Topics: Availability of personal energy; the internet and the collective unconscious; the role of emotions; communicating with loved ones who have passed away; breathwork; integrating the body in the spiritual journey; the role of intention in polarization; the Confederation’s approach to interacting with Earth.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument in this group this day. We thank each of you for your great desire to serve as instruments not only for the Confederation of Planets and service for the One Creator, but for that One Creator that exists within all entities and all things. We join you in this great service and we are honored to be called to your group this morning to offer our information concerning the various queries that you have prepared to ask. We would ask a simple favor, as always, and that is that you look upon our words with your own personal discrimination and take those that have value to you and use them as you will. Those which have no value at this time, we encourage you to leave them behind. This will allow us to speak more freely, for we are not any kind of final authority. We are your brothers and sisters who have moved somewhat further along the same path that you are on [inaudible] and yet we travel the same path.

At this time we will transfer this contact to the one known as Austin. We are those who are Q’uo.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am now with this instrument. We are joyed to express through this instrument that we find the light of the circle today to be fuller and brighter, as we are happy to welcome the one known as Kathy back into these workings. We are inspired by the harmony manifested by this group and encourage this group to look to the desire within each instrument’s heart for service and consider this desire as the connection that draws each instrument together in harmony. And the resonance of this gathering then attracts and allows us to then join you and to together offer our shared service.

At this time we ask if there are any queries to which we may speak?

Q’uo, I have a question regarding energy. A couple. When we incarnate, are we allotted a certain quanta of energy, that is, is there a ceiling set on our available energy? And whether or not such a thing exists in an infinite universe, how may the incarnate being increase the energy available for their service?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query my brother.

We find, in addressing queries such as this, that there is as you might say, a double-edged quality to the terminology used. The term “energy” may refer to a great many things or experiences, and each seeker might identify energy in different ways. Thus, as we speak to such queries, the ambiguity can both serve and hinder in that the words that we offer may be interpreted in usefully subjective ways, but also hinders our ability to speak specifically to such queries. We offer this note with appreciation for the query as it is asked, for this is an interesting dynamic for us to work with in such workings as this.

As you consider the incarnation of any entity, the conscious seeker prior to the incarnation takes part in a selection of circumstances, distortions, and, you may say, abilities that will be more readily available to that entity throughout the incarnation. During this process, the entity may consider what limitations may serve in their purpose for incarnating, and what specialized abilities may serve. This is true for many aspects of the entity, including what has been termed in this query “energy”—or, as we are addressing it, the vital force available to the seeker that allows it to move and function and serve in intelligent ways on a day-to-day, week-to-week, or year-to-year basis within the incarnation.

Indeed, the amount of energy available to the seeker within the incarnation is one of these aspects often chosen, whether it is chosen in order to limit the seeker in certain ways so that it experiences a dynamic tension between a desire to serve and an ability to serve. Or on another hand, it experiences an abundance of energy but feels a lack of focus and direction. These are two examples among many of how the attribute of energy may play a role in the seeker’s journey throughout the incarnation. When an entity assesses the energy available to it, and feels a strong desire to alter this in some way—for example, to manifest more energy, so that the seeker may better serve—we find that this dynamic falls into a very common, what might be called paradox for the incarnated entity, in that for an aware and conscious seeker understanding the nature of the illusion, the will and desire to alter one’s beingness and one’s circumstances seems as though it should make such circumstances or beingness malleable and easily altered within the incarnation.

In examining this type of dynamic, we find that for each entity and each unique circumstance there is a certain, what could be called, amount of the desire or will, that make—we correct this instrument—that might be applied in order to bring about the desired changes. For one entity, a simple prayer and moment of silence might deliver to that entity the energy it desires to meet the next challenge and to grasp the next opportunity available to that seeker to walk its path of service. For another entity, perhaps an entity that wishes to balance a strong desire to serve with a tendency of overextending itself, the willpower necessary to bring about such a change might be much, much greater, for this entity has chosen as part of its lesson within the incarnation to experience this limitation. Thus, you see, that such an allotment of energy is seemingly finite because it has chosen by the entity to be so, and is chosen to be finite in different ways and in different quantities.

