In the Law of One, Session 4.20, it states: “The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” In our world today there is a strong bias towards the male polarity. In many religions the Creator is spoken of as being male, and in the English language it is common to use what is called the “male generic,” which is the use of masculine language to refer to both men and women. There is a male, or androcentric 1 bias in society where men are seen as the norm, and women as the other, resulting in discrimination and injustice. Our question is whether we can expect to see this condition change to a more balanced use of language and status in egalitarian society, as we move further into physical fourth density. Will it come about naturally as paradigms change, or is it something that will require a more active approach?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet you in love and in light this day. My friends, we thank you so very much for inviting our presence in your circle of seeking in which you’ve asked an important query, for there is much within your illusion that has difficulty with equality.

We would pause for a moment in order to include our usual favor, which is to ask each to use personal discrimination in evaluating all of our information. Take that which is helpful, leave behind that which is not. This instrument was somewhat in, shall we say, a hurry to move forward with the opening message. Therefore, we shall continue as we had begun. This instrument has difficulty and doubts within its own mind concerning its ability to transmit accurate information this afternoon, for it has its own opinion about the topic under discussion. We have recommended to this instrument to simply let all other thoughts drop by the way for the moment, and to speak that which we give him, without attempting to cover it in any way whatsoever.

As you are aware, the distortions within your illusion are many, for you do not see clearly the nature of the Creation. When it is said by those of Ra that there is no polarity, you look about you and you see what seems to be a great deal of polarity and division; people against people in what seems to be good and what seems to be evil, depending upon one’s relative point of view. Indeed, even in the prayer which you invoked the presence of the Creator, this presence was seen to be a father. You must realize that you exist within an illusion which has, shall we say, been biased by the fact that a veil of forgetting keeps you from seeing the nature of reality. You are, therefore, left on your own, shall we say, to wend your way through the confusions and doubts about each and every item within your experience.

By this time upon your spiritual journey, you have been able to make certain tentatively arrived-at conclusions that give you a base upon which to stand so that you do not face a constant barrage of uncertainty in your daily round of activities, and yet the query which you asked about in this day is one which is fundamental in your experience. For indeed, there is no polarity in the ultimate sense, for all are one being, all are the Creator. In the illusion of separation, all of the Creation may be seen as a distortion of this One Creator.

Within many of the densities of experience, beginning with your second density, extending through at least the fifth density, there is the division between that which is seen to be male in the biological sense and that which is seen to be female in the biological sense. Oftentimes these gender issues are confused with issues of principle—the male principle and the female principle—the male principle being that which reaches, is active, which gives, which does. You may look to your Sun and see the male principle, reaching to Earth with the light that gives life to Gaia, your Mother Earth, which is an example of the female principle, that being that which awaits the reaching and which produces life when it is reached by the male principle.

Life upon your Earth then, is the result of the male and female principles interacting. The male and female genders within your third-density illusion reproduce much of these principles of the male and the female, the positive and the negative, the radiant and the magnetic. We however must suggest that, as so much of your illusion is distorted in its representations of the ultimate reality, this is oftentimes an unavoidable distortion, for again, you do not perceive clearly the reality about you, and oftentimes the reality within you, so that the principle of the male and the female is represented in the biological genders becomes reason for, shall we say, discrimination, favoring of one over the other, so that there is not the equal sharing of the creation of the One Creator, but there is the use of the strength of the biological male of the physical sense, to take that which it wishes, and to leave behind that which it does not wish for others.

This is part of the illusion in which you exist. It is part of the catalyst which each entity, both male and female genders must deal. For though it seems that it is most obvious that the biological female is the loser in this equation, we must suggest that there is also another loser if we talk in terms of winners and losers. For by being dominant in a physical sense and taking more than what is its due, the male is given a false sense of superiority which shall eventually lead it in a path which it will discover humility. For that which is not true, in the ultimate sense, will need be balanced in a fashion which may be somewhat difficult for the male gender to appreciate as it sees its efforts becoming less and less effective in providing the framework for an existence that is beneficial not only to it, to its offspring and its own kind, but which produces the world in which you now live, for there is much of the male arrogance in the cultures that are encroaching upon the planetary wellness and unity of all peoples.

