Group question: In times of overwhelming catalyst, how do we maintain sight of the light in the world that informs our seeking and our service?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We are eager to join your circle of seeking, for we have listened to your hearts as you speak from this unquenchable thirst to know love, to give love, and to be able to move in the rhythm of love in your daily life when your daily life seems like a travail of tears and sorrow, with difficulties, doubts and confusions. We are aware that you experience these facets of the jewel of your being in a manner which at times seems most overwhelming. We hope, this evening, to be able to introduce you to other facets of that jewel that might be able to shine a light upon your heart and mind, in a manner which is assuring and comforting, so you know that you do not walk alone on this path that you tread, that there are many angels and entities of an unseen nature that walk with you every step, that you shall surely be illumined by their constant efforts to bring you comfort and to bring to you that feeling that you can deal with the experiences that seem so overwhelming from time to time, for this is your destiny, my friends. You, who live in this illusion of third density on Planet Earth at this time move and live and have your being in a most confused atmosphere of antagonism, separation and the accumulative effects of anger and being unable to perceive each other as the one who is in all.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet you through this instrument, thanking it for its fastidiousness, and issuing to us a challenge. We would continue on this topic of holding the light in what seems like an enveloping darkness, for the illusion presents you with myriad opportunities to forget or lose sight of the light which built all that there is, and the light which exists forever new and eternal in the center and depths of your being.

This was by design, my friends, that you would seem to become lost or disoriented or astray in an environment of darkness where the Creator’s love and the Creator’s light are not apparent. It does not seem visible, the unity of all things, in the actions and attitudes and orientations of your peoples. The opposite seems to be the case to those within the illusion, and this has something of an hypnotic effect upon those experiencing incarnation in your experience.

In each moment, in each day, you receive more points or streams of stimulation, simulation, and data than your conscious minds can know. And each of these points of information is speaking to you of the separation of all things. It lulls you into an utterly convincing daydream, or incarnational dream, we might say, and it is within this perspective of separation that the self mistakenly relies solely upon its own resources in navigation and vision. These resources are limited, finite, easy to exhaust, and when these resources of self are called upon for facing catalyst which is great and heavy and overwhelming, the self can become exhausted, strained beyond its perceived capacity, and then the walls may seem to close in tighter, for in this illusion nothing is guaranteed. That which transpires for you will be…

We pause that the instrument may deepen the connection.

We resume by returning to the thread of your resources, and highlighting again, that the resources of the human mind complex have their limits, and when they seem to be exhausted or collapsed, then it may seem difficult, if not impossible, to successfully process the catalyst of the day or the moment, but we remind each that within the heart is a direct connection to that which is infinite, that which is in the now.

Connecting with this resource allows the human entity to view that which so troubles the soul and calls the self to question the self, or reality, or one’s planetary environment, and instead of allowing the circumstances of the illusion to define the self, the self instead, knowing who it is, knowing itself as a child of eternity, is radiant, is able to see, not through analysis per se, not through the news precisely, but through the light that emits from the self’s eyes, funneling itself upward and downward from the Creator itself. This light that emits from the self when it reaches that which is within the attention of the self, what it reflects back is not the narrative that the news cycles or the planetary consciousness would convey, but a much higher narrative.

What the light emitting from your eyes reflects to you is that which the illusion hides from you, that being the Creator in all things, in the tragedies and the triumphs. Even the darkest corners of your illusion are not outside of this Creator, and are not outside of the self, the all self. This understanding is knowable, is available to each within the illusion and, to speak to your query, persistence is a necessary portion of coming to this realization from a seeming place where this is not realized, for the illusion will give you uncountable reasons to stop, to sink into despair or defeat or cynicism. Persistence is necessary to continue in this search, particularly as that which is sought is unseen and non-apparent to the eyes. It is, instead, believed or sensed; it is instead, only through faith that the third-density entity understands what may be available to the self on the other side of an illusory separation.

