Jim: Q’uo, our question today concerns the transition that is taking place on Planet Earth on 12-12-12. 1 We’re concerned about what we can do now, in the time remaining, to help ourselves, our families, our friends, and our planet to make this transition as harmoniously as possible. Could you give us an idea of what concepts, ideas or actions that we can concentrate upon in these remaining days via service to others in this transition time?

(Carla channeling)

Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this day. It is a great privilege for us to be with this instrument and this group. We have been with you this weekend, as many within the group have called us, and we have enjoyed each of you tremendously. Your beauty is astounding. The colors of your personality flash. It is exciting to be with you and it is humbling to us.

Our [particular] third-density is over. But we remember the difficulties and the challenges that we faced when we must find love by faith alone, and find faith by love alone. Thank you for calling us to your group. And we thank this instrument, who has been away from contact with us while it was necessary for her to do so, in order that she might be able to channel in an upright position rather than lying flat on her back. May we say to the instrument, thank you for that decision. And may we say to each of you, thank you for the decision to come together—may we even say to come home—for just a little while, to experience a safe place and an energy that is alive with the love of the one great original Thought.

This instrument and the one known as Jim did not do this. They did not import this energy. You did, each of you. And you share it generously. As you leave this weekend, my friends, carry it with you. Keep it in your pocket. Trust that this safe place endures within you. And remember how that feels, so that you can give it to yourself when you go into that which this weekend has called the inner closet of prayer.

We would ask one favor of you before we begin to answer the query that has been presented to us, and that is that each of you, in listening to our words, use your discrimination and your faculties of discernment, for we are your brothers and sisters. We are no authorities, and would never wish to be. But we have been called. And so we come.

But know that our words are humble and imperfect. If they help you, if you resonate when you hear them, keep them and use them. That is why we are here. But if they do not hit the mark for you—and, my friends, we cannot hit the mark for all of you, all the time—please set those thoughts aside. You may return to them in a year, or five, or ten. They will still be here. Examine them again for useful thoughts and you may find that where you are then allows you to find new assets and resources in our words. But for now, if it doesn’t resonate, do not keep it.

If you will do this for us, we will feel that we can share our thoughts with you without infringing upon your free will. We thank you for this consideration.

As the year of 2012 in your numbering system draws nigh, there is a natural concentration of those things which always anticipate a holiday, a feast, or a celebration. There is a feeling of needing to prepare, to cook the food, to bake the turkey, to make the cranberry sauce, to use this instrument’s upbringing to set the table for you. There is a feeling that you need to buy presents, to give gratitude to those about you. There is perhaps the desire to wear special clothes for this event, and you must find those. And there is the planning for the celebration. Who shall sleep where? How shall we feed so-and-so? How shall this go? And all of these elements are part of a useful attitude towards preparing for the shift of the ages, as it has been called by many.

As this instrument said earlier in her talk, the planet itself is scheduled to shift into active fourth density at the winter solstice of 2012. This is part of the clockwork nature of your universe. It is not arbitrary. There is, as this instrument attempted to explain, a lining up of powerful star energies, and that alignment clicks in and clicks over, and it is done.

It is interesting that the one known as Jim stated it as “12-12-12”, because statistical alterations in that clock time do indicate that it shall occur somewhat before 12-21-2012, so this was a synchronicity we would like to point out. We do not know from our standpoint precisely what that correction is. We are, as we have often said, not clever with your numbering system. But it is well to celebrate the winter solstice of 2012, my friends, with the sure knowledge that you are saying goodbye to the yellow-ray density; that is, the Density of Choice.

How shall you prepare? Each of you is anxious, to a certain extent, because there is the concern as to whether you can possibly be ready to make such a gigantic shift as the shift from yellow-ray thinking to green-ray thinking. As you can see, my friends, it is a shift from thinking of things in legalistic terms—duty, responsibility to your family, to your nation state, to your job, to those things which you hold dear concerning the betterment of your immediate family and clan, too, the concern being for all humanity. It is the difference between wondering whether or not you should get a new appliance or toy, to wondering how you shall marshal the resources in order to be sure that all who are alive and bear the human genome have enough.

