Group Question: Q’uo, could you speak to what personal or spiritual transformation is? What are the opportunities of transformation present in our environment, and how do we engage those opportunities? And what role does love and acceptance play in transformation?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet each of you in love and in light this evening. It is as always a pleasure and an honor to be asked to join your practice circle channeling. We have always had a special affection for this group as there has been so much continuing dedication to learning the art of offering the self as an instrument to speak the words of love and of light which we attempt to offer through you. This is the language which we speak, in which we realize each of you also speaks within your heart.

This evening you ask a most interesting question in three parts: the nature of transformation; how it occurs in your moments of experience; the roles that love and gratitude play in such a transformation. The transformation that is possible for each of you and all seekers of truth to accomplish in any given moment is that transformation of your outer self, shall we say, the acting personality that reflects your inner being in as close an approximation as possible, that quality of desire which you express as you set your goal for the day.

Your goal, if it is that which partakes of your highest potential, is that which seeks to become more and more one with the One who is in all as you move through your day, seeing each interaction with others and with the day itself as a means by which you may expand your reflection of the One which resides within you and within all others as well. This is a kind of transfiguration, so that in every moment that you realize this goal you become a new being, a new and higher vibrational reflection of that One Creator in which you live, and move, and have your being. This is an experience that is possible for every conscious seeker of truth to partake in in every moment of conscious awareness that you experience in any day.

You are the living, third-dimensional representation of this Creator that you seek so fervently and so constantly and so purely. We commend each of you for the desire to do this, for change is not always easy. It is easy to be what you were the day before, for in that day and many days preceding it, perhaps, you have learned the boundary, the ability to express that level of your perception and reflection of the One. However, in order to continue your growth into more and more complete unity with the One who is in all, you must empty yourself out on a daily basis so that a new revelation of transformation can be made real unto you, your heart, and your mind, and in your soul.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we greet this circle once again through this instrument with gratitude for the one known as Jim, and [with] support that we offer that instrument as he moves through his daily round of activities.

We would continue speaking to this rich and fertile topic of transformation by noting its vertical dimensionality. In transformation, one is following the evolutionary line of light upward, upward, upward toward the source of all things, toward the One, as we were speaking previously, becoming that which you already are, releasing the various masks and personas of the conditioned self in order that the outer self [may] reflect the inner being. This involves necessarily a release, a letting go, or a rendering transparent of the various points of identification one has about the self, about its needs or wants or boundaries or limitations.

In each step of transformation—of which we of Q’uo can attest there are infinite such steps—one gains a slightly or perhaps dramatically larger point of view than was known on the previous step. The transformation is that which lifts one up to the next step. Without the transformation, the incarnate self may spend a certain amount of time, perhaps in some cases a lifetime, on one step, moving laterally; though that is unlikely as the biological change of the growing and aging body is sufficient to bring about transformation in perspective and identity alone. But you as positively-oriented seekers are in search of personal or spiritual transformation.

This mode of transformation is one of moving from the particulars and the details and the surface level of life into the deep end of essence and being; of, as seen through the energy centers, clearing and metabolizing that energy so that it may continue rising upward from one center to the next.

Your environment at this time could not be more pregnant with the possibility of transformation in the way that the pressure on your minerals may, through time, transform the dull unreflective matter into the diamond. Your environment at this time is one of significant pressure due to the great disharmonies, the many voices, the quantity of catalysts which you face every day, the amping or ramping up of fourth-density energies, the waning of third density. This pressure, if used, can greatly accelerate the journey. It must be met with a certain minimum of focus and exercise of will, which in its core application may seek a destination, but is most optimally working with the opportunities of the moment through loving and accepting that which greets the self in each moment.

The personality shell (or as some might have it, the false self) is largely brought into being and maintained by various mechanisms of resistance and defense. Defending these stories, resisting that which is deemed not-self or is disliked or brings discomfort…there is a comfort in resting in the stories and limiting the vision so that the greater frequency or range of experience remains invisible to the self. It is a turning away from the unknown. It is this resistance to what is which comes up against the pressure and the call to change and to grow. And insofar as this call to change is resisted, there is a heat or further resistance or inner turmoil within the self. These are not unfortunate byproducts or consequences, but rather are merely a more strident call for transformation, revealing to the self where there is something out of sync, something seeking a deeper look or examination, something which has not been fully brought into the heart and accepted.

