Group topic: How can we participate in the birth of fourth density?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you through this instrument at this time. We are with you once again with great joy to be asked to join your group. We find much of meaning in our interaction with you, for as you question an area, such as you do tonight, we are able to share that which comes through us to you, and through you, to us. We exchange the energies of being, and we are very grateful for this exchange, for it is another aspect of the One that you share with us, and we with you. As always, we ask the simple favor that you take the words that we share and use them however you wish, leaving behind any that have no meaning for you at this time. This is the means by which we may speak freely, and we thank you for this favor as always.

Your topic this evening is one which is most dear to us as well as it is to each seeker of truth upon your planet, for the ability to perceive the energies of love and understanding is an ability which is spreading far and wide among the seekers of truth upon your planet. There is much of difficulty and trauma occurring now for many people, if not for all people upon your planet, for confusion seems to reign supreme, and division is a means by which people act and see each other, and discord seems to be so common as to be easily recognized within every seeking soul and all those who do not seek consciously as well.

Within this type of an environment, it is often the case that those who do indeed consciously wish to be of service to others, and to share the vibrations of love and understanding, find the means to do so, for there are many opportunities to be of service now. You cannot pass through any particular day without becoming aware of someone, or something, or some group that has a need that you may play a part in fulfilling. It may be something small—the giving of a direction; something larger, the working for a moment or two to make something work that has failed to function; or something even greater than that [such as] dedicating your time and energies to being of a particular service to another entity that is in greater need.

There is opportunity around every corner that you may take note of and lend your services to by opening your heart, by sharing a smile, by speaking a word of encouragement. The list is endless, my friends. There is so much that may be done by anyone who wishes consciously and sincerely to be of service as a way of being at all times, for it is not just a particular portion of your day in which you may exercise a service. If you have the desire within your heart and within your mind to offer yourself however it is helpful, then you will attract unto yourself even more opportunities and find that your path becomes accelerated and illuminated, as a matter of fact, illuminated in the love and the light of the One who shines forth in all. As you speak to that One, you find the One speaking back to you and the words are always encouraging. They are always a reminder that that One is within you and more than that, you are that One. All are that One. This is the great challenge, my friends, and it is one which we find each here quite willing to undertake.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this group again through this instrument, and we would continue our message on the welcoming of the fourth density energies by speaking to the individual soul embarked upon the quest of seeking truth in an illusion. And [as] that illusion begins to fray at the seams, so to speak, becoming thinner, becoming, as this instrument noticed in the rug earlier, threadbare. That which had been formerly so solid begins to show its age, showing wear and tear, perhaps reaching the end of its use. That is something of the situation that the individual entity finds itself as third density ends and fourth density dawns.

The illusion is nearing the end of its usefulness for the seeker upon the journey, but that terminus is not yet reached; not that we intend to convey any prophesy [in] the error of dating or predicting dates, rather we wish only to convey that there is still great work to do here in the environment, however much it may be transitioning, and that work is ever as it always is, upon the recognition of the One through the melting, boundary-dissolving energy of love-without-condition; for the seeker wishes to awaken from a dream, wherein all seemed to be separate and discrete, to the reality that had never not been true, that being that the self and all things had been One all along.

And while this instrument appreciates our thoughts, he asks regarding fourth density specifically, and the participating and the birth of that density on your planet at this time, and to those interested in consciously serving in this way, we would circle back to speaking of love with extra emphasis, perhaps, for this instrument, that love is the means whereby fourth density is born.

Ra described love as a melting influence because it dissolves the conceptual boundaries that seem to wall off one thing from another thing. In fourth density, those conceptual boundaries have been overcome, shall we say, by the active presence of love being lived, experience of love, the meeting with the other self in the communion of love. The more that you can bring that into your daily lives [which are] dictated by the calendar and the tasks and the interpersonal dynamics, the more that your environment itself receives that love and begins to transform to hold or anchor that love ever more strongly and purely, the more that the Earth itself resonates to that frequency and is given—this instrument struggles, this instrument doubts how well it is transmitting our thoughts when he says that it is the Earth that is given a power to break through the third-density shell and its fourth-density form, thanks to those who tap into the frequency of love upon its surface.

Though technique may enhance this activity, it is really as simple as loving and the qualities that you associate with love, the compassion, the kindness, the concern for the welfare of others, the selfless service for the betterment and upliftment of the other, the, as we were speaking to the instrument known as Jim, the seeing not the personality of others, certainly recognizing that, but seeing through the personality to the One underneath.

