Group topic: On discipline.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. We are most gratified to be asked to join your circle of seeking this evening. It is a great honor for us to be able to participate in your effort to learn the art of channeling for, indeed, it is an art which each seeker who wishes to learn it will make his or her own according to the manner in which the words and concepts are perceived and relayed in a conscious fashion to those gathered here this evening.

Each of you is a channel, my friends. You channel at all times from some portion of your being. It is our honor to enter into your conscious minds and infuse them with thoughts that are chosen as a means of expressing certain concepts or philosophies. This particular evening you have chosen a topic of discipline that you wish to explore in some fashion with our assistance. We are most pleased to do so, and to be able to offer to you the type of message which is easy to perceive and transmit, so that an overall picture of this topic may be achieved with each instrument offering its own tune, shall we say, or aspect of this topic.

Each of you has a great deal of vital energy which may be expended in your daily round of activities, and may be expended in any way that you see fit to accomplish. As you move through these routines on a daily basis, you find that there is a certain rhythm or discipline, if you will, that aids in offering your energies in an outward direction in order to accomplish what you call work of a physical, and sometimes mental, emotional, or even spiritual nature. Thus, you are always expending energy in some fashion with more or less discipline so that each of you is familiar with this term and its application in your own daily lives.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. I am Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. The beginning of discipline upon the positive spiritual path relies upon the realization and the acknowledgment that you, as a seeker within the third density, exist within an illusion. This illusion serves a purpose, and to acknowledge the reality and the limitations that this illusion offers, and to welcome its purpose upon your path, you may begin to then apply the concept of discipline in a positive sense in your life. Indeed, this illusion is finite. The resources available to you are finite, whether they be time, energy, attention. The deep truth of your being is that you are infinite, but within that infinity you have chosen to experience these limitations [in order] to offer the Creator an opportunity to know itself.

One perspective on the concept of discipline is asking the question, day by day, moment by moment, “To what end do I utilize the finite resources before me within this illusion?” Many seekers may find, in evaluating their days, that there is much attention and energy that is expended upon seemingly random and inane situations, emotions, thoughts and tasks. To become aware of what it is that is drawing the resources that you have each day and each moment is the first big step in mastering discipline in your life.

We pause to allow this instrument to deepen its state.


Becoming conscious of these things will allow you to then evaluate whether or not those resources given to you in each moment are being used to manifest your truest desires. You may ask yourself in each moment, “Is my energy going towards that which will serve? Is my energy being used in a way which benefits others (or the self, depending on which path you have chosen)?” A simple question itself will help you to find the discipline in your life upon your spiritual path.

We pause again to allow this instrument to deepen its state.


We are again with this instrument. We offer it gratitude for persistence through a troubled and unsteady state. We take this opportunity to further comment on the topic at hand. This instrument, being confronted by frustration at the process of channeling our thoughts, deciding whether to give up or to persist, chose to persist. This simple act is an example of the discipline of which we speak. The illusion offers many barriers and catalysts and hurdles for the seeker upon the positive path. At any of these barriers you may declare to yourself that you can go no further—that this is the final straw, that it will be easier to sit down and indulge in distraction instead of push through what difficulty lies before you, and make the decision to view whatever difficulty it is as an opportunity to exercise the muscle of discipline. For we believe that you will find in confronting difficulties, instead of allowing them to divert you from your path, that each difficulty reveals, little by little, more and more of the love of the Creator. As you persist, more holes are poked in the veil, and each choice of love, despite adversity, empowers the previous choice, and each choice of love is an act of discipline.

We thank this instrument for its persistence, and we will leave it now, and pass this contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. When one visualizes the term “discipline,” one may see it as two roads converging. One of those roads being intention, another road being passion. There at the intersection of intention and passion one may find the soul’s purpose. All of these points converging is where one can find and foster discipline. Discipline need not be a negative term. Discipline can be simply focusing on one’s truth, letting go of the falsehoods, allowing them to fall away, living one’s life or incarnation within their own truth, within their own focused path. It need not be an exercise of subtraction, rather discipline can be a process of refinement. Seeing one’s goals and intentions and purpose, allowing oneself to completely submerge into that, for to be in service of discipline takes one to be a disciple, if you will, to one’s purpose, having faith. With that faith one can hone in on what it is one is here to do, one can feel at home, if you will, with the journey ahead.

The word “discipline” has taken on many unfortunate definitions and meanings throughout existence, but discipline can be as simple as living an incarnation of love, of compassion, of open-heartedness, and there is much value to that discipline. Discipline does not have to be a practice of punishment or a practice of entrapment. Discipline can also exist with fluidity, can exist with freedom, can exist without bounds. At the core, discipline is your truth. It is how one expresses that truth, how one lives one incarnation, how one exists, how one is to be. That is the exercise of discipline.

We will leave this instrument with one last thought: that this exercise of channeling is one great practice of discipline, and showing this instrument that with discipline must come great amounts of patience and gratitude—patience for the process, patience for the self, gratitude for the process and gratitude for the self. We thank this instrument, and we will take our leave. We move along to the one known as Gary. We are known as Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument, and we would continue sharing our thoughts on the rich and complex topic of discipline, for it is a key aspect of the path of the adept upon your plane, and indeed upon every plane beyond your own, for the Creator’s energy manifests itself in infinite forms, infinite ways, and you seem to be but one entity, one point of light among that infinitude, and yet you contain that infinity and all of that which you perceive.

