(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We are happy to greet you this afternoon in love and in light as always, for always do we find you walking in love and light along your path of seeking the One Creator. There is nothing else in which to walk, my friends. There are only eyes to see and hearts to appreciate this love and this light.

Before we begin, as always, we ask a small favor of you, and that is that you will take those words which we have to offer you this day, use those which have value to you, and leave the rest behind without a second thought. This aids us greatly in being able to speak freely, and we thank you for this favor.

At this time we shall ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

We would generally prefer that questions regarding the mechanics of the ongoing and upcoming transition of this planet to fourth density not become too strongly a focus of this group. We think consideration of events yet to transpire may serve as a distraction, bleeding the focus from its real point of contact with the Creator, i.e. the present moment.

Yet, the Confederation has made a point of proactively speaking of harvest, and we feel more headway can be made into this mysterious subject. So, question number one for you Q’uo:

Why over the years has the Confederation felt it important to alert people on Earth about the harvest through channeling, dreams, and visions? Is information shared about this topic meant as a catalyst to encourage or motivate people to seeking and service?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is, indeed, a good question, for it probes to the foundation of our relation with the planet you call Earth. This particular planet has been, for the past approximately 75,000 years, making its way through the third-density illusion, its population increasing as time, as you measure it, has progressed to the present moment.

Each entity on this planetary sphere is here for the purpose of being able to welcome and enjoy more of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator through its own energy centers in a fashion which will allow it to be, shall we say, graduated, or harvested into the fourth density of love and understanding. This is a process which has gone on throughout all time and before all time, and it is a process which shall continue infinitely into the future. Thus, it is of primary importance, not only because it is necessary for entities to be graduated in order to progress further along this path of seeking unity with the one, but it is necessary at this particular time, in this particular density, to make a choice that will allow each entity to continue to move along the line of upward spiraling light, in either the positively oriented sense of service to others, or in the sense of service to self, that which is called the negative path, the path of that which is not, for it is a path which is built upon separation, an artificial separation in a universe of unity, we might add.

Thus, this is a most special time, for the choice that is made within this illusion is the foundation choice for each entity making it, that will allow and propel the entity further along the path of seeking to serve the Creator in either fashion, positively or negatively.

This 75,000 year cycle may seem like a great span of time to you who live a mere two score, three score, four score or so forth, and then you are no longer a part of this illusion until, once again, you choose to incarnate back into it. However, when you compare the 75,000 years with the length of time, as you measure it, of succeeding densities, the next being 30,000,000, the following 50,000,000, the following 75,000,000 years, your density is but an eyeblink in time. It is but the briefest of moments in which to consider the choice that must be made. This choice is that which has been attempted by many of the population upon this planet throughout their incarnational histories upon other third-density planets where they were not successful in making this choice, but found the need to incarnate upon this Earth plane in order to, once again, attempt this grand adventure, this grand choice-making, to set the foundation for all future work that they shall do in their consciousness.

Thus, we communicate with this planet at this time—and have for a number of your years, and in fact a number of your decades at this point—to alert those who are conscious of this process, that indeed, this is occurring, this shall occur, and this is most important to those upon this planet at this time, for the reasons that we have just stated.

Is there another query, my brother?

There is indeed, and I forgot to mention that it is an honor to be able to ask these questions, Q’uo, so thank you very much.

We recently visited Asheville, North Carolina, a place where we felt that we were glimpsing the embryonic beginnings of fourth density. We realized, or at least I realized, that however the discrete boundary is crossed, however the quantum shift happens—fourth density will be birthed through those doing the work of love and understanding on the ground. The fourth density itself literally comes into being through points of light such as we witnessed in Asheville, and points of individual and collective light that we witness around the world. Would you comment on this, please?

I am Q’uo, and though I am aware of your query, my brother, I was reminded by this instrument that we need to make a transfer at this point, so, at this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We would like to begin our communication through this instrument by thanking this group, as well as this instrument, and its companion in this practice at this time, the one known as Jim, as well as the questioner, the one known as Gary, for the dedication to sincere seeking that serves as a beacon to us, and gives to us a sense of hope that the transition to the new level of reality, which is beckoning this planet at this time, will be effected with some measure of success.

