(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and greet each of you in love and light. We are most pleased once again to be with you, for we know that we are with brothers and sisters on the same journey which we travel and we are most pleased to be able to assist your journey in any way that we may without infringing upon your free will. So, as you well know, we suggest that you take the information that we give you in response to your queries and use it in whatever way has meaning for you information which has no meaning for you. In this way, we may speak freely. Thusly, we would ask at this time if there may be a query with which we may begin.

This question comes from Luis, which asks: “Outside of our personal radiation of vibratory beingness to the planet, what are the most efficient forms of individual and collective work we can do to help heal the planet, smoothly alleviating the trapped heat caused by war and anger, and aid in the reduction of aggressive disharmonies between our cultures? Could you elaborate in more detail how to best perform this work, its effect, and its necessity or urgency?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, the work of each seeker of truth who wishes to be of service to others at this time is to find within the self—perhaps within the meditative state, the contemplative state, or the prayerful state—that desire which you have brought with you into this incarnation to be of service to others, and see that desire as a babe in the arms that wishes to grow because of the sustenance that you give it through opportunities to grow. Look upon your daily round of activities from the meditative state and see how that this infant desire to serve may be fed with the interactions that you share with those about you, as you move through the experiences of your day.

Then, as you move out of the meditative state and into your waking reality, take with you this enhanced desire to be of service so that in some fashion every interaction that you engage with another person has this desire to share the love and the light of the One Creator with that other person. Look to every interaction, whether it be a fleeting glance, with a smile, a conversation of seeming “small talk,” as you would call it, enhanced by the loving comment, a longer engagement of energy exchange where work is accomplished, of a physical, emotional, or intellectual nature, that is also imbued with this desire to share the love that you feel growing within your heart center. This is a type of experience and processing of catalyst, shall we say, that is able to cause a kind of resonance to be set up between your unconditional love pouring forth from the green-ray energy center and each other entity’s own green-ray energy center, whether activated or not; for within each energy center, the quality of each energy center is thereby enhanced when able to resonate with those offerings of love and light which you consciously send to each entity about you.

The importance of such an attitude of service to others at this time upon your planet is of great importance, for there is much confusion amongst entities as to the purpose of the life path. Most are unaware that the spiritual qualities that seem so ephemeral and so distant, and so little exercised, are actually the substance of the purpose for each entity’s existence within this third-density illusion at this time. Most entities, instead, are more concerned with the nature of the living environment, the ability to earn wages that can afford more sumptuous or plenteous living experiences, homes, and modes of transportation, and dress, and experience within the nightlife, shall we say. These are merely means by which catalyst may be had and utilized or not, within your third-density illusion.

The means by which each entity is able to perceive the heart of its life path is enhanced by your own demonstration of how the open heart is primary within your life path. The example that you set is likened to the example of the one you call Jehoshua or Jesus, who said that it is important for entities to love the Creator with all their hearts, and to love their neighbors as themselves. This simple instruction and declaration seems to so many to be of so little value, when, indeed, it is of the greatest value for each entity within your third-density illusion at this time.

Thusly, if you can practice this ability to enhance your own desire to give the love and light of the One Creator freely to all those you meet in your daily round of activities, you are setting up the basic resonance for this quality of love and light to be energized into activity within those whom you meet, and indeed, with the entire planetary population, for all of the population of your planetary sphere may be likened unto the cells within the collective body of beings so that each cell can, in some fashion, become aware of the activity of each other cell, and when the activity raises its vibration to the green-ray energy center, then this vibration has an enhanced ability to facilitate the activation of the green-ray energies for a larger and larger portion of the planetary population.

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, can you speak to the growing perception that world is both getting somehow more loving and more hateful at the same time, right now?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, there is at this time a magnification of the polarities of service to others and service to self by the fourth-density vibrations that continue to engulf your planetary sphere and continue to increase in their vibratory beingness, so that those entities who have the predilection to serve the One Creator that they see in all others in the service-to-self polarity, 1 are enhanced in their ability to do so.

