Group question: Can you talk about the nature of personal reality?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument at this time. It is a pleasure and an honor to be asked once again to join this group in its practice of learning the art of channeling. We call it an art because each person has a creative aspect to lend to this practice. Just as your question for the evening concerns the nature of personal reality, each of you as a new instrument has a wealth of experiences, feelings, hopes, and dreams that may in some part play a role in your ability to become more proficient channels of the love and light of the One Infinite Creator.

The experiences that you have had make you who you are as a foundation. The experiences that you’re having are elaborations upon this foundation. The dreams that you hope for are a framework for a new construction of what you might call your basic personality structure within this illusion. Thus you, as all seekers of truth, have within you the capacity to realize the greatest of the spiritual truths within your own heart, mind and soul. The realization of these truths for each seeker takes upon a kind of personal configuration that is congruent with your unique identity. Though all may perceive the same basic qualities of the spiritual journey, there are various ways of processing them and expressing them, so that you create your version of the truth.

There is so much involved in perception, processing, and reforming previous thought to incorporate new thinking that this unique personality, which you are, is always undergoing change. It is truly said that change is the only constant. Thusly, as you move through your daily round of activities, attempting to share with others those truths which you hold dear to your heart, you open your heart in love and compassion and share that which is yours to share in whatever matter is possible in the moment of exchange. This will always have your own particular mark upon it—your accent, shall we say, as if your sharing were a language.

You have a great deal to offer as conscious seekers of truth to other entities who would request your service for any reason. You may see the interaction that you share with such entities as being a holy experience of Creator to Creator, or see it in any lesser degree of sanctity, even moving into the mundane world of mere clerks for pedestrians passing on their way from one point to another. Thusly, you have within your own power to conceive of thought the ability to utilize any concept in a unique fashion that is unique to you. We suggest that each personality take the feelings and thoughts and truths that they value and share them when asked with humility and joy.

At this time, we will transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we continue to speak on this topic of the nature of personal reality in these what you call times. There is a development that can be seen in the mind/body/spirit complexes upon earth at this time in which perceptions, thought processes, experiences, and spiritual understandings combine in new ways to become an enhanced way that individuals at this time may be perceiving reality more capably than ever before, to ascertain points of fact, opinion, and collective thought. Individuals may form what you may call more sophisticated versions of reality that may be more complex than what you were used to have been thought by individuals.

These more complex thought patterns could be said to be more evolutionary and hence more individualized, but still one part of the One Infinite Creator. It may seem at first glance that more highly individualized thought processes that perceive reality perhaps a little differently from one another, that these are different and make individuals separate from one another, but they are in an evolved state, more complexed, not meant to separate but to blossom as flowers in their complexity’s blossom.

It is with the capacity to love from the heart and to have compassion for one another that all of these variable perceptions that are seen to be reality by various individuals will be seen to be one through the lens of love, that individuals may synthesize, integrate, understand and accept all the different realities that are perceived by one’s brothers and sisters. For with the increase in love and compassion comes an increase in understanding and acceptance. And you can see how the richness of thought processes in their new complexities and divergent directions may be seen as beautiful, if not conforming as one, but rather many facets of one gem, many blossoms on a field of flowers. So, let love be the lens through which individuals may look upon their own and others’ thought processes that may be expressing in different ways. And through that lens of love, there will be more acceptance of all as part of the one and then further evolution toward unity.

We transfer the contact at this time to the one known as Austin. We are those are Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am now with this instrument. The terms reality and illusion may be seen to be interchangeable, particularly within the context of the question that you posed this evening. We speak this carefully, as we intend both to soften your conceptualization of what may be known as reality, but also to bring significance to what you may understand as the illusion. Your reality as an illusion, though it is malleable and it is illusory, may not quite be so easily dismissed, and indeed is the most important aspect which brings to the Creator the opportunity to experience Itself through you, the subjective experiencer of the illusion and the reality.

