Ra describes their orientation in third density to those spiritually asleep as offering the comforts meant for sleep. 1 While not attempting to simply mimic Ra’s example, this seems like a generally appropriate service-to-others attitude in third density. However, we currently find ourselves in a situation on Earth where those who are asleep could be causing great harm to the planet, potentially leading us all down a path of destruction. Can Q’uo offer suggestions for relating and serving those who seem to be in such a destructive sleep?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in love and in light. It is our great honor to be called to your group this afternoon, as always, for when we come to your group, we know that we shall find those sincere seekers of truth who have opened themselves in mind, in body, and in spirit, to receive inspiration and information of a helpful nature that might be able to be utilized in the path of serving others. The query that you asked today is certainly that type of query. Before we begin to address it, we would, as always, ask you for a favor, and that is, to take whatever words we offer to you with your proverbial grain of salt, shall we say, take those that have meaning for you, leave behind any that do not. We do not wish to provide any type of deterrence or detour on your own spiritual path of seeking. We come as brothers and sisters who travel the same path as do you. With that favor granted, we feel free to speak to your query at this time.

As you are all conscious seekers of truth, and have relatively clear perceptions of various philosophies and of various cultures upon your planet, you are well aware that your planetary population is scattered throughout the lower energy centers and has had a great difficulty in beginning to perceive the possibility of becoming a unified peoples that can present themselves to the graduation of the fourth density that is now occurring upon your planet; for there has been much disharmony for many thousands of your years upon your planet as you measure time. This disharmony has resulted from a basic misperception of the nature of reality.

It is not surprising that at the beginning of the third-density experience that entities would have some difficulty in recognizing the unity of all creation, however, this difficulty has persisted throughout the entire third-density experience and has made it nearly impossible to contemplate the grasping of the needle of the compass and pointing it in one direction as a population of Planet Earth.

Thus, as you move through your daily round of activities, you are well aware, if you utilize your sharing of news sources, that the disharmony upon your planet has seldom reached the levels of fracturing that are now being expressed by various groups, cultures, parties, and individuals, for there are individual interests involved that have very little to do with the spiritual path of what you would call “seeking the truth.” What is often sought is more of the mundane materials and rewards of your third-density illusion. This illusion has a purpose of eventually providing a means by which each entity upon your planet could turn from the trinkets of the world, shall we say, to the inner seeking of the love and the light of the One Creator which binds all people.

However, as you are well aware, various factions vie for a larger and larger piece of the proverbial pie. This not only leads to furthering the inability to grasp unifying principles, and to open the heart in unconditional love as is the necessity for graduation into fourth density, but it also accentuates the lower energy centers’ tendency to separate from other people, groups, and cultures, so that there is a continuing fostering of the rejection of any possibility of reconciliation. Thus, not only do your people suffer the fracturing of their own mental, emotional and spiritual capacities, but these disharmonious vibrations are exuded to such an extent that your planetary sphere itself begins to absorb them into the crust of the planet so that there is the rupturing of the crust at various times and places, as a means by which your planet attempts to harmonize the cosmic instreamings of the fourth-density variety with its own fourth-density core vibration.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We would continue with our thought concerning the disrupted atmosphere that your planet, at this time, is exuding, and would invite you to consider that you, and all of your fellow mind/body/spirit seekers, are, at this moment, drawing in these vapors. You are bathed in this atmosphere. Now, if you are of a circumstance, with respect to your own situation, that you can begin to recognize the various strands of catalyst that beset you—sorting out the positive from the negative, sorting out the personal from the less personal—you may have a better opportunity to find your way within the morass, shall we say, that surrounds you.

However, to return to the metaphor of sleep, we would suggest that those who are in this condition find that these energies of which we speak, these energies of disruption, these energies of dislocation, disharmony, and separation, can insinuate themselves into the inner fabric of consciousness to the point that they become almost the very stuff of everyday life.

And so, your query finds itself in a quandary, which, my friends, we would have to say, that we share with you, as indeed we participate vicariously, to be sure, with the energies of this planet as it seeks to birth itself into a higher manifestation of itself.

We would ask, then, to begin with that you contemplate what it is to sleep, for there are some circumstances in which sleeping seems to be a somewhat innocuous activity. It suggests that one is perhaps not fully engaged upon an energetic level with the full spectrum available in the incarnate experience, and so time can pass in a state of comparative bliss, largely undisturbed by the kinds of catalyst that stir one out of one’s lethargy. It is this kind of sleep which those of Ra experienced among certain of its members at certain points of its evolutionary process. Now, we would ask you to consider something further about the nature of sleep before we continue with the thought of what it means to deal with the kinds of negativities that you are concerned about.