The instreamings of the cosmic energies at this time are increasing and shall continue to increase in order that more and more opportunities may be offered to the planetary population to move in whatever direction has been chosen, if a direction has been chosen, so that entities of both the positive and the negative polarities may find it more and more possible to polarize in their chosen polarity. The difficulty with so many of the population of your planetary sphere is that the Choice has not yet been made, and these increasing vibratory energies of the fourth density, then, begin to enhance the confusion, just as it enhances the positive and negative choices, so that there is an increase in all three directions. This is that which is seen to be as unfortunate for most of the population of your planet, which does not find a choice as the primary purpose of their life pattern as we have spoken before. Thus, there is a greater opportunity for each entity to be propelled, shall we say, further along the path of its present seeking, be it positive, negative, or neutral.

Is there another query, my sister?

No, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Anna’s question made me think of one. Ra described how there would be a sharp increase of the negative polarity—I believe their words were “In the short run,” though may be misquoting that. 2 And Q’uo, as well, has described how the negative polarity is as the dragon lashing its tail, and its time is short on this planet. I recall Q’uo saying this prior to the past several years when things have really intensified. So, I’m wondering if Q’uo could speak to this sense that the negative polarity has a short time here on Earth. What happens, and when do we see this decrease in the negative polarity?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. There is, indeed, at this time, the influx of the so-called negative polarity which seeks to be of service to the self by separating the self from all other selves in attempting to control them for the benefit of the self. This is in accordance with the opportunity for all entities to exercise their free will at all times, and most especially at this time, for this planetary sphere has, within its beingness, the fourth-density vibrations of love and understanding activated and beginning to have an effect upon the overall milieu or quality of experience within this planetary sphere. Thus, the vibrations of love and understanding of the service-to-others polarity are beginning to anchor themselves in a fashion which will eventually permit a greater reflection of this desire to see the One-in-all and to serve that One with all of one’s being, for the positively polarized entities.

Thusly, there is but a short period of time, as you would call it, that the negatively oriented entities may continue to pursue their chosen path of service to self. This is unconsciously recognized by such entities so that there is a renewed effort made at this time by such entities to exercise a great polarity in the negative sense and thereby achieve that which is called the harvest into the fourth density in the negative sense.

Thus, this dragon, as it has been called in your holy works, is beginning to sense the end of the opportunity to grow and develop in the negative polarity upon this planetary sphere. The time period that such possibilities may yet remain is unknown for many reasons. The most salient reason being the volatility of this population of entities that is between the two polarities, having chosen neither polarity. This grouping of entities has a great deal of confusion and is subject to manipulation by the negatively oriented entities so that there may be further negative reflections of experience for the social complexes of your planetary sphere. There is much confusion at this time, and this confusion has a certain kind of life span, shall we say, that can be extended by the negatively oriented entities. However, as we mentioned previously, the time period for the negatively oriented entities is drawing to a close.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not on that question, thank you.

I am Q’uo. Is there another query at this time?

Matt writes: “As I recall from the early contacts as transcribed in the Brown Notebook, 3 etc., there was a lot of communication about “understanding” and it seemed to me that Hatonn felt from their perspective that humans were largely lacking in understanding, and that their initial contacts were focused around increasing this. By contrast, I find that Q’uo really seems to be driving home the point that understanding is not of our density. I think it could be very enlightening to hear from Q’uo more specifically on why the message went from emphasizing the need for understanding in the early years to the inability to understand in later years.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The quality of understanding is a quality of being able to grasp the sense of the purpose for the incarnation and the planetary milieu. This purpose has various levels of beingness that are available to entities of a variety of levels of consciousness, shall we say. The variety of levels of consciousness have more or less ability to expand or comprehend the nature of the environment in which each entity lives and moves and has its being. There is an unending depth to the nature of this environment upon your planetary sphere. It is possible for many entities to begin to grasp the nature of this environment as offering the opportunity for polarization in consciousness in either the positive or the negative sense.

