Today, we’d like to discuss the nature of relationships formed prior to our incarnation. When we have agreements and lessons planned to learn from specific people, how do we find each other while within incarnation? How are our past lives related to these relationships? And what else can you share about the nature of pre-incarnational relationships?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each of you in love and in light this day. We thank you, my friends, for blessing us with an invitation to address your group this afternoon. What an honor it is to be with you, as always, for we are, indeed, connected by the desire to serve the One Creator in all portions and factions of that One that come before our notice this day. Before doing so, however, as is our wont, we would ask that you take those words we have to offer you, consider them well, leave behind any that do not have meaning for you, and use those that do have meaning as you will. This allows us more freedom in our ability to respond to your query, for it removes the possibility of our presenting any kind of a hindrance or blockage to your own thinking and perceiving and acting.

Today, you ask us how it is that various of your group have been able to find each other, shall we say, for as you progress along your own particular path of seeking to know and to serve, you come across those entities which are somehow familiar to you, that feel like family in a spiritual sense, and that your foundations are much akin to each other, built upon the twin desires of growing and serving others that they may also grow. Words and concepts that are shared are somehow more easily understood, perceived, and utilized in a similar, though unique fashion, and there is the underlying perception of similar origination.

We would confirm to you first of all, that this is quite true. You are not all of an individual origination, you are here in groups, families, clans: those who are, shall we say, of a spiritual heritage that goes back many, many lifetimes within this illusion, and far more many lifetimes in illusions before this one. Many of you are from elsewhere, as it is said, having come to this planet over the previous many thousands of years, others more frequently, and frequently returning again and again to aid this planet in its transition to the fourth density of love and understanding. We have knowledge of this type of experience because we are aware that there are many of you who are portions of our own being and who have gone forth through the veil of forgetting to join others of like mind and kind to serve the One in the many within the Earth planes.

This is not an unusual situation, my friends, for it is the way of all group minds, as you would call them, or social memory complexes, to offer various kinds of service to planets such as this Earth, both upon the planet, within the inner planes, and exterior to the planet, as a kind of support system, as it could be described. The venturing into the Earth planes takes a great deal of consideration of bravery, it could be called, for the forgetting is that which wipes clean, in an almost perfect sense, memories that are at the core of your being describing the origination, the groupings, the intentions, the planning, and so forth, that is necessary to make a concerted effort in being of service to a planet such as is Earth. [This planet is] having a difficult time of transition with much of its population scattered throughout the spectrum from orange through yellow, through green, and even some blue and indigo vibrations, lacking the ability to become unified in the seeking and to move in one direction as a planetary population. Thus, there is great challenge for those wanderers from elsewhere as they enter into the Earth planes and partake fully as third-density human beings, with but the slightest of inkling of being more, shall we say, dedicated to service and seeking the truth than the normal Earth entity.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We would invite you now to step back for a moment, and to consider this question from the standpoint of the normal occupant of third density, for whom the experience to be had involves a question of polarizing to the point that it may be possible to go forward into the higher density experiences with a stable foundation, shall we say. The forgetting is normal to this third density experience, and we would invite you to consider the question of how the forgetting plays into the structuring of your life experience, viewed from the standpoint of free will, for we believe that you all here understand that free will is of the essence of the creation when it comes to the evolution of individuated mind/body/spirit complexes.

In your free will you exercise that agency which is uniquely your own. And it does happen that you find within the exercise of that agency, which are typically hidden from you, so that you do not see to the very depth or core of your own motivations. You do not see to the depth or core of the source of events that befall you or of the impulses that overcome you. You are rather in a position where your consciousness glides upon the surface of very deep waters, if we may so speak, and what you think is the cause of a certain action, a certain plan of conduct on your part, may well not be all that you take it to be, may have dimensions, may have elements, may have roots in a reality far deeper than you can feature. That, too, is normal to third density.

Now, it is true that in the case of those of you who have devoted considerable time to spiritual work, including, may we say, daily meditation, that you are able to reach just a little deeper into the wellsprings of the motivational life in which you swim, and are able to perceive, perhaps, some deeper resonances to actions which you undertake, events which you undergo, experiences which you have, upon the surface of this phenomenon you call your consciousness. That is to say, you may feel when you meet somebody new, for example, that there is something vaguely familiar at work here—there is something vaguely appropriate about this meeting, although you have no capacity to put your finger on precisely what that is, and you have no real knowledge of how it has come about that you stand before this person that you are just now meeting.

