Question from E: Carl Jung’s book, Personality Types, which was published in 1929, and Kathryn Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers’ subsequent development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality preferences of Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or iNtuition, 1 Thinking or Feeling, and Judging or Perceiving are used to describe sixteen different personality types. I believe that the sixteen MBTI personality types are indicative of the personality shells referred to by Q’uo in prior meditations. Can you confirm this? Would you offer any comments that you feel might be helpful in this issue?

(Carla channeling)

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose service we come to you this day.

We thank the one known as E for calling this circle of seeking together. It is a privilege to join the circle. We thank you for the beauty of your beings and for the energy and will that it takes to create this kind of moment where a circle of seeking may be called. It is our privilege to speak with you. We will attempt to share our opinions with you as we can.

Please be aware, as always, that we very much hope that you will use the utmost discrimination in listening to what we have to say. Work with any thoughts that may appeal to you but if there is any question in your mind as to the opinion that we offer, then we would suggest that you put it aside without a second thought. For you are not well-advised to follow the authority of anyone. Rather, you are well-advised to follow the resonance of your own discrimination, to pick up those things which seem good to you and to leave behind those things which do not. We thank you for this consideration. It will enable us to speak freely without being concerned that we will infringe upon your free will or interfere with your process.

The phrase, “personality shell,” is one which we have encouraged this instrument to use without ever having, to our knowledge, made a careful attempt at defining precisely in what a personality shell may consist. We gather that your request is aimed at discovering more about this term, personality shell, especially as it may resemble the sixteen types of the personality traits in combination that the Myers-Briggs test offers as its sixteen ways of describing various personality types.

We may say that there is a rough correspondence between the phrase, personality shell, and the general concept of the MBTI test. Indeed, any of your tests designed to differentiate between different types of ways that entities process information and come to decisions fulfills the rough designation of an examination of the personality shell. However, there is no more than a rough correspondence for the reason that a personality shell is the entire structure of an entity, whereas tests test certain aspects of a personality that seem to be helpful to measure.

When we use the phrase, [personality shell,] the attempt to measure the personality is not present in our use of that word. To us, the term, personality shell, is indicative of a loose collection of items that have been selected from the 360 degrees of your infinite or eternal soul or spirit.

You have experienced many things through many incarnations. You have gained in life experiences and in the long list of deeds well-done and those deeds which upon reflection after incarnation you have decided to revisit in future incarnations. [These] make up the whole of what we have before called that suitcase full of gifts and limitations which you have chosen as your garments, shall we say, for the dressing of your personality in this incarnation.

The ways that the Myers-Briggs test looks at characteristics of a personality can be seen to be extremely helpful, as the one known as E has said, for determining in a short amount of time a substantive and sturdy bit of information that offers keys to the entity who has taken such a test.

It is not the view that we see when we gaze at the personality shell of an entity because, as we said, we do not measure in the same way. We see into each entity’s surface mind and down into that mind to the extent that we are allowed and that we are able. Those are two separate qualifications. In the first place, some entities have extremely closely-controlled minds and they have spent a certain amount of time defending their territory or energy field, which the consciousness or the thinking of that being has created.

Most entities among your peoples are not well-defended in terms of their thoughts and the structure of their personality and therefore they are fairly transparent to those such as we who see or sense into the qualities of the various combinations of energies that make up your energy pattern. You might see this in terms of colors and shapes. We certainly do.

We do not have to analyze or think about what we see because we are used to viewing energies in this way as pure vibration, and, therefore, it is second nature to us to see you in this way, whereas it is more difficult for us to enter into your language and to find specific information within your minds.

We gaze at this question for those items on which we may speak further to you that might be a resource in considering this question of what the personality shell is. We believe that we have expressed the concept that the personality shell, as we use that term, is not only a selection of personality traits such as preferences and ways to acquire information and process information but also includes items that are difficult to categorize to a mind such as we find this instrument to have. She does not grasp how you would characterize or categorize limitations, certain placements of limitation, and so forth. The placement of limitation has a special niche in the personality shell.

Many of those among your peoples in incarnation at this time have placed certain stoppages or limitations that will keep them from moving too far along an extreme towards an end that is not desired by the soul or spirit. An example of this is this instrument’s lifelong dynamic of frail and fragile health. This instrument carefully placed in its personality shell before incarnation a limitation that would come forward whenever this instrument chose, of her own free will, to move into a physical activity to the extent that she was unable to pursue a daily, inner, meditative and contemplative side. When this instrument has in the past developed such an aggressive and ambitious program of physical activity that it has found itself unable to feed its deeper needs in terms of contemplation and meditation, the physical body has simply broken down.

