Q’uo, we feel we live in times that are intense, complex, confusing and distracted. It can create a prohibitively foggy environment for the awakening spiritual seeker. How do those further ahead on the path of seeking turn back to assist those beginning their first steps in this sort of environment. What is it that the more seasoned seeker may share with the presumably younger seeker?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and it is a privilege and an honor to greet each of you in love and in light this afternoon. We are always glad to receive your call, for we know that within your circle of seeking you have opened your hearts to the concept of universal love, and share it freely with all of the creation, of which we are but a small portion. And yet, we feel your love as if you were a massive generator pumping out the power of universal love throughout the entire creation of the One Infinite Creator. Thus, to blend our energies with yours is a great honor, and we thank you once again for inviting our presence with you today. As always, we ask one small favor before we begin. Take those words which we offer to you that are useful to you, and use them as you will. If we say any word, or express any thought that does not feel right to you, please let it go—drop it immediately and go on, for we would not place any stumbling block upon your path.

Today you asked us how one might be of service to those who are younger in years and experience within your illusion, and who have had a difficult time making their way through the great miasma of confusion, negativity, and misdirection that is so often a part of any third-density illusion, and most particularly your own at this time at the end of the third-density cycle, for there is so much seeming division between people, ideas, dreams, and the path that one might take to find fulfillment in life.

We ask each of you to reflect for a moment upon those times in which you were also in your younger years and had little experience in making choices that were basic to your life’s path. Those years, which you may call “the awakening years,” in which you began to look beyond the concepts that you had been given from your earliest remembrance and began to move into your own construction of thought. These were your years of being energized, shall we say, electrified, open-minded with the beginnings of open-heartedness, all raining upon you at one time to compare with all that had been told [to] you by those who were your elders, more experienced, further along the path it would seem, than were you. Oftentimes, one can look in the past of one’s own being and find what is helpful there that can be shared with others.

Each of you is a unique being, however, so it is often also the case that when sharing with those of younger years, one must become aware that you are also dealing with an infinitely creative universe of experience for each entity with whom you come in contact. There is a certain amount of information of a rational nature, shall we say, that one would begin to share with others, and yet we caution that it might be more helpful to look to those intuitive qualities that are also a balance within your being to the intellectual or rational qualities, looking to both for a means by which to offer the helping hand to those who seek assistance.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Hatonn. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. I am Latwii. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Creator. I am Ra, we greet you in the love and in the light of the One Creator. We are Q’uo, greeting you in the love and in the light of the One Creator.

We would begin by saying that as you now speak and hear our words within yourselves, you have entered into a kind of energy exchange in which the limits of one being have been eroded, shall we say, so as to be open to another being, and our energies in this exchange are blended. We would suggest to you that this blending, which is not limited to your third-density experience by any means, is of the essence of what we understand communication to be. Communication is an exchange. It is sometimes symmetrical in one way, and asymmetrical in another, and sometimes the symmetries are reversed; they ebb and they flow in accordance with different requirements of the communicative experience. There are those who are in a position sometimes to teach, and there are those who sometimes take up the position of being a learner. Sometimes those of Hatonn look to those of Ra or those of Latwi for learning lessons that seem to be already available in some degree of completion to those who are taken as teachers.

But, my friends, we can assure you that the reverse is also true—that those of Ra are most anxious to look to their friends of Hatonn and their friends of Latwii for learning, for inspiration, for sharing. And so, while it is true that those of Ra are further along a path viewed from one point of view, and may offer inspiration deriving from that furtherance, still, that does not, by itself, constitute the essence of what is sharable from one to another being. We would call your attention to the fact that when you attempt to be of service, the central factor is the quality to be found in that little word, “to be.” It is your being that you seek to share.

Now, those of you who have, as have members of this group, found your way to a rather complex body of information which has the potential to recast much of what you have learned in a context much broader than you had learned in your youth, you have the opportunity to share this broader perspective with those in your social complex that have not had such an opportunity, and that might be chafing against the limits of a more restricted perspective. It is tempting for those who have found a path which they have found to be useful in guiding them along the course of their evolutionary development to want to sally forth and to offer this good news to all who would listen. It is tempting, we say, and sometimes too much so, because in your eagerness to share, you risk violating the one precondition of all genuine or open-hearted sharing, which is the free will of others.

Now, to some extent, since you are incarnate, you have less need to be concerned about violating the free will of others within your range of experience than would we, simply because we are outside of the energy configuration that constitutes your social energy complex, and it would be a greater intrusion for us to offer specific recommendations about how you might proceed in your development than it would be for you to offer your fellow travelers your point of view in aiding them to sort through what you have quite well understood to be a confusing mass of possibilities. However, if you do consider what your youth was like as you sorted through the vast array of directions on offer to you as you were seeking to find a way to support yourself, as you were seeking to find a way to pursue your own educational development, as you were seeking to find a way to be fitted in to the various social groups, the various friendships that you had available to you. As you sorted through all of these confusing issues, you had to reject as many opportunities as you could accept, and, in fact, indeed, many, many more opportunities did you have to reject. Some of these rejections you had the opportunity upon further experience to revisit and re-examine in light of further developments, further inspiration, or further information which you had been offered. But, in order to preserve that little kernel of autonomy, there was much that you had to build up walls against in order to be able to maintain the integrity of your own seeking process.