What is enough, my friends? You have lived in a culture that suspects that word is null and void, that you will never have enough. It is ironic that many of those who have a great deal of what you would call “money” are consumed with making more and stashing it away, and finding a safe place to survive.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself at this time is to release thoughts of making sure you can survive. We are not saying that it is not wise to keep extra water, in case you find yourself in a power-less situation and do not have it. This could happen, not only at the end of the age but at a power outage that shuts down transformers. We are simply saying that if you save the world’s goods and defend them against those who would want them, you make all those who are your other-selves into your enemies.

Plan, indeed, my friends. But if someone comes to your door hungry, take half the peanut butter sandwich that is all you have left and share it, for that entity is you, and you are he. Do not concern yourselves with tomorrow. In the Lord’s Prayer, which this instrument and the one known as Jim say twice a day, every day, which we feel is one of the most balanced prayers ever offered, the request is to have enough for today. “Give us this day, our daily bread.” Tomorrow you may pray that prayer again.

Keep it simple, stay humble with that which you need to survive, and realize that if you do not survive, you shall drop a physical vehicle. If you cannot sustain yourself, then it is time for you to drop that physical vehicle and move on to the steps of light that this instrument has discussed with you. 2 You are not under any pressure to survive, except according to your concern and your fear about the process of dying, and about those who are perhaps dependent upon you.

Nevertheless, the hallmark of those who live in the open heart is to know that all is well. By faith alone can you ever know this. The human side of you, the brain of the mind, cannot ever see the truth of this statement. All is never well, whether it’s a hangnail or the end of a continent as we know it. Whether you have an earache, or whether Vesuvius erupts and destroys 4,000 people, there is always something to disturb the tenure of your peace. And so you cut up your peace, you destroy your quiet, and you do not know how to find the door to your inner room, to your heart.

Therefore, let these concerns mature and ripen, and as you see that there is something logical and simple to be done, like saving some water against an emergency, do so. But do not allow that action to take on the heavy energy of fear.

My friends, you came into this incarnation for two reasons. You came here to learn, and each of you has a pretty full plate, shall we say. Your semester hours have stacked up. Nobody’s only taking 12 [hours]. Everyone is going for a 15-hour semester, an 18-hour semester, [and] some people are working on 21 hours this particular semester of your tenure in this school of souls; that is, third density on Planet Earth.

We commend you for wanting to learn so much. Learn as you can and as you will, but do not demand of yourself that you achieve anything measurable. For it is the keys to unknowing that will serve you in these latter hours, not the keys of knowing. When your chief lessons come around again, as they will, work on them as you can. Recognize them as the gifts that they are, but do not let your peace be disturbed, for your gift at this time, my friends, is to gaze at the chaos and respond in peace; to gaze at the hostility, and respond in compassion; to listen to those whom your intellect would call “idiots” take over the public airwaves and respond with a smile.

You are not the boss of anyone. You do not have to correct anyone. Let the world wag. Look to your inner tuning. Look to how you are living your life. Examine it, for things that truly count are truly important to celebrate: the dawning of a new heaven and a new Earth. Find your joy. Find your laughter. Find that place within you that loves yourself. And accept yourself, because that makes of you a co-Creator that will love others and accept others. This is the key to harmonization of the varieties of human thought and experience.

We have not used one word, which is a perfect gift to give at this time, and that is forgiveness. What have you not forgiven yourself for today? Please, find the time to sit with yourself until you are self-forgiven. And this is important. Because you need to be able to gather all of yourself into your heart, and that includes those parts of yourself that you have called the “shadow side.” You are your own savior in that just as you are part of something greater, part of a spiritual clan of those who have come to this planet in ways to help, so those parts of your personality there in the light, and those which you consider to be in a deep darkness, are alike a part of you. And in order to be heart-whole, you need to cradle yourself and heal yourself of that feeling of brokenness of which this instrument was talking earlier.