These energies of resistance are born and live within the self, whatever the circumstances of the outer environment. And through intending to face these energies, [to] look at them, [to] work with them, and [to] release the layers of fear or rejection or the sense of small self around them, these energies may be brought in to the heart and transmuted into unity instead of being reflected back to unity unused. This, my friends, is an act of transformation.

Each moment in your third-density plane is offering you a doorway through which lies transformation. Each catalyst is designed such that, if used, the self may continue ever-incrementally upward on the long figurative staircase toward realization of the self as the Creator and the realization of the All as the Creator. Indeed, transformation and healing are synonymous terms, associated very closely with the return to the Creator Itself. These are variant ways of describing the many seeking the One—the fragment realizing its wholeness.

Transformation will visit the self, but it can be consciously embraced and intentionally sought. And, for the entity seeing itself upon a threshold, recognizing a new land that awaits beyond, feeling a certain resistance or barrier between the two, [the entity] may call upon the energies of transformation in order to let go of past modalities, breach the barrier, and enter the new land or move upward along the next step, in keeping with our previous metaphor.

There are various means of achieving this, but we would suggest as always the seeking of guidance within, for each seeker is ever with more support than can be imagined, and inspiration and strength will reach such an one.

And with this, we leave this instrument with gratitude for this circle and we transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. Adonai.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument.

We have been speaking with you on the topic of transformation as a process and as it relates to love, acceptance and gratitude. You could say that personal transformation is a process that is born of love and gratitude. It is the natural process of growth for living things, including yourselves. On a personal level and universally, born out of the Great Original Thought of love, all life thrives in love and in gratitude, and grows back to the Creator in love, in love and light.

Love is integral to the process of transforming in a way that brings about in the self’s experience, in just the right way, the change that is sought by the transformation. Love is what binds the experiences together for the self in a way that heals, protects, moves the process forward in the most productive and satisfying way—one could say in the most perfect way—of all the ways that there could be the transformation. Love is what supports that transformation to be in the most perfect way that it could be.

Transformation is the most natural process that the self and all other selves undertake in every moment. It is on every level of being a most foreseen process, in that on a higher level such transformation is already known even before it begins to take place. Transformation is a part of the great evolutionary process that ever exists on every level, every frequency, and everywhere in creation. As much as the self may want to stay in an unchanged state—for it is comfortable to be in such a state that is familiar—what every self seeks is transformation.

When such transformation, fueled by love from the beginning and ever to the end of every life cycle is felt, it touches all other selves, all parts of creation with love in an ever expanding way, no matter what may seem to be going on in the illusion of existence. This then is a way to see how gratitude relates to this process. For when there is the most satisfying love-filled process of transformation, gratitude is what is most easily felt about such a process.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak on this subject. We are with this instrument. We now pass this contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are known to you as those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. The topic that you have chosen this evening is especially relevant for your planetary sphere at this time, for the environment in which you have all chosen to incarnate is quite a potent alchemical mixture in which transformation or opportunity for transformation abounds. These opportunities within your illusion are increased due to the process of transformation that your planet itself is experiencing at this time, and there are increasing energies that call for transformation entering into your sphere, and indeed, into each individual mind/body/spirit complex.

We are enthusiastic to speak to this topic as it is with some sadness that we have found that not only do some of these opportunities for transformation go unutilized, but the confused environment upon your sphere and within your mind/body/spirit complexes has created a situation in which, in many cases, transformation goes awry. And while the opportunity to transform into a purified being of service moving ever closer to the Creator are quite available, so too do these energies mixed with these confusions sometimes create further distortion within individuals and within social complexes.

We seek to add clarity to this process in hopes that transformation may occur, which allows for the fourth density of love and understanding in the most universal sense to shine through each individual and draw connections between all, so that you as a planet and a planetary social memory complex may unify and join us as new members of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator.

When speaking about the opportunities available to all upon your planet for transformation, we emphasize again the great importance of love within this process and wish to draw your attention to the concept of universal and unconditional love. For we feel this is where there is the greatest opportunity for true essential transformation is available for seekers upon the path of service to others.

