The question with which we go into this session is this: please tell us what spiritual principles are involved in being a battery for channels in a channeling circle. That is, when we are not channeling, how may we serve the circle best by the way we think and the way we are? Are there some visualizations that are helpful, in your opinion, in helping us to become better batteries?

(L acts as senior channel for this Channeling Circle session.)

We are those of Laitos. We greet you in the light and in the love of the one infinite Creator. We are here to share our messages at this time through the voice of this instrument. As this instrument’s as well as our own concepts are not entirely infallible, we ask you to use your own discernment when using our messages in your spiritual evolution. Pit them against your own senses and your own higher self. Use that which resonates with you and leave behind that which does not.

The question to which your group has asked us to apply our energies at this channeling circle involves being dormant in the circle; that is, between the times that you are acting as a vocal channel or during those times that you have chosen to sit within the circle without actively being a vocal channel. For at all times, you are still a channel. You are simply not opening your mouth and vibrating the vocal cords at all times.

There is never a time in your incarnation that you are not a channel. There are simply gradients of channeling and methods of channeling. You are living beings on this planet and your chakras are functioning and you breathe in the life force of the Creator and communicate the life of the Creator. [Therefore] you are channeling. Even the darkest soul on your planet, even the person with the tiniest life force in a coma or a babe newly born, struggling to stay alive, is a channel of our energy and a channel of our light. When we say “our” we are speaking of the universal light that is within all creation.

Those that are unaware of themselves and their spiritual nature, who are, it has been said, still asleep, are not aware of the energies flowing through them. These energies at times for some can be very intense. They can achieve great things with the energies that flow through them, with the love and the light that come from the universe into their being and are then transmuted into action.

More often than not though, the love and the light energies are constricted in those that are not aware of themselves as spiritual beings and not aware of their evolution on this planet in the spiritual sense. Their activity as channels is minimal. As one grows in spiritual awareness and becomes more attuned to those energies, one can open up the pathways in the spirit body and the mental and emotional bodies, clearing the pathways that this light utilizes and become a greater and greater conduit, larger, allowing more to flow through in a greater capacity.

This love and light are used in as infinite a number of ways as there are people on your planet. The members in this group have chosen a particular use for this energy and that is to take the pure white light that we ourselves channel from where we are down to you where you are and out through your voice, cloaked in the words you choose to describe these energy impressions.

All of you are capable of doing such an act. Every one on the planet is capable of this. However, only a few of you here now have achieved a small level of mastery with this in order to perform the actions that you call vocal channeling.

The one known as R has attempted this vocal channeling and has found within himself difficulties cloaking these impressions. Yet the energies still flow freely through the one known as R, just as much as they flow through every other member of this channeling circle. You are all equally batteries, whether you are speaking or not.

What does it mean to be a battery in the channeling circle? It means that you have lent yourself in service to the light. You have said, “I am here, use me.” You have prepared yourself and prepared a pathway for the light to travel so that the light coming in from the universe freely travels through your being and back out into the universe and is exchanged between the members of this group.

You each lend your energy to the others. Within the practice of sacred sexuality, this energy is exchanged between two people. In a group setting this energy is commingled and exchanged between more than two people. The energies of the vocal channel are being exchanged through the blue-ray chakra and also the green-ray chakra, as you are doing a service of what you would call love and so green-ray energy is being exchanged in the group.

The one known as R, though not utilizing the blue ray in his service to the one infinite Creator, is exchanging his energy with the rest of the group and a great deal of this energy is coming through his green-ray chakra. It is not necessary to visualize this energy exchange in order for it to happen. Simply by saying, “I am here to serve,” and allowing the energies to flow, are they flowing.

The instrument through we are speaking is feeling a sensation that we feel it is important in this particular conversation to express. It is a feeling of lack of distance, as it were, to where even though her physical body is not touching any of the other physical bodies, the energy between each of the bodies is so dense that it feels as though there is no distance between her body and the other bodies. This is a knitting of the energies that you pass on from one to the other as they are absorbed from the universe and brought through your conduit into use in this activity, the activity of this channeling circle.

