Group topic: How to balance the green- and blue-ray energy centers.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in love and light this evening. It is an honor to join you, to be part of your circle of seeking, and to help each present become more effective as a channel for the One Infinite Creator resides in all. We hope to be able to speak through each this evening in a manner which will assure each that our contact has been perceived clearly and in a manner that is comfortable to each new instrument. As always, we hope that you will look at those words and concepts that we share with you and winnow out those that have no value for you. Use those that do as you will, for this expression of freewill is most important in our relationship with you, for it is the foundation of all relationships that have the purpose of seeking the One and serving the One in all.

This evening your query to us is that how each may balance the concepts contained within the green-ray energy center of unconditional love for all, with the concept of clear communication that is expressed without fear, for the entity in the blue-ray energy center speaks as the Creator, and may share that which is clearly perceived within its being with every other being that comes before its notice. These two types of inputs, or qualities in communication are what is hoped for by each seeker of truth to eventually be able to comprehend and to share with others, for one without the other is somewhat short of the fullness of communication that is possible when both are balanced.

The heart and the throat: these areas of one’s being are those which signal the advancement beyond the third-density illusion, in which there is so much confusion, that seldom is the open heart utilized in communications—far less, the blue-ray chakra of honesty in communications. So often within your illusion, these qualities are sacrificed to smaller concerns that fill the mind of so many upon your planet who are concerned with getting what they need to survive, of being able to defend the self from those who would take something that the self values greatly, so that most communication engages in a process of giving little, wishing for more, taking what is available, and never considering that there is a higher level of experience in communication that is possible when one seeks the open heart. At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we thank this instrument and this group for taking the time of your busy days to meet for the purpose of spiritual seeking and serving. We would continue with our exploration of the question regarding the balance between the active green and blue rays by stating that both are essential to the path of the positive seeker, each offering different facets of the expression of the One Creator, neither complete without the other. [It is within] green ray, as the ones known as Ra has stated, that the seeker finds the springboard into higher expression and experience of the Creator, that springboard enabled as the self clears the heart of the lesser concerns of self-defense and self-oriented concern and discovers that within the heart one shares identity with all other selves. The self is not an alone, discrete entity, but is one in consciousness with all other selves. And in that oneness is an acceptance of however the self may be manifesting and expressing, an acceptance of both the self and the other self.

The energy of the green ray is that which releases that which would block this acceptance so that as further work is done, the blue ray may be penetrated wherein the other self and the self can be seen more truly in compassion for self and others.

And this instrument asks us regarding the balance between the two, and we would say, of course, that this is unique to each seeker of truth, and that each balance must be discovered according to the developing awareness of the self, that awareness arrived at through a synthesis of experience which recognizes that each moment brings opportunity to activate and balance both rays and the seeking of the Creator. This instrument is not terribly satisfied, but continues speaking in the hopes of gaining practice and relaying our concepts.

This balance between green and blue ray is a process that many are engaged in as they seek to understand the self and the relationship of self to others. We give this instrument the picture of the boat and this instrument runs with the image, not knowing its relevance. We point now to the wind, in the case of the sailboat, which catches the sails.Although, again, this is not computing [with the instrument], [inaudible] the wind may be likened unto wisdom. As the heart is open and the sails billow wide, the wisdom can be caught, and the self [who is] operating the navigation mechanisms of the ship can then orient it in the desired direction of travel. (This instrument is pleased to see that this does come together somehow.) Both the opening of the sails and the catching of wind are necessary for the movement and the journey.

Though this imagery does not readily offer insight into the balance between these two except to say that perhaps an open sail must be turned precisely to meet the conditions of the prevailing winds. This requires a knowing, a knowledge—the sensing of the wind which would be impeded if the self is concerned overly with other distracting matters. [In distraction] the wind perhaps would pass one by, its direction and intensity unnoticed, the ability to anticipate clouded by lesser concerns of the lower chakras, thereby pointing to the necessity of attention and clarity, openness, clearness in the chakra system that the sails remain open and the attention turned to feeling and moving with the wind, using it for the journey into the unknown. Once embarked upon the waters, the attention is constantly called to these practices that the self may continue adjusting constantly to changing conditions that the desired destination may be moved forward.