We would like to suggest to you, however, that this phenomenon that you call consciousness has dimensions to it that are hidden. Now, the fact that they are hidden does not mean that they are not part of your system of consciousness, nor does it mean that your free will does not reach down to these levels of your own being, and so it may seem that events that are overtaking you are doing so in a way that completely circumvents your free will, and yet we can say at a deeper level that these events are bubbling up from a deeper place in your own being where there is intelligence at work, there is free choice at work, but in such a way that the little self which you have configured to assist in carrying you through the events of your daily life is not able to recognize this process, is not, therefore, able to identify its movements and its momentums and its motivations, so that what does come up to the surface, can seem like it is simply something overtaking you, or catching you unawares.

More and more as you develop spiritually, you will come to grasp that a good many of these events that catch you unawares are stemming from deeper portions of your experiential life lying beneath the surface, and in some cases, lying very far beneath that surface.

Now, we would suggest to you also, that the deeper down into the roots of mind you travel—as you may learn to do, step by step, through the process of expanding the reach of your meditations—the less restrictive or narrow does the nature of your being become, and to a certain extent we will say also, the less individuated it is, so that there is a place, a pool of beingness, shall we say, at the root of the depths of your mind, where you are already in a condition of blending with other spiritual entities, also intelligent, also, in many cases, incarnate along with you.

And so, from this point of commonality, there will over and over and over again rise to the surface in the life patterns of those who live under the veil certain indications, certain opportunities, we might call them, to follow a path that will inevitability lead you into the proximity of other selves with whom you have this deep connection. Now, we will say also, that upon a pre-incarnative level, many of these patterns are forethought. Now, we will say “forethought” in preference to “pre-programmed,” for we do want to stress that the role of free will is irreducible. It shall not be removed. And, it is doubly enforced when you consider that the veil is in place. And so, it is always given to an incarnate mind/body/spirit complex to turn the head away in refusal of catalyst given from deep below by way of opportunity, and that possibility too, is anticipated and reckoned in as a likelihood that shall befall those who do incarnate.

And so no plan that may be entered into prior to the incarnation is ever such that it is definitive in any way whatsoever. All arrangements are only by way of a kind of expectation that will arise from within the intuitive dimensions of your process of forming a sense of who you are. And it can seem absolutely mysterious that, from within the welter of possibilities that you find on offer in your superficial experience, you are able to pick out those few trails of behavior, of plan making, of conduct, that lead you into relationship with those with whom you have these deeper connections, these deeper expectations, these relationships that we will not quite call a plan, but will instead register simply as a hope, register simply as a desire, register simply as a need.

Your needs, your desires, your hopes come from some place that typically you know not where, come from some depths that few within your realm of experience have plumbed, but that you may learn to plumb little by little, and one of the best ways to go about doing this, is, indeed, to reflect on how it has come about that you have managed to cross paths with those who stimulate you in just the way they do, and in that stimulus, you find the workings of love, we would suggest; although quite frequently the experience of the stimulus, or what we call the catalyst, may, indeed, seem anything but that of love, for you can be challenged, you can find yourself repeatedly pushed off your center. And the more that you think that you have become comfortable in a configuration you have managed to achieve upon the surface level of your consciousness, the more ripe you are for finding yourself through some catalytic event once again pushed out of your comfort zone. These opportunities, we would suggest to you, are wonderful chances for beginning a process of inquiring into the deeper resonances of those events which take place upon the surface of your experience, and it’s particularly valuable when there is not simply an outward event happening to you, but an encounter with another intelligence, bringing into your sphere of consciousness, dimensions, depths, needs, desires, hopes that upon further reflection you find resonate deeply with your own.

And, so it is, that if you allow yourself to be open to the experience, you can find that not only will certain others that arrive in your life should be familiar, but certain circumstances should acquire a kind of resonance that suggests recognition, that suggest an odd kind of propriety or fittingness, and by accepting this propriety or fittingness, you can empower the experience to a point where its potentials are released. Sometimes these potentials involve the opportunity for great healing, and can thereby answer to a need for healing which you, in conjunction with the one with whom you are in tandem, have felt the need to undergo.

Sometimes the resonance will suggest a potential for service that is comparatively gratuitous in the sense that it is not grounded in a personal need which you or your interlocutor has felt, but rather is responsive to a need felt within the planetary sphere itself. And in the case of many, many wanderers, precisely this configuration is in play, for it is the task of a wanderer not simply to incarnate in order to refine elements of the personality which have been discovered to be less than fully refined—that, too, is a portion of the intent—but to serve, to serve the planet, to serve those upon the planet who seek to achieve, at this time, the graduation into fourth density.

