Our question today is: Firstly, we would like you to give us a synopsis of the development of the Creation from prior to the point of the first distortion, all the way through to the third distortion. Secondly, we would like to ask about the spiritual principles of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and where those two polarities first became manifest—how and when they split, one becoming masculine and the other becoming feminine. Thank you.

(Carla channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Greetings, my friends, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, in whose service we come to you this evening.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be called to your group. We delight in you, your beauty, your courage, your willingness to set aside part of your valuable time to seek the truth. We are eager to share our thoughts with you on the subject of the first three distortions of what this instrument calls The Law of One, and about the role of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, how they began and how they function. It is a large subject but we look forward to cracking it open and making of it what we can.

First, as always, my friends, we would ask you to do a favor for us. Listen to our words with discernment and discrimination, feeling and sensing into the resonance of that which we say. If what we say seems useful to you then by all means work with those thoughts that seem helpful. If what we say happens not to hit the mark for you, we ask you to lay the words aside without a second thought and follow the path of resonance. Each of you is entirely responsible for your spiritual path and you have the wisdom to know what is for you and what is not. Therefore, do not be swayed by the opinions of others or even by your respect for us. We are humble messengers, as you know, and we would not wish to infringe upon your free will or to disturb the even tenor of your walk on what this instrument calls “the King’s highway.” 1

Firstly, you have asked about the first three distortions and, of course, as is our habit, we go back a bit to talk about the only thing that is not a distortion in terms of the cosmology of the Law of One, and that my friends, is unity. You and we are one; you and each other are one. The tribe of humankind on Planet Earth is one. This is simply due to the fact that the only thing in Creation is the Creator and each of you is a spark or an element of that infinite Creator. You shall always be you, through all the octaves of the Creator. You shall take upon yourself sex, appearance, gifts and limitations. You shall bring with you into incarnation relationships you have programmed because it seemed useful to you that such relationships, although always abrasive and always causing some suffering, would serve to bring both of you more into balance. And in third density’s polarity is the caldron, the furnace, the athanor, in which the dross is burned away and you become purified to be truly yourself, as the one known as G has said.

Every instinct tells you that this is folly: “I am not one with that person. I am not one with that nation-state. I am not one with that philosophy or that opinion.” Ah, but you are, you are all things.

The challenge, you see, of third density is moving from chaos into mystery; from the scrabbling to know, to own, to have, to be, into the relaxation of allowing yourself to be who you are; to move beyond the surface of life.

You, my friends are deep-sea divers. You are not satisfied to skitter across the ocean of life like a dragonfly. You dive deep and you seek the highest and best truth you can find. And eventually you pierce the veil of otherness and begin to feel the threads of the commonality about which the one known as F was speaking, that lie behind the shapes of judgment.

This unity is for all of you. And yet it does not keep you from being an individual. Every choice you have made in every incarnation goes into the personality you chose for this incarnation. My friends, it is as if you took a suitcase, not a large suitcase but an overnight bag—it’s a small stay, one incarnation, after all. You do not need much—a few gifts, a few relationships. You pack your bag. You pack your limitations, you pack your challenges and you set out to plunge into a dark world. For the sun may shine upon the Earth but in terms of spiritual seeking, all is in darkness. Nothing can be seen, nothing can be known or proved, and it is up to you to disengage yourself from your culture, your parenting, your hard-learned lessons of fitting in, to become, as this instrument was saying, a witness to yourself.

It is not that you are a witness. You are you. It is that when you witness your own life, it gives you a sense of proportion. This instrument often, in challenging circumstances, creates a cartoon in her mind and then busies herself by putting the right caption under it to make herself laugh. The more ways that you have of lifting yourself away from the impulsivity of quick emotion, and touching into that Balm of Gilead which is the underlying self that is one with the Creator, the more riches your incarnation shall have for you.

Unity is the deepest and most profound truth that we know. You are all the Creator. Do not turn it around and try to say that the Creator is all of you, for the Creator is infinite. If the Creator was not infinite the Creation would not be one.

Now, you asked about the first three distortions of The Law of One. In the deepest sense the first distortion is free will, because it was by choosing by free will to know Itself that the Creator created the Creation of which you all are a part. He wished to know more about Himself. His curiosity is endless and His sense of play and artistry equally infinite.

And so, as you experience and make that catalyst that happens to you into wisdom and received grace, the Creator receives that harvest and knows ever more about Itself. Even if an entity were to choose all the things that you personally consider to be wrong, yet still, that entity is not making an error, for he too is offering to the Creator the harvest of his desires and their satisfaction.