This instrument asks that we now transfer this contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We emphasize so much the concept of love in regards to the question that you pose because, as this group is well aware, the fourth density is the density of love. This love, as it has been conceived of upon your plane, is but a fraction of the reality of what is made available by the onset of fourth-density vibrations, and, indeed, it is here, my friends. And that which is available to you now is much greater than it has been throughout the entirety of your people’s third-density existence.

However, the nature of third density is deeply engrained in the concept of illusion, and this illusion is quite persistent in the minds of individuals, groups, cultures, and, indeed, the entirety of your planet. This illusion persists through patterns of thought and conceptualizations, those which were only made possible through the perception of individuals as distinct and separate from one another, and from the Earth, and from the universe itself. So the persistence of these patterns to the present day shields your perception from that which is fully available should you, as a people, choose to see it.

So, to speak to the question of how you as seekers of love and truth may participate in the unveiling of this new reality, we suggest that you look to those patterns, those systems, those conceptualizations within your lives from the smallest to the greatest in scale, and question in what capacity is love brought to bear within those patterns. As you perform this examination, you may find that, indeed, upon your planet there exists a great tangle of intricate and interlocking systems on all levels of society in which consideration for the love which binds all peoples and all things in the universe is notably absent. This recognition is a necessary foundation upon which the revelation of the density of love may be brought forth, for at this time, bringing the perception and the light of love into systems which are so engrained in your lives and upon your planet yields a power of transformation which was previously unavailable throughout the ages of your third density.

Prior to the onset of fourth-density vibration, love certainly was available to the peoples on your planet. However, that love existed as a faint glimmer in the night sky discernable only to those with the strongest of wills to seek it and to share it. The love that is available to you at this time is as the brightest noon sun with great radiant power beyond what you might imagine in your veiled state.

So as you set upon the task of discovering where in your lives there are patterns that persist that speak to separation, know that simply perceiving them in the heart and bringing the light of that bright love to bear on them, there exists a deep transformative power. There exists in this transformation a type of creativity and intelligence beyond your capabilities of understanding at this time. Trust, my friends, that the simple radiance of love and awareness may work magic in your realm.

At this time we return the contact to the one known as Gary, to continue speaking on this important topic.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you, as if you needed the reintroduction, as Q’uo, and we thank this instrument for the opportunity to take him for a spin again, for practice he could use. We continue to speak about that magical potential of love as we were describing through the one known as Austin. As we had said through that instrument, this love is brought to bear on the various aspects of self and society by the self. The fourth density, while a function of your planetary sphere entering a new vibration at a scheduled time, is also not something imposed upon a world, but is that which the world welcomes and births by its intentions, attitudes, vibration, or state of being.

This connects to why those of Ra described your peoples as retarding the process, for it is through your own focuses that these higher energies are channeled or directed to that which is waiting to be uplifted. [It is] almost as if your society and the selves within your society live in a darkness, a darkened environment, a cave, and await the light to illuminate the true nature of that which is in the darkened environment, so it is that you grasp that sun as we were previously describing through the one known as Austin, and direct that light toward the upgrade of self and civilization. And as those aspects formerly hidden from the light come into the light, they are transformed—transformed by revealing something closer to their true nature, transformed by becoming aligned toward the, shall we say, values of fourth density.

As the author enjoyed by those in this room, the one known as Charles Eisenstein, describes the institutions that presently serve energies of separation or enslavement, or disempowerment, or war even, can, through this process of bringing love where it was not before, be transformed into institutions and energies that serve the community that beautify self and other, and world, [and] that allow the gem that is your planet to lose the dull luster from years of anger, mistreatment of each other, and instead become that which reflects the solar Logos, and the light of the Creator in a way which dazzles the eye, in a way which becomes a diamond in the continuum of space and time.

This is your work now, our friends. We empathize with how grueling it can at times seem, how much weight bears upon the shoulders, how much pressure pushes in upon the self, but we assure you that you exist at this time because you are capable of the work of carrying the load. You were called to this work. Your life here is an elegant, though also … this instrument looks for a synonym to sloppiness and foolish mistake and bumbling, there may be the word … we continue in closing, by saying your presence here at this time is that answer to that call.

This instrument is reminded again, of the one known as Eisenstein when he encouraged the circle of seeking 1 to be your gift, live your gift, share your gift, and you will be contributing that which is yours to contribute to the whole.

