(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in love and in light. We are honored, once again, to be called to your group, for you have those questions within the mind, the heart, and the spirit that are of importance to you, and we would seek to speak to those queries as they are presented to us. However, as you know, we are not ultimate authorities. We are your brothers and sisters. We have enjoyed this journey of seeking perhaps a bit longer than have you, though we are one with you in this journey of seeking, and we would ask you to do us a favor: To take those words and concepts that we offer you this afternoon, and use them as pleases you, disregarding any that do not have meaning to you at this time. If you will do us this favor, we will feel free to speak to your queries.

Is there a query at this time with which we may begin?

This one comes from Corey. Corey writes, “I am currently wondering about the value and quality of service in the unseen metaphysical sense performed when under stress or in a foul mood. I work in human services with mentally ill individuals. My co-workers and I hold the intention to serve and better the lives of those we work with. On some days we might be in a poor mood for any number of reasons, and on other days, things go great. I make an effort in the direction of prayer, meditation, and tuning, so that I can be the best me for whatever the day has to offer. In the event that still doesn’t seem to do much for me, I can see evidence that I’m not connecting with others or working nearly as harmoniously as in past situations where things flowed well. In this flesh and blood illusion, my lower vibration in those moments, so to speak, has noticeably blunted impact on the quality of my day and that of others. So, what I’m wondering is whether it look that way behind the scenes. I have been wondering what those of Q’uo might have to say regarding how our attitudes and state of mind can affect the service we attempt to bring forth into our daily experience and the service we seek to offer.”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. This is a concern which each conscious seeker of truth may feel a harmony with, for each seeker goes through the daily round of experience with a variety of attitudes, intentions, desires, and goals. These are the motivators, shall we say, the engines that begin the catalytic process. As each seeker moves through its daily experience, noting the relative lack or presence of positive harmony and desires in its being, there may arise this concern that is the heart of the query: Does the attitude determine the value of the service?

My sister, we would say that the attitude provides a kind of level ground upon which one may walk so that the steps may be more or less easily traversed when the attitude is what you call positive, feeling the joy and harmony of the moment, and sharing that joy and harmony with those whom you seek to serve. In this regard, the attitude is that which facilitates the easier exchange of energies between you and those of your co-workers, and those whom you all seek to service.

However, the attitude, being somewhat depleted, or disharmonious, there is the concern that the service is also diminished. We would suggest that this is a thought that rests only in the mind, in the metaphysical sense, for in the metaphysical sense, the overview is much larger, and as you look down, or through, the experience that you are having from that larger overview, you may see that it is difficult to determine what exactly has been of service, or not been of service, or how the service has been effected by the type of attitude that has propelled it into beingness between you and those about you. From this overview there could be seen various factors, such as the qualities that we have spoken of concerning the attitude, and the circumstances of the patient itself that receives what is given to it by you and your co-workers; there could also be the day outside that has a storm brewing and beating upon the windows, or the sun could be shining brightly with the birds chirping merrily. The patient may have had information from relatives or friends that was disturbing, so that no matter what your attitude, the patient would see what it would see, according to the lens of the experience of the information and how it affected the patient, and so forth.

So, we would say to you that there is no direct way to perceive how your own emotions and intellect may affect that program of service that you wish to offer. The only means of affecting this service that you wish to offer that can be counted upon reliably, is your intention. In your intention, rests all of the metaphysical power of polarity. Your intention is all you can control. It is all that you have to offer in a stable manner, so that you can see that your efforts are powered in their heart by your intentions. All efforts of the earthly nature, by all seekers of truth, may then be viewed from this larger perspective that sees that there is no mundane or mortal offering other than intention that has the ability to be counted upon in a stable and reliable fashion.

Thusly, we suggest to you, my sister, that whatever your feelings and attitude may be as you go through the day, it would be well to begin your day with a meditation upon your intentions for the day. In this way, you may offer that which is the best that you have to offer to all those whom you will meet on your journey of seeking and serving each day of your existence.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not on that question, thank you, Q’uo.

I am Q’uo and we thank you. Is there a further query or another query at this time?

I have a slightly related query that might be in two parts. The first part Ra talked about the positive path being strait and narrow, and they reference that in terms of harvestability. Could you talk about what exactly it means for the path to be strait and narrow?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The path for the seeker of truth in this third-density illusion is strait as the intentions make it so. The intentions of the seeker of truth to travel this path of seeking and service to others are those values, as we have spoken before, which are the primary foundation for all execution of desire of energy expenditures and of seeking to be of service to others. Thus, the strait path is the path which is pure and is not distorted with mixed intentions. It has a purity of intention and desire so that the energy expenditure is efficient and makes contact, shall we say, with the target or end result in the seeker of truth who wishes to be of service in its process of polarizing on the positive path spiritually.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, sort of related to what you said about energy expenditure in regards to the strait and narrow path. To give an example of maybe two people living two different kinds of lives.

