Group question: What did Ra mean by their statement that, “It is as though the infant contains the universe?” 1

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and am with this instrument. We come in the name of the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. And we are honored to be called to your group today that we may offer our thoughts upon your question of the day. As always, we begin our conversation with you with a small request, that you take those words and concepts that we offer through each instrument with a grain of salt, shall we say, using those that have meaning to you and leaving those behind which do not. In this way, we are free to speak what is in our hearts and on our minds. For we are not ultimate authorities. We, like you, have gathered a great deal of experience in our journey of seeking the One, and we are happy to share it with you today.

The question you ask is a very large question. The question applies to every entity who has ever incarnated in any experience within the third-density illusion on any planet throughout the Infinite Creation. Each of you is the One Creator in the disguise of a personality that has a certain name, a certain vibration and a unique nature. Each of you is the One Creator. Each of you has the universe of possibilities, of every density of vibration and light within it.

You are perhaps older in your years than an infant, which means that you have had some experience in expressing various portions of the universe that you contain. For you are most carefully and assiduously creatures of the red-ray energy center, which has to do with the very existence of your being within any illusion. You have the capability of manifesting the survival mechanism, and the ability to reproduce other types of entities, such as yourselves. You are those who have built the foundation for your life experience upon the very being and vitality of the universe itself, of the Creator that exists within you.

As you explore your own nature, you see that you have in potential the ability to move the consciousness of your being upward along the energy centers so that you are able to reflect a higher and higher perception and reproduction of the life-giving quality of the One Creator; of the love that has created the universe, and of the Logos that has made your particular galaxy and has infused each entity within it with the survival mechanism: the ability to be, and to manifest, to learn and to grow. This is your very basic nature. You are the One Creator in microcosm.

And as you seek to move your consciousness in your life experience higher along the energy body, you become that type of entity which is individualized, and has within it an ability, not only to perceive the vitality of life itself but to mold it, shall we say, in a certain fashion that is unique to your own being. You have your own type of expression of the infinite energy, the intelligent energy of the One Creator in your life pattern at all times. As you move through the illusion, that is the third density that you inhabit, you express this unique nature of your being in the way that you move, in the reason that you move, in the fruits of your movement. This is a great way of which you may reflect the One Creator in your life pattern. This is your contribution to the Creator that wishes to know itself.

You have taken a portion of that One Creator and molded it to your own desires, your own abilities, your own way of perceiving yourself and the world around you; of perceiving other selves and interacting with them in a manner which will hopefully allow both of you, and all of you, on that individual one-to-one level to expand your consciousness and appreciation, not only of your own being but of others who have the same type of abilities to express in an individual fashion; their own unique natures.

For you see, there is no other entity like you within the entire universe. You are absolutely unique. And yet, this uniqueness expresses itself within certain boundaries or guidelines, so that though you have similar physical vehicles, each has its own unique nature of appearance and expression. Each of you have unique minds that have general qualities that are much like all other minds and yet, there is that quality of uniqueness that is yours and yours alone. While at the same time, realizing that all other entities have the same quality of uniqueness that functions within certain boundaries of description and function, shall we say.

At this time, we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Kathy. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

I am Q’uo. We speak further on this topic of the potentiality the infinity and the love that is one expression of the universe contained within the infant. By its very nature, the infant is apparently in form and in being representing the newness, the just born, just created beingness that you have in your illusion. And then this newness of being is the grand concept of potentiality.

Just as the Creator is the One Infinite Creator, each newborn, each infant has its own infinity reflecting the One Infinite Creator as well. The infant has infinite potential. And through its free-will choices, through its innate love that is also its being, it can reach out into its experience as it grows and becomes itself more and more as it grows. Every moment making a new choice out of the infinite potentials, it carries within it reflecting the infinite potentials the universe contains. The freshness of each moment offers fresh new potentials for the infant to embrace. And the infant being created of, and made of, love and light, can indeed embrace these infinite potentials with a love of life, enabling it to create its own wonders of its own world. For you see, this infant is the Creator in microcosm, always One and the One is all.

Each infant has the ability in each fresh new moment to continue a path of creation of its life, and also to change course at any time, at any fresh new moment, incorporating new wisdom, new understanding, new love, as it grows. The infant possesses this ability from before the time it was born and during the birth, and in all times of its life.

The pre-incarnate choices the infant being made before coming into being as an infant in this illusion reside also within the potentials of the infant’s experience and consciousness. And even these can be considered and acted upon using an infinite set of choices with which to process them in life. Seen this way, the infant containing the infinite universe indeed expands… we may say… the view of an infant as simply a small being expands the view into one of an enlarged idea of the Creator. The idea of approaching and embracing life from the vantage point of love and with the energy of love is most important in your illusion and in any place within the universe. Love, being the Great Original Thought, is embodied in the infant and in the universe which it contains.

It is a kind of life blood of existence; an essential quality the infant brings with it into your illusion. And it is most powerful, most essential, most healing as the infant grows and learns to express this love. Love is the quality that enables the most fitting and positive of combinations of potential that the infant may choose as it grows. Love is the great healer.

We are those of Q’uo. We are with this instrument, and we now pass this contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

I am Q’uo and now with this instrument. In consideration of this query, it is appropriate to note that within all of creation, every entity, every being, and indeed, every minute iota of the creation about you, contains within it the entirety of the creation. This is what we have called the holographic nature of the Creator.

In consideration of this perspective, you may contemplate that, within each entity or each iota of the creation about you, with the proper perspective and focus and desire, each of these offers a potential window through which you may witness in quite a direct sense the One Infinite Creator. This becomes true more and more as you witness those entities about you traveling the same path of experience and spiritual evolution as you yourself are walking. For this presents a more relatable relationship, and thus, the window through which the Creator is made apparent is easier to look beyond.

