(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in love and in light. We are grateful, as always, to be able to join your group and to answer your call for assistance on the path of seeking which you have chosen for this incarnation. We will remind you, once again, that we are your brothers and sisters who travel the same path that you travel, perhaps a step or two further, thus, we have information that may be of use to you. We ask you to use it as you will, not taking each word as authority, but using each word in whatever way has meaning, and leaving behind any words which have no meaning to you at this time. If you would do this favor for us, we will be grateful and be able to speak more freely.

May we begin with a query at this time?

Yes, thank you, Q’uo. There is a desire among some of us, myself and some of us gathered, to know more about the inner feelings and awareness of some of us who have had a desire and an intensity for seeking, and in the process of growing higher and knowing more in our third-density experience into the fourth density, becoming more aware. We sometimes experience a sense of social dissonance, or seeming separation from society, for example, or others who are not as far along on the path that we have chosen, and this can create inner feelings that we want to know more how to help in this way, how to help ourselves understand and feel better about where we are, for we do rejoice in our seeking and in our growing. We choose to look at it as a growth and a positive outcome of our seeking, but would you please help us understand what is happening with us, especially as it also concerns instreaming cosmic energies that may also be causing us to become more aware. Thank you.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. You ask a primary kind of query which demonstrates the nature of your own journey and the milieu at this time in which your journey takes place.

On most third-density planetary sphere, such as your Earth sphere, at the end of the third-density cycle, there is a greater harmony in those of the population of the planet than is anywhere evidence upon your planetary sphere. Unfortunately, this makes the journey more difficult for everyone upon the planet. The population of your planet, as you are aware, is drawn from many other third-density planets which have gone through the 75,000 year cycle of third density with the majority of the population failing to make the harvest and needing to find another third-density sphere upon which to incarnate, [so] that another attempt may be made to achieve fourth-density harvest.

However, there is, upon your planetary sphere, a demonstration of the principle that as there is less and less success at achieving such harvestability, that the opportunities grow more limited for the entire population to make this transition. This makes much more difficult the path of each conscious seeker of truth which wishes to move in harmony with those about it, for when there are more entities making such an effort, there is a blessing to all within the grouping so that there is far more opportunity to achieve the understandings that lead to the opening of the heart energy center in a fashion that allows the harvest into the fourth density light that requires a certain stamina, shall we say, within the heart energy center.

Thus, so many entities upon this planet, many of them of the designation which you would call wanderers, find themselves isolated in their home environment and neighborhood environment in a fashion that causes their seeking to become more of a solitary experience, and the gathering together in groups such as this one rare, and more desired than ever before due to the knowledge, both consciously and subconsciously, of each conscious seeker, that this journey is one which must, of necessity, be traveled in a solitary fashion for the majority of what you would call time.

Thus, each seeker carries a greater weight, shall we say, upon its spiritual shoulders, knowing that there is such an environment surrounding one that is lean or lacking in spiritual support requiring each individual to become more responsible—that is, able to respond to each situation that produces catalyst in the daily round of activities. This, in effect, in the practical sense, means that each conscious seeker, then, must prepare the self to engage in a loving fashion as much as is possible with the entities that populate its daily round of experience, who, of themselves, are often without any conscious knowledge of the spiritual journey, the opening of the heart, the ability to share love, and the strengthening and supporting each of the other upon this path.

Therefore, there is, for each conscious seeker, then, an opportunity to share that which is possible to share of the green-ray energy center, the unconditional love that is possible to offer in some fashion in every opportunity of meeting those in the daily round of activities. If one can imbue one’s consciousness to begin the day in meditation with this desire to open the heart in whatever manner is possible without the total depletion of the green ray energies, then the most that one can do is done, and the intention to be of this type of service is that quality which colors or designates the life experience as that which is committed to service to others.