There are entities who have not placed this stoppage in their personality shell because they do not have the personality setup that this instrument created for herself before incarnation. For each entity, there will be a completely different dynamic, undoubtedly a different incarnational balance that needs to be followed and therefore a completely unique way of limiting unwanted activity within the spiritual process.

This is the kind of hidden material that a test such as the one known as E has been studying cannot cover and could not be expected ever to cover because of the fact that the means of instrumentation for recording such preferences [does not exist,] since they are unknown in any conscious way to the entity within incarnation. It would be impossible to gather this information.

Further, the personality shell, as it is brought in at the beginning of incarnation, is organized not in terms of characteristics but in terms of energy center originations. There are some energies that are especially adapted to red ray, some that are adapted to orange ray, some to yellow ray, and so forth, through all of the colors of the various energy centers. 2

In many cases, what seems on the surface to be one characteristic is in actuality an entire octave 3 of characteristics because of the fact that that characteristic coming from red ray is of one coloration, coming from orange ray is of another coloration, and so forth.

May we ask if there is a follow-up query before we move on to your next question, my brother? We are those of the Q’uo.

No, thank you, Q’uo, I understand your words.

[Reading from E’s questions.]

“Second question: I believe that the various paths of spiritual growth identified by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jane Kise’s book, Looking at Type and Spirituality, are indicative of the various paths to spiritual growth and possibility evolution for our personality shells. Can you confirm this?”

We are those of the principle known to you as Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Because this study is a portion of your active process at this time, we are not able to infringe upon your own judgment by making a judgment of our own.

We would simply say that we feel that all of the study that you have engaged yourself in doing has been helpful in your process and we would encourage you to continue searching and seeking for the truth within the folds of the illusions which reveal and yet conceal so much of the infinity of the human whole in potentiation.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

I can understand how this would be helpful to me to continue the study, but would it be helpful to others?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We believe that, in general, a careful and thoughtful consideration of the nature of the self is always healthful and helpful in the outworking of a spiritual process within incarnation.

We find that, depending upon the nature of the central core of the personality, shall we say, and, further, the nature of the training of the mind of that entity in terms of intellectual training, the information involved in the study of psychological types is very variable in its helpfulness.

To one kind of person, looking at the self in genuine pondering, musing and questioning, such information is powerful material and conducive to helpful reflection. We find that in other cases, there is almost no interest in this kind of information because the entity who is working through the study of his or herself is looking at the self from a non-materialistic way.

In general, those who work analytically and mentally will find the study of psychology and psychological types to be far more helpful than those who are what this instrument would call mystics or spiritual students of the kind that this instrument would call chelas, under the guidance of a guru or teacher. 4

For those who are focused on a guru or a beloved teacher of some kind, the only truly helpful information involving personality is that information given by the very being or presence of the teacher. Caught within the unspoken wholeness of this entity’s presence lies the entire whole of the information that is interesting to that type of personality.

To move to the extreme of this type of personality, there is an entity such as this instrument which does not accept any guru or teacher except the Creator Itself, in the guise of the Christ, which this instrument has come to know not only from its culture and its religious training but from personal experience.

Whether an entity is of the type, such as this instrument, who puts a face on the Creator or whether an entity which is of the mystical type is of that type of personality which does not require any personal information in order to be devoted to the infinite Creator, the Creator Itself is the image, the icon, and the entire information database, shall we say, that such a mystical person needs in order to investigate the self.

On the one hand, an analytical entity is moving into pondering itself as a self, possibly a Creator. On the other hand, a mystical entity of a non-analytical type is moving into the self from the energy of the Creator, moving or reaching up into that area which is called the gateway to intelligent infinity, which in terms of the physical body is placed at the top of the head and is generally called the eighth chakra or the crown chakra.

The call, then, is from the Creator downward and the entity is pulling into the self that knowing that moves beyond all analysis. It is to this type of entity that information will come in a conceptual form rather than in an analyzable form.

The beauty of this kind of personality in terms of receiving information of a helpful, spiritual nature is that it is received in relatively intact form. The limitation of this kind of information is that it is difficult to translate into words, and therefore it is difficult in some cases to analyze in such a way that one may see the composite parts of the structure of thought that are involved in the concept.

Similarly, the value of analysis and measurement is that it is very clear and offers substantive information that can be picked up and used in third density. It fits language and it works in the space/time continuum, in consensus reality. The limitation of moving from analysis, study and research into a knowledge of the self is that it will forever escape the reach of analysis to comprehend or “feel” into the texture and the sense of self that comes from an acceptance of the self as part of the Creator, and, therefore, an acceptance of the whole of the self without understanding the way that that whole can be analyzed or divided up in the most skillful or intelligent manner.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, Q’uo, I appreciate the examples of the various processes of the seekers. It has helped me understand better.

[Reading from E’s questions.]