Within your society at this time, it is easy to perceive a growing tension that seems to be increasing separation between certain social complexes and individuals. We find that love is not necessarily absent in this process, as love can be easy when it is in relation to those who you find easy to love, easy to relate to, easy to agree with, easy to understand, and who in your interactions do not challenge your notions of what is appropriate, of what is true, and in how you should connect with them.

Indeed, there is much love that we do see, yet we may say that this love is sometimes hoarded and shared only among the closest individuals within one’s circle. Though this love is beautiful, it is the unchallenged love, whereas the true opportunity for transformation available to seekers who desire to serve others at this moment lies within the love that is challenging.

If you are seeking this transformation, we suggest that you look to those opportunities in which your love is truly stymied. This has become a somewhat difficult process as technologies and certain evolutions of your social complexes have allowed you as a people to isolate within what this instrument knows as social bubbles. And so the challenged love is easy to avoid. Thus this process must be a very conscious and deliberate one in which the seeker prepares for the self an environment of safety and peace, and from within that environment intentionally seeks the aspects of self drawn out in interactions with others that block the free flow of love. This may be in direct interaction with others or indirect interaction with others.

And in this process we urge you not to see these aspects of self that block the flow of love as failures, but rather view them as the opportunities you have given to yourself. For this is what you have incarnated into this illusion to do. You greatly desired the opportunities offered to you by this environment; and from our perspective, the very notion of discovering aspects of the self not yet balanced and not yet blessed with the true love of the Creator is actually exciting and a thrilling prospect. And we offer you this perspective so that you might approach this process with some excitement and lightness, for we understand how grave and serious your planet seems at this time. Yet the process of transformation is one which abounds in joy and lightness, for these are the qualities of the Creator as they may be manifested within your environment. And we encourage you within this conscious process of seeking transformation to hold on to these gifts that the Creator offers you for this process.

We wish to offer you our greatest comfort and respect. We bow to all seekers upon this path on your planet at this time for we understand the moments of great difficulty, and we bow to your persistence and dedication to this process.

At this time, we ask the one known as Gary if he wishes to receive our contact again this evening.

Yes, Q’uo, I would like to serve, or rather, make myself available for a couple questions.

I am Q’uo, and we thank you, my brother. At this time we leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We are Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we give thanks for the fidelity of each instrument present in this circle. And we would respond to any shorter queries that the circle might have.

I have a question Q’uo. Ra said that each mind/body/spirit complex has its own patterns of activation and its own rhythms of awakening. #48.7 Is there some way that we can become aware of our own rhythms of awakening?

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for this question, my brother. Indeed, as the journey moves ever forward and upward and accelerates, the seeker will become increasingly aware of their patterns of sleep and awakening, of resistance and surrender, of moments of opportunity, and awareness of the repetition of patterns and themes to increase this awareness and comprehension of the self’s patterns. Indeed, the blueprint of the self’s journey is to release much of the mental activity which occupies the third-density mind as it navigates the illusion, and to sink into the silence where that cacophony of thought is distilled and begins to reveal to the self the essential nature of the lessons.

This silence can clarify the particular chapter of the self’s journey so that the self may respond more maximally or optimally to the moment in order to lean into these patterns of awakening. In this process, the self may have an “aha” moment, which helps the self to somewhat plot its location. For instance, the self may realize that it is being challenged in a particular way, and this challenge pertains to a core lesson, or a secondary lesson, or is connected to a pattern of learning and growth.

With each revisiting of the pattern, the self, as it becomes conscious, may realize that not only has it seen this pattern before, but that it is visiting it from a new nuance or aspect, or it is moving deeper into the pattern one incremental step at a time. This is a natural and organic outgrowth of growth, to become increasingly aware of the patterns and to navigate these patterns more consciously.

Before releasing the reply to this question, we would always remind each seeker in third density that you are ever surrounded in a metaphysical darkness that makes understanding your true position on the evolutionary journey very difficult to discern. The overview, shall we say, is seldom realized. Instead, the hardest and truest steps you will take within the illusion will be taken not precisely because you see the way forward, but because you move forward in faith and in trust.

May we ask if there is another query, my brother?