It is impossible for each conscious seeker of truth to make more of an effort in the sharing of love and of light than is available within the being. If there is the opening of the heart to such extent, however, that this imaging of the self being imbued with love, moving from the universe to the self in the heart and flowing from the heart outwards, then this type of a visualization can enhance the individual ability to offer that which is already within the heart, and amplify it and intensify it by the visualization of seeing the heart energies moving from the fourth density which now engulfs your planet, outward from the heart to each entity that one meets in the daily round of experience.

Then the conscious seeker of truth suffers less of the depletion that is likely when it depends only upon its own heart energies. Each conscious seeker, then, is well advised to be aware that there are many entities already within the fourth-density environment who send you and all the population of this planet love and light on a constant basis. The awareness of this available love and light, then, from these entities and from beyond, can aid each in the processing of the catalyst that comes with each day’s experience.

Is there a further query, my sister?

No, thank you very much. Thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my sister. Is there another query at this time?

Yes, thank you, Q’uo. Ra and the Confederation have implied or stated that the spiritual path is one which requires sacrifice. Ra refers to jewels that are “dearly bought” 1 and speaks of “apparent loss and realization of essential gain.” 2 Could you elaborate on the type of sacrifices that are made by a seeker upon the positive path?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Each positive seeker who wishes to be of service to others, and to open the heart in unconditional love, is a kind of missionary that has a creed that includes the consideration of each other entity that will be experienced as a soul within the life experience. This creed of service to others is one which requires of the conscious seeker the willingness to give of the self in a fashion which upholds the desire to see each other entity as the self, and as the Creator.

Thus, the sacrifice that is made follows along the lines of refusing to engage in any arguments about the necessity to purely give that which is one’s to give, the unconditional love of the heart energy center. The tendency for many conscious seekers of truth is to attempt to make a case when dealing with difficult catalyst from another self that the other self would benefit by following the advice or expressions of love of the self, thereby engaging in a spiritual discourse, or kind of changing of minds in the attempt to become more accepted by the other self.

Thus, the seeker who wishes to give what is most helpful must oftentimes sacrifice the proselytizing, shall we say, the spiritual sermonette, and by actions primarily, and words secondarily, always bolstered by thought within, offer that quality of love which accepts entities as they are, and makes the demonstration of one’s own loving nature the teaching, rather than the words. The sacrifice, then, is that which is convenient, the spiritual sermonette, and replacing it with the actions that exemplify that which the sermonette would attempt to describe.

Is there another query, my brother?

Not one related to that, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

We have one sent in from our friend and volunteer, Thomas, who asks: “I have been wondering how much a person’s soul is involved in the mind’s thinking. Does our conscious thinking stem only from our physical mind in a biological sense, and our soul is merely observing the thinking, or does some part of our thought come from our beingness beyond the physical realm? If our soul is simply an observer, what is the link between our actions/thinking and the karma that is attributed to our soul?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. The soul, or spirit, of each incarnated entity may be seen as that environment of a spiritual sense of unity with all that there is, that produces the incarnated entity that each becomes beyond the veil of forgetting within the third-density illusion. Before the incarnation is entered, however, the soul and the higher self, oftentimes with the assistance of guides, aid that entity that will become the conscious experiencing mind/body/spirit complex in the preparations of preincarnative choices that are the lessons that the entity has been advised and agrees needs to be learned in order for further steps to be taken upon the path of harvestability to the fourth-density illusion.

Thusly, when this entity becomes active on a conscious level within the third-density illusion and begins to seek within itself those lessons that it feels it has begun to sense throughout its life experience to the awakening of its consciousness to the journey of spiritual seeking, then these preincarnative lessons are offered to the conscious seeking self by the soul level beingness, so that the unconscious mind, then, which is in contact with the soul level, begins to color those types of lessons or catalyst that the conscious-seeking entity encounters repeatedly within each day of its incarnation in one manner or another.

