Group question: What is the function of trauma and how do we heal from it?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We are, as always, full of joy and anticipation at being invited to join your circle of seeking and learning the channeling service this evening. This is a chance for us to learn as well, my friends, for we learn from you as you learn from us how to be more and more of service to the One Creator which is in all. You know well that we appreciate your acknowledgement that we are your brothers and sisters in service to others and not ultimate authorities. Thusly, we know that you will observe our favor of using the words that we give you and the thoughts that they describe in a manner which has meaning to you, and that you will leave behind any words or thoughts that are not of use to you at this time.

This evening, you have presented us with a question that utilizes the type of learning that is called by many upon your sphere, traumatic. The experiencing of trauma for the purpose of learning lessons preset by your soul and yourself so that you may progress in the manner which is appropriate for you in relation to where you have come from and where you are going in your spiritual seeking.

We look upon this topic as one which is most prevalent upon your planet today. The trauma that is experienced in the general run of things, as you may say, is so copious and abundant that it makes it so difficult for entities to grasp in a logical and practical way. This difficulty in grasping the nature of trauma is inherent within the traumatic impact of this type of learning upon the mind, the body, and the spirit of seekers of truth.

Such seekers of truth who are conscious of their path of seeking realize that that which occurs to them and around them upon this path is more or less predestined, you might say. It is that which is meant to be, for the traumatic experience is that which so focuses the attention of the one experiencing the trauma that the type of response is given as a means of attempting to grasp, first of all, the nature of the trauma, the origin of the trauma, the impact of the trauma, and the response to the trauma that is possible by the seeker. All of this is quite overwhelming, as each of you well knows, for each entity within your third-density experience upon this particular planet has, at least, some measure of experience with trauma, if not first hand, within the being of the self, then within the being of those near and dear to the self, for trauma colors much of experience and learning for all entities upon this planetary sphere.

At this time, we would transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument at this time. We have been speaking of the nature and the purpose of trauma or traumatic experiences in your density on your planet. These are momentary or can be of a greater duration in terms of the lifetime of an individual or society, or over several lifetimes, the effects of such trauma or traumas can be felt.

The feeling nature of your being, your mind/body/spirit complexes, has a sensitivity most necessary for spiritual development, for it aids you in understanding self and other selves, and it aids you in developing compassion and love for self and other selves. But this same sensitivity experiences the perhaps blunt effects, harsh effects even, of traumatic experiences as well, which at first may not be understood in terms of their purpose. But if you can see them as having a larger, longer-term purpose as part of your spiritual development, it may aid you in understanding that as you go forward with such experiences, as you observe and as you experience yourselves, you can mature, as it were, spiritually enough to feel them for their purpose, but to feel them less sensitively than, perhaps, before.

And in that maturity that you gain, you may not only go higher in your own spiritual development, but be a greater help to others, both humans, plants and animals, the very earth may become more compassionate, more understanding, more able to step in any moment that you observe trauma around you and give that loving touch, that helpful hand, that considerate kind word that helps another.

The purpose of trauma seen this way is to lift one higher in development. It causes an action and a reaction, and the greater that the reaction can be of compassion and understanding, the higher the individual may rise. It may seem difficult in the moment of experiencing trauma, but understand that as you develop you may be more and more able to be so stable, so secure in your own higher development, that you can remain much calmer than you might have in prior times of experiencing trauma, and this may be helpful for yourself and others. You know such wise souls in whose eyes you can look and they reflect back such reassurance, such calmness and help, and these are the ones who are less impacted, shall we say, by trauma, who then serve their neighbor, their fellow man and woman by being that stable influence and helping in times of trouble.

There is a Bible verse that says that God has sent even the wicked for a purpose in times of trouble, and that being an old-fashioned English language expression, meaning that there is a purpose for everything—even these experiences that can seem to be not of good, or not of helpfulness. But in the end all is turned toward good, toward helpfulness, for the long arc of spiritual development always tends toward love, compassion, higher development, and the ways are mysterious and sometimes beyond knowing how that may happen, or how long it may take to happen, but, we, as your brothers and sisters, express to you now our own love and compassion for you on this journey that you make. And we now leave this instrument and pass the contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we continue our examination of this topic through this instrument, though the instrument feels it is salient to note his own fatigue which may limit our ability to speak effectively to this topic.

Trauma may be fresh within the entity’s experience but as is often the case, it is stored and hidden away, embedded in deeper layers of the entity’s memory and experience. When buried, whether known consciously to the self or not, it may have various effects upon the conscious seeker. Those effects may seem to be self-sabotaging, they may be projected onto others, they may source pain and difficulties with the local environment in all categories, perplexing the self who does not understand the origin or genesis of the trauma. The self, instead, sees the effects or the symptoms without grasping the operation of this trauma.

