Topics: “Well-meant and unintentional slavery”; different approaches to raising the kundalini; raising children; angels; individual freedom vs. collective responsibility; the regressive effects of new fourth-density energy; mental concentration and silence/stillness; the metaphysics of African American origins and culture.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am with this instrument at this time. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator, that creator which exists in all people and in all things and in all places. We greet you in that universality of love and light.

We are pleased that you have called us once again today to partake in your channeling circle that we may speak to you regarding those queries which you have for us, that will find their home within your hearts, your minds, and your souls. We ask our simple favor, as always, that you use the words and concepts which we speak through you in whatever way has meaning for you, and leave behind any of which do not have meaning for you at this time. This will allow us to speak freely, for we do not wish any to think that we are ultimate authorities on any topic that we may be asked to channel through you. We are your brothers and sisters, who are as you, seeking to become more and more the One who is in all.

At this time we shall transfer this contact to the one known as Gary, and we may utilize his instrument to vocalize responses to your queries. We are those of Q’uo.

(Gary channeling)

We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we are with this circle through this instrument at this time, who, having not been present for the previous circle, seeks something of a warm-up to ready his instrument for the coming question. So we would express gratitude to each in the circle for taking time from busy and often hectic lives to meet together and to coalesce the focus into shared seeking, with no purpose but to help serve other spiritual seekers upon their path. And we also offer gratitude to the one known as Trisha, that she be present in the circle to lend to her energies of support. It is registered and is supportive to each in the circle.

At this time, we would ask if there are any smaller queries to which we may speak.

Q’uo, Ra said that, at present, the condition of well-meant and unintentional slavery are so numerous that beggars our ability to enumerate them. 1 Could you give some insight into what this well-meant an unintentional slavery might look like, and how we can identify how we might be engaging in this dynamic in our own lives, whether by giving ourselves over to some form of slavery or perhaps unintentionally enslaving others in some way?

We are those of Q’uo, and we appreciate this query for it offers us a substantially wide field to speak to the many tangled distortions and misunderstandings which are so prevalent, indeed, woven into the fabric of your society and your individual identities. To examine this question, which ultimately is the work of the individual upon their path, is to make visible some of the walls of what in your popular culture is known as the matrix. This is not the matrix of the archetypal mind, but that which is connected to your movie and the metaphors therein. Indeed, your peoples, in variously mixed desires, often at the center of which is the desire to control, do indeed create these impositional structures which force or lock your fellow other selves into desired or limited behavior. This can be seen at various levels of your society, from schoolrooms to governments to workplaces. There is great value in collective agreements, boundaries, rules, and codes of conduct, as it were. But there is often a tendency toward the limitations of the full exploration of selfhood, the full manifestation of the uniqueness of selfhood, and the full exploration of the relationship between self-and-other and self-and-society.

One potential lens through which to examine this question is to look at the spectrum between freedom to be and to express and strictures which seek to limit that freedom. This is not necessarily a recipe for the seeking of that which is called anarchy. For it is quite possible in this ideal of freedom to enact and justify that which is of harm to self or other self or to harmony or to group cohesion or to the collective purpose.

And how to process that which seems opposed to such purpose or well-being or that which, however unintentional it may be, creates suffering for others is part of the work of third density. But the more open the structure can be, which can accommodate these wayward energies, even if the conclusion is the necessity for the boundary, the more that the group or society moves away from this unintentional slavery.

The “unintentional” adjective speaks to the reality or understanding that many within your society would see these restrictions as being of a positive nature. And indeed, in a world of chaos, as it may seem to the self without such order, this would seem to be an helpful way to sequence and structure and synthesize society into a cooperative whole. And while it can create levels of productivity and has yielded both positive and negative fruit, as all catalyst does, we would suggest that, relative to the long road of the ground of freedom, it is akin to the shortcut which the self seeks to impose upon the self through mechanisms of control of that which is not desired.

We empathize with your peoples for the intentions and perspectives are so scattered and multifarious that, without these strictures, it would – we correct this instrument – could be exceedingly difficult to find communication and means of relationship on a collective level among your peoples.