My friends, no sleep is ever perfect. To sleep is perchance to dream, and to dream is to engage in reception of elements of inspiration and intuitive input that are meant to stir you to further seeking, and sometimes the sleep that one has undertaken is well undertaken for a mind/body/spirit complex that has been subjected to harsh catalyst, or catalyst that has thrown the individual seeker off its center.

Is sleep well undertaken? For sleep affords the opportunity to rediscover that center, and to rejuvenate the energies for further activity when the opportunity becomes available in the fullness of time. But, as we say, there is, within this process of sleep, a continual in-stream of catalyst that is gentle in the sense that it doesn’t force itself upon the sleeper, but rather serves gently to excite the fledgling self in a way that suggests possibilities. When the atmosphere of the planet is largely harmonious, or at least beginning to tend significantly in that direction, the sleeping self will be able to draw upon the energies emanating from the planetary center in such a way that that catalyst which is offered upon an individual basis will have the underlying tone, or tenor, shall we say, of harmony, and this serves as a kind of secret motivator for the direction one might take as the sleep begins to fall from one’s eyes.

However, there are other circumstances that—in this vast universe of many diverse experiences, both upon the individual and the planetary level—are quite different in orientation from the harmonious experience which it had been our good fortune as we have often thought about it, but perhaps not such good fortune as we have later looked back upon it to have undergone in our own process of development. An excess of harmony can result is an energetic deficiency of sorts, a lack of tension one might say, for tension can be seen as a creative wellspring for further development. And so, we have found that it is quite frequently the case that social memory complexes which have evolved in a more harmonious fashion have found at a further point in their development that it is necessary for them to go back and to reinvigorate themselves in ways that you might think involve disharmony.

Now, it is generally the case that these disharmonies can only be experienced vicariously from the standpoint of the higher density experience, and we would tell you that we who observe the disharmonies at play upon your planet, do find a certain stimulus, if you will, for our reflection, and our contemplation, and our inner spiritual work, that allows us to become more eloquent, if we may put it that way, in our praise of the Creator. There are others that are functioning as we speak, as observers and helpers upon your planetary surface and within its atmospheres, in a very similar way and for similar reasons.

And so, if we say then further that within a disharmonious planetary experience, your sleep may perchance be vexed to nightmare, we would hasten to add that there is that energy, that love of the Creator, animating even the experience of nightmare.

And so, we come to the question then, of what one who seeks in the name of love, who seeks in the name of serving others, and, in a state of humility as the innermost calling of the seeking, may do when confronted with those who seem to be so benighted in their conduct that darkness is built upon darkness, and anguish is built upon anguish, and hate builds itself upon hate. What does the positive seeker do when faced with this kind of expression? The answer, my friends, is not easily found, and we will not pretend to be able to give you a clear sense of direction that can see you through every darksome valley.

We would ask you, however, to keep one thing in mind, and that is, the simple message that we have to bring: All is one. And so, when you contemplate that simple truth from a very practical point of view, it yields the conclusion that you are the one whose conduct is giving you difficulty. You are not two, but one, with the miscreant. You are not two, but one with the criminal; you are not two, but one with the other one who wishes not only to sleep, but within that sleep, to reach out and do harm.

There is, within the creation, probably no more difficult question, for we could say, and in some sense we will say, that to the extent that you can absorb the hostility that is offered you from one of your fellow citizens, that is all to the good, and that is, in fact, one of the reasons that wanderers have incarnated upon this planet at this time. It is not simply a question of shining your light, which you may do; it is not simply a question of sharing with others that wisdom which it has been yours to discover, but it is, at a more visceral level, a matter of taking in the negative catalyst that is on offer to you, and transmuting that negative energy into simple unpresupposing love. That, we can say, surely is true, but as we also must add, it is not always possible for you, for there can come occasions when the strength of the negative catalyst that has been presented to you is so overwhelming that it exceeds your capacity to transmute it into love, and there is great danger for you, that it would have a tendency so to distort your process should you allow it to come in, that you, yourself, could be thrown dramatically off your center.

So, a little judgment is required as you constantly take the measure of your own capacity and seek to learn what opportunities are productive in their essential possibility, and what experiences offer little of the potential for productive engagement. There are times when there is no way forward but to step back, and to allow those whose sleep has been vexed to nightmare to play out their dramas undisturbed.

