Group question: Q’uo, today we would like to know how to develop our capacity to know what is true for us.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We thank you, each of you, for inviting our presence this afternoon in order that we might continue the teaching conversation which we have long had with this group. We are always most pleased to be able to work with you as new instruments, for you are full of the desire to be of service to others as it is obvious to our observation, both by eye and by heart.

You have asked another most salient question this afternoon. How can a seeker of truth know what is right for him or for her to accept as truth, and to pursue as a means of seeking yet further truth in service to others? Each entity within the third-density illusion that you now inhabit has the responsibility and opportunity to look upon the creation about it, and the entities which come into its providence, as those qualities, or directions of energy expenditures that one may adopt in one’s own personal journey of seeking through the illusion into that which is true, which is good, which is helpful, for that particular entity.

This is, for all entities, whether they be conscious seekers of truth, or not conscious of a spiritual path, an opportunity that always presents itself; for if you have a kind of yearning to know and to grow more into that which you do see at present as truth, then to add to it is to increase your bounty, and to become more able to discern what further steps upon your spiritual path you shall take and what they shall look like, for this is the density of choice. At each opportunity of choice, you are presented with possibilities that may offer themselves to you at various levels of expression, depending upon which energy center you are utilizing to perceive the catalyst that comes before you.

How then, when you are seeking that which you call the truth, can you find that resonance within yourself, that argument, shall we say, that persuades, the image that is obvious in its purity, the quality of being that you become aware of within yourself as you observe more and more of that which may or may not be helpful in your spiritual path becoming obvious and open to you.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as those of Q’uo, and we greet you again through this instrument that we may continue speaking on the topic of knowing what is true for oneself. A journey is called such because it is a series or sequence or road of many moments, many steps along the way. The road presents many options along the way, many choices to make regarding the direction of travel, the speed of travel, whether and where one should stop, what one should do along the way and so forth. And you, our third-density friends, are in this illusion without a reliable map.

You may have some fuzzy conception of a map in the form of your metaphysics and systems of spiritual thought, including those concepts which we share with you, but the landscape which you walk is without a … this instrument smiles … without the equivalent of your Google maps or similar. Instead, you walk this road in the interior of your being, and in the movement of your body through the illusions of both space and time, and a darkness. Clarity is sometimes with you, but seldom does that clarity extend many steps down that road, or forward in time.

What is it, then, that informs you as to where to proceed in the darkness and how to make a choice when at a crossroads? There are many inputs into that equation, including needed analysis, synthesis of information, consulting with your various maps or sources of information from other fellow travelers, maybe nearby, maybe having gone before you, but the Grand Central Station, shall we say, that converges these various inputs of information into clarity—or insofar as it is obtainable, understanding, or knowing, or truth—is the heart of the being, the heart of the entity.

The heart is that which is most directly and undistortedly connected to the incarnational lessons which one incarnated to learn. Those same incarnational lessons shape the patterns of one’s life and serve as invisible guiding forces as the entity moves through its years and circumstances. It is the heart which it may seem hides that knowledge or keeps that knowledge protected deep in the interior of the being, and when that which is discovered along the path as the self walks forward in the darkness which is right for the self, or aligned with the self, or provides some needed experience or moment or next step, then the heart may give clue to the conscious awareness. It may speak, so to speak. That speaking may take many forms. You have heard us describe it, using the term resonance—a sense of felt rightness. This is often the feeling tone or visceral experience of the heart speaking, and the self hearing.

It is true, this voice of the heart […] may also arise in the form of what you may call magnetic attraction to a circumstance or a person or a choice that may seem to be a pool, a gravity, to that which is right for one, but as the ones known as Ra said, how easy it is to make a misstep in the night, for it is easy to mistake or misapprehend the source of desire or its place in the being. It is easy to mistake bodily desire or the seeking of some shallow level of gratification for the deep resonance to which we point. It is easy to spiritualize desires which may have a self-serving dimension to them, and may not, in fact, be connected to the self’s desire to utilize catalyst and ascend upward through the layers of illusion toward the Source or the One.

We give this instrument the frequently referenced practice of meditation as the principle and one of the most powerful means of sifting through […] the various inputs, and data points, and sources of stimulation which bombard your senses in every moment; for in meditation, one may, through focus, withdraw the disbursed attention that it might sink back into and abide within the heart. And it is from that holy seat within the heart that one can more clearly hear the wisdom speaking in tones of silence from beyond the veil, from those realms of time and space, or rather time/space, and the unseen, where the self has an understanding of what its mission or role is within this lifetime, and understanding regarding the basic shape of its intention to serve others and what it had hoped to learn prior to entering this simulation or system of your illusion.