On worlds of greater homogeneity, where the group has moved through their evolution as a whole and is not a patchwork of different planetary populations, it is, shall we say, or at least can be easier and more efficient to create these spaces of free and mutual giving that do not require necessarily strong control structures, that the energies may flow in free relation and free giving. That your planetary population does not share a common lineage makes it far, far more difficult to relate across various cultural matrices. Which is not to say that the work is impossible, for to transcend or rise above these control structures is also to lift the locus of awareness, at minimum, into the green-ray energy center, to make space for other selves, to approach others with curiosity, to support wherever it is they may be upon their journey, to not look upon the other self or indeed the self with judgment or blame, but rather to see, however it is they may be expressing, thinking, or feeling, as simply being a product of where they are on their evolutionary journey. And seeing that even that, if related to with love and healing, may be productive to upward evolution.

Again, in the third-density realm, given the limitations created by the veil, and given that your world is one of mixed polarity, where the intentions of some are to consciously do harm to another and to enslave another, it is exceedingly difficult to find this utopian ideal of free and open exchange with little to no control or boundary. So, you will find a mix upon your planet. But, with greater spiritual evolution, greater – we correct this instrument f – with more and more conscious beings, it is possible to leave behind, even in your mixed world, many of these structures of unintentional slavery in order to build a world rooted more firmly in the heart of free giving and free receiving of self and other self.

May we ask if there is another query at this time. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

Thank you, Q’uo. When discussing the raising of the kundalini, the process that Ra describes, to me, seems more like a long-term process in which we integrate our catalyst throughout our lifetime, and in doing so, the inner and outer natures meet somewhere in our energy system. In spiritual circles in the New Age community, there’s also this view of doing visualizations to help clear the chakras and raise the kundalini in a more discreet, momentary way. I was hoping that you could elaborate on the usefulness of such visualizations to help clear the chakras and raise the kundalini, and how these two different approaches might work together or be incompatible.

We are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for this very fruitful query, for it does speak to the work which is for the spiritual aspirant to do. And as with all work and perception and modes of activity, there is a range from the shallow, surface end to the depths of being and understanding and work. And this spectrum can and does apply to the field about which you query.

Spirituality, as it is understood in your world, can have surface and superficial aspects. One can, through a quick search, find such “kundalini raising techniques” that offer the self, seemingly, a quick and easy way to raise the energy and open the kundalini channel without the corresponding hard work of seeking to know the self and to accept the self and the goal of kundalini to become the Creator. And one can, as with all opportunities in life, play upon the surface and have a rather pleasant experience. One can work with colors and chakras without the corresponding work on the daily and lifelong catalyst.

What effect this surface work may have is completely individual and variable. It is not impossible that by visualizing, say, the yellow ray center and energy moving into it and through it, that one may come into contact with catalyst associated with that center, and thereby be given the opportunity to work on said catalyst. And insofar as the conscious intention follows through with that working with the catalyst, then the work has deepened.

For the student of spiritual evolution who is engaged in working with their catalysts in their own infinitely unique way of processing through love and acceptance, that which one finds within the self or is impacted by other selves, then one can find great aid in performing these visualizations of the energy centers, of each opening and metabolizing and vivifying and energizing the energy, and allowing it to pass upward to the next energy center in sequence. And working on the self in such a way that the self tunes the instrument, clearing the pipeline, as it were, bringing light and wholeness into the being.

For this is an exercise also in concentration and focus. And in this focus, one is turning within and is releasing the attention from the distractions and the wayward desires which fill your people’s minds on a day-to-day basis. And that alone is of great value to the seeker, that time may be carved out to spend upon this work of raising the kundalini.

We are not sure if we have spoken to the fullness of your questions, so, through this instrument, we would ask if there was any other unaddressed nuance in your query? We are those known to you as Q’uo.

No, I think that you covered it pretty well. Thank you.

We thank you, my brother. And at this time, we would thank this instrument for its service and transfer our contact to the one known as Kathy. We are those known to you as Q’uo.

(Kathy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We may ask if you have a query.

