Group question: “Consider the coincidences and odd circumstances by which one thing flowed to the next. Consider this well. Each entity will receive the opportunity that each needs.” So that is a quote from the Ra contact. We would like to know how does this function in an entity’s life?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We greet each of you in love and in light, and we thank each of you for inviting us to speak with you and through you today. We, as always, would ask you to do us the favor of using your utmost discrimination in assessing the value of the words and thoughts we have to offer. If there are any that do not ring true to you, please disregard them without a second thought. If you will do us this favor, we will be more free to speak to the question of the day.

The question of the coincidences, the synchronicities, those odd circumstances that each seeker of truth will notice occurring within its life path from time to time—these circumstances that seem so unusual are usually those which are experienced at critical points in the seeker’s journey. There are times in each seeker’s incarnation when the pre-incarnative choices have a chance to manifest in a way which aids the seeker in an extraordinary way in following this path that has been laid out before the incarnation.

Just as the Logos has created the architecture of the archetypical mind to describe the nature of the evolutionary process, so each entity at the level of the soul before the incarnation will take upon itself the opportunity to describe for itself the general gist of the journey that lies before it. This journey will have as its purpose moving the seeker of truth closer and closer to the fundamental principles of the evolutionary process in general, and the particular intricacies that each entity will create prior to the incarnation.

There are opportunities when one lesson is ready to be moved into, shall we say, that can be given emphasis in order to make it known to the seeker within the incarnation. This emphasis is what you would call the coinciding of events or thoughts or possibilities that the seeker will notice in a way which has meaning only to that seeker. These opportunities have been fashioned, with the help of unseen hands shall we say—unseen during the incarnation.

Since the incarnation is lived within the total unity of the one creation, there is a resonance that can be experienced by the seeker when the unconscious mind—perhaps, a guide, perhaps the higher self—can influence events, people, thoughts, or circumstances that carry a certain meaning for the seeker within the incarnation. These qualities may be noted in any way which the seeker is open to, whether by sight, by sound, by intuition, or any other way of perceiving that the seeker has made manifest in its life pattern. Perhaps repeating numbers, or a totem animal, or a certain kind of weather pattern may influence, in a repeating fashion, the message that there is something special about this moment that may guide the seeker at this pivotal point in its process of evolution.

No entity is without this type of help. All seekers have within their … we shall say inventory of friends, experiences, thoughts, and probabilities, the matter of experiencing such coincidences. This is the part of the path that is especially inspiring to each seeker who wishes some sort of indication from a greater source than simply the self to reaffirm the choices of the self at those points at which there is the greater opportunity to move forward in the evolutionary path.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we greet this circle again through this instrument with gratitude for his practice of the challenging sequence which we are happy to meet.

We would continue to speak to the question of the seemingly odd circumstances and coincidences and synchronicities and other events in the life that seem to align to, or be manifestations of, some sort of underlying pattern or narrative or program, you might say. For the seeker, particularly the one embarked upon a conscious journey, is not upon a random journey. The seeker is not in a universe of unordered matter and unordered energy that buffets the seeker like the wind, without seeming rhyme or reason. The seeker is not surrounded by chaos from which it seeks to struggle to draw meaning. Rather, the seeker is steeped in a sea of meaning and purpose and design.

And in this sea of meaning the seeker is choosing its own adventure, you might say, through the exercise of its will and faith. In this adventure it sets its intentions. It desires. Those desires may be conscious and consciously directed. They may also be, as we would suggest is the majority of the case, somewhat or completely unconscious; that is, deep undercurrents of desire, much as the undercurrents of a river—or better yet, an ocean—move the contents of the ocean, eventually bearing consequence for that which is on the surface. But because they are deep, they are unseen and unperceived, likely, from the surface. Nevertheless, they move.

These moving desires are carrying the seeker forward and shaping the journey. There is an infinite menu from which to choose regarding how to proceed on this journey, but there is a menu, there are parameters, there is an intelligent design. And as those currents of desire, both on the surface and deep down, move the seeker through life, and as choices are made, then that intelligent, adaptive universe responds and offers opportunity accordingly.

This is not, as some of the more shallow ends of your collective thought would have it, merely in terms of wishing for pleasant outcomes and thinking about them really hard and imagining their successful outcome through visualization that they manifest for you, that the seeker may enjoy a more comfortable and luxurious experience. Intention can indeed be set upon any goal, but the mechanisms which we point to run far, far deeper and for greater purpose, and do not involve delivering to the seeker always that which is pleasant.

