In 64.15, Ra said: “In observing the allopathic concept of the body complex as the machine, we may note the symptomology of a societal complex seemingly dedicated to the most intransigent desire for the distortions of distraction, anonymity, and sleep. This is the result rather than the cause of societal thinking upon your plane.” Q’uo, our question today is: What is meant by “distraction, anonymity and sleep.” Also, Ra said that our society’s dedication to the desire for distraction, anonymity and sleep is intransigent. Intransigent is defined as “unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.” Why is the desire for comfort, pleasure, sleep, distraction so strong and intransigent on this particular planet?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and I greet each of you in love and in light this day through this instrument to whom we are grateful for the challenge, for it is most necessary—for each who would serve as an instrument for those entities such as are we, that are from what you would say “elsewhere”—to be able to respond to such a challenge that we do indeed come in the name of Jesus the Christ 1, and the service-to-others polarity.

We would ask of you, before we begin, one small favor. It is the same favor that we ask at each session in order to help us in sharing with you that which is our service. It would be helpful if you would use your own powers of discrimination and take only those words from us that have meaning for you, leaving behind all others, for we wish to serve as best we can, and do not wish to appear to be authorities that are infallible, for indeed we have walked, and continue to walk, the same path as you walk. We have felt the same feelings, the joys, the sorrow, confusion, frustration, anger and so forth, and have made our way through this dense forest of emotions in our own third density. We are very appreciative that you have taken the time from your day to work through the various catalysts that are yours to make your way here to this circle of seeking where each joins with each other, in love and in light and in seeking, to be of service, and of seeking to know more of the love and light of the One Creator in order that your service may be enhanced.

All entities of a service-to-others nature are most desirous of exercising that nature at every opportunity, and yet here you find yourselves within an illusion in which, as your question has illustrated, there is such intransigent anonymity, sleep, distraction, and even diversion from anything that seems to be a path of service to others or of conscious seeking whatsoever.

You are upon a planet which is populated by many of those who have had this third density experience previously. They have attempted to learn the lessons of love either of self or of other selves, elsewhere within the infinite creation, and as their planetary cycles revolved and graduations approached, were not able to make the graduation upon their home planet. Thus they found it necessary to travel a great, what you would call, distance in time and space to make this planet their home for the master cycle of 75,000 years—or, in many cases, much less time, for many have come in late, shall we say, within this last 25,000 years to attempt to repeat the lessons of third density: the making of the choice either to shine the light outward or to absorb the light inward and to use it for the self.

So you see, this explains much of the situation in which you find yourself within cultures, religions, economic systems and nation-states which are formed around concepts which are not usually related to the spiritual journey. Even those paths that seem on the outside to have a religious context have, in many cases, allowed the outside influences of those who are not seeking the Creator or seeking to serve others as the Creator, to confuse and distract the purpose, even of a religious journey. However, we may also add that each religion, each culture, each nation state has within it a path that is pure for those who truly seek the One Creator, a path which may be traveled by any which is able to become conscious of this process that you call the evolution of the mind, the body and the spirit.

However, for the great majority of the population of this planet, there has been the inability to focus the inner energies of inspiration and intuition, those basic qualities brought into the incarnation from those areas where pre-incarnative choices are made, hopes are built up, and dedication is made. And once again the veil of forgetting is drawn as these hopes and dreams and inspirations must find a way to be realized within the third density illusion—this heavy, dense, chemical illusion which seems to shade and shadow so much of what you see and feel.

And when these entities, the great majority of the population, have continued upon the path of the mundane, shall we say—the culture of accepted norms, the ways to become an accepted member of the society—this path usually leads to those qualities of anonymity, of sleep, and of distraction, for as this pattern of inability to choose one path or another repeats itself, there is less and less opportunity and possibility for such entities to make positive progress upon their path, for the opportunity becomes less and less as it is exercised less and less. In your holy works it is said “To him who has, more shall be given; to him who has not, even that which he has shall be taken away.” 2 This is an illustration of this principle; it is a kind of inertia, a, if you will, backwards momentum, that inhibits the ability of entities to become conscious of who they are, of why they are here, of what they seek, of how to do anything that resembles traveling a spiritual journey.

There are so many other journeys that are available as choices that are easier to make: to seek ambition, to seek money, to seek fame, to seek position, to seek acceptance—this is what your cultures teach, this is what is valued, this is what is desired, and this is what is practiced. It is no wonder that those who do find themselves consciously aware of the process of spiritual evolution are frustrated when they see so many about them that do not wish to become conscious, that do not wish to become aware of what it is that they are here for, why they are here.