Q’uo, I have a question about raising and teaching children as parents, family, teachers or otherwise. For seekers on the positive path, one of the most difficult dynamics in raising children is the desire to allow them freedom of expression and exploration and allow them to be free while also wanting to place boundaries that allow them to grow up to be well-adjusted responsible adults. So, I was wondering if you had any advice for this tension or dynamic between allowing children to express their freewill and needing to place limitations upon it as we raise them.

We thank you, my brother, for your query. And it is not completely unlike the previous query about the dynamic between individual freedom and constraints that may create, unintentionally or intentionally, a form of servitude or slavery or non-freedom. And the same continuum exists when it comes to the subject of child development, child raising.

When considering the development of the child and all children, we first refer you back to a query in a previous channeling regarding the topic that the infant contains all the universe within it. So, referring back to that idea, we realize once more today, that each infant growing into childhood and upward into more mature states and then in adulthood is starting from that point of the infant containing all qualities of light and love placed in it, the qualities that would embody as it grows, the states of freedom, independence, growth in the purest sense, growth as the child becomes itself, creating itself as it grows.

This is a form of becoming the Creator. It is present even in the child who may not be conscious of becoming the Creator as it is more aware of becoming itself. But this process is a growth that takes a linear form but also a spatial form outward into society. And indeed, many of the well-known scientists and sociologists and psychologists who have studied the phases of childhood have delineated the patterns that generally occur across all children as they grow and mature, that begins with that openness that we touched on briefly, of the infant containing, in potentiality, all of the universe in all its qualities, all its understanding.

And as the child grows up from the stage of infancy, its growth coalesces along the lines of these patterns that are general and in the collective, but also along specific lines of development that will bring into expression the uniqueness, the specialness, of that individual child.

It is of utmost importance for parents, teachers, caregivers, adults, all in society, really, who are also models by example, for all of these older wiser ones to realize this continuum that your query speaks to of individual expression and individuality in its complete form versus the other end of the spectrum of control, often seen as power over the individual child. Just as was answered earlier in the previous set of queries, it is unwise, as most would agree, to exert too much control over the developing individual child, as this would stifle and prevent important phases of growth and developments within that child emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This would not be according to the light and love that the child is made of. At the other end of the spectrum, the allowance of too much individuality with no constraints would also be harmful to the individual child.

So, it is important to find the perfect balance, which is an ongoing daily part of what you may call the art of living in every moment. The caregiver, adult, or parent, or other relatives of the child, if they can be aware of and sensitive to the best of this balance for that child, the allowance of them to be who they are, while also setting appropriate rules or constraints upon that child so that they grow, as your query expressed, up to be a responsible person when they are older. Responsibility to oneself and to other selves and to society at large is part of love - love of self and other selves. Responsibility is a positive quality.

So, those rules and constraints that are wisely and lovingly put in place for children to abide by, and teaching them how to abide by such rules in a happy way, while also becoming their true nature as they grow, discovering that nature, bringing it into being, connecting it to other selves and to activities and even future professions, is a happy way for them as well. And you can see examples of this - the well-raised child who turns into the responsible and caring and happy adult, who in turn can pass this on, this nature, onto children in a parenting role.

We may also say, however, that some times when a child has had, perhaps, either too much freedom, knowing no rules, or too many rules, stifling their growth, that in the way of resilience, such children often can realize, as they are older, what quality of child raising they received, what they may have been missing, and actually grow in awareness and maturity and toward their own health and balance, through that seemingly negative experience of child raising.

We want to emphasize that we do not think to condone negative types of child raising, only to say that, should it occur with an individual child, it can work toward that child’s growth in a way that benefits that child as it grows up. And that grown up person can, using its awareness, using its own healing, can help others who also experienced something of that similar type of childhood environment.

So we say all can work together for good, even when childhood environments and parenting do not always contain a perfect balance, as we are alluding to, in all moments. It would be wise to strive for discovering, as a parent, what that perfect balance would be and let that be reflected in the day-to-day and overall raising of the child, for that will most often produce the happiest results for everyone.