If another member were brought into this channeling circle, so that your number became one more, the energies would flow the same as long as the other person were also giving himself in service in the same way that you are each giving yourselves in service, but the battery that this person adds would make the energy that much stronger, making the entity that you create denser, as it were.

We would like to continue this concept through the next channel in this circle and so we would like our energies to be spoken through the instrument known as Carla. We are those of Laitos.

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and greet you through this instrument in love and in light. Each of you within this circle has come into the circle from an unique point of view and an unique tuning. Each of you has prepared for this circle by tuning your instrument mentally, physically, and spiritually as best you can to your own personal highest best.

If each of you in the circle were a note, the combined song of the circle would be a chord, a chord of harmony and beauty that flowed and vibrated together in such a way that it creates a place in time and space that is a sacred space in which the seeking of truth shall be pursued.

The activity of those listening in a group is not passive, whether there is one channel and many listeners or whether almost all or [all of] the entire group participates in the channeling at the time of working. If there is, within your mind, the concept of listeners as those who simply take in the information, we assure you that this is a mistaken concept. This is not due to your will or the will of those around you. Rather, it is due to your intrinsic nature. You cannot help being a participating part of a non-physical or energy-oriented circle. By your very being you are vibrating at a certain frequency. That frequency pours into the group frequency to help create it. Therefore, every group is unique, even if it has the same members as another group meeting at another time, for each of you has an ongoing flow of events that alters your vibration from hour to hour and from day to day. Consequently, realize that you are indeed a part of the equation simply by who you are and the way that you have tuned for this session.

It is also good to realize that the nature of the aid of a battery is that of the lover, the protector, the guardian. It is effective therefore simply to project your love and your thanksgiving for that entity which is channeling, to dwell on thoughts of the perfection of that entity’s service, to give thanks for all of the unseen help that sees to the protection of a circle and to give thanks to the circle itself, for it is a group being of its own. All of these ways of expressing love for the channel, the circle, the source that is speaking through the channel and the event itself are very helpful. These are not so much visualization as a direct opening of the heart in love and appreciation and thanksgiving and praise. Therefore, rather than visualization, this way of being a battery is a way of being a living prayer.

We would at this time transfer this contact to the one known as G. We are those of Laitos.

(G channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are speaking through the instrument known as G. We cannot emphasize too much what our sister Carla has just said about vibration, particularly the vibration of consciousness. Everyone vibrates at some level and to be a battery for a channeling group it is important for your vibration of consciousness to be at [one with] the consciousness of the divine Creator, inasmuch as you are able to do that.

You have in your culture the role model of Jesus the Christ, whose consciousness was that of the divine, infinite Creator. We can look to his life to determine what activities and practices he did and what attitudes he had in his life that allowed him to have a consciousness that aligned so well with that of the infinite Creator.

One thing that he did which helped with this alignment is study. You may read in the Scriptures that when he was twelve years old he was teaching the Rabbis. Another practice he had was at times going apart from others and spending quiet time in contemplation. That is something that is available to all of you. Another thing that he did was to do good works. You have all read the teachings that he taught through the parables. You have read about the miracles he did such as the feeding of the thousands. You have read about the healings that he did. And he said to his disciples, when they commented upon his activities, “Greater things than these shall you do.” 1

He also spent time in prayer. Prayer was very important to him. When he went through his Dark Night of the Soul in the Garden of Gethsemane he prayed. So you can look to him as a role model for how to elevate your vibration so that you can be a good battery for a channeling group such as this.

To be a battery for a channeling group is not something you can [do by] saying to yourselves, “I am going to be a battery for the channel group and therefore I will do this and such,” as one might say, “I’m going to invite my friends over to a spaghetti dinner tonight and therefore I know I will go shopping and I will call them up and I will prepare the food and serve the meal and clean up afterwards.” To be a battery for a channeling group is something that comes out of your own personal desire for evolution, the evolution of your soul.

We also would like to speak through this instrument about a visualization that would be helpful for persons in preparation for taking part in this sort of group. We are sure that each person here has someone in mind, some being that they consider to be a highly evolved spiritual being. It could be someone in this group. It could be someone such as Jesus the Christ, or Buddha, or Mahatma Gandhi, or someone else that you know personally or have read about or whose works you have studied.

