The question this evening has to do with prayer and sending love and light. We have got a number of qualities. We wonder what effect they have on the efficiency of a prayer. [Is it better] if we focus on one person or a group of people? [What about the effectiveness of] the intention, our emotions, and visualization? If we look at life in general as if all is one and all is well, does anyone really need prayer? What are we doing when we ask to send healing energy to another person, who is in fact the Creator, whole and perfect, in truth? If they are whole and perfect, do they need prayer? Is this catalyst in their life pattern real? Is it something to be ignored or something for which to pray? Can you give us an indication as to what makes prayers effective?

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening. Thank you for calling us to your circle of seeking. It is our pleasure and our privilege to share our humble thoughts with you.

Before we begin to discuss prayer, however, we would as always request that each of you use your discrimination and discernment and take that which resonates to you and leave the rest behind. If you will do this it will facilitate our feeling that we are free to speak without being concerned that we might infringe upon your free will or in some way disturb the rhythm of your path of seeking. We thank your for this consideration.

We thank each of those within the circle who has added to the group question this evening on prayer. In speaking concerning this way of being in conversation with the one infinite Creator we shall come at the question from several different angles and ask that you bear with us as we go from focus to focus.

Firstly, we would like to talk about how we see the environment of prayer. We see each of you as bodies of energy that contain all the colors of the rainbow in your energy body, starting with red at the root chakra, which with deals with sexuality and survival, moving up from the joining of the legs to the lower belly, where [lies] the orange chakra or energy center, which has to do with your relationship with yourself and your relationship with one other person at a time.

Moving up again to the solar plexus [we see] the yellow-ray energy center or chakra. This yellow-ray center deals with issues such as formalized marriage, work relationships, your birth family, and even the teams for which you root. All those energies of formalized or group relationships are in the solar plexus chakra. Those lead up to the heart chakra which is the green-ray energy center. It is, of course, the all-important center; that center which is the first energy center that, when opened, enables the seeker to work with the higher energies.

This means that in order for you to do the work of prayer, contemplation or many of those other occupations which deal with higher energies, it is all-important to keep those lower rays open so that the heart is always receiving a full dose of the infinite love-light of the one Creator.

Moving up again from the heart, the next energy center is the blue-ray chakra which deals with communication and compassion. Then there is, at the brow level, the indigo-ray chakra which deals with radiance of being. The violet-ray chakra is not a chakra that does work, in the sense that you would understand work of a spiritual nature. That is to say that it does not handle issues but rather is a read-out of the basic state of your being as a whole. It is your vibration, your signature. We know you by the violet-ray emanation. It is your signature in a far deeper way than your name would be, to us. Others [may] have your name but your [vibration] is unique in all of the infinite Creation.

Above the violet-ray energy center lies the opening to what this instrument calls the gateway to intelligent infinity. It is through that gateway that the entity who is in prayer or who is working as a healer or a teacher or an artist will set his intention to move, so that in reaching up through that gateway he will move from the world of space and time and the physical world to the world of time and space and the metaphysical world.

Within time and space are the inner planes of your planet. Many and many of them there are. Within that gateway is also the opening to outer planes such as this instrument is now using as she receives our concepts and translates them into words.

The entity who wishes to use the gateway to intelligent infinity needs to be sure before he begins to do his work that his lower chakras are clear and the energy is moving through fully into the heart. When the heart is open it is possible to set the intention to move through the gateway to intelligent infinity. It is possible to think of those ways to reach through that gateway for information and inspiration as a kind of menu, as this instrument would say, [like] a menu on the computer that drops down and offers you various options.

Those who wish to heal set their intention to reach through the gateway for healing energy and that healing energy comes down through the gateway, through the violet ray to the indigo ray and down to the blue ray, [then] to the green-ray chakra. There it stays, for the healing energy moves through the open heart of the healer and out through the energies of that healer to do its work according to the wisdom and the love of the spirit.

