Question from W: I believe that my child is an indigo child. Can you confirm this for me?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in Whose name and service we come to be with your circle of seeking this day. Thank you for the privilege of being called to this circle. We are very glad to be able to respond to the queries of the one known as W.

As always, however, before we begin, we would ask, not only of him but of all those who may read or listen to this session, that you use your powers of discrimination in deciding which of our thoughts you wish to consider further. Look for resonance and that feeling of a half-recognized truth that you know is for you. If you do not feel that resonance, then please leave our thoughts behind. We thank you for this discrimination as it will allow us to speak our thoughts freely without being concerned for infringement upon anyone’s free will.

My brother, we may confirm that your child is an indigo child. May we ask if there is further query? We are those of Q’uo.

The main question is, I’m seeking to understand the dynamics involved in relating to my indigo child. It seems to me that my child has such a powerful psychic link to me that even slight variations in my mood and in my ability to tolerate frustration are reflected in my son’s sometimes challenging moods of anger and frustration. Is this an accurate perception? If so, are there metaphors, fields of inquiry, images, analogies or spiritual principles which come into play in this developing relationship, which will help me experience this relationship and treat my son in the most loving and skillful way?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. In some ways, my brother, the image that comes to mind is the image of Daedalus and his son, Icarus. 1 When you ask about the relationship between yourself and your son, and the tight interconnectedness of your energies, the myth of Daedalus and Icarus comes to mind.

In that particular story, the son was so ambitious that his father created for him wings to fly, but he flew too close to the sun and thusly fell back to Earth, burned to a cinder. You are Daedalus, hoping to help your son not to soar too high or to crash too low. We do not by this, however, [mean] to suggest that you are a policeman. Indeed, your sense of being very connected with your son is accurate.

The indigo child is a third-generation wanderer, if you would wish to use the language or terminology with which this instrument has some familiarity.

The first generation of wanderers was made up of those such as this instrument, which responded to the call of Earth by coming from a higher density to move into incarnation and share the love and the light of the one infinite Creator with those of this planet in an attempt to shift the planetary energies more towards the light.

The second generation of wanderers was comprised of those who also were interested in helping planet Earth. However, this second generation of wanderers is characterized by more confidence than the first generation of wanderers, but also less of a dedication of service to others in that their chief motivation for coming into incarnation at this latter hour of your third density was to use the boot camp like atmosphere of planet Earth to do what they would consider “quick and dirty work” in adjusting the balance of their energies between love and wisdom. For some, this means emphasizing the heart and the opening [of] the heart. For others who already have their hearts opened, it means emphasizing wisdom and asking the open heart to receive that highest and best self’s wisdom which comes from guidance and informs loving compassion in such a way that there is equanimity to match the passion of your dedication to service.

The third generation of wanderers is made up of what this instrument and many others call the indigo children. There are many other terms for these children. However, in general, they are the first graduates in this harvest from the third density of planet Earth. These souls have moved through the gates into larger life. They have dropped their physical bodies and entered into a healing process with their guidance and with all of those forces which protect and nurture entities in the inner planes who are moving through the processes of death and rebirth. Further, they have moved through the steps of light and have passed their graduation test. These are fourth-density wanderers, whose first act, upon choosing what would please them the most to do next, was to return to their beloved home planet in order to assist not only the people of planet Earth, but also, and perhaps more principally, the planet itself.

These entities are characterized by a thinner veil, which enables them to remember more about who they are and why they are here. The sense of mission or destiny is very common in third-generation wanderers. Your son and all of the indigo children like him are people who, when they have achieved a mental and emotional maturity to match their spiritual gifts, will be far tougher by nature than many among your people, able to deal with difficult times and situations and able to absorb rapid change. These abilities are appropriate for these indigo children. However, there are side effects to being built in such a way. These side effects are those times of difficulty and difficult emotions upon which you have remarked.

In dealing with indigo children—and indeed, most of those being born into your Earth at this time are indigo children—it is well to keep in mind that these entities, though wise in their way, are indeed children. There is as much need in them as in any other child for good, stable, consistent guidance. However, you are also correct in noting the extreme interrelatedness of yourself and your son in the terms of the motion and rhythm of your moods and the behavior that stems from such moods.

