Q’uo: If you look at the earth world as a kind of school, this is the time of the final exam. It is a time when a lot of entities have completed their schoolwork, and they are ready to take that final test. It is a transition time for many – indeed, for many of those who have passed through the gates of death. It is a time of great celebration and rejoicing, for they have graduated from the school of Earth. Their next incarnation will most likely be on planet Earth in a fourth-density physical vehicle enjoying the new fourth-density Gaia, which is almost fully complete at this time.

(Carla channeling)

[Inaudible] to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. It is a great privilege and pleasure to be with this circle of seeking. We thank you for calling us to share our humble thoughts with you. We are delighted to do so. But, as always, we would ask for each of you to be very careful about what you take in of those things that we offer. Wait for those thoughts of ours that resonate to you, and use those thoughts, leaving the rest behind. We would greatly appreciate your using your powers of discrimination and listening to these thoughts and, indeed, any thoughts that come to you. For outer authorities do not hold when it comes to spiritual seeking. The only authority for a seeking soul is that soul itself. You will know what thoughts are for you and what thoughts are better left behind. We thank you for this consideration, as it will enable us to share our thoughts freely without being concerned with infringing upon your free will or the sacred process of your evolution.

Your query has to do with the entities who have passed through the gateway of death into larger life in the last few months. We realize that you are not asking about physical causes. There is a certain amount of cyclic rhythm which accounts for a certain percentage of the entities dying in the winter days and in the early days of spring, before the light has waxed to its midpoint. The days of darkness, your time of winter is traditionally a good time for entities to exit your earth world having completed their incarnations. There is something about the lack of light that encourages the soul who is ripe to harvest itself through the gates of death.

However, we feel that your query has to do as well with metaphysical comments which we might make upon this subject. And so, we will go a bit deeper with you and take a look with you at the way your earth world is situated at this time.

As you know, it lies upon the very brink of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Age of Pisces, which has now passed as of 2012. This is also a time in your counting where other systems, such as the Mayan system of calendrics, posit an enormous birth – the end of the old age and the birth of the new. Although the two systems are extremely different, the information as to this shift of the ages is congruent between not only these two systems, but also other systems of mythology and philosophy, as well.

In this transiting time, it is a natural time of harvest for your earth world, which we call a third-density planet. The business of third density is to make a choice. The choice has to do with how to love. Entities have incarnated many times in the last three minor cycles of the Age of Pisces, and before that were two other ages, culminating in the harvest at the end of this major cycle of somewhat over 75,000 of your years.

If you look at the earth world as a kind of school, this is the time of the final exam. It is a time when a lot of entities have completed their schoolwork, and they are ready to take that final test. It is a transition time for many – indeed, for many of those who have passed through the gates of death. It is a time of great celebration and rejoicing, for they have graduated from the school of Earth. Their next incarnation will most likely be on planet Earth in a fourth-density physical vehicle enjoying the new fourth-density Gaia, which is almost full… fully complete at this time.

These fourth-density energies are heavily interpenetrating third-density Earth as you know it at this time. The fourth-density energy is unseen, yet its effects are felt by those with a sensitivity to finer and subtler energies that enables them to pick up on these new vibrations. The result or effect of this interpenetration of third- and fourth-density energies is to point out and make very clear the delineation between the different ways of loving. There are three ways of loving. Two ways lead to graduation, one way does not.

The first way to love that leads to graduation is loving the Creator and loving other people as much as you love yourself. This way of loving is called service-to-others polarity. You will recognize such people by their tendency towards offering themselves in service to other people. They tend to be radiant beings whose thoughts are for the comfort and the safety of those about them.

The second way of loving that leads to graduation is the service-to-self polarity. In this way of loving, the object of love is the self. It is as valid a path as the service-to-others polarity and is as effective at bringing one forward in the evolutionary path, spiritually speaking. It is not, to those of service-to-others polarity, an attractive path. Indeed, it is very difficult to graduate from the earth world in this polarity. Even the one known as Hitler was not evil enough to attain graduation on the service-to-self path because the one known as Hitler believed that he was being of service to his country and his race. Therefore, his energies had a positive cast to them, which kept him from graduating along the lines of service-to-self. This entity, therefore, had to undergo quite a bit of healing after he passed through the gates to larger life, for he was very deeply confused.

The third path is a path which does not lead to graduation. It is the path of indifference. It is the path of those who do not try particularly to be of service to others or to be of service to self. They do not either attempt to radiate or to control others, and so attract a circle of those who would serve them.

Were we to encourage each of you to focus on one thought, in that which we have to offer this day, would be that thought of encouraging each of you to make that choice of how to love. You have great power as entities. We encourage you to use that power and to become magical as you polarize. We believe that those to whom we speak are those who wish to polarize along the lines of service to others. Such was the polarity of the one known as Jesus, the one known as Martin, the one known as Abraham, and the one known as Mother Teresa. Follow in the footsteps of those whose love radiated, and you cannot go wrong, my friends.

The energies of the interpenetration of third and fourth density have created an ever increasing, completely subliminal, and unconscious energy, which encourages those who have finished their work on Planet Earth to make the choice to move on. Third-density energy is beginning to wane on your planet, and it is only natural that the harvest has begun. Many of those who have died have walked the steps of light and found themselves harvested into fourth density. This is wonderful news for them. They shall, in their next incarnation, be able to choose from a much wider list of options as to how they want to serve the One Infinite Creator and their fellow beings. The light of fourth density is much richer in information. The veil of forgetting, which has kept third density entities unaware of their soul stream’s history, is lifted in fourth density. And entities have reconnected with their soul stream, as well. The lack of the veil enables all entities to know the thoughts about other entities.