But in the absence of being able to provide that for a child, it is wise to also remember that each child is exposed to and has exposure to a wide diversity and variety of adults and situations, and learns from all of this exposure. Each child has indeed that universe within it, including the ability to tap into wide eternal infinite resources on the inner levels that will enable that child to grow into his true self, even when the most perfect balance is not provided for that child.

We are with this instrument and ask you if there’s another query?

Thank you very much, Q’uo. Can you tell us what are angels, and what role do they play on our spiritual journey?

We thank you, my brother, for this query. And we will address at least some of what could be an answer to what is a very broad question. Angels can be seen as aspects of the divine nature of light and love of the Creator, aspects, some of whom have not incarnated, but who remain in the state of light, whose role it is to assist, in positive polarity, those who need assistance. At the highest levels, angels may assist a collective, a group. They may also assist individuals. It usually is an assistance that is asked for, is called upon. And through the positive powers of light and love, they may respond to that calling.

Other types of angels maybe also referred to as those in between lifetimes on your planet, who may be asked, to what they would refer to as the divine voice, to assist a self and other self in need, so that that person is saved, for example, from an accident or a drowning or being caught in a deadly snow storm, for example, so that those other selves can continue on the life journey to offer what their soul had planned to offer in the world.

There are known to you on your planet the ones referred to as archangels, who, in your spiritual and religious history, across cultures, across religions, have appeared with the power of light to assist in various ways according to their specialties, whether it be healing or defending, for example. These can be called upon by individuals, but it is known that, in your history of religion, that churches and collections are—we correct this instrument—groups of churches may call upon such angels in their specialty. These also are aspects of the Creator of light and love.

Finally, angels are sometimes referred to as such when speaking of those entities whom you call the ones departed from Earth who are loved ones who may play a role of lovingly assisting their own relatives. Otherwise known as spirits, nearby inner planes guides, they are sometimes referred to as angels, for they do sometimes do the work of angels, as they are between lives and answering your own particular calls for assistance or understanding or guidance or even healing. Sometimes an angel may take bodily form to perform an act of assistance. And sometimes people may refer to other selves who are particularly loving and kind as angels on Earth.

One thing we have expressed through this response to the query is that all types of angels are acting with love, compassion, and the power of the light to assist. Some have heard their singing. Some have felt their presence. Some have asked for help and have had help come that did not seem to come from other selves in living body. And therefore, we suggest that that is how we know angels do exist and do assist.

Is there any part of the query that needs further addressing?

No, thank you, Q’uo.

Thank you, my brother. We are with this instrument, and we now pass the contact to the one known as Austin.

(Austin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We offer our gratitude to this circle and join you in your hearts, as we find that, as this circle gathers, the shared desire and continued diligence of refining your intentions to serve through this means of channeling creates a foundation or a stage upon which we may join you. And as we exercise each instrument, it is as though we dance upon this stage that you have constructed for this purpose. In joining you in this service, not only do you allow us to fulfill our great desire to offer our beingness to your planet, but we also find immense joy in joining you in this dance. And we hope that this joy is shared among your circle as well. And so it is with great joy that we ask if there is a query to which we may speak.

When one is serving as an instrument, it’s difficult to know fully what has come through them until they see the transcript. But nonetheless, I wanted to offer gratitude for that which came through Kathy, because it was so good, and I felt like her instrument was able to pick up the slack to my questions.

And through her, you spoke about power over others being part of the unintentional slavery dynamic. My human brain was chewing over that for a little bit. And I wanted to reflect that there’s probably another few key areas in society that can be highlighted, including, like the way marriage is practiced as a power over-to-other dynamic, and our financial system, particularly with credit issuers and debtors, and our employment system, too, are probably three huge areas of unintentional enslavement.

Q’uo, in this theme of the individual’s relationship to the collective, there is a dynamic tension between individual freedom and collective responsibility. And lately on this planet, we’ve had some drama around policy made on a collective level by representatives for the collective which seems to be for the benefit of the collective, is seen by some to be impositional or control-based or even tyrannical for individual freedoms. So I’m wondering if you could speak about the proper balance between individual freedom and the individual’s responsibility to the whole of which they are a part.