“I believe that I am a wanderer and that my son, H, and daughter, M, are wanderers. Can you confirm this? Please offer any comments you feel may be helpful to me to ponder in dealing with this facet of my personal history and those of my family on Earth.”

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We may indeed confirm that each of those whom you have mentioned is a wanderer. As always, when we offer this kind of information, we do wish to seat it in our understanding of what it means at this time to be a wanderer upon planet Earth.

Many are the wanderers who have not awakened as they hoped to awaken within the dream of incarnation upon your planet. For those who have not awakened, it means nothing to be a wanderer on the planet Earth. Without the awakening into a realization that there is a larger perspective than the one offered by the culture in which you all are embedded, the usefulness of the knowledge of being a wanderer has not yet taken effect.

Once a wanderer has awakened within that dream of consensus reality and has become aware that he is a child of eternity and that he has come into limitation and finitude for carefully worked-out reasons, then it is helpful to realize that one is a wanderer. It is extremely helpful in that it enables one to deal in a sensible and rational fashion with certain feelings of isolation, abandonment and distaste that are often the concomitant experiences of wanderers who have moved into third density in order to serve and to learn.

It is very helpful for entities to realize why they feel out of place on planet Earth. They feel out of place because they have come from elsewhere, and this is in some cases a new experience. In other cases [it is] not a brand new experience but certainly an experience that does not match those memories of times long past when the vibrations were of a higher density and the conditions of living were more attractive in some ways.

Once an entity becomes aware of the reasons for feelings of alienation and loss it is far easier for that entity to review that which he knows about his estate and to attempt to recover the essence of his determination to make the choice to enter incarnation upon planet Earth.

In all cases, this spot of coming into a body on planet Earth at this time was very difficult to obtain. Each entity who wished to serve and learn at this crucial time in your planet’s progress offered itself, its being, its plan of incarnation, and its hope both to learn and to serve. You were given a spot because you were exceptionally well-geared to come into incarnation, to wake up, and to recall your program, and therefore to be able to be a co-creator for the rest of your incarnation in manifesting that which you worked so hard to achieve the opportunity to express.

We would say two things to those who have awakened within incarnation and are now aware of their wanderer nature.

Firstly, we would ask you to humble yourself fully, and to realize that you are not from a higher density now. Now, you are natives of planet Earth. You have earned that right by taking a grave risk. You have jumped into third density, shall we say, at the deep end of the pool. There is no guarantee that you will remember, and if you remember there is no guarantee that you can manage to come fully into incarnation. That is the first thing that we encourage wanderers to do. It is very easy to miss higher density experience, and yet that is not why you came. If you wished higher density experience, you would never have left.

You very much yearned to serve at this time. Therefore, we ask you to fully incarnate, to the best of your will and zeal to do so. See the beauty of this environment. See the Creator within your fellow beings, as confused as they are. See the Creator within your own confusion, and forgive yourself for taking a long time, in some cases, to awaken fully.

Once you have fully brought yourself down to the earth of Earth, once you have grounded yourself as an Earth native, then the second thing that we would encourage you to do is to rest daily in an open-ended willingness to see into your pattern and your purpose.

The full shape of any entity’s life is hidden in that which surrounds the appearance of an incarnational life. There is much of your consciousness that does not move into the light of day but rather continues its work during subconscious and unconscious processes. However, it is given to those who ask to find answers. And if you do not ask, if you do not avail yourself of your guidance, you shall not be able to be visited by those blessed ones who await your requests for guidance and help.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, Q’uo, thank you for the beauty and perception of your comments. I feel especially moved and ready to implement them.

We are those of Q’uo, and greatly appreciate your comments, my brother. It is a blessing to us to know that some of our comments may have helped in your seeking. That is far more than we could hope and we are extremely grateful that this has occurred.

Is there another query, my brother, before we leave this instrument?

No, thank you.

In that case, we will leave this instrument and this group, glorying in the peace and power of the one infinite Creator and resting in Its love and Its light. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. The N in iNtuition is capitalized on purpose by the authors. That N is used instead of the I that starts that word in order to differentiate it from Introversion, which uses up the I in their abbreviation system. 

  2. The colors to which the Q’uo are referring are the “Roy G Biv” rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The chakras are assigned to the body along the spine, starting at the spine’s base for red ray, with orange ray in the abdomen, yellow ray at the solar plexus, green ray at the heart, blue ray at the throat, indigo ray at the center of the forehead, and the violet ray at the top of the head. 

  3. The Q’uo seem to be suggesting that within each chakra or energy center there is a complete sub-octave of associations, red through indigo ray, presumably with the crown chakra, just above the head and white in coloration, as the octave chakra. 

  4. In Hinduism, a disciple is called a chela, or as it exists in ancient Hebrew, selah.