This general view of energy available to the entity is indeed a primary aspect of what is chosen by the entity prior to incarnation. For within your third density the grand choice of the entity of how to utilize its energy, where to point its consciousness, and what path it walks using the energy available to it, is a primary apex that determines the path of the entity in future densities. And the direction chosen by the entity with the energy given to it within third density garners a certain momentum. This requires that the entity consider well the energy available to it in any given circumstance, and how it might then apply its will to use that energy intelligently, with compassion and love for the self and for all around it.

Is there another query at this time?

Energy is such a precious resource and I think that is my genie in a bottle wish is for more of it, and I really appreciated your reply, Q’uo. Sound wisdom.

My next question I would love to explore in depth at a later time, but just as an initial foray into this realm: One could say that all things in space/time offer a window into the personal or collective unconscious mind. Whether that’s the body or one’s dreams or interpersonal communication, or government policy, even. Yet social media specifically, and the internet generally, seem to be a special case. So my question is, do social media and the internet offer a window into the personal and/or collective unconscious, and what generally is the relationship between this internet and our unconscious mind?

I am Q’uo and am aware of the query, my brother. In considering the technologies described as social media and the internet, we encourage any contemplative seeker to consider the unfolding of such technology and how your culture and society has developed from one technology to the next. Looking upon the world of the first density, you might see a very simplified understanding of how the seemingly space/time world may interact in simple ways of being moved and moving. As this unfolds into the second density, there are more complicated and intelligent ways in which the space/time manifestation of the Creator interacts. And in this density, we begin to see that the space/time realm contains not just apparently physical properties, but manifestations of thought patterns, such as the behavior of second-density life and how the animal kingdom interacts and behaves, or the plant kingdom interacts or behaves.

As this progresses into the third density, the manifestation of conceptual or abstract manifestations becomes more and more complicated and more and more difficult for the observer to identify and influence. We see this particularly among your society as you have gradually built up an incredibly complex system of social interactions, based upon various aspects such as the legal realm, the cultural realms of entertainment or politics and other sorts of obscure manifestations available to entities within the space/time.

We elaborate on this in order to encourage any seeker contemplating the nature of such manifestations, to see the space/time realm not just as the physical world around you, and what you call matter built up in various ways, but that there are other aspects of space/time that are unseen. Both these physical and non-physical aspects of space/time have correlations within time/space. As the fourth density has dawned upon your planet, and made itself available to you in the time/space realm, your space/time experience has, shall we say, struggled to catch up to this new era of energy. The manifestation of the internet and social media is a result of the beckoning of fourth density and the necessity of the entities within your space/time realm to view your experience in a holistic fashion.

Thus, the advent of the internet in connecting peoples all across your planet also reveals how this connection is made in time/space as well.

We pause to allow this instrument to regain focus.

I’m Q’uo and am again with this instrument who is feeling reticence at its ability to capture our thoughts in an intelligible way, and asks us to head towards a concluding thought. And so we offer, with some hesitation, a simple encouragement to entities engaging with the qualities of social media and the internet to do so with introspection on how these tools made available to you offer glimpses of the strong undercurrents of your social complexes and your collective minds that previously were relatively unseen, and were made manifest in your space/time. The advent of these technologies is indeed a vast potential and in many ways was intelligently and intentionally offered to your social complex so that you may more directly address the imbalances and distortions necessary to address, so that you may form a social memory complex of unified intention and join your planet in graduating into the fourth density.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Trish. We are Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

I am Q’uo and, I am with this instrument at this time. Is there a query?

Q’uo, in anticipation of certain outcomes, I have felt anxiety sometimes bordering on dread. Conversely, in seeking some outcomes, I have felt great passion and desire. One might think that dread is an indicator to perhaps avoid a certain path, whereas desire is an indicator to pursue a certain path. Yet in retrospect, I have learned that that which I dreaded was right for me sometimes, and that which I desired was not right for me sometimes. Can you speak to how we can use our emotional reactions to make choices in alignment with our pre-incarnational plan?

