(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. I am most happy to greet you this afternoon and to join your circle of seeking, small though it may be, great in potential to share love and light it is. We are always overjoyed and honored to be asked to join your meditations, for this is the way that we, ourselves, progress along the path of evolution. We are your brothers and sisters, my friends. We, as you, travel this path as seekers of truth, moving perhaps a bit further along this path, and yet working with the same catalyst that is yours to work with in many ways, more subtle perhaps, and yet more vivifying of the experience that we gather about us, as we proceed upon this path. We ask one favor, as you are aware, and that is that you will take those words and thoughts which we have to offer you today and use them as you will. If it be of service to you, that is a good thing. If they not be of service, then leave them aside and let that be a good thing too. If you would do this favor for us, it will free us to give you that which we have to share without any fear that we shall infringe upon your freewill by so sharing.

At this time we would, in conjunction with your new format, ask if there might be any queries to which we could speak?

Thank you for the opportunity, Q’uo. We do have a couple of questions from our friend, Fox, who asks: In the book Carla channeled, called A Book of Days, it states that “the dealings of the two polarities are separate, negative polarity being the choice to separate from positive unity.” Her question asks: “Before the veil there was only service to others, or positive unity. Is it an actual choice in third density to remain in positive unity, or is the only real choice that of separating from positive polarity and moving to negative polarity?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Within this illusion that you now experience that has been created as it is because of the existence of what you call “the veil of forgetting”, there is, indeed a choice that can be made, and must needs be made, if entities are to be, shall we say, graduated into the fourth density of love and understanding. This choice, as you are aware, is that which is to be either of service to others or service to self. Now, upon the surface of it, it would seem that there are, indeed, two distinct choices in this condition that has resulted because of the presence and the implementation of the veil of forgetting by those Logoi who have been, shall we say, able to prosper or benefit from the earlier Logoi who had no such veil and had some difficulty within the third-density illusion of shepherding the flock through the third density because of a seeming lack of choice.

In reality, in the larger sense, shall we say, when one looks at the outcome of each choice—that of service to others and service to self—as each grouping of entities continues to proceed along the evolutionary path, there is a distinct difference between each choice. Separation is the polar opposite of communion and coming into unity, and yet each [polarity] deals with the desire to become, once again, the One Infinite Creator. The means by which this desire is fulfilled seems to be quite opposite and different for the negative polarity in that it intends, and does indeed, separate itself from all other selves, and compacts itself to the degree that it seems totally removed from all around it. And yet, one must remember that there is nothing in motion that has not been made, and which does not contain, the One Creator. The Creator has made all that is, and has provided free will in the ultimate sense for each portion of its own being—both those portions which seek to radiate the love and light of the One Creator, and those which seek to absorb the love and light of the One Creator—and yet both deal with the love and the light of the One Creator for the purpose of moving back into unity with the One Creator.

In this regard, it would seem that the basic elements of each path are the same. It is the means by which the desire of each polarity is manifested that makes the paths appear different. But, we must remember, my friends that much of what is an appearance in any aspect or polarity, is an illusion that exists for the purpose of aiding each path to progress to its final destination. All the creation is an illusion, or a distortion, of the One Creator to assist portions of the One Creator to travel through the One Creator in order to return to the One Creator. All of the action, the thought, and the being within the one infinite creation is a means by which the Creator learns more of itself from itself.

[In] the situation that existed before the veil of forgetting it seemed that there was not so much free will available to third-density entities, yet these entities in themselves were each capable and free to make choices regarding each aspect of their spiritual journey. However, it could be said that because there was no veil, there was no opportunity to proceed as quickly as was later possible after the implementation of the veil of forgetting, for when it is not easily apparent to a third-density entity that it is the One Creator, that all of the facets of unity of love and of light that belong to the One Creator and each of its portions are not obvious, then it is that the entity in third density must work in the conscious sense to exercise its own will and faith that such possibilities are true and can be realized by each entity. This is an arduous process, my friends, taking many, as you know, incarnations in order to accomplish this polarization in consciousness, which is actually the action of each third-density entity after the veil of forgetting was implemented.