There are knots, if you will, or tangles, or blockages, or impediments, at the level of the group mind that is seeking to be born, and each here has taken upon him or herself, the very difficult task of allowing yourselves to be embedded in a mass of tangled and difficult energy. There has been considerable thought to how it might play out such that through coming into contact with each other, you might find yourselves in a position to be able to work out some of these tangles that the group mind might benefit as a result. It is the largest portion of your assignment, if you will, that you should undertake this work. It means that not only are you undertaking to work out issues residual from your own past spiritual seeking, but you are undertaking to heal energies which you have allowed to break through into the heart of your own being, seemingly from outside, and in the process of doing this, you can find yourself behaving in ways that can surprise you.

You can find yourself being somebody you hardly recognize yourself to be. You can find yourself being someone you can hardly approve of you being, and you can find yourself exposed in this condition by coming into contact with someone who is able to see you in this posture which you have struck much to your shame. And, indeed, we can say that the shoe can be on the other foot as well, that is, another that you have come into contact with in some deep way can be similarly found out, exposed, and the opportunity for being shamed in your eyes can be given. The healing energy is always that of forgiveness. We would suggest to you that you are being given the opportunity to forgive yourself for conduct which, at a very deep portion of your own mind complex, you find to be unforgivable, and you are being given the opportunity to forgive activity in relation to yourself from another that you find similarly deeply unforgivable.

To forgive is to heal; to heal is to remove blockage; to remove blockage is to give access from one portion of a deeper energy well to another portion that has been walled off from that portion, and through work of this nature, slowly but surely, it is possible to create a situation where the catalyst that bubbles up from deep, deep below, will more and more find an outlet upon the surface such that even at the level of the surface, the pain, the tumult, the dysfunction of a planetary complex, may slowly begin to heal, may slowly begin to come into a unified configuration, where seeking is not so vexed an activity, where seeking is not so driven back into itself upon an individual level, but rather is able to reach out in support to others who do seek.

Now, the need for this support has been well-recognized prior to the incarnation, and therefore, we can say that it has been carefully designed such that those, for example, who find themselves to be wanderers, will have already a kind of opening to an energy arising from the roots of mind that wants very much to vibrate in harmony and in conjunction with similar energy, with energy that it might recognize, with energy that it might feel it belongs to, shall we say. And for this reason it is the usual experience that wanderers do find each other—providing they are not so traumatized by the isolating experience of being incarnate under the veil that they recoil into a shell which is the only place some have been able to find safety.

That does happen, my friends, and it happens more than we would like. But that possibility, too, is not unforeseen, for as we say, the very nature of individuating experience, as a whole, is that of free will. And, thus it happens that you are able to avoid finding these resonances within yourself that lead you into contact and communion with those you are prepared to love. Were it not for that possibility, free will would not be in play. Were it not for the possibility that you could fail to have your appointed rendezvous. The rendezvous would not have the significance that it does should it actually come to pass.

So, there is a balance my friends. There is that which is of the nature of an intelligent anticipation, is the way we would describe it, and there is that which has the capacity to be blind to what you might, in hope, anticipate being, a fateful meeting with those with whom in a deeper way, you do belong. No one here, my friends, has kept every possible rendezvous. It is almost unheard of that every piece of catalyst, every opportunity is fully realized in third density, for the veil is a very, very powerful instrument of forgetting. Having said that, we will also say, that if you trace out the intimate connections, the apparent serendipity of one event or another that has led you to meet, and to make contact with, and to begin to co-mingle your energies with, others of like mind, others of similar spiritual bent, you will see the workings of these deeper mutual longings come to fruition.

And so, we will say that from the depths where your consciousness may, in a disciplined configuration, begin to reach, you will discover a system of potentials that you may tap into, and that may lead you in directions which, if you were just to follow the conscious mind upon the surface, you may never find. The deeper you go, the deeper these connections can become, and the more potential you unlock. We would commend you, my friends, to a certain commitment, and that would be that you commit to unlocking these potentials in the name of service to others.

We believe you are well aware that these potentials are also available for being drawn in to a service which does not leave the orbit of the self. If you commit to serving others, you have committed to allowing the planet itself to be healed in your person, and this will make you very, very vulnerable, and you may wonder where you will get the strength to bear up with this level and this degree of vulnerability, and we will tell you that the strength comes from below, from the depths where you are already one, you are already healed, you are already with those with whom you have formed a deep, deep bond of being.