Thus, if the entity uses both its conscious mind to evaluate its experiences and its intuitive mind to become more aware of what lessons may be appropriate for it and may be presenting themselves to it, then the intuition and the analytical mind can work together to give the conscious seeking self an idea, a framework, a sketch of what it is that it wishes to learn, for each such entity, on the conscious path of seeking the truth, there are but a handful of such lessons. These lessons will repeat themselves time and time again in one form or another so that the conscious seeking self may become aware of the lessons by utilizing, as we said, both the conscious mind and the intuition, to flesh out the skeleton of the lessons to be learned.

Is there another query, my brother?

I do have a follow-up that might be a little difficult to respond to . Neuroscience is finding some very interesting relationships between our biology and our behavior, and I’m curious about how this relates to our spiritual path and our karma and catalyst. The example that I’ll use is that we can take an entity who generally has very positive behavior in life, and their attitude and behavior changes very suddenly, perhaps even becoming violent. Doctors later find out it was because of a brain tumor that was pressing on certain parts of their brain that caused a drastic shift in behavior, and in some instances, the brain tumor is removed and they go back to their previous behavior.

I’m curious how something like this is related to an entity’s spiritual progress and how we can look at it from a spiritual perspective.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, you have presented an interesting example of how the body is the creature of the mind, and can, by certain malfunctions pointout to the mind that which the mind has been unable to perceive on its own. The brain of the human being is in large sense a creature of misunderstanding by many within the scientific community. However, there are some, as you have pointed out, that are becoming aware of the possibilities of the utilization of more and more of the functions of the brain, for there are areas of the brain which will be more activated within the fourth density experience that is now becoming more available to entities upon your planetary sphere.

Thus, as one portion or another of the brain becomes a symbolic representation of catalyst which has been missed, then there is presented to the conscious seeker an opportunity to glean, from the symbolic representation of this catalyst, that which was missed. In a tumor, as you have given as an example, the portion of the brain which has the tumor may be looked upon by your science as the portion of experience in a symbolic fashion which has been ignored. Thus, in your example, where the removal of the tumor removed hostile behavior, the conscious mind, then, was living within a dream of positive behavior, while ignoring, perhaps, a kind of difficulty that was submerged or relegated to the unconscious mind by the seeker who did not feel able to handle the catalyst that it faced, thus keeping the cheerful attitude as a cover for that which the conscious mind and perhaps subconscious mind, felt had been ignored, and needed to be explored.

The brain, in general, may be seen as an accelerator of spiritual consciousness in another regard that is more commonly experienced by the great majority of seekers of truth—that is, the neurons that make their home within the frontal lobes oftentimes are not utilized in a manner which would be possible if the seeker was more conscious of the lessons that had been programmed before the incarnation began. Some of these neurons, then, have what may be called open synapses that drain energy away from moving into the frontal lobes and expanding the consciousness of the seeker in a manner which would be possible if the utilization of pre-incarnative choices was more effective.

Thus, when the seeker then can see, within the body complex, the lessons which are manifested symbolically to represent the preincarnative choices, then the synapse may be closed, and the energy no longer drained away and wasted. When the synapse has been closed, then, the energies from the cortex and rear portion of the medulla oblongata, then, may circuit forward into the frontal lobes and utilize the closed synapses so that the consciousness may represent the lessons which have been learned.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not related to that, thank you very much, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

If no one in the group has one, there are more sent in by seekers. Maisie writes: “Speech is one of the moral precepts we have to be mindful of in Buddhism. No lying, no white lies, not even lying in jest. The Buddha disallowed monastics to gossip, speech that divides or harsh speech. I understand speech is important, but yet I seem to have little qualms lying on certain subjects, and it bothers me that I am weak with this moral precept, even as a lay person. Can Q’uo expand on the topic on the importance of speech. With understanding, I hope to better improve myself and so not harm others. How can one keep precepts without being influenced by others without our innate need to belong in certain groups?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. The quality of telling the untruth, or what is the called the lie, is a quality associated with the blue-ray energy center, that located at the throat, which is fitting for the words that speak truth or untruth are uttered from the throat through the lips to the world outside the self.

