Group question: Our question today, is what is the role of joy in a troubled world?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light this evening. We are, as always, much inspired by your seeking and your desire to be of service to others via the channeling, as you call it, the speaking of those words and thoughts that we may share with you as we are on our own journey of seeking, a few steps beyond yours perhaps, but we are happy to share that which we have gathered as our own fruits of this journey.

As always, we ask of you a small favor before we begin, and that is, that you will take those words and thoughts and feelings that we transmit to you, and through you, and use them as you will. If they ring of truth to you, take them as your own and use them for further study and movement along the path back into unity with the One Creator. If any do not ring of truth to you, leave them aside without a second thought. We do not wish to be a stumbling block for any seeker if you will give us this honor of taking what rings of truth to you, and leaving behind that which does not, then we may speak freely.

This evening your question is a very interesting one, from the point of view of all seekers of truth who exist within your third-density illusion, for each must, at some point, consider the value and propriety of joy in any seeker who can look into the world about it, seeing the disharmonies, the dissentions, and the difficulties that separate one from another, group from group, ideas from ideas, hearts and minds split apart. This is the reality in which you live and breathe and manifest your being.

We ask you our own query, parallel to yours, what is the nature of your being? What is the true nature of your being, and how much of it is manifested in the world in which you live, in your daily round of activities? You are all things, my friends, this you know, you are the Creator, this you know. Thus, we feel that there is a place for joy within each seeker’s mind, heart, and being. We shall expand upon this concept as we transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet you through this instrument, who is feeling a little shaken in his own tuning, but we assure him that we are with him, and if he can continue to speak that we will help guide the words toward the chosen topic this evening. And toward that end, we will expand upon the place of joy of the mind, the body, and the spirit, of the seeker within the illusion of third density, for as we were saying, you are all things and in all things there is joy.

What is the nature of this joy? It is … the instrument is receiving concepts of freedom and play that arise within the being who has seen the incarnation and the world about the self from the larger or, shall we say, elevated perspective. From this perspective, it may be recognized that the experiences of the self are but stories, meaningful, deeply impactful, consequential, meant to test, try and grow the soul, but stories nonetheless, which are chosen increasingly by the self for the purpose of discovering the ultimately unlimited nature of the self. As each limitation is transcended, which is to say as we were saying a moment ago, as the perspective enlarges, the self finds space within the self for a deep, deep appreciation of catalyst and the play of life. The self stands back from those things which seem to bind and finds the strength to love that which is being experienced. And this, to put it quite simply, perhaps simplistically, feels good. Joy has a vertical dimension to it that reaches into ecstasy, dissolution of the individual self, or perhaps it may be better said, union of the individual self with the all self.

Joy is, as Ra said, an analog (this instrument doubts the accuracy of that), to intelligent infinity. 1 It is a word for that which the individual self experiences upon contact with the greater perspective of intelligent infinity, and as it is perceived in the cells of the body, and in the hard and the soft places of the mind, as the spirit is touched into and funnels intelligent infinity into the self. It has a feeling quality that qualitatively modifies and enhances the experience of the self.

To speak to your question that experience may be in the midst of great suffering and hardship among loved ones one is associated with, or among one’s peoples themselves, but such a self experiencing this joy sees multiple levels. Such a self sees the hardship, the suffering, the limitations of poverty or health or constraint, but also the higher levels wherein each is seen for what they truly are, that being infinite, that being the One Creator.

No self is truly imprisoned, truly lost, truly under the heel of difficult circumstance. Each soul suffers as they are identified with that small self, as it’s called. But from a higher level or larger perspective, each is seen, ultimately, as free, as participating according to their choices and needs, however confused and uninformed they may be in a dream. But, with the higher realization one can make a connection within that sees, embraces, and desires to serve the circumstances about one, [and] simultaneously transcends those circumstances to feel the higher truth within the truth of the unbounded, unlimited, infinite self, which is not subject to processes of illusion and mortality, but which began this great experiment of creation in joy and will conclude this mysterious experience in joy.

Joy is a subject worthy of the contemplative life because it truly does communicate something very fundamental and important about the identity of selfhood and the nature of the Creator, which interfaces with the incarnate self as the experience of joy, but roots down to the mystery itself. And with this thought, this instrument asks that we take our leave and move forward to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and I am with this instrument. As we speak of the individual and subjective experiences of each seeker, we feel it is appropriate to address the semantic angle of this query, for each individual will relate to the word and concept of joy in its own unique way. This creates some difficulty when addressing a query such as this, for if each entity conceptualizes our words in their own way, the value and meaning of what is said is diffused. So, we find it appropriate to encourage each seeker to evaluate their own perceptions and definitions of joy, and when engaging in discourse such as we do with you at this moment, maintain awareness of the differences in your perception and the perception of those around you. Some may define joy as a sense of jubilation and excitement, some may define joy as a sense of easy peace. We find this a useful concept to keep in mind, for it reveals to the self the complexity of these stories which one uses to perceive the world around oneself.

