The topic of this channeling, chosen beforehand, was about reconciling our faith and acceptance of the tenet “all is well” with the pain and difficulty in witnessing deep suffering.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and greet each of you, once again, in love and in light. What a privilege it is to be asked to join your circle this day. We have been so honored to be a part of your process of learning to channel for these past two days, that we feel much blessed to be able to return again, and to be with you as you exercise your instruments and expand your ability to perceive those concepts which we offer to you in response to those queries which upon your minds and hearts are resting, and which you have offered to us, to offer us the chance to speak and to serve—the same chance that you, yourselves, seek as well. We are one in this journey of seeking and serving, of learning to be more aware each of the other’s needs, potentials, and desires.

This day you seek to gain some understanding, shall we say, as best as is possible within our illusion, of the quality of that which is a seeming unwelcome guest, or partner to a loving creation: that is the concept of disharmony, to the point of even considering evil, and of how to perceive this, not only intellectually, but how to respond to it by the feelings of one’s own inner sensitivities; how to express in a manner which may be comprehended both intellectually and emotionally. For a creation of love would seem to be a place where you would not find the disharmonies that would be as difficult, as dark, as deep, and as frequently experienced, as you do within your illusion—and, in fact, so many other third density planets, most especially, experience much the same as do you.

And yet, in this creation of the One Infinite Creator, we find that there is that which is of the light and that which is of the darkness, and these are also portions of the One Creator. For the One Creator has created all that there is out of itself, using the power of Love to cause material of one vibration or another to condense into the photon, into the Light, which vibrates in such and such a manner, so that within your illusion you are able to perceive a certain range of experience; and to feel that there is a reality about you that does, indeed, exist as it vibrates within your range of perception, that which you can see, that which you can feel, that which you can hear, that which you can touch, that which you can taste.

You experience your illusion, shall we say, on the ground—boots on the ground—experience face to face the self meeting other selves, and other facets of selves, in what is not exactly a dance; sometimes it seems a combat. And we are speaking to you this morning to help you to realize that this is a creation of unity, that whatever you perceive as being out of the unified nature of the creation is that which has not been quite correctly perceived—for there is, in truth, no disharmony. There is no vibration that cannot be blended with that of love. There may be a greater period of time during which certain vibrations and experiences will need to be worked with in order to be able to experience them as that which is whole and perfect, unblemished, and playing a vital role within the evolutionary journey that each of you, and all creation, makes, as it pursues the path of unity, and to coalesce once again at the octave density with the One Infinite Creator.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos and we are with this instrument. We would begin our communication through this instrument by giving you a little information about who we are, for we feel at this time that that information is useful as a portion of the message we have to bring on this topic here chosen for today.

We are a social memory complex of fourth-density advancement which has shared, with those of Ra, a feature of its development which we would describe by saying it is harmonious in the extreme. Now, we put the matter in this way in order to highlight a certain feature of our experience, a feature which we are now discovering has left us able to penetrate the depths of what you might call “possible experience”—a little less than now we would like, and we have asked this instrument if we may draw upon its reserves of experience which, in this area, are somewhat extensive, in order to illustrate a simple point which we feel can be made, and that we would ask you to understand that there is much in this question which continues to motivate our own seeking. And so, in this regard, my friends, we would like to suggest to you that we must be regarded as fellow seekers along with you, in attempting to plumb these depths.

We, in our own development, had bought little experience of some of the levels and kinds of oppositional life, of aggressive life, of hostile and bellicose life that your peoples at this time experience and express. And we will admit to you that there are times in which we stand, shall we say, aghast, before the phenomenon of rather striking—and in some cases, rather pure—negativity. And yet, we do realize that this negativity is a part of a creation which, in its unity, is able to transmute all—and we do mean all—negativity, into what we may call a positivity that is so deep, so vast, so thorough going, that it staggers the created imagination to contemplate. It staggers us, my friends, and we find the thought that the creation could have such depths as to envelope and transmute, without remainder, even such dimensions of negativity that have caused us to come to full arrest in disbelief and incomprehension from time to time.

We now seek to learn along with you of that sense of completeness within ourselves that we have not yet been able to fathom which discovers within the self that which registers enough in the negative scale that we may find the completeness of the creation not only without, but also within. The arresting thought resides in the realization that, that which I see as so negative—I may know no name for it but evil itself—is as much a portion of myself as it is a feature of reality itself. So, we are driven in this regard by the urgency, by the instinct for seeking that one unavoidable question—Who am I?—to contemplate dimensions of selfhood of one’s own personal being that have not been—that cannot have been—fully explored, given that these dimensions have not yet been able to harmonize in accord with the experience of that before which we stand aghast. Even that which you call suffering, in its most extreme forms, would be, as far as we now can understand, but a small price to pay for gaining access to those unfathomable dimensions of ourselves, that, as we now see it, the harmonious nature of our evolutionary experience has not yet permitted us to fathom, to view, to work with as a real and present reality of the immediacy of the energies of our lives.