All of the trial and error, the spiritual sweat, shall we say, that has been spent attempting to make a coherent sense out of the life pattern, is the basics of the polarization process. This is where progress, ironically enough, and paradoxically enough, is most rapid, when the truth is hidden from the third-density being, then the attempt must be made to attempt to find the truth, and whether this takes a moment or a lifetime or a series of lifetimes, still the progress is far quicker with the veil in place than without it, for without the veil what is the motivation to change the conditions that are observed to be of unity where each is the Creator? There is no fear or love so great as to motivate a change in attitude or position.

Therefore, we would say that it is a matter of perspective that one may see from a distance, shall we say, that reveals that in truth the only choice for all entities, before or after the veil, is to return to the One Creator, to have many, many experiences on this journey home. The question then becomes, shall some means be implemented that accelerates this journey? For all eventually learn, some more quickly than others.

Is there another query, my brother?

Yes, thank you. We’ll table Fox’s second question for now, and ask: Is it fair to describe the journey of spiritual evolution through the densities as one of becoming less distorted? That is, distortions are removed and fall away?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, we do not mean to be obscure, but we would suggest that this is true in the larger sense of removing the distortions or the qualities or facets of the being which are less reflective of the unity of the One Creator, of the radiance of the light of the One that is in the self, and the sharing of the love from the open heart. As one is able to remove the blockages through the energy centers that prohibit the free flow of the prana, or the intelligent energy through the energy centers, then progress through the densities of creation is also accelerated in a direct ratio, shall we say. So, there is the progress in evolution of mind, body, and spirit that is enhanced as the blockages, or distortions of each energy center, are ameliorated and balanced so that there is the clear reflection of the Creator’s love and light as it moves through the crystalized centers of the individualized entity seeking its own evolution.

However, in another manner, or perspective, one may also see a decrease in the distortion towards unity, or perfection, of the balance in full energizing of each energy center, so that a different type of distortion, then, is the goal of removing lesser distortions. So there are distortions of one kind that are balanced, and therefore, removed, as distortions of a higher nature are put in place, or realized, because of the removal of the lesser distortions.

Is there a further query, my brother?

How do you reconcile that those of the negative path advance through the densities, while seeming to add more distortion to the Creator?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The negative path is that which attempts to use the love and the light of the One Creator in the opposite sense, as does the positive path. That is, to absorb it for the self, and to use the power that comes from it in order to control or manipulate other selves and further gain personal power by this manipulation. This has been described by those of Ra as “the path of that which is not.” It is a path which takes that which is—unity—and fragments it into that which is not, which is separation.

However, once again, we suggest looking from a perspective where it is seen that each path involves individualized entities that seem separate from each other and seem separate from themselves. The first separation, of course, is the self from the self. Both operate within the boundaries of an illusory separation. The positive path, however, attempts to utilize the reality, or the truth of unity, while making its way through its own separation of self from self, and self from other selves. The difference between the two, of the separation of the positive path, and the separation of the negative path, is that those of the positive path seek to remove the separation and allow the unity that is the reality of all being to be manifest within the life pattern, while the negative path takes the separation of self from self and all other selves and attempts to capitalize upon this separation, in order to continue its journey into unity with the One Creator, by separating from all other portions of the One Creator, as though this were possible in the ultimate sense. However, as each present is aware, this is not possible past a certain level of the evolutionary process, for as the sixth density is approached and entered, the love and the light of the One Creator that has been compacted by the negative entity for itself alone must be released in order that further progress can be made, for within the sixth density, the balance between love and light must be achieved in the sense that each other self is seen, not only as the One Creator, but is seen the same as the self, whether that self is positively or negatively oriented, for each self is each other self, and the One Creator. The truth of this situation of the creation of unity, then, must be recognized by all entities who wish to continue their journey through the sixth density into the eventual unity with the One Creator.

Is there another query, my brother?