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query.

We begin our dialogue on this particular query by stating that these sensations you have described as dread and desire for upcoming situations can be viewed as what you may call guideposts or beacons. These sensations bring one’s attention to the situation and this is often for a particular reason, that being, the potential for growth and understanding of one’s self in relation to the larger self that is everything. That which you call dread, we can see is an uncomfortable experience for you in this density. That discomfort, though not desired is—we correct this instrument—can be seen to be a gift. It can be viewed as an opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of what is at play within, you may say, within the self prior to the situation.

One may ask oneself in moments when in deep meditation and silence, what is dread? What is this sensation and where from do the roots of this dread originate? In that silence you may find that the dread is a precursor or a … we give this instrument the image of a flashing billboard, to designate where there is lack of acceptance—that this dread may be cluing one in to a potential situation that one wishes to control or change rather than accept and embrace and forgive, if forgiveness is warranted. This sensation, though unsettling and perhaps foundation-breaking in a sensory sort of fashion, is a tremendous avenue towards—we correct this instrument—into one’s own psyche and motivation. Conversely, desire can be felt as excitement, anticipation and pleasurable. When one sees a situation upon the forecast of the incarnation with desire, one may feel the inclination to hasten the experience, quicken the moment, increase the speed of living for the outcome is one that one had hoped for.

And while that may be a great gift and balm to the soul, to have excitement and positive desire for a potential situation, it too can be an opportunity for internal and introspective understanding for one may find that in situations where desire is at play, that perhaps oneself loses sight of all else that is around, perhaps consideration for the larger picture, if you will, falls by the wayside. One can lose focus of one’s—and we use this word without connotation—but one’s values. In this respect, we would direct the seeker who finds themself navigating through situations of desire and dread to pay attention to the present moment. See those potentials that elicit excitement and desire as ones wherein perhaps larger lens could be lost and living in the moment could be—we correct this instrument—living in the moment could take on … we apologize, for this instrument needs to deepen its connection with us at this time.

We are with this instrument again, and thank you for the patience. Situations wherein desire is at play to the observant seeker could be seen as opportunities to slow one’s actions and reactions and allow oneself to amble and stroll and take in the scenery, if you will, along the journey to that desired situation, allowing oneself the gentleness and tender touch that can accept other outcomes and other possibilities likewise. And in opposition, the situations that elicit dread for the observant seeker can be viewed as opportunities to look within and see where from the dread is created. To open one’s heart to acceptance of opportunity of perhaps unforeseen growth through this discomfort to, rather than amble and stroll along this journey to the outcome, make careful step and consider the sites along the way.

To conclude, we would state that these sensations of dread and desire that can be so productive for the observant seeker are also fleeting sensations. They will not last. Thus, it is important for the seeker as they experience these sensations on their walk, that they remember that all is well and is as it should be, that this dread and excitement are great tools for the entity within their seeking towards their end spiritual goals. But that desire and dread, while helpful tools, are simple (though they may not seem) experiences that are merely facets of a great and much larger universal experience, and that the steps that you take, though they may feel uncomfortable or pleasurable, are the right steps, that the footing is in truth secure, though the ground underneath may not feel as though it is.

And this instrument is growing concerned with her ability to focus upon our connection and with much gratitude for this circle, and the question that was posed, will now take its leave of this instrument and transfer our contact to the one known as Kathy. We thank you all for your patience we are those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. Is there a query?

Q’uo, when a loved one passes away, can communication still flow between us, from us here in the physical realm to those who have passed on to the non-physical realm, and is there any way we can become conscious of this communication?