We are those of Q’uo, and we would, at this time, leave this instrument in love and light, and return to the one known as Jim, to ask if there are further queries. I am Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. At this time, we would ask if there might be any queries that we may speak to before ending this session?

Q’uo, when the seeker wishes to activate and clear and balance their energy centers, my understanding is the seeker works with the content of their experience—works with the thoughts, the feelings, the relationship with the other selves, with the self, and so forth; and this knowing of the catalyst, accepting the catalyst, and balancing it then activates and clears and balances the chakras to which that catalyst corresponds.

So, my question is, is there any value in working with the energy centers as colors, as lights, as locations in the body, without working with the corresponding experience? For instance, am I doing any work if I visualize my orange ray as glowing bright orange and full of light without actually working on what might be blocking the orange ray? If you could comment, please.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Any seeker of truth may utilize the ability to visualize and intensify energy centers within its own system of centers in order to momentarily clear, energize, and make more able to transmit energy, if it so desires, by using the techniques that you have mentioned of visualization and imagination, so that for a short period of time a process which is being utilized to receive information, such as this instrument is receiving from us. This is a helpful technique in order to make more efficient the transmission of light, of energy, of information, through the chakras.

However, the balancing process itself is that which is more long lasting, shall we say. The type of unblocking or clearing of energy centers undertaken in the balancing process is that which works with pre-incarnative choices that have been allocated to various of the centers of energy, depending upon the seekers appraisal of its own efficiency at receiving and transmitting the intelligent energy of the One Creator as is its daily quota of information or inspiration that enlivens the mind/body/spirit complex.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Quick follow-up. I think you were indicating in this … I’d like to ask for clarification if in the process of visualizing your own chakras, if you perceive that a particular chakras is dim in your visualization, might this be an indication that it is, in actuality, blocked, or dimmed, or imbalanced, or in need of work?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother, and we believe that you are, indeed, correct in this estimation.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Thank you, no.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother.

Is there another query at this time?

You spoke of a light and a color and a vibration that entities emanate from in this third dimension. Is there one particular color, light, vibration that an individual entity, such as self, what we would consider our small self, vibrates at, like a predominate color, in general, according to a soul purpose, or previous incarnation’s works?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, this is so. There are various types of vibratory energies that are perceivable by one who is able to see the aura, or the combined energy reflection of the entire energy system of an entity. The primary quality of an incarnation is usually apparent at some level within the chakra or energy center system. Oftentimes there is a combination of energy centers which are being worked upon to achieve an overall balance in the soul’s identity, shall we say. If, for example, the yellow-ray energy center is bright, and the green-ray energy center is somewhat dimmer, yet active, this would suggest that this particular soul or seeker is working to move from the third ray of group consciousness (that is that which denotes the third-density experience) into the fourth density that expands the definition or experience of the group energy into universal energies of love that is unconditional and all encompassing. If there is further work that can be done by such an entity into the blue- and indigo-ray energy centers, these will appear to one who can appreciate their vibration by seeing their color or feeling the vibration as somewhat dimmer, yet having a primary activation in operation.

Thus, if one could look at the entire spectrum of colors of the system of chakras, there would be an overall appearance of the yellow ray having predominance, the green ray having a secondary role, or expression of vibration, and the blue and indigo being, shall we say, dimmer around the fringe, or the perimeter of the overall expression of energies. These colors and vibrations would also be embedded within the entity’s true color density, its home vibration, if it is that which you call the wanderer, who has incarnated from the fourth, the fifth, or the sixth densities. Thus, this coloration of the home vibration would cradle the incarnational vibrations in a fashion that would be much like a rainbow circling the entity.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you.

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, you had dropped a thought some channelings ago about one of the difficulties of our present Earth experience being the mixture of the orange ray, the yellow-ray, and the green-ray activated beings, and you indicated that there was a way to harmonize those various centers among our population. Is there anything you can share with regard to how our planet might harmonize those very different and discordance perspectives?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a very difficult concept to transmit, but we shall endeavor to try to make somewhat clearer our statement which you refer to from a previous session.