The desire of each seeker, no matter what path is followed, to give clear communication, is that which is of great value. It must, however, be seen in reference to other desires within each seeker who has this desire. Other desires, perhaps as were stated in this question, wishing to be accepted by those about one, thus necessitating, in the mind of such a seeker, the supposed need to share a truth which has been altered enough to be accepted by those within the circle of the seeker’s being—this circle of seekers then having a kind of mesmerizing control over the seeker who tells the lie to gain acceptance by the friends. This mesmerism tends to hypnotize one into thinking that acceptance by others is more important than telling the truth.

It is, therefore, necessary for such an entity to retire in meditation and contemplation to consider the question of which is more important—to tell the truth, to gain acceptance of others. The decision, then, will determine whether this type of experience will continue for the entity who wishes both, to tell the truth, but is willing to compromise the truth in order to gain acceptance of others.

The path of the seeker of truth oftentimes becomes a solitary path for this reason, because oftentimes it is finally discovered, within the heart of one’s being, that to tell the truth as it is is a greater service to all, including the self, that is altering the truth to gain acceptance of the self by others.

Thus, the adept will find that it may be necessary to move upon a path that seems to separate the self from the other selves, when their acceptance of yourself is no longer deemed appropriate, for this seeming separation, then, is not true separation. It is, indeed, an attempt to find the heart of the self and the heart of all others that they may be united eventually by the truth.

Is there a final query at this time?

I have a follow-up to that. I frame blue-ray work to myself as finding a way to express the truth with a maximizing understanding and a minimizing distortion, and maybe sometimes this might mean finding a way to share the truth so that you don’t get rejected by others for sharing it, or sometimes there might be a way to share the truth without it creating a disharmonious situation. Is this generally how Q’uo would frame the work of the blue ray?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. There is a great deal of accuracy within your statement. However, we would go, perhaps, a step further and suggest that the clearest communication that offers the opportunity of joining the hearts and minds of those within the conversation that contains disharmony, or the need for clarification, may be aided by the opening of the green-ray energy center as well. [Thus] there may be added to the clarity of the blue ray the compassion of the green ray, which does not alter the truth in its essence, but perhaps may state the truth in a loving fashion which does not include the more aggressive parts, or jarring parts of total clarity where there may be accusations or blame, and the making of another responsible for this or that result of the interaction between entities. Thus, the green ray energy center may serve as a kind of loving acceptance of another being so that the clear communication is received as a kind of spiritual food.

When an entity so combining the green and blue-ray energy centers can see itself as the other self, and proceed in its communication as it would wish to be communicated with, then the communication may be enhanced by the balance of compassion and clarity.

At this time, we would thank each entity present for joining this circle of seeking and bringing with you the strong desire to know and to serve others with the knowledge that one knows and gains from this kind of group experience. We are most joyous at having been invited to join you this afternoon. As always, we so appreciate the path that you travel as we know the third-density illusion is one which is most difficult for any seeker of truth to traverse without occasionally tripping and falling. We encourage each to pick oneself up again, dust oneself off, and move forward in truth, in love, in light, and in joy, knowing that you seek the One Infinite Creator who resides in every being and every portion of the creation about you. Rest then, in this knowledge, that no matter who stands before you, it is the One Infinite Creator, that Creator which is yourself as well. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in love and in light. Adonai vasu borragus

  1. Ra: “As we approach indigo-ray transfer we find ourselves in a shadowland where we cannot give you information straight out or plain, for this is seen by us to be an infringement. We cannot speak at all of violet-ray transfer as we do not, again, desire to break the Law of Confusion. We may say that these jewels, though dearly bought, are beyond price for the seeker and might suggest that just as each awareness is arrived at through a process of analysis, synthesis, and inspiration, so should the seeker approach its mate and evaluate each experience, seeking the jewel.” #84.20 

  2. Ra: “One meets the self in the center or deeps of the being. The so-called resonating chamber may be likened unto the symbology of the burial and resurrection of the body wherein the entity dies to self and through this confrontation of apparent loss and realization of essential gain, is transmuted into a new and risen being.” #65.20