Group question: Q’uo, could you tell us about the relationship between forgiveness and acceptance?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We greet each in love and in light this evening. We are, as always, most honored to be able to join your circle of practice channeling. We would suggest perhaps “intermediate” or “becoming advanced” would be a more appropriate title for this type of channeling circle, for we are most pleased with the progress that each entity has made. We are hopeful that we can continue the steady progress by giving each instrument more, shall we say, information or descriptive terms in a way that fits with the instrument’s current abilities, so that there is an opportunity to expand the practice of channeling.

This evening you have set before us the twin concepts of acceptance and forgiveness, and these we find are concepts that are critical in the third-density experience, as each seeker of truth has those times of seeming error inserted into the life experience. Usually, such times of mistakes or errors are unintentional and there is the obvious need to seek forgiveness from the one that has been wronged. The forgiveness is a concept which allows each entity to find a harmony between them where there was disharmony.

The forgiveness is a kind of spiritual medicine that each entity can take that will allow the heart to continue to stay open in the relationship between the two. This type of spiritual treatment is that which includes forgiveness of self and other self, for it is indubitably true that each is an other-self to the other. Once this forgiveness has in some fashion been achieved, then it is possible for each to accept the experience that was shared as a means by which the catalyst was processed and turned into the forgiveness. And, we may add, hopefully the forgetting.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are here with this instrument, ready to respond further to your query about forgiveness and acceptance. Indeed, these twin concepts may seem at first glance very specific, relating to specific situations, for example. However, they are quite large in concept. These are universal, eternal states of mind and heart that all beings must, in third density, learn to utilize in their process of raising themselves up toward fourth density, toward love and compassion as a way of being. You could see them as an enlargement of consciousness when an entity is involved in any situation that had any difficulty in it at all, any seeming conflict, misunderstanding, or hurt for which forgiveness and acceptance would be needed.

They are like ever-present states of mind that can be used to instantly lift one up, and vibration to lift the situation up, even to dissolve a situation of its difficulty. And even in the twinkling of an eye this can be done, through the use of these simple, yet quite magnificent and enlarged concepts. In fact, your Lord’s Prayer that you said before this practice channeling includes a request for forgiveness from the Father. And for us to forgive others, making it a circular concept that relates to the Creator and to mankind in circular fashion, receiving forgiveness from the Father and forgiving others, in this never-ending circle of forgiveness among entities. And indeed, you could even say that forgiveness and acceptance are necessary concepts to be able to use in order to live. To be able to live—we correct this instrument—to be able to live a fulfilled life in service to others.

These twin concepts open the heart, allow for growth in service to others, through eyes that accept the world around one. One can then look further, and forgive anything, through a simple adjustment of perception, adjusting one’s perception to understand that there may be deeper reasons for circumstances that one may not be aware of. There may be higher reasons. And so the nature of circumstances may not really be what they seem to be on the surface. And so, all can be forgiven if one understands that there is no real intentional cause for an act that needs to be forgiven, for it may not be what it seems. And so acceptance and forgiveness is the way to open the heart. Move forward. Come closer each step into true unity with all brothers and sisters in your illusion, as of now. And in doing so, the gift that you receive is a greater peace, a greater understanding of self and others.

And at this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and pass the contact to the one known as Gary.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo and we greet this circle once again. And we would continue our exploration of this very rich topic regarding the relationship between forgiveness and acceptance, two concepts related as are two strands of the same rope, each one strengthening the other and together forming a whole, yet sufficiently distinct to describe independently. In exploring the concept of forgiveness, we examine that process within the seeker of letting go: letting go of that which is held on to. In the course of the seeker’s journey there are injuries, and bruises, and knocks upon the head that are sustained, inflicted by circumstance perhaps, but where [it] most registers within the self, inflicted by other selves—sometimes stranger to the self, sometimes quite known to and loved by the self.

In either event, some wrongdoing in the perception of the self has been rendered. Some way the self was not recognized, or was insulted, in body or mind, and this leaves its mark with the self. And instead of feelings of compassion and unity for the perpetrator or injury giver, there is now a thick separation. The other self has become not only different, but perhaps alien to the self. The other self is not linked, not in common with, not in community with the self. And behind that wall of separation may be experiences of anger or resentment, or even the punitive energies: the desire to punish or to judge or to reciprocate the hurt that was received in the perception of the self.

Where this separation exists and where these energies dwell within the self, there is a lack of forgiveness, or some limitation on the capacity to forgive. Thus the self carries within itself a burden which it and it alone is responsible for regardless of the proximate cause of the original injury or slight. For the self has generated these feelings, and while they may find expression toward the other self, or be manifested into the environment in some way, they first and foremost inflict themselves upon and infect the self which harbors these feelings. For these feelings create not just a separation between self and other, but between self and the Creator.