Now, there are things, even in these circumstances that you can do to aid the planet and we would suggest that that is work always well done. What you can do then, is to move into a state of meditation in as balanced a configuration as you are able to maintain in a stable way, and to invite in a little bit of the sense of the disrupted energies of your planet, a small nibble at first will suffice. And you may discover that as you become more experienced with this manner of aiding the planet, you are able to take in a little bit more, and a little bit more, and a little bit more of this negative, or disharmonious, or chaotic energy which your planet is currently exuding, and to work to heal it, simply by holding it in your heart and allowing the loving energy of your heart center to infiltrate this fragment of planetary disturbance; and to infuse it with that love which you bring forth from the Creator such that within you, the Creator is able to find it meets the Creator and to return to wholeness that which has been fractured by holding yourself in a resolute, clear, and humble way, available for little bits of disturbed life energy. You are serving, my friends, in a fashion far more useful than you might imagine.

Now, there will come the moment when your meditation ends, and you release these now healed energies back into the atmospheres, and now sally forth into the world at large. There you will meet with, and interact with, other selves, and we would suggest to you that this exercise that you have just undergone (and in truth it is far more than a mere exercise) can give you a kind of strength and stability in relating to other selves as they, perhaps, will find it necessary to give you disharmonious catalyst of their own.

We will caution you that the more experienced you become in this process, the more adept you have gotten to be in absorbing and transmuting negative energy into the positive, the more radiant you will become, and the more radiant you become, the more you will begin to attract energies of all kinds really, but we would say notably, of this negative or disruptive sort, because at bottom, this disrupted energy truly wants to heal, though it does not know that that is what it truly wants, so it will unconsciously be attracted to you, and we find that the more you are able to take on, the more it is offered you to take on, and that can build to the point that you reach your limit. You become surfeited with energies that are crying out to be healed beyond your capacity to take them all in and to work them inwardly to a condition of balance. This, my friends, is the signal, that for you, a good sleep is nigh, and you are well advised to know that you cannot, by yourself, heal all the stray energies that abound upon this planet at this time. You can’t do that, your group can’t do that, we of Ra, we of Latwii, we of Hatonn, cannot do this. We can, however, do the best we can do, and then, for the rest, it is a matter of humbly turning to the Creator and asking what there is to be learned in contemplation of that which we cannot do, that which seems irremediably negative, sad, a misadventure in the creation itself.

We live in the hope and in the conviction that every apparent misadventure in the creation is but the stuff of opportunity for the Creator to learn of the Creator. And within that hope, we find sustenance; within that hope we find courage. [It is] within that hope into which we may, in our sleep, retreat to regenerate ourselves. We find great strength, great comfort, great love, and with that thought, that love is simply the best answer we can supply for the most difficult question one can ask.

We would, at this time, end our communication with this instrument, and return the contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument once again. At this time we would ask if there might be any shorter queries to which we may speak.

Q’uo, I’d appreciate clarification of what Ra states in the Law of One, that service is only possible to the extent it is requested. Is it permissible for us to use the same manner as the Confederation does to determine a request for service, such as our own awareness of an unstated need, sorrow, or pain, where we can be of assistance?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. This is indeed an area in which there is room for opinion, shall we say. There is the Law of Confusion, also known as the Law of Free Will, that is of utmost importance in any attempt to be of service to others when the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator speaks to those within your third-density illusion. There are times when we have moved close to the boundary and have been times also, when we have, perhaps, moved slightly across that boundary in the attempt to be of service to others when we are aware that there is a need or a calling for our service. Those of Ra, for example, oftentimes offered advice for the care of the instrument, that could have been perceived as infringing upon free will, but the advice was given with the knowledge that this particular instrument or entity would continue in its service nevertheless, thus a decision was made to aid this entity in continuing with perhaps a bit more comfort.

As you, [who are] seekers of truth within the third-density illusion, look about you to assess the possible needs of your service being given to another, you find yourself in a somewhat different situation, for you may speak to another that you feel has a need to hear what you have to say, and this other may easily accept, ignore, or reject what you have to say, for you are just as they—you are not coming from, shall we say, a realm exterior to this illusion, but come from this illusion, thus you have more freedom in being able to assess the need for service, and being able to provide that service.

Is there a further query, my sister?

I guess I’m understanding then that we can judge for ourselves sometimes, of someone’s need, without them actually making a request for our service, and serve them then?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of the first portion of your query. This instrument was preparing to answer that portion, when your second portion was spoken. Would you please repeat the second portion?