As we have suggested, each here is utterly unique and, indeed, every being upon your plane or upon any other, is completely unique, and it can be known to no other what is absolutely true or needed for any other. Therefore, the best way to view a relationship with another, we have found, is that of an offer, that of a suggestion, that of a gift of the willingness to share your beingness, rather than a claim that you might be in possession of knowledge which the other would do well to learn.

No one individual can be master of others. If you contemplate that simple point, you may begin to realize that that has the potential, if taken seriously, to be somewhat revolutionary, as indeed, your social complex is simply shot through with violations of this principle. Your social complex is a factor in your own lives in ways that are surprisingly intimate, and in ways that you may not even realize. You can feel guilty, for example, that you are not offering yourself in service if you do not conduct yourself in a way which, in reality, would be an infringement upon free will. You are not doing enough, you may say to yourself. But, we would ask you to step back from that voice which speaks out within you and to recognize that the you to which you are perpetually attempting to take up a relation is a multitudinous thing. It has many voices and these voices come from many, many sources—some of them seemingly quite antithetical to others.

It is a central task of every entity which incarnates third density to begin the long process of integrating these voices, of finding that central resonance which alone, to our experience, may be said to be the source of truth. There are truths that speak more deeply, more eloquently of love than others, it is true. And it may be apparently clear to you that some of your fellow travelers have got caught up in false conceptions of truth such that they are moving further away, rather than closer to, the center, and risk finding themselves bereft of the very love which they seek to experience, and which they seek to share. But, if you reflect upon your own paths, you can discover many pathways which you may have taken which have seemingly led you astray, but which have, according to some almost unfathomable pattern, led you ultimately back to the very path that you feel is, indeed, most central to your being. And, it may be that in the process of this seeming detour, you have learned a lesson that was quite important to you, and possibly even vital to your capacity to take the next step on that path, which is uniquely your own.

And so, each individual soul must assume complete responsibility for his or her development, and this requires, at some point, a rather distressingly fearsome isolation as a soul is so thrown back upon the resources that have no resonance whatsoever in the social complex, that it can, indeed, seem like a dark night of the soul. In this condition, you are very vulnerable because, as fearsome as it is to be so isolated, it is tempting to look for some thread of authority which will give you direction, and for which you do not have to take responsibility. Oh, how tempting it is to find that thread, and if you look at this from the point of view of somebody else looking on, we would say also, oh, how tempting it is to provide that thread. But, consider, my friends, that ultimately, each must find the path under the steam of the Creator within. The Creator within is the sole, true authority.

And so, to your question we would say that it is well in looking back over the shoulder, so to speak, to those who are coming along the path in what seems like a direction from behind you, it is well to offer an invitation of companionship. It is well to be prepared to share the quality of your being, which we find is far more significant than any supply of information which you may be able to offer.

You may have a broader picture, but unless somebody is specifically requesting that you give an accounting of that broader picture, it can be most intrusive for you to overlay your picture upon their process of seeking. If you contemplate what brought you to the position of developing a conviction with regard to those things you take to be true, you will find that the process according to which that came into realization was filled with a great many very nuanced circumstances in which you were in relation to a host of energies that you had to sort through. The same is true for those you would be teacher to. They are finding their ways, and will most likely be best served by those who are able to reach out a hand in friendship and in love that is not judgmental and that provides only such direction as can be provided by example. This can be frustrating. It can be frustrating because you can be quite convinced that you are surrounded by needy, despairing fellows in danger of losing their ways, and it is true, this is a constant danger, but we would say that it is a danger which no one individual can absolve any other individual from facing.

We have each had to stare into the abyss of utter solitude, and from that position discover that there is within every resource one could ever seek without, and by pursuing that resource—sometimes in such a way as to seemingly throw off every influence available from your social complex—by pursuing that resource you are paradoxically better able to discover that point where you do converge in being with others. There is where the possibility of your own self-realization lies concealed, and it is where lies concealed the possibility of your own opportunity to serve most deeply, because where your being is not something restricted to just being a that there thing, but is rather something which increasingly comes to grasp itself as essentially qualitative. You can find that qualities open onto the possibility of blending with other qualities in ever more eloquent ways.

And so, we would say to you that if you can find within the seed of joy which allows you to proceed in your dance of life with merriment as well as an effort to be of aid to those around you, that you will be doing what you came here, my friends, to do, which is, to take in all that the catalyst of this density has to offer, to take it down to the roots of your being, to absorb it, and to qualitatively transform it so that darkness becomes less dark, becomes light, becomes brighter and brighter light, day by day. To undergo this process is to do two things at once: it is to expand your own being, and it is to make that being a beacon for those for whom you are an inspiration.

