(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We are most pleased to be able to make this contact with this instrument and with this group, for by calling for our services, you offer us the opportunity to move further and further along the same path upon which you travel, for our service is our being, our foundation and our destination. We are always pleased to be with this group for you have many concerns that are universal in nature, for this planetary population at this time, and we feel that much may be accomplished in offering signposts and guidelines, shall we say, that people may use in their spiritual journeys. And in order to do this most effectively we, as always, would ask you to remember that we are not ultimate authorities, we are travelers upon this path as are you. We would ask you to examine the words and thoughts that we offer to you today and use the ones that feel right and appropriate to you at this time as you will. Please leave behind any words or thoughts that do not feel applicable in your life at this time. This allows us a greater freedom in expressing ourselves in answer to your queries.

May we ask if there is a query with which we may begin?

We have one from our good friend and volunteer, Aaron, who writes: “Could you speak about the metaphysical implications of the personality disorder called narcissism? These individuals do considerable damage to others due to their lack of both empathy and self-reflection. Are these entities young souls going through an evolutionary phase, or on some level, are they conscious of the choices that they have made to pursue what appears to be a service-to-self path?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. The term “narcissism” is one which has been much used throughout the psychological history of your peoples. It is a term which is usually reserved for entities which have such an overbearing and overweening opinion of their own being and abilities that they seem to be without any conceptual idea of the equality of all beings. Their conflated opinions of their natures tends, in many cases, to make them blind to those areas within their own being that may benefit from adjustment, shall we say.

The narcissistic point of view is that which in many instances appears to be infantile in its expression of selfhood. The self is seen as that which is supreme. It is that which is put forward constantly and unabashedly to others as an example of what others should be. This type of behavior is often rooted in a much deeper sense of the lack of self-worth, that then once begun to be recognized by the one expressing narcissism affects this entity in a manner in which hardens its position as one which is superior, though feeling inferior within. This sets up a dichotomy for the narcissistic entity, feeling that there is no firm foundation within itself for any real self-appreciation of the self, it then doubles down, shall we say, upon the bet that it is, indeed, supreme in some fashion.

This type of a lack of self-worth is oftentimes adopted by entities pre-incarnatively, in order to find the truer nature of the deepest self. In other words, there is the need, pre-incarnatively noted, to bolster the true appreciation of the nature of the self. Thus, the challenge is given the self during the incarnation to find the way through the maze of narcissistic enhanced opinions that are produced by the entity in an effort to put up what amounts to a sham appearance to others.

Thus, it is hoped, pre-incarnatively, that the experiences with others will be of such an intensity that eventually there will be the breakthrough of the self that is expressing as the narcissist to discover that the entities surrounding the self are the ones who have the most balanced point of view that is offered as an objective referent for consideration by the narcissistic perceptions. This is a difficult path to follow. To depend upon the understanding and loving responses of entities about the narcissist is to look into a mirror and see that which eludes the narcissist—that is, the everyday appreciation of the appearance and abilities of all other selves. This appreciation, then, can be, if the narcissistic entity is successful, turned back or reflected upon the self in a manner which pulls away, or sheds the layers of narcissistic idolatry of the self. When these layers are removed, then, if the narcissistic entity is successful in surviving this removal of the façade of the self, then it is possible for there to be a birthing of a new and risen being that sees itself in equality with all other selves.

This is the beginning, then, for the journey of seeking in a conscious manner, so that the shell of narcissistic facades is left behind and the new being is now available for newly enhanced experiences. These experiences will show to the new being, that it has capabilities that are greater than even its narcissistic opinion of itself was in its past.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yes, I have a follow-up to that. Like Aaron says, sometimes these narcissistic entities can do a lot of harm and damage to the people in their lives. Do you have any advice for somebody wishing to be of service to others, and how to handle a relationship with a narcissist? Some people have experiences of attempting to offer love and acceptance directly, but having that be taken advantage of completely and more harm coming from that attempt to offer love. So, do you have any guidance on how to relate to such entities?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The narcissistic relationship is one of great challenge for every soul involved with the narcissist. There are most usually pre-incarnative choices made with those entities who are members of the same family with the narcissist. These pre-incarnative choices have been made in order that support may be given in the most effective manner to the one expressing the narcissistic needs. Oftentimes, there is a kind of give-and-take, or trading of opportunities within the grouping that has decided to utilize the narcissistic point of view in one of its members so that the remainder of the group may offer service of the kind which you have described.

This kind of service is that which attempts to give love and understanding, when it is known that oftentimes the response will be a rejection of such, seeing such attempts at love and understanding as futile expressions of weakness. However, this challenge, which has been undertaken, as we said, most of the time by a group, is that which can propel the progress of each person within the group if there is an intensive effort made to communicate in a manner which is non-threatening to the narcissist. The simple expression of love and understanding must then be translated in the day-to-day behavior, and not just the communication, that attempts to see the narcissistic entity as one which offers opportunity for growth amongst the entire assemblage of entities that are within the close approximation or daily round of activities for the narcissist.

