Today we’d like to speak about finding right livelihood in this time of spiritual transition. Can you please speak about how we can change our attitudes around making money and how we can integrate our need to make money with our spiritual path?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and I greet you in love and in light, my friends, this afternoon. It is with the greatest of pleasure that we offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to your query today. First, as always, we must ask a favor; that is that you will take that which has value to you from what we say, leaving all behind that has no value, for we wish to serve you as best we can. We are not considered authorities, shall we say. We are your brothers and sisters, and have moved somewhat further down the road that you now travel as well.

You ask this day what is the proper attitude to take in discovering your “right livelihood,” as you call it, the means by which you offer your services to others in the manner in which you receive recompense for such. This is a question which is well worth consideration, especially in the times in which you now exist, for they are gradually, at the moment, changing into that which is of a more harmonious nature from that which has been based upon the exchange of monetary emolument, realizing no innate justifiable purpose for codifying and mystifying the nature of value. For those who would seek their own ends in a selfish manner have made that which you call your “monetary system” their method of manipulation. This is, shall we say, the old way, which has long existed upon your planet and in which all entities, both those positively oriented and those negatively oriented, have found themselves dealing with for the length of their incarnations. It is a kind of attitude which sees people as commodities and things to be used, to be valued in the using, without concern for the heart of being that beats within each, and has the potential of realizing so very much more in the simple accomplishment of a task and reward as if it were a carrot and a stick.

You seek this day and all days from now on, and have for some time, the means by which you may realize a more harmonious manner of choosing how you shall expend your energies, and for what reason you shall act in that manner, for you are all conscious seekers of truth. You are all those that have become aware that the universe in which you live is not made up of separation and individuals that have no relationship to each other other than the monetary exchange between them. You realize that the One Creator exists in all entities and all things, and you wish to honor and glorify that One Creator in every instance in which you partake. Thus is the rightness of your livelihood defined: that which honors the Creator of all and seeks the Creator of all and reflects the Creator of all. Thus, my friends, as you ponder with your heart, with your mind, with your emotions, and with what you may call your intuition, how to proceed upon this new path of right livelihood, we would suggest that you utilize all of these assets that are yours in order to give yourself a rounded picture, shall we say, of possibilities.

As you move upon this path of self-realization, you discover that there are indeed no mistakes. In fact, there have been no mistakes, though there seem to have been many—in the old ways of doing things, for example—and yet each step that mankind and humankind has taken, whether it be a step forward, a step backward, a step or two to the side, all of these have been necessary to bring you to where you are now, and where you are now is at a point of decision making. So as you evaluate possibilities, go within to meditate, to open yourself to a greater realization of what is possible for you in your own life pattern. Go into meditation without pre-conceived ideas that this is what you need. Realize that if you are moving in unity with the One Creator, the Creator knows well what you need and will provide it. Rather, go into the meditative state in an open fashion, opening your being completely to possibility. Realize that you entered this incarnation with many choices of lessons wished to be learned, opportunities to be experienced, services to give, joy to be shared, love to be given freely to all.

When you open yourself to possibilities, you are opening yourself first to these pre-incarnative choices that you have fashioned a potential incarnation out of. It does not mean that these will happen without your choice—it means that you shall have the opportunity to choose. Thus, what you determine before the incarnation meets your free will in the incarnation. If you can tune yourself to receive that from yourself, from your subconscious mind that has been placed there before the incarnation, you shall be able to make a choice that is in harmony not only with your own choices, but with the choices of the One Creator that have been placed in all those entities about you as well.

As you are able to open yourself in this fashion, then receive whatever guidance is available. Come out of your meditation, and keeping that open sense of your being in the forefront of your perceptions, move through your daily round of activities, looking always for opportunities to express the love of the Creator to those about you, looking always for ways to serve those who you find in your path of experience for the day. Look for those synchronicities and coincidences, those subjectively interesting happenstances that find their way to you somehow you do not know—and yet, when they find their way to you, you recognize the rightness of their appearance. You recognize that this is a portion of your own creation that has moved to you through your own freewill. Look at this gift as that is what it is: a gift from your greater self to you within the incarnation. Open it, examine it, feel it, perceive its heart, shall we say. See if there is a way by which you might utilize it as an enhancement of your own deepest nature of one who seeks to know the Creator in all, of one who seeks to love the Creator in all, of one who seeks to serve the Creator in all. If this is a manner in which you may pursue in a daily fashion that which is inside of you, then your days shall become, shall we say, firmly rooted, or strongly structured in the foundation of your being that you have reached through meditation and then in the experience of the day this becomes a tool, this becomes a manner in which you approach your life, your patterns of experience, your processing of catalyst.