The more that you can take, or rather, perform your analysis to the best of your ability, and then release it into a practice of abiding within the heart, the more that the heart may sift and sort and synthesize for you, [this] experiential data of your incarnation, clarifying where it may be best to place the next step on your journey.

We remind each present, and each who may read these words, that the capacity and the authority to know what is true lives only within the self. Other selves may have brilliant insight and inspiration to offer, but no other self can fully know the journey for the self. This is why we commend you always to meditate, contemplate, or enter a prayerful focus that you may contact and consult the authority within, for truly the honor not only to choose, but to shape and author one’s journey, lives within each. This power, however, needs trusted, cultivated, and strengthened through the disciplines of the personality that are a paradoxical combination of intention/effort and release/surrender.

With that, we would leave this instrument for the time being and with gratitude to this circle, transfer the contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. As we speak about the nature of truth as that which is infinitely subjective. We acknowledge the necessity to then ask the question: Is there a concept of truth beyond the self, which does not rely on any individual’s personal perception of that truth? We believe that this question has kept your philosophers quite busy for many of your centuries, and we can only offer yet another opinion and another perspective, and another angle for you to consider in contemplating this large question, for as we speak about the truth as it is known to the self, and what is right for the self on one’s individual journey, you may look at these words as pointing to one’s relationship to yet a larger truth, and you may view the journey of which we speak as one’s journey towards that truth.

We encourage you as seekers of truth to contemplate the nature of your relationship to this truth, for that is key to knowing your true self and understanding the path which you have chosen. We offer an example to clarify what is meant by relationship to the truth. As seekers upon the positive path, it may seem unthinkable that within this so-called ultimate truth, that love is not contained, yet we ask you to consider an individual upon the negative path, which has been called the path [of that] which is not, for once an individual, upon this path, has graduated from the third density and enters into the fourth density, upon which the veil of forgetting is lifted and the truth of the Creator is revealed, this individual sees the same truth as the individual upon the positive path, yet within this individual’s perception of this truth, there is a blatant omission of that which you know as love. These individuals have a very different relationship to the truth, as you upon the path of service to others, the path of love and of the open heart.

And while this example depicts a vast difference in relationship to the truth, we ask you to consider that for each individual, no matter the path, there is an infinitely unique relationship to this truth that can only be known to the self, and this relationship cannot be imposed upon another.

We pause to allow this instrument to deepen its state.


We find this instrument feeling inadequate to continue presenting our thoughts, and we concede to this instrument’s wishes, and depart from this instrument, offering it encouragement and thanking it for its best attempt to offer these words on truth, and we now transfer this contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trish channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument now. To speak on the topic of truth is quite a lofty, but worthy duty. As has been previously stated by other instruments in the circle, truth can be individualized through participation in this density of separation, and simultaneously, truth can be an exercise of unity with all that is. When pondering the idea of truth, we present the image of the monk or the yogi, the practice of taking one’s separate, individualized, personified self and taking that journey into a woods or cave of isolation and environment of limited stimulus. There, in that space, the entity that identifies as separate from everything around it may find solitude and embark upon a secondary journey of true seeking, and while the individual self has ideas of truth in regards to their incarnational narrative, it is in these moments of silence and intentional prayer and seeking, that one may truly discover what is truth.

That truth is the idea of being merely a limb or offshoot of that which we call the Creator, finding one’s genuine creatorship and appreciation of that role in this experience is a pathway towards knowing one’s truth. Perhaps this instrument is giving a hyper-condensed version of what “truth” is, though we feel speaking through this instrument that truth is knowing that every self and other self, and thing and emotion and experience is merely an extension of that self that chooses to separate from its experience.

When this individual self, the yogi, or the monk, in silence and solitude realizes its role as Creator, it can experience that the truth ultimately has, at its center, love. As the yogi or the monk, or the individual self steps back into the illusion that entities on this planet call reality, it can choose whether to remember the diamond that is truth, which is love, and approach its incarnation with that truth hence forward, or the monk or yogi or individual self can choose to forget and continue in this extended drama, for lack of a better term, that one may call experience on this planet at this time.