We, those of Laitos, do feel with you a certain bewilderment, and this points us in the direction of our further seeking. We feel you may realize that the reason that we have been chosen for this function of helping to bring along new channels for the Confederation, has a great deal to do with the fact that we are widely seen as a very gentle and helpful nature that poses few challenges for channels young in experience who find our energies to be easy to welcome, to be encouraging, to be gentle. We take so naturally to that which is gentle, that the ungentle in the creation gives us still great pause.

We would at this time take advantage of this pause to thank this instrument for allowing us to dwell in those regions of its being which have enabled us to enrich our own gentle nature with some of the depths of its experience, and we would now transfer the contact to the one known as J1. I am Laitos.

(J1 channeling)

We are Laitos, and are with this instrument. We greet you in the love and light that we claim has primacy often in our communications. Part of the question has to do with the depth and applicability of this primacy, the way in which it sometimes seems to this instrument that you are fodder for the Creator’s learning. It does seem bleak, which is why we relish the ability to show you directly the experience of instrumentality is not without compassion.

We reiterate, when we can connect with you directly, that we can show you to the best of your ability to perceive the character and taste of what is to be gained. It can melt away your fear of the darkness. It is a great element of our appreciation for this contact, and that is part of what we can transmit through this instrument that is of value in addressing this question; because, for this instrument, there has not been a great deal of angst and suffering when compared to others in this world—or even others in this room—so that in this case it is the fear of that which has not yet been experienced that drives this question deep into our hearts. And we appreciate that words of love constitute an equation that often does not seem can be balanced when one opens up to the totality of one’s being and recognizes that the heart is not a brick that one simply throws on to the pile, dusts one’s hands off, and considers the structure complete. Sometimes the greatest comfort, as you well know, is not the resolution of your anxiety, but the sharing of it.

And in this matter we perceive a deep truth that contextualizes why this question of the emotional valence of evil and suffering confounds all of us so. As much as we may like it, we are not your rescuers. We are linked arm-in-arm with you; we face what is difficult for us as you face it. We can only say that there are times the higher perspective yields satisfaction, but it is not every time in an entity’s experience, and that this is a mystery we struggle with.

We, as you, know that there is something here that is of great service to the Creator, and we would like to be your partner in exploring it. And to that end we thank this instrument for opening up to the ambiguity that attends this question, the experience of it, and would like to transfer this contact to the one known as K, in love and in light—not as a matter of proclamation, but as a matter of deep faith. We are Laitos and we now leave this instrument, transferring our contact, our love and our light, such as it is, to the one known as K.

(K channeling)

I am Laitos, and we ask you, in considering this question, to do two things: to look upon it from a higher altitude, which you sometimes call “spiritual altitude,” and in looking down upon the question of suffering or some problem to which there is not an answer yet, some sickness that has not yet been healed—to look upon it to see the many angles that perhaps, from on the ground, from boots on the ground, you cannot see from that angle. But from above you might have a perspective such as we have being outside of space/time in which you can see it is already solved and is already healed. It has come there to teach, to show something of learning, of value, that may grow to become a greater value in your reality, remembering always that in the resolving of anything, it is a releasing of the illusion to see the perfection of what is already there when all time is one moment—to see that you already are, in a sense, at the point of a resolution at all times when you can see it from above.

It is already done—sometimes healers say, “It is already done, already healed,” and then it is brought forth into manifestation. And do not those healers have some joy in their hearts even as they face a patient, a person, with some illness that seems resistant or not healed? And in their joy, in their heart, they say, “It is already done and already healed.” And then it seems a miracle when it is shown to be done in a very short amount of what you call time. Perhaps you could see they are starting, these healers, from the end of the problem and working backwards to what you call “the present moment.” And what is that that allows them to do that but their faith. And what is faith but knowing that all problems have a solution, all illnesses have a healing if the one is ready to be healed, and all lessons posed by that illness have been learned. It can be released upon the asking, and often without assistance, but sometimes with assistance from healers.

The one you know as Jesus the Christ would always ask those that sought his help, “Wilt thou be healed?” Meaning, were they ready to be healed—were they asking of their free will—were they ready to release the illusion of whatever that problem was and wherever it originated within their consciousness? And when they said yes, by his very touch, by his very word, by the faith of the person, they were healed. What seemed a miracle is divinely natural. Releasing the illusion at the perfect timing, and whatever lessons are still yet to be learned, can be learned, and the further releasing occur. It’s very simple.

And in this time of your time and space right now, it is a time where illusions can be let go of, and freedom can be had—and in that freedom, some joy. And through your faith, hold on to that envisioning of light and love is always present no matter what appears to be there. The appearances will move out of the way letting that light and love be revealed, for that is what you are created out of—light and love. We thank you for this opportunity to share these thoughts of truth and light and love with you today. We are Laitos, and we now transfer this contact, in light and love, to the one known as J2.

(J2 channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We show this instrument a vision of an owl flying at night, and we show her that the owl can see that the Earth breathes, it breathes in and out in a beautiful way. We show her the eagle during the day, and the Earth breathes in and out in a beautiful way. We show her the breath as we breathe in and out.