I guess I would just like clarification: It is permissible for us to be aware of a need and offer service for that need, even if a request has not been verbalized to us?

I am Q’uo, and this is correct, my sister, for you carry no special weight in the view of any other third-density entity that may be within your reach or realm of experience. Your suggestion may fall upon deaf ears, may fall upon ears which care not to hear that which you say, and will have no difficulty in turning you away. Is there a further query, my sister?

Are we sometimes inspired to serve because of another self’s thought or prayer of which we are unaware, and does that also constitute a request?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. There are many, many features or facets of service that are unknown to both the one who seeks to serve, and the one who may need a service. Many of your entities are, shall we say, in tune with others within their own group, whether it be family, work, school, or whatever situation may draw you together, so that there is the opportunity and ability to perceive needs that are unspoken. Oftentimes this occurs between two entities which share the emotion that you call love or concern for each other. We perceive, however, that for most instances, you are requesting information concerning those who may not be related in such an intimate fashion with you.

As you observe entities going about their daily rounds of activities, you may see behavior that seems dangerous, irresponsible, or that which is consciously engaged upon or within to injure another. These do not ask for your assistance, and yet it could well be a service upon your part—if it is intended to be of service—to offer your advice. The intention, in this case, and in all cases of service, is the deciding factor.

The desire to be of service is that which, in your illusion, makes your activity truly a service. It is well and helpful if entities desire the service, and ask for it consciously, for this type of receptivity is that which welcomes assistance from outside the self; and it is this type of receptivity that we of the Confederation, in operating from a realm exterior to your illusion, seek out as we attempt to serve. However, in your attempts to serve, you are not always blessed with this configuration of receptivity in those whom you would seek to serve.

Is there a further query, my sister?

Yes, one last part. Sometimes I feel that I’m unqualified, that I don’t have the resources, or that a requested service would not be helpful to the person asking for my help. Are we making a mistake if we refuse a request for service in these situations?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Your own estimation of your abilities to serve is irrelevant in a situation in which you wish to serve, for there is no ability of any entity within your illusion to understand whether or not service has been offered. Understanding is not of your illusion. Intention is that which is important. You know not how you may affect another by simply wishing to serve and offering that which you have to offer, as meager as it may seem in your own estimation.

Is there a further query, my sister?

So by refusing to help, though, because you don’t have the resources or feel unable to help, or feel that the help that was being asked for would be harmful to that person, that if you had an intention to be of service to that person, that’s okay. I’m not saying that well. Am I understanding what you’re saying?

I am Q’uo. We believe that you grasp the basis gist of our response. We would add that if you refuse service to another because you feel unqualified to offer this service, you are judging yourself in a manner which will block your own energy centers and may well keep another entity from receiving something that could be helpful to it, for you do not, in truth, know what truly will help another. You cannot know that, you can only desire to help and intend to help.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, that was helpful. Thank you, thank you so much.

I am Q’uo. We thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

I have one more short one, do you have one?

If given the space, I do have one, Q’uo. A friend of the circle, who I’ll call J., was experiencing a constant involuntary influx of psychic information. For some reason, this is damaging his body and psyche. He states that he is not interested in help of a spiritual nature, or any help outside himself, and is presently wishing to end his incarnation. Is there anything that can be offered to him by others other than prayer and being held in meditation that would be of potential help and that would not interfere with his free will?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This situation is one which is most difficult for any entity to experience, for it seems that that which is being received is damaging to one’s being to the degree that the desire is for ending the incarnation and ending the damage to the vehicle. We can only suggest to such entities that there are indeed no mistakes within any incarnational experience. If you have the desire to grow from that which you experience and to be of service to others with the fruits of which you experience growth, any situation may provide you with this opportunity.

Again, we repeat that this is not the density of understanding. Much must be taken on faith—the faith that what occurs in your incarnation is what is appropriate for you at that moment. That all things will come to an end at some point, and then, perhaps, there will be a glimmer of reason, and the puzzle will seem to be more understandable. If one can sustain the will to persevere, the ability to polarize in the conscious sense is greatly enhanced. Many entities have programmed for themselves situations that push the being to the boundaries of its ability to function in a certain way, in a certain situation because they wish to grow in that manner. This often includes a traumatic experience.