This instrument asks us to move on, and we do so with gratitude to this circle, transferring our contact to the one known as Kathy.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument, and like the candle shining brighter in the darker place, we delight in commenting further on the idea of light. The light that is in your hearts and minds and consciousnesses, the light that is in everything that is seen, or rather perceived by those who walk carefully and as they need to in the daily life of Earth where it sometimes seem that the light can’t be seen, can’t be felt, but it is there, it has always been there. It is the light and love of creation itself and those lights shine continually night and day in whatever conditions, whatever events seem to transpire in the illusion.

And so we say, to perhaps close one’s outer eyes to the world of illusion, to be able to perceive the beauty, the love of this light that does shine everywhere. You could perceive them as pearls of lights everywhere, as in your white Christmas lights sometimes look, but they are connected everywhere like a web, all over creation, and to touch one is to touch them all, and to perceive the grandness of creation itself, and with that to feel the hope that comes from touching just one of these lights, knowing you are touching all of creation.

And so, in broadening your perception just a little, to be able to see and to perceive, to feel and to know, that this light that is everywhere does give hope. It is meant to uplift. It is meant to enlighten one’s own knowing of the purpose of life, for the purpose of life is felt in sometimes even the smallest of kindnesses, the tiniest of gestures toward one another, in the plant and animal world, the Earth itself or from person to person.

This is what true existence is made of. It is not always easily perceived during the daily life on Earth, but it is there, and when one closes one’s eyes to the outer illusion, and breathes in a sense of peace and hope, knowing these lights are there, that are always there, in which each one contains a magnitude of love for each person, for each creature on Earth, one then turns the world inside out to see what it’s really made of.

We hope that this gives you a sense of the light creating a betterment for all living things on Earth, and we know are with you always, but now pass this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. We hesitate to emphasize the unusual and unique nature of the circumstances upon your planet at this time, for some distortion may come from over-emphasizing any circumstances. Yet, make no mistake, my friends, the current energies upon your planet are impressive from our perception, and your persistent desire to share the love and the light of the Creator among such chaos and confusion is beyond admiration.

As seekers upon the positive path with the desire to serve others and to share the love of the Creator, a choice was made by each seeker to take up the banner of love and carry it forth into the world. And in taking up this banner, it is quite common for well-intentioned seekers to place many expectations upon themselves in the name of love, which this banner represents. The seeker tends to place themselves within a story and construct a certain context around their desire to serve that is mired with expectations placed upon the self, [including] the notion of obligation of the seeker to behave or persist in spite of any circumstance and any challenge. And when the seeker stumbles and trips and perhaps even falls backwards upon the path, a heavy burden is felt—expectations unmet become like a heavy weight and guilt becomes the new story that the seeker participates in.

We encourage you to, when you find yourself in such a situation feeling unable to bear the weight of your circumstances and the inability to perform as you feel that you should, look back to that original desire to serve and look to the love that first caused you to take up this banner. You may find in looking to this original desire that this love has no expectation. There are no obligations to fulfill when carrying this banner. These concepts are constructed and placed upon the self, by the self—sometimes with the aid of society, with the aid of ideologies given to the seeker, or with the aid of pressures of social complexes that the seeker operates within—yet all of these things speak of illusion built upon the love that you so desire to give. And it is quite easy to become lost within these things, for they represent the illusion as much as the vast and complicated circumstances that inspired you to share this love and place these obligations upon yourself.

So, we encourage each seeker who feels unable to move forward to recognize that the first step in recognizing that this love is not bound by expectations is to simply accept that which is occurring in this moment, no matter the circumstance, and no matter the emotion or feeling—whether one feels desperation, or anger, or guilt, or any of the complicated emotions that swarm the seeker failing to meet its own expectations. Accept whatever is felt. Recognize that these, too, are housed in the love of the Creator, and allow these things to exist in the self without judgment, and without evaluation, for all emotions and feelings are sacred, and all have their place in the great faceted jewel of the individual which is a spark of the One Creator.

It is this acceptance of the self within any circumstance among the backdrop of any feeling or emotion that will allow the seeker to persist through whatever illusory circumstance has generated this catalyst. And you may find that, resting in this acceptance, you will be renewed eventually, and the difficulty that is placed upon you will only aid in transformation and eventual lightening of the self.