We would ask you to imagine a rolling sea. The storm lashes the top of the sea and drives the winds onto shore, bringing waves and storm in their wake. Below the surface of that stormy water lie riptides that tend to pull entities away from their moorings and out to sea. Beneath that level there lie calm waters: stable, ancient and beautiful.

It is a naturally stormy atmosphere in the everyday of planet Earth for most people. Unless entities are working especially carefully to stay in the present moment at all times, the flow of living includes many abrupt stops and hasty turns, many changes of attitude, and many alterations in the flow of what is happening which call forth many new and unexpected emotions.

We are not suggesting that you alter this natural run of stormy weather in the everyday of your and your son’s existence. What we would suggest is not so much a metaphor as a kind of game. We ask that you see your energies and your son’s energies as part of a dance. You and your son are creating this dance. You are dancing a kind of mirror dance. What you do, he imitates, and what he does, you imitate.

When you and he are doing loving and positive things, the dance is a happy dance, or so it seems to your judgment. When there is challenge, upset and hostility, then it seems to be an unhappy dance. However, in order to play your game more skillfully, we would ask you not to label your various moods as good or bad. We would ask you not to label the exchanges of mood between you and your child as good or bad. Rather, we would ask you to see the whole of the pattern as an ongoing dance.

In a dance, my brother, there are many missed steps. This does not mean that the music stops playing or that you have in some way failed to dance properly. Rather, we encourage you to dance with lightness of heart and with as much clarity of observation of which you are capable at any time.

This is a game in which attention to detail is very helpful. As you said, even in the smallest things, your son and you seem psychically connected. Indeed, all entities have this psychic connection. In the case of indigo children, however, there is allowable more awareness to be brought into the incarnation. So, such children are often much more sensitive and aware of their parents’ moods and unspoken feelings than would have been children of days gone by, shall we say.

It is not that you are responsible for smoothing out your son’s moods, any more than your son is responsible for smoothing out your moods. It is that you are presently engaged in an intensely intimate relationship with an entity whose powers are greater than his ability to control those powers or even to understand them or be able in any way to express them. When a child has trouble expressing all that is within him, he may become very frustrated, and this is often the case with an indigo child.

We are not encouraging you to find some method of teaching this child. On the other hand, we would ask you to be quite responsive to any questions or comments shared by the child with you. Such expressions are your invitation to tell your stories, share your wisdom, and embrace the child in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

Above all, my brother, we would ask you to explore the concept that you and your child are one and that, indeed, the mirror that the child holds up to you enables you to work upon yourself. This is the attitude that will serve your child and you the very best. When you use the mirror, use it to work on yourself. See what is there, find it within yourself, and work upon that energy in yourself.

Your child will feel that you are doing spiritual work responsibly. He may not consciously or intellectually be able to express this understanding, but as you stand calmly and with sureness upon the ground of your own being and do the work that has come to you to do, your child will see and feel that there is a stable and supportive atmosphere which accepts him and accepts the images that he is offering. Therefore, as you do this work, you present to your child a mirror of a certain kind. In that mirror, the child will see positive issues, not preached to him but expressed to him by the unspoken manifestation of silent beingness.

As you work upon yourself, you shall be creating for your child the best possible supportive structure. As you accept yourself, your son will feel accepted. As you see the unevenesses within you and accept them, so your child will feel accepted in his unevenness.

There is no question but that, occasionally, if a child is disrupting the family, and the child cannot be coaxed into altering his behavior, the child must be shown the limits of acceptable behavior. You may choose your own way of doing this. We give to this instrument the picture of her disciplining her cats. Her cats cannot understand language, but they can understand the word “no” connected with water. Therefore, the cat can be trained to avoid behavior that will elicit the word “no” and the wetting. 2 We do not know how you would emphasize that the word “no” occasionally has a firm and limiting meaning but we do encourage you to think carefully and speak with your mate concerning the rules of the house, so that there is a stable and consistent set of limits beyond which behavior is not acceptable.

