Group question: Q’uo, today we would like to know how we, as spiritual seekers, seek unity within ourselves and with others when we live in a society that holds such conflicting and mutually unintelligible truths and worldviews?

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We greet each of you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We thank you all for your invitation to us today to join you in your circle of seeking and in your practice of the art of speaking the words of love, of light, of unity, that we are honored to share with you in response to your query today.

As always, we begin with a simple asking of a favor that you might take those words that we offer, those concepts that we offer, that had meaning to you, that strike a resonant chord within your being, and use them in whatever way is helpful on your spiritual path. If we speak any words or any concepts that do not have a meaning for you at this time, please lay them aside with no second thought. In this way, we are free to speak to you as your brothers and sisters that have traveled and are traveling the same path as you. And we do not put ourselves forth as any type of ultimate authority. If you will do us this favor, then our communication may flow more smoothly.

You asked today a question that is so very pertinent to the third-density illusion in which you inhabit at this time. For the third density is one which is surrounded by a veil of forgetting—forgetting that all within it are portions of the One Creator, that all within it know that love of each other is a given beyond the veil (though so much of a forgotten fact within the veil), and that the light that the creation is made of shines within each entity. For oftentimes in your illusion, as you have mentioned in your question, this light seems to either shine in a method or manner which is difficult to perceive or unable to be perceived at all. For there seems to be so much division and disillusionment, separation and anger, that is the food for many who exist with you at this time within your third density.

And so how do you, as spiritual seekers of truth, as portions of the One Creator, find within yourselves the ability to seek unity with all other entities about you, even those who seem to be diametrically opposed to your spiritual perception of reality, to the ability to give and receive love freely between entities, to open the heart in acceptance and love of those who would not desire to do the same with you? This is the very heart of the seeming separation that creates your third-density illusion. And illusion it is, for it is the goal, the challenge, and the path of each within this illusion to find the love in the moment, in the self, in the other. This is a great challenge. And yet, this is the challenge that each of you have set before yourselves before the incarnation. For unless you have a challenge that takes you further than you have ever been before in your total soul identity, then there is no chance for growth.

So you may look at the situation of separation in your illusion as an opportunity for each person, each soul expressing itself as a personality shell within the third-density illusion, to grow, to expand the consciousness, to share the love, to create an understanding that we are all one, that we are all on the same path; that we are all seeking in some fashion to realize this pre-incarnative desire to move beyond seeming separation and to find, even in small moments, a kind of unification, a kind of ability to harmonize with those about us that may not feel to them to be necessary, desirable, or even possible. This is the great challenge.

Beginning with yourself, there is much that you can do to find a peace, a harmony, a sharing of love with any other being, whether there is any of those qualities in existence at the beginning of the attempt or not. Within yourself, you contain the universe. Within yourself, you contain the qualities of every other entity on this earth that might be considered positive or negative. All of these qualities that are being exhibited now in your world of 8 billion souls are qualities that each entity contains within the heart of its being, for each is the One Creator. There is nothing else but the One Creator.

So if you, in your own being, can find a manner of accepting the quality in another that seems to be so derogatory, so disharmonious, and so frustrating, and accept that quality within yourself, you have taken the first step at harmonizing your own being with itself, with the Creator, and with any other entity that you will ever meet on this lovely Planet Earth, which you all inhabit at this time.

Your mother, Gaia is with you all and supports you all and loves you all and cares for you in ways that are inexplicable. Know that you have her support as well.

At this time, we shall transfer this instrument’s contact to the one known as Gary. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we greet this circle again through this instrument. And we express gratitude that this instrument seeks to slow down and focus, that he may more clearly perceive our transmission. And we thank this instrument, also, for the fastidiousness of the challenge. And we would continue speaking to this topic upon your mind, for in surveying your world, we can understand why it may be a question on your hearts as it affects your daily experience increasingly.