There is, shall we say, a kind of reckoning that is being devised by those of the, shall we say, more compassionate nature, in which there shall be a rising of the ability to give in the nurturing, all-compassionate love that has been allowed by the male to the female sex upon your planet. This rising of the love quotient, shall we call it, shall occur not only in the female gender, but also within the male genders of those males who have developed a greater appreciation for a wider point of view.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We would begin our communication through this instrument by thanking those here present, as well as this instrument and the one called Jim, for the effort it expends in calling upon us to speak and to share that energy which we have to offer as a portion of this seeking which we may all participate in together. We would point out that those here present are calling, and we are those who are responding to this calling. Now, you may liken this calling to the expression of a kind of desire belonging to the female principle, and you may liken our response to the calling as a kind of desire feeling [itself] called by the desire of those here seeking for truth. In our response there is a maleness, you might say, for we reach to you from a place which lies in your future as you might understand it, and in that sense, if you can, for a moment, pull back from your present circumstances of incarnation and consider yourself in a fully rounded way, you may see that there is really no ultimate separation between us and you. Now, in this circumstance of seeking, however, there seems very much to be a separation, and that separation seems to be the basis of this experience which you might understand as communication. We reach to you with this message of love and of light, as indeed, you have called us to reach to you with our message. Your calling is polarized; our reaching is polarized—female to male, male to female. And thus we have an event taking place that is an event in your lives, and an event in our lives, and an event in the life of the Creator. And so, we have as it were, simultaneously, an event which registers without polarity and with each of the two poles of the polarities represented by the male and the female principles.

Now, we would suggest to you that each mind/body/spirit complex which is entered into the worlds of manifestation is both male and female, and is, in this sense, complete. But, at the same time, is, in this sense, also a duality—a duality, a unity, a unity in duality. The completeness of which we speak is one which is not apart from the duality it contains, but which embraces both moments of that duality. It turns out that the duality is susceptible of being experienced with an infinite number of shadings—one way and another. Sometimes the male is emphasized, and sometimes it is the female which takes center stage.

In a mind/body/spirit complex which is moving through the densities, and in particular in the third density which you now enjoy, it is a necessary and natural function to experience the polarities of male and female with emphasis lying first in the one and then in the other. The primary mode of this emphasis in incarnational experience is that you find yourself incarnated in a body, expressing the female or the male. But even when that is so, each of you still possesses a side representing the principle of the polarity not expressed in your physical form. Each male is female; each female is male. As you engage in that dance, which is your experience of this life and all of its complexities, you will have shadings of the one polarity and shadings of the other polarity, each calling to the other, each expressing itself in relation to the other in such a large myriad of ways, that it beggars description.

Now, it does happen that the dance itself can become distorted in a way that prevents, shall we say, a fuller expression of the interplay of polarities when one of the two polarities is allowed to predominate over the other, for this not only diminishes the role of one participant in the exchange of energies that routinely takes place upon your planet, but it also blocks the dominate polarity from being able to experience that portion of its own being which is of the polarity being culturally dominated.

And we find that there is, in the question that you have asked today, a recognition of a circumstance which we believe to be true—that is to say, upon your planet at this time, there is an insufficient appreciation of the female principle. Now, it happens that insofar as approximately half of the incarnate mind/body/spirit complexes are female, that they have not been without a means of self-expression. And, indeed, this self-expression, we would say from the point of view we occupy, every bit as powerful a force in what is unfolding upon your planet as is its complementary polarity, that being the male. However, the female expression has tended to go, what we might call, “underground.” It has tended to seek expression through means that are somewhat devious because a more honest approach has been denied as a possibility. Now, this deviousness is also found every bit as much in the male, for the male simply is the same as the female in mirror image. It is as dependent upon the female as the female is upon the male. The two belong together inextricably as a portion of the structure of incarnate existence.