Therefore, my friends, turn your minds from how to respond to a possible future cataclysm and towards becoming ready to meet this moment with an open heart. Meet this moment with an open heart. This is your greatest gift to your self, to your loved ones, and to the planet.

Now, that shows up in a different guise for everyone. It is not that you mean to wear the mask, or to don the costume, but it is impossible to express your true self, which is unconditional love. Each of you has ways of presenting the self to the selves about you, that you have learned—sometimes painfully—work for you. That’s all right. You do not have to change your behavior. If you change your thoughts to those of love and laughter, acceptance, compassion and understanding, your behavior will take care of itself.

There are those of you who wish badly to help the nation-state to become a better one, a truer one, one which vibrates more in resonance with its original intention. For you, this is appropriate.

There are those of you who wish to help Mother Earth at this time. We are not saying that you should move into the national or international sphere and attempt to change the world. We are saying that wherever you live, there are challenges for the environment and they can best be discussed and dealt with by those who are on the ground in the area, and local.

So set your sights, if you want inspiration, at ground zero for you, the center of your universe, the place that you live. And ask yourself, “What are the problems in this particular community that are trammeling Mother Earth, that are challenging her ability to survive?” 3 And then, when you have targeted a difficult road bed, a misbehaving stream of water, a dam that does not serve the greater good, or whatever it may be, my friends, if it please you, put your heart and your soul into action to amend for the better that particular little part of Planet Earth that needs your help. You are all stewards of it. It cannot alter what man on Earth has done by itself, without the passage of a great deal of time. You are welcome to improve the odds, and to be good stewards of Gaia.

It may be, my friends, that your talent is not outer, but we assure you that the charge of being those who keep their hearts open is also the challenge of becoming a lighthouse to those around you. We are not saying that you must be impressive, speak well, or do anything whatsoever on the outer plane. We are saying only that as your heart is, so shall your eyes speak without words to those whom you meet. And as people look into your eyes and see the light of the Creator, so shall they become healed. All of you at this time are great healers by your love. You need do nothing outer in order to be absolutely essential at this time.

Now, what is your food? What is the feast for which you are preparing? Or to use another metaphor that this instrument used earlier, where is the fuel for your lamp? How shall you strike the match to that fuel and light the lamp of fourth-density? My friends, your feast is love itself. Relish it. Prepare it. Use the herbs of patience, tenacity and the light touch. Walk the fields of your consciousness and find ever new those growing wild things that, when plucked young, shall make ever tastier the feast of love.

Now you have prepared yourself. You have prepared your feast. You have decided upon your present—and we do mean that pun, my friends, staying in the present moment and being a creature of love; seeing with eyes of love; thinking with thoughts of love and having an understanding heart. Now wrap these presents well. Prepare them well, these tasty dishes. And be confident in the extreme that all is well.

When you hear the inevitable discussions that are fear-based and full of the contracted energy of those who are terrified and want to find ways to control the situation, stretch, breathe and feel the expansion within you that comes from knowing, by faith alone, that all is well.

The poet known as William, 4 on his deathbed, saw angels, and sang hallelujahs, and welcomed his end with the same enthusiasm with which he had welcomed all of his life. He was fascinated with the round towers of magical energy, and in the end he was the round tower he sought.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!

If you fear death, my friends, die. Lie down in your grave. Wait until you are desperately hungry and cold, and feel in truth your own death. And when you have felt that to the fullest, rise. Look at the sky, the sun. Smell the fresh flowers upon the wind that grow everywhere, wild, and generous, and begin for the first time to know the value of your life.