On the contrary, in the long journey of which we were speaking previously, there is continual need for release, letting go, watching distortions falling away. This falling away is often accompanied with pain and suffering and confusion, and from a certain standpoint may even be viewed as sacrifice. But nonetheless, the larger point here is that this intelligent, adaptive universe is providing opportunity for these distortions to fall away not for its own amusement or for a vicarious pleasure in the seeker’s suffering, but rather that the seeker may grow, may shed illusion, and may discover the unlimited self—the self as the Creator.

This is a process, it is ongoing, it is in operation. That your physical eyes do not see it in the world of cause and effect upon the physical plane is merely a limitation of your vision. If you could but lift the hood of the engine and look into the gears and moving parts, you would see its design and the way in which it is operating always working for you.

But as the group’s question highlights, there are times when […] the intelligence and the design becomes visible for a moment. When, either in the moment or in retrospect, [one] sees an unfolding pattern— the way in which meeting that particular person opened a needed opportunity for the self’s development; the way that that particular job seemed to land into the lap, as it were, of the self, opening up the needed opportunity to bring out undeveloped talent or gift in the self; the way that that particular loss gave the self the gift of balancing love or wisdom or learning the fine art of releasing and resistance and surrender—the more that one sees that life itself brings out the self’s development through testing, through challenge, through opportunity.

This is increasingly so as the seeker becomes more conscious of those deeper currents or biases and needs within the self as the self learns to more consciously navigate the journey from the surface of the waters. And beautifully, to the benefit of the seeker, this noticing of pattern and rightfully calibrated opportunity can help the seeker to have faith upon the journey ; faith that the seeker is receiving the opportunity that it needs; faith that one is not lost at sea.

The more one cultivates and fosters their will and faith and understands their desires and distills those desires as being distortions of the one great desire to seek and become the Creator, the more that the seeker can trust that there is trajectory. Thus there need be less anxiety and concern about the future, less need to grasp onto, or rather hold onto the past or some needed configuration because the wind and the water is with one. Guidance is with one.

And the self’s domain then is to continually work upon and refine the intention which is wrapped up in that package of continuing to work upon knowing the self and forgiving the self. And as that intention is refined and the compass aimed more truly upon the true north of seeking the One Infinite Creator, the more, as your people say, the cards will fall as they may. That is, the self need be less concerned with outcome or with what particular opportunity may arise in favor of trusting that the needed opportunity will arise; that whatever desire is sought to be explored, that the universe will provide opportunity for that desire. Which is why, we counsel, it is wise to always begin and end in the Creator, to set the first and the last and the central desire upon seeking the Creator. When one does this, one, as Ra says, is with infinite intelligence, and the rest will unfold as it needs to.

At this time, we would take leave of this instrument, and with a lighthearted note to future instruments who may feel themselves too tired to serve in the capacity to know that with the proper will and faith, and perhaps the crutch of caffeine (if it is appropriate for a particular mind/body/spirit complex), such is possible. We are those known to you as Q’uo. We now transfer this contact to the one known as Trisha.

(Trisha channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are attempting contact with this instrument. We feel the suggestion of acceptance is an important one at this time, for this instrument is struggling to maintain full contact and feels as though there are other voices or energies at play. This instrument not wanting to curtail the practice or divert the focus from the topic at hand asks for forgiveness and wishes to use this opportunity to thank us for attempting contact with her and to thank the group and with kindness for self and other self and gentle touch, wishes instead to relinquish her time to the other instruments in this circle. We thank you all for your patience and with acceptance of this catalyst, we will now transfer our contact from this instrument to the one known as Austin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am now with this instrument. We extend our gratitude to the one known as Trish for the blessing and acceptance of this contact and allowing the dynamic flow of energy present within this dance that we share with this group to proceed unimpeded. We assure her that all is well, and that her presence remains an aspect of this working today, and this working is made better for it.

We continue upon the topic presented by calling attention to the particular passage highlighted within your query and the active nature being requested by those of Ra within this passage. The seeker is called to consider the dynamic described by those of Ra, and to consider this well. This suggestion is not one made in a rhetorical sense, but is a genuine invitation to each seeker to utilize the blessing and divine gift of third density that in your language has been identified as hindsight.

The invitation to consider the flow of experiences and circumstances that seem to be imbued with meaning and intelligence is indeed a powerful tool available to the conscious seeker of truth and an aid to that seeker upon a journey of service.

