite Creator as well as [to the] entities which surround the one known as K.

There are times in any entity’s incarnation when there is perceived to be a time of waiting. We find in this instrument’s mind that her opinion is that waiting times are the hardest times of all. Even when one is fighting for one’s life, if one is active, one does not have the concern and the worry which is present when one is unable to do anything. The culture of which you are a part is most fond of doing things. It is used to activity. When there is energy being expended in the doing, it is easier for entities such as this instrument to rest in the knowledge that all that can be done is being done. This is very comforting to this instrument.

Conversely, when there does not seem to be anything to do in a certain situation and it seems as if the only reasonable response is simply to wait for further information or inspiration, time hangs heavy. It is easy to begin to doubt the self and to wonder whether one is still pursuing with all possible speed and urgency the good work that [one] has been given during the incarnation to do.

We would ask the one known as K to look beneath the surface of times of waiting such as the one through which she is now going. Encourage within yourself, my sister, the faith that you are on target and on task. Fortifying your own self-confidence and faith within yourself will create a freedom within you that releases you from concern and worry. We believe this shift in your frame of mind will, in and of itself, be very helpful in recreating the atmosphere and environment in which you live and move, in terms of your mental and emotional processes, and make it far more easy for you to rest, spiritually and metaphysically speaking, within the structure of safety and guidance that your open and loving heart offers to you.

Become more aware, as you are given the light to do so, of the several different energies moving into and through your life at this time. There are threads of thought that you may helpfully pursue in terms of your own spiritual evolution. As well, there are energies within your life that are concluding the bulk of their relevance to your service at this time. And, as is to be expected, at the same time there are threads of thoughts and ideas concerning possible directions which are new to you or somewhat novel to you, in terms of service to others, that are opening and coming into your life at this time for you to consider as possible ways for you to create and re-create your own unique and special brand of love and service to the Creator and to the people around you.

Please be aware, my sister, that it is misleading, when thinking of your planetary agenda, to overemphasize the work of that agenda. To put it another way, some of the activities of your agenda are not activities involved in doing. They are activities increasingly involved, as you mature spiritually within incarnation, in being.

There are qualities to the essence of your nature that are clear, clarion and of the utmost beauty. You have, as one of your goals within incarnation, hoped increasingly to refine that beauty. Your criticism of yourself has been that you have too highly colored your soul nature through subtle biases which are extremely attractive and aesthetically lovely. However, your own suggestion to yourself before incarnation involved reexamining the coloration of some of these beautiful energies which you possess.

You wished to find within yourself the very heart and center of these beautiful aspects, cleansing from them excessive coloration and instead welcoming into these aspects of yourself an increasing amount of transparency that is able to carry the full energy of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. You were, in other words, hoping to refine your signal and to increase its power.

We are speaking of you as if you were a radio station or some sort of signal attempting to beam out into the surrounding space. This is, in fact, the case except that you are working in time/space, or the metaphysical universe, as you work with the qualities of your being. Therefore, we would suggest not that you reject or criticize any part of yourself but that you look at and evaluate each aspect of yourself in an ongoing and fairly light-hearted matter, gathering information, observing patterns in your thinking and slowly becoming aware at an ever deeper level of the overarching and undergirding aspects of self that reflect up into your everyday expression but have their roots in soul and spirit energies that redound into the invisible realms which shake off space and time and dwell, rather, in eternity.

In sum, we would simply ask you to have full faith in yourself. You are exactly correct in saying that whether or not you are a wanderer you still request the same information. And that is something that we would share with all who are aware of their wanderer nature. Please be aware that there are very special aspects of your being that you carry because of your previous experience in higher densities. However, please also be aware that in accepting the challenge of incarnation on planet Earth in third density at this time, you have localized and grounded your soul energies into a very specific place, time and structure. You now are part of the tribe of planet Earth. Its destiny is your own. Its lessons are yours to express.

You may well have an enhanced ability to understand, mentally and abstractly, the gist of the challenge of choice that is the work of all who are in third density at this time. No matter what your prior status, however, you now have the common task of responding to the challenge of choice. What shall your choice be: the radiance of service to others or the magnetism of service to self?

We know that the one known as K has chosen, and chosen with a great purity of dedication. Therefore, it only remains to awaken each day with the realization that this is the day for expressing that choice. This is the opportunity to live the love and the light of the one infinite Creator in every breath, thought and action that shall never come again.

Coming into the present moment and remembering who you are and why you are here are the two key concepts that we feel we may leave with you at this time. They are simple. They are not new. And yet to come into the present moment and to know who you are are two keys of remembering and affirming that ground you into reality. That is the best possible environment for your spiritual growth.

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, you often comment that a major lesson for many wanderers who are incarnated right now in third density is to balance love and wisdom. You have often referred to Jehoshua, the Christ, as demonstrating the highest expression of love but perhaps not [of] wisdom. Is there any example of someone known to us in third density who has balanced love and wisdom?