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of the query my brother. Indeed, from our perspective, we witness upon your planet a collective catalyst experienced with great vividness in recent, what you call, times. And in our perception, we find that this catalyst, correlating to the query you have offered is indeed somewhat designed to test these dynamics and apply a certain type of pressure to each individual and to the global collective as you experience it. There is a difficulty in addressing such a query in a clear sense due to the great variety of perceptions as they relate to the specific collective catalyst that you all have experienced. And so, we must speak, both to the effects of such a varied collective perception, as well as to the more general dynamic expressed within your query.

By nature, the third density is such as a dark room in which you, the individual seeker, are attempting to assess the layout of this room and, in a sense, build a life within this dark room, utilizing only the fickle flame of a small candle, in which only certain aspects of this room are available to your perception at any given time.

If we extrapolate this analogy into the dynamic expressed within your query, you are within a very large and very dark room with many other people, each with their own sources of light, their own flickering flames, with which they use to determine the layout of this room and also attempt in such darkness to find some cohesion between the self and the collective of other selves. The difficulty presented by this is that each individual may choose quite freely how their candle may be used, where they may point this light, whether or not they may combine their light with others. And because of this very scattered dynamic, some individuals may, through piecing together the incomplete glimpses of this dark room, a certain picture that is completely at odds with the picture collected by yet another seeker. And when these two seekers meet and share their findings, the stark difference between what they have discovered can be alarming or disconcerting, and, for many, creates a need experienced by the self to defend that which they have seen and collected for themselves, for it is upon this basis that they have built their entire relationship with this room - that being their life experience within the third density.

And so, these two individuals, which in reality upon your planet are billions of individuals, may both have a desire to practice some form of responsibility towards the collective and have a willingness to sacrifice some of their own individual desires or needs or beliefs in order to participate in a harmonious collective. Yet, when certain worldviews are so at odds, it is possible that, though multiple individuals share the same willingness to come together and meet upon shared ground, the shared ground cannot be found. And their willingness cannot connect with those around them.

We encourage each individual seeker to consider this dynamic deeply, for we find that when this difficulty of connecting rears its head, even some of the most intent seekers find themselves less willing to offer their fellow other selves the benefit of the doubt and choose to ascribe all manner of ill-intent or ignorance or faulty perception, and through such projection, further divide their ability to relate to other selves and other selves’ ability to relate to the self.

This is a dynamic that we find has been exacerbated upon your planet in recent years. And we offer to those considering this dynamic our encouragement and a touch of light by indicating that this is, indeed, a part of a process in which there are now energies available to you as a collective upon your planetary sphere that strengthen your ability to connect with others and to come together as a unified peoples. Yet the availability of this energy, when presented to a collective attempting to sort through the unconscious distortions that have gripped your societies so strongly throughout millennia, that these dynamics must be accentuated so that then they may be seen with clarity.

We suggest that the strongest and most effective approach when considering this is to remain centered within the heart as you consider other selves with seemingly offensive or even dangerous views of reality and, when possible, offer other selves the benefit of the doubt and recognize that, though they may seem stubborn, there is a shared willingness to release some level of personal attachment to a view of reality and come together. And if this is fostered and acknowledged and continuously touched upon in such seeking, it may grow and blossom as a flower in a garden that is given due attention and water.

To speak briefly upon the more general dynamic posed within this query, we may point out that the third density is intentionally designed to put the individual into a relationship with the large collective—not simply the smaller tribe of family or what this instrument is familiar with as the “monkey bubble,” 2 that which is an animalistic connection to the tribe around one—but to a great variety of entities that one may never interact with in the real life.

But one is aware that there are a multitude of such individuals scattered across the planet, and that, though they exist in what seems to be an insurmountable distance, there is still a direct connection through the collective unconscious, and within this connection is the potential for shared love despite this lack of closeness or familiarity. The individual is placed in this position within third density to explore the types of questions that this query poses and push the individual to both allow the collective to influence it and for it to exert an influence upon the collective.

This is a process of stages, as we witness among those individuals who walk the path of spiritual evolution, whereby entities may fluctuate in some manner between a desire to strongly establish their individual rights to exist and to be as they believe to be right, against the collective, then fluctuating towards the view of a strong responsibility to serve the collective and to be a part of a larger humanity than is contained within the individual self.