Yes, in session 33 #33.7 Don said: “Then these lessons would be reprogrammed, you might say, as life experience continues. Let’s say that an entity develops a bias that he actually didn’t choose to develop prior to incarnation. Is it then possible to program experiences so that he will have an opportunity to alleviate this bias through balancing? Is this correct?” And Ra said: “This is precisely correct.” So my question is, how would any of us go about reprogramming a bias that we wish to remove with a bias that we desire?

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for your query, my brother. This instrument smiles and would say that it was literally just listening to the audiobook version of this session yesterday.

You ask how the third-density entity may reprogram, while within the incarnation, to alleviate a bias and to operate in a configuration that is closer to the desire of the heart. We would first in responding lay a foundation which encourages the self to accept the material of the self, including that which seems to be a bias developed as a departure from the preincarnational programming, a bias resulting from the slings and arrows of the illusion which precipitated confusion and an imbalance that—we correct this instrument… for if the self is seeking to reprogram as a function of judgment of self, then the self will find that it is further distorting rather than undistorting the self, and increased confusion will likely result.

Presuming then that the third-density entity is operating from a space of accepting the totality of self (insofar as the boundaries of the limited third-density heart provide), the self may indeed reprogram first and foremost through simple awareness of this need, and the subsequent cultivation of the truer or deeper desire as it is assessed by the self.

Indeed, at its most fundamental, it is this sifting and distilling and prioritizing and valuing of desire that locates that which is truer to the heart, that which more closely aligns with the self’s soul’s path. That is where much of the work of reprogramming lies, for the program which the third-density entity wishes to change is some form of desire: desire blocked, or desire confused, or desire imbalanced. So, in becoming conscious of the underlying desire and beginning to cultivate the desire more in attunement with the deeper identity, the self has begun a process of reprogramming.

There are various means of facilitating and intensifying and grounding this reprogramming. Some are so significant that they may reconfigure the energy of the self in a very, very short span of time. We would not dive into these, as those discussed by the ones known as Ra are very well known to this circle, but would simply advise the becoming aware of desire and in cultivating of the interest and desire for the new program, with accompanying analysis and meditation on why it is that the self seeks this new programming, toward what end, and the depth of service inherent in the desired programming.

May we ask if there is a final question?

Along that same line, I would like to know: what is the best way to get our unconscious mind and/or our higher self to aid us in accomplishing such reprogramming, or in any other effort to polarize more positively and serve others more purely?

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you again for this most excellent question, my brother. Enlisting the higher self as a source of support or inspiration or guidance is a matter of asking, of opening the pathways within the self of dialogue, which allows the self’s thoughts to leave the circular caverns of the self’s interior so that they may travel, shall we say, or transmit to the higher self, and so that the self may in turn receive communication from that self in the future, as the third-density incarnate entity may perceive it. The higher self is ever interested in supporting its third-density incarnate self and waits ready, always at the door.

The one stop for this self is the third-density entity’s desire, interest, and configurations. Upon establishing this pathway of communication with the higher self, the higher self may lend its larger point of view, shall we say, to the processes of reprogramming, likely without explicit instructions, giving the entity a greater sense of its surrounding landscape such that there may be a greater measure of clarity in assessing the various programs at play within the self, and how one might shift into new programs of being and service. The higher self will attempt, in noninvasive fashion, to help orient that reprogramming so that the self is more truly upon the heart of unconditional love and the Creator, so that the pathway between the third-density self and its illusory future self (known as the higher self) is more straight or direct or efficient.

We thank you for these excellent questions, my brother, particularly as they are of aid in training this instrument. And we would at this time leave this instrument with gratitude for the opportunity to speak, as we transfer this contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am once again with this instrument. We thank each new instrument for the continued dedication to improvement which is once again quite evident to our perceptions. We feel that there is a greater and greater openness within each instrument to receive the words and thoughts, which we offer to each. We are aware of how important it is for each instrument to be able to open the self completely in the reception of our words and thoughts, and congratulate each for accomplishing this portion of the experience that is so primary to becoming an instrument.

We are also aware that each instrument desires to be able to expand upon this ability to open without reservation the conscious and unconscious mind so that we might utilize not only the concepts which we feel are important to share, but are also able to gain access to the deeper understandings, if you will, of each new instrument, so that we may incorporate them also as a portion of our replies, thus verifying each new instrument’s process of seeking and serving the One.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. We rejoice with you in your progress and we leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai, vasu borragus.