This holographic or fractal nature is right for consideration, for it informs every aspect of the journey of the seeker as she travels towards the Creator. This fractal energy may be viewed in the macrocosm as the One Infinite Creator which offers love and light in the most pure and potentiated nature to its creation which then embarks on a process of refinement of this energy with the Logos accepting this love and light from the Creator and imbuing it with certain properties and boundaries, tinting its color to express Itself in a certain way and offer it further to the sub-Logos. And on and on this light and love is refined.

At a certain point, this energy is accepted by the sub-Logos that you recognize as your local sun body. And we find the query asked this evening quite interesting and relevant. For this sub-Logos that has created the framework of experience for you upon your planet and within your third density made quite a deliberate choice to design the nature of the relationship between the newborn and the parent, or the family or the tribe, in such a way that this relationship is bolstered by the prolonged and needful stage of the newborn’s life in which, as you might say, it remains underdeveloped and quite helpless, requiring much guidance and protection and love from those entities with more experience around.

This relationship was deliberately designed so that the infant may demonstrate to the so-called adults within its life who attempt to offer this guidance and protection, that they might witness the more raw and unrefined energy of the One Infinite Creator filtered through Logos and sub-Logos to then manifest within the living entity upon your planet before this energy is shaped by patterns of behavior, and thought processes and awareness, more indicative of entities further along their life path as that of the infant and the newborn.

When considering this query that the infant contains the universe, you may look to the infant for more understanding of the nature of this statement. For as the energy of the One Infinite Creator is manifest through the infant, it moves the infant’s behavior in certain ways that, to the more experienced entity, may at times seem baffling or unintelligent, even silly. Yet, we encourage the conscious seeker to witness the energies underlying the infant’s behavior and recognize the primal and potentiating energy behind that which moves the infant.

This is especially true when one witnesses the growth of the child from the stage of the newborn and on through its early years. For this macrocosmic and microcosmic nature of the Creator, and the journey that each takes through the creation, is demonstrated as designed by the sub-Logos (your sun body) and the growth of this child. While the entire lifetime of an entity is spent working within the illusion to open and balance and utilize the energy centers of the mind/body/spirit complex, this progression can be seen in the development of the child, as the newborn baby can only be concerned about those immediate needs relevant to survival. As it grows older, it starts to recognize the individual power it contains and further starts to grasp, in a basic sense, the group dynamic of the family or the tribe. And then further begins to understand what it means to care, to love, and further expression in a true and genuine sense, and understanding the world through a set of ideals. And further begins to recognize the connection between events and people and things.

All of this realization takes place within the first view of what you call years of the child. And as you witness this progression, you may note that it is indicative of the larger progression of the seeker as it travels the long journey of the lived lifetime.

And when witnessing such a microcosm, one may come to understand how to nurture this progression, both in the infant and in the self. For those early years of progression live within the self; and that infant that the seeker once was, is still very much alive and very much expressed within the self. We encourage the seeker to tend to that inner infant. For those raw energies of the Creator that are expressed through the child become molded by the environment around it, both by intention of the family and the tribe, by the intention of the society, and by the accidental nature of other seemingly random circumstances. And so, there is a certain imprint that reverberates throughout the lifetime of the seeker.

Coming to understand the value of the light touch and the gentle nature as one interacts with the small child is valuable, and turning that energy inward towards the small child of the self, and remembering through thought and feeling of the experience, new and fresh, amazing and fearful, warm and cold, joyful and forlorn. These experiences being very basic within the child, they accumulate context and so-called baggage as the entity grows older, but the simplicity remains accessible to the self who wishes to tend to this inner child, and heal, and cultivate this child within that contains the universe.

And so, as one reflects upon the child that contains the universe, one recognizes the self that contains the universe. And those barriers that stand between the self and the realization of the self as the Creator may begin to melt away. And just as the infant expresses, in a raw form, the energies of the Creator, the seeker may gain the ability to wield this raw energy and refine it with desire and point this energy towards an intelligent expression of service, of love, of harmony and of peace.

At this time, we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We are most pleased to have been able to express our particular grasp of how each entity, as it is born into your illusion, contains the universe within it and has the potential to experience that universe within each incarnation, within your third density, and further, to continue to express a growing perception of the One Creator and the universe as it moves through each succeeding density beyond your third.

We are all on this journey of seeking the One. And this is where all seeking and serving and choosing and doing and being exists, in truth, within each of you, within each of us, within each entity everywhere, within the one creation. This is the nature of the spiritual journey. We travel this journey with you, and we are honored to be upon it with you. For each of us is as are you, a child growing in understanding, growing in experience, realizing potential, moving into lessons far beyond anything we have ever perceived before and yet, each lesson is a reflection of that Creator within, is traveled in that universe within and without. We are always one.

We thank you once again today for inviting our presence. And we are, as always, most impressed with your conscientiousness in practicing the art of channeling. We thank you for your diligence, your dedication, your love and your joy. We are known to you as those of Q’uo and we leave you at this time as we found you in the love, in the light of the Infinite Creator. Thank you, my friends. Thank you. Adonai vasu.

  1. Ra: “Entrance into incarnation requires the investment or activation of the indigo-ray or etheric body for this is the form maker. The young or small physical mind/body/spirit complex has the seven energy centers potentiated before the birthing process. There are also analogs in time/space of these energy centers corresponding to the seven energy centers in each of the seven true-color densities. Thus in the microcosm exists all the experience that is prepared. It is as though the infant contains the universe.” #48.7