We thank this instrument for the second round, and we now transfer our contact to the one known as Austin, that we, through him, may respond to individual queries if there are any. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. Before turning to the group to take further queries, we sense a pressing concern on this instrument’s mind regarding the process of channeling our thoughts that we wish to address. This concern is the perception that many concepts, ideas, and words, feel as though they are left behind, and this instrument is left with a feeling of loss, or inadequacy in the attempt to speak our thoughts with the fullest integrity and highest intention with which he perceives them.

We encourage this instrument, and all instruments attempting this service, to view the stream of thoughts as we present them to you as a sort of fractal. Upon perceiving this fractal of thoughts, there is an initial image, if you will, of what may be presented through the channeling process, and as that process unfolds, further images appear and various paths are made potential through this unfolding. Due to the limitations of the illusion through which we dance with you, there will always be the leaving behind of potentials, for the potential of our sharing with you, as the potential of all creation, is infinite, and yet as is the way of this illusion, there must be a focus. We suggest to this instrument that it may find a more satisfactory flow through the spiraling fractal as its focus through the process of channeling our thoughts continues to strengthen, and as practice with us in this process continues.

At this time, we ask if there are any questions that we may address?

Q’uo, when climbing a great mountain, as one ascends, the resources like oxygen, like supplies, become less, and the effort becomes harder, more taxing, the margin for error narrows and ever more will and faith are needed. Does this map on to the path of the adept as metaphor in any way?

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, the analogy may be made and connections may be drawn, as many things in your reality have symbolic significance from the physical limitations and explorations to those of the mind and the spirit. You speak in your question about the increasing difficulty as the individual ascends up the mountain, and we suggest that the analogy may be viewed in terms of a prolonged view of that ascent. Indeed, if one ascends with great enthusiasm and naïve desire without consideration for the environment in which one is entering, difficulties arise and the lessons become harsh.

It is a similar path that the spiritual seeker finds itself upon [when they embark for the journey] with great enthusiasm. We have observed many seekers dive head first into the waters of the unconscious and take upon them the explorations of magic, but being unaware of the challenges and risks involved for the unprepared [in] these environments, the lessons, too, are harsh.

However, we understand and ourselves relate to such enthusiasm found in the mountain climber, and the so-called neophyte, and do not wish to discourage or quell the so-called naivety, as this quality brings with it its own necessary power. We may only suggest that in embarking on these journeys that the lessons learned are taken to heart, and if done in a disciplined way, such journeys may present stumbles and failures, but a journey is made richer by such experiences.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

Not at this time, thank you Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another question at this time?

I have one from a reader named R., who says: I have a huge burning question in my mind regarding animal life once Earth fully transitions into a full fourth-density planet. I understand from Ra that human life will not be supported for a while once this happens. My question is, what will happen to all the animals. What will their lives be like? I would love to see some feedback from Q’uo on this subject.

I am Q’uo, and we are aware of the query, my brother. This instrument presses us to present a caveat in our response, as, in his perception, the nature of the transition and subsequent qualities of fourth-density reality are heavily debated among those who read our words. This instrument feels his own biases may unduly color our words in response to this query. We acknowledge and appreciate this instrument’s conscientiousness, though [we] are enthusiastic to speak about the shift in relationship between those of your second-density realm and the inhabitants of your soon-to-be fourth-density realm, for within your current third-density experience, there is a great schism in understanding of the shared qualities between that of what you might call the natural world and the human world.

Upon your planet the separation between the second density and the third density has resulted in a great amount of suffering and confusion among both densities, and the individuals and groups therein. As the population of your planet transitions into a fourth-density society, these confusions and traumas will be realized in their fullest, for the realization of the Creator that is innate in all beings will be made more and more apparent, thus there will be what might be called a reconciliation, or a healing, and a concerted effort to mend a metaphysical harm that has unfolded.

This will result in a return to what you may see as a more natural relationship between the human population and all animal and plant population where there is less of control, less of domination, and more allowance of the greatest expression of all beings in your second density sphere.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

Yes, I’d like to ask my own now on top of that as long as the instrument still has energy. So, Q’uo, you are saying that fourth-density beings on planet earth will be able to interact with the second-density environment and the plants and animals in that environment?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This topic is indeed difficult to address in a direct way, for the qualities of experience for what you call the human individual in fourth density are beyond description; and how the fourth-density individual may interact with the planet and the second-density sphere upon it are unique to your understanding of what it means to interact in a physical way. However, we may answer in the affirmative, based on your understanding of what physical interaction may entail, that should the individuals within the fourth-density population wish to have a direct relationship, both in the physical realm and metaphysical realm, with the second-density sphere, it is possible and likely probable that this will be necessary for the healing and reconciliation that we spoke about earlier.

