Group question: Can you talk about the value of bodily catalyst and how to utilize it in our spiritual journey?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and in light this evening. I am most pleased and honored to be asked once again to join your circle of seeking as a participant in the role of attempting to respond to those queries which you feel are important in your journey of seeking.

At this time, we would ask you, as is our wont, to take what we say with a certain questioning nature, using those words and concepts which we offer you in any way which feels appropriate to you. We would also ask that if any word or concept has no meaning to you at this time, it is well to leave it behind. Thusly, we may speak freely with you, as is our delight to do each time we join you.

This evening you have asked what is the value of bodily catalyst which seems to be so present among you and others with whom you are in contact, and how does one deal with it, or utilize it in the spiritual path that each of you is upon at this time.

This is a very significant query, in that there is much within each seeker’s spiritual journey that will be composed of the catalyst from the body. This is an instrument that any seeker may utilize upon the spiritual path to find symbolic resonances that are connected to a larger picture, as you might say, in your spiritual perceptions: the catalyst which you have chosen previous to the incarnation that will allow you to proceed in the direction that is most helpful to you, learning those lessons that are yet to be learned, or yet to be learned in a more refined sense, for there are very many levels to each type of catalyst that you may encounter throughout your incarnation. As you proceed from level to level, you are able to utilize a body catalyst more and more effectively, looking always for the significance in whatever sense you may perceive so that you are gleaning that which is most appropriate for you at this time.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument. We would continue speaking on the importance of the body for the spiritual seeker upon this or any plane, but particularly your third-density experience as the body becomes the outward manifestation and laboratory, you might say, of the experience, and the self-knowing journey of the mind.

As those of Ra have described, catalyst which is not fully or efficiently processed by the mind complex will filter down into the physical/chemical vehicle you call your body, and may mirror back to the mind through manifestation that which is calling to be learned. As we spoke through the previous instrument, this, we would add, may not always be a literal manifestation, but a symbolic one. For instance, perhaps one may have a medical challenge or experience of heart difficulty, palpitations, congestion, failure even, which may offer echoes to the self of some experience, some relationship with the self, with another self, with a family, with a group, which is not balanced within the self, and seated in love, which has not been healed or forgiven.

As this situation persists within the life pattern, perhaps on center stage or perhaps in the periphery, perhaps even forgotten or likely ignored over a certain duration of time, then the catalyst which is desirous of being understood and precipitating growth within the self will find its way, shall we say, to the body complex, and modify that body into distortions which you see as ill health, but which offer the self a valuable teaching tool—a mechanism, as the ones known as Ra have described, of self-revelation.

Your people’s attitude toward body complex distortions is understandably often one of avoidance or fear. There is then often various means used to mask the symptoms, to suppress or control. We would encourage those experiencing bodily catalyst to take the situation, the sensations, the consequences of this bodily catalyst into inquiry in the silence of meditation, that the deeper underlying purpose of this catalyst may become more apparent to the mind, to the self. There is always a thread that can be followed in the bodily catalyst that, when pursued, can offer illumination or revelation about the experiences within the self. Through this mechanism, the self can become more known to the self. If one faces squarely the bodily catalyst or physical distortion, then it becomes more difficult to avoid the mirror that the body offers the mind.

And with this thought, we would leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We come to you in the love and the light of the One Creator. Let these words be made of light and love, the way you are made of light and love. Let these words help illuminate the body, the concept of body, mind and spirit. As you look at this question regarding body catalyst, expanding your concept to include body/mind/spirit as an interconnected entity, with sets of vibrations combining, you can see how, and easily already know how mind and emotions, issues of the spirit may influence the body with some catalyst, and it is also through the mind and the spirit, and through an open heart and emotions, that one can successfully deal with body catalyst as it may appear as a result of emotions or mental influences. It may, just as easily disappear from the body and from the emotions and spirit as it is cleared from the consciousness of the one processing the catalyst.

It seems to us that many of those on earth are becoming more and more able to process, to clear catalyst, the effects of catalyst, we should say. The catalyst is the energy of being affected by variances and frequencies around an entity. The effects of such catalyst may leave a discomfort or some way of feeling in the body not as comfortable, but we tell you that those effects are alleviated by the lifting of the body, mind and spirit higher in consciousness, clearing the issue, clearing the variances in frequencies that may have affected the entity in the first place, and from that higher place, there is more peace. Then, peace can settle into the body, the body can settle into peace more easily.

More can be said on this subject, but at this time we will take leave of this instrument and let the contact be passed to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We feel it is important to emphasize the unity of the mind, the body, and the spirit, for it is the illusion of the distinction between these aspects of yourself that is often at the root of what has been called “bodily catalyst.”