We are aware of your query, my brother. This query is one that is close to the heart of this instrument and she has been experiencing the very heart of your query for several years and in an increasing way as time passes. This time, in your space/time, offers greater and greater opportunity for those living in body to expand their entire body/mind/spirit complex in such a way as to not only become receivers of communication from loved ones and what you call spirit, but also to become so attuned so as to sense when such ones are nearby, as you may say, or within your range of attunement, so that you may also—those who are interested in doing so—may also transmit communication to those ones as well as receive, so that you may continue what dialogue, what heartfelt communication and understanding, imbued with love, across what you may call the veil.

This experience is one that is, in a collective sense, increasing upon your planet at this time as more of those loved ones cross to the other side in spirit form, leaving behind the body/mind/spirit complex and the space/time of Earth. However, while the opportunities for exploration and growth become more expansive in spirit form, have more freedom of movement and consciousness is afforded, those in spirit form, many times, have great desire to remain close to those they love who remain in body on Earth, and wish to communicate [that they] are joyed by the idea of continuing that dialogue of connecting to the heart and mind of those they love.

Such communication may begin in the dream state of those who remain in body, which is a state in which there is no resistance or fear of such communication, and thus it can flow freely into the dream state. In meditation, also, those living on Earth may set an intention to connect with, hear from, speak with loved ones on what you call the other side. And it may start with a few words or a feeling that a loved one is present. If the intention is there for such experiences to grow and the loved ones in spirit are of a like vibration, those experiences may grow and increase, especially when occurring at a set time and place for the meditative state or dream state to occur. In such times the communication becomes an expected phenomenon in the open and receptive state.

It is wise for those desiring to connect with and communicate with those in spirit to enter into what you may call a protected state, to say, before communication efforts begin, prayers for protection or imagining light and love surrounding oneself or another such spiritual practice of the light that one may feel comfortable with, always centering one’s desire for communication from a place of love and of compassion and of gratitude and of peace and harmony. These attitudes of this spirit on both sides will greatly assist a most loving communication to take place.

One can also ask a loved one in spirit for assistance in receiving, can also ask for what you may call a sign or an indication that they are nearby. Sometimes also there is what you may call a divine plan for such communication or a, even a pre-incarnative plan, that after one of a loved one in family departs from the body into spirit, that there was an existence already, a plan for communication after their passing.

We can say that much more will be discovered in what you call your future, your near future, upon this topic as more and more of your people experience this form of communication across time and space. And we’ll find that as the intentions allow for such communication, that it becomes easier and easier to accomplish, and that much can be learned on both sides from one another and from the communication, even after the passing from this body experience on Earth. It is one of, what you might call, the next vistas of our experience—we correct this instrument—the next vistas of what humanity experiences on Earth.

Much guidance, love compassion and working out of many situations can be provided by those in spirit. There is great love there and great desire to help those that remain on Earth in body who are working out all of the day to day issues and experiences of daily life. Those in spirit, unencumbered by so many situations, have freedom to assist those living on Earth. Such communication can be seen as a beautiful, a beautiful thing, a helpful thing, a blessing. Much can be learned from the enhanced and expanded wisdom and perspective of those loved ones in spirit. The dream state, meditation, or even walking outside among the trees and nature can invite communication from the other side.

We thank you for this query and for the opportunity to provide perspective on this most important experience. At this time, we sense that this instrument has completed what is best to offer at this time. And we now transfer the contact to the one known as Gary. We thank you.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo and we greet this circle and once again through this instrument. At this time we would use this instrument’s ears to receive any questions which you may have upon your mind.

There are various spiritual systems and philosophies that place a lot of emphasis on the breath and ascribe a lot of metaphysical and mystical properties to the breath. But the Confederation hasn’t really spoken much about the role of the breath in terms of our spiritual evolution. So, I was hoping that you could give the Confederation’s perspective on breath and breath work and what role it plays in our lives.

We are those of Q’uo and we have received and appreciate this query, my brother, for as you are aware, this instrument has made some exploration of his own upon this topic. Each in the Confederation may offer different levels and different areas of expertise, you may say. But in general, we may confirm that there is enormous utility to the spiritual seeker—particularly she or he who wishes to walk the path of adept through spiritual discipline—in the study, the understanding and the modulation of the breath.