It is when the self accepts and remembers its creatorship and the diamond of love that permeates all that which we call existence that the individual self may experience whole truth. We say this, understanding fully that part of this experience at this time is to provide circumstances for each extension of the Creator to discover further aspects of the Creator, and at times that takes establishing illusory truths and non-truths, for that provides the catalyst for growth and spiritual evolution. We commend those who are experiencing these beautiful, worthy trials, and send support and love for those seeking to find the diamond of love in those circumstances.

Again, we strive not to simplify or minimize the collective experience at this time by stating that the diamond of love is that which is truth, and the diamond of truth is that which is love. We only wish to impart useful nuggets, if you will, of information that can help you find hope in your journey of your separated and individualized entity self in this path towards seeking.

We feel that this instrument struggles to maintain contact with us, but we would like to leave this instrument with one last thought, and that is to reiterate the importance of accepting and owning Creatorship when one is seeking one’s truth, realizing and breathing in and out the love of the Creator, knowing that one is absolutely the Creator, as is everything around it. That is the simplest yet most difficult truth to accept.

We will now leave this instrument for she feels that she has on her own path of trying to channel truth made many circles and is feeling a bit self-conscious at this time. We will leave this instrument and continue back to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we once again speak through this instrument. Before we would open ourselves to smaller questions you may have, we wish to speak with both gratitude and a sense of being impressed with the previous two instruments. This instrument wonders whose opinion is whose as he shares this opinion [with us], but we would offer that it is simply the case that our sense and the instruments align. Is there a query at this time?

Yes, Q’uo, I’ll start with one sent in from Carlos, who asks: “In the positively oriented spiritual seeker, what is power and what would the right use of power constitute?”

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we have received Carlos’s query. Power is a force or energy, or concept, even, that is difficult to shape into your language. We could speak of the entity without power to perhaps, by contrast, give some insight into this important question. The entity without power—or to say, who has not become conscious of or awakened to the power inherent within their being to be co-creator and Creator—an entity who is ruled and moved about by the will, the desires, the movement of forces outside of itself.

Such an entity is perhaps in some way an extension of its environmental inputs. […] In the deepest metaphysical sense, [it] is always true that the entity is one with its environment and indeed with all things, but in the sense with which we use it, the entity who has blocked, or not fully awakened to its power, is unconscious and unconsciously enacts that which is told to it. The entity who awakens and taps its power, on the other hand, is the entity who is harnessing its will.

Will, ultimately, in the largest sense, is that conduit of energy and trajectory connecting the illusion of the individual self upon a long journey to the return to and dissolution into the All-Self, or the One, or the Creator. Will has many levels of application stepped down from this larger picture, from mundane decisions, to fundamental questions of how to serve and how to seek the Creator in the self and in all things.

Power. This instrument struggles to open the pathway for our deeper exploration into this concept, but makes tiny headway as we give information, perhaps only in synonyms to describe power as the animating life force of the entity (that animates whether or not the self is conscious) but becomes a tool to be wielded or, this instrument is dissatisfied with “tool,” becomes a capacity to be wielded and pointed as the self becomes conscious that it may chart its journey.

Power enables the forward or upward movement. It enables the self to face and utilize catalyst and to withstand that which seems to assault the self. Power informs one as to one’s true nature as a powerful creator, able, available, in terms of its right use, as we were describing. Power in its primary and highest function is to empower the journey from separation to the One.

There are polarized uses of this power, the negative self seeking to manipulate and enslave others that the negative self may take or steal or trick the other self into surrendering their power to the negative self that it may accrue more power to itself, thus moving upward, evolutionarily; whereas the positive entity finds power that is both within its own heart, but is also greater than itself. The positive entity taps into a power which it knows it can trust, and yield to, and become an empty vessel for—an empty vessel through which such power may move in order to radiate [and] to give freely to others in the path of empowering others, of reminding other selves of the power inherent within their beings, that power may be shared, that the creation may be uplifted and glorified in beauty and praise to the One.

May we answer a follow-up or another query at this time?

No follow-up to that, thank you. Another question. This past channeling circle, this past weekend, Q’uo was talking about Kriya Yoga and breath work. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the metaphysical nature of the breath and why it is important?