My friends, we would like to say that you are an inspiration to us. Your seeking, your courage, your dedication, despite all odds that are arrayed against you, are an inspiration to us. We thank you, my friends, and at this time we would return to the one known as Jim, to ask if we can respond in more particular ways to further queries you may have. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We would ask you, at this time, if there may be any further queries to which we may speak.

I have one question Q’uo. The question is about free will and infringement upon others. In my particular setting there is a small meditation group [in the Czech Republic] that meets in the place where I now live and I am the only one who has been through vocal channelings with Confederation contacts such as yours. When we sit in silent meditation I call upon Confederation entities to come and join, and I oftentimes feel the energy and emotion I have experienced with this group (usually I associate them with those of Hatonn). What I want to ask about, if it is okay to share those feelings with the others in the group who have not had that experience, because they have not asked about it. It is something that I feel as a joyful occurrence, so I do it to encourage them and it has occurred to me that the path of seeking is not about confirmation that it is the inner Creator within that you have just talked about, still I am interested if such sharing is acceptable.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would encourage you to follow that feeling which you become aware of within your own being of our presence, and share it with those within your group, for there are those in your group who are also members of our group, that is, are wanderers representing the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, and have had their own particular experiences which may not be clear to them. If you share with them your experience, you may do that which is reaching the hand in service, shall we say, in a manner which clarifies their own experiences and provides an opportunity for sharing at deeper levels of consciousness in service to others, which are the reasons each of you has gathered there.

Is there another query, my brother?

One more follow up, Q’uo. Taking what you have just said to other groups who work with the Law of One material in other languages or other locations, and they gather in silence to sit with the Infinite Creator and they invite the Confederation, or specifically those of Q’uo, let’s say, to join their circle. Is that a calling that allows you to join those entities, sort of in the background, and be present at that particular moment?

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument, and would respond to your query by suggesting that this is indeed so. When we are called by such entities, we are happy to respond by blending our vibrations with them so that there is an indication to them that we are with them. However, we are not able to speak, and shall not offer any thoughts that could be interpreted as a channeling contact, for this would not be appropriate. However, we are most happy to blend our vibrations with each such entity and group that calls for our presence. This is one of the means by which we hope to share more and more of our vibrations of love and of light with these types of groups that gather to do the same.

Is there another query, my brother?

No thank you, not from me.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I have one, Q’uo. Could you speak briefly to the distinction between the kind of aid that you may offer to the social energy complex as a whole, as opposed to the kind of aid that you can offer to individuals that may be seeking within your range of experience?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. To those of your social culture, we may offer that vibration of love which is requested from us by entities who are unaware of such vibrations emanating from specific sources, and yet who feel the need within the heart of their own being to be nourished by these kinds of energies to alleviate the pain and suffering of confusion and division that are so prevalent upon your planet today. A simple cry of distress is enough for us to send our love and light to those who so cry.

Is there another query, my brother?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, once again. Is there another query at this time?

I do not have a query at this time, which is surprising, for someone of my nature. But I want to thank you for clarifications and re-seeding knowledge that I had inside. It’s always nice to receive the clarification, and it’s nice to be in your presence again.

I am Q’uo, and we appreciate your gratitude and your willingness to seek that which is most helpful, not only to yourself, but to those whom you will meet in your daily round of activities, and more specifically, within your chosen profession.

We would ask for a final query at this time, if there may be one.

Q’uo, if what Ra says regarding the solar system’s history is correct, a third-density population may utterly destroy its planet. We have Mars, whose third-density population destroyed their biosphere, stopping the planet’s development; we have Maldek that somehow exploded its planet. What about when a planet becomes fourth-density activated, and the fourth density depends upon the viability of the planet, can, say, our third-density population now destroy the planet when fourth density requires the planet’s existence?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We may only answer to a certain degree, for a complete answer to this query may provide some infringement upon the free will of some entities on your planetary sphere.

It is so that your planet itself has achieved the fourth-density vibration of love. It is also true that the population of your planet is mixed between orange, yellow, and green vibrations. It is possible that this confusion can be harmonized at some point in what you would call your future. It is possible, as well, that such confusion shall continue and there shall be difficulties continuing of a geophysical and physical nature for the planet and for its population. We cannot say with any certainty what will occur, for this is a product of the free will of all the people that exist upon your planet. This volatility of energy within the mind and emotional complexes is that which makes it impossible to make a prediction with any hope of accuracy. We feel that there are certain probabilities that are more prominent than others, however, it is here that we must not cross the line for fear of infringing upon the free will of those entities who call Earth home.

We are those of Q’uo, my friends, and we shall, at this time, once again thank you for your invitation to us for your kind hospitality, with opening your hearts to us, opening the questioning that is upon your spiritual path to us, and for allowing us to share our vibrations and information with you. By so doing, you offer us the chance to be of the service that we are here to provide to your planet Earth. We look forward to future opportunities to join this circle of seeking, to blend our light once again with your own, which reaches into the heavens with each gathering of such a group.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you at this time in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, Adonai vasu borragus.