By taking time each day, perhaps at the beginning of your day would be most efficacious, to meditate upon the deepest desires of your heart, the opening of your being as it exists in its ideal state, and then coming from the meditation into your daily round of activities with that sense of purpose as a lens through which you see that which comes before your notice. Realize also that you do not operate within a vacuum, you are not alone on this path—far from it, my friends. You do have your friends that are both seen and unseen. You have many that cheer you along the way from the realms of light each day that you move in this harmonious fashion. You have those physical friends in the illusion about you that also may resonate to that which you are seeking to accomplish in finding a path of right livelihood. When they are informed of your operation to purge yourself of the old ways and to allow the new to grow within you as a seed within the ground, there are often opportunities that are, shall we say, expressed from these entities as well that may be synchronistic in your own seeking. Share that which is in you with all those who you feel may be able to appreciate your desire and your new vision for the future of all. Continue to do this with every opportunity so that you begin to create a community of souls, a community of likeminded and like-opened-hearted seekers of truth that may assist you, and you assist them, and each assist each other in this grand quest for a new way of being; a new way of seeing; a new way of serving.

For it is that time now, within your third density experience, that the harvest comes nigh. It is the time that many feel is a darkened time, a confused time, a perilous time, a dangerous time, and yet, my friends, we tell you it is said truly that it is darkest before the dawn—and my friends, the dawn does come. It is slowly appearing now within the hearts of those such as yourselves that speak of these things, that seek these things, for it is that which is meant to be. All cycles end and new cycles begin. And thus, you are upon this planet at this time ending the third density experience that has been for the purpose of providing each a choice, a choice of how to seek the Creator beyond this third density. You have weathered the difficulties of existing on the other side of the veil of forgetting, not being able to see with clarity the unity of all Creation, the power of love that has formed it, the light out of which it has made it. And yet you have prevailed, because with this veil of forgetting you are required to make an effort to seek that which it hides, and you have made that effort. And that effort you may see as growth of a spiritual sense, a polarization in your consciousness that would not have been possible to make as effectively without that veil. Though it may seem to stand between you and that which is most beloved, it is that which gives you the opportunity to realize the beloved in your own life, and in the lives of those about you.

There are truly no mistakes, my friends. The path you travel now is the path that will take you to this new vision of the future of your peoples that will pass through the third-density illusion and lead you into the fourth density of love and understanding. It is a path that has been a long journey for each soul upon it. There has been much seeming trauma, difficulty, disharmony, confusion, doubt, obstruction, blockage… and yet, we tell you that all these seeming negative aspects are opportunities for you to learn, to move beyond them, to deal with each other in the most efficient manner possible. You have been given blessing upon blessing. Many have gone unrecognized. That is fine, my friends, for they have had their effect upon you. Sometimes you have learned in spite of yourself. Sometimes you have learned not knowing that you have learned, and yet you have learned. You have gone forward. You have moved with that goodly company of souls who are of like mind with you, and now you are on the edge of a new experience. Together shall you go there; together shall you rejoice in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Peace and blessings, my friends.

We would ask at this time if there might be a follow-up question to this query?

At this time of transition is it better to seek out people and situations that resonate with our energy and avoid those that do not resonate with our energy?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. In general, we would say that this is correct, however, we would comment. The seeking out of those who are of like mind is, of course, a very helpful thing to do at all times, and we would recommend it highly, and we find that this is what you have engaged yourself in in your own life pattern and we applaud you for doing so. As for avoiding those who are not of like mind, we would suggest not so much avoidance, as perhaps seeing them in another light; seeing them as those who are yet to ask their questions upon their own spiritual path. Maybe spending a bit of time when possible dropping a clue here or there, and if they are able to query about the clue, then perhaps there is more time that you might give to them as well. Thus, we are suggesting that we not disregard such entities out of hand and immediately, but rather attempt to see them with new eyes and new experience and to see if, perhaps, the reflection of the One Creator might be had by them in you. If this is not successful, my friends, then you will find there is a natural falling away of those who have no interest in that which moves you, which opens your heart, which shines your light.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Can you recommend a path of internal training for an aspiring adept?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We note this is a large subject. We cannot give specific recommendations for a particular choice that you may make in this regard, for part of the value of such a path is one’s own choice of it. If we were to choose for you, we would be learning for you in this regard and infringing upon your freewill. We may, however, make recommendations. You have, before this session began shared a number of potential paths that you have examined in the past. We would recommend that you look upon each once again with perhaps a new eye; perhaps not so much an eye as a feeling, a tone, an inner receptivity that for you resonates, so that from each of these investigations which have not been mistakes, my friend, have been opportunities to gather information, that you may take that which is best for you and perhaps you shall discover your own best path to the same destination all seekers of truth seek—the One Creator. Thus, it might be a more difficult path to, at first, comprehend, for it is not one which is yet in existence. Its existence will come from you, and yet because it comes from you, it will have far more meaning for you and will guide you ever more quickly along that path which you now travel.

Is there a further query, my brother?


We thank you, my brother, for your queries, they are most perceptive.

Is there another query at this time?

[Long pause]

We would ask if there might be a final query at this time.