The attempt to communicate must be based in an attempt to aid the narcissist in grasping a wider point of view by asking questions that may offer such a point of view to be expanded. The questioning is hypothetical, in that it asks, “What if this or that might be true, would you still have the same point of view? How do you feel about this situation when it redounds in difficulty for you? What do you feel is your role in relating to others, seeing others may have some need to benefit from your interaction at a level which you would see as your heart? How do you see your heart? What role does your heart play in your life? How can you share your heart with me, with him, with her, with all?”

The questioning has as its objective the chance to promote a wider point of view within the narcissist. The narcissist then, has the opportunity to be able to adopt a wider point of view that is seen as something that could benefit it, giving to the narcissist more of what it would truly desire if it is able to come into true contact with its own feelings and heart. Thus, each within the grouping that partakes in this process of questioning, then has the opportunity of serving the narcissist in expanding its point of view, and the narcissist has the opportunity of being able to reach into its heart for the first time in its life experience, to discover a self there that is its truer self.

We realize that this is not an easy type of learning and process of relationship between those who know the narcissist and the narcissist. It is one which holds great challenge, for being, as you say, injured in one way or another by such an interaction may be too great a challenge if all are not willing and able to expand their own desires to offer aid to one which seems to give nothing in return.

Is there a further query, my brother?

One more follow-up along those lines. You’ve been describing narcissism as generally part of the path of service-to-others, a positive individual, who may benefit from the balancing it offers in the transformation that can unfold. Is it possible for such narcissism to also be part of the path of a service-to-self individual, or is what we see as narcissism maybe too obvious or blunt for service-to-self polarization?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. It is easy to look upon the narcissistic entity and imagine that one is seeing a negatively oriented entity that is attempting to follow the service-to-self path. However, as you have observed, such behavior on the path of the narcissist is so, shall we say, diffused and uncontrolled, that it is not likely that a truly negatively oriented entity would choose this type of means of expression of its desire to separate itself from all others about it, and to control them for its own benefit.

However, positively oriented entities who wish to offer themselves a great challenge within the third-density illusion, oftentimes program what you may see as the opposite of what one wishes to produce within the incarnation. This opposite programming, then, is followed as a means by which to realize the positive fruits of serving others after a long and difficult inner battle, shall we say, that requires that the narcissist be able to promote a greater and greater expression of its beingness in a manner which can be approached by those about it with the desire to accept what is given by the narcissist without taking it into the self as part of the self. In other words, refusing the narcissists definition of the other self as being timid, weak, or futile. This offers to everyone within the grouping dealing with the narcissistic behavior a great challenge.

However, much progress is made in the third-density illusion as a result of dealing with traumatic situations. These types of traumatic situations, then, carry a kind of weight within the total beingness, that is like unto the diver who competes in the diving championship, and chooses the difficult dive to attempt to win the meet or win the metal. The difficult dive, then, when accomplished successfully, gives more points in the overall event. Thus, the narcissist is doing much the same as are those who participate with the narcissist within the incarnation. Oftentimes the numbers of those so participating with the narcissist are few, for this is a very difficult type of pre-incarnative programming to undertake.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not on that one, thank you very much.

I am Q’uo, and we would ask if there might be another query at this time?

I do have another one. Ra has said that a perfectly balanced entity would respond to any situation with love and sees all things as love, and that to a perfectly balanced entity, no situation would be emotionally charged. 1 I’m trying to understand what “emotionally charged” and “love” mean. Is it possible that a perfectly balanced entity could look upon a situation and still experience something that could be called sadness, or sorrow, or anger? Or are these things considered an emotion charge and a perfectly balanced entity would only experience the constant love within any situation?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. We note that the nature of the queries this afternoon deal with the most difficult of circumstances which most of the entities of your third-density illusion do not attempt within the incarnation. The perfectly balanced entity is quite rare within the third-density illusion. However, each seeker of truth is upon the path of attempting to reach the level of love and understanding that would result as a means of viewing any situation. There are, as you know, various gradations of difficulty that each entity within its incarnational pattern meets in its life pattern. There are challenges of one nature and another that seem to promote and provoke the charge of emotion either positively or negatively. Each entity is, indeed, the One Infinite Creator, and contains all of the universe within its own being. As the entity moves through the incarnation, then, it attempts to open the heart in unconditional love as its primary response to any situation which it encounters. The difficulty of the situations that are encountered then mean that such an entity will need to process the catalyst that has been encountered on a daily basis, consistently, so that that which appeared as one thing or another, that would be normally seen as a charged emotional situation, can eventually be balanced so that the observation of the seeker, then, becomes that which sees the Creator, knowing itself in each situation. Therefore, the response is love, for the Creator becoming able to know itself in every situation is the reason for the entire creation.

Thus, the entity who is able to see this more truly realized observation within its catalyst, in the daily round of activities, is beginning to see through the illusion to the truth of the situation. This is the great challenge—to find the love that is in every moment, in every situation, and in every entity within the creation. This challenge, then, provides an opportunity to move beyond the appearance of the illusion so that one is able to see the Creator within the self, within the other self, and within every situation and in every situation and in every other self, and the self, the Creator is seen as experiencing itself. Whether the situation on its surface illusory level may seem heartbreaking or heart opening, or difficult in one way or another, or joyous in one way or another, depends upon the growing ability of the seeker of truth to open the self to the greater reality that is the One Creator knowing itself.

Is there another query, my brother?

We do have some more. Our friend and German translator, Jochen, sends in a question. He references a short quote that you transmitted in 2016 in which Q’uo said, “Entities that you see as the stars in your sky at night, and the sun in your sky in the day, are doing the work of the One Creator, and making it possible for the many portions of the One Creator to discover not only their own nature as individualized entities, but in the process of evolution to discover themselves as being a holographic image of the One Creator itself.”

And he asks: “What would be the Confederation’s definition or understanding of holographic image in this quote?”

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The holographic image so mentioned in this quote, is that which can be seen as the Logos, the Love that is the first product of freewill that wishes to know itself, the One Infinite Creator, then, uses the concept of love, the ability to create, what is seen as a creation, many stars, many planets, many entities, many energies, all in motion, in a manner which reflects the potential apprehension of the love, light, and unity of the One Infinite Creator expressed in all of the creation. Then, the creation itself could be seen as the holograph, and each portion of the creation, be it a sun body, a planetary body, a mind/body/spirit complex, or any first or second density awarenesses, may be seen as portions of a holograph, each portion or iota containing the One Infinite Creator in its full power and being. All else is seen as the same, for the holograph is unified, there is nothing but the One Infinite Creator expressed in various frequencies of vibration, various forms of manifestation, various powers of energy, moving in synchronicity with all other powers in the One Infinite Creation, to form that which is the one infinite creation.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Not on that line. We have one from Eric, who writes: “What are the metaphysical principles involved in killing a grasshopper while mowing the lawn. Is it a thing of significant consequence to kill the grasshopper? What if mowing the lawn was one’s duty, as mine is, in the co-op where I live. What is the difference between killing insects, animals, and humans? It seems very difficult to avoid killing insects if one is to do lawn work. Does it cause less distortion to end the lives of lower life forms than to end the lives of higher ones? I have the idea that, in an absolute sense, there is no difference, combined with the world-based perception that there is tremendous difference. Any thoughts from you would be appreciated.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, this is a concern for all conscious seekers of truth. To do no harm is the great desire on all levels of being, on all levels of life expression. Thus, the seeker of truth who wishes to be as conscious as possible seeks to do that which is the most helpful thing for each entity within the creation that it encounters in its daily round of activities.

However, the conscious seeker must also be aware that all of life is the One Infinite Creator, and all of life lives upon itself in one fashion or another. In this regard, we would look at the killing of the grasshopper, or the bug, or the person, as being the offering of the change of vibration to a portion of the One Creator, that is unconsciously or consciously, accomplished, so that there is seen an interaction between the self and the One Creator at various levels of being. These levels of being, then, are a portion of the experience of each seeker, be they lawn service, nuclear scientist, surgeon, teacher, mother, or child. Each entity deals with some live portion of the One Creator, for there is nothing but life within the creation, even those items which seem material objects and lifeless, have within them, the One Infinite Creator in all of its being. Thus, it is the intention that is the most important factor in dealing with each level of life form that the seeker encounters. The intention, then, if it is to be most positively oriented, is to enhance the total beingness or wellbeing of the One Creator with every action that is undertaken. If every action is undertaken, then, with the desire to be of the greatest service to the One Creator, then it must be seen that there are, shall we say, unavoidable seeming restrictions or killing, or limiting, or misapprehending of the Creator in every type of experience one encounters in the life pattern.

The intention, then, is that which drives the positively oriented entity in continuing its service in whatever manner it provides it, so that the greater good is realized for all about this entity, and the concerns then are always pointed towards enhancing the well-being of the One Infinite Creator at all times. This will find the seeker, then, having to decide for itself, what it feels is most appropriate in every experience, for there is nothing but the One Creator all about every entity everywhere at all times. Thus, it is a personal choice that must be made upon the basis of the recognition of the omnipresence of the One Creator within all things.

Is there another query at this time?

Yes, I’ve got another one. Ra talked about how we can help second-density entities on their spiritual path and on their harvest, by being in relationship with them as pets. I was wondering if you could give any insight into how we might deepen that sort of relationship with our pets to help them on their spiritual journeys.

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. This is a topic which is most apropos to the day, for we are aware that there have been experiences with pets that have been difficult for some members of this group today. We would suggest that as the pet is related to by the owner, that the love which the owner feels for the pet be expressed in any way possible, and in every opportunity possible, in order that the love of the owner for the pet is invested in the pet so that it is much likened unto a seed that begins to grow within the pet and the pet then begins to feel a loving response for the owner, as it feels the love from the owner to it. This is a reciprocal opportunity to give that which is understanding, love, compassion, to the pet so that it may feel engulfed by the open-hearted unconditional love of the owner. This is a situation which is most usually accomplished over a long period of time, usually measured in years, for the experience of the pet and the owner to reach the full fruition of the pet being invested to the degree that the next incarnation that it will experience will be that of the third-density entity.

Thus, there is the type of giving and taking of love and light that is most beneficial between the pet and the owner. The owner also benefits in great degree by being of service to the pet so that in its own polarization process, the owner moves further and further along the positive path as the pet has become the vehicle, not only for the pet’s evolution, but for the owner’s evolution as well.

Is there another query, my brother?

When we have these relationships with these pets, is it possible that as the pet moves on, or as the human moves on, the pet joins our spiritual family and becomes part of the group of entities outside of our incarnation that we continue to incarnate with?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, this is a great likely outcome of such a relationship, for within the entire octave of densities that are traversed in order to move back into unity with the One Infinite Creator there are levels of experience that may be shared by the various entities within the spiritual family, as you call it, or the clan, or the group which has evolved as a kind of family that sees incarnations as opportunities to experience a variety of roles or types of learning that may be shared within the family grouping. This is what we were referring to previously when discussing the narcissistic entity and those around it that would incarnate in order to help it and them move along the path of evolution. There are always opportunities for entities to join spiritual families of this kind when they are able to incarnate in a situation in which their talents and desires are mixed into the blend of that of the group so there is the chance that a certain role may be played by an entity of the second density that is just joining the third-density experience, that being a more basic role, utilizing the more fundamental abilities and desires of the new third-density entity. There is a vast panoply of differences and qualities that each spiritual family may contain so that each entity has those abilities and desires that enhance the personal growth and the overall growth of the group as well as individual entities within the group so that there is a constant blending and interbreeding, shall we say, of abilities and desires that aid each within the group in the evolutionary process.

Is there a final query at this time?

Thank you so much, Q’uo. We just have one short one from Juan, who writes: “Are Q’uo, Ra or Hatonn presently transmitting and teaching The Law of One in other places on Planet Earth’s surface other than the L/L Research Group?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. There are various ways of teaching that go beyond what may be seen as teaching by many entities. Teaching in regards to channeling, as is now occurring, is mostly restricted to L/L Research by those of Q’uo, Hatonn and Ra. However, each of these group consciousnesses have other talents that are offered more widely to the entire population of the planet. These talents include the sending of love and light by those of Hatonn to entities that are requesting such, perhaps within their daily round of activities, within their meditations, or within their sleep. They ask for the love and the light of the Creator to be shined upon them, that they may be enhanced in some fashion whether it be of mind, of body, or of spirit. There are entities within those of Q’uo, Latwii and Ra, which are able to send a combination of love and light that enhances entities in a similar fashion, yet at a, shall we say, stepped up vibrational level. Those of Ra, especially, are able to contact entities within the sleep state and the dream state so that those entities you may call wanderers are oftentimes given images within the dream state that present a puzzle or an awakening so that there may be a revelation of the self to the self that awakens the self to the purpose of the incarnation.

There are other entities of third density within the illusion who seek also similar types of experiences, whether in the waking state, the sleeping or dreaming state, so that they may be guided upon their paths by those that are seen as guides, or higher self, or entities that are angelic in appearance and affect. These third-density entities, then, may be contacted by any of the aforementioned beings as well as those of Ra, so that there is the transmission of inspirational images and messages that can be communicated upon a more basic level to the unconscious mind so that these images then, will rise into the conscious mind. When these images are then, within the conscious mind, the conscious mind may examine them to discover the inner meaning, and move the self, in its progressive path of evolution a bit further because of the translation of the images received from those of Ra.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and this group, as this instrument is somewhat fatigued. We thank each of you once again for inviting our presence. It is always a great pleasure and honor to join this group. You are most valued in your efforts of seeking and serving within this heavy, dense, chemical illusion. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Mentioned in #42.2–5