Group question: What does it mean to recognize the self as the Creator?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light this evening. We are most honored to be asked to join your circle of seeking once again. It is an inspirational experience for us to see the seeds that we have planted in previous sessions have been watered with your attention and devotion and have sprouted into plants that are growing stronger and stronger as they turn to the light of the One and absorb that light and bring it forth into your experience in these practice channeling sessions.

We are also pleased that you have asked a question this evening that is of such importance and profundity in each seeker’s journey, for seeing the self and feeling the self as the Creator is the ultimate goal which each of you is pointed towards. Your journey within this third-density illusion hides this fact from you, most constantly and effectively, to be opened to the possibility of seeking beyond the veil and seeing that there is the Creator within your being is that which is a most noble journey, for the Creator lies patiently within each being, awaiting the door to open so that the seeker may be able to apprehend the beginning nature of how to feel the Creator, how to perceive the Creator, how to reflect the Creator. And this, my friends, is your destiny.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle through this instrument in order that we might speak on the topic of realizing the self, the incarnate self, as the Creator. In seeing the self as the Creator, one is seeing the self as all things. What is it to see the self as all things? It is at once something very abstract to you, for in what manner could you possibly hope to encounter all things, yet that is the scope of our statement. For if you were to encounter all things, all entities, all places and time, outside of space and time, what you would encounter would be—you could say it a couple of ways—you could say the Creator, or the One, or yourself.

The forms you would meet yourself in are infinite—some so distorted and at odds with the self, that one would seek to protect against this meeting, or run from this meeting, or avoid it at all cost, which may be appropriate upon that level of action and need. But nonetheless, the two meeting in such a scenario would be two different expressions of the One, for there is nothing which the One is not, so while it may be impossible to literally meet every expression of the Creator, it is possible to recognize every expression that you will meet as the Creator.

In this recognition, surface features are not ignored. You may encounter all sorts of classifications, be it another third-density entity, a second-density being, a visitation of a non-physical being, or environments or scenarios; each thing can be noted, each interaction can be skillfully (or probably not) danced with, yet it can be done with a heart so maximally activated, a blue ray so open, balanced and free, and a gateway sufficiently opened to infinity, that the truth of the moment reveals itself to the self. That is what is already there regardless of what the characters on that particular stage are doing or not doing, that is that in truth there are no boundaries between self and other, there are no limitations except those which are conventions designed for the particular environment. There is only and ever the One, which, when contacted, has no beginning or end, has no possibility of reaching a bottom, or reaching a finality. There is only beingness, there is only the eternal I Am.

We would focus on this I Am for a moment, and clarify that many, many qualities can be attached to the I Am to begin defining the self or the experience in infinite shades of color and meaning. This is a process of manifestation, of existence and creation—the realm of creation, that is. This is the process of the One becoming the many, but the base code shall we say, is irreducibly and always, I Am. I am not this or that thing precisely; I Am, as your Bible states, that I Am. This I Amness is the essence of self and all beings, and it exists in full, in its entirety within the self, right now—within the self reading these words, within the self that will forget these words, within the self that is both found and lost, that is struggling and in peace, in all polarities and dualities, there is only ever the I Am for everything else will come and go, pass away, be born and die.

The I Am of you, the I Am that is all, is unborn. In a way you could say it does not enter manifestation, yet it paradoxically includes all of manifestation and is none other than manifestation. But from the incarnate perspective, illusory though it is, the eyes must be cleared to see or to know or to abide within this living, eternal, boundless oneness within the self. And that path towards the cleansing of the heart, the opening of the eyes, the wakening from the dream, has been described in a multitude of ways by those of our Confederation. [These] include a variety of spiritual disciplines that foster and develop, strengthen and intensify the will and the faith; that center themselves in the consciousness which sees and knows all things, distorted or not, as love; which ultimately in humility or humbleness, surrenders the actions of what feels to be the individual will, and the service to the great will of the One, which is simultaneously a state of high and finely tuned and one-pointed activity, balanced in total receptivity and listening and receiving.