Whether or not its source is known, it is well for such an entity to embark upon a path of seeking healing of this trauma, and in that regard, as we were speaking previously, trauma can have a very powerfully catalyzing effect in prompting the entity to seek that healing, and grasp and aim its will upon self-discovery, for all catalyst is ultimately a mechanism of self-revelation.

Trauma results, as this instrument was describing, as a function of the entity being faced with a catalyst of significant severity that the catalyst goes unprocessed, not only, but the systems themselves may be overwhelmed. There are, of course, gradations of trauma, some embedding and accumulating over time and under the radar sorts of ways; or traumas on the other end of the scale which completely shatter, even, the integrity of the entity’s psyche as they face an experience for which they feel themselves ill-equipped, or completely unable to handle, shall we say, to truly look at and find home for within the being to integrate and process through the open heart, [such] that the difficult experience may be seated and accepted as part of the self, as part of the One. Instead, when overwhelmed, the entity partitions off this experience and the difficult emotions, being unable to accept, perhaps in the deep-seated fear that to accept this experience would constitute a death of sorts, or a loss of self.

Trauma is a portion of many of your population’s experience. Many, many entities within your plane have or will experience trauma either in their present life or in many of their lives lived in previous incarnations, for if you make a study of the ways of your peoples you will see the often violent, hurtful, negative ways that entities treat each other in this particular plane, from enslavement to subjugation to torture to abuse to the many ways of emotional attack and neglect that may result in this trauma. It is so common and experienced on a wide-spread scale, and often to groups at a time as one group violates the free will of another group, that trauma is often held on a collective level.

Within the various group minds of your planet is held collective traumas through which each entity within that group mind partakes, carries some of that trauma which informs part of their identity so that the healing of trauma within the self is not always, strictly speaking, a personal act, but is also a collective one, for as the self heals the self, so too does the self heal the group, whether the nearest social complex, the racial mind, [or] the planetary mind, for each is but one light in a network of such lights, each light variously dimmed and blocked by these traumas which ultimately limit, or impede, or baffle the flow of the Creator’s love and light through the circuitry of the seven energy system and the mind/body/spirit complex.

Regarding how a third-density entity may heal trauma, the ways are as many as there are entities. We would speak to some general principles and parameters, and highlight among them a certain measure of courage perhaps needed by the third-density entity, for that which is recorded as trauma within the being may be, shall we say, scary to the self, frightening. It was avoided the first time. Perhaps the entity was too young to cope, perhaps it happened too quickly for the entity to cope, perhaps circumstances did not support its coping, but it was not processed [and] coping did not transpire so it was avoided, rejected, partitioned from the self, so to then turn the self around, seeking to face it, requires a certain fortitude, a willingness. As with all things, intention is that which begins the journey, but in setting the intention, one is also alerting the deeper resources within the mind and the heart that a journey is desired, that those seemingly separated or lost aspects of the self are once again being called back in to the self.

This may result in a journey which is turbulent, tumultuous, and maybe even difficult to bear, but we emphasize again, the resources available to such a one for this intention is also a call, a call to the unseen realms, to the guides and friends about one, and to other specialists, shall we say, in the inner planes who work with trauma specifically, and may enter the field of the self to assist in ways unseen.

As is true in your conventionally understood wisdom, it is well also to have what you would call a safe container to work with this trauma, for that which overwhelmed the self the first time around may hold that capacity again if the self discovers or jumps into that embedded, painful experience without being fully equipped or ready.

Part of making a safe container is often most effectively achieved with the guidance of an other-self [who is] trained or experienced in working with trauma, whether of your conventional professions or, as you might call them, alternative or holistic fields of study and service. In this safe container the entity knows or is given a safe and supportive structure within which that which was rejected the first time around may be again experienced with the entity knowing that—as it gradually uncovers, analyzes, accepts, forgives, and so forth, threads and layers of this trauma—that it is safe, essentially, that the trauma will not destroy or harm the self, though painful it may be.

The healing may happen in an instant, or, as is often the case, it may require time and effort and a revisiting of things that parts of the self would prefer not to visit. But we encourage you, my friends, to undertake such a journey, for this trauma within the self, and within the collective, holds stuck energy which, if released or unleashed through love, acceptance and forgiveness, may be made available to the self and to the whole for constructive service-to-others oriented purposes.

With the present quantities and qualities of energies stored in the held trauma-field of this planet, new worlds could be built, entire transformations of individuals and peoples with the unleashing of this energy, including—and we would bring this thread to a close with this instrument—with the planet itself, which has absorbed so much of the trauma that your peoples have experienced and inflicted upon one another, in its crust and its atmosphere and its energy field, such that peoples and planets are traumatized, both needing healing, both reciprocally able to serve each other in this journey.