Every moment of your life is a gift. Relish it. Use it. Have a wonderful time with it. Ask of yourself not how much you have done today, but how much have you loved today? Then, you are ready. You have the fuel for your light, for it is infinite. You have the food for your feast, and you are ready to meet the chaos of the darkness of the eve of that day.

What we suggest, my friends, is not simple, although it may sound so, for all of your training and the training your culture offers to everyone is counter to what we say. We offer you the truth of a fool, the fool that leaps from the precipice into mid-air—the mid-air of faith. Gather yourself and leap. You shall find the footing amazingly even in that mid-air.

The one thing that we would suggest is that which we always suggest, and that is some form of using the silence. For you see, my friends, there are many ways to move into your open heart. But they all require silence. Silence is the key that opens the door to your inner room, so that you can rush in and tabernacle with the infinite One. You may be in good shape, and you can enter quietly, sit down with the Creator and move into communion with it. You may be in very rough shape, and you may need to climb into the Creator’s great lap and bury your head against His great heart and let Him rock you, until you feel better. Give Him your heart. He will give you the Balm of Gilead. Whatever way you find to use the silence, you will find that the wordless language of silence is far more eloquent than the greatest words written by humankind or spoken by saints.

We are with you. There is so much help waiting to be asked, but we must be asked, for we would not infringe upon your free will. Therefore, please, at all times live your life in gratitude. In thanking us you ask us to continue. In thanking the angels, you ask them to continue. Make a practice of this, for it too will make this transition time easier for you.

The instrument is requesting of us that we transfer this contact to the one known as Jim while she leaves the circle for a brief time. Therefore, we leave this instrument and transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

We pause while things are done to the equipment so that the one known as Jim may be heard. We are those of Hatonn.


(Jim channeling)

I am Hatonn, and am with this instrument. We greet each again in love and light through this instrument. At this time we would ask if there might be any shorter queries to which we may speak.

Hatonn, I have a question. I was curious, at this point, as we approach 2012, how we stand with the “tipping point” so all may make the journey, and what suggestions we might receive to assist with this venture in finding the tipping point. Thank you.

[Q’uo, Hatonn speaking for the principle.]

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. At this time, the phenomenon of the tipping point, so called, is at a point where there is a growing number of entities aware of the nature of change in general. We can hypothesize that within what you would call a year or so, there will be a further movement of your planetary influence into that realm of space and time where the green-ray energies are more profoundly experienced by entities such as yourselves, who have become consciously aware that the opening of the heart is of profound importance, and [this] shall be the key to the transformation not only of such seekers as yourselves, but also of this planetary influence which you call your Earth, or as some have referred to it, Gaia.

Many will recognize that there is a great feeling of difference that is permeating their environment and their experience. However, the great majority shall be unaware of the nature of this change at its heart. Yet the questing within their own experience shall begin, which will allow greater illumination to occur for them. There is for such entities the great possibility that this questing shall be the beginning of their own awakening so that such awakened experiences will be more readily available to greater and greater portions of your planetary population, thus enhancing the movement towards this tipping point.

Is there a further query, my brother?

I have a query, please. The winter solstice 2012 will bring a unique planetary and star alignment. What changes to a yellow-ray body, human-DNA blueprint might we expect or might be probable with the [dawning] of the new energies coming at this time?

The planetary alignment of which you speak is a phenomenon of great significance for the transition that each entity, and indeed each cell that in the human body, shall begin to experience. If one were able closely and carefully to [see what is happening, these cells] are being enhanced in a manner which will allow a greater experience of the Density of Love and Understanding which is now beckoning and shall shortly be that predominant experience of this illusion.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I have one, if no one else has one.


According to Ra, many of us here this weekend at Homecoming are Wanderers from fifth or sixth density who reincarnated to third density to help with the harvest. In time/space, if every moment in every soul stream is occurring simultaneously, then somewhere else in time/space, are all the third-density natives of Earth—also fifth and sixth density [and] perhaps wanderers—helping our third density incarnations to ascend?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. In the sense of unity, in which all is seen as the one Creator and one being, this is so.