It was a long time and many, many Creations before the Creator decided to try the experiment of offering total free will to the sparks of Itself that each of you would call human. Yet this is your situation. Your free will is paramount. The other person’s free will is also paramount, which means that your rights stop behind your teeth and at the end of your nose. The free will that you have is to make choices for yourself, not for others. Observing and recognizing your own free will and that of others as well is a great key to using your incarnation well.

What frees you from those feelings of responsibility that “I should do this, I should do that?” The question is what do you wish to do, what do you desire to do, what do you wish to set your intention to do? The more you know your own mind, the more you are able to live in a way that respects and honors your own free will and your own ability to choose for yourself at every turn, [the better you will know your own desires and can set your own intentions].

Therefore, in that instance in which the one known as F quoted, the free will is a paramount distortion of the Logos in that each of you, as sparks of the Creator, have that free will, but the first experience of free will is that of the Creator’s. And, therefore, [free will] is far before manifestation.

It is the setting of intention—that right use of free will that enables the Creator or the co-co-creator, which is each of you, to live a life that is untrammeled by victimhood or confusion. We are not saying that there will not be confusion—there is often confusion. But when you have satisfied yourself as to the object of your desire, if you can focus upon what you actually desire and set your intention concerning that desire, [then if you can] live according to that intention, your path is always smooth before you.

Your confusion then is a matter of saying, “All right, here is my situation. As I see it, it is thus and thus, and I feel that my highest and best response to that situation is to choose this.” Once the choice is made you simply pursue it, not doubting yourself, not second-guessing yourself, but participating fully and being entirely present with that situation, with that choice, and with all that ensues therefrom.

The second distortion of the Law of One is the Logos. Logos is a Greek word and when you open the Bible to the Gospel of John, it begins with the Logos: “In the beginning was the Word.” The Greek for that Word is Logos. “In the beginning was the Logos. The Logos was with God and the Logos was God.” The Logos is with God because the infinite Creator is beyond any manifestation, even the manifestation of the one great original Thought or Logos of unconditional and absolute love.

Therefore, the Creator set Its intention to know Itself. And so were born the infinite billions of galaxies and the infinite billions of stars in each galaxy and the millions of opportunities for sentient life that exist in that universe that you can see with your instruments. Yet all things are distortions of love. The challenge is always to find the love, to see through the chaos that surrounds confused entities’ relationships and so forth. And this is true whether it is the relationships of the family, between two people, or the relationships between nation-states.

The world lives on the surface of things, skittering along on the surface in lie after lie after lie, for there are always advantages to be seen, power to be found, influence to be felt, resources to gather, and the tangled emotions of entities who only imperfectly grasp who they are and why they are here.

Do not stay there, my friends. Dive down into the ocean, that infinite ocean of beingness, until you come to the calm waters where pearls are creating themselves from the sand that irritates the shell, where beauty and truth exist like the jewels that they are, and where the ideals that you have in your heart of hearts walk and breath and live in a reality beyond all realities that you can imagine. It is wonderful to find those places deep beneath the surface, with their tsunamis and hurricanes and storms, where all remains peaceful and the movement of the great heart of creation is slow and steady.

Now, naturally one must exist on the surface of life. One must learn the buzz and get along with one’s fellow human beings. And that is all to the good. That is the source of your catalyst. Be grateful for that confusion and that chaos. But take the blessings and the challenges that you have and dive deep into the waters of infinity and eternity. They live within your hearts. You only have to open the door to your heart to find those deep waters. And as we have said so often to you, my friends, the key to that door is silence.

The third distortion is that of light. And it is only at this point, far down the chain of The Law of One, that manifestation occurs. Manifestation is slow in coming. Much must be accomplished first. Yet you live in a world of manifestations. And thusly, you see, you are always climbing what this instrument would call Jacob’s ladder, only you are climbing it down into the depths of your own heart. And there the Creator lies, beyond all manifestation, beyond all images, beyond all ideas of what is real—ready to heal, ready to nurture, ready to love.

Many would say that sounds as though the Creator were the Divine Mother, not the Divine Father. And this is our bridge to speak about the role of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

It can be very confusing to think about masculinity and femininity, because there are so many levels, all of them equally valid, at which that dynamic opposition occurs. The way most entities think about masculinity and femininity is according to the outward appearance of an entity. If an entity has breasts and a vagina, that entity is feminine. If an entity has a penis and a scrotum, that entity is masculine. My friends, this barely scratches the surface but at least almost everyone is aware of the difference between the two, and aware that society has given men and women quite different roles, and not just the society, but the biological nature of men and women, has enculturated and preserved those differences and even attempted to codify them.