There are various effects that these energies may have upon the self, particularly if they are manifested in body, being unprocessed by mind. But for the self which seeks, as we were speaking through the previous instrument, to go higher, forgiveness is the road in working with these energies. For in forgiveness there is [even] if only the desire to release the self from the prison and burden and even torment, perhaps, of these harbored energies of resentment and negativity. There is within the self who seeks forgiveness a desire to cleanse the heart so that it may grow closer, shall we say, to the One Creator; to purify not only the heart, but the vision so that the other self is not seen through the lens of resentment, but is seen for who the other self really, actually is, which is a spark of the Creator, perfect as he or she is, regardless of the distortions and their outward behavior and demeanor.

Regardless of the pain they may have inflicted upon the self or upon the others, that other self is, like the self, perfect. This vision of perfection is a, to be fully realized, mystical state of consciousness, but it is not visible or knowable to the self, lest—we correct this instrument—lest the heart be cleansed with the scrubbing agent of forgiveness which seeks to let go of the desire to judge, or punish, or to hold the other entity within the heart in a state of resentment or other form of negativity. Forgiveness of other self is also forgiveness of self, for—we correct this instrument—[the self] which seeks not to judge the self for feeling the above-mentioned feelings in the first place, for the self too, [is] a creature of perfection, is also a human creature of error and folly.

To see this error and love it is to walk the royal road which seeks once again the return to the unity of all things. And critical to both this path and forgiveness is that energy, or quality, or nuance of love which you call acceptance. Forgiveness, this activity of letting go and seeing the creator in self and other, would not be possible if the self exercised non-acceptance. One could not forgive if one did not accept the essential nature of the other self or other selves, or did not accept the free will action of the other self, or rather, did not accept the sovereignty within the other self to exercise its free will; and did not understand, as we spoke previously through the instrument known as Kathy, the circumstances, the totality of circumstances, out of which arose the action or actions of the other self or other selves.

Acceptance need not mean the capitulation to a service which is offered by the other self but which is deemed unneeded by or unhealthy for the self. The acceptance of which we speak is that which is a portion, if not the heart of love which surrenders to the “is-ness” of the moment [and] accepts—we correct this instrument—and accepts life as it has manifested as if the self had chosen it; and seeks not to resist life and its flow, but instead, accept life. Not simply the pleasant, enjoyable, or desirable, or light-filled parts of life, but the dark and the terrible and the hard and the difficult-to-understand parts as well. For in acceptance there is a trust that even if the vision is not large enough to fully understand why the moment is the way it is, all is well. The self can release itself from the need to know why, and instead focus on the subjective acceptance of what already is, that it may be loved. That it may be forgiven.

And in this love and forgiveness—we correct this instrument—and in this love and forgiving vision, all is made clean. The, shall we say, dirt and grime and residue of superimposed separation over top of the seeming parts of the Creator is clean to reveal what is truly there underneath, to render all things transparent to the one source of love and light. And to thus become a vessel for this love and this light. A vessel which opens like a flower, to manifest and express beauty, as the self forgives, and accepts, each new tendril of pain and resistance and difficulty.

It is a long and difficult road and is part of the hardest work that you will ever do upon your soul’s journey in any lifetime and any density. But we assure you that in setting that intention and planting that seed, you are setting both powerful forces at work within yourself, and alerting powerful forces that seek to serve and support the light to this intention, and you will be aided upon this path.

At this time we would ask if there any smaller queries to which we can speak through this instrument.

I have a query Q’uo. What would be a balanced spiritual attitude regarding the possible impeachment of the President of the United States?

We are those known to you Q’uo. And we, with this instrument, giggle at such a question which is so emotionally provocative to so many upon your sphere at this time. This one particular entity occupying much the attention of the mass mind, you ask what may be a balanced perspective when viewing the current event which your peoples undergo at this time. And while we of the Confederation cannot give specific counsel, for it is to each entity to use this catalyst to find the balance within the self, we can speak in general about emotionally charged events and finding balance there, and suggest that the seeker may bring mindfulness into their experience to discover where it is that they are sensing a charge in relationship to this event.

Is there a sense of righteous indignation? A sense of inflamed justice? Sorrow, despair, hope for a brighter outcome? These are a small sampling of the available palette of emotional experiences in this situation, and in all situations. And to find balance one may engage at the end of the diurnal period in the balancing exercises, as those of the Confederation have shared, wherein the self brings the charged catalyst into the forefront of the consciousness, turning the attention fully upon it, clearing the mind of all else and intensifying that sensation within the body and within the mind, enlargening it, letting it grow, accentuating and intensifying to the greatest proportion possible within the self, while holding to the center and maintaining a witnessing stance, and simultaneously a participating stance, and allowing its antithesis to come into being.

Part of the objective being the experience that within the self exists all polarities, both poles or ends or sides are half of the spectrum of distortion. And in this balance one may bring, or rather—we correct this instrument—and this emotional charge balanced between opposite, the self then may perform the primary service and the primary work of the incarnation, and that is to respond to the moment with love.