You mentioned that there are, upon the planet, at this time, beacons of light, and we would tell you my friends that there are few beacons of light greater than the one you presently participate in. This is one of the sources of hope for a great many of the helpers that have [been attempting to aid], for what you would consider long years, stretching even into eons of attempted aid in our belief, and in our desire, and in our hope, that there may be brought forth upon this planet a fourth-density experience that is able to enrich the sense of what it means to be a servant of the Creator. For, my brothers and sisters in light, it is the case that at every new birth into a higher density, the entire universe rings with joy.

You are quite right to note that the transition to fourth density is aided by groups such as your own, and the one you mentioned in Asheville, where genuine efforts are being made to harmonize and to facilitate healing in those places where it is seen to be needed. We would suggest to you that this planetary experience has been somewhat vexed, leaving the need for considerable healing. And so, in addition to the gathering together of the resolve culminating in the choice to serve either the self or others, that an additional process of binding of the wounds is, at this point, well underway. It is an occupation of many groups such as your own to reach out the hand to those in need, and to offer in those subtle ways that may be available, the promise of a better way of living, a better life to come.

We cannot stress highly enough, the significance of the role that such as yourselves can play in facilitating this process, for it may seem that you are small points of light in a vast firmament of darkness, yet, we will say to you, that this light is of such a nature that it may be passed on, it may extend its reach, it may move from person to person; and it does so, generally speaking, in a manner that is hardly observed—but not for that reason less important.

It is quite true that in this circle of seeking that has achieved such an intensity of that seeking during this period of time you call your weekend, that the light is focused in a rather small domain, but it is also true that each here present will subsequently sally forth into the world carrying, in ways perhaps not even consciously known, the effects of this intensification of the light. And that will spread, my friends, as surely as the dawn spreads over the surface of the land. It will spread as a gift of the new dawning of awareness that will begin the process of the ushering in of the fourth-density age upon this planet.

We are Q’uo, and would, at this time, return the contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument, and through this instrument would ask if there might be another query.

In #63.24, the questioner asked, “Then, as the fourth-density sphere is activated there is heat energy being generated. I assume this heat energy is generated in the third-density sphere only. Is this correct?” Ra replied: “This is quite correct. The experiential distortions of each dimension are discrete.”

Ra also said in #40.10, “The harbingers of fourth-density vibrations were approximately forty-five of your years ago, the energies vibrating more intensely through the forty-year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter, through the quantum leap, as you would call it.”

[Question:] As Ra describes it, there is apparently a quantum shift whereby third-density definitively ends, and fourth density definitively begins. All fourth-density bodies in the new environment inhabiting a qualitatively, discretely different environment. When the time and the conditions are right, is this discrete boundary crossed in a single, global moment? After which time the third-density sphere is inactive for some time while the early fourth-density beings get their bearings?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a query which is not easily answered with simple yes’s and no’s, for there is much that is anomalistic about your particular planet, and its transition into the fourth density. The quantum leap that those of Ra were speaking of is that which this planet itself has achieved, for the planetary entity is a fourth-density entity. The individuals and social complexes upon it, however, are, in some cases, upon a level of third- and fourth-density combination, [but] mostly the third, as you would surmise from news of the day, shall we say.

This planetary sphere, then, has the need to adjust the vibratory complexes of fourth density with the remnants of the third-density population’s degradations, shall we describe it. There has been much of what you would call war, bellicose activity, and the slaughtering of millions and millions of the population of this planet. This vibration of anger, of separation, has embedded itself within the crust of the planet, so that there is the need for a physical release of this vibration of alienation, of separation, of war, so that the planet itself might proceed in a more harmonious manner as the home for the fourth-density population which shall inhabit it. Thus, the rupturing of various portions of the planetary surface has been occurring for a number of your years. These are the inconveniences which those of Ra spoke about.

As far as the discrete movement of the consciousness complexes of the peoples of your planet, there is, at this time, and has been for a number of years, the birthing into incarnation of those entities that have both the third- and fourth-density bodies activated, so that there is, indeed, a new breed of entity upon the planetary surface at this time. This number is increasing daily. These entities have much more ability to affect the consciousness of this planet at this time, and the consciousness of those about them, for they have the, shall we say, need to aid in the harvest which is a basic need that is at the foundation of the reason for their incarnating here. It is a great honor and privilege to be allowed this early in incarnation.

Thus, these entities, as they continue to incarnate upon the planet, will provide the body complexes through their own mating processes for other entities of even higher vibration to incarnate, so that this is a process which, in your time, will seem to take more time than a discrete movement in the blink of an eye. There will be a number of years which are indeterminate at this time due to the difficulty of your peoples in making discrete choices, shall we say, that will be necessary for the progression of the physical vehicle and the mind and spirit vehicles to become more blended into a vehicle which is purely fourth density. Thus, this will be a gradual transformation, as far as the third- to fourth-density mind/body/spirit complex transition is determined.

We would further add that there are many entities at this time that are working very diligently—both on the third-density level and upon the higher realms within the planetary entity itself—to aid in the transition into the fourth density. These entities are, shall we say, making every possible effort to aid in this transition, so that their success would be a primary factor that must be taken into account, when considering the nature of the move into fourth density in its completeness.

We pause briefly to give this instrument the chance to deepen its state.


I am again with this instrument. I am Q’uo.

Thus, though it is possible for your planet to make a discrete choice to, as Ra said, choose in one fine, strong moment of inspiration to polarize positively, this is the choice that all those entities within the inner planes are hoping is made in your near future. However, this is not a probable choice, though it is ever possible. Thus, it is within a time period that those of Ra mentioned to be between 100 and 700 of your years that is most likely to be the case for this discrete transformation. In the overall movement of time, as you know it, this is a large period of time. In the movement of time into the fourth density of 30 million years, it is but a few moments.

We shall, at this time, shall transfer this contact back to the one known as Steve, for further queries. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. May we ask if there is a further query at this time?

This particular question may be a very quickly answered question, so the instrument may want to stay on for the next one, to your prerogative. In 63.27, Ra says, “The creation of green-ray body complexes will be gradual and will take place beginning with your third-density type of physical vehicle and—through the means of bisexual reproduction—become, by evolutionary processes, the fourth-density body complexes.” Ra here echoing what Q’uo just said through the other instrument.

So, the probably self-evidently answered question is: Does the evolutionary process through bisexual reproduction move as follows:

  1. Yellow-ray active vehicles give birth to dual-activated bodies.
  2. Dual-activated vehicles give birth to green-ray active bodies.
  3. The fourth-density planet is populated by green-ray active bodies only.

I am Q’uo, and we would say that in a general sense, this is correct. There are qualifications which one might make, and refinements which one might make, but they require, for the most part, a knowledge of what you would call genetics that is not yet available on your planet.

We would call your attention to the difference between a yellow-ray activated vehicle, such as is the most common upon this planet at this time, and the dual-activated vehicle, which is of the nature of something of an anomaly because the stronger pull, shall we say, in such a dual activated body is still going to be back toward the third ray, that is the yellow-ray vehicle. We say this because it remains the case that the veiling continues to be in place between the mind, and the body, and the spirit, and it will be a mark of fourth density that this veiling is removed.

The effect of the dual-activated body, however, will be palpable in the sense that a greater propensity for intuitive awareness of the values, shall we say, of fourth density will increasingly make themselves apparent, particularly among the dual-activated mind/body/spirits; but once again, we would say, in such a way that this activation may, itself, become more general, may pass beyond the limited sphere of those who are in these dual-activated bodies and begin to exercise an influence in those whose incarnative condition is still that of third ray, or a yellow-ray vehicle.

Would the questioner like us to remain in this instrument to receive the next question?

Yes, I have an unplanned follow-up.