Each individual has a thick and twisted arrangement of beliefs and stories that filter the world around it and offer an infinitely unique experience. This presents the question: “What then are these stories and beliefs built upon and what is the true picture underneath these complexes of distortion?” It is here, my friends, that we suggest you look for meaning in the concept of joy, for the variety of definitions and the word “Joy” and the experience of joy, arise from the variety of distortions with which each individual experiences and views the same immutable thing, that is, the One Infinite Creator.

And so, each experience of joy may be influenced by the contrast of the stories and beliefs that one has about the nature of oneself, about the nature of the world around oneself, and about the nature of one’s other selves. As these stories and beliefs and distortions are untangled, the experience of joy, the perception of the creation in its true glory may become more steady and more apparent, and this steady presence offers to the self a sense of lightness and relief from those stories previously told and those distortions previously held so tightly.

We are having trouble maintaining contact with this instrument. We pause to allow it to deepen its state.

We suggest to the seeker, that as it continues traveling upon its path, the severity of the illusion decreases, and the ability of one to recognize the true nature of the underlying reality increases, and this, we suggest to you, is the role of joy in such a world as you concern yourselves with at this time. The more that you are able to walk amidst the distortions and the tangle of complex stories told within a society and a world such as yours, free from the influence of these stories with secure knowledge of your true beingness, the more your beingness lightens the disharmonious vibrations and brings all of those around you into a sort of sympathetic vibration, the lightness of your own self may become infectious and your own ability to pierce the illusion may be as catalyst for those around you, offering them an opportunity to pierce their own illusions and tell their own stories as they see fit.

At this time, we take our leave of this instrument and transfer to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. Within this instrument we have a simple thought, a thought upon which one can meditate in regards to this feeling and emotion and state of being known as joy. We ask you to center your focus upon the newly born child. This soul, being born into this incarnation with certainly baggage of previous incarnations, but without too much in the way of societal distortion. This new-born child knows without provocation how to smile, how to laugh, and yes, knows how to cry as a means of calling for need. However, the new-born child does not know sadness. The child does not know a frown, rather this frown is learned. This emotive state is inherited, is learned.

We ask you to meditate upon that thought because it is a simple although often forgotten aspect that being extensions of the Creator, you are a manifestation and a true form of joy. That is the core of your being. We say this, realizing that experience may be felt or seen through a lens that can muddy the view of experience. One may feel opposition to joy, one may feel sadness, pain, whether that be within experience of one’s own reality or whether that be viewing the reality around oneself. And there is worth to that. There is learning to be received from that. It is, though, important to state clearly that joy is the ultimate pure state, the state which can be forgotten.

That is essentially what can happen in your incarnation, in your density. There is room and space for one to forget joy, to distance oneself from joy. Again, we stress that there is use out of that distance, there is growth that can be had, learning that can be received. But, in essence, what one can do is simply remember. When one can fully immerse oneself in that remembrance, that true core knowledge that being, that blood that flows through your veins, as you may say, one can make sense of the “reality” around oneself.

We understand that asking one to immerse oneself in the remembrance is what this instrument would call a big ask, but we also stress that that is the epitome of faith, the true trust, finding those silent moments within oneself where one can remember, whether that be acts of silent meditation, acts of reflection, simple acts of love, then one can truly remember and this distortion of your “reality” around you that informs you can slowly begin to dissolve away in a meaningful and worthy fashion.

This instrument is feeling a bit of her own insight coming through in this moment. She remembers the thought of sweetness in the darkness. It is through the experience of darkness, what we may call a troubled experience, or reality, or environment that one can know the truly sweet and essential and foundational essence that is one’s being and one’s soul and one’s spirit. When one can see how truly immensely sweet that joy is, we ask that oneself to not forget that joy, that sweetness, in the times of darkness and sorrow, keeping faith that all that is around is here to inform, and exercise our ability to be our true, full, compassionate, love-filled, divine selves.

We feel this instrument is questioning herself and we will give her one last second to try to reconnect.

This instrument is having further difficulty, but is practicing patience, kindness, and gratitude in this moment. At this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and will transfer the contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument, in which we find an inconsistent energy, tempered by a desire to continue the practice of sharing our thoughts as an instrument, though we find our time for this follow-up session of queries may be shortened somewhat, but with joy and enthusiasm, which we share with this instrument, we ask if there are any further queries on the minds of those present this evening.