And thus, a balanced response to this moment in your time is one which can open the heart and see the unfolding human drama through the eyes of love. For indeed, the changes which one projects on to this moment in hopes for a different outcome in your government is but a shadow relative to the changes possible—we correct this instrument—the changes made possible by the love of the Creator as it is channeled through the crystalline third density entity.

May we ask if there is any further or another question my brother?

Well, actually I have a question on balancing. So, glad you mentioned that. I’m wondering is it necessary to balance strong desires to be of service to others or to do the Father’s will? And so, how would that be done?

We are those Q’uo and have received your query my brother. Is it necessary to balance a strong desire to do the Father’s will and to serve others? This is, as with all things, unique to each entity. For the question may arise out of an imbalance or an overindulgence in the concept of service that neglects some other portion of the being. Perhaps, the imbalance is in the arena of martyrdom, where the service to others is so strong and pure that it leads to the destruction of the self, where the self neglects proper self-care that would be rendered were love balanced with wisdom. Perhaps there is some other over-attention that is paid, which would come into greater clarity through the processes of the self-knowing and accepting the self.

In principle and in general, we would say that the desire to serve and the desire to do the Creator’s will is one that is well to nurture and indeed strengthen within the self, for desire, more than manifestation and certainly more than outcome, is that which you are in this space/time experience to develop. It is the marker of your growth and it is that which will bring to you that which you seek.

We would suggest the refining of this desire, the questioning of the self why it desires, what it desires, what is it truly, that it desires? Are there hidden, perhaps, or unconscious motivations in that desire? Is the desire a form of escape or spiritual bypass, or some non-recognition or non-responsibility within the self? The desire itself at core is true enough, but one finds as one progresses, that pure desires can have trappings along the way: motivations that are perhaps impure or unclear to the self, or ways in which the shadow may mix in with the desire. This is not a negative, shall we say; this is rather part of the refining fires that removes the chaff from the wheat.

May we ask if there is a further or other query, my brother?

I just have one more. Could you describe the nature of our being and how it manifests in our third density illusion?

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We thank you, my brother, for this fundamental question. Words are not the province of the realm of being. Only being is the best way to communicate the experience of being. For truly, your most powerful and impactful service in the, not only third density plane, but any plane of existence, is your being. Your being, we can say, is, at its bottommost or ground, one and the same as the infinite One. The same Infinity that became aware and decided to invest itself in an exploration of manyness. Your being, as a seeming individual spark of the Creator, is just slightly removed.

So to speak from this primordial mystery, in your being is essence, is existing, is light, and is love. In your being is that which exists without reference to other, or activity, or justification, or boundary even; instead, there is an ‘I am’ quality to your being. I am that I am. It is a quality which, to bring the third density material into contact with it, would purify that material and burn away the shadows of perception of separation. For in beingness there may be the subtle-most distinctions, but there is no separation.

There is both the all, and the self, and how to manifest this being in the third density? Silence is the key. Abiding and resting, without expectation, without seeking anything other than what is, as it is, in the present moment, is the experience which begins to touch into and manifest being. You are always being, of course, but the thoughts of the conscious mind, with its preoccupation with past and future, lead the attention away, fictional though [past and future] may be, from the beingness of the self.

In the silence, therefore, the self is, by witnessing the thoughts, withdrawing the attention from the play of the mind and becoming increasingly conscious of the beingness that is already there, that the self already is. This is a pursuit, if we may use this misnomer, which we commend to all spiritual seekers. For the more conscious one becomes of their being, the more that the accumulated material—the, as this instrument knows through the one known as Ramana Maharshi, samskaras and vasanas— of the conditioned past is brought into the light and integrated or dissolved. And the self is transformed and your world is transformed.

In being, the self is effortlessly radiating the original light of the one Creator, the same light that those of your world yearn for, whether or not (and probably not) they are aware of it. In being is the safe harbor and the home and the point of connection that all beings seek. And in becoming conscious of your own being—which is also another way to say, in clearing the seeming impediments, or that which obscures your own being from your eyes—you are modeling to others their true nature, offering to them a mirror that shows others not so much who you are, though they may pick up on that as well, but more importantly, who it is they are, and the liberation that awaits each self within, beyond time and space and the often seeming imprisonment of the mind. The keys are will and desire, silence, and as ever faith.

At this time we would leave this instrument with gratitude to this circle. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We transfer this contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. It has been a privilege to work with each instrument this evening. Our expectations were exceeded greatly. We are most happy with the progress that continues to be shown by each new instrument. We commend your fidelity to the practice. At this time, we shall simply take our leave of this group with praise and thanksgiving to the One, and with the suggestion that we are with you, whenever you wish to have your meditations deepened, though we will not speak at that time. So we will be together again in meditation, in channeling and in seeking the One. We leave you now in the love and the light of that one Infinite Creator. Adonai, vasu barragus.