Within your society and in your culture, the material nature of the universe has been upheld as an ultimate authority, if you will, in the ways of the creation. This notion of materialism as the exclusive nature of your reality has sunk deep into the collective mind of the peoples upon your planet, and this notion emphasizes a division between your body and your awareness of your body, so that often the discomforts, the pains, the disease, and all other forms of bodily sensation, may be viewed as an imposition on the self—something that is to be fought and defended against. In a sense, the body is viewed as an enemy, as it fails to live up to expectations and begins to turn upon the self.

This entire notion of an aspect of the self, so integral to one’s own development, working against one’s own development, is one which we find most amusing. We do not mean to make light of the extremely difficult and uncomfortable circumstances that so many of your peoples experience in terms of catalyst of the body, yet we suggest to the seeker wishing to grasp the nature of bodily catalyst and understand the nature of healing such catalyst, that a shift in perception of one’s own body and connection to one’s own true being is absolutely necessary.

For, my friends, your body is not a shell; it is not a husk in which your spirit maintains temporary inhabitance. It is not an enemy to be thwarted and worked against. Your body is as much a part of your true being as your mind and as your spirit. These three aspects of self are, indeed, one self, and to exclude your body from the sanctity which seekers so often give to the mind and to the spirit is to invite reminders from the body that it is, indeed, as innate to you as any other portion of yourself.

So, when the seeker is confronted with such bodily catalyst, and pain and discomfort are presented to the self, we ask how might one respond to such an offering if it comes not from an enemy but from a friend, or even from the self? While such an offering may have an unpleasant experience, there is great healing and power in accepting such an offering as a gift from the body to the self, or in other terms, from the self to the self. This is a gift that may be held close to the heart, and understood as part of the self, no matter the accompanying experience, be it pain or pleasure.

Each of you has the capacity to hold these difficult experiences in the light of love and to integrate them into your being, and in doing so, a path towards healing may appear. There may yet be more distortion, or more gifts from the self, pointing to specific experiences or biases or beliefs that may need explored further by the self, while maintaining the torch of light and love that the explorer holds during this adventure. But, we suggest that once one is able to hold the body and its experiences in love and as a true aspect of one’s being, healing has already taken place in its essential form. The rest, as you may say, is details.

We offer one final thought through this instrument on this vast and interesting topic that is so important to you and your planet at this time. The one known as Gary mentioned earlier in this meeting the contemplation of the notion of one love and one consciousness and one heart. We take this notion and extend it to that of one body.

Realize, my friends, that the distinct being that you experience that may be so reinforced by the bodily experiences and pains is shared among all beings and all of the creation as your body is as much of the Creator as any other aspect of the creation. Consider the intricate system in which your body exists, and how it is connected to the environment around it, and to the bodies of the other selves with which it has contact. Your body is a reflection of the One and has the power of the One within it. It is truly a sacred portion of your being, and we are grateful to share this one body with you, the body of the Creator.

At this time, we relieve this instrument and transfer contact to the one known as Gary, to address any questions that this circle might have. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we greet you again through this instrument. We make ourselves available for any small queries that may be upon your mind.

Q’uo, we have a question from a seeker named M1, who asks, “I find myself fascinated by the question of how Q’uo and other channeled entities have evolved in their own understanding of humans over these last 50 years, perhaps in learning more of how their understanding of Earth human’s have developed, we might gain at least another sliver of understanding about ourselves, as sparse as it may be around here.”

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we receive your query, my brother. We have witnessed your peoples for some time, long before you were upon this world. We have watched with a sense of wonder and keen interest and concern, as you have progressed, or stalled, or spun in circles, through your third-density experience. You ask for our opinions on your recent evolution, a span of your 50 years, and we give this instrument a sense of hope.

We see much of the same conditions present now that have been with this population, these populations and their respective origins, for some time. These same conditions of attachment to non-seeking, non-conscious living, unconscious reaction to patterns, the tenacious seeking of comfort, however large the board may be which is applied to the head of the species, yet we see growing light as your world enters the fourth-density vibration. This light remains unknown to many upon your surface, but it becomes more visible with each passing season. [With] each upwards spiral, more of your peoples sense, or become aware of this increasing light, perhaps not consciously, but on some level within the being there is a choice that is made to participate in this light, to place priority upon loving others, finding the way toward compassion, finding value in healing and reconciliation, whether within the self, within relationships, or within the relationship to the Earth upon which one is born and one dies in the third-density illusion.

So, my brother, we cannot give specific diagnoses on planetary conditions, but we can assure you, with the fullness of our being, that there is cause for hope. People, as you call them, are awakening. Earth is transitioning, and whatever future days may hold in the way of destruction or disharmony, the birth process is underway and accelerates with each awakening of the seeker to these new vibrations.

May we ask if there is another query at this time?

I have a short follow-up. It seems like over the thousands of years that the Confederation has been interacting with humanity, there’s been a gradual pulling back or lightening of the methods. Where once Ra walked among the Egyptians, it seems like now the most we can that hope for consistently is channeled contacts like this one. As we evolve as a species, will there be more opportunities for different sorts of interactions with the Confederation beyond this type of vocal channeling?

We are those known to you as Q’uo and thank you for this query, my brother. Indeed, you have correctly noted our evolving strategy with regard to serving and answering the call of service emitting from your peoples. This strategy is consequent of our own naivety and, as you would define them, blunders, as our intentions did not achieve the desired outcomes. Our strategy, as you note, has thus been one of being as non-invasive as possible, gently awakening, advertising at the edges, passively beaming love and light, speaking to the self in veiled form in the dreams, and making our selves available through the vocal channeling. The virtue of this method being that the information or message that we share may be evaluated upon its own merits without the perception of the recipient being biased because … we retrace … due to the presence of super-ordinary beings as the third-density entity would perceive it.

Thus, may we speak of the love and the light of the One Creator with the hope that the carrier wave and the content of the information itself will be as the seeds disbursed upon your soil which may grow where the soil and the conditions are receptive.

From our position in the densities higher than your own, there is a desire, my brother, to be with your peoples in a more direct or intimate way, for as a unified group of beings—unified in service to others—it is our great passion to share our love, to speak of that which we have learned, tailored for your experience, that we may hopefully empower your own seeking and your own experience.

If you can imagine the joy of knowing that one’s service has been of aid in helping a self to realize the Creator within, it works that joy much the same in your density as it does ours. Will we be able to have or experience a more direct contact with your peoples? We may only suggest that in time—as your planet moves more firmly into the fourth-density vibrations and there is a reduction or elimination of the possibility of infringement upon the freewill of those not seeking—may we perhaps find other modalities more direct than the vocal channeling.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not from me, thank you, Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another question from this group?

If no one else has a question, then I will read one more from M2, who writes: “Recent research in physics points to the cosmic web of galaxies having generally the same structure as the network of neurons in our brains. Is this meant as a clue, pointing to the consciousness underlying everything, or are there any other insights Q’uo might offer on this?

We are those of Q’uo, and we receive this query with appreciation. We give the instrument the phrase, “as above, so below,” for patterns repeat, or mirror, or dance in symmetry or likeness, or symbolic metaphor, one to the other, on various levels. You may take the instrument you call microscope and look at that which seems small and solid to you, zoom in, zoom in, zoom in, and at each level you will find an expansion into a vast interior space until you see that the universe exterior to you, and the universe interior to the solid seeming forms of life have a symmetry in their vastness. The stars, celestial bodies, positioned as they are in galaxies, the galaxies positioned as they are in the vast web or matrix of cosmic space, do bear a similitude to other structures, perhaps even the biological arrangement or structure of the, what you call “brain.”

Is this a clue with an intentional design? Rather, is this intentionally designed as clues for the seeking eye? We would answer only generally, and say that, “yes,” this is true, but not exclusively to this property of celestial bodies and neural networks, but to all facets, elements, of the creation. All things are mirroring, and in truth singing the majesty, the wonder, and the design of the Creator, and each way that this can be perceived or is recognized, can indeed, speak of a clue, calling the separate self to the mystery of the One.

We ask if there is a follow-up or a final query.

No, not from me, thank you, Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother, and we depart from this instrument with gratitude for his offering to us, and we transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We express, through this instrument, our gratitude and admiration for the instrument known as Gary, as we understand the difficulty in accepting questions, and offering answers unknown to the self, relying solely on this process, and we offer our words of encouragement and suggest that as each instrument practices this art and technique more and more, the confidence with which one can enter into this service is slowly built, and through that confidence a greater service may be offered.

We ask at this time if there are any queries which we may address.

Thank you, Q’uo, for that feedback. An individual named M3 writes: “Do those of negative polarity in fourth and fifth density, not realize they’ll eventually need to switch and reconcile in sixth density? I’m curious as to their justification, if they do have some awareness of that need, or is this question an over-simplification of what entities in higher densities experience?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We may answer both of these queries in the affirmative. Indeed, to speak about such awareness in such simple terms is an over-simplification or an inadequate perception of the nature of the higher densities. It is quite impossible for the entity, solidly dwelling within third density, and accepting, for a time, the faculties of third-density consciousness, to grasp the nature of awareness of those in higher densities. However, simple though these terms may be, we can confirm that with the veil of third density lifted, and the nature of the Creator laid before the negative entity in the higher densities, it does become apparent, to use somewhat of a misnomer, that within the sixth density, the polarity is released, and for such a negative entity, this can be a difficult endeavor. However, we suggest to you that such an entity who perceives the self as the primal creator, deserving to be in a position of control and enforcing order upon the universe, this entity has already consciously chosen a path of difficulty, yet they understand, as do those upon the positive path, that the path still leads ultimately to the Creator.

Upon the realization in sixth density of the nature of unity, the negative entity does not resist, in the sense that you may understand, the need to release such polarity. Some may, for a time, continue walking the difficult path, attempting to test its limits, yet each step the negative or service-to-self entity takes upon their path is taken in the knowledge that they are the Creator, and their path leads to a realization of all as the Creator. It is simply the path that they choose and that they find meaning within.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

Not to that query. Thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Yes. R writes: “My question is, can Q’uo comment on how often a galactic Logos interacts with its creation in the form of a manifested principle, seemingly separate in the form of, shall I say, a sub-Logos, and does work with its creation by the means of teach/learning and guiding all aspects of its creation for the purpose of soul evolution?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. We find this query quite difficult to address within the bounds of this instrument’s capabilities, as well as the limits of the language available through this method, for to address this query would require an essential understanding and perception of the unifying line, you may say, between a Logos and its sub-Logos. This essential unity is, by design, shielded from the third-density entity.

We find this query asks about frequency and consistency of this particular scenario, and such can only be expressed in terms of infinity, for in every moment, and every part of any Logoi’s creation upon any level is that Logos manifest and offering to its creation the love and the light of the Creator as understood and refined by that Logos. Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

Not to that one, thank you. I’ll move on to the next one. Actually, I should check in with the instrument before doing that. Is that permissible Q’uo?

I am Q’uo and we thank you for your conscientiousness. Please present the next query.

Our friend, A, asks: “Is it still possible for our third-density population to destroy the planet with nuclear or other warfare, now that we are in green-ray vibrations?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. To speak in absolutes, or to confirm any specific probability, would be inappropriate at this time. However, we may say that there are many scenarios which may unfold that could, in essence, render your planetary sphere unviable for further experience. This is balanced by a far greater number of probabilities in which life meets the challenges presented to it by the confused society complex upon your planet and thrives regardless of any inconvenience met along the way.

To speak in some specific terms about the fear around the use of nuclear weapons, the power contained within such weapons is such that it affects dimensions and layers of reality beyond your own, and beyond that which these weapons were intended to affect. And so, in some scenarios, such weapons may not be permitted to be used, and would be thwarted as an expression of balance by the Confederation.

However, this is not true in every scenario in which such weapons may be involved.

Is there a follow-up or subsequent query that we may speak to?

Not on that one, thank you Q’uo. J writes: “What happens with a leader of a positively oriented group who begins discouraging the principle of free will?”

I am aware of the query, my brother. We find some confusion in this query, as the described leader of a positive nature who discourages the principle of free will within the group is turning from the positivity used to describe such a leader … we pause to allow this instrument to deepen its connection.

We are Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument. Such a leader in a group that is seen to be positive may be met with temptations, either energized by those known to you as the Orion Confederation, or simply those temptations offered by the social mind which the group finds itself residing within. These temptations may sometimes exhibit as a desire for personal power, personal gain, or aggrandizement of the self.

However, we feel that there are other types of temptations that speak more to the heart of this query, and those are the temptations of righteousness, and the feeling of being correct in one’s view of the creation about one, and thus the desire to enforce these ideals upon others in the guise of a desire for a positive outcome becomes quite desirable in the eyes of such a leader. We would describe this as a confusion, and such a confusion may not only depolarize such an individual, but even allow an individual to polarize in the negative sense, upholding a seemingly positive ideal.

We find this instrument waning in its energy, and at this time, take leave and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, to offer this circle some final closing statements. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. It is with great joy and pride that we commend each instrument for its abilities to participate so fully and conscientiously in this practice channeling session. We would commend the one known as Kathy for her ability to perceive our contact the first time that it was offered to her. She is to be commended for her desire to serve as an instrument, and her ability to perceive contact that is foreign to it.

We would commend the ones known as Austin and Gary for their abilities to stretch their receptive faculties to the extent that they have moved beyond previous achievements and have made progress which is both exciting and solid. We are always amazed at the sincerity within the heart of each member of this group to be of the service which is possible for each without knowing the true nature of the possibilities. We can assure you that growth is potentially infinite, as is all of the creation, and that the heart that you have beating within your chest is a physical manifestation of the heartbeat of creation in which all entities participate as one being, for you know well that the creation and the Creator are one being, existing within each facet of the one creation.

Thus, as you offer yourself in service to others, you partake of that great heartbeat of creation, and ride upon its rhythmic beating in a manner which allows you to perceive your shared unity with each other entity in whatever form or density within the one creation. Thus, we are all of one heart truly, for there is only one heart in truth, and you have served that Creator and that heart as if you were the lifeblood of that heart, moving in a rhythmic fashion within your own dance of being.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group. We leave each of you as we found you, in love and in light, for there is no place else to be. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.