You are a composite, it might be said, of many rivers of energy. Many threads are woven together, to form that unique self that you perceive yourself to be. And each of these rivers, so called, has a current, it may be said. Each of these is in a motion, for there is nothing that is static in the manifest universe. And lacking conscious attention and conscious participation in these energies that constitute the self, who knows where to they may flow or run, who knows whether they may drain the self, or seem to work against the self, to drown the self, to tide the self, to create conflict with other threads within the self, and so it is that we bring your attention back to the role of the conscious intention, and its necessity in the examined life that consciously looks at, brings attention to, reflex upon the workings of the self, so that these various seeming streams of energies may begin to reveal, perhaps something of their purpose or their movement, or their place within the self.

As this conscious intention is brought to bear upon these energies, more of the self’s desires may become known. Desires are, by nature, reaching, calling the self into action, moving toward a goal or object. So the discipline then is in the investigation of these desires, and the loving, forgiving, accepting, and understanding of these desires, that they may be traced back to the needs of the self so that those needs may reveal the one true need that beats within the heart of all seekers, to be with the One, as the One to fulfill the yearning between the seemingly separate self and the ever-present One, and it is only through that activity that you call discipline that the self is recollected and brought into an orientation that aligns the self with its highest aspirations and highest embodiment.

The undisciplined self is wont to not lift the energies into higher and higher transmuted expression, but may, shall we say, less than consciously pursue more ephemeral objects, perhaps that which seeks, as the ones known as Ra said, comfort, distraction, unanimity and sleep. For the disciplined entity, the door to the universe opens. The illusion pierced, the self may more readily recognize the Creator everywhere it turns its gaze.

And this instrument asks that we release this contact, and we do so with gratitude for all present, as we transfer this contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We would express our great appreciation for each entity’s work this evening, for there has been much progress made by each of the new instruments, and we are very pleased to have been part of this process of the progression in the art of channeling, for you are truly becoming more proficient at perceiving the concepts which we are offering to you at a steady pace, which you are also able to grasp and to synchronize your effort in speaking the concepts. You are becoming more disciplined, my friends. You have become that which you seek. This is most desirable. We are honored to be part of your progress.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Austin, in order that we may entertain any queries which those present may have for us through this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am with this instrument. Despite the barriers this instrument has placed upon itself, those being hesitation and self-doubt, we offer this instrument some brief words of encouragement in stating that we find joy and humor in confronting these barriers, for they are juxtaposed against a great desire to serve in the capacity of channel. We do not mean to make light of such frustration that can arise when such desire meets these kinds of barriers, but rather such juxtaposition is quite novel from the perspective of the densities in which we find ourselves currently, and we appreciate that this instrument offers itself as a channel, and pursues its desire to serve despite the gravity of other distortions pulling it back.

At this time, we may ask if there are any queries, so that we may exercise this instrument further.

I’d like to thank the instrument, firstly for having the courage to perform this service, and then ask you, Q’uo, if you can describe the value of meditation, please.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query. This instrument expresses gratitude for what it calls a “softball,” for, as you are aware, we ourselves are quite experienced at speaking upon this topic, and have many, many angles of approach through which we can exercise instruments while speaking of this deeply important topic.

The third-density illusion in which you find yourself is one of particular busyness, and activity, and confusion, and randomness. These attributes of your reality are both exciting and daunting for the spiritual seeker, for there is much in the way of catalyst available to a mind/body/spirit complex who wishes to utilize such an environment for the purpose of spiritual evolution and offer itself in service, either to others or to the self.

We have often heard of your planet referred to among some spiritual teachers in your density as a sort of kindergarten, a school of rejects or flunkies. But instead we might refer to it as an advanced class, for a spiritual seeker who enters your density upon this planet must be able to withstand a great deal of catalytic pressure in order to grasp the thread of spiritual seeking. This pressure that we refer to can be a great detriment to those seeking to serve and to know the self, but it may be alleviated greatly by the consistent practice of meditation and stillness, and the seeking of silence, for there is much more noise in your lives than you may realize, there is much more activity within your minds and within your bodies than you are aware of.

These things, the randomness of the activities and the noise, serve to keep the seeker off balance and yanks the thread away from the hands that seek to grasp it. By entering into meditation on a constant and consistent basis, the noise begins to settle and find a more regular form within the self. It may initially not seem as though there is significant change in the internal world upon taking up a meditation practice, but we encourage those who are beginners upon the path to continue to enter a state of silence and look within the self so that the noise may reveal patterns, and patterns may reveal purpose, and it is through this grasping of purpose that a seeker may better serve within such a chaotic and noisy environment.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, if the instrument is available. Is there a connection between the purity of devotion to service and the energy available to that entity?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query. We would answer the question in a simple affirmative. Purity may be seen as a sort of focus. The energy that you referred to is ever present and ever available, yet is often misunderstood or misperceived, or not perceived at all. In order to make use in service and in spirit of such energy, a purity of focus is required, a consistent seeking through circumstances and through shifts of perception, so that no matter the situation in which a seeker finds itself, it may better understand the energies available, and the ways in which it may allow those energies to manifest. And so, as with meditation, we encourage the consistent seeking of this focus as a means of attaining the purity of which you speak.

Is there a final query at this time?

Not from me, thanks again to the instrument.

We thank you, my brother, and thank all present in this circle of seeking for inviting us to join you upon your exciting journey. You give us the opportunity to proceed along our own journey, as serving you gives us great joy and great pleasure, and you offer us an outlet through which we may aid your planet. We are honored to link arms with you and offer light to a troubled world. We are Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.