And so, when a male reaches out in male desire to the female, and the female calls this desire to itself in ways that are not honest, in ways that are not fully open, in ways, that as we say, are subject to the deviousness of third-density manifestations that have not yet risen to the level of the open heart, it is then that greater and greater distortions are possible. To deny the female its proper place is not simply an act of aggrandizement on the part of the male—an act on the part of the male whereby, as it might be said, the male tries to accrue to itself more than its fair share of recognition in its culture, but it is also a denial on the part of the male of an essential part of itself. And when the female calls to the male in such a way as to confine the male to that portion of its being which lacks the female, then the female, too, is denied that portion of itself, which is already male.

The path of evolution is a path of integration. Integration involves portions of selfhood that have grown, that have developed over the course of a pattern taking place in many lifetimes, in such a way that not all portions of the being grow and evolve at the same rate and in the same way. And that creates a situation in which it is possible for portions of the self to be cut off from the larger whole, and to be forced to exist a kind of satellite existence on the periphery, causing perturbations, if you will, in the main body of the developing complex. In order to reabsorb these elements, one must, first of all, discover that they have in fact been denied admittance into the center. And one must find, first of all, a way to grasp how it has come about that they have been thrust out from that center. And then secondly, they must be loved as that which has been thrust out, and as that which properly belongs in the center.

And so, if we would discover that a significant portion of the female principle has been thrust out from the center of the pattern of spiritual evolution taking place upon a cultural level, there is remedial work of a fairly significant nature that must be done. And so we would agree that in order to take up a relation to this displaced female energy, that it must be brought back into a place of honor, and that is work which will require a good deal of self-reflection, not only on the part of those males which have been party to its repression, but also upon the part of the females that have learned to live within the framework of that repression.

It is a natural expression of this attempt to heal upon a cultural level that those presently embodied in female form might reach out in anger and attempt to claim their rightful place in the center in a way that can seem strident. Sometimes a certain amount of stridency is necessary in order to capture the attention of one who is, shall we say, asleep to a problem, who is not aware of the nature of the problem, of the scope of the problem, of the reach of that problem.

And so, there will be friction that one might legitimately anticipate as the female principle—in the persons of incarnate female individuals—wishes to announce that it cannot continue to be pushed to the margins, and that a balanced configuration of the social complex requires a greater integration of its female portion.

We ask you to remember, as you consider this phenomenon, once again, that each male is female and each female is male. And so, when the male contemplates the loss of what it has thought are its prerogatives, it can balance that fear with the recognition that what it has to gain is far greater than what it has to lose. For what it has to lose is something false, and what it has to gain is something real.

Now, we have spoken in this way with the understanding that we speak to those whose polarity is positive, that is to say, those who have concluded—in the deepest decision that they have been able to come to as a product of their experience in manifestation—that they seek to serve others above all. What that means is that it is the path of the open heart that they embrace, and it is, my friends, in the open heart that the integration of male and female takes place.

As you well know, there are in your Earth experience at this time those who do not intend to evolve upon the path of that polarity, but choose rather to remain focused exclusively upon the self. That means that they attempt to evolve without opening the heart, and for them, that means that there is not an opening or a forum in which the male and the female may be integrated. Indeed, it can be a benefit to those who seek to serve primarily themselves to maintain this unintegrated state, to maintain the differentiation between male and female such that rather than coming together in the embrace of love, the two principles vie interminably with each other, and in such a way that it can be seen to be the desire of each for each, which is the very medium of that perpetual contest. And, in that context, the female can proudly embrace its devious capacity to manipulate the male, and the male can, itself, proudly embrace its propensities to dominate the female. Each of the two polarities declaring victory after its own fashion.

Now, we trouble ourselves to give this description of the negative polarity in its operation as a function of the division of the sexes and call your attention to the fact that many of the elements which we have just described do characterize the interactions between male and female even in those cases where the mind/body/spirit complexes in question have not chosen the negative polarity as the principle polarity of further growth and development. But, there is a kind of persistence, shall we say, of these negative conditions that then constitute a context in which the seeking of a more integrated and more spiritually viable method of growth is played out. These are, what you might call, wounds to be healed, so to speak, insofar as they are not welcomed as conditions that wish to be retained and sharpened, but rather are conditions that your men and your women are attempting to surpass. We have suggested that the attempt may, indeed, involve some friction. The attempt may, indeed, involve an over-expression of frustration on the part of the female which has so long been pushed to the margins in your society. An over-expression of this polarity may, indeed, be a legitimate portion of an effort to achieve balance, and it is well for those currently incarnate as males to appreciate the significance of this effort, and perhaps to be a little forgiving when those who are incarnated female bodies feel the need to act out, so to speak, their frustrations.