We cannot speak to the specifics for any individual attempting to reconcile this fluctuation and find a balance between these desires, except to say that, through this process, a growing sense of self-knowledge and individuality may strengthen one’s relationship with the collective rather than sever it, if through that individuality one finds the individual desire to share love and to serve and to relate on a more fundamental and light-filled level. And so, these two perspectives may come into harmony whereby an individual may establish themselves as both independent of the collective yet also within the collective, shining their individual light in a way that is both received and appreciated by the other selves about one.

This is a long and difficult journey for many seekers, and many of you have been exploring this path for many lifetimes. And so we encourage the seeker attempting to find their individual selves among a vast collective to offer themselves patience as they find success and failure and stumble in their stride to find this balance. You are not expected to be perfect in your self-awareness or in your awareness in relationship to the collective. The most important aspect of this dynamic that we perceive is the constant attempt to learn from the tensions that one finds in exploring this dynamic and to continue to foster a sense of tenderness and love towards the self and towards other selves.

Is there any further query at this time?

That was illuminating. Thank you, Q’uo. I’ve got another spontaneous one. In a similar vein, Ra described that the impact of the increasing fourth-density light was such that, for some entities, instead of moving upward into greater collective and green-ray considerations, they experienced something of a regression or reversion, in my paraphrase. That is, they reverted to considerations of self and the orange ray. Ra added that there are many upon our plane in this state at that time. 3

Can you speak to how that particular input affects the collective soup at this time?

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of the query, my brother. We appreciate the scope of this question as it relates to your present condition, for we find that, in the time since those of Ra offered this perspective, the dynamic at play has increased upon your planet, and even more fourth-density light is becoming available. And thus the condition described by those of Ra increases, both in the positive or beneficial aspects or in the seemingly difficult aspects of individuals reverting to more primal stages of development and perception.

To speak to the effects of this dynamic upon the so-called collective soup of your planetary sphere, we point to what seems to be, to this instrument and to many others, a growing polarization among the collective need to organize, also called the political realm of your society, as well as the ever-present streak among your peoples of fear about the state of your political world or your world in general.

The fear and polarization is not a new dynamic, for we find that it has been present ever since the first forms of government or collective society have existed upon your planet. Yet, as your planet is now more connected and varied in government and society with the addition of this fourth-density energy, we find that it is indeed stronger than ever in the history of your planet. And yet, as we spoke to within the previous query, this creates a certain accentuation so that your peoples, as a collective, may see more clearly that this reversion, which results in greater fear and greater polarization among social perspectives, is an aspect of your society that needs addressed. Though there are many differences in perspective among the many various factions, we find that the awareness of the need and desire to build common ground is also stronger than ever upon your planet.

And so, through this greater impact of fourth-density energy that may create a reversion among individuals and groups to more basic expressions in the lower chakras, the fourth-density energy also offers its light in terms of a shared awareness of what is happening. And through this reversion, as the individual’s worldview shrinks and focuses more towards the individual or towards the close tribe, this focus offers its own catalyst that, if inevitably utilized by the individual, the fourth-density nature of this reversion may become clear, more so than in your planet’s history. And through such a reversion, the individual may experience somewhat of a death and rebirth, as the catalyst generated by this reversion becomes increasingly harsh and chips away at the individual that experiences the reversion.

The strength of this energy that generates this dynamic is correlated also to the potential for transformation. And thus, you may see that this dynamic described by those of Ra may seem, in a sense, undesirable, it is, in fact, a great opportunity; and though a moment like your present may seem to generate despair, it will ultimately, we believe, result in unprecedented and unexpected transformation of collective will and collective purpose shaped upon the foundation of the love and understanding innate within these fourth-density energies that bombard your planet at this time.

You may, as seekers, open yourselves to this energy and allow it to potentiate your actions and find guidance within it, for this energy or light, as it is filtered through your Logos and your planet, weaves together the intelligences of those beings and your collective, and generates a potential social memory complex to form that you may aid by allowing yourself to place your faith in this process and in this loving and intelligent light that is available at this time.