And this instrument thanks us, asking that we now release this contact, with gratitude to this circle and to all those readers of that organization known to you as L/L Research for the circle of light that is held on this planet. We move now to the one known as Austin. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and we are with this instrument. The journey of the self upon the path of spiritual evolution is one in which the seeker accumulates experiences, and biases, and distortions. As the journey travels through the densities, the energy centers of the mind/body/spirit complex are activated and tested, and tweaked until finally, typically within the third density, the seeker arrives at the green-ray energy center, upon which what you know as the higher energy centers are immediately available for the working. The catalysts experienced up to that point are then made available to the entity for assessment and inspection, for within the green and the blue-ray energy centers the entity finally has an opportunity to examine the self and to accept itself.

When speaking of the balance between these two energy centers it is important to realize that the effectiveness of the green ray is potentiated by the outpouring of the blue ray. The green ray may represent an ideal that can be obscured in the face of other distortions within the self or within another, but upon activation of the blue-ray energy center those distortions become apparent. There is light shown upon those distortions so that the energies of the green ray are better able to navigate and understand and apply the universal love which it is always striving to do.

Without the honesty, the integration and the reflection from the blue-ray energy center, the green ray can often become lost within the apparent chaos of your density, and thus the seeker frustrated, unable to understand its role in a situation which challenges the notion of love, and challenges the abilities of the seeker to offer that love. But as the seeker exercises the blue ray of communication, both to other and to self, it will experience catalyst that is challenging. But should this catalyst be taken for the quality that it is—as a lesson and as an opportunity for growth—and the blue ray becomes crystallized as basic catalysts and lessons become integrated into the mind/body/spirit complex, and the light of the Creator may shine clearer through an entity, the green ray may then be guided by the new and more purified understanding that the seeker has achieved.

To attempt this process of integration and communication and honesty without attention to the green ray may further distort [the] distortions within the self, or within other selves, for the light of the Creator accepts all. Without this integral understanding of the green ray, the ideals of the blue ray lack the most important aspect of what the seeker may offer in any given situation.

We pause to allow this instrument to deepen its state.

And so, we caution the seeker who seeks to exercise truth and honesty and communication to pay great care to the green ray, and all other energy centers that must function in a balanced fashion in order for the blue ray to express itself inwardly and outwardly with the purity necessary to clear distortions in self and other self. This process of caring for your system of energy centers is familiar to you with what Ra referred to as the balancing exercises with meditation and contemplation and prayer. In seeking the specific balance between the green ray and the blue ray, we suggest that the seeker look to those catalysts in which they are stifled in understanding the expressions of other self, or stifled in expressing the understandings of self, due to a lack of acceptance of the distortions of other selves, or self. If a seeker finds that an other self is expressing those ideas or ideals or opinions that it finds unacceptable, then this, we believe, will guide you to finding the balance between the blue and the green ray, for it is in the reflection offered by the other self in its own communication that knowledge of the self is gained, and that which one finds unacceptable and thus not able to be understood is indicative of a distortion in the green-ray energy center.

At this time, we relieve this instrument, and transfer this contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are now with this instrument. Much has been said to the point of balancing the green and blue-ray energy centers. We speak through this instrument, giving her the image of the mirror. Reflection is a word that has been used in this circle in terms of balancing these energy centers, for balance between the two is important, both in progression and in experience in learning and in remembering.

This density in which you are currently participating is one rife with potential for catalyst. The entities on this planet are dependent upon communication, whether that be outward manifestations or inward manifestations, be that verbal or physical cues, be that written word or internal dialogue. With so much opportunity to express and divulge and experience connection between self and other self, so does the opportunity grow for experience in catalyst. As you may know, as we all may know, this catalyst is a gift. This catalyst can be used to learn, to know, and to remember who one and all are, which is merely an extension, merely a representation of the One, using this catalyst be it of negative or positive connotation. This catalyst can be extremely useful in regards to the way one communicates and the way one opens the heart in this incarnation.