At that level it is well to note that the chief difference between the two sexes is that one biological sex is given the ocean of life, so that she necessarily becomes a priestess who can conceive and bear a child. The ocean of life runs through her and she is able to manifest that child. The male is not given this contact, this participation, in the ocean of life. He can come close. He can never experience the ebb and the flow of the tides of that ocean. Consequently, there is innate in women a certain inner power. Further, it is instinct as well as enculturation that offers to women an absolute and usually complete access to mother love, the love that is above and beyond all loves. That love touches into infinity, which is commensurate with the great gift that women carry within them.

Men, on the other hand tend to be larger or more powerful, more directed to protect and serve, as the policeman’s motto often goes. Yet both men and women are challenged by the same ideal and that is to use their power rightly.

It is also to be noted that a great source of confusion in your Earth world is due to the fact that the male sex is aware of the inner power of women and is somewhat challenged by it. Consequently, there will be every effort made by the usual non-thinking person who is male to keep women in their place, to tell themselves that women are inferior, to belittle them when they have intuition about which men do not know, for it is something that they can never understand. The instinct of a bully is not to harmonize but to control, and it is a sorry mess that your societies have tended to make of the possibility of dancing together, male and female, in utter harmony, seeing themselves as a tag team or on a tandem bicycle, working together, setting their intentions in common, and creating of life a glory and an honestation to the Creator.

These things are within your grasp personally. Can you change your society? Do not be concerned with that, for as you change yourself, so you change the world.

Now, let us dive, as we have encouraged you to do, and look at the male and female aspects from a deeper point of view. When entities have opened their hearts and they are ready to communicate with honesty and with the best truth that they know, and when they are content to lay all aside and allow the radiance that is pouring through them from the infinite Creator to be themselves, then there is the opportunity to awaken to a magical world, a world in which the polarities make sense for the first time.

When does polarity begin? In the sense in which you ask it, my friends, polarity begins in third density, the only density in which that kind of polarity does exist. Because it is the only world or environment in which nothing can be known, spiritually speaking. A veil of forgetting is dropped when you enter incarnation and it is not to be lifted until the incarnation is at an end and you rejoin the dance of Creation first-hand.

The reason for this unknowing is that nothing that you do out of knowledge or hindsight, shall we say, is powerful to you. As the ones of Ra said, you can have a take-home test, an open book test, and look up all the answers and get it all right, but it means nothing to you except a good grade. It is only when you can’t look up the answers and you are thrown back upon your resources that you are challenged to find them and use them to move yourself away from what this instrument would call “the matrix” or consensus reality and into that magical land where things do make sense, where there is a reason for every polarity, light and dark, male and female, old and young. Everything in your world has polarity. Electricity works by polarity, gravity works by polarity, and so forth. It is a world of polarity.

Now when one does the magical ritual known as “The Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram,” which this instrument and the one known as Jim do every morning, the first visualization is of what this instrument would call the Star of David, a six-pointed star. It can be visualized thusly: there is an upside-down delta, or an upside down pyramid, which is the feminine principle, and there is the right side up delta or pyramid which is the masculine principle. And as those two are inevitably attracted to each other, they form a brightly shining star, the guiding motif of your density. Love holds the male and the female principles together. Each is the obverse of the other. The male reaches. The female awaits the reaching.

Penetrated more and more, this image yields the awareness that it is as inevitable that the sexes or the polarities of humankind harmonize as it is that they are different. Only by loving each other and moving into that locked design that is the Star of David does this third density come to life. Thusly, one principle is not better than the other. They are entirely equal and ready to be harmonized, but according to the free will of each. And within the system of magic that this instrument understands, each entity is both biological male and biological female in an infinite subtly of different ways.

Some women, for instance, move more according to male energy than female, regardless of their biological sexuality. Some men reflect the Divine Feminine with far more clarity than they reflect the Divine Masculine. And the two come together because they must, because it is within their very DNA to come together and create life, and in creating life they create the opportunity for service.

There is a glyph that is essential to western ritual magic called the Tree of Life. There are three pillars to the Tree of Life. There is a feminine side and there is a masculine side. There also is a central pillar which is created of those elements that magicians of old felt were neither feminine nor masculine. We feel that it is educational and interesting to see what characteristics are considered feminine and which are considered masculine. Yet we do not suggest that you are bound by those judgments. It is simply a picture of relationships that help you to think about what it is to be feminine and what it is to be masculine. Each polarity loves and desires love, yet to the masculine principle is given more aggression, more linear thinking, logic and such characteristics. To the feminine principle is given that which is not aggressive but which is immediate, intuitive and beautiful. The gifts of each make little sense until they have harmonized, each to each, to form, on the small level instead of the level of the world, the Star of David.