This instrument calls removing a child from an environment for discipline a “time-out.” We would suggest that time-outs are appropriate. Also appropriate are any other means of non-violent expression that underlines the word “no” without doing violence or physical harm. Sometimes, it seems a cruel thing to set a limit. However, it is helpful in terms of the incarnational experience of a child that, from the beginning, the child is aware that, indeed, there are limits and that there is not a chaotic existence with no meaning, but rather, a meaningful existence with order, ideals, peace and beauty. If you do not give your child a certain sense of limits and order, the child will be left in chaos, not knowing how to value his feelings, his thoughts, and his dreams.

As we finish answering this query, we look at that word “dream.” You have dreams, my brother, and so does your child. You are those who dream together. And so are we all. But you and your child have special dreams known only to you. Forget all except loving, being loved, and sharing your dreams.

Let imagination wing its way through your relationship with your child. Let your creativity blossom as you surround this child with the essence of your unspoken love. People his kingdom with your fairies and gnomes and archangels to keep him safe. These are all the creatures of your honest and heartfelt love, and they will be good companions for your child.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

I believe the viability to act as a loving parent to a son depends on how open my heart is to love. My intention is to use this relationship as an opportunity to know myself and to expand my capacity for forgiveness, levity, compassion, faith and healing. Which archetypes would you suggest which might clear up all the dynamics that work within my family, especially in relation to my son?

We are those of the Q’uo, and are aware of the query, my brother. The archetypal energies surrounding your relationship with your son are those energies between the master and the pupil. You are teach/learner and your son is learn/teacher. Although your son’s gifts are astonishing in some ways, they are not developed. You are that entity who has a spiritual maturity which has been hard won.

It is fortunate, my brother, that life has not been able to dim your light. It has wearied you, and we see in you a desire not to be so weary. But it has not caused you to lose faith or to relinquish your dreams. Therefore, you are a good master, a good teach/learner, for your child. Rather than holding to the dynamics of teacher and student, however, we would encourage you to be open to the subtleties of the teach/teaching’s becoming learn/teaching and vice versa, for your child has things to teach you as well as your having things to teach him.

You stand for your child in some ways as an agent of the unconscious. Your child is not born knowing which way to move in terms of metaphysical principles. Therefore, allow the things around you—your books, your papers, those items that you love—to be meaningful to your child as well as to you. Invest time in responding to even minor questions, knowing that your child’s unevenness of personality will cause him to move at things roundabout and in a serpentine and indirect fashion. Move with those energies. Operate with him in his rambling so that you may come with him to a place which you have not expected.

He is seeking in a way which moves from level to level. Therefore, your beingness rather than your behavior is going to help him the most. This, as you said, will cause you again and again to move from the doing to the being. It is not what you do with your child that matters nearly as much as your attention to your own state of awareness. Are you aware, conscious and alert to the now? Or are you caught up in what the one known as Eckhart called “content”? 3 Move always from content to essence, from detail to essence, from facts and this and that to essence. It will often seem to be an impractical move. But in terms of helping both you and your child to be refined by the fire of planet Earth’s atmosphere of learning, it is the most skillful choice.

Is there a further query, my brother?

My son has issues due to being different from his classmates. I would like to shore up his self-esteem but I am concerned about interfering with his free will. Should I think about setting the stage for his actions on planet Earth when he is grown? What are my chief spiritual concerns in raising my son well?

We are those of the Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. Your chief spiritual concern in dealing with any relationship is to bring to that relationship your true self. Thusly, we move the energy back from “what shall you do with another” to the consideration of “how shall you be.” How shall you create an atmosphere that will provide you with a good environment for pursuing your spiritual process?

We would suggest—as we often have suggested before for others, my brother, so it is not personal to you—that there be a daily period of silence that is observed by you in a consistent manner. We suggest the circadian 4 rhythm because your body has that daily rhythm. If you make a habit of seeking the silence at the same general time each day, within the first month of your making such a habit, your body will move through all of its objections [to] the sitting or the resting in the silence that it can throw up, and it will begin to be able to rest in the silence. It takes a certain amount of training simply to quiet the body so that it does not feel threatened by sitting without doing anything, whether watching the television, listening to the radio, or something else.

When there is no content, the mind and the body become anxious. It takes time to create a habit of solitary silence so that your body welcomes it, expects it, and is not disturbed by it. Once you have trained your body, your mind, and your emotions so that you are able to sit in the silence without interference from them on the gross level of twitching, developing symptoms of headaches, and so forth, then you have the chance, at last, to rest in that powerful silence that offers you what words never can. The love and the light of the one infinite Creator are completely expressed within the silence.

To try to translate that silent expression into voice, words, music, poetry of any kind, is tremendously difficult. The easiest way to approach the Creator is through unexplained, unmanifested silence. Let that be a part of your being, and that shall, in time, place you in a state of mind which is far more likely to alert you when you have gone away from the present moment and have become distracted by detail.

You cannot hope to be undistracted. No entity in third density is expected to remain undistracted. The purpose of incarnation is consistently and cyclically to be distracted. Each distraction teaches you about yourself and who you think you are as opposed to who you are. Work on that, and that shall be the safe place for your child. As he sees you in praise, meditation, in prayer each day, he shall know that there is more to this life than the play, the work, and the sleeping. He shall see for his own self, without being taught a word, that those entities whom he values, value spiritual life and seek it out. And so he will be curious as well, for children, by nature, are imitative. By your being, by your seeking, you shall offer him the opportunity to see how that tune goes, and he can try that out. Children try things out that they see and work with them in their own way and in their own time.

We would suggest that you always respond to questions, but that you do not attempt to teach unless questions are asked. The times will come, as you love and care for your child, when it will be natural for him to ask along the lines of this or that spiritual concern. At that time, my brother, share your truth as straightforwardly and lovingly as you know how, knowing that there are many mistakes but that love wins through.

We would ask if there is another query at this time?

Sometimes, I believe that I am a wanderer. Can you confirm this, please?

We are those of Q’uo, my brother, and we are aware of your query. We can confirm, my brother, that you are a wanderer. Is there a further query at this time?

I feel called to manifest inspirational, devotional music. Sometimes I find that I feel it is appropriate to express pure sound with music instead of words. Could you talk about this? Please offer any suggestions as to what spiritual principles are involved in this outer work of my lifetime.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. The work of any artist is a work of translation. An artist translates concepts into a manifestation that is flat, shall we say. The concept is a very round and living entity. It is infinite in its content and is a whole. The human intelligence does not work with concepts, it works with words. Intelligence puts words together to make ideas and sentences. Intelligence struggles to go from point A to point B to point C and to learn. The artist is an entity whose other intelligence has been somewhat awakened, for there are two intelligences in any human being.

There is the intelligence which came with the body that you enjoy in this incarnation. That intelligence is a choice-making intelligence. It gathers facts and it is geared to make decisions. It does that very well. However, it is not a kind of intelligence that is capable of dealing with concepts. Yet it yearns for that which is beyond its intelligence.

On the other hand the heart, yours and all those of planet Earth, lives and dwells in the land of concept. It does so in silence. The heart works with feelings, insights, inspiration and hunches. Artistry comes through that non-local, non-linear part of your intelligence. So what you are doing, as you work with your music to manifest it, is to catch that ball of concept that is the creature of sound that you wish to make. And then you set about clothing it in its details, the words and forms that express the feelings with which you began.

When the feeling and the emotions run far ahead of that part of you that is harnessed to translate concepts into words, what you get is melody and not so many words, which is what you are experiencing. We would note, in this regard, the sound that you make instead of the word more accurately expresses the feeling that you are attempting to convey than does any word. Consequently, we would recommend that you open your mind to the concept of tones with vowel sounds as part of your music. You are only attempting more purely than language allows to express a certain quality or essence that lies in the underground, purified rivers of emotion that are part of the archetypal mind. You are attempting to bring these deep melodies up into conscious awareness. And indeed, as you do so, it shall be of service to others of some note, shall we say.

However, such work cannot be rushed. Consequently, when you feel that there is a lack of some kind in any composition on which you are working at a particular time, we would suggest that you take it into your heart and let it sing itself to you while you listen to it.