It is the Earth, it is the Creator, it is the yin, it is the yang. The Creator is made up of all these things—the yin and the yang, the dark and the light, the breathing in, the breathing out. It is the balance. We ask that you feel the dark and the light in meditation, and focus on the whole. What is your focus? Do you focus on the dark, or do you focus on the light? We ask that you feel the many vibrations of Earth that are made up of the yin and the yang, and the Creator and its wholeness, and allow the beautiful wholeness of the Creator by focusing on your breath, which is the wholeness. That’s all you need to do—it’s very, very simple. Your breath is the Creator, and the wholeness of life. Allow what has been created, in all its beauty, in all is wholeness, in all its completion.

At this time, we pass this contact to the one known as Austin. We are Laitos.

(Austin channeling)

We are Laitos, and we are with this instrument. We take this opportunity to remind you that you are upon a spectrum of experience, and upon a journey of seeking that, from your particular perspective, can seem quite linear. We also are upon a spectrum—the same spectrum, not too far removed from your own experience. We may point out that upon this spectrum, at the point at which you find yourself, the viewpoint is extremely and uniquely limited, and we may point out that this limitation serves a divine purpose.

Within your question today, we perceive a struggle to meet your intellectual understanding in which you understand and accept that all is reconciled at a certain point in time with the inescapable and all-important feeling of the heart when confronted with that extremities of suffering. We ask you to consider that intellectual understanding from within your limited viewpoint may, as you might say, only go so far.

The question and the struggle that you have posed today is of great importance, and is interwoven with the divine purpose of that limited viewpoint of which we speak. Consider, when contemplating what you have called evil—what may be perceived as extreme suffering—what it is you feel within your heart. You might describe it as sorrow. Perhaps there is an element of confusion, even anger, or bewilderment, that causes this tension between the heart and the intellectual understanding that all is well, and all will be well. We suggest and encourage that you let the intellectual understanding fall away momentarily, set it aside and allow the feeling that you have found within your heart to fill your being.

You may find yourself confused because this feeling does not feel like the love which you have heard us describe in intellectual terms, but we suggest that should you spend enough time within the depths of this feeling, you shall recognize that the great heart of your sorrow, of your confusion, of your anger and your bewilderment—as a response to the suffering that you perceive—is love. This, my friends, is the great lesson of the density in which you find yourselves. What we have called intellectual understanding pales in importance in comparison to the recognition of the love which is expressed when your heart goes out to those you perceive as suffering. We might even suggest that while it is possible for some few within your density to reconcile the intellect and the heart in this matter, it is not necessary—and in some cases, not even beneficial, as the intellect and the understanding of the dynamics of this situation might distract from that great heart of love which is found within your struggle to reconcile the suffering before you.

We are greatly honored and pleased to speak upon this topic, as we are those of the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. It is the sorrow which is expressed in your question today which is that to which we are called. We cannot express the gratitude in words that we feel to be afforded the opportunity to be in relationship to a group such as this, and to share in this sorrow so that we may all, no matter the point upon the spectrum of experience and progress, find the love which is the truth of creation.

And as a final note to this instrument, we may suggest and perhaps give hope in pointing out that the love which you might find within your density—which, as we know you all have experienced as greatly powerful—is but a glimmer of what we experience from our perspective. Imagine what you call self-consciousness within your third-density being, and how this is expressed only in faint glimmers within those entities of second density. Such is the nature of love and the vastness of its expression within the coming density of understanding and love. Can you imagine the vast power and understanding that you perceive, is but a glimmer of the truth?

We leave this instrument and transfer the contact back to the one known as Jim. We are Laitos.

(Jim channeling)

I am Laitos, and am again with this instrument. The glimmer of reality that is available to you in third density is but the faintest representation of the entirety of truth, which is unity, my friends. The One Creator has desired to know itself, thus the creation is its field of play, shall we say, through various of its parts interacting in ways that you cannot possibly imagine—and some of which you can—as knowledge is gained in both the path of that which is, and that which is not: the path of unity, and the path of separation.

Your illusion teaches you well, for much of what you learn is done through suffering, a traumatic passage that each undergoes when there is disharmony to the degree that pain to the core of the self is felt. In this disharmony and discord there is a potential carved out within the very heart of your being that gives you not only the opportunity to feel what pain is like, but what joy is like, what love is like. For the more pain that you can feel, the more joy that you can feel. If you did not have the veil of forgetting blocking your vision from the true perception of reality, you would see quite clearly that all is one, that there is no disharmony—and yet, could you progress as quickly as you do now within the veil where so much seems disharmonious? Where so much seems like it is truly separated from any concept of love? No, my friends. Only where there is the possibility of misunderstanding can understanding come about. Thus you dwell within an illusion that is full of gifts for you, but many do not look like gifts—yet all are. For there are only gifts of the One Creator as it reveals itself to you in deeper and deeper mysteries and illusions. That is the great dance, my friends. We are all upon it, and the Creator calls the tune.

We thank you once again for inviting us to join you and your circle of seeking. We are blessed by each invitation, and we gladly accept each invitation. We leave you in love and light, my friends. We are those of Laitos. Adonai, Adonai.