We reserve one further thought to be presented lastly, for we wish not to place emphasis upon this advice, as it is secondary to the essential nature of the ever-present love of the Creator. Yet sometimes understanding the circumstances in which one finds oneself aids in allowing for the easing of one’s self-told stories and releasing of expectations of the self.

Within your society, at this time, there are many, many, many influences with many intentions from many sources [affecting you]. Some of these sources and intentions have, as their goal, the feeling of failure that you feel, the feeling of being overwhelmed for seekers such as yourself. There are some influences woven into the vast complexity of energetic patterns in your daily lives intentionally designed to spawn these feelings that you inquire about tonight. We encourage you not to attempt to pick apart this tangle of patterns and identify the specific sources with specific intentions, but simply offer the advice to be aware of your reactions and your state of mind as you move throughout the day and expend your energy interacting with this complex field of tangled energies—for in doing so, you may find that some expenditures of your energy have undue influence or drain upon your being, and attempts to simplify and rearrange your life patterns could result in great effect in lessening the difficulty that you inquire about this evening.

At this time, we leave this instrument in the love and the light of the Creator, with gratitude, and we transfer this contact to the one known as Gary, in order to address further queries from the circle this evening. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet you through this instrument. May we ask if there is a question from this group?

Q’uo, could you talk about the metaphysical implications of the internet, both in its origins and in its effect on our society?

We are those of Q’uo and have received your query, my brother, and thank you for this question, for as it has been considered by your minds, this development in your social complex has a precursor/harbinger quality of the density to come. Its origins, as with all things, begins in one place, but in seeking a more proximate cause, this particular technology originates from the desires of your people, who, while being mostly unconscious, are following the original desire that entities may seek and become one.

Your Logos designed parameters for your illusion whereby third-density entities would not, by nature, shall we say, be inclined to seek or develop the technologies of consciousness to overcome the boundaries and borders of separation, but instead manipulate that which is of the physical plane that would seem to be external to the self in the realm of space/time in order to manifest and fulfill desire. As such, your people have been on a long trajectory of slowly developing such means, which have a—we’re having trouble with this instrument’s vocabulary—these technological means increase in the speed of their evolution, compacting and compacting again, in shorter and shorter durations as they accelerate your species into amplified abilities.

The metaphysical implications of this technology for your social complex are both simple and far more complex than one question alone can explore. They are simple in that this technology, which you call the internet, enables a more varied experience of the Creator by the Creator, aiding those beings within the illusion to give the Creator a means whereby the Creator may know itself. It is complex, the metaphysical implications, and the variety of effects that it has on your social complex. It has amplified, as your peoples now see, the places where your group is, shall we say, stunted in its development. The fears that individuals have about other individuals, that groups have about other groups have a way of taking on a life of their own in the repetitive and many-ness with which connections are instantly made, and with which information may now travel.

Another implication is the anonymity it may offer those of your sphere granting to each a way to express the self which does not fully permit the rebound of catalyst, shall we say, to be experienced or seen. That is, the entity divorced from accountability of their actions and speech has, in some sense, become untethered from the feedback mechanism of the illusion, though no entity, we note, is without that feedback or mirroring, but in this regard it may serve as an attenuating or disempowering influence upon the spiritual progress of such an entity.

There are many ways we can explore this question but we would close this reply by focusing upon some of the, as you would call it, positive implication of this technology for your peoples, which is the empowerment that may come by way of access to information. Your history is an uninterrupted story of the various powers that be, controlling, limiting, and filtering information, often with the intent to keep your peoples in a state of ignorance, dependency or subservience. As you who have experienced transformation and healing by way of contact with spiritual philosophy know first hand, when the soul is ripe within, information can have a capacity of unlocking the self from various of its limiting costumes, speaking to the self as the view behind the curtain does of, perhaps, previously undreamed of possibility.

There is much further to explore in terms of this technology being a shadow of that which is to come, but we would close this reply now, and ask if there is another, or follow-up query. We are those of Q’uo.