It may help if you move while you are doing so, as in going for a walk or doing some rhythmic activity such as the chores of the day, the mowing of the lawn, the picking up of the leaves, or some mindless, repetitive task. See that as a dance that accompanies your unfinished song. Dance to it and let it sing itself to you. And in that state of no stress and no worry, that which is at the heart of what you are attempting to catch will come to you.

If it is not in words, then let it be without words and trust in your sense of the appropriate vowel sounds that bring up certain emotions in certain configurations from the unconscious mind. 5

Underlying our advice to you is the simple encouragement to trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Do not judge yourself according to what you have accomplished. Judge yourself not at all, except to know that you and the Creator are one and that your whole desire is to be a part of that creative principle. This is your heart and it is a good heart. You are worthy. With that confidence and that calm that goes with the knowledge that you, imperfect as you are, are worthy, then you shall be open to receive the gifts of the present moment. And, my brother, when you can relax and lift yourself to the simple joy of being, you have just created for yourself the best possible environment for receiving inspiration.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

I feel a procrastinating energy around manifesting this music. What is happening here, spiritually speaking? Please talk about this seeming blockage that comes and goes in my creative work.

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. Procrastination occurs when there is a portion of the self that feels unready to move forward. There are always riptides, as we have said, beneath the surface of the water. It is easy to splash through the surf, and even to enjoy the surf with a surfboard, but in your life there are many triggers that have been set for you by your experiences and by the fact that you have not balanced them in the past. They are like riptides that catch you and toss you away from your center, so that you are no longer communicating with your muse, shall we say. You have lost touch with your guidance.

In many people, this feels more like depression than distraction. However it comes to you, it is a sign of your lack of focus. You are working against yourself. Part of you wants to create and part of you does not feel ready. In order to resolve the impasse, we would encourage you at such times to go into the silence once again and to offer up the frustration of creativity gone awry. What will come out of that silence is unknown. You may receive a real jolt of energy so that you are able to create. You may, instead, receive a feeling that it is best to move on to something else, to move away from that which is not coming easily and to give that part of yourself that is not quite ready time and space to do what it needs to do beneath the surface.

When you are working with subconscious energies, you do not have the luxury of seeing what you are doing. You must take a lot on faith. You must have faith that the creative process in you will complete itself if you keep your instrument tuned. That is what the silence is for. That is what the attentiveness is for. You are an instrument of the Creator’s and you wish only to be used. Consequently, keep yourself in tune and ready to respond when the wind of spirit blows across the strings of your instrument.

May we ask if there is a final query?

What archangel or other spiritual essence might aid me in coming into a place of inspiration where music and lyrics flow into the most beneficial form?

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. This question treads too closely to the bounds of free will for us to respond directly. We would ask you to trust and to know that you do indeed have a muse and that muse is focused entirely upon supporting, encouraging and inspiring you. What is the shape of that muse, my brother? What name shall you call the source of your inspiration? What helper have you yearned for from the beginning? Name it. Claim it. Use it. For us to name that guidance and that inspiration for you would be utterly fruitless. This is your active process and we wish you happy hunting!

We thank the one known as W for this session, for this time together. We thank each of you in this circle of seeking for the beauty of your vibrations and the beauty of the combination of them that has made this a surpassingly lovely experience for us. It has been a true pleasure to share our energy with you and to experience the beauty of each of you.

We leave you, as we found you, in all that there is, the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We leave this instrument and this group in love and light. Adonai.

  1. This Greek myth is told on this web site: It is a classic story of a father helping his son to fly high while attempting to guard against his flying too high. Icarus’ wings were made of wax, and flying too close to the sun melted them. 

  2. The Rueckert-McCartys keep spray bottles of water handy at appropriate places in the house for such discipline. They are filled only with water, so the cats never get hurt. 

  3. The Q’uo are referring to the writing of Eckhart Tolle in his book, New Earth

  4. circadian: an adjective meaning daily or “noting or pertaining to rhythmic biological cycles recurring at approximately 24-hour intervals,” to use the definition given on 

  5. It is interesting to note that the British rock group, Genesis, created music in just this way, with Phil Collins singing pure tone only at the start, then finding more accurate vowel sounds to express the felt emotion and only at the very end of the creative process creating lyrics for their songs.