It is not necessary for the healer to do anything. The healer is a kind of instrument. Therefore, all the healer needs to do is set the intention to offer itself as an instrument for healing, and the healing then moves through. The healer may lay hands on the one to be healed. Yet it is not the healer’s hands that are doing anything. It is the energy that is moving through the healer and out through that healer’s hands. It is also not necessary to lay hands on a patient in order to heal, as the one known as S has noted. It is necessary only that the healer set its intention to open up the gateway and move through and call forth that healing energy from the one infinite Creator so it may be used as an instrument for healing. In this type of healing the energy goes where it is needed. It needs no instruction, for it moves with the power of the spirit.

Now you may ask, “What about entities who lay hands on people and they are healed, yet they are only healed for a little while?” My friends, that is what is called yellow-ray healing, where the will of the entity has not moved through the open heart and given up its selfhood. Rather, such entities have a gift. Yet they push it into entities. Therefore, they are effective as long as that energy is fresh. Yet, like any energy that is finite, it will fail after a certain amount of time. Consequently, we suggest the model of the healer as that instrument which sings the melody of the spirit.

Some there are who wish to use blue ray and so they set their intention as teachers and channels, such as this instrument, as artists that communicate, as those who counsel, as those who preach. They are asking and setting their intention to be communicators of those concepts which are too deep for words. Yet somehow there needs to be words, so that people who need the words can hear them and use them as transformative agents.

Again, if the one who communicates has any ego involved in the reaching it will fail. It is necessary simply to set the intention to be an instrument such as Saint Francis did when he said, “Lord make me an instrument of thy peace.” The model then is that with all the chakras opened up to the heart, the heart opens, the intention is set and the gateway opens. [That which] has been called for comes down, springs forward from green ray and bounces up to blue. There it stays and is used.

Some there are who wish to deal with their inner life to achieve a full radiance of being. The prayer life is that which uses the indigo ray. [There are] those who simply sit and allow the self to reveal self to self. The divine aspect of the self is opened and the things that are not necessary can fall away so that the eye of the self becomes the eye of the Christ, that icon or that symbol of unconditional love. In that model, then, the lower chakras being opened, the heart being open and the intention set, the entity reaches up through the gateway to ask for that energy of radiance of being which comes down through the body, down through the violet, indigo, blue [rays] and into the green ray and springboards back up to indigo, where it remains and does its work.

This is what we feel is happening in terms of your energy body and how it relates to the one infinite Creator when you pray or heal or teach or simply rest and allow the self to be revealed to the self.

We would now shift our focus a bit and take up the question asked by the one known as S when he said, “Is that way of healing which sees through all of the ten thousand things of the world as illusion and claims the truth of one infinite love that is the identify of all beings the appropriate way to heal? Or is there virtue in allowing the illusion to become solid and real enough that one may work with the catalyst that one receives, not simply sloughing it off as illusion and reaching for the highest and best truth but sitting with one’s imperfections as perceived by the self and looking at them in order to get to know the self better and to become one who has been able to see the self as it truly is and to be able to forgive it, so that the entity becomes self-redeemed, piece by piece by piece, so that eventually all is gathered in together into the open heart to become whole, integrated and entirely at peace with the self?”

To the one known as S we would say that there is a harmonization to these two attitudes. Yet in order to see the harmony of these two approaches it is necessary to draw back the focus from the apparent opposition of seeing through the illusion and using the illusion. The spiritual world is a world of paradox and contradiction and when you see these paradoxes occur, you know that you are on fruitful spiritual ground.

Indeed, all is illusion within your density, a deeper illusion than the densities 1 from which we speak. Yet all within our densities are also illusions, yet more rarefied and refined illusions. However, the paradoxes remain. The mystery remains. The purpose of there being such a thick veil between you as your physical body and you as a soul body is that your density is the Density of Choice. The choice that you have before you as a human being, once you realize that you are inevitably and most deeply an ethically orientated entity, it is to choose your manner of service.

Shall you be in service to others and achieve graduation from this density by polarizing towards service to others? That is the path of radiance. It is the path of Jesus the Christ, the path of the Buddha, the path of many and many of your world religions’ figures.

Or shall you choose the path of service to self, that path called the path of contraction or the path of that which is not. The service-to-self polarity is called the path of that which is not because in order to make the self the center of the universe and all others those whose job is to serve you, it is necessary to deny that you and your brothers and sisters are one. It is necessary to close the heart and keep it closed tightly. Consequently, it is the path of that which is not, for it denies the basis for all that is: the Logos, the love of the one infinite Creator. Nevertheless, it is a viable path from which one may graduate in negative polarity and move forward into the next density, the Density of Love, and also into fifth density, the Density of Wisdom.