Q’uo, can you tell me if there’s any difference between self-evaluation and self-judgment, for the spiritual seeker?

We are those of Q’uo and we have received your query, my brother, and we thank you, for there is, indeed, a distinction between that which you call self-evaluation and self-judgment. In the latter, the self is denying, to one depth of opacity or another, the true nature of the self. Judgment is that which thickens and lengthens the walls of the illusion, and this judgment is a scorn or contempt or sense of wrongness about what should not be. Underneath this judgment is a fundamental resistance to what is, a, we use this term without judgment, failure to see or experience the divine and perfect, the whole and complete nature of the present moment and all things which may come to the attention of the self within the present moment.

Self-evaluation, on the other hand, may be exercised free of this judgment, but before we explore that, we would note that it is a limited and often faulty tool to wield in the third density, in particular, for as we have noted many times, it is impossible to take one’s spiritual temperature while within the incarnate self. The vision is too often jaundiced, the self attempting self-evaluation from a standpoint which does not whatsoever see the wholeness of the self, or the intentions underlying actions, or the totality of circumstance which converged to create this particular present moment.

Nonetheless, self-evaluation, insofar as it is synonymous with self-reflection is a needed tool, as the self, if it is to learn and process its catalyst, must reflect upon itself, it must ask of itself questions about its motivations, about its impact, about its desires, about whether it is following its desires, about why it is reacting the way it is, and, at heart, asking where is the love and the light in the self and its actions and its experience.

Self-evaluation to be affective must continually focus and sync and abide ever more deeply in self-acceptance. All nuance that is short of total self-acceptance will still hide the self from the self, perhaps even further distorting the self from the self. It is only through the eyes of total unconditional, radical, even, self-acceptance that the self may see the self and insofar as it is needed, evaluation may take place.

May we reply further or to another query, my brother?

That’s a good answer for that one. That next question, I guess is unimportant, just out of curiosity. Usually, Q’uo, when you take questions, you say: “I’m aware of the query.” Through this instrument you say: “We receive the query.” Is there any significance to that difference?

We thank this instrument for tugging on the line, shall we say, to do a momentary retuning, and we have received this query, my brother, and thank you for it. The difference is not so much connected to that which we transmit, but rather to the way the mind of the instrument processes, retransmits, and interfaces with the circle. In this instrument’s biases, it is important to note that the question has, as this instrument formulates it, been received.

May we ask if there is a further or another query, my brother?

No, not this time, thank you.

May we ask the circle if there is a penultimate query?

Yeah, though you might reassess that penultimate label, given the depth of this query.

People, in certain levels of society, like us, who might be what is called “privileged” may be inadvertently participating in exploitation of other people, just by simply living a comfortable life, such as the clothes that we wear are likely made by people who live much poorer lives than us, and we are then able to live our lives because these people live poorer lives. That extends to other things such as food, technology, and a lot of things in our society. How can a seeker on the positive path grapple with this, and not feel guilty for simply existing in the station of society that they exist in.

We have received and are grateful for this very rich and deep query, my brother, and we would double up on our disclaimers reminding each that what we have to share is opinion only and not authoritative, and that we channel through an instrument in training who remains uncertain about his fidelity to our transmission.

That said, you note the inequities within the illusion, the difference between, as it is classically framed, the haves and the have-nots, and the privileges which many within your sphere enjoy simultaneous to, and connected with, the many who do not enjoy these privileges. Indeed, the many who may be less privileged because the structural arrangement of your economy, governments, and society, hoards, concentrates, and possesses exclusively. This is a very large topic to look at the illusion for the variety of causes and inputs that create this situation, but the heart of your query centers on how the entity, upon a path which seems privileged within the illusion, may grapple with this reality upon becoming aware of such, how they may process any resulting guilt.