Few of you upon your planet are isolated. Most are connected at various levels to various depths in various ways, whether that be the connections among family members, among friends, among neighbors, or among the myriad online platforms, where your people increasingly find connection and collision. And so, you have abundant opportunity through these means, through your information ecosystems, to come face-to-face with other selves’ perceptions. Groups of other selves, individual other selves—all can become something of a clamor in the seeker’s mind as they seek to stake out and understand their own perceptions. for in this sea of the multiplicity of perception, there are moving forces. These ideas and notions and orientations are not static pictures or text. They have, in them, psychic emotive forces similar to that which may be found in the natural world, akin to the movement of wind, the pressure of water, the stability of earth, the transformation of fire, and so forth. These forces can exert themselves upon individuals and between peoples. This is not a negative or unhelpful scenario, for this is but energy;. It is not just generic energy, it is distortions of love, distortions of the One Creator with which you deal.

So as a society, it is quite possible to use catalyst much in the way that an individual may use catalyst, which would mean to process these discordant energies, to make their roots conscious, and to integrate them—that is, these differences in perception—into wholeness, such that harmony, to one degree or another, emerges between peoples; such that viewpoints may be different but not produce the strife and turmoil and violence, even, to the degree that your peoples now experience.

That this integration does not transpire very efficiently, shall we say, though good work is and will increasingly be underway, creates enormous tension and disintegration of the societal self. Portions of the mass mind, then unintegrated, become fragmented. And those entities upon your plane tuning into or resonating with a particular frequency may see those vibrating to another frequency as if living upon another planet—the distance between the two seemingly an impossible chasm to bridge, each worldview not only seeing things differently, but holding different facts sets, such that communication becomes quite problematic.

This is one reading of your situation. It is not total nor complete, for much could be illuminated with the inclusion of an analysis from the perspective of harvest, and the way in which your mass mind is becoming conscious of itself, and the ricocheting of reflection that this creates as self faces self and self faces other-self. And in those reflections are delivered to the self, perhaps, that which has not been processed, understood, and loved within the self.

Moreover, those reflections deliver an invitation for growth, for breaking through and leaving behind the old containers of thought, the old loci of awareness in the lower centers, that the energy may rise higher and higher to an increasingly broadened and universal and inclusive perspective, one that rises above tribalism and other narrow modes of mentality to increasingly embrace the underlying unity of all things. For to touch that unity, shall we say, necessarily requires the falling away of distortion, as Ra described it, or the releasing of illusions, the releasing of ideas about the self and about the world that served their purpose for a time, but in light of higher stages of understanding become visible as but constructs that must be released in order to expand and deepen the point of view.

So to the one who seeks unity against such a background of seeming schism and disintegration, one would do well to ask—we correct this instrument—to go in search of those beliefs and thought forms, perhaps even dear to the self, that limit the scope of the perception. One potential yardstick for this inward search—indeed, the center of the yardstick—is love itself. Ask the self, “Is love contained within this viewpoint that I hold? Is love contained within this relationship or the way I relate to this other-self? Is love contained in the intentions that I hold when I approach this discussion, or this topic, or this person?” And do please ask the self what precisely love is—both in the abstract and the philosophical, and in the lived, embodied experience of the entity. For often, we find that your peoples will use this word casually and with conviction without stopping those mental processes to turn inward, to look square and center at one of the most important questions that the third-density entity can ask of itself in your plane of existence. And that is, “What is love? What is free giving? What does it mean for love to be without conditions? Am I truly loving those with whom I disagree? Am I loving those who I may deem as following the darkness or acting in harm to societal well-being or a planetary well-being?”

In the seeking of unity, love is the Grand Central Station, the hub. The positively oriented seeker does not come to unity except through love. Love, first in the sense of the green-ray energy center. That center which pierces beyond the human thought forms of the orange and yellow rays—which, without love, divide people into warring groups—and instead, begins to see beyond the personalities, the incarnational programming and conditioning, and the beliefs that the other-self holds, in order to reveal the truth of the other-self. The truth is that they are not whatever thoughts they may passionately and vociferously support. Nor are they their nationality, or their political affiliation, or any number of other more superficial features. The other-self before you is the One in its entirety.