In the sense of the many, indeed infinite, illusions and entities which comprise this one Creator, this is so only in what we may call a conditional sense, in that each entity upon Planet Earth has its origin, and has arrived at its present location and experience, in what seems to be a linear sense, and thus shall continue its progress after the Earth experience is complete in what would again seem to be a linear sense.

Those graduating from third to fourth density remaining upon this planetary influence, those graduating in the service-to-self sense, moving to another planetary influence, and those Wanderers who have moved to this planetary influence from what you would call a higher density, moving back to that home planet for what you might call further assignment, and those who have yet, shall we say, to make the grade of fourth density, moving to another third-density planetary influence to continue their work upon opening the heart, all are one Being. All move in harmony as one great Creator. It is a paradox, my friend.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Hatonn, I have one brief question. Upon entering [meditation] or attempting to meditate, many seekers will often attract a feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness, and I was wondering if this was rooted in the metaphysical principle of the population being somehow “asleep”? [Please shed] any light upon the subject that you may share with us.

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my brother. The drowsing effect that one may feel while attempting to enter into the meditative state is much like the entity attempting physical exercise and, being new to the experience, is able to accomplish a smaller amount than it shall be able to accomplish with further exercise. Thus, the, shall we say, meditation muscle must be strengthened.

Is there a final query at this time?

The one that I remember, Hatonn, from the conversation around the circle was a combination of two people who wanted to know about biblical references to the “thousand years of peace” that might come in some future time, and the statement by those of Q’uo that there was the possibility in the long-distant future that the Earth may one day carry another third density. Do you see any connection between these intellectual considerations and spiritual principles that might help us to think about these questions?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. From our perspective, which is limited, we would suggest that the “one-thousand-year time period” is symbolic of a beginning experience of peace within the human heart that will be infinite in its nature, so that it is a steady state, no longer subject to what you may call the trials and tribulations of the choice-making density, the path having been chosen, the feet firmly planted thereupon, and the will strengthened to persevere. The journey shall be undertaken in strength of purpose in joyful, glad tidings of the heart.

We pause briefly… We would ask that you repeat the second portion of your query, my sister.

We asked, secondly, what spiritual principles might we use to think about questions of this nature?

I am Hatonn, and am aware of your query, my sister. The principle which we find most helpful in this regard is the principle of balance, which finds its origination in the principle of unity. The balance which is necessary to meet this time of transition is the great desire to be of service that is experienced by each within this circle of seeking, that needs be balanced with the, shall we say, overview, the far-seeing of the bigger picture, which realizes that all is well at this moment and every moment, for all is, indeed, one.

Again, paradox is that quality which seems ever-present for the spiritual seeker to serve out of seeing the necessity for service, while also seeing the perfection of experience. This is your faith, shall we say, at this time a great transition upon your beloved Planet Earth.

At this time we would thank each present for taking the time and energy to seek our presence, to ask our service, and to take this offering, humble though it be, and use it as you will. Each here is strong in seeking, and shall continue to serve in a way which is most helpful to the transition of this planet, and of those about each, the friends, the family, the strangers met upon the street, who seek assistance at what might seem to be inopportune moments. And yet, as each responds to these requests for service, the Creator is served, the Creator is seen, the Creator is loved.

And so, you travel forward in your great journey, as pilgrims upon a dusty path, yet a path which leads ever homeward. For can you be anywhere else but home when you move within the one infinite Creator?

We are those of Hatonn. We leave each in love and in light. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. This was an error in speaking. Jim intended to say 12-21-12. 

  2. For the text of Carla’s talks at Homecoming 2010 and discussion of the steps of light, visit our events page

  3. According to Google Definition, to trammel is to “restrict: place limits on (extent or access); shackle.” 

  4. William Blake was a nineteenth-century Irish poet who was also a mystic and a magician.