(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and we greet each of you in love and in light, this afternoon. We have been called to your group for you have the need to share that which we all know and believe: that we are all one and that there are many, many ways to perceive this unity of all creation. Today, as always, we come to you as brothers and sisters and not ultimate authorities. We walk the same path as do you. Perhaps we have moved a bit further along this path. By calling for our assistance, you allow us to grow in service to others, and in this service, we would ask you to use your own discrimination as far as looking at each word and concept we have to offer. Use them as you will, leaving behind any that have no use for you at this time. In this way, you free us to speak more openly so that we do not have to concern ourselves with becoming a stumbling block on your own spiritual journey.

At this time, we would ask if there is a query with which we may begin.

Q’uo, I have a question. On the spiritual journey we often first greet our shadow and learn to recognize it as it subtly appears in our consciousness and lives, and then ultimately we come to a place of acceptance of that shadow and a process of beginning to integrate it back into the self in a more harmonious way. Can you give us some advice on how that process of integration of the shadow can be done?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a query which is most salient for each third-density entity within this illusion. You are, indeed, within an illusion in which there seems to be separation of one from another, and all from each other, and the path that all travel within this illusion involves the ability to integrate the various portions of the illusion into one’s being, so that you become that which you seek: the One Infinite Creator. However, each of you, within the third-density illusion goes through what is called “the veil of forgetting,” so that you forget that you are already that which you seek, and that you have come here to explore more avenues of traveling the path of the One Infinite Creator to the One Infinite Creator. As each entity within this illusion enters the illusion and begins at an early age to be taught by those around it—the parents, the siblings, the friends and teachers, and so forth—each of these groupings of entities may have a more or less distorted or undistorted vision of the unity of all creation, and as the teaching process goes on for each young entity or soul within this illusion, there are oftentimes admonitions that are given to the young entity demanding that it not do this or that, that it not think this or that, that it not say this or that. Thus, there is an accumulation of those admonitions to reserve or to not experience or express various portions of its own being as this beingness comes forth in its evolution into maturity.

Thus this evolution becomes tinted, or tainted, shall we say, with that which is put into the shadows of the unconscious or the lower levels of the conscious so that they are not totally dismissed by the young entity, but are held in a kind of reserve, so that from time to time these shadow portions of the self that have been created by the educational process in the young entity, make a portion of themselves apparent to the young entity in perhaps an uncontrollable way, so that there is the disbursing of the dark energy, perhaps in anger, perhaps in confusion perhaps in some way in which the young entity is unaware that its own shadow side is seeking to express itself in a manner which may or may not be consummate with the experience that the young entity is having.

As the entity grows into maturity, there is more and more of the addition to the shadow side of the self that the young entity then begins to experience as a mature entity as that which is not desired, that which is ignored, that which is not successfully repressed in all instances. [It is necessary for each seeking self to] become aware of the shadow side, and aware of not just its existence but its value, for there is a portion of the entity’s self contained within the shadow side of the self that can add to the entity’s ability to explore more of its own being as a representation of more of the environment in which it lives and moves and has its being.

If the conscious seeker of truth, then, becomes aware of this shadow side, and within the meditative state begins to invite more and more of this shadow self to reveal itself, to invite the shadow self to sit in meditation with it, to sit and explore the true nature of the entire being of this seeking soul, and of the creation as a whole, then the maturing conscious seeker of truth begins to be informed in a manner which shows the origins of this shadow side so that it may be seen to have been blocking various energies of positivity and growth that were attempting to move through the entity as it experienced the catalyst of its daily round of activities. There [may be] the invitation to the shadow side to begin to reveal itself a little at a time so that the conscious seeker of truth can see where each portion of the shadow side originated, where there was indeed positivity that was shunned or discouraged, perhaps in areas of sexuality, in areas of individual expression of identity that did not match with the consciousness of those teachers around it, perhaps in areas of originality of creation that were not understood by the teachers of the young entity so that these areas of creativity were shunned and shunted into that shadow side of the self.

Thus, within the meditative state, by inviting these various portions of the shadow side to express themselves to the conscious seeker of truth, this seeker then may discover that within the shadow side there are qualities that are most helpful in the spiritual path. Perhaps there is a toughness, a grittiness that can see one through difficult situations because the shadow side has had to be shunned aside for so long. Perhaps there is a creativity to the shadow side that may aid the spiritual seeker in looking at the daily round of activities and the processing of catalyst of others, in a new or novel way that aids the perceptions of the conscious seeker in a manner that allows it to become more and more of the One Infinite Creator, and to see more and more of the One Infinite Creator in those beings around one, in the environment around one, in every portion of the existence that the spiritual seeker of truth is aware of.

Is there another query at this time?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query to which we may speak?