The paths shall be separate as those who seek service to others explore the love of others and the wisdom that modifies and strengthens that love, while those who seek in service to self discover more fully the love of self and the wisdom that modifies the love of self.

However, in sixth density, the Density of Unity, all comes together once again and there is no polarity, for those who attempt to move forward on a negative path in sixth density come full stop and cannot go further. And therefore, in order to go further, they must release the path of that which is not and embrace that which is—the love of the One. It is against this cosmology, if you will, that you can see the benefit of the very heavy veil in third density and the supreme place of free will.

You have complete freedom of choice as to how you will polarize. When you awaken, as each of you within this room has done, whether a long time ago or more recently, you become aware, sometimes with startling rapidity, that the world is other than you saw it to be. And so you scramble to read all that you can, seeking knowledge. Now that you are outside the box, you cannot get back in the box. You cannot go back to sleep. You are awake. How shall you deal [with each] of these new awarenesses?

And so there is a great deal of the intake of information and the need to have patience with yourself as you assimilate the new information and begin to evaluate for yourself just how your path shall go. As you decide how you wish to proceed, you find that you must use faith and faith alone to choose the way of love. It is not obvious from the outside in that love is the nature of all things. It is not obvious from the outside in that each of you is one with all other beings and with the Creator. It is not obvious from the outside in that each of you is a person of power. Therefore, it is not all obvious that you are an entity that wants to become responsible for how you use your personal power. None of this is obvious. None of this is provable.

And that is the whole point of the veil. That is the point of the illusion—that you may use your free will to choose to leap into faith, as the one known as Kierkegaard put it. 2 Once you leap into faith you find your footing in midair and you are on your way. But there is indeed questioning and nervousness involved in taking that leap into mid-air. And [it] leaves behind the provable and the seeable and the sensible. Moving from this path of logic, it is clear that it is useful for you to use that faith-filled attitude to look at the only thing that you have within yourself to work with: your experiences.

Being a person of power and having these experiences, the seeker takes the self seriously enough to gaze at that which threw him off balance during the day and to ask himself, “What happened? What reveals itself to me of myself in [my] being triggered and being thrown off balance?” Functionally speaking, it is well to do this work in order to keep the energy body open. When one digs up the memory of that which occurred this day—say, for instance, someone cut you off in traffic and your energy body closed like a fist—it is normal and natural that when the physical body is jostled there is an immediate reaction. There is startlement. There is anger. There is the shadow side floating up from its lair deep within your personality. So you look at that when you have the time to contemplate it and you see why you were thrown off balance, why you were triggered into shutting down your energy body. It was shut down in your red ray because of your fear concerning survival. It was shut down in your orange ray because you resented the agent of that startlement and that danger. And you could not possibly open your heart to this entity until you realize what caused that moment of being off-balance.

Now, road rage, so- called, is such a common experience for anyone that drives that there is a great deal of opportunity to practice the realization of why that trigger happens. You have a great deal of time to practice the forgiveness of self and the forgiveness of the other self. And so gradually, as that experience happens again and again in your driving time, you begin to be able to do your work very quickly, to reopen your energy body and say, “There is room for you too, my friend, my brother, there is room for you too.” Thusly, you are back in balance and you have expressed love in that moment. That is the goal of using the catalyst of everyday and analyzing and allowing those experiences to repeat and even to intensify—so that, once you see where that catalyst has come from, you may call forth the dynamic opposite of that emotion that has been triggered by the shadow side.

You are not destroying the shadow-side emotion as much as you are balancing it, so that you may see that where there is shadow there is also light and it is in perfect balance. This is the density of polarity. You are using this density when you do this technique.

Now, those who look through the illusion to the truth and claim the truth are in harmony with those who are working with polarity. They are, as the one known as S said, working from a different viewpoint. They are reaching up through the gateway to intelligent infinity to that place where there is no polarity, where all things are one. They are holding that place and allowing the energy of the truth of unity, of unconditional love, to pour through them and out into the world. And as they are holding the one for whom they pray in their inner focus, they are giving that entity the opportunity to be bathed in that truth and to allow that truth to reset their energy body in vibrations that are full of health and wellness.