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we would speak to the question about the metaphysical nature of the breath and breathwork, and why working with the breath may be important to the positive seeker. We would say that working with the breath has many levels of application and may begin with many upon your planet as a simple mechanism of the amelioration of stress and tension, for the mind and the breath are inextricably linked, and the enormous quantities of stress and anxiety that your peoples hold also interferes with the natural patterns of breathing. So, to gather the attention upon the breath that it may have a pathway for more natural rhythms offers a means of restoring vitality and wellbeing, not only to the cellular makeup of the physical vehicle, but also to the mind complex.

On the higher end of breathwork is the path of the adept, which may learn how to manipulate the breath in order to alter its consciousness, to store energy, to increase energy, to change the state of awareness through the practice of breath control. The breath … we give this instrument the words “divine wind” … [such] wind is not only [of] an outer manifested level, the material of your atmosphere, but is the spirit without form, boundless, free, intangible, and the least distorted of your complexes, being, for lack of better terminology, closer to the Creator. Spirit and breath are very much linked on a physical and metaphysical level.

Without the breath, the body shall perish. So too, without the spirit complex—the channel from the roots of mind to intelligent infinity—the self will not be vital. The self will not be the actor on the stage of the third-density illusion which learns and grows. To become more conscious of the breath and connect more deeply with the breath is a potential gateway toward activating and becoming more conscious of and integrated with the spirit complex as well.

May we ask if there is a further query at this time?

I can’t formulate my thoughts into the follow-up I’m trying to express, so I will ask a different question, and ask if you could speak about the mental health disorder we call “depression,” and what the metaphysical implications of depression are, and if you would have any suggestions for seekers who are going through depression.

We are those of Q’uo and have received your query, asking about the nature of depression and whether we may have any advice for seekers experiencing this particular distortion in your illusion. Depression, as with all patterns that you may call painful, or uncomfortable, has its roots in some form of blockage within the self, at the most fundamental, but perhaps least descriptive level, the blockage of the heart, and/or the blockage which solidifies the walls, or increases the distance between self and the Creator that solidifies the walls of the separate self.

In depression there is likely an unmet expectation, a sense that the present life configurations or the flow of life is not moving according to that which was desired or expected. In depression there may be a misapprehension of the self which connects to why we of the Confederation speak often to the helpfulness of contemplating the self as the Creator; for in this misapprehension of self, the self may feel small, disempowered, unable. It may find itself in a, as you would speak in your terrain, swamp, under darkened clouds. There is little sense of standing in the sun or feeling the sun, and the radiance, the joy, and the clear air and sense of possibility; instead there is a sense of oppression, perhaps of being lost, perhaps of looking toward the horizon and seeing only more of the same. And in depression hope thus decreases.

There are many specific triggers and causes and sources that may precipitate depression in the life experience, but we believe we have spoken to some of its general parameters, and in terms of what a third-density seeker may do if he or she finds themselves in such a condition, we would circle back to the contemplation of the self as the Creator. In this contemplation are borne many, many fruits, including an understanding that the self’s circumstances are not imposed upon it. And in this understanding is borne the understanding that the self is not only responsible for its inner creation but as such may choose anew, may shift attitude, broaden perspective, to gain a clear view. For that swamp, while something of a container for the self’s mind, and thus very real, is ultimately a misapprehension of the self and the self’s situation—for the self, in its deepest, truest nature, may dissipate those clouds, shall we say, with the radiance of its heart, its connection to the Creator.

We would also counsel the strengthening of the faculty of faith, for when the horizon looks bleak by all amassable evidence, it is only through faith that the self can see beyond what seems apparent to its eyes and know that the sun awaits the self, and know that one day, if not in this particular space/time nexus, it will be upon its journey, walking strongly on solid ground, or flying, or sailing. It is through faith that hope may energize the self and help it to get unstuck from its tangles and patterns; for hope is always needed in this third-density illusion. [This] is especially so when the self is most hopeless. We assure each seeker that there is never a circumstance where hope is inappropriate.

Is there a follow-up or another query which we may speak to?

No follow-up. Another question. There are a lot of seekers who read the words that you share with us, and would like to have some sort of relationship or interaction with the Confederation, but the vast majority of them don’t have the ability to participate in a channeling circle like this here, and I was just wondering if there was anything you could offer or suggest to seekers like that who would like to experience the Confederation’s energy, and interact with you?