When the seeker engages, with the gift of hindsight, in considering one’s life path and identifying the particular points at which crucial coincidences and opportunities arose, and the seeker engages with this reflection on a regular basis and with deep intention to recognize the hand of the Creator within the self and within the self’s journey, it reinforces the capacity of that seeker to carry that awareness into any present moment given to the seeker in which the gift of hindsight is not yet available. The blessing and the challenge of third density is that which shields each entity from witnessing the imbued nature of every event in every circumstance with the Creator’s light. Any challenge or difficulty met by the seeker may be hiding its blessing outside of the perception of the seeker that it is presented to.

Yet there is a certain muscle of perception that may be exercised and may be refined by the reflection upon previous events and previous circumstances that, at the time, felt insurmountable, or perhaps simply inconvenient. To recall the gift that these experiences offered to the seeker, and to recall that on a regular basis, offers the seeker a certain light of perception and increases the light that the seeker may bring to each moment presented to it, increasing the chance and the ability of the seeker to pierce through the darkness of third density and witness within the present moment the presence of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator.

We also call attention to the necessity for an active role in what is called, within this passage, opportunity. It is true that each seeker receives the necessary opportunity for it to progress upon its path. However, this notion of opportunity has, within the third density, a dual nature: the call of the opportunity that beckons to the seeker, and the seeker’s blessing of free will, which may respond to that call with an acceptance or a denial of that opportunity. My friends, we witness upon your planet many entities presented with abundant opportunities to open the heart, to expand the awareness, and to seek the Creator in all experience, yet the tendency among your peoples is that of denying these opportunities. Thus, you see that simply receiving the opportunity necessary for one’s growth does not imply that the conscious seeker of truth may simply rest in a passive state not engaging with one’s circumstances and behaving as a conscious co-Creator of those circumstances. The opportunity must be recognized and must be acted upon in order for this dynamic to be fully embodied by the seeker in the lived life.

Furthermore, in reflecting upon these opportunities and the circumstances in which the seeker was blessed by an opportunity and rose to meet that opportunity, one may also consider the surrounding circumstances that enabled one to recognize the opportunity and be aided in making the choice to seize the opportunity for growth and insight. We witness upon your planet a wide range of life circumstances for each entity, and ask each seeker of truth to consider those circumstances that seem to hinder the perception of challenges-as-opportunities or seem to draw the attention of the individual so that the circumstances of one’s life are not seen with the light of opportunity.

Perhaps the seeker has a supportive social system, perhaps the kindness of friends or strangers has helped boost the attitude and bring light to the perception of the seeker allowing it to view its circumstances with even a slightly elevated perception, enabling them to make the choice within that moment to seize the opportunity, whatever it may be. Perhaps one may reflect upon more basic life circumstances—the physical needs met, comfort, shelter, companionship—and with these basic needs met, the opportunity may be fully recognized for what it is.

We understand that it is no secret to you, my friends, that not all upon your planet are blessed with the same opportunities or circumstances, and thus in reflecting upon those things that have aided you in allowing your journey to unfold in an intelligent and light-filled way, you may know better how to serve those about you, for it is not simply the knowledge and the understanding that each entity’s life path is imbued with the light and intelligence of the Creator. There are many, many needs upon your planet and, many calls that beckon you to service to aid your fellow entities in a wide variety of applications. And so we encourage each seeker, as they reflect upon the magical circumstances that have delivered them to their current trajectory, to imbue this reflection with an intention to harvest from this reflection the light and the love of the One Infinite Creator so that it may be then shared and perpetuated by the seeker in service to others.

At this time, with gratitude, we leave this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are grateful for each entity’s participation in this practice channeling today. Your efforts cannot be ever taken for granted, for we know that each of you gives all that you have in every moment. And we thank you for your conscientiousness in this regard.

The experience of channeling is one which is manifested not only in these practice channeling sessions, but each entity, especially those conscious seekers of truth, as are each here, channel the life experience in a moment by moment flow of consciousness. There is the creative envisioning of the desires, the dreams, the abilities, the destination, and each moves forward at all times in this funneling of the consciousness of love through the life experience. This is that which is the most important type of channeling process any seeker of truth can engage in, and we thank each here for being so fastidious in living the conscious life mindful of each moment’s importance.

At this time, we shall leave this group rejoicing in love and in light, thanking each for sharing their love and light with us. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.