At this time, we would ask if there are any smaller follow-up, or new queries to which we may speak. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

Yes, Q’uo, I have a question or two. I was wondering, is union with the One Infinite Creator something we should consciously seek, or is it more appropriate for us to continue seeking to be of service to others and let union with the One Creator happen in its own good time?

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we thank you for this query, my brother. This is, shall we say, one of those metaphysical brain teasers that has affirmative and negative answers whichever way is explored, for in the latter scenario of your question you speak of that which, for all entities, is an inevitability, for there is an inexorable vector upward for each through whom moves the upward spiraling light. The journey may be decelerated, stymied, blocked or confused, but inevitably that light will once again move the entity along the path until such an entity sufficiently awakens and begins, as the former portion of your query indicates, consciously seeking this union with the one.

Is it advantageous or helpful or wise to consciously seek this union with the one? For the entity ready for such a journey, feeling even the possibility that such a journey may be undertaken, it is indeed, the central most act of will and the highest, shall we say, aspiration for such an entity to pursue precisely this path—for it is the seeking of, we use this term loosely, truth. It is an act of seeking to become awakened to that which the self has always been, and never was not.

There are various ways to describe this all wrapped up in the term “enlightenment”, but we suggest that upon this conscious effort to enter the present moment, to be what the self already is, that—as described with trauma, even more so with seeking the One—does the universe ring in response, offering all possible resources; particularly the lesson offered to the entity who learns increasingly that the universe, shall we say, is on its side, offering not that which defeats or stops the self, but offering always and only, truly, that which may be used by the entity to realize its unlimited, infinite, and eternal nature through the sacrifice, or letting go, or transcending of the illusory boundaries of the illusion.

May we speak to this query further, or receive another?

That was good. Thank you, Q’uo. I have another one. If we seek to use compassion and clear communication to heal a disharmony with another person, and the other person refuses to communicate before the disharmony is healed, is there anything else that we can do to heal the disharmony?

We are those of Q’uo and have received your query, my brother. We thank you for this query, for it is a not uncommon dynamic in your sphere when one entity seeks to heal a relationship of two, earnestly investing energy toward compassionate and clear communication, but is not met with reciprocity on the other end.

As you present within this room are students of the positive polarity, you will recognize that there are boundaries of free will ever at play in each and every human circumstance, and all circumstances truly, but particularly in the third-density to third-density entity relationship. The extent of service possible for the positively oriented entity must always take into account the needs and desires and free will configurations or distortions of the other self.

One can only ever make offers and opportunities available, but if not accepted or taken up by the other self, there remains a question that the one seeking healing must ask itself: Should it pursue further, should it relinquish its desires, is there another way of healing? This is a predicament that requires keen sensitivity to the moment, particularly in understanding what the other self is needing and saying, for sometimes [that] which seems to be a “no” on the surface is actually a deep “yes” underneath, [it is] a request and therefore, some creativity is needed to navigate around the seeming “no”. Sometimes the “no” is precisely that, and must be taken at face value and respected, and the attempt released, and many unique variations in between.

Whether or not there is possibility of breakthrough with the other self, or whether the self seeking the healing must needs release the effort, there is always effort to be made within. It may not be possible in this moment or in any time in your, as you would call it, near future, to make these amends that you seek with the other self, but to make the heart whole within one’s chest is to heal all things, for self and Creator are one and the same, not different, not other than, not at a distance from one another, though the illusion creates that seeming situation.

Work on the self always forgive and heal the other self, clean the relationship as it exists in your own heart such that you see the other self not only as the outer personality and whatever masks they may be wearing, but you see them for who they are—an unlimited light, unique, beautiful and crystalline representation of the Creator.

This instrument’s energy grows thin. We would leave this instrument with gratitude for the group gathered this evening, and we would transfer our contact to the one known as Jim. We are those known to you as Q’uo. Adonai.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. It has been our great privilege and pleasure to be able to utilize each instrument this evening in a manner in which we feel was most impressive and inspiring. We know that each new instrument has a great desire to be able to expand its abilities and its services at each such channeling session, and we are pleased to give our estimation of the accuracy of these desires in manifestation.

We have greatly enjoyed being able to utilize each new instrument in a manner which stretches each entity’s abilities in a fashion that is not over-wearing or burdensome, but allows each entity to move gradually and consistently forward in its expression of our thoughts and concepts. This is a most impressive grouping of new instruments and we are grateful to each for their sincere efforts in this regard, and in their continuing desires to be of service in this manner.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, looking forward, as you may say, to each future gathering. At this time, we leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.