Q’uo, some 21st Century scientists are suggesting that Jesus’ corpse dematerialize in his tomb. Can you speak on this? Did Jesus’ corpse dematerialize in his tomb?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a concept which is, in general, correct, but in details is somewhat difficult to discuss in your language. However, we shall attempt to speak to this point. As the entity Jesus, who became the Christ, a son of God, moved through its incarnation, it traveled to many different locations at an early age so that it may explore more and more of the nature of what might be called truth, more and more of the nature of the evolutionary experience that is available to each entity at all times within the third-density experience.

As it traveled to these various locations, studying with various masters, it became aware that as it was able, in its meditative state, to enter into a unity with the One Infinite Creator, whom the entity called the Father, then the entity known as Jesus eventually became able to blend its totality of being with that which it called the Father, or which it saw as love. And as it was able to blend its beingness with the Father, with the creative principle of love, it then became that which it sought and in many cases, in the recordings of the words of the entity known to you as Jesus, this entity speaks as the Father. The entity speaks not just as the one known as Jesus, although in other locations it spoke as the entity Jesus who had access to becoming the Father.

Eventually, as this one known as Jesus was able to commune with the Father, this unity together became union, so that at the time of its crucifixion and burial, it was one with the Father, and was able to dissolve one form and take up another, thusly, moving after its crucifixion and resurrection into various portions of the third-density illusion, being able then to shape itself as it was necessary to serve the purpose of its revealing itself to those disciples and followers of the entity while it was imparted within the third-density illusion.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes. The famous 20th Century psychic Edgar Cayce had said that Jesus’s corpse had gone into other dimensions. Is this what you’re speaking of?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Yes, indeed, this is what we attempted to speak to, as we describe the various abilities of the one known as Jesus to enter into communion and then union with the Father, or with that principle it saw of as love. This is something it was able to do during the incarnation, and also after the incarnation.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have a query, Q’uo. Jesus became the Christ, it is said, through a process of self-emptying. What role did the disciples play in enabling Jesus to become the Christ. Was the squaring effect any contributor to that?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The one known as Jesus, as it traveled to distant lands for a great portion of its early life experience, was able to master the ability to create these experiences of unity with the Father, or with the concept of love, the creative principle. As it was able to do this on its own, it then learned that there was a certain kind of technique that it could teach to others that would be a portion of their learning process as they desired to become disciples and were accepted as disciples by the one known as Jesus.

This entity, then, as it interacted with not only the twelve, but many others as well who were not what you would call primary disciples, but who, indeed, followed the one known as Jesus in a literal sense as he moved about the regions of what is now called the Holy Land, to share the message of unity, of love and of light, with all those who had ears to hear, and hearts to understand.

Thus, these entities who followed the one known as Jesus were taught some of the secrets of the seeking of unity with the One Infinite Creator. As they were able to, in some degree, learn these secrets and master them to an extent, then this had a kind of resonance effect upon the one known as Jesus, so that by teaching what it knew, and receiving from those it taught, the learning, it was able to blend more of its beingness with these entities who were the disciples and also with the One Infinite Creator with whom it had become one in certain lengths of time, shall we say, so that from time to time, this experience of unity would come unto the one known as Jesus, much like a cloak or a garment put upon a being to warm it, to enliven it, to enhance its experience of the One Infinite Creator.

Thusly, there was an intensification of what Jesus had already learned when Jesus, then, was able to give to those disciples certain portion of those teachings that were able to allow them to do in some measure that which the one known as Jesus had done in completeness.

Is there a further query, my brother?

One brief follow-up, Q’uo. It is said that that secret teaching that Jesus conveyed to his disciples was Kriya Yoga, is that correct?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. In general, this is mostly correct, although at that time it was not described as that particular type of yoga. However, many other entities throughout the history succeeding from the times of the one known as Jesus, have found this particular type of yoga in their own experience, or in the experience of others who became their teachers who had learned of this type of yoga in a, what you might call, trickle down fashion from other teachers so that there were some alterations or changes made to this type of yoga that eventually has evolved into that which you know as Kriya Yoga.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Can Q’uo articulate the purest technique, or the technique used by Christ to achieve self- realization?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We find that there is not in our awareness the sound vibration complexes that are available to correctly imbue this type of yoga with the purity with which the one known as Jesus practiced it. We can only suggest that this type of yoga is that which seeks to be able to use the breath as that which is most salient in the practice of this yoga, so that the breath is utilized in a sense which allows the activation of all of the energy centers, in seriatim fashion, one after the other, so that eventually, both the indigo and violet-centers may be activated to the extent that there is a union for the time of the practice of the yoga of the practitioner and the One Infinite Creator. Thus, this type of yoga is that which is true union with the One.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you once again, my brother.

Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, the famous 20th Century psychic, Edgar Cayce, once said that there is a fine line between being an angel and being a devil, and the desired task of a soul is to get itself psychologically precisely into the divine middle, and that anything to the left or anything to the right is off the divine middle, and therefore not of the divine. Can you speak on this?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that this type of envisioning of the path to the One Infinite Creator is a valid path. However, there may be times during which the seeker of truth begins to express more and more of the positive, or light-filled path than the darker, or receptive path. There is the opportunity to express both that which is radiant and that which is absorbent in each instances of the seeker of truth’s seeking of the One Infinite Creator. We would suggest that as the seeker of truth travels this path, it is most helpful to seek first, to become that which is radiant, that which is positive, that which is unity with all of the creation, for this allows the further experience of the entirety of the creation to become available to the seeker of truth. The seeker of truth which has mastered the positive path may then begin to experience and express that which is absorbent so that it pursues what seems to be a negative path, but is that which is exploring the light within the darkness to discover that the darkness does not overcome the light.

If the negative path is that which is first expressed and experienced, there comes a time much further along the seeker of truth’s path of seeking during which this experience of the light and the dark is available, that is, within the sixth density of the illusion of the One Infinite Creator, where it is discovered by the negatively oriented entities that have attempted to absorb all about them, all the power about them, in order to control those about them, can go no further until they see that all they control is the One Infinite Creator seen as the self, and the self is seen not just as the individual self, but the self of all other beings which have been controlled or attempted to be controlled by the path of the seeker of negative wisdom.

Thus, we suggest to each seeker of truth that the positive path is the path that is most easily followed, and offers the least distortion to the seeker of truth.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, Q’uo, thank you.

We are Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there a further query at this time?

Q’uo, you’ve probably spoken to this before, and it’s always good to get another perspective. If an entity is serving others because it feels good to them and they get a sense of satisfaction out of it, is this still polarizing positively, and if it is, is it less pure than serving others, not because of self-satisfaction, but strictly out dedication to the path of service to others?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We find this to be a very interesting query, because in each seeker of truth’s beginning path upon the positive path, there is the desire to serve others, as you have mentioned, because the seeker realizes this is the way that it shall progress most effectively upon this path. Thus, it would seem to an objective observer that such a path of positivity would be somewhat service-to-self, for the seeker is doing that which it feels will advance itself in its own path most readily, most appropriately, and most speedily. However, we would suggest that these are the first baby steps taken by the positive seeker of truth. These baby steps will eventually evolve so that there will be no thought given to the service to others, as it is given by the positive seeker.

When the seeker of truth, then, is able to spontaneously, without giving thought to the reason for seeking and serving others, serves them because it is the most spontaneous and unplanned path of seeking to serve others. Therefore, it is the spontaneity that determines whether the seeker upon the positive path is truly serving others because that is what it is doing as a form of what we would call muscle memory, or spiritual muscle memory, and not the conscious mind determining the path of the seeker of truth.

Is there a final query at this time?

Q’uo, the famous 20th Century psychic, Edgar Cayce , once said that each soul, or a soul, incarnates into matter to learn great spiritual lessons and, thus, that living earthly lifetimes are initiations into becoming more attuned into the divine. Can you speak on this?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, we find the one known as Edgar was quite well-informed by his ability to penetrate the Hall of Records and to discern from these records of the evolution of humanity upon Planet Earth. [He saw] that the incarnations available within the third-density illusion, beyond the veil of forgetting, were an opportunity not only within each incarnation to become transformed or initiated or to become more and more one with the Infinite Creator, but that each moment, each day, each observation by the seeker of truth had the ability to transform the entity in a manner similar to that of initiation. As the seeker of truth becomes more and more aware of the journey of the seeking of the One Infinite Creator within itself and within all of creation, it discovers that there is the chance to become that which it seeks in every moment of its existence if its point of view is broad enough, and travels down to the roots of its consciousness and to the heights of its beingness so that it is able to perceive in a manner which is enhanced and imbued with the love and the light of the One which it seeks with every fiber of its being, in every daily round of activities, so that all becomes the oneness for such a being, becomes the Christed experience for such a being. At some point, this type of desire to seek the one in all gains a kind of spiritual momentum and reveals to the mind, body and spirit complex, that it is, indeed, that which it seeks, and this realization, or illumination, then, becomes to be manifested more and more fully, so that illumination becomes communion, and communion becomes union with all that there is.

We are those known to you as Q’uo. We are most grateful, my friends, as always, to have had the opportunity to join in your circle of seeking this day. As we illumine you, you illumine us, for you do that which we find is most honorable and difficult. You move within the third-density illusion with the desire to seek that which is not apparent in any portion of the illusion, and which yet inhabits, and is each portion of the One Infinite Creator. You are brave and valued souls. We bow to you in honor and in joy, and we leave you in love and in light. We known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.