One person generally has love in their heart, they evolve spiritually throughout their lives, but they also participate in the earthly game in which they do things that would be indicative of sleep: they enjoy watching television, going out and drinking on the weekends, partying with friends, etc. But they do all this with love in their heart, and they serve when they can.

And another person who is continually refining their life and trying to cut away things that aren’t being directly of service, and both of these people have the intention of love in their heart, but one of them is expending their energies specifically for service, the other one is sort of just living life with love in their heart. Are both of these people on the strait and narrow path, or is it only the one who is continually dedicating their path to service?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is an interesting query, for it displays or reveals the type of seeking that moves higher and higher in the energy centers of the human being. The entity which works its best to give love in each situation, while not consciously seeking to refine the giving of love, to higher and higher expressions of this love/light or prana of the One Infinite Creator, is working through the red, orange and yellow, and proceeding to open the heart energy center of the green ray. This is what each entity on this planet is attempting to do at this time, for that is the goal—to move higher and higher through the lower energy centers so that the heart may be opened in unconditional love to each entity about it. This allows an entity to utilize whatever experiences come its way, whether they be specifically spiritual, recreational, mundane, procedural, or whatever, the open heart then, tinges or colors each experience with this unconditional love that is given as a matter of fact, shall we say, a simple beaming of the unconditional love to all about one. This is a very helpful manner of being, for it is that which produces the harvestability that is desired by each entity on Planet Earth at this time.

And then, we take the entity, which, as you mentioned, seeks to refine this spiritual seeking in a manner that is more efficient, that is more concentrated, that is more of a conscious nature so that the higher energy centers are thereby activated in order so that the green ray energy center, then, is open to such an extent that the intelligent energy, or prana, of the One Creator, moves through the green, into the blue, so that there is clear communication to other entities about one, and the ability to receive that same type of clear communication from those same entities, so there is an exchange, shall we say, from the Creator within one’s being, to the Creator within those beings surrounding one.

This is the work of the adept as it begins to move the energies from the blue into the indigo ray where the intelligent energy of the One Infinite Creator finds a resonance with the quality of beingness that is revealed in the indigo-ray energy center. This is the center of the higher self, the self which sees the overview within the life pattern, the self which can create changes in its own consciousness at will. This is the path of the adept, and is the path of that which is followed by few who have been able to go beyond the green-ray energy center, for within this illusion, that traveling of distance is considered quite sufficient for harvestability into the fourth density of love and understanding.

Is there another query, my brother?

Just one more follow-up. When wanderers incarnate on Earth, are there some that incarnate with the plan or the hope to live that former life where it’s just a general loving nature through the regular mundane earthly days, or do most wanderers generally hope that in incarnation they choose that path of the adept, and continually refine their service throughout their life?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Wanderers are a breed of being which contain a certain kind of desire that is of such strength to move into the third-density illusion of misunderstanding, of confusion, of disharmony, of a lack of any sense of the self as being any more than that which is born and that which shall live a certain number of years, and then die. This requires a certain degree of bravery, shall we say, for there is the great chance that the wanderer may not be able to remember its desired programming for the incarnation.

Each wanderer has in common with each other wanderer the first and most basic desire that is—by its very being, of expressing love to others—to be able to enhance the vibratory patterns and intensity of the Earth plane, the third-density illusion, which is in such chaotic stress that the feeling of love has the potential to reduce the level of stress and increase opportunities for clearer perceptions beyond and through the chaos, the confusion, the disharmony, and so forth.

All wanderers have, as another goal, the desire to provide certain specific services according to their unique talents. Some become teachers of spiritual principles, some become healers of mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical difficulties, some become those who may be seen as creative artists that express through word, through paintings, through music, the love and light of the One Infinite Creator, the unity of all creation, and so forth. Others, simply go about a daily round of activities, in what could be seen as a normal third-density experience, being mothers, fathers, teachers, clerks, bishops, and so forth, and in this attempt to serve, offer that love vibration which colors each service in a fashion which those entities receiving the service become aware of, if not on the conscious level, then upon the sub-conscious level, so that the effect is, shall we say, vibrating love from the foundation of one’s being, upward and outward into the conscious expression of one’s own unique being.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo and again, we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

I have one, please. In creating my blog and telling about my history, I want to talk about the principles of The Law of One. Do I need to be concerned about abridging the free will of people who are reading my blog by telling my story and how those principles helped me overcome my trauma?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Again, as all seekers of truth who wish to offer themselves in service to others, you are quite free to choose your path of seeking and of serving, for you are the same as all of those whom you shall attempt to serve, by doing whatever it is that you choose to do—whether it be your blog, the way in which you live your life, the experiences that you share with those about you that are closest to you, and so forth.

Each seeker of truth, has the ability and the freedom to be and to share whatever it is in their heart that wishes to be shown to others and shared with others as an offering of love and of service, not only to others, but also to the One Infinite Creator who exists within each other being, including yourself, with whom you shall share this blog.

You are always going to be viewed as the same as each other self you seek to serve by these other selves, for each knows that all selves have the great desire to be of service if they are upon the positive path; and yet, this desire is not enough to erase all distortions, shall we say, for each entity has those qualities of imperfection or distortion that are pre-incarnative choices that allow certain lessons to be learned.