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. You will pardon us if we spend some time working with this instrument’s breath and swallowing as she is dealing with a sinus infection at this time and we must take pains to clear her air passages at times.


Sorting through this instrument’s mind to see the characters on the world stage of whom she is aware, we would choose two entities about whom to speak with you this day. The first is the [one known as] Lao-Tzu. In terms of personal details, this entity is lost in the fabric of pre-history, having been a part of an ancient culture at a time when that culture was far closer to its heyday. The writings of this teacher were cryptic and brief and yet we would recommend them to one who wishes to look for the twin strains of love and wisdom appearing in a balanced manner. 2 The characteristic of such energy reflected into third density is that characteristic known as paradox or self-contradiction. You may fruitfully see those characteristics played out in this entity’s writing.

In the balance between love and wisdom, there is always the quality of paradox. The key to understanding such writings within third density is to focus on the common ground that is held by both self-contradictory ways of thinking that are the dynamics of a particular bit of writing. When you look for the commonality in such dynamics, you can begin to see the direction of thinking which is the special province of one who is working with the concept of the unifying principle undergirding both love and wisdom.

The other character whose name we would mention at this time is that of Mahatma Gandhi. 3 This entity was an entity which came into incarnation to work upon that balance between love and wisdom as a sixth-density wanderer. This entity worked substantially in his early life in areas of fairness and justice. At a later point in this entity’s life he founded a spiritual community. And in the third phase of this entity’s life he worked to ground an entire nation of diverse people in that sweet spot or common area that is indwelt both by love and wisdom.

He found ways to encourage fairness and justice while never releasing concerns for love itself. In the writings and actions of this entity also lie valuable lessons in the keys to combining love and wisdom in creative and sustainable ways.

Is there another query at this time?

In our last session, you gave very detailed information on how to contact my guidance system and I do thank you. However, these instructions rely heavily on the capacity to visualize and this is an ability that is very difficult for me. I most frequently cannot accomplish it. Could you please comment on whether you perceive any difficulty or malfunction in my capacity to visualize? And could you please offer any guidance on how to increase this ability? I’ve tried over many years to cultivate this ability because intuition and higher psychic ability seem to rely heavily on visualization skills. I feel very frustrated in this quest and I feel this lack of skill really impedes my growth.

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. Our first concern is to assure you that you are not impeded in your growth because of a perceived difficulty in visualization ability. If that were so, my sister, this instrument would have joined you as she herself has almost no native ability to visualize.

We realize that this statement may seem less than clear to you since it is this instrument’s experience in visualizing her working place that we used in speaking to you about creating your own place of working. However, it is true that this instrument does not have a native capacity to achieve a three-dimensional visualization. If she attempts to visualize, for instance, a map of how to get somewhere, she is almost certain to be 90 degrees wrong. Not completely [i.e. 180 degrees] wrong but more confusedly than that, only 90 degrees wrong. She has demonstrated this again and again in her driving skills.

Similarly, she is not able to visualize, mentally, a three-dimensional structure such as a cube or circle and then rotate or work with it visually as do those who work with solid geometry. As well, she is not able, when shown the blueprint of a machine or of a house, to be able to use that information. There is, in fact, a block that she set in place before incarnation concerning doing these things. She has never questioned the block because she works around it. It has not seemed to her to be worthy of question. Indeed, we would agree with her. On the level at which she is working, there is no need for her to understand anything about why she would have placed these limitations within her mind.

We do not suggest that you begin a search for why this is true of you as well. We would rather suggest that you, like this instrument, find ways to work around the limitations of your mental abilities.

Now, how does one work around the inability to visualize in any linear or literal way? What we have suggested to this instrument before and what we suggest to you now is that you retain confidence in yourself when you receive a very small piece of information. When, for instance, you are attempting to visualize your favorite place, it is not necessary for you to make up a place, it is only necessary for you to choose your favorite place and then to accept that place as you know it and as you can see it, as an acceptable version or vision of that about which you are working.

When you are attempting to see your guidance system, you may take a very small impression or hunch about the nature of your guidance system. Trust that much and speak it out to yourself, either mentally or by writing the information down. Say you have simply received the impression that this is a male entity. Given that you were asking to see the male aspect of your guidance system, this may not seem to be a very important piece of information. But it is what has been able to come through the veil to your consciousness. It is a gift. Accept it. You have a male. You can sketch in your mind the clothing and appearance of a male of uncertain age. You have that much.

Use that much, not asking for more but being open to more. Each time that you invoke that male portion of your guidance system, you shall perhaps receive just a bit more of an impression. Whatever you receive, ground it by repeating it, writing it, or otherwise becoming familiar with it. Trust it, accept it, and act on it. By repetition you will gradually be awakening and sharpening your ability to see in ways that you have not seen before.

This instrument almost never receives a clear, inner, visual picture of what she is doing or to whom she is talking. She accepts the impressions that she is given, and as we have said, by repetition she has begun to become able to accept the basic images that are a part of her visualization process as given and then to make note of anything new that she may see in the visualization process. And, indeed, we use the term “see” in a non-literal sense.

For instance, this instrument had the impression [during tuning for the session today,] when she called forth her male and female guidance—those aspects of the Holy Spirit, in other words, that have to do with love and with wisdom—that both the male and the female figures were wearing white. And, indeed, they were not wearing dresses and pants, they were both wearing robes. This instrument did not question this impression but spoke to herself, saying that she felt that this probably indicated that the entity that was connected with the channeling—that is, the one known as K—was in essence a priest or a spiritually mature, magical being that was calling for information on the level of a priest or a ceremonial magician. This created a feeling of great comfort and sympathy within this instrument because she herself is of a priestly and magical nature although she is not a practicing priest nor does she practice ceremonial magic. Her basic nature, however, is one which is comfortable with the specifically spiritual or monastic in energy, in service, and in learning.

It is this kind of patient, slow working, depending heavily on repetition, that we believe will open up to you the skill and the art of interior impressions and how to record them within your conscious mind. You might perhaps be helped in this regard by an experience this instrument has had recently with Rudolph Steiner’s Eurhythmic Dance. 4 Part of the system of dance that is called Eurhythmy is a practice of moving rhythmically across a large space, going forward, focusing on making certain motions and sounds. At the end of doing that particular exercise, the end of that exercise is involved in moving backwards without looking over one’s shoulder. One walks backward to the place from which one began, which is a chair, and one then sits without looking for that chair. The first time this instrument did this, she sat down rather abruptly on the floor. The second time this instrument did this, she knew enough to feel with her legs when she got to the place where she thought the chair was for where the chair was.

Indeed, it turned out that this instrument has a tendency to sway off to the left of a chair when she is moving backwards. This instrument realized that, having two stress fractures in her right foot, she was limping a bit and therefore moving away from a straight line backwards.

[Side one of tape ends.]

Telling herself please to compensate for this out-of-balance condition of the physical body, she was able on her third try to touch the edge of the chair with the back of her knees and was able therefore to sit down safely to begin the next part of this dancing exercise. Through repetition this instrument has begun to feel as though she can see the chair that is behind her. It is as though this aspect of the Steiner exercises has awakened the vision in her back.

Logically, linearly speaking, there is no vision in the back of the head or in the back. Nevertheless, the Steiner exercise is slowly working to increase her ability and the ability of her very human body to be aware of the environment about it.

We hope that this discussion has provided the one known as K with sufficient inklings and ideas that she may follow through with that so that she is able to become more comfortable and to make more progress with this way of seeing. It is indeed a kind of seeing that your culture does not recognize at all. There is nothing in the life experience of your culture that would help you to awaken the visualization ability. The things within your culture that are more able than others to awaken the ability to visualize are the reading of stories and the imagination that creates the seeing of those stories coming alive in one’s head. Telling oneself one’s own stories is a very helpful exercise in awakening the visualizing ability.

Most of all, it is well simply to trust the self and to trust the impressions of information which are given by the self to the self when in a focused state.

May we ask if there are any follow-up queries at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you again, as always. And no, I don’t have any follow ups. You have been very helpful.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware that you were speaking, my sister, but this instrument’s ears were not able to pick up that which you said. May we ask if you could repeat that which you said before? We are those of Q’uo.

Yes, of course. I was saying, thank you, the answers that you gave were very helpful and complete and I appreciate your service very much. And everybody else who is present, especially Carla and Jim. And no, I have no further follow-ups at this time.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware that you do not have any follow-up queries at this time. In that case, my sister, may we let our hearts overflow with our thanks to you. It has been such a pleasure to be with you, to share the energies of this group, and to rest in your sacred space that you have created together in this circle of seeking.

Thank you for allowing us to share our humble opinions with you. As always, we would ask that you guard your own thoughts carefully and not listen to any of our thoughts if they do not seem to you very resonant, lively and useful. If you will guard your own perceptions and discriminate carefully between thoughts that are helpful and those which need to be left behind, we cannot express our appreciation enough, for that clears us of our concern that we might infringe upon your free will.

We leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai. Adonai.

  1. Carla had worked carefully with K to get the best possible wording of her main question. The final version was accepted fairly close to the start of the session. 

  2. Two web sites that seem useful are these. For information about Lao-Tzu, use this site, When you are ready to dip into the text, use this site,

  3. A website on Gandhi that seems good to me (Carla) is

  4. A good web site for becoming familiar with Rudolph Steiner’s Eurhythmy is