We are those of Q’uo, and at this time we take leave of this instrument and transfer the contact to the one known as Jim.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo and am once again with this instrument. We would ask if there might be a query to which we may respond through this instrument.

Q’uo, could you elaborate on the relationship between mental concentration and silence/stillness? Is the former a prerequisite for the latter?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The type of mental concentration that is necessary to produce a stillness within the mind, within the body, that opens unto the spirit is a type of concentration which focuses the mind upon a single point that may become the All in All, shall we say.

The concentration that focuses consciousness through the mind to be experienced as stillness is a concentration which calls upon the seeker of truth to release all attachments to the outer world for the time of the experience of the focus into one point so that there are no extraneous requirements or experiences that the seeker is subject to for the period of concentration.

This type of focus may be likened unto the overall nature of the spiritual journey for any conscious seeker of truth, for as you move through your third-density illusion, there is much that is extraneous to the purpose of seeking and serving the one in all the various types of control that you have mentioned earlier. Through the political, the social, the religious systems are those areas where there is a kind of enslavement of the mind to that exterior purpose of various institutions and entities which would remove the ability to focus one’s spiritual journey in a manner which allows an entity to express its inner awareness of the Creator within the self and within all other selves. The spiritual journey itself is a focus of extreme precision that recognizes that the One Infinite Creator exists in all, that this is to be recognized as the foundation of all creation and of all consciousness.

As the seeker of truth begins to take within itself the responsibility of expanding its service to all, it may focus its attention, not only in the meditative state to create the quality of stillness that reveals to the self the greater self within and within all, but also it sees the greater self expressing itself in many and varied ways in the illusion about one, in the formation of groups and institutions with purposes, far and wide, spread out upon the horizon of the illusion around all. It is for the seeker of truth to attempt to place all of the illusory facets of the One Creator into a context that focuses upon the heart of each entity being a funnel or channel for the love and the light of the One Creator. All else is as but confusion and superstition, shall we say, the superstition of the importance of the outer world, the mundane world that so often distracts the attention of the seeker from the one point that is the Creator in all.

This type of concentration of the spiritual journey and the meditative state is that greatest realization that comes from the continued practice of the focus upon the purpose of the meditation and the incarnation as being the same. For each of you has, within your heart of hearts, the ability and the desire to release that unconditional love in a manner which enhances the process of evolution, not only of the self, but of all other selves around one.

This is your great challenge, my friends, for there is much within the third-density illusion that distracts the attention, that spreads it far and wide, beyond any boundaries of useful experience or utilization. Here within the one-pointed focus, within the stillness of your mind, within the stillness of your consciousness, within the stillness of your heart, you have the ability to release the infinite love and light of the One Creator in a manner which shines a light, clearly and brightly, for all to see and feel and be inspired by, to do the same. You are your other selves; your other selves are you. You are all one. And you focus this oneness of the creation when you meditate, when you experience the incarnation as a meditation.

Is there a further query, my brother?

Yeah. I’m glad, Q’uo, that you said religious systems in there, too, because that would have to be in the top five of unintentional enslavement. But while we’re on that theme of slavery which has spontaneously arisen today in this session, I had a planned question that connects to that. It’s from our friend Jonathan, who writes: “I’m very appreciative of Q’uo and the information shared that continuously helps me and others on our spiritual path. Due to the distortion of slavery, African Americans do not have a ‘home country’ or origin story where we can trace our roots. Could Q’uo share any history, origin, and/or group information about African American peoples on our planet? Was the lack of history/origin story in this physical illusion a preprogrammed catalyst for spiritual growth?”

I am Q’uo, and I am aware of your query, my brother. The African American entities within your current culture were brought to this country in order that they might serve as slaves to promote their masters’ financial abundance. This was at a time within your world’s experience that there was much barbarism on all levels of cultural experience that was seen as a normal means of dealing with those who were considered expendable and usable because they were less than their masters, less than human, less than the Creator. There was much distortion and illusion within this type of perception that was rampant as a normal means of relating to those who were seen as expendable and slaves.