We recommend that you identify such a person and spend five minutes each day sitting in meditation, imagining that that being is with you in meditation. And then, after you have, shall I say, identified with that being and imagined that you are sitting with them in meditation, imagine that the two of you go together to the channeling group. Focus on how it would feel to have that being or person with you, lending their consciousness to the group as you are lending yours and helping you to articulate appropriately when it is your turn to channel.

We believe that this would be very helpful. We now pass the contact to the person on my left, known as S. We are those of Laitos.

(S channeling)

I am Laitos. We are with this instrument. If we are to sum up, then, what we have said so far, it would be to suggest that the single most important contribution of one who functions as a member of a group is to offer is a quality of beingness that we may call love. And all who participate, whether they speak or not, do so function.

Love is not something one simply feels, but is rather a palpable energy which one channels. Thus, it is true that the channeling function at its most basic possible level is one shared by speakers and non-speakers alike. Indeed, this is a sharing with which all in this circle are familiar, for upon those occasions in which there is a gathering for purposes of common meditation, prayer, and thanksgiving, there are often no words spoken, and yet there arises within the group a sense of presence and a unifying mutuality which expresses the combined capacities to channel love. The entire group reaches to a level of expressive beingness heard in the far reaches of the heavens.

Even such a small group as this can be so powerful, and we can assure you that as listeners in this aforementioned heaven we ourselves feel greatly called to respond, even if this response is only one of silently blending our harmonious intentions with those of the group.

Now the question at hand is, what is the specific function of a battery in a channeling group. [You have] created a distinction between the concept of one who speaks and one who does not. We want to assure you that in the greatest sense, to us this is a very, very small distinction, one vanishing into non-importance. For what are words but the rustling of the winds? They are soon gone. And what is left, if there has been work done in a session, is something of immeasurably greater importance.

[There is] a convergence of the whole sense of self with others, such that the importance of that little self in which each dwells in the daily life is vastly diminished and the appreciation of the greater sense of the possibility of selfhood is greatly enhanced. Indeed, this larger selfhood is already at work in all that you say and do. We could hazard a metaphor by saying there is a sense in which each here, for the duration of this life that seems so utterly palpable to you, is but a fleeting figment in the imagination of the much richer, fuller and more embracive self which, in a deeper sense, you still are.

That potency of selfhood is a gift to all who participate in the circle and it is not to be underestimated. It is what makes the possibility of this event what it is. And yet we come back again to this small distinction which, given the fact that this is an experience which finds its focus in words, cannot be eliminated altogether. There are those that speak and there are those that do not. For those that do speak there is the moment of speaking and the moment in which one is silent. So how does the function of speaking find its way? How does it take its start? How does it seek this measure?

My friends, we would assure you that to speak, one must first be able to hearken, to hear, for the attunement which is the signature event of your experience at this time is a function of allowing what is to be spoken to come to you, not as if it is yours, but as if it was a gift given to you. That is what we are calling the hearkening.

Now, there are two conditions that must be met in order for this hearkening to be fully functional and enabled. The first, given the nature of our being and the choice we have made in the course of our spiritual evolution, and which we feel converges with your own, is that the heart must be open. We are those who do not choose to work in highly metaphysically charged circumstances such as this with those who are not committed to evolving on the path of those who serve others. And for us that means an open and loving heart.

To this first condition we would add that, in the unique circumstances of the channeling experience, the special attributes of the hearkening characteristic of the adept may be invoked in some measure and, in fact, in a measure which will increase with the increasing experience of this group. That energy center which you call your indigo ray is involved in this hearkening, yet has a capacity to produce a higher energy in a form in which it may be recognized by one who seeks as exhibiting a certain configuration of meaning and those who have then done the work requisite in opening the speaking center, that being the blue ray, may set about the process of rendering these configurations of meaning or concepts into language, into that intelligible form which is more broadly recognized in your culture as communication.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(S channeling)

Now as you can see, moving from green to indigo and back to blue-ray work presents a configuration that is somewhat complex and there are particular excellences involved in every step. One could have achieved excellence in maintaining openness of the green-ray heart center and, additionally, excellence in that form of intensified seeking which we have called hearkening characteristic of the indigo ray center, and yet find that there is still further work to be done in the area of blue-ray communication.