These questions [pertaining to spiritual evolution] are unnerving and perplexing, and are, if ever considered at all, pushed aside, for they make one uncomfortable when one wishes comfort. The spiritual journey, my friends, is not always comfortable. You know this well. It will make a difficult time for you at various times, for it is necessary from time to time to pass the challenge, to engage in the initiation, shall we say, to graduate from one level to another within your own third density that marks your progress upon your conscious spiritual journey. There are times when catalyst is misapplied, misperceived, missed at all perhaps and not used. When this happens, there is no end to catalyst; it will come again and again and again. Thus, the catalyst must be processed in some fashion else one tends to become as others—numb and oblivious and perhaps even seeking recluse and reclusion from such a journey.

Your path within the third density illusion is the most difficult path that you shall ever travel for only the third density illusion has the veil of forgetting. Only in this illusion is it not completely apparent at all times that you are part of the One Infinite Creator. Because this veil is so thick and so prevalent, it offers you the opportunity to make great progress if you are able, consciously, to penetrate any portion of this veil; it takes effort, it takes conscious effort, it takes inspiration and motivation, it takes persistence.

And if you can exercise these qualities, my friends, you shall find that they shall come back unto you tenfold, a hundredfold, so that if you cast your bread upon the waters again as your bible says 3, that they shall return to you and enrich you and enliven you and inspire you; and you shall, therefore, move forward upon your spiritual path, the journey which you have set for yourselves, a journey which seems to be without end, the journey which has so many twists and turns, valleys and mountains, arid deserts, drenching rain … all the seasons at one time or another will challenge you to give your best effort. And yet, if you persist, at some point within your illusion you shall find that you are rewarded with great feelings of inspiration, of illumination, of enlightenment; of times when you see clearly that you are part of an infinite creation and Creator that made all things and cares about you as much as it cares about anything, and that this Creator is within you, awaiting only your seeking, your knocking at the door, your seeking in order to find, you’re asking in order for your questions to be answered.

So you seek in prayer, in contemplation, in meditation, in your daily round of activities attempting to take this attitude or vibration of unity with you so that when you pass another on the street in some fashion you can share your love, you can share your concerns, you can share your desire to be of service; for make no mistake, my friends, if you desire to share your service, chances will come your way. It is not by chance they come your way, it is by design, a design in which you have partaken before this incarnation and during the incarnation, as you consciously seek the One.

So, my friends, we would say to you: Be not overly concerned with those who sleep, with those who are distracted, with those who seem anonymous and seem to treat you in a similar fashion. Give to them what you can, give to them that which is asked, serve as best you can and go on your way wishing them well. That is all you can do; that is all any can do. So we inspire you, we encourage you to seek as best you can, to stay aware of what you are and who you are and whose you are. You belong to the One Creator. All the children of this world and all worlds belong to the Creator; all are sons and daughters of the Father and all shall eventually find their way home.

Is there another question at this time to which we may speak?

Yes, Q’uo. You just suggested that for those who are seeking distraction, anonymity and sleep not to be overly concerned, to serve them as you can, to serve them as requested, and then to go on your way and wish them well. At the same time, there is a desire among those within third density, and a desire among those within the inner planes and those in higher densities, to serve as a catalyst of awakening.

For instance, the Confederation apparently advertises in the skies in order to help awaken people; they send messages and dreams, and many people here on the ground are attempting to do similar, whether through media or through small acts of kindness. For those who do want to serve in a way that helps awaken others, is there a strategy, is there a means, is there a good suggestion?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

We appreciate the time and effort it takes to formulate such a query, not just today but in the living of the life, the finding of these concerns within the life pattern. Each here has sought long and hard along these lines of inquiry, thus this question has great merit. We would suggest to you that indeed, as you are a conscious seeker, and as you apply your conscious seeking in various ways, you can find assistance that will come your way in synchronistic fashion. For instance, if you should desire to read upon a certain topic and have this desire for a period of your time, as you would measure it, you will find that perhaps a book will come your way, a friend will bring a book or a means of examining this quality you wish to inquire into. If you pay attention to your dreams and persistently apply yourself to gain access to your dreams, you will find that there are many messages available.