This may be understood, shall we say, in a general sense by those with whom those of Hatonn began their communications many of your decades ago. The levels of grasping or understanding the opportunity to move along the spiritual path engages the seeker of truth in deeper and deeper explorations of that which is unknown, that being the nature of the catalyst that each seeker experiences in the daily round of activities. As this catalyst is explored, greater and greater realizations become apparent to the seeker of truth so that that which was previously thought to be understood, and clearly understood, may become somewhat less of a part of the entity’s life experience as greater realizations take place.

As that which was previously understood, shall we say, is moved beyond, according to further grasping or understanding, or attempts to grasp and understand, catalyst in front of one’s own being, then there is a further opportunity to enhance one’s knowledge of the process of evolution for the self in both the positive and negative polarities.

Thus, as each seeker of truth penetrates more and more of the nature of the evolutionary process for all beings, and for itself, particularly, there is seen to be an infinite amount of information available in regards to this process of evolution. Thus, the understanding that has been achieved previously, seems to lack in the necessary profundity to propel one further into the unknown that lies in the future, as you would call it, of each seeking being.

Thus, the understanding quality is one which seems most ephemeral to the entity in hindsight, seeing it not as true understanding, but as a signpost along the way to truer understanding. Thus, each seeker of truth will find that the journey that it is upon in this illusion is one which offers continuous opportunities to learn and grow, and to find that which is unknown and is yet to be understood.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not on that question. I’ll ask another one, but first looking to the group to see…in which case I would like to know, Q’uo, how important or unimportant, needed or not needed is coming together in community is for the birth of fourth density?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that this query has a great deal of importance, not only to this group, but to many other groups that are scattered about the surface of your Mother Earth, for at this time there is a great feeling of the necessity of blending energies and ideals in the pursuit of the fourth-density vibrations of love and understanding. There is, amongst many of your peoples, the feeling that the journey of seeking is enhanced by the blending of energies in this manner, and indeed, this is so, for the fourth-density experience is one of joined mind/body and spirit complexes, in order to form what you call the social memory complex. Whether the groups are of two, or three, or more, or many more, is up to each individual and group that desires to form these social memory complex—we look for the instrument to find the word—expressions of the inner drive for the shared experience of growth and understanding.

There is a great deal of benefit from each such blending of energies, for as you are working upon various catalytic experiences, each entity may contribute an unique aspect to reveal more and more of the facility of certain responses or behavior patterns, or thought patterns that enhance the evolutionary path. Thus, each seeker has within it a library of experience that it has accumulated in its present incarnation and, indeed, within many previous incarnations that may serve as potential enhancements to the movement of the group in a positive direction so that each entity within the group benefits from each other entity’s experiences and abilities.

Thus, the fourth-density experience is one which begins to grow more and more within such groups that are dedicated to forming the social complex and then making the transition in some fashion, perhaps a little at a time, perhaps in quantum leaps, perhaps in great transitional bursts of energy, so that there is the formation of what may be clearly seen to be a social memory complex, where all entities are aware of the experience of each entity. This is possible at the end of the third-density experience so that the social memory complex becomes a possibility for all such entities dedicated to the realization of the birthing of such a bright and beautiful future for all entities thus participating.

Is there a further query, my brother?

That was inspirational. Thank you. This may sound like a self-evident thing to say, but maybe there’s a deeper insight available. Is it an expression of [accurate] understanding to see that the intensities of catalyst that we, of the positive polarity, feel ourselves pummeled with nowadays is precisely calibrated to, shall I say, upgrade our vibrations and help us to be compatible with the fourth-density energies?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that you have placed yourself on firm ground with that statement, my brother. There is, indeed, the opportunity for each positive seeker of truth to be able to enhance the spiritual journey by being willing to accept and work with the more difficult or intense, shall we say, vibratory patterns of catalyst as it comes to the entity in the daily round of activities.