Q’uo, we have questions sent in from seekers abroad. One is from G who asks: “Can Q’uo comment on the topics of addiction, namely sexual ones in relation to porn. It is a problem I and many others of my generation struggle with.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The sense of being addicted to any quality, concept or activity, is that feeling within one’s being that there is some lack of that which is necessary for the life to be felt as whole, as perfect, as the “way it should be.” This is usually because of a blockage in one of the energy centers that has become activated as a result of catalyst that you have chosen yourself to experience in order to free yourself of that which you call addiction. We would suggest that in this particular aspect of the sexual addictions, your culture has somewhat of a neurotic approach to this most powerful means of transferring energy between two entities, calling it that which is dirty and that which is desired at the same time; that which is used to sell and that which is hidden from sight. Thus it is a difficult area in which to find one’s way if one has the difficulty called addiction.

We would recommend within the meditative state that the experience of the sexual addiction be examined in its completeness, from the beginning of its inception to the completion of its wholeness, shall we say. Examine each detail that makes a mark within your memory of previous experiences. Discover what it is that has attracted you on not just the level of the physical senses, but on the level of emotional response and physic resonance, perhaps also a spiritual distortion that has become tainted, shall we say. Find these areas of conflict within your own being. Examine them carefully, then within the balancing processes that have been described previously, attempt to find a wholeness within each portion of the addictive behavior that exists within you that you can replace the need for the addictive behavior with.

We realize this sounds quite abstract and symbolic, and yet so must it be in order to speak in a general sense, for we cannot tell one specific person exactly how to behave in a certain fashion for that again, is the infringement upon freewill that we wish to avoid. However, we can speak in generalities. We hope that you will forgive us for such generalities. The basic idea is to look at the behavior being experienced that you wish to change, and then, in the meditative state, examine the facets of this behavior that you have, shall we say, conscious control over, and use your analytical ability to see how these facets are triggered by those areas you consider the pornographic expression of sexual energy exchange.

We hope that we have been able to be of service to you, my brother. If, in the future, you would ask a more specific or refined query, we would be happy to respond to it.

We find that this instrument feels it may be able to respond to one final query. Is there a final query, my friends?

There’s another question from B, who writes: “Could Q’uo offer information pertaining to the chakra configuration/energetic attunements that must be effectuated in order to attain Buddhahood?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is the day for the large queries. This query is one which covers the potential of a series of lifetimes in attaining, but which seems to be attained in one. Each energy center within your chakra system needs to be examined carefully so that all the catalyst that is meant to be utilized in each center has been so utilized.

Within the red ray, therefore, the entity’s sense of survival and sexual expression is of paramount importance. There must be a clear and clean expression of these energies at this lowest of these energy centers, for it is through this energy center, that the intelligent energy, or prana, of the One Creator moves.

If unblocked, it shall move then to orange, where the individual expression of identity is engaged with one other entity on a one-to-one basis. Catalyst here begins to mount, shall we say, as the self experiences another self in a direct sense, most intense in its expression of the emotions and the identity and the experience that is shared. There is a great deal of catalyst here that needs balancing as there are disharmonies oftentimes that offer opportunities for reharmonization and the clearing of this energy center.

If it is cleared, then the prana of the One Creator may move higher to the yellow ray energy center, where the self expresses its beingness within the groups that surround it, be they family, be they school, work, community, teams, etc. Here the catalyst again grows at what you may call an exponential level for there is not just one other self with which the self experiences relationship, but many, many other selves. The disharmonies and confusions are potentially many in this energy center. Again, one must be able to balance all of these disharmonies that are again opportunities to learn in order for the energy of the One Creator, the prana, to continue this movement upwards.

Then, the heart energy center is that which signals the ability of the entity to give love to all those about one, even those one does not know, for at this energy center, the expression of love is universal in its sense of being given without expectation of return. This energy center is that which signals the harvestability of the mind/body/spirit complex that is able to open it and keep it open, shall we say, in the regard of giving more than is received.

The blue energy center is that of the throat chakra, the ability to communicate clearly, to inspire even with the communication. To give it freely without again any expectation of return.

And then we come to that great turning point, the indigo ray energy center, the center of the adept, that center which expresses one’s being most effectively; the magical nature of all creation, the ability to create changes in consciousness at will; the One Creator expressed as the individual self.

When the energy is able to move into the indigo ray energy center, then there is the ability to send the spirit shuttle, shall we say, to the violet ray and to experience the One Creator, the union with the One Creator, the joy of the One Creator. At this point, the service to all entities becomes an automatic response to feeling this Buddhahood, shall we say, for the violet ray energy center is also known as the Buddhic Center. It is that which is whole and complete; that which expresses for the individual the complete balance of all lower energy centers.

Thus, this journey is one which is, for many, a journey that takes many lifetimes, and yet culminates in a single lifetime and is one which allows the entity to move throughout the universe with ease and facility, for one is then a portion, an active portion, of the One Creator.

We are Q’uo, and at this time we shall take our leave of this instrument for it has grown weary with the last effort. We leave each as we have found you, in love and in light. We thank you with great humility for your invitation to us this day. It has been a joy and a privilege to be with you. Your light is inspiring as it reaches to the heavens. Be at peace, my friends, all is well and all shall be well. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.