You mentioned that the veiling is still very much present in the dual-activated entity between its mind and body, but a characteristic of the fourth density is that the veiling is removed. So, again, it seems to me that the movement, the timing, the speed into fourth density is linked to the choices and attitudes, and vibrations, of those here in Earth, on the ground. That includes the physical release of war and anger from the planet itself, and as mentioned, the choices that the entities make themselves, and insofar as this process moves forward, then the veil is gradually lifted, then the dual-activated entities have greater access to, and awareness of, who and what they are and their purpose here. Would you comment on that welter of a statement?

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We would say that the characterization just given is, in a general sense, quite true, and well spoken. We would add that the thinning of the veil, though it will proceed at first, as nearly as we can tell, very slowly, and by stops and starts, and more in some pockets than in others, will at some point assume a momentum that will make it an unstoppable process, and as this begins to be more and more true, it could happen that very quickly the veil could be removed so that it almost does seem as if one has, at that point, leapt across a sudden chasm or boundary.

The factors which you mention which are, at this time, inhibiting or retarding the process, are those factors which can indeed be expressed as anger, and can also be expressed as fear, and can also be expressed as a kind of denial, or refusal as mind/body/spirit complexes become more and more intuitively aware that something is being required of them at this time, that the universe essentially vibrates in expectation of the making of their choice. And the longer they put off the making of this choice, the longer they refuse the call to the making of the choice, the more delayed will the transition be, up to the point that it is no longer possible to resist the overwhelming character of the new energies that beckon. And we will say, with some sorrow, that there will, at that point, be a weeping and a wailing and a gnashing of teeth on the part of those who feel that they have not succeeded in their mission which had hoped to render the choice foundational in such a way that it could serve as the point of departure into a new realm of being.

We would not characterize the future of these mind/body/spirits as being one of condemnation, for new opportunities to enact the drama of choosing will be given them. But, in many cases, this will be a second or third such opportunity, and these souls will be aware of that fact in some subliminal part of their being, and there is the potential for a kind of chaos, or disharmony, arising as there can be a general flailing about, so to speak.

Thus, the transition into the fourth-density illusion may seem to be muddled when taken as a whole; although, in those pockets where more light has prevailed, and more mind/body/spirits who have come together in a resolution of mutual harmony and are gathered to common purpose, the general confusion will, in all likelihood, be experienced more as a kind of background event, while the focus will be upon the foreground event of the transition, which will be a matter of great joy.

We are those of Q’uo, and we will transfer the contact at this point to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there a further query?

Thank you so much, Q’uo, for your replies through both instruments.

We learn from #63.13-14, a couple of things:

  • Third- and fourth-density electrical fields are incompatible. In other words, third-density entities cannot be fully aware of fourth density.
  • All third-density bodies will go through what we call physical death before fourth density becomes fully activated in space/time. That second point may involve some interpretation.

So the question is: Because the yellow-ray body is incompatible with the green-ray environment, does the final, full activation of the green-ray environment in space/time wait for the final yellow-ray body to move through what we call death?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is, in general, a correct assumption. For even if the entire planetary population made that one fine, strong choice for positive polarity, there would at that time be the necessity for the dropping of the physical vehicle of third-density: the yellow-ray body. At that time, there would be the ascension of the indigo-ray body, the form-maker body, into the realms of light, and this time would be that in which the steps of light, or the strength of light, would gauge the ability of the entity to withstand the impact of the light in an harvestable degree. This, having been determined primarily by the choice of the entity to pursue positive polarity with every fiber of its being, shall we say, the moving into the light being the confirmation of this choice. That is the situation which would pertain in the possible choice of positive polarity by the entire population of your planet.

If the choices are more gradual, the same basic situation would also obtain, in that the entities would move through the death process in a manner which would exemplify the normal death process. The entity—not being consciously aware of its harvestability due to the group choice towards positive polarity—would then move into the form-maker body upon its yellow-ray body’s death, and again, move into the light which would gauge the harvestability of the entity, according to the energy centers’ ability to stand the impact of the love and light.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, thank you. I actually do have a follow-up, very much connected to that one. I’m very appreciative of your replies.

So, you did indicate that fourth density couldn’t, what I would call, fully manifest in space/time while there were third-density bodies present. At that point [of the death of the final third-density body] will those remaining physically here on planet Earth be in dual-activated bodies, just barely grasping the potential of fourth density? Or, will that point be the signal for the end of the dual-activated bodies, and the beginning of the full activation of green-ray bodies?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother.