Is there a follow-up to this query?

Indeed, there is. Let me check in with the one known as Jim. Jim, is there energy for the circle to keep going?


Q’uo, that answer was illuminating. Our third-density, physical human experience is nested within an environment of second density. We are third-density consciousness, but our environment is a second-density one. And a first-density one, too—we interact with elements and we breathe in oxygen. But we are also situated on the soil of Earth and have biological life all around us.

Would you say that in the fourth density, they are not reliant on a physical environment, they are removed from the second density, and may visit the second density as something as a place to go that is removed from them?

I am Q’uo and I am aware of your query, my brother. This interesting query touches upon a dynamic which transforms throughout the cycle of fourth-density evolution. In what you may call the early days of fourth density, there is what may be referred to as a reliance and a direct nested experience that is inseparable from the first and second-density spheres that you have referred to.

However, this continuing evolution becomes difficult to describe in terms possible through this instrument; as what constitutes the first, and the second, and the third and the fourth-density spheres becomes more conceptual and, you may say, abstract, as the densities progress. And so, we offer a simple and inadequate explanation that from your perspective as a third-density entity, the fourth density is very much similarly nested within the lower densities, and as they progress in evolution, fourth density entities may more freely choose how they appear and interact with those densities.

Is there a follow-up query, my brother?

Yes, a final one, thank you, Q’uo. The design of this question is to try to understand and illustrate the relationship between the densities. So, Ra describes that after some time has elapsed, after harvest, third density may be reoccupied on this planet, that new third density will co-exist with first and second and fourth density. I wonder if that future third-density population followed a path similar to our own, and if they exploited their environment and developed technology that was not aligned with spiritual understanding, and if they began to degrade their environment the way that we now do, and they risk, even again, planetary annihilation, could a third-density population destroy and degrade their own environment and thus affect the fourth-density population?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Such a scenario as you describe in which there is an active third-density population upon a planet which has a previously evolved fourth-density population is unique to your current scenario. One may conceive of this relationship in terms of how you may view your current relationship with us, the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, but such a relationship between two populations, one third density and one fourth density, who both call a planetary sphere their home, has some notably different dynamics, and the intense care that we take not to influence your own evolution in undue terms has a different quality for the fourth-density population sharing its home with a third-density population.

Is there a follow-up query, my brother?

No, tantalizing. In the interest of time and energy I will leave the questioning and thank the instrument and thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother.

At this time, we shall take leave of this instrument and return to the one known as Jim so that we may offer some closing words for this circle. I am Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We are most pleased, my friends, with the progress that has been made this evening by each instrument, especially the one known as Austin. We appreciate the dedication to becoming better instruments upon the part of each present, and upon the effort that is being made by each new instrument to aid each other in this process, for together, you are moving forward and moving at a more rapid pace because you have this cooperative energy circulating among you. It is a process which we have not observed in previous channeling groups to the extent that we have witnessed it amongst this group in the last couple of practice channeling sessions that you have held. We feel that this is a most nutritious and supportive environment for each new instrument. and we will look forward, as always, to working with you again.

This is a most helpful experience for us as well because we are able, in these sessions, to find a greater ability upon our part to see the intricacies of the experience that you share with each other and experience as individuals. The difficulties that come from having, shall we say, knowledge in certain areas, that may feel to you like a coloration possibility, and therefore you tread more carefully in these areas.

However, we are also appreciative of the type of dedication that is required to be willing to go forward regardless of the concerns that may be upon your minds or within your hearts. This is a very conscientious way to proceed as instruments and we are grateful that each of you is able to offer that which is yours to offer in the process of not only becoming an instrument yourself, but in aiding others to become better instruments in the means by which you relate to them, offering queries that are of interest and inspiration, and in the exploration of that which is unknown. For, my friends, each of you move within an illusion which contains a great deal of that which you will discover to be unknown, and how you face the unknown within your own life experience is critical factor that plays a great role in how you take on a new task or a new challenge and the unknown is that great friend that is waiting at all times to become known to you.

By exploring that which is unknown, you expand your own natures and discover that those unknown areas are also within yourself, and by finding them within yourself, you move in a manner which sheds light upon the unknown, upon the darkness, upon the mystery, and this mystery recedes ever further into that being that is without end within you. You are the great unknown and to yourself you shall continue to become more and more known because of your dedication to seeking and serv,ing the one in all.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group, leaving each, as always, in the great love and ineffable light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, vasu borragus.

  1. “Circle of seeking” at The Space Between Stories Gathering that Gary and Austin attended in New York in 2016.