There is a connection between all entities on planet earth within the unconscious mind, for all contribute part of their experience that is of a very basic or root level to the unconscious mind. This is more a part of the pre-incarnative choices made by each entity that now inhabits your third-density illusion. These choices were made before the incarnations were undertaken, thus, they were made before the veil was dropped between the conscious and unconscious minds. Thus, these choices are more pure in their seeking of love to experience and to give unconditional love, for this is the requirement of this particular density in order to allow those who are able to do so to be graduated or harvested into the fourth density of love and understanding.

Thus, there is a base of this general concept of love that each conscious third-density being stands upon, shall we say, symbolically, and attempts more or less consciously, usually in the unconscious sense, to move forward from. There are, however, misperceptions of the conscious mind that grow in some to be a larger and larger portion of the conscious behavior of many entities that keep them locked within the lower centers of energy of the orange and the yellow, and occasionally of the red, as well, when there is great difficult in achieving a sense of survival and vitality. These blockages of energies keep the individual experiencing them from being able to perceive the bias from their own unconscious minds that is placed upon all catalyst which comes before the conscious notice.

Thus, there is much misperception of catalyst that could be used to enhance the foundation of green energy that is the purpose of the incarnation. If there can be, for a great number of entities in this state of blockage, a quality of perception or realization that unifies such entities at a more basic level of their very being, then it is possible for a mass population of a planet to be able to be unified in its ability to perceive a worldwide catalyst of a significant nature that can cause blockages to be unbound, and this basic energy of love to be released into the conscious mind.

However, it is difficult within the many cultures of your particular planet for us to imagine exactly what type of mass perception or occurrence could, in effect, free the blocked energy. It would be hoped that a unified philosophy of love and acceptance of others could begin to take root and spread throughout the planetary cultures. However, there is such division and animosity among the various religions, philosophies, political and social structures, that this seems highly unlikely.

However, those types of experiences that can unify consciousness can also come from that which is traumatic—from wars, and death, and destruction in a certain location that is of such cataclysmic quality that the entire planet is focused upon it for the length of its experiencing, and the blockages that have kept the green ray energy from being released, are, for the moment, released, as your communication systems provide in-depth coverage of that which is the great disaster, whether it be of wars, of environmental geophysical difficulty, or whatever the traumatic nature of the disaster is, for just an instant it would be possible for an entire population, due to your communication systems, to become aware of the dire situation being experienced by a portion of the planetary consciousness, so that sympathetic vibrations of love, and understanding, and concern, would be released upon a planetary scale; and for that moment, perhaps, the entire population could grasp the needle of the compass and point it in one direction.

Is there a follow-up query, my brother?

Just a quick one, thank you so much Q’uo. You indicate that on a pre-incarnational level souls desire to graduate. They wish to learn the lessons of love, but they incarnate and there are blockages and divisions. Is the mass mind itself capable of manifesting an event like the one you describe in order to bring about that unity? Or, is the division on the surface of this planet so deeply rooted that we don’t have a whole functioning mass mind?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. It is our perception that the present mass mind of Planet Earth is aware, as an unit, as a being, that there is the need for some focus for both the higher levels of the unconscious mind, and the conscious mind, to be catalyzed into action, for the time grows short for the harvest to include all. There are, from time to time, various vibrational frequencies received from the cosmic sources beyond this solar system by the mass mind of your planet, that energize it in such a fashion that there are opportunities presented to individuals across the globe to, for a short while, release and relax the defenses that hold in place the blockages preventing the movement forward of the green ray energies.

These periods of relaxed tensions within individuals are cyclical in nature, and cannot be predicted, as far as we can tell, upon the total scale of the planetary population, only upon various large portions of entities that are of like home vibration, shall we say, entities who have returned to third density on this particular planet to repeat the third density that was experienced on their previous home planet. Thus, depending upon the combined experience of such planetary populations, it is possible that there could be a more gradual movement towards a more harmonious perception of all other selves that could, at some point, lead to the same pointing of the needle of the compass. This, however, is more difficult to predict, as we have said, because of the various sources of various of your peoples upon Planet Earth.

At this time we must take our leave of this instrument for it is somewhat fatigued, and is doubtful of some of its ability to perceive correctly that which we give it as information to transmit.

We thank each of you for inviting our presence today. It has been a great honor for us to be here. You always inspire us with your great desire to seek the truth, and to share it with all those about you. You teach to us, as we share with you, what it is like to move forward valiantly and powerfully, and persistently in a very difficult third-density illusion. Our hearts totally open to you, my friends, as we feel your hearts are open to us.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group. We leave each in love and in light, in peace and in power. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.