It has been noted in conversation this evening the seeming changing nature of how one’s perceptions of one’s reality affect that reality and how, in the perceptions of this group, the effect that one may have upon one’s own reality is increasing. We observe your observation with great interest, as we have observed with great interest all shifting perceptions and relationships with reality upon your planet throughout the years of your evolution upon the third density of your reality. It is not the nature of reality itself that changes and offers this increased ability to influence your reality; it is merely the increased light of your own awareness being made available to you that shifts the way that you may form a relationship with what you perceive as reality. Within your society and throughout your own society’s history, we have observed quite fascinating shifts and this relationship that individuals and collectives may have with reality, and note that the trail that your society has taken has resulted in quite a unique opportunity for you at this time.

We point to the influence of what might be called objectivity, or the belief that reality exists separate from one’s own subjective perception and that the nature of the universe may be best ascertained by removing the subject and attempting to isolate the universe completely separate from all experience of that universe, this being done through attempting to distill collective subjective experience of reality into what could then be upheld as the ultimate truth. This philosophical approach to understanding the universe has had a deep impact upon your society, even within the realms of social circles that do not expressly believe in the validity of such an objective approach. Still, the influence of this objectivity has gripped your society very strongly.

What you experience now cannot be separated from this stage of collective evolution and it is important to recognize that as the ability of the individual to affect their reality is more recognized, this will become incredibly disorienting to a society with such a foundation upon the concept of objectivity.

This recent evolution of your relationship with reality may seem to imply that each individual has an infinitely unique and completely separate perception of what may be called reality, which would be at odds with the concept of objectivity. But we introduce to you the idea that the patterns of thought and unconscious currents that influence you and help form your perception of your reality may not belong just to you.

Buried within your unconscious mind is an innate and inseparable connection to those around you, to others within your culture, within your society, within other cultures upon your planet, and indeed with all entities upon your planet, and with the planet itself; and even further so on, this connection extends to the very Creator itself. And so when you are attempting to understand how you are influencing your own reality, we encourage you to consider that your reality is indeed shared among others. And the more that you seek love within your reality, the more your reality merges with those others who are also seeking love.

As you as individuals make this choice to seek love, and to share love, you will be unified, not just in purpose but in reality. And as that unification increases, you will recognize that the patterns of thought that you bring your consciousness to uncover will offer you more opportunities for shaping a shared reality that shines with the brightest light of the Creator that offers love to all beings. And your ability to form society as you understand it upon your planet into a loving society will become quite an attainable goal, as there are patterns of thought available to you that come from love itself, which has an intelligence and an ability to guide the instruments of the Creator in order to bring about harmony within your reality.

At this time we ask if there may be any queries to which we may address.

Yes Q’uo, I have a couple of queries here. Ra said that it was possible that our planet could polarize positively in one fine strong moment of inspiration. #65.12 Could you give us any idea of what conditions could bring this about?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of the query, my brother. Indeed, the possibility of your entire planet polarizing in one fine moment seems like such a remote and infinitely small possibility that it is difficult to imagine what conditions might bring about such a dramatic shift, especially as your perceptions of your own planet tend towards the negative and difficulties upon it. Yet we point out that in times of difficulty, there often comes a shared purpose among those who experience such difficulty. When circumstances are the most dire, entities have within their grasp the most ability to turn their hearts towards service and unify for the purpose of serving their fellow entities about them.

We do not mean to be grim in offering an example of catastrophe in order to present this possibility; yet indeed, such an event in which all upon your planet are aware of some difficulty or impending dire circumstance that may affect everybody, much of the pattern of thought that separates you as individuals and as disparate cultures might fall away for concern of all others. And those upon your planet may turn their hearts towards each other, extending in all directions and to all peoples.

Is there another query, my brother?

Yes, thank you Q’uo. I often thought that myself. At this time, is there any way of estimating when the harvest into the fourth density of earth will be complete?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. We are aware of your own awareness that such an estimation is quite a difficult concept to grasp, particularly from within your own veiled existence. Yet it is nearly equally difficult for us to ascertain from our own perspective, as the tangle of distortions upon your planet are quite difficult for us to, you may say, untangle in our perceptions. It is quite impossible for us to know when certain momentum of thought patterns may run out or when certain circumstances may unfold that bring about great shifts in the global consciousness, as these things are closely linked to each individual’s own personal evolution upon your planet, and each individual upon your planet has a great capacity for exercising their free will. And we have found that the entities upon your planet exercise that free will in quite surprising ways, even to us.