The breathing which you experience in the incarnate state is a primary linkage between body, mind and, done appropriately, the spirit complex as well. There are a great many methods for using the breath to achieve altered states of consciousness. These methods involve retention of various levels and intensities. They involve changing the frequency of respiration, the depth of respiration, the pathway of travel for that which you call air, through the nostrils, through the mouth, and these can be combined again with changes to hand gestures, bodily positions and facial structure or shall we say musculature within the face, the throat.

These on the surface may seem but mechanical details to the one exploring consciousness. It is easy to dismiss the processes of the body. But we assure the seeker that this particular discipline is not contained within or limited to the body complex completely. One’s experience of consciousness is tied intimately to the breath. We give this instrument simple example of some psychological states that may change the breathing—from the quickened, shortened breath of anxiety, to the relaxed and rhythmic and deep breath of relaxation. This instrument is aware of that third-density teacher known as Ramana Maharshi who described the mind as the rider and the breath as the horse, and that by learning in a disciplined way to direct and control the horse, one can gain control, as it were, of the mind itself.

For to drill down further into this linkage between mind and body through the breath, one is well to look at the attention. For the breath is a primary anchor of the attention and a means to collect the attention into that which you call concentration. Much of your experience is one of non-concentration, or concentration experienced only for a particular task or purpose or in pursuit of a particular thought complex. The common experience of those in your density is to have their attention dispersed from waking to sleep upon countless concerns. This great multiplicity of the fragmented attention greatly obscures the experience of silence and stillness within the self.

And if the mind/body/spirit complex entity is not consciously in touch with that silence and stillness, then they are not consciously in touch with their being. Instead, their attention is located and captivated by the doing, the outer world and the endless play of the mind. This leads to identification with the mind, the formation and fortification of the illusory individual self, and the forgetting of the being.

So it is that by practicing breath control one can collect this attention and learn to reduce the dispersal of this primary conduit in the effort to bring it to a single point, that the mind and all of its activity and all of its considerable power may come to rest upon one point. And with the mind so entrained upon this one focus, then the mind becomes as the still unmoving, unrippled waters, which reflects perfectly the spacious sky above. In this reflection, one sees, as it were, the being and its infinite depth and stillness. And in this seeing, one realizes that one is not one’s thoughts, one is not one’s mind, and thus do the gateways to the greater work open for the seeker.

But this, as with so many things in and beyond your illusion, is a discipline. For most this requires, as with any discipline, continued practice, persistent practice. One must learn not simply to manipulate the breath as one pulls levers on a machine, but to deepen one’s presence, one’s intimacy, an embrace of the self, even one’s acceptance of the self—for in this discipline, one will encounter not merely bodily sensations and respiratory patterns, but one will encounter one’s own mental patterns as well. And all the history, all the intricacy, all the blockages and balances associated therein, one will be consciously taking steps upon the journey of realizing the self. And one will find that this practice can become a very central mechanism for engaging that journey, for moving beyond the surface levels of the daily experience, and into the deeper waters that tend to remain hidden without the focused attention.

And we would conclude our reply by suggesting to the seeker that which this instrument has explored and that being that discipline and science known to your peoples as pranayama. For many of your peoples have made profitable study in this area and have much fruit to share to the interested spiritual seeker.

May we ask at this time if there is a final query, through which—we correct this instrument—to which we may speak through this instrument. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

In a similar vein, I was hoping that you could elaborate on the role of the body in our spiritual journey. A lot of seekers, I think, have difficulty considering the body as an integral piece of the self. So, I was hoping that you could help us understand how to integrate the body as part of our perspective of the mind/body/spirit complex, and include it in our spiritual seeking.