Again, we circle back to the image of the mirror. We ask that you face this catalyst in the mirror, knowing full well that that catalyst was both chosen and [is] a personification of the self. With meditation, contemplation, prayer, and other exercises, self can use this information to further activate both green and blue energy centers. One can see self through the eyes of other self and visa versa. One can, as you would say, put self in other self’s shoes, and one can from this develop and practice and hone the ability to forgive and accept self and other self, for all is divine and all is well, and all is as it has been chosen to be.

When one can rest in the peace of this knowledge and truly feel the perfection of all that is, be it catalytic or not, one can then feel—we apologize … this instrument receives a beautiful image of a [flower’s] bulb, and is under the impression that these energy centers are but flowers in this garden and this acceptance and this knowing of the perfection of all that is, is but sunlight upon these flowers. The bulb opens and blossoms and is able to take in that light, the light being the truth that is the Creator, and can use that light to create beauty around self and other self, so as one knows, or begins to know, perfection that is all around, as one begins to accept and forgive, then these green and blue-ray energy centers begin to blossom, begin to take in that light, begin to expel the oxygen and nectar that is the beautiful experience of the Creator knowing itself.

We apologize if this instrument has gone on a bit of an artistic tangent, and we thank all in this circle, for being beautiful channels to this extremely important message at this time. We will now take our leave of this instrument, and we will, we believe, move to the one again known as Austin to poll to see if there are other queries within this circle at this time, and this instrument apologizes if that was not the correct order of this. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument. We thank all in this circle and offer an expression of satisfaction, for we sense with this instrument and with the other new instruments present a sense of dissatisfaction and self-criticism and self-judgment. Before accepting questions, we shall offer a few thoughts in regards to these feelings.

First, that we believe all are aware in this circle is that the self is seldom a good and accurate critic of the self.

The second, we encourage the cultivation of patience and gentleness with the self as each practices this art known as channeling, for it is a magical service that you have offered yourselves to perform, and such magic requires the soft touch, not just with those other selves within the circle, but with the self.

The final thought is that this service may be seen as a dance. We offer ourselves to you, as you offer yourselves to accept our thoughts and energies, so that we may have the opportunity to share ourselves with your troubled world. As two partners dance, again and again, and become familiar with each other’s movements and steps, they grow in familiarity. What was first an awkward process, involving stepped-on toes and stumbles, soon becomes a fluid and seamless process. This does not happen without continued practice and increasing familiarity between the partners. We are honored and joyed that you have accepted us as your partners in this dance, and cannot adequately express our excitement to continue dancing with you.

At this time, we would ask if there are any questions in this circle of seeking?

I’ve got a couple of questions that I can ask the new instrument with the request that the new instrument release the self from expectation and pressure. These are a couple of questions from readers abroad, and we are in an environment of support and safety, as an assurance to the instrument, so, Q’uo, J asks, “What determines how much pain, how much catalyst one can handle, if one never becomes aware of their pre-incarnative intention?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. Each mind/body/spirit complex moves through incarnations in infinitely unique variations, and each mind/body/spirit complex responds to catalyst in similarly infinitely unique variations. Thus, to respond to this query in a specific sense is virtually impossible, as there is no single determining factor or set of factors that an entity may possess, with which it may withstand the catalyst of pain. However, we may speak to the process with which entities prior to the gift of the knowledge of incarnational lessons may process catalyst.

There are circumstances that may be considered more ideal for such processing, and such circumstances may not be consistently present within any third-density environment, particularly the [environment] in which you find yourselves during this incarnation. Such circumstances which aid in the, may we say, unconscious processing of catalyst, may present themselves as the leisure time, or the free time in which an entity is not burdened or pressured by the demands of survival or relationships or social obligations. And thus the experiences of this entity, be it pain or pleasure or anything in between, may be relived, as the mind will conger thoughts and experiences without being guided to do so as an entity finds that it is not being drawn to use its mind otherwise. and As such experiences may be relived and experienced again, an entity may then begin to notice patterns, as is the tendency of the third-density entity, particularly those of your biological makeup tend to do.