In short, we may not offer any accurate estimation for when the harvest may occur. And yet, we can assure you that it is occurring, and within your planet’s future, there is a new earth ready to be born.

Is there another query my brother?

Yes, thank you. That was very good, Q’uo. Our transcriber Aaron’s mother recently passed away after living a life that Aaron described as being very narcissistic, and unappreciative at all of Aaron. In the last few days her mom had an experience that made her very humble. And she asked Aaron, “We got along okay, didn’t we?” And Aaron said, “Well, no, mom. We didn’t.” And they had honest conversation. There seems to have been forgiveness and understanding back and forth. Could an entire life of living as a narcissist be turned around at the end, so that she can be a positively-oriented entity through that forgiveness?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. We are quite familiar with the energy of the entity known as Aaron and we take this opportunity to offer her our immense gratitude and love for the relationship that we have formed in her service and making our words available to those seekers who are interested in reading them.

To respond to your query, indeed, in a general sense, it is possible for much karmic entanglement to be alleviated in a single moment of love and forgiveness. An entire lifetime may be lead displaying patterns of harmfulness and of the ignorance of the Creator within all about one, yet if an opportunity is made available to the entity to suddenly recognize the innate nature of the Creator within all beings, and to recognize that they have failed to love and appreciate this universal Creator within all, they may in a moment change their own orientation and direction of consciousness despite many years of turning away from love.

However, we emphasize that though much may be alleviated in such a moment that an entity turned towards love, looking back upon those actions it took in ignorance of love, [the entity] may feel a great responsibility towards restitution and alleviating the distortion created by actions taken in the absence of love. Thus such a moment does not end the journey, and does not relieve responsibility, so to say, for such an entity takes the responsibility upon itself to bring love where it formerly was not.

Is there a final query at this time, my brother?

Yes, I do have just one more. I’m wondering, could the initial stages of some people’s spiritual awakenings manifest as what we call mental illness? For example, mind racing faster than one could control it, tending to lose a sense of self, while at the same time, the indigo ray opening up and becoming very active?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query my brother. We are quite cautious in responding to this query, as it requires us to use generalities that when misinterpreted or misapplied could create further distortion and misunderstanding, which would be antithetical to our purpose in joining you. Yet, we may answer with that disclaimer that this may happen for some individuals in which a spiritual realization is so sudden and so different to their lived reality that a disorientation and an imbalance may occur. This then may unfold into what you call a mental illness, if the entity cannot grasp its bearings within this new reality. And it begins to recognize, very similarly as we have discussed this evening, that its reality is malleable or distinct from the world around it.

Sometimes such an entity may not fully realize the extent to which their own thoughts have on their reality, yet their initial spiritual awakening allowed them to open up to energies that empower their will in order to increase these abilities, unknowing to them. Yet we wish to emphasize that there are also many cases in which what you call mental illness may not be simply a natural step upon the path of spiritual awakening, yet could be a preincarnatively planned circumstance, or catalyst gone awry. There are many, many experiences of the Creator, many of them confusing within the third density of the veil of forgetting, and it is impossible to speak to the origins of all confusions.

At this time we take leave of this instrument and transfer to the one known as Jim to offer our closing statements for the evening. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased with the effort that each instrument has made this evening in grasping the words and concepts which we have attempted to channel through each. These words and concepts are our meager attempts at speaking to the heart of your queries, which have a great deal of concern and consideration blended within them, reflecting their importance to you.

We hope that you will remember that the words, even when correctly perceived, are mere substitutes for the actual reality which we attempt to convey. However, we applaud each effort that has been made this evening to correctly perceive those words, and we thank you for your conscientiousness. We would now take our leave of this instrument and this group. We leave each of you as always in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.