We are those of Q’uo, and we receive this query with gratitude. For it opens a platform to speak upon that which, as you the question asker are aware, is a rather large but important subject, particularly in your third density where the body complex is so often misunderstood, its functions often sought to be controlled or suppressed or denied, even—as is evidenced in some of your religious systems—vilified, for the body is seen as perhaps impure or of that realm which is of sin, or if not sin, is not of the divine.

And in this large area of inquiry regarding the relationship to the body and how it may be incorporated in a positive and healthy way for the spiritual seeker, we would speak—we correct this instrument—we would start at that fundamental base as it applies to third density in general, but in particular to your planet, that being the schism between body and spirit, which posits, as we were describing, that the body is in a either fallen state or is not to be trusted. It is a wicked ally, which will lead one astray. Spirit is found by denial of the body in this school of thought.

Each distortion in your societal complex offers to the Creator a new variant in its experience of itself, and we would not denigrate any particular thought form, but we would and can point to its error from the broader perspective. For while the body does occupy a category unto its own, such that it can be named “body,” which is distinct from mind, which is distinct from spirit, it is nevertheless, as with all things, a manifestation of perfection. The body is a portal to not only the self and its own personal unconsciousness, but to the Creator Itself. So to the seeker aspiring toward union with the Creator, we would suggest an orientation which sees the body as a holy temple.

What would be one’s attitude upon approaching a structure of obvious architectural wonder and skill? What would be one’s attitude when beholding a building built of such beauty, and designed for purpose of worship and communion, and feeling the presence of the One Creator? Would one spit out their gum when inside such a structure? Would one be excessively dirty, shall we say, or bring the can of graffiti—we correct this instrument—apply the can of spray paint to its walls? Would one misuse such a structure or use it for less than positive purposes? Or would reverence, not necessarily the administrative codes of the building, but reverence inform the self as to the relationship of the self to this structure? Would the appreciation in the heart not inform the self of how to relate to and to conduct oneself while in this building?

As with all metaphors, this isn’t perfect. For the body is not set in stone but is a constantly evolving, intelligent and communicating structure. But this metaphor may offer to the seeker something of the pathway by which that which you call the body is ennobled. For each iota of the creation, however humble, however small, however inert, or however seemingly of the material realm which comes into contact with that which is sacred, is itself made sacred; it would be more correct to say that the sacred is revealed as being already contained within that seeming object of matter.

But in the limitations of your illusion, where a veil in your mind creates the fiction that external objects, or that which you call matter, is not sacred, it is required that a bridge through your own perception and the sacredness that you hold in your heart and being be made between what you would call the higher realms and what you may call the lower realms such that the lower is uplifted and made sacred.

As you are aware, there is much, much to explore regarding the relationship of the body, but for the seeker to work upon embracing and loving that body, even if, by outer standards, it is disfigured or limited in some medical or other way, the seeker is doing very positive work toward first and foremost the healing of the self and toward gifting the Creator the realization of itself through the plains of that which you know as the material realm, which is your particular stage and playground at this time.

We thank this group for its energy and questions and for taking the time to meet in this circle today. We transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, we are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We would ask if there is a query to which we may respond through this instrument?

Q’uo, I’m curious about the role of intention in polarization. And I’ll state two examples to base this question on. One: consider a person who does good deeds but their intention is to polarize so that they can be harvestable; or two: somebody who has a genuine desire to simply help people but in doing so, inadvertently causes harm and disharmony in their actions. How does the intention of the individual inform the polarity of that person’s path?

I’m Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

We would respond by suggesting that within this third density illusion, which is nested beyond the veil of forgetting that intentions are everything. For you do not know or understand the nature of the reality in which you inhabit. It is of the One Creator. It is completely imbued in every iota of its existence with the One. And yet, this basic fact of unity is concealed for most of your third density companions. And each, as it becomes conscious of the seeking process, desires, intends, wishes to be of service to others. And as you say, many times this results in what indeed seems to be service to others, to the outer eye, to the inner eye, to any observer of the process. And yet, at some point, it may be that such service is just as strongly desired and yet results in what to the inner eye, the outer eye and any observer, seems to be that which is disharmonious.