Ra says that meditation, contemplation, and prayer allow data to “sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling the body, and touching the spirit.” 1 Can you speak to how and why meditation allows data to sink into the roots of the tree of mind?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The meditative state is that state of consciousness which allows that which is significant or true—in the basic sense of unity, of shared consciousness, and of equal participation in love and light—to be glimpsed and realized in some degree by the one who meditates.

The normal conscious experience of the life pattern is that which is fraught with distraction, though the distraction has the potential to become catalyst that can be processed into experience and thereby aid the evolutionary process. The great amount of distraction and catalyst that is unprocessed is like static upon the clear radio signal. That static can be removed by retiring and focusing the consciousness inwardly, not just within one’s own being, but within the greater and greater realization of the One Creator who resides within the heart of the being of each entity. As you move deeper and deeper into the meditative state, that which is a distraction tends to fall away as the mind becomes focused in a one-pointed fashion and is no longer distracted by the daily round of activities, the errant thoughts, the feelings of separation and so forth.

In the meditative state, then, the entity who meditates is becoming more and more aware of the nature, the unitary nature, of its own being, so that those fundamental elements of any clear perception of the creation and the Creator are more easily ascertained by the meditator. The signal from the One becomes the sole focus of the attention so that the presence of the One becomes available to harmonize the consciousness of the meditator. In this way that which is of most use to facilitate the spiritual path becomes more obvious and is able to do its work more easily as there are less and less distractions or energy … we search for the word … drains. Much of the daily round of activities is a distracting of this conscious focusing ability that the meditator is able to refine when the meditative state has been achieved and experienced for a significant portion of your space/time environment.

Is there a final query at this time?

Thank you Q’uo, that was beautiful. We’ll go with the last big one as this is the final query. The Confederation talks about “thought forms”. Is any thought, even a fleeting thought that crosses our minds, a thought form? Or, for a thought to become a thought form is a certain degree of intention and energizing required from the individual or the collective?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my friend. This is an interesting query in that it has the elements of yes and no, as so much of the spiritual journey is a paradox. Any thought that an entity may think in some realm can become a thing, or a thought form. As you are aware, your own density, as all densities, has many, many sub-densities. Seven sub-densities, each sub-density with seven sub-densities, and so on, infinitely. Thus, it is possible for any thought that one may think to become, shall we say, a resident or thing, at some level of being. This level of being is more and more apparent to third density entities the more energy that is given to the thought, especially now that your planetary entity itself has entered the fourth-density vibrations, so that more of these thought forms are created by the population of your planet.

So, when enough energy of thought is given to a form, there is a greater possibility that the creation of this form by thought will have its own experience in another reality, and become, shall we say, the milieu, the atmosphere, the ingredients of a certain kind of existence where forms of thought of many kinds are populating the environment of this level of consciousness. In some degree, there are beings that exist within your inner planes that are able to use these forms of thought as a kind of food, shall we say, that not so much nourishes a body as inspires some level of the mind or the spirit, becoming a reflection of this third-density illusion which each of your 7 billion population inhabits. If you can begin to imagine the great number of thought forms created by such a population, you may begin to become aware of how these thought forms could become a kind of enhancement or … food, is not quite the word we would use, but it is closest to the meaning, for these entities within the inner planes must know the thought forms may become quite obscure, they are also numerous, and are not without their own use and purpose in the larger sense of the various levels of consciousness that are associated with your planetary sphere.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and of this group. We are aware that we have utilized this instrument for a longer portion of time, and we are most grateful for the opportunity to do so than is our usual wont. Again, we thank you for inviting our presence this day. It has been a great pleasure and honor to join you in your seeking. You are always an inspiration to us, as we hope to be to you. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator of which we are all a part. Peace and blessings, my friends. Adonai vasu. We are those of Q’uo.

  1. Following the exercises to consciously become aware of love in the moment, and to see the Creator in self, other-self, and creation, Ra says, “The foundation or prerequisite of these exercises is a predilection towards what may be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit.” #10.14