Thank you for this query, my brother. We thank this instrument for checking back in with us before speaking, as this is helpful for this instrument. We have received your query about other spiritual seekers who receive our words and find resonance and inspiration resulting in their hearts and their desire, perhaps, to more directly interface with our energies. To such a seeker, we would remind them that we are but humble messengers. We have only to offer words of reflection about a reality that is not outside of themselves, but a reality that is connected to who and what they, too, are. If they feel resonance with, or identification with our words, we would remind them that it is not so much identification with us—though we may indeed be kindred spirits, and may have, or may know, or will have share in intimacy with one another—rather, what they feel inside is not Q’uo or Hatonn or Latwii per se, but deeper threads, layers, and hints of the promised land, shall we say, within the springs of restoration and healing that help the weary soul traveling through your illusion to let down the burdens to be new again.

But for those wishing our service, or the reception of our energy, we would counsel, as always, the request for our presence in the meditation, for we have, shall we say, tuned our ear to the calls emanating from this planet, and when we are requested, it is as if we had received such a call, and we wish to respond with the wholeness of our being, so we may be with the self in meditation. Most of the time we would suggest that we are imperceptible, but we assure you that we are, indeed, there, supporting and uplifting the self, and we stand ready to train new channels when and as they are ready, and we wait always, behind the curtains, so to speak, to lend support, but remind the seeker that this is your stage; your life and dance [is] to live upon that stage. We watch you with admiration from a distance.

May we speak to a follow-up or a final query at this time?

I have somewhat of a follow-up to that. In regards to the entity that we know as Jesus, when a person feels like they have a certain experience, a personal experience, with Jesus, for example, the one known as Carla having experiences when she was young, is this an experience with literally the entity that incarnated as a wanderer from the Confederation? Or is it similar to what you were describing in your previous answer? Or is it something else where that entity, and those who followed it, have created somewhat of a thought-form that has persisted in our collective unconscious that makes that energy available to people?

We are those of Q’uo and have received your query about the possible ontological reality of these experiences of your third-density beings with a master or teacher such as the one known as Jesus. The reflective mind of the instrument that is monitoring our communication is concerned that a question about information has been asked which is not strictly inspirational, but factual, and we assure this instrument that it is okay to keep speaking, and as always, counsel discernment from any reading or receiving our words, taking into account that a human conscious instrument is transmitting.

Then, to your question, we would say that it is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all reply, for there may, indeed, be instances wherein the third-density being is interacting with the no longer incarnate soul of the master or teacher or enlightened being. For such a discarnate entity remains connected in a way which we cannot articulate, to their work upon this plane, and if, of service to others, wishes to respond to calls for service that are connected in wave-length or vibration to its work or its name.

However, we give this instrument the concept of archetype, or if not the appropriate term, then repository or template, into which congregate like-experiences, vibrationally similar thoughts, ideas, concepts and so forth, that then takes on a reality in the psychic substratum of your collective mind. It is possible, then, for the third-density entity to interface with this in various ways, and each interfacing adding their own coloring, not only to their subjective experience, but to the archetype itself, the archetype being a living energy, a not-static energy that grows with the evolving [collective] mind.

The experiences of being visited by a discarnate being with historical origin upon your plane have various depths of meaning, profundity, and even validity, for it is quite possible for the third-density mind to also, shall we say, fabricate experiences, perhaps innocently, perhaps to deceive. But we would speak to the discernment of each in attempting to assess the value and meaning of the visitation or interaction, for there are various markers along the way, just as there are markers between positive and negative and mixed contact. For those visitations or experiences of visitations that leave the self feeling illumined or uplifted or healed or not alone, these are of value and to be trusted, though it is also possible for a guide of the incarnate self to appear in a form which the incarnate self desires.

We would, at this time, release the contact through this instrument with gratitude to the questioner, and to the circle, and we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. Adonai vasu borragus

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We would thank each instrument today that has participated in this session of teaching and learning. We know that there have been difficulties for each instrument in participating in the normal fashion, and we appreciate the desire of each instrument to push through those difficulties and to continue to the best of their ability to serve as a channel for our words and thoughts, that there might be a delivery of inspiration to those who will read or hear these words. We know that in each incarnation there are those times of distress that can press upon the mind, the body, and the spirit in some cases, and we are most appreciative of the determination of each instrument here to make the best use of its resources, be they high or low, distorted or clear. We thank you from the depths of our being for your efforts.

We know that each entity which partakes in these communications is desirous of being of service to others. To the greatest extent possible, this desire we share with you. It is for this common desire that we are honored to join you and to be a part of your circle of seeking, your offering of service and your sharing of being.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each as always, in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator who made us all, who exists within all. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.