The intentions in both cases were to serve the One in all things, and in some fashion at the level of the overview, this is always the case, for always is the Creator served by any action, by any intention, by any outcome. And yet at the level of the third density experience, what is the difference when the outcome seems so disparate, so difficult, so disharmonious? That, we may suggest, can never truly be known, for what seems in one moment to be a great difficulty, the product of intention gone astray, yet at some point in the future, for this entity that has suffered this disharmony, may provide it with just that spark of inspiration that moves it forward along the path of service to others and realization of the One within. In both cases, the intention is the most important ingredient, for it is all that you can truly know, what your intention is. If the product of your intention varies across the spectrum from good, to bad, so called, then that is the One Creator serving the One Creator and the One Creator experiencing what you may call opportunities for growth, catalyst that may be processed in a fashion that produces a greater knowledge of the small self becoming the greater self. For are you not all things? You are the One you teach the One the One learns from you, and you learn from the One. There is no true difference. Is there another query, my brother?

Thank you. Yes. Throughout the many years that the Confederation has been interacting with our planet, your approach has changed somewhat drastically, spanning from walking among us and manifesting massive pyramids with thought, to what we currently experience, which I understand is [that] the Confederation is hesitant to even appear in the sky as UFOs. So, I’m wondering if you could let us know a little bit about the Confederation’s current approach, and what your relationship is with our planet right now. And also how we, as seekers and wanderers can help aid the Confederation in their mission on this planet?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother.

We appreciate these feelings of concern and somewhat, we may say, doubt of previous interactions between various members of the Confederation and the population your planet. For you upon this planet Earth are a portion of a great variety of sources of mind/body/spirits who have incarnated here, from many places within the universe about you, and many, many different types of abilities to comprehend. Assistance that has been offered by the Confederation have the unfortunate result of not being able to blend the vibrations of the culture of the time with the attempts of the Confederation to serve various cultures throughout time when walking among you was possible, because of the isolation of cultures, and the rarity of the understanding of the unity in these cultures.

This we did with hopes of offering ourselves, our thoughts, and our perceptions in a manner which might be of the greatest possible service. And yet in our naivete, we were making assumptions that proved untrue as our words and thoughts were distorted in ways that necessitated our continued interaction in other means with your cultures. Thusly as time has progressed and the population of the planet has grown, we have found that the more obvious interactions such as walking among you, appearing in our craft, that you call unidentified flying objects, has been put on the back burner, shall we say. For there has been much misperception of our intentions. And again, our intentions in some cases were misinformed and naive.

Thus, we have taken the metaphysical approach of becoming more what you would say … we search for the right word here … unperceived, not clearly visible, beginning to move into realms of the sleep and dreams, in which our presence is but barely perceived upon a conscious level, and yet subconsciously is able to inculcate thoughts within the subconscious mind that are seeds, that grow into a yearning to know more of that which is, that which the self is, that journey the self is upon.

And such inspirations are hoped to become fruitful in the production of the movement of consciousness in its expansion within each entity which we are able to contact in this manner. Of course, as you are well aware, one of the most treasured means of contact that we have with your entities is within groups such as this one, where we were able to speak a philosophy of unity, of love, of light, of direction of service to others, of seeing the Creator in all, of becoming the Creator, of sharing this great knowledge with all those about you. And this is what we treasure most greatly at this time. For those previous attempts at service that we offered had more limited results and positive products. It is something that we have learned for all of life. In each density of experience is a process of learning, growth and illumination go on forever. And we are also those who learn and those who teach, as are you.

So, my friends, we will say to you, we hope to inspire you in some way to become teachers of others and to learn from others as we learn from you, and you from us. At this time, we shall take our leave of this instrument and of this group thanking each as always, for inviting our presence. We are so inspired to be here among you, who make your journeys through this dense, third density illusion with such great joy, such honor, such perseverance. You are definitely teachers to us.

We are known to you as Q’uo. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.