Your environment and biological evolution have guided you through a process in which pattern recognition is a crucial component to your survival, but also to your spiritual evolution, and so without the need for great consciousness of the greater spiritual journey, patterns may be found and thus integrated or assessed or responded to in various ways, and as this process of pattern recognition continues, an entity may find that certain responses, certain assessments, have within them a certain quality of lightness or magic. This is the heart beckoning to the entity, calling it upwards along the column of upward spiraling light through these patterns of catalyst.

We stress again that there is no determining factor for an individual entity regarding how long this process may take, or how quickly an entity may achieve this recognition of love through the patterns of your experiences. We also stress that often a third-density environment may become too random or noisy, or there may be too much catalytic pressure for these patterns to reveal themselves to any particular entity. And so from a perspective such as you have, such progression may seem random, but we assure you that even the experiences spent struggling along the path are infinitely valuable to the Creator of which you are a part.

Is there another question at this time.

That was excellent, Q’uo. Thank you. I do have one personal one, and that will be it for me for the night. Thinking about channeling, you, Q’uo, it occurs to me that you were received by a very advanced instrument in our year 1986, and we are still developing. We, unlike that instrument, Carla, are still developing. Would it be more suited to our present abilities to receive a source like, say, Latwii? Would it be more perceptible? Rather, would their transmission be more perceptible to us?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a salient query, as we have noted previously that this act of channeling is one of increasing familiarity between us and you, as instruments. We, as the principle known to you as Q’uo may adapt somewhat to the needs and necessities of each individual instrument, but as you may say, we can only go so far, and you, as instruments must also be able to reach us to a certain point.

It may be beneficial for some instruments to thus experience a greater variety of vibrational connection with those social memory complexes who offer themselves to this principle currently, namely those of Laitos [and] those of Latwii. In doing so, you may begin to experience the different distinct vibrations that then form the principle that we present to you as. With the greater experience of these vibrational qualities and as you grow accustomed to them, your connection to those of Q’uo may then be strengthened.

However, to continue in channeling us as you are currently doing offers the same opportunity and potential for increased familiarity. We can only encourage the contemplation and experimentation of what this group finds acceptable amongst itself.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you so much.

We thank you, my brother.

I am Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo. I have a question regarding faith. I believe that many entities on this planet struggle with faith in the long term or the short term, and while it is easy at times to remember that we are all the Creator experiencing itself and we are all one, at times it is catalytic and painful to have the faith to remember that, and it is easy to become lost in despair. My question is, is there any advice to the seeker who finds themselves in episodes of deep, deep pain, wherein they are unable to find faith, that would open the pathway for faith to reemerge in their hearts and minds. Thank you.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. This query is central to the experience of third density, for the veiled environment in which you find yourself is specifically designed to challenge what you call faith, and to place the mind/body/spirit complex into circumstances in which knowledge of self as Creator, and other self as Creator, is, in a sense, forgotten, or placed out of reach, for even if an individual carries this understanding intellectually, the belief and experience of this understanding is not always available.

So, we suggest to the seeker who finds herself in a situation in which the catalyst of pain is too great and obscures the light of faith to embrace the experience of the pain for what it is offering to the self, to recall within the self that this pain is serving a purpose for the self and for the Creator, and just as moments of love and beauty have a sacred nature and speak of the Creator, so too do moments of difficulty and pain, for the Creator’s love and the Creator’s light exists in each experience that a seeker may find upon its path. An attempt to reestablish faith in the midst of this pain might be, in that sense, misguided, as that attempt to reestablish what is being called faith is then turning away from that which is drawing the attention—that is, the pain or the difficulty being placed in front of the seeker. Instead of this turning away, we suggest turning within and placing those experiences in the heart, understanding that they are sacred and though they are difficult, they serve the purpose of offering potential.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my sister?

No, thank you so much.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my sister.

Is there a final query,at this time?


I am Q’uo. We sense that this circle has exhausted its queries for this evening, and we also sense a hunger in the stomachs present, and so with our highest gratitude and our greatest joy, we bid you farewell and leave you in the infinite love and light of the One Infinite Creator. I am Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.