Meanwhile, while this work continues, there remains a great deal that can be contributed to the group by one of strong green-ray capacity and strong indigo-ray capacity. The particular work associated with blue ray is something which is largely, we find, a question of confidence. Each here has done work to open its [blue-ray energy] center. Each here finds it possible to communicate honestly with others. If the blue-ray work does not come along at an easy or ready pace to us that is of very small consequence.

We are those of Laitos, and would at this time conclude our session by transferring the contact to the one known as L. I am Laitos.

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We wish to make sure that our points have been received in clarity and therefore, would like to check with each of you to see if there is a matter that we can address. Does anybody have a query about what we have covered? We are those of Laitos.


We find that this concept is well settled within the minds of those present. You resonate well with our concepts and we are delighted to be sitting in the circle with you as a battery on our own as well.

I have a question, Laitos, about the concept you described earlier of choosing an entity as a symbol that personifies the concept of universal love energy and then imagining bringing that person with you into the channeling circle. Could you speak some more on the concepts involved? Is it injecting your own idea of the highest and best service into the circle and therefore giving the circle and the group a unique flavor that is the best of you?

(L channeling)

We are those of Laitos, and are aware of your query. We recommended using a figure either in history or somebody who was incarnate as a means [securing] a solid connection to one who has attained spiritual mastery; someone with whom you yourself have a resonance of spiritual mastery; someone that you revere and would look up to as a teacher.

We were suggesting this process to you as an aid. In your incarnation in this illusion, it is less cumbersome if this teacher of reference is one who was a solid figure in the illusion rather than a construct that you would create as a representation of your higher self or a manifestation of an archetype. We felt that might confuse the issue and add a level of complication that is not necessary to one who is seeking this aid. However, if you are comfortable doing such a thing, that is entirely appropriate.

We would suggest keeping it simple and taking the direct approach, using someone who is close to your heart. A person who has existed may be more readily available to your mind and may be closer to your heart and therefore easier for you to conceive of and use in this practice.

May we clarify this point further for you, my brother?

No, that was helpful. I actually find it easier to use a particular figure rather than an abstract concept such as Ra or archetypical figure. Thank you.

You are welcome, my brother. Is there another point which we may clarify in this group?

Yes, there is. I wonder if it would be true that when one is engaged in the listening function to the extent that one is achieving the course of the meditation a more and more clear and focused sense of the query and the process of its answer, that that very activity of focused listening would help focus the speaker’s capacity to bring that through clearly. I’m not sure if that question comes through clearly, but if it does, I wonder if you could take a stab at answer it.

We are those of Laitos, and will take our stab at answering. If we do not clarify the point, we encourage you to re-query. Our answer to this would be that engagement in your fullest capacity is always helpful to the process. The energies that are lent to the circle exist, or have a capacity for existing, regardless of the interaction or the awareness of each person.

For example, if one member of the group were deaf and could not hear the conversation and yet sat in the group in meditation, the energies would still be lent. However, because you are not a supremely masterful, pure being emanating nothing but the love and the light of the Creator, complications arise when you are not participating in the group to the fullest extent of those who are paying attention or can hear the words being spoken.

Each of you is slightly muddying your contact simply by being students on this Earth and by being human beings still in the evolutionary process. Paying attention and focusing on the words being spoken and consciously participating to your fullest helps to clarify the energies so that they do flow in a more harmonious fashion.

May we clarify our point further, my brother?

No, I think that was the right direction, thank you very much.

You are welcome, my brother. Is there another query in this group?

[No further queries.]

We are those of Laitos, and thank you for calling on us in this session. We look forward to lending our energies to you in the future and having your energies lent to us as well, as this is a two-way street.

We leave you now in the love and the light of the one Creator. Go forth and rejoice in this beautiful day. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

  1. Holy Bible, John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.”