The origin within the African nations of these particular entities is that which is beyond most ability of any current religious or mystical system of experience or perception to be truly able to understand. There are many sources of third-density races and cultures beyond the third-density Earth which have provided these cultures and races an opportunity to try, once again, to move into the harvest into the fourth density of love and understanding. We find that there are, within many such cultures and races, such as the black cultures of the African nations, the previous experience of having found their own experience upon a third-density planet that did not make the graduation because of the lack of ability to see the Creator in all other entities. Thus, there was the determination upon the part of these entities to attempt to make reparations for their inability to see the One in all upon their own third-density planets. It is interesting and synchronistic, shall we say, that the reparations that were seen as necessary within this third-density planet called Terra or Earth, that the entities would need to experience the same type of difficulties that they had experienced and been responsible for amongst themselves upon their original third-density planet.

And now, this cycle has come full turn, shall we say, so that the great amount of suffering in slavery that the African American entities have experienced within this country for the last 400 years is that which now is in motion to seek reparations for their own difficulties here, which have been much like that which they experienced and created, shall we say, upon their own third-density planet. These reparations are seen as a means by which there shall be an equilibrium achieved, so that all may be made well, that all may be made as one again, that the separations that occurred within previous life experiences may be healed, may be given an opportunity to flourish where there has been no opportunity or a great lack of opportunity in the past.

This type of balancing of the scales of justice, shall we say, of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator is that which is hoped shall occur upon all levels of government, from the local, to the state, to the national, to the worldwide experience of all races and all beings, so that this may become a signal event and give to all entities on Earth the greater view, the expanded overview of all entities as being the One Creator, with the rights, that are equal to all; that the responsibilities are equal to all; that the opportunities are equal to all; that all entities may see that they see their other selves in any other entity they perceive; that there are no racial boundaries any longer that separate, that allow one entity to have dominance over another entity; that there is the ability to give the self to the other self in a type of repairing a tear in the garment of unity, which we all wear unbeknownst to most, for we are all One.

There is the necessity that this unity of every entity on Earth be recognized and the reparations now sought upon various levels of community are a symbolic and yet much-needed practical means of achieving this type of repair in the garment of unity. We are observing this experience and are hopeful that all within this culture, in all cultures on Earth, can see the equality of all coming from the reparations for those who were not given the recognition of their equality with all.

At this time, we shall thank each entity for participating in this circle of channeling. And we are most grateful for the progress that each channel has made in reflecting our words and concepts in a manner which is accurate and is that type of communication which we find is enhanced by the open heart and the open mind that we see so much in evidence within this group. We thank each of you for inviting our presence today, and we look forward to our future times, as you would call them, in which we are once again joined together in learning the art of channeling the One Infinite Creator through our being, with every thought, with every word, and with every deed.

We are known to you as those of Q’uo. We leave you now in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.

  1. Ra: “There was no unconscious slavery, as you call this condition, [in pre-veiled third-density socities]. At the present space/time, the condition of well-meant and unintentional slavery are so numerous that it beggars our ability to enumerate them.” #83.12 

  2. More appropriately called “monkey sphere,” also referred to as Dunbar’s number. A concept from evolutionary biology that suggests that humans have a biologically derived cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain direct and stable social relationships. 

  3. The Law of One, Session 41:

    The appropriate true color for third density is, as you have ascertained, yellow. However, the influences of the true color, green, acting upon yellow-ray entities have caused many entities to revert to the consideration of self rather than the stepping forward into consideration of other-self or green ray.

    This may not be seen to be of a negatively polarized nature, as the negatively polarized entity is working very intensively with the deepest manifestations of yellow-ray group energies, especially the manipulations of other-self for service to self. Those reverting to orange ray, and we may add these are many upon your plane at this time, are those who feel the vibrations of true-color green and, therefore, respond by rejecting governmental and societal activities as such and seek once more the self.

    However, not having developed the yellow ray properly so that it balances the personal vibratory rates of the entity, the entity then is faced with the task of further activation and balancing of the self in relation to the self, thus the orange-ray manifestations at this space/time nexus.