Again, this is a difficult situation in which to give a yes or no answer that would be accurate, for there will be both types of entities upon the planetary surface when the final choice, shall we say, is made by all entities, to move either in service to others, or service to self. This is to say, there should be those third/fourth-density entities with the dual-activated bodies that will be able to make the graduation, since that has already been affirmed for these entities upon another planetary sphere. The entities with the third-density body, yellow-ray activated only, will, at that time, need to move through the process of moving into the light, to determine the harvestability. Thus, at some point, there will be, as you say, only the fourth-density entities upon the planet, however, the amount of time, as you would measure it, that this process will take, is not, at this time, known.

We shall transfer this contact at this time, to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. May we ask if there is a further query at this time?

Thank you again, Q’uo, I think your replies here will help clarify a lot for those who study and are inspired by the Confederation’s message.

This is a somewhat quizzical point, and is the only one of its type, but it’s one that has perplexed me, so I’m going to ask it. In 63.8, Ra says: “As the green-ray cycle, or the density of love and understanding, begins to take shape, the yellow-ray plane, or Earth, which you now enjoy in your dance, will cease to be inhabited for some period of your space/time, as the space/time necessary for fourth-density entities to learn their ability to shield their density from that of third density is learned. After this period, there will come a time when third-density may again cycle on the new yellow-ray sphere.”

So, that’s common knowledge among everyone who studies the Law of One. The puzzle is here: No matter how long the yellow-ray sphere is inactive, once it resumes activation there will be countless artifacts of our present civilization strewn around the world. I think of buildings, roads, bridges, homes, manufacturing plants, power plants, water facilities, etc. Will this be the case and, if so, how does that affect the free will of the new inhabitants of the new yellow-ray sphere?

I am Q’uo, and am again with this entity. We would say that it would be well to contemplate the length of the fourth-density experience, which, by your years, is many. Fourth-density, when it is in full flower, is of a vibrational level such that it is not apparent to those who occupy second-density vehicles, as have third-density entities done since the time of the veiling. There will be a period of transition, and it will not be short, as you measure time, while the newly formed fourth density is further evolving into a state of higher and higher vibrational being. During the period in which that evolution is taking place, there will not be sufficient discreteness between third density and fourth, such that the fourth could exist without being known to the third. It is quite true that at that time that fourth density has evolved to the point that it may remain invisible to the third, the third will be visible to the fourth.

Third-density life, in its visibility, will be no great mystery to the fourth, any more than second density life is, to the third, a great mystery. But at the point that fourth density is able to maintain itself in a state not visible to the third, it is possible for third-density life to begin again. The greatest likelihood is that this would not occur until such time as fourth density is far enough advanced that a transition to fifth density may soon be contemplated. And we would say also that the early portion of third density experience tends to get underway rather slowly by third-density measures. In all likelihood, the population of the third density upon this planet at that time would be composed of second-density beings, graduating into the third density, and newly beginning their road upward from the first stirrings of self-consciousness.

Does this answer your question?

Thank you for asking [if that answered my question]. I think there was a misunderstanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong. My question wasn’t about the free will of fourth-density inhabitants being affected when third density cycles again, rather, my question was about the free will of the third-density inhabitants being affected when they encounter the artifacts and remnants of our own global civilization.

By what you just said, it may be tens of millions of years before third density cycles again, in which case, Earth will have erased or removed much of our history, but we presently can go back many hundreds of millions, even billions of years in our archeological record, so the question being, when the new third-density cycle activates, and there are new third-density beings who become sophisticated enough, at least, to look into the archeological record, how does that affect their free will to learn of a global civilization that no longer exists.

I am Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. The traces, as you might call them, of past civilizations are, as you have noted, easily erased by the sands of time. We ask you to contemplate the mystery of past civilizations upon your own planet—the land of Lemuria being one, the land of Atlantis being another. These were great civilizations that have vanished almost without a trace, and are mostly known through legends, even though there have been some who have assiduously searched for these traces, having been alerted by the legends.