Thus, each entity has, shall we say, clay feet. Each entity is human, each entity has the possibility of error within any portion of its being. So, this is well known by all, and is oftentimes overemphasized by some so as to reduce the effectiveness of one or another’s service. However, each entity also knows that deep within each self there is the one Creator that desires to express itself through you and each thing that you do in your daily round of activities.

If you are able to open yourself to it in enough purity of desire, that it may move through you and live your life for you in some instances, oftentimes in just the manner in which you are speaking so that you become inspired by the One Creator, to give this or that piece of information in such and such a manner that might be of more service than had you not opened yourself to the one who is within all.

Is there a further query, my brother?

No, that was good, thank you.

I am Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. Is there another query at this time?

Q’uo, in the majority of the Ra contact, Ra uses the word “control” in association with those of the service-to-self polarity. However, there are instances where control is used in a positive or non-negative context. How do those of the positive path wield control in their own lives or with their own catalyst, or in their own sphere?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Once again, we return to the concept of intention. The use of any type of control is determined to be either a positive type of control or a negative type of control, according to the intention behind the use of control. If one intends and wishes to control certain words or emotions or actions of the self in order to keep from infringing upon the free will of another self, this intention is of a positive orientation. If one wishes to use control of intentions or expressions of intentions in order to gain from an other self that which is the other self’s—that is the power of the other self by dominating and controlling the other self—this is negative intention. Therefore, it is the intention, once again, which determines the nature of the experience.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not in that line. There’s a query from a reader named Julio, who writes: “I thought I’d gotten quite good at using catalyst, but recent consequences to my actions tell me differently. Do you have any advice on how best to use and interpret the catalyst that I’m facing right now, or perhaps catalyst in general, as well, so that everyone can benefit from this.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We would suggest that if you wish to determine how your catalyst or behavior towards another entity affects that entity, there may be engaged with that entity a conversation that inquires as to how this entity perceives the interaction it has experienced with you by such an interchange of blue-ray communication. There may be an erasing of difficulty and confusion so that you may see more clearly how your actions, your thoughts, and your words have an effect upon another being. If you are concerned with your actions in general, and how it provides catalyst for others that you may not be able to have such a communication with, we would recommend that you retire to the meditative state, look within your being, and see how you might become the other self, or other selves that would experience your sharing of the nature of yourself which you describe as catalytic.

In this fashion, as you begin to partake in the nature of the other being’s reality, you may be able to determine how your behaviors affect others, and thereby adjust your behaviors, if this is your desire. Or you may, indeed, go further than this, and use the perception you have gained by becoming the other self to engage in the balancing process, so that you take that behavior that you offered to another, and balance it by increasing its potency, its expression, so that it may then begin to attract to you, the opposite of its expression, that you also allow to grow in magnitude until it equals the other expression, then accept yourself as a balanced being in this regard.

Is there a final query at this time?

I have one going back to intention. Sometimes in my path I have uncovered unconscious intentions that were sort of hidden behind false intentions—I thought I was intending something positive and then discovered that I had deeper, undiscovered drives behind that intention. So, I’m wondering, if when you talk about intention, you mean that it is the deep true intention and not just the surface intention, and how we can help to understand what these hidden intentions might be if we have them.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Yes, indeed, the intentions that are first expressed are those of the conscious mind which proceed from the surface experience of the seeker of truth. These intentions are valid and substantial enough to serve as a means of giving value in the metaphysical sense to any action, word, or deed, that may proceed from the seeker of truth.

However, as you have described, there are layers to all experience. Most of these layers of experience are those which lie in the future of the entity as it proceeds past the green-ray energy center, and becomes the adept, or, indeed, as the entity moves from the third-density illusion into the fourth density and succeeding densities where this balancing process of intentions becomes ever more finely tuned, for each intention, and each type of catalyst, and each type of experience that any seeker of truth proceeds from, or originates from within, has these layers that allow a finer and finer perception by the seeker of more and more of its own beingness until this beingness expands outward in a fashion which includes the entire creation, and the One Infinite Creator residing within.

As the One Creator, that portion of yourself which seeks the deepest level of intention can discover these layers of the being, and be able to channel, shall we say, this information in a useful fashion in the daily round of activities in an inspired fashion. The layers of intention, then, reveal more of your true self to you, going through the darkness of doubt, the darkness of misinterpretation and so forth, begin to see the light of day, the brightest light of day, noon day sun shining upon one, so that all is revealed clearly as the One Infinite Creator, knowing itself through every action of every being throughout all time, infinitely.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group. Again, we thank each of you for inviting our presence in your circle of seeking this day. As always, you provide us with the greatest of inspirations because you move through this heavy, dense, chemical illusion, this miasma of misinformation and doubt, this divisive nature of one’s being that knows not it is the One Creator, that knows not that there is love in every soul, love in every moment. You travel this path valiantly and we cheer you on—you are our heroes. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus