Group question: The topic for today’s channeling is how to love that which is difficult to love.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument this evening. We greet each of you in love and in light, for this is what the Father has made the Creation out of and we rejoice with you in the power of love and the manifestation of light that illumines this group this evening. We are most honored to be able to join you and to assist you in becoming instruments for the One Infinite Creator whom we serve with all of our being, as we are aware that you also serve in the same fashion.

We will exercise each instrument, and this evening, in the exercising of each instrument, we found that you have chosen the topic that is of great importance to each entity within the third-density illusion, for there is a great variety of types of experiences that you will have with the many and various personalities that are presented to you as opportunities to grow further and further in love and light within your own being.

The difficult entity is one which does not meet one’s heartfelt expectations, for each conscious spiritual seeker who engages in looking upon the life pattern as an opportunity to grow is hopeful that there will be a great, goodly company of like-minded, open-hearted entities with which to travel this path through your third-density illusion, and in many cases, this is so. However, those cases which do not meet the expectations and move within the realms of anger, of doubt, of frustration, of making the life a challenge to share, are those instances in which you have presented to you the opportunity to grow in a fashion that is not always available in the more harmonious, shall we say, interactions that you share in your daily round of activities.

At this time, we shall transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. I am Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet you again through this instrument. We thank this group for this rich topic as there are many ways to approach such a question, so central to the third-density life, for you are surrounded, immersed, inundated with mirrors, in each day and, indeed, in each moment of your incarnational experience in this realm. Those mirrors, while running the range of your third-density experience, are most profoundly found in the form of the other-self. Each other self reflects to the self some aspect or image, or likeness of the self, so that the self may understand and love and serve more deeply.

Some of those mirrors, as your group notes, are more difficult to look into than others. Some mirrors are enjoyable and appealing, and attract and draw the self. Other mirrors, as we were saying, reflect to the self not the sought experience of the open heart or connection or ease or balance, but instead reflect to the self [the] limitations of the heart, imbalances within the energy system, [and] difficulties of vision.

What is the measure of these imbalances and limitations on vision? How is it that the difficult other self reflects this back to the self? The index of clear seeing, of contact with truth, of realization of the Creator, is the capacity to love unconditionally. Where that is not consciously known and experienced, is where there is a limitation within the self. We do not use the word limitation in a pejorative sense, for this limitation is designed [to be] intentional and productive of the development of will and faith, but it is a limitation within the being.

[phone rings]

Smiling, in response to the greeting of the electronic device this instrument continues, the limitation points to something within the self where the Creator is not fully or perfectly understood, for if the Creator was fully or perfect understood in a balanced way, then the response to the difficult mirror would be unconditional love.

So, in facing an other self which is difficult to love, we counsel that the seeker asking itself that question looks within to find perhaps where there is something unforgiven within itself, something not understood or accepted within its being; for as the work of coming into contact with and accepting the 360 degrees of selfhood is done, so too are others loved more fully. We do not say that this is easy work. It takes lifetime after lifetime, often in the case of your experience, simply to bias the self to seek the open heart in the first place.

We commend all who look at a difficult mirror and seek to rise above, shall we say, the knee-jerk patterns, instead [to] find love in the moment. This intention is a marker of great growth of many miles already behind the self. Many, within your illusion are sufficiently asleep that they would not look at a so-called difficult person and seek to use the catalyst being presented, but instead in their slumber seek only to respond in knee-jerk patterns of defense or attack or of some manipulation of the moment that seeks only comfort.

There are no hard and fast rules, shall we say, for successfully loving that which is difficult to love, but we highlight again, the power of the intention, the power of meditation, [and] the power of prayer. And in closing, with this instrument, we remind the self that the more fully that the self may embrace the shadow within it, the more that those mirrors, including the difficult ones, will reflect back to the self the Creator, and all things. We thank this instrument, and we pass the contact to the one known as Kathy.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo and we are with this instrument. Indeed, the difficult to love are the very ones that open the heart space most for all concerned, and we may say that love, learning to love, in the greatest way possible is the main lesson. There will be many lessons, and more closer together, for it may feel for those upon Earth to be in a crowded space of lessons of love that involve a compression of emotions, situation, conditions, so that one, in growing to love more and more unconditionally as the Creator does, is able more and more to do so because of the very crowdedness or frequency of these difficult-to-love situations and encounters; so while it may seem hard [and] difficult to accomplish, each one accomplished is a blessing.

The stone, tumbled and polished into a jewel-like memory of when one learned to love under difficult conditions, but the spirit knows, the spirit knows within each one, helping to set the heart aflame with the requisite love in order to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for the Earth, for going up higher in frequency oneself to that density, toward that density of love and compassion. It is a joyous journey if one can look at it this way. We wish you many blessings upon your journey of learning to love and accomplishing it, and we pass now this contact to the one known as Austin. I am Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. The question posed this evening is one that is firmly rooted within the illusion that you now experience, for the nature of love in its truest essential sense cannot be met with difficulty. The very idea of an individual, or a situation that is difficult to love is one that can only be perceived from the standpoint within a veiled existence—the true nature of love, and the Creator, hidden from the perspective behind this veil.

Thus, we have spoken much to your question in terms of the work which may be done in the realm of broadening one’s ability and capacity to love, and while this work may be bound to the illusion, we trust that you shall agree with us that it is work well worth doing. We remind you, my friends, that you are under no obligation to have any particular relationship to any portion of the Creator, be it a situation or another self. You are only under obligation insomuch as you choose to open your heart to all that comes before you, and this obligation that you have chosen as seekers of the open heart is quite burdensome, as you have discovered, for there is much—from the perspective of the entity within third density—that presents difficulty and closes the heart, and this path that you have chosen to many of your peers, may seem foolish or reckless, or dangerous.

There are many energies surrounding you and within you, asking you to close your heart to those different than you, to those who hold different ideas, and perhaps, most difficult, to those who represent harm which may be done to you or those that you love, and thus, the heart may close from a sense of social obligation or even protection for the self, or for the other self.

This scenario may seem, from your perspective, to be unenviable, yet, from our perspective, it is quite an exciting opportunity for it presents an essential lesson and chance for the polarization of consciousness and an opportunity to glean more of the true essential self which is the Creator, and which offers its love unconditionally to all. Without the challenge presented to the self, these facets of the Creator may go unrealized, and thus the opportunities presented by the challenges of love are, indeed, blessings to your essential self.

You have chosen this path of the open heart because we believe that you have felt, within you, the rightness of such a path. This rightness, however you may experience it, we suggest to you, is the call of the Creator, who yearns for you, and the creation sings when you respond to that call, for this call is like a certain gravity, or a current which pulls at you, and you may find that there is great comfort in surrendering to this pull, and allowing the call of the Creator to pull you to love. Yet, the very nature of the creation, as you experience it as a third-density mind/body/spirit complex, is that even in surrender to the Creator’s love are challenges presented, for this is the dynamic that allows the Creator to know itself, and your choice to meet these challenges while maintaining a state of surrender to the love of the Creator shines the brightest light upon a portion of the creation that is new to the Creator and is an essential reason for the very beingness of creation.

When you find this difficulty in allowing the Creator’s love to shine through you, we suggest that you remember that this is a self-chosen obligation to love in every scenario, and remember that this is not an easy task, and it was not designed to be an easy task. That you persist in your desire to love, despite this difficulty speaks more to your heart, than the actual ability to love in the face of such difficulty. My friends, hold that desire close, and maintain the faith that if you persist in your desire, light will shine, and what was once difficult, will eventually seem natural. We commend you in your desire and offer you our greatest admiration in the path that you have chosen.

At this time, we would ask if there are any further queries in this circle to which we may speak.

How important, for green-ray activation and strengthening is being able to put oneself into someone else’s shoes?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. The capacity to empathize so fully with another individual so that you share their perspective is one that is certainly beneficial to the opening of the green-ray energy center, the center of universal love, for when one is able to recognize that they are themselves the Creator, and recognize also that the other-self is similarly the Creator, through such direct experience the opening of the green ray and the shining of this love is natural.

We do not feel it is necessary to maintain this capacity in all scenarios in order to allow love to shine through the green-ray energy center, for it is possible to fully allow love to shine, despite understanding of the details of another’s experience, and an essential understanding of another selves experiences is not fully necessary to love them fully, so long as the desire to embrace all expressions of the Creator is pure.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

Not to that one, thank you Q’uo.

We thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

This question comes from Michael, who writes: “What’s the relationship between emotions/feelings and conscious thoughts? Do emotions generate thoughts, or can thoughts also arise independent of emotion?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. This is quite an interesting and difficult query, as it presents a challenge for this instrument and us, as we speak through this instrument, as these concepts require a deep understanding of what may be called consciousness and the mind, both conscious and unconscious. Thus, we must speak in terms that are oversimplified in order to share anything of significance.

In this simplified view, we suggest that emotions or feelings, as described by the questioner are signals closer to the unconscious mind as they represent a less conceptualized and less structured form of thought and experience. What you experience as emotions are signs or guideposts, pointing to a deeper significant expression of the unconscious mind, and such emotions may be accepted and worked with to uncover the gems of the Creator hidden therein.

Thoughts, as the question frames them, may be more indicative of patterns of the conscious mind. These, in reality, are not distinct from the unconscious mind and the feelings and emotions that bubble up therein, but within the illusory experience shared by third-density entities, thoughts present a shallower or more abstract representations of what is available to the unconscious mind. This is not to place significance or importance of one of these aspects of consciousness above the other, for abstract thought is an integral part of the veiled third-density experience, and is necessary for the polarization of consciousness, but it is the abstraction of consciousness itself that has enabled the veil to exist, and thus the gems hidden within the unconscious are more easily discovered through examination and embracing of emotions and feelings.

Is there a follow-up or a further query, my brother?

That was really good and I feel like there is so much more to mine there, but my brain isn’t helping me right now so I’ll move on to the next question, and before I do, I will communicate to the instrument that I won’t be attempting a round of Q&A today, I’m very powered down, so when he is finished, he can pass the contact to the one known as Jim.

So, the next question comes from David, and he asks: “How is kundalini awakened, or is it, in the service-to-self entity.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. This shall be the final query that we may address through this instrument for this gathering, for we find this instrument’s energy also waning. The experience of what has been called the kundalini, while available in a sense to the service-to-self entity, has such a different quality compared to the experience for the positive or service-to-others entity, that drawing comparisons is difficult and often meaningless.

This is because the awakening of the kundalini, or the realization of the true self for the service-to-self entity, is built upon an omission of the love that is indicative of the positive path. The love of the positive path is so essential to the experience of the positive entity that it is difficult to relate to that which is essential to the negative path, which is of a similar energy, but turned inward. You may understand this in your experiences of power, especially power in relationship to other selves. Most positive entities, especially upon your sphere and within your society, experience many types of power dynamics in their younger years, and as they grow up within a society that is built upon the dynamic of personal power in relationship to individuals and to groups of individuals.

Looking upon the past experience, a positive individual may relate most to a negative individual when they remember times that they felt fulfilled in establishing dominance, in rebutting another individual, [who is] attempting to establish dominance, in asserting the rightness of their view upon another self deftly and with great effect. We point to these experiences for the positive individual to relate to the negative individual, and yet they are simply glimmers of what a service-to-self entity may experience upon the awakening of what has been called the kundalini, for them. The sense of immense power comes with a sense of immense purpose, and true rightness of their actions, and through this purpose and rightness there is a certain bliss that is available through such an adeptly expressed sense of power over others.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument, and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim to offer some final closing words to this circle. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We have experienced a great deal of satisfaction this evening as we have been able to speak our thoughts through each instrument in a manner which is both facilitated and enhanced by each instrument’s desire to be an instrument of the One Infinite Creator.

We find that this desire is most accentuated at this time within each new instrument, for each instrument is experiencing the variety of life patterns that require a certain kind of feeling of being of service to others. In order to feel fulfillment upon the spiritual path, that the serving as a channel for the One Infinite Creator has been able to meet this need in each instrument is, to us, the greatest indication that each instrument is approaching this service from the most efficacious standpoint, that is, the desire to give of the self to another for the benefit of all. Therefore, we rejoice with you in your growing competence and facility in being able to perceive and speak our words and thoughts in an accurate and precise manner.

We thank you, my friends, for your great devotion to this service, and we remind each that we are always with you in your own meditations, in order to help deepen those meditations, without speaking any words. Thus, we seek to serve you in the same manner in which you serve us and your brothers and sisters upon this great way that moves into unity with all that there is, the One Infinite Creator. We shall now leave this instrument and this group in the love and light in which we found you, where there is nothing else, my friends. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.