The key to healing, the key to bringing into balance the two dimensions which are essential to your process of evolution at this time is acceptance. This acceptance must begin precisely where it currently finds itself, and that is, you first of all must accept that there is an imbalance, and you must allow that imbalance its sway long enough to begin to love that energy which has felt itself to be pushed out from its center. To reject that energy in its current configuration is merely to create a circumstance in which action will continue to play upon reaction and no genuine healing will be able to take place. And yet, we would say that the commitment to healing will yield, little by little, a greater integration, and the greater the integration, the less one of the polarities will be pushed to the periphery, the more it will be brought in to the center. And the more that does happen, the more the distortions that have come to characterize your relations between the sexes will, indeed, begin to fall away.

We will tell you that there will be no passage into fourth density until this work has been, to a large extent, done. That the doing of this work is essential to this passage, and the repair of the dysfunctions in the relations among the sexes is central to the integration of the social energy complex which governs your planet at this time, and which, in seeking its integration, seeks the first entry into a possibility it has not yet realized, which is to say, that it shall evolve into what we have called a social memory complex.

The development of that complex will be the work of fourth density. You presently stand at the entrance to that density, but there is work to be done, and we feel that in your question today, you have managed to put your finger on an essential element of that work, which suggests to us that you are very much about that work at this time. You would not have been able to identify with such clarity the nature of the problem had you not already been working on that problem for some time and at some depth. So we commend you to that effort and we would say that we have seen signs of a lessening of distortions and a beginning of a greater integration which shows promise.

We are those of the principle of Q’uo. We are male, we are female, we are both, we are neither. We are Q’uo and we leave you in love and light and this instrument and would at this time, return to the one known as Jim to ask whether there are further questions upon your minds. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. At this time we would offer ourselves in the attempt to speak to any further queries which those present may have for us. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have a query to ask, to expand upon, what you have said about the path of the open heart that we are upon right now on our planet, and the key to that evolution in our culture as acceptance, and how to expand in our thinking these ideas toward other perceived polarities we have that we are working on. In addition to male and female, what those that might be characterized such as established inhabitants versus new immigrants or those of a more conservative persuasive versus those who are more progressive, and other types of differences that are perceived, and how we may think of these in terms of acceptance and the path of the open heart.

I am Q’uo and we believe that we grasp your query, my sister. The path of the open heart is what is available to each entity upon this planet. The third density has, as its sole purpose, the development of that quality which you may call “unconditional love.” This is the quality which is associated with the green-ray energy center, that being the heart-ray energy center. In order to be able to move into this energy center, it is necessary that an entity be able to look upon the world about it and see that which draws forth from it this quality of love, for there is nothing in the creation that has any nature that does not deserve love. Even those most seemingly despicable, questionable, and evil-seeming entities are the Creator in another guise, which also deserves love. This path is that which is not easy to travel within your illusion, for it is most easy to see reasons to divide one self from another.

Thus, this path of the open heart is that which is a path which must be consciously traveled. The seeker of truth must realize that which he or she is doing, for this realization will bring forth the challenges ahead. To be able to utilize the catalyst of the daily round of activities in a useful manner, one must look to the meditative state and see where there is the lack of love that needs the balance of love, the lack of wisdom that needs the balance both of wisdom and of love, for each day you are presented with catalyst that is covered in a certain fashion, to give you the opportunity to love. Some opportunities are easier than others. Those within one’s family are usually, not always, but usually easier to love than those who are not within one’s own immediate family. Those who seem to be of like mind, religion, culture, or color of skin, are also seemingly easier to love than those who are of a different origin, culture, religion, or color of skin. However, all provide catalyst to the seeker to love. When one travels this seeker’s journey upon a conscious level, there is the need to look to those about one eventually as brothers and sisters all.