This instrument, for instance, has known of a person who asked for help from a practitioner of Christian Science, so-called. That practitioner held the truth that there was no power in alcohol. The entity who asked for help was not able to stop drinking at first, but then it discovered there was no kick to the alcohol. He was not getting drunk or getting high. So he simply quit drinking of his own accord. So you see there is great virtue in that model which reaches from illusion to truth and then allows truth to flow through [the healer’s energy body] and out into the world.

It is as though in one technique one were using the energy of the local world, while in the other technique one is using the energy of the universal world. Whether the focus is within the heart or from the heart up into metaphysical sources of inspiration and information, the result remains the same because the heart is that place which holds space/time and time/space—the physical and the metaphysical—in one location.

You are, in fact, living locations which allow infinity and eternity to move into the local space/time, everyday world. You are instruments of the divine and through you comes the light of the world. You are the eyes of love in this world. You are the hands and the voice and the smile, the hugs of love in this world. When you are on the beam shall we say, you are not offering them from the heart. You are offering them through your heart. So you do not run out of love; you do not run out of prayer time; you do not run out of those energies. If you called upon them as a human, you would quickly and completely run dry. However, you are simply opening yourself to be used by that energy that is unconditional love, the Logos, the Creator, the One Original Thought.

Now let us shift focus once more, my friends, to talk briefly concerning how to pray most efficiently. Perhaps by now you might guess we would say that you have a very wide range of ways to pray, one of them not being better than another, each of them being a child of your personality, your sensibility. Prayer is a very intimate, personal thing. It is a conversation between you and the Creator.

Now, the Creator does not speak in words. It is the Creator. It is that “still, small voice” 3 as the Holy Bible says. His silence is thunder. And in that silence is all the information that is infinite. You receive it whole and undisturbed as you enter the silence and tabernacle with the one infinite Creator. For some that is all that is needed, resting in silence, feeling that communion with the divine. There nothing else that seems to be needed.

For others, there is the gift of visualization. Such entities will find visualization very effective. It will feel right to hold each entity in thought, to visualize the entity as being well and see that entity in the light.

For others, as this instrument said [earlier], a certain entity with a certain difficulty brings to mind a hymn or a song or a chant. And the expression of the chant or song is directed at that crystallized place of pain that the prayer hopes to dissolve.

For others, there is a need for communication. There is a need for talking. Such entities will find it very comforting to journal, as that entity did who wrote Conversations with God, 4 writing down one’s question and then writing down the answer when it comes, writing down the next question, then writing down the next thought that appears in the mind, the answer. For some, this is a very comforting, reassuring way to have that conversation with the Creator. Certainly something is lost as impressions are turned into words. Yet for one who needs the words, those words are very helpful, more helpful than all of the silence in the world.

There are as many ways to pray as there are people who seek to join in union with the one infinite Creator that is their beginning, their end, and their deepest truth. We would assure you that there are no mistakes. If there is an intention to pray, [however you choose to pray] will be an effective way for you to pray.

Remember always that thanksgiving, praise and devotion are also ways to pray—to enter the silence and to feel the union with the one that opens to you that gateway to intelligent infinity.

We would at this time rest and acknowledge that we have only brushed the surface of this very interesting subject, for which we thank those in this circle. We would ask before we open to other queries if there is a follow-up to this question. We are those of Q’uo.

I have a question, Q’uo. Earlier you seemed to suggest that prayer is intended to reveal the self to the self. Can you tell me more about that without infringing on my free will?

We thank the one known as J for the query and believe we understand it. The one known as J wishes to know about prayer revealing self to self. My brother, for some the self is full. It is so full that there is no room for further understanding. For such entities the path of prayer concerning the seeking of truth is the path of releasing the fullness of self and allowing all of that self-definition to fall away so that the self becomes a chalice, empty at last and able to receive the truth.