Q’uo, could you speak to any particular method or methods for tuning oneself to joy, cultivating and increasing joy in the experience and awareness of the self?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We appreciate the angle of applicability presented in this query and feel obligated to share the words which you are likely aware that we would share in response, and that is the encouragement to take up a consistent practice of meditation. However, we will extend this suggestion further, and explore the nature of how meditation may then help cultivate a more steady state of joy in your daily round of activities.

When one takes the time and the effort to enter into a state of calm and peace in which the silence of mind is sought, one slowly and irregularly may experience the pealing back of the layers of your personal reality. The center of awareness is drawn deeper into oneself, and the outer layers, dealing with attachments and distortions and the stories of the self and of the world, begin to fade into the background and the self becomes more apparent to the self.

When a consistent meditator becomes familiar with this state of awareness of the self, independent of the circumstances, this independent self is more easily accessible in the midst of circumstances that challenge the self in difficult ways. You may consider this to be a sort of muscle that is built through consistent exercise. As the state is entered consistently, it is accessed more easily, and so we suggest this angle so that the seeker who practices meditation may pay attention to the state found in meditation, and attempt to then recognize that state outside of meditation, and this way the joy that is indicative of the authentic self may become more apparent in a greater variety of circumstances, and the love of the Creator may shine more brightly through the self.

Is there a further query, my brother?

One more from me. In our density of experience we know things by contrast. If something becomes a—I should say, we know things by dynamic contrast. If something becomes a steady state then it has a tendency to become less acute or perceived. It may fade into the background, so to speak. I’m wondering about those in densities above our own, free of the veil, who have unfettered access to an experience of joy. What meaning does joy take on the densities above our own when it is, in my perception of things, a constant state?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We find this query to be interesting and insightful, and also appreciate the challenge it offers to us and to this instrument, for articulating a response stretches, and indeed, exceeds the ability of this instrument’s ability to articulate. However, we, and this instrument, will try our best.

The densities above your own may be seen to be highly influenced by the actions taken by each individual mind/body/spirit complex and each social memory complex within the third-density experiences of those individuals and complexes. As the third density is the density of choice, and defines the path of the individual subsequent to that density, it is of a particularly intense nature that subsequent to the discovery of the usefulness of the veil, creates a lasting imprint upon the experience of the mind/body/spirit complex throughout its journey of the densities.

And so, it is true that joy is apparent and consistent in those densities above your own. There are impressions and certain momentums created by the third-density experience of each individual that create a dynamic environment. This environment, while full of joy, has contrast in other ways. We are able to perceive things and experience things with a less dramatic contrast as you, but with contrast, nonetheless informed by our own third-density experience. We are also able to experience dynamic contrast in our own interactions with third-density social memory complexes, and responding to the call of such complexes.

And thus, we offer our deepest gratitude for this opportunity to work with you and with your planet, for our own experience of the Creator and our own spiritual journeys would be far less vivid, far less meaningful, and far less joyful were it not for the opportunity to be with you here and now on your own journeys.

At this time, we relieve this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased, my friends, for the experience that each of you has had this evening, demonstrating your continuing growth in the process of perceiving and speaking the words and thoughts that we give you in response to the queries that you ask us. We are always pleased to be with this group, for you have always demonstrated a great deal of desire to be of service to others, and as time passes and your practice increases, your abilities also have increased to the point where we are enchanted with the concepts that we are able to transmit through you. “Enchanted” we say, because this is a sense of mystery revealed, where each new instrument has been able to remove those distractions from the mind that may interfere with the perception of our words and thoughts to the degree that we feel there is a consistency developing within each new instrument that reflects this focus of attention upon those words we give to you.

There is always a certain, shall we say, leeway that we find acceptable within new instruments so that there may be some distortion here and there in each instruments presentations, but as we have said, with this group we do not see the type of distortions that we have seen in other groups within this organization’s history. We thank each of you for your conscientiousness and fastidiousness. You are most—we look for the appropriate word within this instrument’s mind—inspired, my friends, inspired is the word. This is what we feel from you, and this is what we feel in response to your efforts. We thank you once again for being this conscientious. We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and at this time we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave you as always in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus

  1. Ra: “The bisexual knowing of the Creator by Itself has the potential for two advantages. Firstly, in the green-ray activated being there is the potential for a direct and simple analog of what you may call joy, the spiritual or metaphysical nature which exists in intelligent energy. This is a great aid to comprehension of a truer nature of sbeingness.” #31.3