Ultimately, this learning of the self as the Creator is one and the same with what those on your planet call the mystic, or the path of the mystic, the mystical path, for it’s as some on your planet have reported, includes the journey of the transcendence of the illusory individual in the recognition of the All Self, the drop of water returning to the ocean. And with that thought, we would transfer this contact with eagerness to speak through the one known as Kathy. We thank you, my friends.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We wish to speak of love also through this instrument to express what it means for the self to realize its beingness as the Creator, where love is the essence of the beingness of Creator and of all, all that is created, all selves, throughout all time and space as you know it. And so from that universal perspective of love pervading all, all existence, down into every cell of every physical complex, present in every thought that any self may have, and of course, present in any spirit and every spirit, the spiritual complex being made up of love.

There is also another way to see this all-encompassing realization of beingness as love, as the Creator, and that is to, as one of the other instruments spoke earlier in discussion, of going into the moment where there is love, where there is only love in every moment, focusing upon that very particular expression of love one moment in your space/time, all moments in the space/time and in time/space, going down to this particular level when one sees that love is in each and every moment, and each and every space one can see that there is only the Creator that the self can become and can realize itself as, and it can inform, support, and heal and guide everything, every self in every situation.

One speaks in your illusion of the heart, the concept of the heart. That is what we would say is the place where the Creator dwells within each self, and it is in the heart of the Creator in which each self dwells. Therein lies oneness through that love, through that heart. One realizes its beingness as the Creator in its fullness when one realizes this love is an unbroken, forever lasting expanse of love that binds the Creator and all creation. And in that realization, one can know what ultimate freedom, and yet also ultimate security, really can be, feeling secure within that great love, feeling free within that great love. That is a high expression of realizing the self as the Creator. Security as well as freedom, they seem paradoxical, but yet they are both part of an expanded sense of self as Creator.

And with that thought, we leave this instrument to be passed to the next instrument known as Austin, and we thank you, my friends. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and am now with this instrument. The importance of love in relationship to the question that you posed this evening cannot be understated, for this question comes from within your experience deep within an illusion. And we invite you, my friends, to join us in amusement at the humor in the Creator itself asking what it means for the Creator to realize itself. Yet, we understand from your perspective this question does make sense, as your true nature as the Creator is quite hidden from your perspective. We feel it may be beneficial to speak to the nature of this veil over your perception, and why it exists, and why it causes you to present such a question as you have presented to us this evening; and why we, as the Creator, are called to respond to you, as the Creator, for this interaction could not take place if all involved realized their true nature—and that, my friends, is the very point of your current experience within the third density.

To elaborate on this notion, we invoke the example of your body complex, and your calling to us to respond to this question is as the heart in the body calling to the lungs for more oxygen to feed the system, and the lungs respond in accepting this call and provide the heart with what it calls for. These two facets of your body serve quite distinct purposes and share quite an elaborate and meaningful relationship, yet they are both part of a single whole. When considering the body as a single entity, the distinction between the heart and the lungs is quite practical, yet from a holistic perspective, quite arbitrary. We feel this is an important point to consider when inquiring about the nature of oneself as the Creator, for this very question comes from your distinct experience as lacking that realization. Yet this is a practical illusion. It serves the purpose of allowing the Creator to experience itself, and were you not in a position to pose this question, the experience of the Creator would be much less meaningful, much less vibrant, and much less fruitful.

There have been entities from within the illusion that you now experience who have managed, in a way, to fully realize the self as the Creator and dissolve the arbitrary barrier between self and the One; yet we emphasize to you, my friends, that this is by no means expected of all entities within the third density. And, indeed, it is quite expected that this not be achieved by a great majority of entities experiencing the veiled illusion of your density, even among those who fancy themselves as spiritual seekers and mystics. This is wherein the importance of love may be grasped, for love may serve as the guiding star towards the ultimate realization of the self as Creator, yet the path that you walk in following this star may not be realized in its full within your current incarnation, or your current density, or the next, or the next.

From the perspective from which this question is asked, the journey may be seen as quite long. Love may be seen as the salvation that alleviates the daunting prospect of this long journey, for as seekers upon the path of service to others, you will realize that with each step and each choice made to radiate that love, that you step closer and closer to the realization that you are the Creator. And though the journey may seem long ahead of you, there will come a point at which you will realize that this truth was with you for the entire journey, and your dance throughout incarnations and through the densities was simply a game, a play upon a stage built by you in which you fully invested yourself into the roles that you played in this performance, and upon this realization, you will be quite amused at that which has passed.