To this question, my brother, we would say this naturally is for each to determine. There is no right or wrong. There is no necessity to have guilt, however, there is [also] no necessity for non-action. Guilt may, indeed, in self-punishing fashion, catalyze the self into what it perceives to be corrective action (or perhaps into inaction, depending on the size and weight of guilt, shall we say), and certain results may be produced, but guilt is a distortion, like so many distortions within your illusion, that does not arise from a place of unity, per se, at least not consciously experienced unity, but instead arises from a place of separation. This guilt may be connected to blocked love, or the self’s perception that it is failing to be of service to others as it has chosen, or the self’s perception that it is perpetuating harm to others, but the seed of that guilt tends to be a self-punishing energy, an energy that castigates the self, or feels bad about being a self.

We would, instead, encourage each to love themselves, whatever their status in the world, whatever the possessions in their hands, and continue in the examination of how one may better your world, as you would call it, but from a place of love—love not only of the self and the self’s true needs, but love of all other selves and their true needs—and seek to meet them as best as possible.

We will not folly into weighing the ethics of your planetary situation, except to highlight that which is very well known to each in this circle, and that is that many suffer upon your world in ways that are remediable, in ways that may be lifted if but your peoples turned their attention from self-gratification, or distraction, or escape, or wrapping themselves in blankets of comfort and instead focused upon those whose basic needs are not being met.

May, as a final query, may we answer you further, my brother?

I don’t have a follow-up to that, but I can ask one more question if the instrument wants to keep going.

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and this is within acceptable distortion limits.

This is a lighter question. Does the Confederation interact with the second density of Earth at all, and if so, how?

We thank you for this query, my brother, about whether we, of the Confederation interact with the residents of the second density. This instrument questions itself, questions its wisdom for continuing, for it is feeling strained, but nonetheless persists. We can, indeed, reply in the affirmative that we do this, but not quite the way in which we interact with more self-conscious beings of your third density. Our interaction with those of second density is more broad-based. We receive calls issued from the species’ mind regarding evolutionary progress, decisions, [and] adaptations.

The journey of the second density [is] to move upward along the spiraling line of light, and to this great unconscious mind of the species we may offer our service. [This service] is not in specific advice or recommended courses of action, but which is in the form of adding love and light to their processes of self-discovery, for much like with those of third density, we cannot do the learning for those of second density. It is through their processes of trial and error, which in your illusion may manifest as genetic mutation, that they respond to their physical environment, in not just a way of one chemical complex responding to a chemical environment, but is part of consciousness responding to consciousness, seeking new patterns of growth and realization of the powers and abilities inherent within consciousness. We, too, are consciousness, though in our present state a much more complex and sophisticated form then those of second-density experience, but, by way of interfacing our consciousness with theirs, a sort of distant investment may happen that is, however, much more pallid than that which may transpire between the third and second density entity.

With this thought, we would leave this instrument in gratitude for its stretching, and in gratitude for each in the circle for their valiant efforts to serve as humble instruments for our, by your planet’s standards, unusual wavelength of information. We now transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. Adonai vasu borragus.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. It is with great joy that we look upon the circle here gathered, knowing that you all have dealt with difficulties in the preceding days and weeks, and yet have moved with faith and will and courage into your daily round of activities, knowing deep within your self that the light of the One Creator shines as a beacon to draw you onward if you will but pay attention to that which is the deepest of your desires. In your meditations, we encourage you to open yourself to the universe which you are. See all about you the stars in your inner sky shining like suns, beaming their love and life-giving energies into your being, into your hearts, into your minds, into your body, into your soul.

Regenerate yourself then in that meditation that you may go forth with patience, tolerance, and the ability for the light touch, for these are your rod and your staff that will guide you through the valley of the shadow of darkness, and you shall come out the other side with joy and with purpose, and with the assurance that you are one with all, that there is no separation that can keep you from the knowledge of the one who is within you and within all creation. Seek, then, this unity of yourself with your greater self, so that you may, in truth be that which you are, the One who is in all.

At this time, we will take our leave of this group, leaving each as always, in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

And as a little addition to and replacement of our singing, I’d like for us to take a couple of moments and send love, light, and healing energies to our friend, Macesala, in Asheville, who is presently in the hospital, unconscious, perhaps having suffered a stroke. Let us send love, light, and healing energy there and ask that she be able to walk in harmony with the highest and best for her.