Now there are some traces of earlier civilizations currently upon your planet—we call your attention to the statues on Easter Island that are an early remnant of interactions between an earthly population and another earthly source, and so these remnants may, in fact, be in place, and they will be seen as a source of possible mystery, but in general, their presence does not greatly interfere with the free will of those who are learning the lessons of third density, uppermost in importance of which, is the making of the choice.

So, it may be possible that at the latter end of its master cycle of development, a civilization may become aware of traces upon its planet of earlier civilizations. These, in general, do not constitute abrogations of free will in any significant way.

I am Q’uo, and at this time we would transfer the contact back to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, I take a moment firstly to thank the group for supporting these questions, and say that I have one final question, after which time, if the instrument or instruments have continued energy, someone in the group may use the opportunity to ask a question.

My final question is thusly: We, in the group, have talked before on this point. We have a supposition that so long as one is still in a third-density body, breathing third-density air, and experiencing this cycle of evolution, that they have the time to make the choice. Would you comment on the merit or accuracy of that statement, please? That will be my final question, and I thank you so much for this opportunity.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you as well, my brother, for these points are of some considerable interest and importance to not only your planet’s people, but to the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, as well.

Indeed, those who now dwell upon your planetary surface and breathe the free air have every opportunity to polarize that is necessary in order for each one to make the graduation, if that choice is their choice at this time. The necessity for most, as you are aware, is to become aware of that choice. This is not necessary in order to be graduated immediately, but is necessary in order to become more, shall we say, productive in the choosing. There is still time for choices to be made, both consciously and unconsciously, that can lead to graduation, depending upon each entities individual status, shall we say. The red, the orange, and the yellow rays being sufficiently opened, and moving into the green ray, with the opening of the heart center beginning to show itself in those acts of love and understanding which may demonstrate the ability of an entity to welcome and enjoy more of the love and the light of the One Creator.

We feel that there is enough information of an inspirational nature available to all entities upon your planet that if these entities are able to, if not consciously be aware of the need for such a choice—and able to follow their subconscious minds leading them by the catalyst that it brings them, and to provide the ability to utilize this catalyst, that is, the entity itself being able to utilize the catalyst and move forward, shall we say, in its evolutionary progression—then there would be the opportunity for the making of this choice upon a subconscious level, or an unconscious level, and not only upon the conscious level of the spiritual seeker who has long traveled this trail of seeking.

Thus, we feel that there is time, as you know it, for such choices to be made, and this is the grand adventure upon which each seeker now finds itself, and has found itself for a great portion of these last millennia upon this earth plane. There is, shall we say, divine inspiration that is also available to each entity through the series of guides and inner masters and friends, that have been attracted to each spiritual seeker, be that seeker a conscious seeker or not a conscious seeker—simply one who moves through its daily round of activities, looking to benefit in one manner or another from the opportunities of the third-density experience in a material sense, shall we say.

All entities have these sources of inspiration and information available to them. There are all types of communication possibilities, as you have mentioned previously, from the dreams, from intuitional flashes or hunches, to meditational messages, to being guided to the right person, or the right book, or the right place. All of these efforts are being made now by those entities upon the inner planes, those of the guides of the spirit nature, those of the discarnate entities that are of a master, shall we say, and attracted to the entity through its many lives of seeking, the entity’s own higher self, the entity’s mind/body/spirit complex totality. All of these entities are well aware of the time growing shorter and shorter upon planet Earth for these choices of positive polarity to be made by those entities of the third density, who now find residence upon planet Earth.

Thus, we would say that there is every opportunity available, that there is every reason for hope, for the eventual graduation of each entity upon planet Earth. We can speak no more valiantly of each entity’s ability, and opportunity, and necessity, for making these choices at this time. Though the time does grow short, the time remains for each one to make the choice that is necessary for graduation.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Steve, for any further query. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. Are there further queries that we may answer at this time?