So to the seeker of unity, one must learn daily the hard lesson of learning to keep the heart open. Notice that we do not indicate that one must generate or manufacture love. In the phrase “keep the heart open” is the recognition that love is already there, it all already exists. Indeed, Love as the Second Distortion—the Logos—is that which created all that there is, including that mind/body/spirit complex that you occupy. The seeker’s job, then, is not to manufacture love but to remove those blockages within the self which close the heart. They are many, but they can be located by intentional inquiry and focus within the self.

Dear seeker, are you doing this work? Is love bandied about in your vocabulary and thoughts without actually examining honestly the self to see where the self is impeding, obscuring, or confusing love?

It is not a case to judge the self for blocking love. For indeed, each of you is, for the most part, born into a condition whereby you learn quite effectively from your world how to block love and how to justify that blockage. And one can live a not-altogether unpleasant experience on your planet by perpetuating this blockage and never rising beyond it. But you who read these words and ask this question are a seeker of truth. So it is to you we would encourage the discovery of love within the self and between peoples. When you can learn to view the other-self with this compassion, you begin the royal road toward unity.

That unity does not require agreement with the truth claims and statements of other peoples. It does not ask acquiescence to a service which is not resonant with your being. Unity balances love with wisdom. But wisdom without love leads typically to separation. And for you who seek unity, it is precisely this illusion—separation—which you wish to dissolve. The name of that dissolving agent or, shall we say, the active ingredient in that dissolving agent, is love itself.

It is a long road, one you will walk long beyond your third-density experience. But it is here that you are most tested and most challenged and most brought to your feet—we correct this instrument—it was not that body part but the knees to which one is brought. It is very, very hard, my friends. But by turning your attention to love, you are not spinning your wheels for no purpose. You are not expending your energy without direction. Nor are you alone. When you tune to love, great forces in this universe align themselves to your being to support that very effort, to cheer you on, to inspire you, to provide you with inspiration, to help you to open doors, to guide and to lead you upon your way. You have support. You have energy available to you. Tune yourself to love, and tune yourself—we correct this instrument—in tuning yourself to love, you tune yourself to the universe. You are in alignment with and one with the Creator. And those multifarious illusions that imprison your minds and keep you in states of suffering and separation begin to be loosened as your wings spread and you embark upon your great flight to the one great Logos.

At this time, we will transfer this contact from the one known as Gary to the one known as Trisha. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Trisha channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. May we begin by thanking the two previous instruments for their duty and service in helping us discuss this oh so important thread of discussion.

We find that the image or phrase, rather, that we give this instrument is perhaps a newer term in your incarnation, and that is the term “othering.” When one is othering, one is playing so deeply in the dance of this illusion that one identifies other-self as completely separate. You may see this occurring in these situations wherein unity feels out of reach or alignment seems impossible, especially when one considers the divergent truths and paths of the various other selves that exist in this illusion.

For we know, to play in this illusion, it can be somewhat easier to let oneself indulge in the act of othering, allow oneself what you may call a safe distance from an other-self out of the belief that self cannot identify with the other-self in some fashion. Perhaps, self may see this act of othering as a sort of absolution of sin or shifting of responsibility, of the self saying, “I know my beliefs and my truths to stand for the highest and best good, and therefore, I cannot relate to this other-self, for their beliefs do not serve that same purpose.”

And while that may provide the unconscious self some sense of gratitude—we correct this instrument—some sense of comfort in believing that self is, for lack of a better word, innocent or without fault, this act of othering is in opposition to the ultimate goal of spiritual seeking, of enlightenment, of progression, wherein all the singular minute strands of thread combine and braid into the unity of the tapestry of this creation.

Perhaps those in this circle and those who are actively seeking may not need reminder of the truth, for lack of a better phrase, that everything is one, is united, is but a tiny morsel of the Creator, a single tile upon the mosaic. However, if one struggles to find that unity, to see beyond the veil, one may sit and ask oneself, when in this experience of diverging belief systems, “Does this other-self have a heart that beats like mine? Does this other-self have skin—though perhaps a different hue—but does it still have this outer shell of skin? Does this other-self have a physical vehicle that looks—we correct this instrument—is structured similarly to mine? Does this other-self experience emotions like mine? Does this other-self laugh and cry? Does this other-self have desires and fears?”

In asking those questions, the seeker may find that the answer is “yes.” These, what you call, opinions and beliefs, while they may feel central to your experience and central to your identity, are merely a fraction of the entirety of self, of all.

This instrument is holding back a bit of a giggle because if self were to really look at other-self and make a list of differences and similarities, the list of similarities would outnumber the list of differences thousand-fold.

We don’t mean to diminish the importance of having beliefs and values and truths, for they are all amazing opportunities for catalyst and deepening relationship with self and other-self. But, and again we, with this word choice, do not want to diminish them or say that they are not worthy or not true or not important. But in the grand scheme of everything, they are somewhat arbitrary. They are merely fixtures, paintings upon the wall. They fill out the self, the fragmented extension of the Creator, to illustrate and, we use this next word without the negative connotation but, contrive a uniqueness that humorously exists within a sea of oneness.

We understand that beliefs and life paths and motivations are extremely important to your people at this time. We see how closely, how dearly you hold on to these things. And we feel that is useful, for they also can act as an ultimate guidepost to deepening one’s understanding, of motivating self to forward movement spiritually, for development in general. We just must also state that they exist within this beautiful expansive, yet fine and inclusive expression of the One Creator.

We must know it’s extremely difficult for you seekers to reconcile truths that feel so innately opposite of your own, hard to keep that beating heart of yours open and accepting of selves with opposing views. But as has been stated, it’s the ultimate goal—keeping that heart open and finding compassion and acceptance and love for this other-self, for this extension of self.

We ask that you again, in the exercise of comparing self to other-self, we move forward and say that—we correct this instrument—we ask that you stand in the shoes of the other-self if difficulty still exists in accepting the other-self. The intention of opening the heart to the other-self is a tremendous and beautiful way to begin the actual acceptance of other-self. When one can stand in other selves’ shoes, one can perhaps discover new facets of other-self—see the pain in the other-self, see the joy in the other-self. And be able to, without the need to accept the truth of the other-self, perhaps understand where that truth has roots. And then begin to see the other-self as another adolescent, alongside yourself adolescent, just trying, attempting to make sense in this illusion, and have compassion and a newfound sense of gentleness in the interaction with the other-self.

What a powerful gift this all is. We hope that you find gratitude for that gift to see what enormous possibilities exist within this unique opportunity. And we hope that the acceptance and compassion of … for, rather, other-self, however slow that process may be, that the seeker can see how healing and how elevating the ultimate outcome can be. How transformative. How positive.

Dear seeker, you are not alone in knowing yourself, and that is true of every seeker but might feel like the confines of your body or your mind, things that feel so unique and important to your identity, and out of purview of the other entities in your illusion. We remind you that they are not so … so walled in. The self need not be a fortress but rather an open market for the exchange of the gifts of thought and intellectual exercise and discussion and, ultimately, giving and receiving love.

Let those gates open—the gates to your heart. Open your arms to the other side with our expectation of changing their beliefs. Simply see them as another thread, another strand that weaves so beautifully and intricately into this amazing, indescribable, and all-encompassing tapestry that is the One.

We thank this instrument for her openness and the sense of passion she is experiencing as she receives this information. And we again thank the other two instruments and the circle for allowing us to speak through them. And at this time, we will take our leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. We are most pleased that each within this circle of seeking has been able to contribute the information that we wished to transmit through each. This gives us a great feeling of a connection with each instrument that is most clear and open. For this is what each of us, whatever our level of evolution, is attempting to do when we move through the octave of densities in union with each other and seeking the union with the One Creator. There is a connection between all of us—those whom we see as companions and those who may not see us as companions as yet. But we are all companions, and we are all attempting to open a connection with each other and the One Creator within all, for this is the great journey of seeking. And we thank each instrument today for partaking in this journey with us. For always, no matter the particular question, we are opening this connection and alliance with each other so that together we may help each other move more and more fully and freely into communion with the One in all.

At this time, we shall take our leave of this group. We are most inspired to say that we leave you in the love and light that we see within you, the love and light that we see within all. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.