However, for most, it is a slow journey. It is one that is learned over many lifetimes, perhaps [even from] previous third- density experiences which have not yielded the proper polarity and ability to see all as the Creator and as the other self, and therefore, to love all others as such. Thus, it is a long road for some, or, indeed, most upon your planet, and yet for those who are able to make this journey within their own hearts, the qualities of loving others unconditionally are unmistakable in their appearance and in their effect, not only upon the seeker of truth itself, but on those with whom this seeker touches in its daily round of activities.

Thus, there are many, shall we say, seeds of love floating about within every country and section of this planet that will be able to show, by example, the qualities of love that are indicative of the open heart. Therefore, it is hoped that as yeast allows the bread to rise, that the yeast of these loving hearts will have their effect upon the bread of humanity, will cause humanity to rise to a greater level, to be able to include each entity within all experience in the heart.

This is what is necessary for any entity to be graduated into the fourth density of love and understanding. It is possible, as those of Ra have said, for the population of this planet to take hold of the needle and point it in one direction, to polarize positively in one fine, strong moment of inspiration. Though it is not probable, it is ever possible. And it is well to remember this possibility as one moves through one’s daily rounds of activities, for if the heart is able to be opened in a larger and larger sense among the populations of this planet, then many of the problems of this troubled earth can begin to be solved by compassion, by giving and receiving that known as love.

Those of another culture may be welcomed here, those of another religion, those of another color of skin, those different in whatever way they may be different, for as each one seems to be different in many ways, in the heart each is the same for are not all one? Is not each entity the One Creator? Cannot the entity who has opened its heart in love see this truth?

Is there another query at this time, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, you just spoke about it seeming to be easier to love those who are more similar to us, or seem to be within the same tribe, and there are some in the scientific community who believe that the basis for this is biological as a result of the evolutionary path that we’ve taken as second-density creatures into third density. Is this the plan of the Logos that we might evolve that way and then be met with this challenge as a way to polarize or would this be more of an unpredicted result from the experiment of our Logos.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We appreciate the thoughtfulness which has been put into this query, for indeed, it is a most interesting subject.

To the best of our knowledge, which, of course, is limited, we see that the origins of each entity that are begun within the second density—and which are carried forth into the third density as the second density animal nature is invested with the qualities of mind, body, and spirit—are those which have manifested in a way which perhaps has been a surprise to the Logos, and yet as this Logos has operated upon the basis of free will, there is always the opportunity and possibility that such surprises may yield positive results eventually, with some difficulty, shall we say, that offers itself as what would seem to be an inhibitor or drag upon the eventual realization of the unity of all beings. However, on the converse side, when such a difficulty is overcome, the polarization process is aided greatly, for the difficulty one faces in solving a problem, in meeting the challenge, in making whole that which seems broken, then is greatly enhanced and the polarization is increased much more than if the problem were not so difficult.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have a query, Q’uo. Would it be correct to say that unity itself can be deepened by division. Is that the point of the division into polarities in the first place?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother.

Our short answer is yes, indeed, this is the case. We shall use this instrument’s experience with its permission of this past week. The instrument found itself in a difficult situation with one whom it had experienced unity. There was a division. There was the chance for separation. There was the need for communication. There was the need for the realization of shortcomings on each side. There was the need for the communication of these realization. There was the need for forgiveness of self and of other self. Eventually, there was the reunification of two entities which, at the beginning of the week seemed to be going separate ways, and yet, through the process of processing difficult catalyst, there was the reunification in a deeper fashion that proved to be quite satisfying to each entity. Thus, this is a simplistic example of that which we speak. When there is a division in what is whole, the degree of division determines the degree of effort necessary to heal that which is broken, and the degree of difficulty in achieving such becomes the degree of the polarity realized when such has been achieved.

At this time, we shall reluctantly take our leave of this instrument. Reluctantly we say because we so enjoy speaking to this group and attempting to respond to your queries, but we find that our speaking has somewhat tired this instrument. Thus, we thank you once again for your kind invitation to us to join your circle of seeking and to blend our vibrations with yours as we attempt to answer those queries which are on your mind and upon your heart. We thank each of you, my friends. We bless each of you on your journeys. Go forth in love and light. When in doubt, love. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.

  1. Androcentric: adj. focused or centered on men.