Generally, those who are masculine by sexuality have come into this incarnation to deal to some extent with power. What is the right use of their power? If they can control, should they control?

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

What is the right use of that power? To love, to nurture, to be patient, to forgive? The point of polarity, in the sexual sense, whether it is on the surface of life or deep into the archetypal mind, is both to accentuate and to purify those characteristics that seem to go with the sexuality that is biological, and then to make the offering to the other sex of all that you have and all that you are. Then you together take up the magical dance of polarity and you can collaborate to do wonderful things.

Often, it seems as though a couple is not supportive of each other. The woman goes one way and the man goes another. And yet if they are holding each other in love, if they are keeping alive the excitement that bonded them into the Star of David in the first place, then their whole life is richer and fuller.

Your incarnation is largely about loving. And learning to love as the Creator loves is a challenge. Each time you are stopped by the opposite sex in transigence in some way you are tempted to think, “Ah, I’m disgusted. I would just rather be me and single and alone.” Yet in that state you are diminished, compared to the strength and the depth of your catalyst. Learning to serve each other is the challenge.

Thusly, we encourage you to glorify and find ever better ways to express that divine principle which is love, distorted according to your sexuality, while at the same time realizing that this polarity is a dance or a game that you are playing in order to learn. You might call third density a Montessori School. Instead of books, you are given games and they are learning games. Your game is to create love from hatred, unity from disharmony, joy from sadness, hope from fear, consolation from distress, and the polarity you seem to have feeds into that wonderful goal only insofar as it gives you the pathways that you may walk to find the truth within you. There are many paths to the truth. You shall not make a mistake as you walk, although as the one known as Ra noted that there are always surprises.

My friends, this is, as we said, only the merest tip of the iceberg of this interesting subject. If you wish to query at another time, we are delighted to work with you. But for now we feel that this is all that this instrument can do and all that this group can do as far as maintaining that focus that has given us such a good channel into this instrument this evening. So, we would open the meeting to [other] questions. Is there another query at this time? We are those of Q’uo.

What is the function of judgment in human consciousness?

The function of judgment is to place within you a picture, a way to think, a way to be, a way to feel that you may examine for what you would consider to be virtue. My sister, there is no escaping judgment. The faculty of judgment or differentiation between various characteristics is part and parcel of the human personality. In an entity which has not yet chosen its polarity of service to others or service to self, the faculty of judgment is largely wasted, because that judgment is not questioned. As the parents taught, so the child thinks. As the society teaches, so the person thinks. As the companies give advertisements, so the consumer thinks. Judgment is infinite. And yet it goes nowhere for it is not questioned, it is not used except as a bat to hit at that which is other than that which the person has been taught to think is good.

In one who is aware and alert and attentive, the function of judgment in human experience is to bring from the hall of mirrors a thought to be used as grist for the mill. The seeking entity gazes upon that judgment and asks itself, “Where is the love in this thought?” For there is love in every corner, cranny and nook of creation.

That question takes the seeking spirit on many wondrous side trips. Indeed, the entire hall of mirrors around you is designed for nothing as much as to give you opportunities to feel things, to react and respond to things, so that you have something to chew on, you have decisions to make, you have, shall we say, judgments to hand down to yourself.

In one who is oriented towards service to self, judgment will be refined and honed for its own uses: the inclusion of the elite, the exclusion of all others, the relegating of those others to the condition of slavery and non-humanhood.

In the hands of the mind and the heart of service to others oriented entities, the faculty of judgment is to bring to one’s attention some part of the personality shell or ego, some part of that self, that universal self, that is not yet recognized by the seeker as itself. Thusly, in a way you could see judgment as an indication of spiritual illness—and solution to that judgment that separates as the medicament of love that does not vary from the truth one iota, and yet finds the harmony in disparate things.

May we answer you further, my sister?

No, that’s very helpful.

We thank you. We are those of Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?


We find that we have exhausted the supply of questions which those present are willing to verbalize and therefore, with the greatest of appreciation for your beauty, we leave you, as we found you, in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you, my friends. It has been a pleasure. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai. We leave you in love and light.

  1. This phrase occurs several times in one of the instrument’s favorite hymns. It begins, “I know not where the road will lead I follow day by day, or where it ends: I only know I walk the King’s highway.”