There is no entity without the ability to process such catalyst, even though the processing itself may require almost every fiber of energy available within each entity. This is a portion of the life pattern that has been made a possibility by many of those whom you call wanderers, who are from the higher densities, existing now within this planetary sphere in order to help the population of this planet move forward into the fourth density of love and understanding.

The wanderer is able to enhance its polarization in a great extent by being able to handle the more intense vibratory catalyst that is offered as a result of a type of preincarnative choice that makes the entity available for this experience at a certain part of its life pattern, or portion of its life pattern, so that there is the chance to greatly accelerate the personal path when such difficult vibratory catalyst becomes more and more a part of the life experience.

Is there a final query at this time?

Yes, thank you. Could you offer anywisdom for…rather, let me reframe the question, sorry. Do those who, in the outer picture at least, who seem to play antagonistic roles in our lives, do they contribute to this acceleration?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, one may see such a process of providing the enhanced catalyst as a kind of preordained dance in which there is the exchange of energies as of the melody of movement of beingness that is able to become more available to the growth of the mind, the body, and the spirit as these catalytic experiences are shared back and forth, as though there were a type of dance step being placed into the life pattern.

These opportunities are, indeed, chosen by each entity as a portion of each entity’s life experience, offering the enhanced growth possibilities at a time in which there is more and more work, shall we say, in consciousness that is able to be accomplished by such entities, and this work in consciousness then, becomes likened to a beacon to others about each entity experiencing the enhanced vibratory catalyst. This beacon of light is created by the burning off, shall we say, of karmic residue that may be seen as the opportunity to move in a certain direction that is also preincarnatively chosen.

This beacon, then, becomes likened to a pattern or model that inspires others to do likewise, for as each entity is able to move through the enhanced catalytic process, there is a kind of glow that becomes available to such an entity in order to signify the type of experience which has been mastered, shall we say. It is a kind of beaming of confidence within the life pattern that builds a resonance that can be felt by others about this entity, so that they also may see the opportunity to become like unto the one who has mastered the catalyst, and do likewise themselves. This is a part of a trading of energies back and forth that is a most helpful kind of experience for each entity partaking in this dance, for there is much to be gained in the way of positive polarization that can be an inspiration to others as well.

At this time, we would thank each entity here for offering us the opportunity to be of service by attempting to answer your queries. In this way, we are also able to move further along our own spiritual path. We thank each entity for the quality of questions on this particular day, for they are borne of personal experience that is not always easy to experience. We are aware that each entity here has the difficulties that may seem to many to be more than can be handled, but we assure each of you, that you are most capable of handling such difficulties in your life patterns. If you would call upon us at any time in your meditations to help intensify the meditation without the words, we would be most happy to do so.

We are always with you as we observe your patterns of experience interchanging one day with another, and we are always inspired by the love and the light that we see vibrating within your heart of beings at all times even when there is great confusion. Be strong, my friends, in mind, body and spirit, and continue to move forward as you have so well done in your futures, for you have much ahead of you that is of an inspirational nature that can be shared with others. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in love and in light, Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. “…to serve the One Creator that they see in all others in the service-to-self polarity.” This is a potentially confusing statement. Those of the service-to-self polarity don’t quite recognize the One Creator in all other-selves. They surely, however, recognize some distortion of the One Creator in each other-self, a distortion or illusion which sees the other-self as one to be manipulated and enslaved for the benefit of the self. 

  2. Ra: “There will also be a sharp increase in the short run of negatively oriented or polarized mind/body/spirit complexes and social complexes, due to the polarizing conditions of the sharp delineation between fourth-density characteristics and third-density self-service orientation.” #17.1 

  3. Available here: www.llresearch.org/history/brown-notebook