Q’uo, I have one. I have been contemplating the archetypes of catalyst and experience. As I have modeled these in my mind, this is a unified concept of learning, separated solely by the veil—catalyst being this concept before the veil in the subconscious, and experience being this concept in the conscious increment life. Does this capture a sufficient amount of the significance of this concept, or am I missing some subtleties of this that you could comment on? Thank you.

I am Q’uo and we believe we understand your query, my brother. What you say is correct, and in fact, insightful, with regard to the way catalyst and experience function in the veiled condition. That is to say, that the veil does introduce a kind of break between the functioning of catalyst and the functioning of experience that can arise from it. However, it is also true that the archetypes have their distinct being independently of the question of the veiling. This constitutes an interesting subject of investigation. We will attempt to be somewhat brief in our address to it, and invite further queries at some future time.

The catalyst can, in a general sense, be described as that which occurs—that which occurs particularly within the sphere of action and interaction of a mind/body/spirit complex. What occurs, however, as it is received by that mind/body/spirit complex, will be subject to interpretation, and subject to a principle of selection with regard to what merits further focus. This process, as you point out, can be largely unconscious when one is in the veiled condition. The result being that, effectively speaking, there can be a conflation between the concept of catalyst and the concept of experience, for one’s access to the catalyst is always already characterized as one’s experience.

In a condition which is not veiled, the distinctness of those two elements is more on display, and that can have the result that a greater freedom, shall we say, can be shown, in experience making its selection from its catalyst concerning that which will be taken in as significant from that catalyst. This, we believe, gives the beginning of an approach to an answer to your query, my brother.

Is there a brief follow up that we may address in order to clarify any points remaining unclear?

No, this gives me much to think about, and I’m very grateful for your answer, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother.

At this time we would transfer the contact back to the one known as Jim, to inquire whether there is a final query on the minds of those here present. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We would ask if there might be one final query to which we may speak this afternoon?

Q’uo if no one else has one I will take this opportunity. In order to aid with the healing of planet Earth, and the birth of fourth density, and indeed, the healing of humanity itself, is it possible that a third-density entity could take upon itself collective pain, in some form or another, such that as they work through their own pain, as they know, and understand, accept, and heal themselves, they are consequently helping to heal the collective pain?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This action of self-sacrifice, for the benefit of the planetary consciousness, and the population of the planet, is possible by those who are very consciously aware of the nature of their actions, and who consciously dedicate these actions to the very healing of which you speak. There have been these types of entities throughout the history of your planet, most often found in the monasterial regions of religious practice, remote areas of abbeys, caves, and so forth, which have been practiced from ages gone by, but which yet remain, in some small degree, in some locations on your planet at this time.

This is a magical act in the very basic sense of the word. The entity so engaging in this experiencing of the pain of the planet and its population is beginning to transmute this pain from the planet in such a fashion that it becomes a personal experience. That is not just painful—though it is, indeed, that—but is also joyful, for the one performing this magical act of transformation does so from an intense feeling of love upon a conscious level that few upon your planet obtain within the space/time realms. These entities give of themselves for the benefit of others, and give in such a degree that there is eventually the complete giving of the life pattern for the planet’s use in achieving the harvestability of its population.

This is not an action which is lightly undertaken, as you might be well aware. This is an action which takes a great deal of consideration over a long period of your time, for as it is successful in revealing and experiencing the pain of the planet within the mind/body/spirit complex of the third-density entity, the experience of this pain becomes that which is more and more evident within the physical vehicle. The ability of the entity to endure the pain over a longer portion of your time increases the efficiency of this action. It is oftentimes much easier, and a temptation for such an entity, to give the life over more quickly in order to end the pain. However, those who are of this nature most frequently desire to experience the pain for as long as possible, realizing the efficiency of the experience in the long run, shall we say.

At this time, we shall recognize the weariness of both instruments, and take our leave of this group. We cannot thank you enough, my friends, for the dedication to service of others, to the experiencing of the light of the Creator, to the sharing of the love of the Creator, each with the other, and with all about you, that we have noticed and noted for some time within this group. You are a great joy to behold, my friends. The light that you create by your efforts in seeking is seen into the heavens, and is appreciated by many.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now, in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth in peace and joy. Adonai, Adonai, vasu borragus.