For others, bound in suffering, wracked by doubts, caught in the world of ten thousand things, there is an emptiness of self. The chalice is already ready to receive. And for such entities it is precious indeed to open the self in passive prayer. Some would call it mediation and indeed the Buddhists would call it vipassana meditation. In this allowing of the self to be nothing and to float as the candle flame floats above the candle, self is revealed just as the candle reveals itself in the flame. It is an indigo-ray use of the gateway of intelligent infinity to ask for the self to be revealed to the self, for the self to feel its own radiance. And that flame comes down into the passive tallow of self and kindles the flame of truth so that the self becomes a chalice, holding the flame of love. And gently, sweetly, that flame melts away the suffering and the difficulty and frees the caught soul that it may fly free into the love of the open heart, into the love of the Logos.

May we answer you further, my brother?

No, Q’uo, I am very grateful for your answer.

And we are grateful to you, my brother.

I have a query, Q’uo. Could you tell me if there is a spiritual significance in the pressure I feel in my chest when I meditate?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. My sister, we are aware that you are already fully aware of the presence of energies that would seek to distract you from the path of service that you have chosen in this lifetime. They, or shall we say these energies so as not to give them a personality but simply to express them as resisting energies, are hoping to distract you from your seeking. They have used the extreme sensitivity of your spiritual or electrical body in order to create the impression of their presence, that presence being by its very nature part of the path of that which is not: coldness as opposed to warmth, contraction as opposed to radiance.

This coldness, my sister, is not in any way harmful nor is it, except in a statistical sense, real, by the definition of science. That is to say that statistically there may be seen to be a change in your physical temperature due to these impressions. However, it is only a statistically noticeable difference, not at all in congruency with the impression that you experience. Therefore, my sister, there comes that moment of choice.

We are aware that you have at all times met this choice-point by radiating love to the sender and radiating love to the self. My sister, one thing only would we suggest and that is to ask for help. There is help available in the form of your guidance, in the form of angelic presences, and in the form of calling upon the principles and the representatives within [the inner planes of] this density you call Earth—of those principles such as the one known as Jesus the Christ.

Consequently, we encourage you to offer the prayer that is congruent with your belief system; that is to say in the name of the Creator as you know the Creator. This instrument would simply say, “Jesus,” and the name would create a change in her vibration and would create a state of remembrance of the power of unconditional love in her heart. It is important, my sister, that you carefully choose the representation of the unconditional love that speaks most strongly to you and pray that name of the Creator-self as you need that change in vibration.

May we answer you further, my sister? we are those of Q’uo.

No, Quo, thank you.

We thank you and we may say, my sister, that we are with you. At any time that you need, you can ask us mentally and we shall undergird the basic vibration of the mediation.

Thank you.

My sister, it is our pleasure. We ask is there a final query at this time?

[No further queries.]

We are those of Q’uo, and are again with this instrument, greeting each in love and in light. The resounding silence indicates to us that we have exhausted all of those questions that have been traveling on your lips. We shall await such time as you wish to speak of those queries which you have kept to yourselves. All things have their moments.

May we thank each from the bottom of our collective hearts for asking us to join in your meditation this evening. Your courage is amazing. We know how busy your lives are. One look at that which is moving through any of your minds is enough to make us reel! Your lives are full of such detail, such vividness, such complexity, and yet you have found time this evening to come together to seek the truth. We find that stunning. Your beauty is wonderful as you have blended your vibrations and have created a sacred dome. It glows with light far above the roof of this dwelling. You have created a lighthouse that is spectacular and we thank you for your love, for each other, for the truth, and for the one infinite Creator.

We leave this instrument and this group in the love and the light, in the power and in the peace of the one infinite Creator. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Q’uo uses the plural “densities” because the Q’uo principle is made up of planetary entities from the fourth (Hatonn), fifth (Latui) and sixth (Ra) densities. 

  2. Søren Kierkegaard is a nineteenth-century philosopher who spoke of the circularity of faith. It takes faith to leap into faith. It is a profound truth as well as a total paradox and one which Q’uo uses often. 

  3. This phrase is embedded in the story of the prophet Elijah. He seeks the word of the Lord, but does not find it except in the silence of the “still small voice.” The context is Kings I 19: 11-12, “And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.” 

  4. Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God; an Uncommon Dialogue: New York, Putnam’s, 1996. This book is still in print and available at your bookstore or from