To the third-density mind, this would be terrifying or perhaps simply highly inconvenient. However, to the fourth-density point of view, it is well understood that all entities have both the light and the dark in their makeup. So, it does not dismay entities of fourth density to see the range of thoughts of those about them. Therefore, entities may be just as they are, without any artifice or pretense of any kind. It is a much more comfortable, light-filled, and pleasant environment than third density.

We therefore encourage those who have lost beloved friends and family members at this time to rejoice. Truly, the news is good. Those who have gone on are starting a brand-new adventure.

Each of you, as you come to the end of your lessons here on Planet Earth, may look forward to the same light-filled experience of walking through the gates of death, along the path of light, and into graduation into fourth density. For those of you who do not feel that they have in any way made the grade, we wish to encourage you as well to take heart. For as we understand the process that one goes through at death, there is no downside to the experience. If you walk the path of light and where you stop is still in third density, you will simply reincarnate for another cycle of learning on another third-density planet. It will not be Earth, as Earth’s third-density energy is just about to be extinguished. It may be a few more 100 years before it wanes to the point of extinction, but that is very short time in terms of the cosmology of your galactic spiral.

What we are saying will not affect your lifetime – it will affect what happens to you when you make the transition through the gates of death. We encourage you to lose all fear of this process.

However, between now and the time of your death, you have a precious span of moments, days, and years, in which you can refine upon your initial choice of how to love. Think of yourself as an instrument and allow love to play you. Let your tune be sweet and clear.

Is there a follow up query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

The separation [inaudible].

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. It is impossible for us to predict with any certainty, what shall occur in your future. The energies that are vibrating in your Earth World at this time are muddied and unclear. There is, not unexpectedly, a certain amount of energy coming from those who are negatively polarized and who realize that their time is gone. They have nothing more to conquer. They have no way to control more than they have already controlled, except to repeat patterns of ancient misconduct and to literally blow up their world. Those who were in positions of power on what you call Mars, Maldek, and Atlantis, have once again surfaced and attempted to complete that pattern of destruction. For the most part, they are acting out of old instinct, repeating patterns of empire and destruction that have not served them in the past and do not serve them now, yet they persist.

Working against this energy is a tremendous awakening and outpouring of those who are polarized service-to-others. Again, in many cases, these energies are instinctual and unconscious. But the fruits of incarnation after incarnation of loving and serving and being faithful are coming home to roost. And my friends, we cannot tell you how beautiful is the sight of so many awakening souls that are blooming very quickly and acquiring a great deal of polarity as they strive with all of their hearts to love and serve the One Infinite Creator as best as they know how. Intention is everything.

The energies apart from the energies of war and destruction that might bring more and more souls to the point of deciding to create an exit strategy by means of cancer, AIDS or other diseases of your planet, which reliably tend to remove the physical body from its life, are available to those who, in terms of their subconscious, metaphysically oriented natures, feel that they are ripe and ready to be plucked from the Earth in the harvest of graduation. Since it is an unconscious process, and since it depends upon those entities finishing their work, we cannot say for sure that there will be an increase. But it is likely in terms of the probability/possibility vortices that we see at this time, that there will be an ever-increasing number of those whose work upon Planet Earth is finished, whose lessons have been learned, whose missions have been completed, and whose service has been offered with a glad and full heart, with gratitude, with joy, and with Thanksgiving.

Consequently, trust when a death occurs among those near to you that this is very likely cause for rejoicing, for your friend or loved one has moved through the gates into a new heaven and a new Earth, a new set of lessons to learn, and a new way to explore being of service to the One Infinite Creator.

May we answer you further, my brother?

You kind of answered it, but I’ll re-ask the question: For those of us who like to serve [inaudible].

We are those of Q’uo and are aware of your query, my brother. There is no special way to be of service at this time to those who may be thinking of going on in terms of their subconscious mechanisms of judging.

Be yourself, my brother. Love the light. Open your heart and keep it open. And respond to what people say and how people feel. Not relating to them by means of your belief system, but only by loving them and supporting them just as they are. This is always the heart of service-to-others. It is not for clever people to be of service to others, but for those whose hearts are full of the love and the light of the One Creator.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No. Thank you.

And we thank you. Is there another query in this group before we leave this instrument?

[Thirty-second pause]

We are those of Q’uo. And as there are no more sounds coming through this instrument’s ears, we assume that we have exhausted your questions for this particular session. We are always with you, if you would wish us to be. You have but to request us mentally by mentally vibrating our name, and we shall be with you to share in your meditation, to strengthen that deep stability that keeps you in a better state of meditation.

The silence, my friends, is your most powerful resource for becoming more and more grounded into these new energies. You may consider yourself at this time to be pilgrims of fourth density. You shall not see it, but you are part of what is bringing it about. As you yourself begin more and more to live with an open heart, living by fourth-density values of truth, love, wisdom, and justice, you are helping to shift consciousness on this planet so that it may welcome fourth density. With every kind word that you offer, you are softening the difficulty of the transition of the Earth itself. With every open-hearted thought, you are sweetening the golden glow of this transitioning time, so that the sunset becomes the sunrise and the old becomes new.

We are those known to you as the principal of Q’uo. We leave you as we greeted you – in all that there is – the love and the light, the thought and the substance, of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.