These come from a variety of sources: from your subconscious mind (the high priestess who awaits your seeking to illuminate your conscious mind), by intuition, by messages within the dreams that are symbolically coded in a way which you can untangle and understand and apply to your life; from your higher self as well, from your guides. As we heard some before the meditation began, there are those who are wanderers may receive information from those of their own grouping, what Ra called, the “social memory complex.”

All of these sources, as well as the One Infinite Creator, are available if you are persistent and passionate in your seeking. If you want nothing more in your life than to know what it is to do, to serve, to love, to be, to share, to experience that which you came to experience, these answers will come to you. You are all aware of that still small voice inside you—some have called it intuition. My friends, this is a Creator within speaking in a faint whisper, perhaps in words almost inaudible, in feelings of inspiration of one way or another. Listen to this voice—it is your greatest ally. You have assistance all about you through friends, through synchronicities, through your dreams, through people you meet in your daily round of activities, to people you meet by chance it would seem, on the street. That which is most necessary from you is your persistence and your passion—your true desire. Hone these qualities within, my friends, and they will bring to you that which you seek, for that is the law. That which you seek shall come to you and that which you seek in the ultimate sense of love, and light, and unity, will not only come to you, but will come into you, so that it will become you and you will become it.

Is there another query, my brother?

A quick follow-up, Q’uo. The desire for distraction, anonymity, sleep—and I would add, the seeking of comfort and pleasure—exist within those who are more or less awakened, or are awakening, too. So how does the spiritual seeker relate to these energies within themselves?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

The conscious seeker of truth, (as we have heard it called), of love, of light, of the One, of service, puts these qualities first in their life pattern, lets these become the foundation upon which the rest of the life is built. It does not distract from your spiritual seeking to partake in the daily round of activities, the meetings with friends and the celebrations and the observing of rituals, of anniversaries and birthdays and so forth, of enjoying the activities offered by your arts, the music, the dance, and so forth. If you are, at your heart, experiencing the love and the light of the One Creator first and foremost, all the rest will be added unto you. If you seek first the pleasures and comforts, they will be given to you as well, for that is the law—what you seek, you shall find. Thus, it is your choice what you seek, and how you seek, and the priority which you give that which you seek.

Is there another query, my brother?

What constitutes that priority in the seeking? Is it quantity of time, is it quality of attention, is it one’s focus? What constitutes that priority?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

We would say “yes” to all those possibilities. It is what is at the heart of your being that constitutes how you prioritize that which you seek in your life; that which you enjoy in your life. It is what you are most desirous of obtaining; what you, shall we say, paint your daily picture from which you place yourself as the artist and as the subject as well.

Is there another query, my brother?

Q’uo, that was excellent, thank you. I have questions from some other readers but would like to offer the opportunity to those within the circle today.

I would like to ask something. Q’uo, I wonder if you would give me any insight into—you mentioned that wanderers could receive inspiration and help from the social memory complex, that they are a part of. Could you give me further information on how one who believes they are a wanderer may be able to fine tune that connection with their social memory complex? And any insight as to whether that has—if the Law of Confusion plays into that process at all?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister.

Though it is quite possible to receive information and inspiration from those of one’s own social memory complex, we would suggest it is more helpful if one seeks in general to receive inspiration and information from whatever source is most appropriate for you at a particular time. For most entities there are those guides that are assigned, shall we say, for this very purpose. There is also the possibility of accessing the higher self which has information which is, shall we say, in the future of your beingness, and has application to your own situation that is most informative.

To seek specifically from a certain source may not be as efficacious as to simply seek in general with great passion and perseverance from whatever is the source that is most appropriate for you at a particular time. Various of the guides and portions of the higher self and subconscious mind make themselves available to the conscious seeker, depending upon part of the process of seeking the seeker is now engaged in, so at some times it is more appropriate to seek from one source than another. However, this is not usually known in a conscious sense. Thus we suggest the seeking in a general sense though with great passion and persistence.

We have energy left for one or two more short queries. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, I have a couple from a friend of ours named Jochen in Germany. He opens with a note to you. He says:

“I would like to send my warm greetings and a hearty metaphysical hug to our brothers and sisters of Q’uo. I would like to say how exciting and what a wonderful service it is to help spread the Confederation message.

If Q’uo would like to comment on our efforts of starting up L/L Research satellite centers, and how this plays into the general pattern of development of human consciousness.“

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my friend.

We are aware that you have begun a great undertaking in becoming what may be called a “satellite” of this particular group, that known as L/L Research, and we are most appreciative of your great desire to serve in this fashion, for as entities such as yourself [who] take upon themselves the responsibilities of making information concerning love, light and unity, available to those who seek it, this is seen as a great service by those of the angelic realms, and there is a great feeling of gladness and rejoicing as each entity such as yourself upon the planetary surface finds more ways of sharing the love and the light of the One Creator that grows within the self. For this is the process, my friend. As the love and the light grow within you and you become aware of it, it is a natural function of this love and light to move from you to others, to discover love and light, within, makes possible the sharing of it with others, and as it moves through you, it is magnified. There is no end to this love and light. You cannot dissipate it, you cannot use it up, shall we say, for it comes not from you, it comes through you so you will find your efforts of serving others to produce more ability and energy and desire and inspiration to serve in such a fashion. We can say no more grateful words than these that you have blessed the Confederation by your service and we thank you, my brother.

Is there one final query at this time?

There is one final query. This one comes from our friend Terry in Taiwan. Terry writes:

“Now when we encounter a terrorist group or a so-called ‘bad guy’ whether it’s in a face-to-face event or seeing it on the news, how do we perceive such a guy as ‘the One’?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

Yes, this is the challenge. The opportunity which you have mentioned is one which is accentuated in its ability to challenge the seeker to share the love and the light and “the One” with one who seems not to be of the seeker, or of the One.

However, my friend, this is your challenge every day with every person that you meet. Some are more challenging than others, but all are the One Creator.

In your meditations take the one who would have the gun and point it at another and take the life, and look beneath the surface of that entity, look to all the times in this entity’s life that it has been molded in such and such a fashion by forces perhaps beyond its control [such] that it has become itself a victim of such manipulation that it cannot find within itself the love and light of the One Creator. Cannot you feel such great compassion and sorrow for an entity that does not have room for the Creator, or love or light, within its own mind, within its own being, within its life? Though it may wreak great destruction upon others, it is itself a victim of the same bullets which it shoots from its gun. Though it still walks the earth, it walks in paleness and in sadness, waiting, waiting, for some opportunity to seek and find the One within, if not in this life then in another or another.

All entities that you meet and all entities that you will never meet are the One Creator. Each faces challenges—some great, some small, most in between—that keep the One from becoming apparent to the seeker, and yet the One awaits in the inner sanctum for the silent seeking of each entity at some point in any life; and it is that which is possible, probable, and, in fact, will occur at some point in time, for there is enough time for all to seek and find the One.

However long the journey may be, it will have an end, and the Creator is discovered within and seen not only as the self but as every other self. That is why this time is so valuable, why it is the pearl of great price, why it is the holy grail of all who seek. This illusion is not easy, my friend. It was not meant to be easy; it is meant to challenge, for those who come here seek to learn a great lesson, the great lesson of finding the Creator within and choosing to use those energies in service to others, or in service to self.

At this time we shall thank each entity here within this circle of seeking for being here in this circle of seeking, for by your presence, by your love, by your questions, by your concerns, by your conscious attention, you make room for us here with you to provide a service to you; and by allowing us to serve you, you serve us, giving and receiving an unending circle of being. We cannot thank you enough for providing this light which attracts our attention, this love that imbues the light with compassion, concern, and all of those qualities which, as seekers of truth, you value so highly.

At this time we shall take our leave of this group. We leave you all as we found you, in love and in light of the One Infinite Creator that is all in all. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you, my friends, in love and light. Adonai. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Per L/L Research protocol, each discarnate source who wishes to speak through an instrument is challenged by that instrument. The challenge consists of demanding that the source come in the name of whatever is the highest principle, or representation of truth, for that instrument; something so important and personal to the instrument that they would give their life for it. This further tunes the individual, and precludes negatively oriented discarnate beings, who cannot pass the challenge, from speaking through the instrument.

    Carla, devoted to Jesus Christ since the age of two, had always challenged in His name. Jim had traditionally challenged in the name of service to others and Christ Consciousness. Since Carla’s passing, however, Jim has experienced a profound and personal connection to this teacher, and has taken to Jesus Christ as an icon of spiritual evolution. His challenge now includes invoking the name of the one known to us as Jesus Christ. 

  2. New King James Version, Mark 4:25 

  3. “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” (New King James Version, Ecclesiastes 11:1)