We encourage you, my friends, when the realization of your selfhood as Creator seems so far away, look to your present moment and search for the love therein. It may seem a small act and it may not result in what you could understand as enlightenment, yet each seeking further empowers you and propels you towards that ultimate realization.

At this time, we ask if there may be queries within this circle that we may address. We are Q’uo.

Q’uo, this question comes from David, who writes, “Is it possible to have a sexual energy transference between two individuals of the same sexual polarity?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. We find some difficulty in addressing this query, for there are many confused and distorted understandings among your social complex in regards to the very nature of sexual polarity, and sexual energy transfer, and further find that this instrument has done much contemplation upon this topic, which, while providing us with a great deal of material from which to speak from, also has solidified certain notions or distortions within this own instrument’s being. And so, we request that our words be taken with a further disclaimer and ask that any who read or hear our words compare them, with great care, to the internal discernment of the self.

Sexual polarity, as understood from our perspective, acts as a type of magnetism. We encourage you to envision how magnets may interact to receive an intuitive understanding of how sexual polarity may interact. When magnets are turned with their opposite poles turned toward each other, they come together quite easily, yet when they are turned with similar poles towards each other, they seem to repel each other quite powerfully. This understanding may be applied to the attraction of one entity to another entity. If there is any sexual attraction, particularly in a spiritual sense, between two individuals, we find that at least in some form there is compatible sexual polarity which may result in sexual energy transfer.

We emphasize that this example is very, very simplified, and that within each individual, and between each pair of individuals, or even within groups of individuals, sexual polarity is not a singular aspect of their being. Just as there seem to be infinite facets of each individual’s personality, so are there infinite facets of what might be understood as sexual polarity. We caution any who contemplate this topic and look outward for examples and understanding of sexual polarity and sexual energy transfer, that one may not judge or accurately assess the sexual polarity of another individual or situation between individuals. This is particularly true among your social complex, for as we mentioned earlier, there are many distortions in understanding of sexual polarity.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

No, not from me, thank you. Two things I wanted to communicate to the instrument that I won’t be taking Q&A, and then 2) Jim said he had a couple of questions for you.

Yes, I have a question, Q’uo. Does an instrument need any special skills to channel information that it has no knowledge of?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother, and we find irony within this query, for this instrument does not have much knowledge of what would constitute an answer to this query.

There exists a certain mindset, skill, and aptitude, that allows for an instrument to receive thoughts in an unbiased and effective way. We have found in our interaction with various instruments that there are, indeed, some that possess a greater skill innately, and some that acquire skill through practice of being able to receive information and transmit it accurately without previous knowledge of the topic at hand.

However, we cannot guide [generally] in how to free oneself of the constraints that typically blocked the effective transmission of novel information, for such constraints are unique to each individual and we can only speak generally effectiveness of meditation, and of being able to maintain silence of mind, for these enable an instrument to help release the constraints within one’s mind, and open oneself to that which is new in the channeling process.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not on that topic, but if you’re up for another one, I’ve got another question.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Indeed, we are up for another question.

Ra said that there is love in every moment. Why is that? How can that be?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. This query, as we believe you are aware, is one of the most central queries that an individual may contemplate within the third density, for it is the seeking of this love in every moment that enables the individual within third density to realize their true nature and progress along the path of service to others.

In speaking to the question of how and why love is contained in every moment, we invite you to remember the moments within your memory in which great love was experienced and expressed. We invite you to sit within this experience and allow the feeling of this love to fill you completely. This experience of love may provide you a window into the very primal nature of the creation, for it is the microcosm that is the love that you experience within incarnation to the macrocosm of the Love which has created the entire universe. We believe, that in experiencing this love, you can feel the expansive and primal nature and you may grasp its creative potential, for within this expansive experience of love there exists the potential of infinity, and each moment in which you seek this love is yet one perspective upon the infinity of the Creator.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

No, that was really excellent, thank you so much. I have another query though.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Please speak your query.

How does forgiveness stop the wheel of karma?

I am Q’uo and am aware of this new query, my brother. As you are aware, karma may be viewed as a certain inertia, or, in another sense, a perpetual motion put into motion by an act that may be considered consciously unloving, or from another perspective, simply harmful to another being. This action generates a certain charge, borne from an imbalance, created by the lack of understanding that each entity is the Creator.

This charge that is created sets the wheel of karma in motion, and this affects the individual’s life path in that the entity will continually be invited to experience that imbalance again, for it carries with it that imbalance, and such an imbalance creates a sort of magnetic attraction. When an entity then attracts to itself further situations or circumstances generated by the perpetual motion of the wheel of karma, there is, in a sense, a placing back onto the entity that which was imbalanced. And as such is placed upon the entity, typically through another individual’s action, there is another opportunity to alleviate the self of this imbalance through forgiveness—not simple forgiveness of the other self for the action that caused harm, but a deeper forgiveness that realizes that the self is also capable of such an action, and the self and other are not separate. This deeper understanding typically results in a sort of natural forgiveness that then alleviates the imbalance, removes the charge, and allows for the motion of the wheel to stop.

Is there a follow-up to this query, my brother?

No, Q’uo, that was good. I do have one last query.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. We are able to receive one final query through this instrument.

How do you know that a psychic greeting is actually a psychic greeting, and needs the kind of attention that Ra spoke of, or is it just bad luck or random chance?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. To address this query, we first feel it necessary to emphasize the lack of importance of the source of any experience or greeting. All comes from the Creator; any distinction beyond that must be seen for the illusion that it is—though we understand and appreciate the practical nature of your query.

When experiencing a certain emotion or pattern of thought or any internal difficulty or disharmony, and one wonders if it is being energized by an external force, it is good to look to the nature of the disharmony and its roots within the relationships of the individual who is experiencing this disharmony, for when groups seek together in service to others, a magical charge is generated. This charge attracts the attention of those who might greet the group with difficulty and persuasion to abandon their path, or even take up the polarity of service to self. If the difficulty is rooted in the work that this group is doing together, and the difficulty suggests to the self that the work is not sustainable, that it may be best to abandon the work, that the easiest and safest route is to discontinue the service and sever ties with those one is seeking with, there is a chance that these feelings and temptations are being energized by what this group has called the “loyal opposition.”

We also suggest that such internal difficulties and disharmonies that are energized by an entity carry with them a certain intensity, as though a weight is placed upon one that is too much to bear and too heavy to carry. The intention of such greeting is to throw the individual off balance and overwhelm the individual so that even if one has an effective practice of meditation and carefully attempts to process one’s catalyst, the feeling of overwhelm interrupts this process. In such a scenario we suggest that any individual who feels such a weight first bless the experience itself, and accept it with love, and then turn to the source of such experience and bless and accept the source with love. And finally, we encourage the sharing of such difficulties within the group openly and encourage the group to maintain a healthy social environment so that such difficulties may be shared without concern and with safety.

We find this instrument rapidly decreasing in available energy, but it prompts us to query the one known as Gary to ensure that he does not wish to perform a further round of questions and answers this evening.

Thank you for the consideration, Q’uo, but I will decline this evening, due to fatigue.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother and offer you our love and encouragement, and express our admiration at the progress that you have made upon your journey of learning to receive and transmit our thoughts, as well as the progress of this group as a whole. We find great joy in our time with this group and are honored to walk beside you upon this path of service to others. At this time, we leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, to offer some final thoughts to this circle for this evening. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We have enjoyed the exchange of ideas and energies between ourselves and your beings this evening. We feel that we have been able to reach new heights of communication in a manner which has utilized each new instrument’s abilities in an expanded sense. These heights are much as you would see a mountain range, so that even though there is a perceptible altitude that has been reached, there are the momentary variations in the peak experiences, shall we say, that allow for an expanded view of the terrain of each entity’s view of the self. This view of the self is beginning to climb to these new heights in a manner which is apparent to our observation and appreciation.

We are grateful to each new instrument for the accentuation of devotion to this process that allows us to blend our energies with yours in a fashion which yields an enhanced product, shall we say, though we do not mean to describe your service as that which has been produced for sale–it is for service by all means. We would, at this time, leave each within this circle of seeking in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.