My friends, much of what occurs in your illusion in the way of learning has trauma and difficulty, and misunderstanding as its basis. These are the qualities that offer exploration into the deeper parts of the self, and if there can be a resolution of these difficulties, the growth is exponentially larger than could be possible were the experience of a less traumatic nature. If all were happy and unified and pleasant and easily perceived, this would be like the situation before the great veil of forgetting was placed between the conscious and subconscious minds. Progress was quite slow. However, with this veil of forgetting (that brings true forgetting of all of the unity of the creation and the love and the light that forms every portion of the creation) also comes the ability to learn much more quickly that which is desired to be learned.

We recommend that each entity look at those times of trauma, of difficulty and confusion, of heartbreak, of sorrow, of loss, as illusions that offer the opportunity to learn. All of the manifestation of your illusion has the purpose and the function of helping each entity turn from shape and shadow to the One.

Is there a further query, my brother?

A small follow-up, and thank you for your eloquence, Q’uo. The question is: Is there anything you can offer his partner in terms of how to cope with the painful knowledge that her own thoughts, desires and life journey are all perceived psychically by this man, and cause him deep sadness and disappointment?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of the query, my brother. We find much that would be repetitive in our response to this partner’s experience, for there is, between these two entities, what you might call a contract or preincarnative choice that has the features of great difficulty and stress and disharmony built in in order to build a greater strength and endurance within the very being of each entity. This is a most anomalistic and unusual situation, for these entities are demonstrating qualities that are not common among most of your third-density population. Thus, there is the possibility that too much emphasis might be given to the psychic nature of the experiences. It would be well if each could, shall we say, step back from the situation and attempt to grasp an overview—attempt with eyes seeking reasons and possibilities as to why the situation is perceived as it is, and experienced as it is. If this perspective can be achieved, there may be more information of a more harmonious nature that can begin to assemble the pieces of the puzzle for both.

Each contains that which is necessary for grasping the overall picture so that neither entity becomes lost within the forest, shall we say, but is able to move beyond the wooded glen to the hilltop, and look behind at that which has been the difficult experience.

Is there a final query at this time?

Not for me, thank you, Q’uo.

I’m going to save mine.

Q’uo, a quick one. What is the value of grounding oneself in connection with the planet?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The grounding that you speak of, we perceive to be that which is likened unto planting the feet within the Earth in order to receive the vibrations of your Mother Earth in the sense of making its transition into the fourth density of love and understanding. Metaphorically and metaphysically, if you can plant your feet in such a manner as they may reach even unto the core of the Earth, and opened the heart and the mind and the spirit to the vibrations therein perceived, it is possible that you, in your desire to aid the planet itself, may send your heartfelt love and concern to the heart of your Mother Earth, for she is always receptive to such loving sendings, and responds quite vitally in its ability to receive and intensify these loving vibrations.

This is one means by which healing of your Mother Earth is possible, for entities to visualize in whatever manner has meaning for them, the enveloping of your planet within the vibration of love. This is that which is created within your being, by your desire, and is received by your Mother Earth as a natural function of her very being itself. Thus, such grounding can be beneficial to both you and to the Mother Earth and to her population who for the most part are unaware of her needs, or their ability to meet them.

At this time we shall thank each for inviting our presence to your circle of seeking. We are so honored my friends, to be with you. The love that you share with each other is obvious to us. The light that emanates from your very being is just as obvious, for it shines to the high heavens. It serves as a beacon to many. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now, my friends, as we found you, in love and in light. Adonai, vasu borragus.

  1. The Law of One, Book IV, Session 89:

    What was the attitude just prior to harvest of those harvestable entities of Ra with respect to those who were obviously unharvestable?

    I am Ra. Those of us which had the gift of polarity felt deep compassion for those who seemed to dwell in darkness. This description is most apt as ours was a harshly bright planet in the physical sense. There was every attempt made to reach out with whatever seemed to be needed. However, those upon the positive path have the comfort of companions and we of Ra spent a great deal of our attention upon the possibilities of achieving spiritual or metaphysical adepthood, or work in indigo ray, through the means of relationships with other-selves. Consequently, the compassion for those in darkness was balanced by the appreciation of the light.

    Would Ra’s attitude toward the same unharvestable entities be different at this nexus than at the time of harvest of third density?

    I am Ra. Not substantially. To those who wish to sleep we could only offer those comforts designed for the sleeping. Service is only possible to the extent it is requested. We were ready to serve in whatever way we could. This still seems satisfactory as a means of dealing with other-selves in third density. It is our feeling that to be each entity which one attempts to serve is to simplify the grasp of what service is necessary or possible.